The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1946
Page 9
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MONDAY JULY 22, 1'MG Bank Deposits Continue High Bank Commissioner Reports Increase In Past Two Months. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., July 22 'UP)—Deposits in 169 Arknnsiv slate banks Increased 52.821,035 during the past two months, but arc approximately $278,000 less thai the record high of Dec. 31, 1945. Tom \v. Lcsgett. bank comml; "loner, suid todny Hint deposits a reflected by call reports on June 2!) showed $355,193,182 on deposi in Arkansas state banks. That 1. $52.472.711 more than last year. 1'CgBCtl said high uank deposit were due to strikes iiiul labor trou hies creating a shortage or eon sumcr Huods. "Agricultural products also liav.. eommandecl n good market which has brought many deposit dollars Into the hands of the farmer." he said. "This lias been noticeable in the inereased production and sale of livestock, poultry, fruits, vegetables and other food products." Another contributing factor. Leg- Kctt said, is the establishment of new industries, purchasing of materials and accompanying payrolls of the operations. Leggclt pointed out that government securities owned by the banks increased from $158,020,602 on June 30, 1D45, lo $187,100,470 on June 29, 191(j. Loans on real eslaic increase'.! Sri.537.4iy and loans other than real estate increased $7,122.032. However, he said due to the calling of cotton loans guaranteed by thn Commodity Credit Corporation loan.s tm cotton decreased $14,97S,772, causing a slight decrease in ',he total loan business of the stale which now stands at 549,328.011. BI.YTIIKVII.UO (AUK.) COUH1KK NKWS Arkansas Polio Cases Total 64 For Seven Months , LITTLE ROCK. Ark., July 22. • iUP)—Six new cases of polio were ^.reported in Arkansas last week by the State Health Department, bringing the total in 1940 to 64 cases. The number is exactly the same reported for the entire 12 inor.lhs of 1945, according lo Dr. A. M. Washburn, director of the division of communicable discasE control. The weekly morbidity report, released by the Health Department, .showed 'M cases of polio the previous week as compared to only three in the state for the corresponding period of 1945. The new rciwl also revealed that tularemia, commonly called rabbit lever, was spreading in the ptate With .75 eases,compared .willi ,53 .(or the same period in 1945. Seven cases were reported last week — two in Boone County, and one each in Baxter, Chicot. Garland, Jackson is' first bullfight since war see lots of bull but little illing, so thoroughly enjoy Ihemselves that they rc- Farmers Get Benefit From New Industry i.rrn.M HOCK. Ark.. ,iuiy :w. <l'l>>- Tin- Hlalc of Arkansas Iml.iy was riled as having |i, ( . m ,,.,i ( .(i,c- Uvt 1 l>rui;rmn In the Smith to di-at willi llif iTHU'al problem of nval- li'l! nnv (arm employment. In l.llllr Hock (11 gather information In]- ttii' '•I'runri'sslvi 1 I-'anmT" 1111 liivosili;tiU>r fiiund (his suite far nlu-ad of oilier slates In Ih;' .Soi.lh 1'oiiiHnt! to Arkansas' b:>us'. of <>M now indu.slrles set up In UK last ir> months, the luvesliKalm Icnm't! it "an onstamling record. 1 He nsM'iU'd thin, dlvrrslflcalion w;u MumMiiYil (jy mnnnfHC Imlm-, mid "tin. 1 opportunities ioi 1 In- ncu.vcl cni|iloymrnl He In I he further (Irvt'lupiiu'iil of arnli'n'.lural in clnstries and services," he suld. [Husband Hurrying Home ,Wj't/j Bottle of Mcdicini.' Killed by Passenger Train ' C.AUY, lncl., July 20. (UP) Ste pheu I'loroko, S9. huiTj'UiK hum with a bottle of medicine for hi wife who was critically ill. dnckn under Ihe safety gates ill a rail road crossing yesterday and slarte U> run across (he tracks. He was struck by n passenger I lain and killed Instantly. Trainmen found lying beside (lie Ijaitercd b«dy (lie bottle of mcdtcin. 1 . unbroken. Caught Hcirens I'ools of wulcr dents us minors. served tin; mi- Full-blooded American Indians don't liuve liny fever. Ciliinl Sequoia trees weigh about than the PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed B«st Prlctt ; Kirby Drug Stores Swiss Scientist Perfects Plans For Trip Five Miles Undersea LONDON (UP)—Aofrd August, Placard, the K\m\ Swiss scientist I who once looked down cm the uarlli from a height or 10 miles, was reported <U work today on finul tletails of his plan to explore th2 ocean floor in ;i streamlined bnlliy- sijlierc. British scientific clrck's fciUd Piccard'i; undersesi expedition would be more dangerous than lii.s record- breaking -ascent in Ifl;i2, which .soared more tluui u(J,00(J fee-1 into the stratosphere. The G2-ye:ir-oUI profc'i'jor will use n bathysphere KJinilnr to Ihe one used by Dr. William LJoelie, the American NctanUsl who dropped ;!,GOO IceL itUo the ocean 14 years »FJO. Piccard hopes to do down nl least Jive; miles. New Features Added Since the first depth Piccard will try to reach will be 13,000 feet, his bathyspere will incorporate several new features. The spherical compart meat will consist of two hemisphere. 1 ; with walls three Inches thick mid ;n feet, it and Lincoln. Also. 77 malaria cases existed in Arkansas last week, 54 of which [ interim] diameter of seven were in Sevier County. Dr. W-a.^h- [ will be built for vwo people, an burn indicated that he had heard must withstand a force "jf 1U.QOU of no epidemic in Sevier Cininiy,] pounds per sciuarc inch at Itu and lie expressed the idea tin 1 : (lie figure was an accumulation of several weeks' reports. 13,000-fuot depth. Because of the danger of altar.) by unknown marine monsters such a depth, the bathysphere will je equipped lo li^ve off powerful •leetrie charye;;. I.ump.s to Li^liL Way Piccard is believed to have solved the problem of descent by the vise of magnetic steel balls which can be released by the Hick of a switch when the proper ileplh is reached. Should fUL'thei 1 depth be dc.sired, water can be udmUteu L'nruugLi a .special inlet cock. Pic card and his assistant will sit behind plastic windows and describe what they see into dictaphones — while an automatic movie camera makes a film record of I heir trip. A set of ;j,:i((!)-cundU'pr>wer lamps, mounted oti Ions; aims outside the cabin, will light I hi; way for the ocean-bed expedition, and bulL'jnes will supply Die motive power. The balhyspheri! will ba brought Lo the surface hy an in^etiious [jn.'i- oline device perfecled by Pict:«rd c.pcl his as-sistants in lielgium. Candidate for Governor Exhausted, Doctor Says LITri.B ROCK, Ark.. July iO. I UP)—Judge J. M. Mtilono today was still planning |» carry on a "iiKhl to Ihe finish" in his' [;iibi : r- iiatorlal campaign, against the nri- V!CL> of physicians who told him he had to rest. wn.s unable lo complclc Tronic I'atrohmin Abner T. Cunuinshaiii, Jr., :iil, Is credited wilh ciiplurini; \Villiain lichens. No. 1 suspect in Cliie:ii;o':i Ku/unnc l)oi;n:m kidnap-murder anil several oilier kil Cuniiingham smashed ilu lUi\ver ])ols on Heirons' head aCler ell'orls of feltow olUccrs had failed to subduu the yuulli. rediire Judge Miilmiv salil he wwdil follow If his voice tailed him ai'atn Head Courier News Want Ads. Cot 6 doyt plowing In only 3 day* his Hist .spreeh nl l-'orL Smith Tuesday ulyhl In'cuuHtf of whal termed "oxIinu.slioJi. 1 ' Hi.s .son, j. M. Miikme Jr.. Luok over for him, and that is the pru- The -St. Louis Cardinals more errors tiiau tuns in the World .Si-rirs. THERE IS FOR AGE and EXPERIENCE! This ad is Iwinc paid for by friends uf E<i. Cook who hnvc kiiuwn liiin for the past ten to ciylitcon jciirs, and is being guiblishcd for tl\c infoi nialiuii of those who arc not lierson.Uly ac'tjuciintcci with his chiiruclijr, rcpulntion, and ([uah'fications. Ed. Cook has rcKidctl in Manila and Blythcville for almost twenty years. He is 46 years of age, has been In Ibi: active practice of law for twenty-five years am! has had considerable,ss experience for himself as well as his clientele. His experience is practical and not and lias been acquired by his daily contact with the prublems that confront (he people of this county. It is in that way. and thai way only, that a man can become t;u.i!ilied to represent the vast wealth nncl population of Mississippi County. There is no substitute for aye and experience. We can say, without fear of successful contradiction, that his reputation and character ure above reproach and that his honesty ami integrity cannot be questioned. Wp fci; 1 . that he 13 sincere in his desire to represent the people of Mississippi County in the Arkansas Siatc Senate. It is a pleasure for us to recommend him for public ollice because we know that^&vcry citizen will be accorded Ihe. same courtesy anil consideration and that any titizcr. can t'O directly to him and receive his assistance and cooperation so long as It is for the benefit of all of the people of the county and not to enrich cm individual or iicrpcluatc the professional politicians in power. While he is certainly Independent, we have found him to be reasonable and conservative in his viewpoint anil always ready to listen to good counsel. We believe that Ed. Cook Is worthy and well qualified for the office and tlinl he will, so tar as it Ire in hiu power, safeguard and transmit lo posterity the principles of Justice, Freedom and Democracy. I.noal A Lone Distance Moving Oouiiiotoit llelji ftuil erjmiimenl. Aii«- Itmiroil. Ounlr«ct tiaiillnE i>ud Misc. Uome Bcirlce Fbou* Storage C*. THE BEAUTY CLINIC F. :»aret Ucrn Hmlth. O.^ner Intntm Bldf. Plione 3274 COMFORT AIR FANS • We have three combination Cool ii)K and Heating Tans, cnmplulcl.. housed in a convenient case wllli handle. At OPA I'rii'c $24.15 Come in and Sec ilils V.IK C. Robinson Lbr. li) W. Ash PI,,,, Phono 2882 for A Taxi O. K. CAB .luck Marsh, Owner The sulf-cU'iiiiiiifr () 1> K N C K N T E K keeps open nl Ijolli ends. (Jives each \ HK an entering It. sliirl (lie ])i(c. So, (he whole IUK <li«.s down K ff.s more f f rip. Ask any neighbor now usinic Surc-(.n»s. He'll confirm-what le.sls prove . . . You Ret tin lo 22% more work with less fuel when you use {^Midyear Sure-Orip Tractor Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. *"*"*]x>"»-*r.*!^>i>i>^*x>;x>!xx'»;x> Farm Lands For Sale! r.ocalion.s in Northeast Ark ansiis anil Snullicast iMis- sonri. All si/es Tracts — 111 acres u|). On (Jood Kroads. School bus and mall route. I'ower line, (lood buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Hayti, I\U». FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Repair Radios and Appliances 324 E. Main St. Phone 2407 , Boys Wanted l.'t Ye.'irs and nn to Caddy al Itl.vlheville Cminlry Clni) riciisant Work' — (loud I'av See WENDELL EATON Club I'rofe.ssiimal lilyllieville Country Club ICE COLD WATERMELON DELTA CAFE Highway (II Soiilh less Cramer, MRI-. and C.hef RAIN INSURANCE... For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance— 25c If if ruins within 2-1 hours after you have had your cnr washed at our station and you t nro a holder of our Card, .just present Card within 'IS hours and we will wash it n — KKIilO! J. LOUIS CHERRY York Life Insurance Co. Blythevllle, Aik. SPECIAL! Vrosh & Grease Job— $1.50 MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Your One-Slop Station Phono 2611 ASH and SECOND Where Your Flowers Are—You Arel One call to us will arrange to have your remembrances sent,' not just once, but month after month. Ask about this plan. SHOP H.TJD. Berries We DeUrer rh. 491 Mr*. I. M. (MM) W1IH»mj, omwr GfcBCM BM». Need a 24-hr. Service TAXI?! Call 968 Bonded and Insured Bill Wundcrlich We Suggest ED. COOK For State Senator This advertisement was inserted and paid for by J. B. Ilolslon, O. S. llriflon, W. A. Orim- nwtl, E. M. IMtClain and others in the interest ot Ed. Cook. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Also SEE FOR 122E. Main PAUL BYRUM IMPLEMENT CO. Deep Freeze Units Attic Fans Electric Water Pumps Farm Wagons Farm Trailers Phone 404 CULVERTS 12 inches to 48 inches We are Dealers tor THE FAMOUS WATERPROOFING Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 ^>' *^' OSCEOLA, ARK.

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