Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 17, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1908
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h9 Rm^lmtmr Htim t GtrvuMion Im Atiea Coumty^ Qf A Mmwmpmpmr PuMimheti la ike Goua^m VOLUJIK X. MJMllKK SW). SIX PAGES. lOLA, KAXSA8, NKPTEMBEK 17. !»»s.—TIIIKSDAY EVEMXJ. SIX PAGES. rates tW9 i SATURDAY A BIG DAT FARMERS IXSTITI TE A >OT.VBLE EVE>T I> AI-I-K> (OlMY. GORDON ACQUITTEp AFTER DELIBEftATION THE JUjtY FOUND DRILLER NOT GUILTYl Him FARMERS TO AnEND|M»"y Humboldt Business Men TcsU- ' ' fy That Reputation of Complain tOl'>TY >E>VSrAl'En.S SAY ALL OF THEM ARE COMIXJ. Ip lb Dati- AirrlruHui-e in Be Din. cnssed—Hon. tlias. V. Scolt WJII Make an Addri'ss. Groat iiiK 'iTsi is Ijpiii^ talii'ii by tlie farmers and Im.siiiess iiion of Allen, Bourbon. C\)froy. Anderson. Woodson and Neosho cdiinlics in the institute which will bo formed in lola on Saturday, September 19th. ,• At tills nieoi,- Ing reports will be made by corn raisers of croj)S prown this year, so large that it would seem almost Incredible. These wonderful results have been obtained by men who have always found tinie to :ittend ooiinty fairs and It is a veil known fact ihat the exhibitors til the fairs are as a rule the mefi who have few failures of crops. In a recent artic'e in the Kansas City ^lar it was stated that "farmins Is an, industry that renuiros the hipli- est intelligence to make an assured uredly true and int when the big wa.v to the big in value when nu 'thiMls. There rntecesy."' This is av the dity is not far disfi acreage idea must giv yl«ld per acre idea l..and will donbU farmers adopt the be.s is room in Allen ccfunty for easily double the nnnili'r of fanners we now have, and when farmers learn the best and cheai-csi miMhrnls of fertilization, and also ki.ow just what crops to sow and |wlyen to MIW them, jiigrcat step in ad*"anc«»>will have been taken. There are so many subjects of great 'merest that -.each and every farmer should be coiiveivant with, to conic b?fom the nic'ctinp, that cannot i>'< gbne into at this preliminary orgiiiii- zation. No farmer in Allen cmiiity should remain away from this meeting. The institute is in a position to obtain great results as the agricultural department will give every aid possible. It means millifuis of dollars for Kansas and Kansan.>:. • The fanner who provoked a hearty laugh I in days gone by at the expense of'thei-kid glove" farmers of the Agricultural co'Ieges cannot attend. He has sold out tr> the fnlbiw who look the mortgage on his land..-He never had time to att.?ud a fair or a meeting designed to instruct in belter methods of farming. The newspapers of Chahute. Krie, 1^. Scolt, Camelt.^Neosho ^"alls, Colony. Bron.>-'on. .Moran. Hnrliiigton and oiher towns say that i^iany farmers and business men will be in lola to attend the institute. Let every farmer iti .Mien county attend; He will meet the in.en who have "done things." ami they will show him how they were done, it will i>ay him to learn ho\v to double his Income and ai! the ."-anie time double the value of his land. Hon. C. K. Scott and other speakers will address the institute. WHEAT UP TO $1,09 defended Mr. Gordon. Th^ case w hard fought. The pleas were finlshi about o'clock, the jury returnin|j; a verdict a short time later. New Hloh Levels for Crops Are Made in Response to Tremendous S«l*s.—Flour Sales Large New York, Sept. It,~In rcsininse to trtMuendoiis sales o mlllei-s and exporters, the spocnlHtilve wheat market today made new high levels for the crqp. touching fl.0!»<4 for tVcetn- her at the close. Knrtipe hnnght upwards of StVi.nno bushels alone, and sales of the past three days are estimated at fully 2.,W0 .(iOO Ijushols, besides big sales to domestic millers, whose stockes were very low all over the country. , " j Flour transactionis have been equaN ly large, as hakerd are realizing that vheat supplies thi^ season are likely to be short and prices high. TO PROTECT BIRDS PKi;si»E>T KOOSEYELT ORHERS 7p,ti«0 ACRES RESERVED. Land Adjoint' Oregon iind | California Land and L> (ircat Bireding (jirvnnd. Redding. Calif., Sept. 17.—-By an order of President Roosevelt about seventy thonsand acres of land adjoining the Oregon and California line is to l>e set aside as a rtoerration for the pro- paKation and pirotection ot ali native lilrds. The.'ordfir includes land not siiitalde tor. acricultural { - pntpoMS. the land Is probably th^ 'gmtest breeding srouad in the wo^ld larSratp ;er tauL ing Witness Not Good. LURED TO HER DEATH MR.«>. HARRY PEARSON MIRnEREl) AT (»kLAIiOMA (ITY. SHE MADE DYING STATEMENT ' After being out less than an ho^ir. the jury which heard tlie evidence Sii j the case of the cit.v of Humboldt s. W. H. Gordon returned a verdict jbf not guiRy. Gordon was chtirged wHli the violation of the prohibitory la (II.VROEU THAT HARRY PARKER I COMMITTER THE DEEI». the specific charge being that ho h; Id sold two quarts of whiskey to Gas Stcinman. Both the accused and tl!c complaining witness live at Humbol t and are drillers. j In the police court at Humboldt. Gordon was found guilty and appealed his case. Steinman testified that lie l)ought the liquor of Ctordon on tihe •1th of ,TuJy last. A fellow driller t|s- tigfied to witnessing a part of the alleged transaction. 1' Gordon denied the charge, and his wife testified that they were not tip at the hour in the morning when jft was alleged the sale of the liquor tooK lilace. Mrs. Gordon also testified tha^t lliere was no liquor on the place fhp RtTiilusi' She >Vuuldirt Elope MIUi lliiu—Rod} (o Re Brouicht Here for Hurlal. OlUahoina City. Sept. It;.—Lnreii to a lonely spot in Cetilral Hark addition, a few blocks east of the Belle Isle street car line. .Mrs. Harry Pcar- [Hoii, 21 years old. was shot this afl<»r- nooii. Mrs. Pearson died toniglu. According to Mrs. Pearson's statement the shot was llred by Harry Parl^er. 28 .vears old. a grain Inspect- ior of lola. Kas. Parker escaped. .Vccordlng to a statement by .Mrs. Pearson before her death. Parker took her (o see some property for whlc-h In- wanted her to act as agent. He said ho was going nway and woulii tivi <Iay the sale was said to have heefi.||,pr i,aif of the sale monev. When rons.niimated except some beer he-'i,.,.,. reached an out of the wav plac- loii:.inK to a number of Germans who ^..^ ,„ p„ ^.^^ „„„ ,„ ' ' 'ico. she said. Slie refi se,l and then. she iaid. he shot her th ee times, took two of her diamonds ^alued at $2"M) and fled. .Mrs. l»ears(|n crawled to mile away, of the shoot' heid a ht'fr party there that day. In addition to this evidence, the defense put on a number of biisine^s men at Humboldt, including son^o f,,.,, bankers, who testltled tliat the ropj^i-1^ hons.- a quarter of tation of the complaining witness fOr |„.,„.r,. ^|,^. j,tor: truth and veracity was not the bei^t. i„g City .Vttorney Orton of .Humbold prosecuted the case while !F. J, Oym WALK ON WATEf j;i V M)T REI^ISTER R E; i'URTER. PITS OCT THIS STORY •Mrs, Pearson's niolhi •Mann, of lola. Kas., C\MPAHi> BiTTO>S COMIX.. The Slate Cnniniillce Malls Theni l» .Mr. .Vorlhrup. I.. 1.. .\iMthnip. ebuirman nf tin- R»>- pilli |ic.:iu eniuitj ifutral ttininiitler. lia;; been ailvi.sed by \V. T. Beck, secretary of the state (i>nlrnl committee. • bat h<> lia.- mailed to him ::ni| caiii- paiRii Inutuns. Wliili- it was nut Slated il is llioimlii that liiry are Tati l»nt- .Mr. .N'orthriip will make an attempt io liave Toll) .McXeal »• hi> sjieaks at liiiiiilMildt on tlie ariirnooii of the -lili In come hen- mi ilia .i evening and iiiako an addn .-.s.s willi ('oiiKressniair !vl Madisiiii. An <Tr<>rt may lie made to have .Mr. .Madi.'-iiii speak with .Mr. in the afternoon of the I'llh at llumlMddl. lOLA IS THE CENTER PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER COUNTY HERE TODAY. W/(S SOME PARADE RiMilJX.'s' (;OR«;EOI s PA«EA.\T CIRCLEII SiilARE THI.S MOR.M .>G. MANY THOUSANDS SAW IT THE SHAM. IHIY IJOT Ills KYES 'I LL H»R SI RE TODAY, \ Rig S|on rhis Ailrmoon and Tonlsbt \ Moiel Program ArranKCd —His .Menagerie. It w sical on wli horsv displa Is .Mrs. .1. n. Our Vaj Proprieinr Saj> Red Auti^ Which hnade lola. Walk on p Mater. ! Heic ci;i<> frntii tJuy T.-"; h-r. Uegi.ster piisiiiveii refui-cs to be in tli'e least responsible for it. He looked the reporter straight in the eye when he told it. His voice never iiuavered for a nioin<iiit and his wonis floweii evenl.v. He even held up ills righij hand and ofrere<l to take an oaili. This town, you know, like ever town in the .•ioiithcrn part of the staiej has b?en invadeii by a plaugo of red ants, j Where tlicy <iiine from no on seeni.s to know. Thai they are here 1 evidei I i <i any liousewifc or mercliai the "fTi ;i<"r" has called upon. red aiji has successfully combattcd ev ery poison. infectaJit. trap or niachin ation iinai,inabie to put hiin out o business, x^'afr. <arbolic acid, rougl on rato. ever.Mliing but tlu- iindersidt .if a nuniliei ten slme Idoks aiike li i him -deaii ea--y. A few of tin- nuts iiavc been iiidkliig^ li 'Md <inari 'is ai ilie t )ur Way. Taylor liiDihers lia \e H .-^orti'd to c\ery rcin- eily siiggesled to get rid of their un- nxiicil guests. 'Ihe lliivor of the Our Way jdcs seemed to be so delicious ii. the lint that he would overcome any obstacle or luave any danger to iHilsfj his apjietlte. <;uy r(i >lor llnall) adoittiMt tht ^idaii hut ".i ;riiiidina" used. He built a long tal'Ie oil which lie placed the pies, rest Ing each Icit <>f the tabic in a imn o water. Thai was a few days ago. Tin abb- done. .Mr, Taylor said to him j -eir. "All ha! \'on lilte rascal. I hav«i yuu niiw." Today lie went back to get a pie ftir customer and lo; a party of ants were liaving a high old.time Imnqnet'- iiig on till- crust and biaty of a choice lemon pie. .Mr. Tavlor's Ilai'iils fell helpless to lis side as he exclaimed with dispalr n his voice. "1 am done for now." Curiosity over-.-ame defeat, however', ind he resolved to see how it was done, auyhow. Shortly, an impudent little ant hove into sight tm Ihe rtni of the; pan holding the water in which the lea of tlip little tab'e rested. He stood upon the brink of the pond that) stretched before huii for a minute then be .^cooted acroo.> the water inouiUed the table and joined his contraries. He didn't fly over the water, he didnt Juiuii, he didn't swim. No he walked, actually walkcQ across the V>"aier. Mr. Taylor :hought he detected a sifght scum on the water. He bent his head ftpi. observed the surface of the water more closely. The rust from the bottom of the pan hao' risen to tlit top forming a scum ovei the water. It ^was firm enough foi !!•• ants to cross upon it without being submerged. —Egg -O-See .i cento per pu.'kige all Joues' grocery. East lo'a. Pbou<f 73 »l Dr. Caton Here. , pr. Cation.of Colony was in the citj today OB biUiness. Thi' aliove ilispatch ai>pearei| In the Kansas City Times thi i morning. .V member of the .Mann 'ainily informed the Register ov »r the phone this morning that the dispatch was essentially correct, so anas he was then aide to learn. exc« pt that Harry Parker does not now and never has lived in lola. He has however. vlsUed in Iota a nuiiiber of times and was known to the Mann family here. His home. It is said. Is In Ijouisvillc. Ken- tnck.v. j |Pr<>vions to her marriage to Mr. | Pearson, the unfortunate woman lived in this city with her parentii. and wiis then .Mrs. Pearl Wood. She secured a divorce from .Mr. Wood in thi> Allen county district court. With her jliiisbaiid she has been running a ho- I ..lei In Oklahoma City, whi-re Harry Pearson is said to have tjeen staying •for several days previous to tlie traced .v. The Mann family received word last night of the alleged murder of their daughter and are much broken np over the affair. Tliey have been in connection with the authorities at Oklahoma 'City by both phone and wire but were unable to learn any more of the details, so thi-y stated to- da.v. than apiiear:^ in ih<- above dispatch. .Mr. and Mrs. .Mann were so overcome t«>'lay that they wen- not able to CO to.Oklahoma City. Their .son-in-law. C. C. Luccock. left tl-is afternoon over the Santa Ke for Oklahoma Cit.v. He said shorlly before leaving that he exiiected to bring thf remains of Mrs. P<>arsoii lo lola for burial. One of the Biggest Circus Crowds in History.—No Disturbances. Iiila i.~ t\\>' ri -iii<-r of popnl.-ition in Allen oiiinty today. Oito of the largest <-rowds that ryrr eaiiie here to attenil a circus is in lola. They began comiu"- in on early trains from all of the siirroundini: towns, many coming from Cliatiiile. Gnrnett and Ft.. S<'ott. Every towp In tlie coiury is i wfll represented. IFIsinore sent a bic I crowd in on the Katy. .Ind;:e K. N. Wert, of Hnniboldt. who. of course, came on business, said that half of Humboldt was here and all iif the count>. Thousands of peinile packed tho sidewalks during the parade this ninrniiif;, and this aft>>riioon ''very train and stre.-t car was adding hundreds to the throng. Wliili> the crowd is very large, it Is a very quiet one .-jnd no runawa.vs. dis- fiirbances or jiick |«ick^ts were rp- liortcd at noon. RinglingK'will carry away.a snug sum from lola tonight. t\\v tini ks of clepliants and nn <irnjtc riiliiiig thrones. Six •amis, out- iiioiinted. ralliopes. catliedial chitiws. organs •"'•.•'I »>arbar- iati orihcsiras pla.M'd a variety of music. 'Iihere were nearly 7"<l of the most lir^autifii' IHT^O ever seen, many atiimnls displa.ved in ii |>en ca^es. a ureal lerd of elephants holdinc each other'.' fails in their tritiiks. a :.'»camel tandem team pulling an Immense tableau and a thoii .Kiind other novel : lid cniertainiiii: siiihts. Tln»i sjiiid.'^ iif spectaiors SIIMXI iilong the slieeis. Tbe.v raiiie fr«im miles ariiiiiid bv iii.Iley. train and wagon. The aft|n -niMii! p->rformance is now go- IT WAS lOU NO. 29 lian;' •it. NOT TILL TUESDAY Coroner's Jury Will not Hear Evidence in Emma Harless Case Thli Week. The comn«>r's Jury called in the iden(h of Knimn Harless, who was run over and killed Tuesday evening by an lola Electric cnrand which wnS jo have heani the evidence today met II t' e Sheriffs office at 2 o'clock and idjonrjied until Tuewlay at 2 o'clock. The jiir.v' viewed the scene of the ac- ,ident yesterday afternoon about-4::{ti o'clock. I The Jury follows: Gnv Roberts. V. M. Shufford. William H. tline. J. E. Hunter. E. C. Mc- Claln and W. R. Burrowsl BIG SMASH IN WALL STREET. "Straw Hat Day" Marked by Destruction of Summer Line. Yates Center Team Frightened at aii Auto anH^Threw the Misses Eisenbart Out. What niiglit hav<> be<-n a .serious ."leeidelit oeciirred west <if the city this morn |ti= wlien the two Misses Eisenbart. of Yates Center were thrown from their carriage. Tli'e .voung ladies were on their way to lola to attend the circus and. at a point aliout two miles from the city they passed ;in antomoiiile at which the horses became frightened. Not being able to control the animals both yoiim; ladies were thrown to the ground with considerable force. They wen- brouglt to the city and a physician siimmoii<-d. Luckily there were no liones broken and other thati a few painful bruises neitlier of the sisters was Herion .slv injured. The faK on Hie auto is n -iHirted as being lola No. 29. Two young men who wen* on their u-a> to lola this morning met with an a<cident which gave them consjd- ernble fright although neither of them received serlouj« Injuries. Wlien iiboiil three miles east of the city they were met by .Mr. Ijiinberton of, <;as City, who was driving l;ts auto. The horse which the 1KI.V.S were'driv- ing became frightened, upsetting tho bug .y and breaking the dashltoard. Both lioys succeeded In getting out »f the J-.iiggy with only a few slight -tcrntches. New York. Sept. 17.-f-There was a big smash in Wall street yesterda.v. Fully one thonsand straw hats went down to ruin. Septem|>er 15 ii the date-set by the financial district for the end of summer headgear, and num erous brokers, who ventured into the region of the ibulls andj bears In defiance of t°ne rule, soon saw their "straws" look like a naval practice target.. Although there was less demolishing of hats on the Stock oxchanse than In former years, the curb market •^lid Consolidated Stock exchange, as "••ell as the lower corridor of the Produce exchange, kept up the precedent in good shape. Broad street was littered at noon by many erstwhile natty sennits and split braids. File 19 Leases. The Lanyon Zinc company toda}- HI ed 19 releases on oU and gas land-in the office ot the register of deeds today, y The land was laqcely north and t.^of/Wa. IN TOPEKA TODAY juasn't llril a paradel iiri a carnival of nations a mii- onveiition. a zoological garden •els. a fairyland festival and a fair, all rollcil into one- ^rand . It was the finest thing of the kind liiat was ever seen in this city, and t le famous RingMug Brothers have noved up another notcli in the estiin; tion oC tiic petiplc herealxnits. The procession was fully two miles loiip. jit was led by a corps of trum- lieters and a sreat eoUlcn;band-wagon drawn bv twenty-four piire white Behind; I he.-;e rode \:^SC, peo- beuiitiftll horses. i >n elaborate in richlv iliapeil howdahs on iKirses pie on Ih -ats. ing on iwcity POL CITY in the biK tent tiefore a CH- atidience.. and :lie verdict is that Kindling brother.^' circus is the IiesI on earth. Of the :'.7.'> jierformers on the r«»ll nearly all are foreisners seen ill America for the first time. The program is all novelty from the opening s|K |clacIe to the thrilling antomo­ iiile drMible so |ners .aiilt which is certainly the blond -chilling perform ance e" er wltiiesscd. Tlie menagerie has Ilia ly reniarkalile exhibits that are new to Anierica. and the entire show lias a I right new e 'luipnient. CE RAID FIVE bFFICERS GET BUSY ON 2 PEH CENT PLACES TODAY. Find Plenty of Questionable Fluid. Solne Amber Too?—Can Convict? The was fo teste I. Speaker Cannon Will Address Audit iice at Aadilorium There To- nicht—(•nest «if Erieiid«. Toiieka. K.s.. Sept. 17.—Siivaker .loseph G. Cannon arrived here today from Indepcnt ence and was entertained at Ittnc icon by Frank P. Mac- Leliaii.. editor tif the Topeka State .loiirnal. at the latter's country home. Tonight he will be entertained at dinner bv E. A. Austin, and will si>eak at the Auditoriiira. ROBBED LABORERS I lit- police fast evening and this niornin; raided every two jier cent jplare^ i i town, and where the liquid ind the proiirietors were ar- le 1. As a result of the raids. I.*w- is Knok. colored. <;eorge Eastwood, Jim Mills. J. A. .Morrison. Emnetti ljimu'n<m anil Ed. .McHugh wdrc Sr- raignedl In jioilce court on tho chargo of maintaining a nui.suncc and ^ellinff into\ica|ing lh|iior. All pleadtd not guilty tn Ihe charge and gavo bond for thi'lr appearance in court. Uiini^non & McHnuh's place on jNorth Washington was the first raid- jed. It MRK visited last evening. Tho offict^rs found several barrels of 2 per 'cent and several liottles of what is said to be beer. This imorning the polic found five barrels of 2 per cent nt George Eastwood's restaurant on North Washington, seven barrels at Jim Mills's on the north side of the .square and several at i. A. .Morrisons on West Madison. At L.ewis Kno.x's place qn North Washington two barrels of 2 |)er centj were found. In most of the places ".Mist" beer, made bV a Rochester, New York. Brewingj company, was found. However, ai^ I.«wis Knox's, the colored mans restaurant on North X ^Vishine- ton. ".Mjaltox" was found, ' The (Inicers say that the for not jnaking the arrests lie' Iwcause whether a viola Six .>epr««^ Snrroanded Frelcht Car at Hnnrie and Took Checks From Italians. Kansas City..Mo.'. Sept. 17.—Six ne­ groes surrounded a freight car in the Muncie. Kaiisas. .vards last night in which eight Italian laliorers were sleeping and robbed the foreignero of two hundred dollars in pay checks. Samuel Chuckeare. one of the Italians exchanged shots with' the negroes and was wounded. THE ^yE.lTHER. Forecast for Kansas: ParUy cloady tealRht u4 rrkbiyi net aiidi chaBfe reason tore was there was a questiop as to or not sellins 2 per «ent was a ..w.-ion of the law. The c fficere sav nov . however that . pet cant is Intoxica ing which, according] t^ the languag^ of the law is sufB ' convict. \ These her 22nil. R .\il iVJlRY FROM PIV cases will l>e tried b the iticint to jS^ptem- tilt Mrs. Gei^. Thompson Saffere*^ Areident Ye>terday. .Mrs. f'Heorge Thomps-on. of street, ihlle wringing som* yesterda.v. had the misfortune black pip in the Heshy part o| hand. tWo The assistance of clans II as" necessary to ext The wolnnd is very painful Seon's knife had to be used the plnlooL Bcsiikcr Wuk Ail. BrlM^ «I2 to Painfnl South dlotli'es run a h^r left Ipbysl- kicktniiL > fur- setting FIRE FIRST GON REPCRI.n A\ CA.MI'AM ;.> I> KA>- SAS IS OPK,M;I». •Incle Joe" Cannon Sliirt:« -I'tililiral K^tbu^ia!inl at Indepcn- dcm-c. Independence. Kas.. Sept. 17.—The first shot of the Republican campaign in Kansas was fired yesterday from a Uilrteen-inch gun. a Cannon. Accompanying the heavy firing by 'Uncle .loe' were stune shots from Phil V. Canipliell. .1. I... Brislow and; W. n. Stnbt..-;. As a resnli the enemy s:breastworks are badly daninKed in this part of Ihe state and "liicie .loc"' is the hero of the hour. Speaker Cannon made four sjieeches Three of them were not on the program. He was only bi],'ed for one. and that was to Iw here at night. On his way from Kansas City lie talked from the tail end of the train a; lola fcr ten ininnies. and at Chaniiie for twenty, missing his dinner at the latter; place. "What's dinner !i> a man when he can talk to a crowd of iiite'iigent Kan sas people." he said. "Why I 'would rather talk to Kansas peoiile any time tlian eat." Caiches "<Md Goard." Speaker Cat non reached Independence at ::;:!o. hafl within a half hour iit« had all the' people "on bis staff." Wlhen he rolled up fn front of the hotel in an autcmiobile. a lot of old- thne Republicans were there to greet him. He arose and shiHik their hands. "I am here to preaeh the true Re- piililiean doctrine. bo.vs."said he. IBs left arm vhot up in the air and with his right he threw his ohl fc.t hat down in the front seat like he had a grievanee aaaiiist if. That made liim solid with that biiiii-b. .Inst then a clerk rnsbed out with a couple of telegrams. Speaker Cannon opened one. His face lightened up. •'That's good." sjiid he. "Ann f prf»- pose to read it ti> you." It was from Colonel Henry CasKon. secretary of the Republican ctrngressicmai committee, and stated that -lames Tawncy I had won the nomination f<ir eongrens in Minnesota by :;.<Mm. "l knev.-'ihe people of .Miune.sota would never tarn down that man." said he. with a clench ed list. "They have pot t(M> ciKid sense." Then be o|(ened the olhir and read it aloud. It was addressed to his secretary. .Mr. I.. W. Biisbey. and read; "Please ignore a I legwl • references to Speaker Cannon by Cov^rnor Hoch ap pearing fti asl nit:ht's City Star, and oilier paiK'rs. Von know the Star i.s iinfri>-ndl.v. Ccjvernor Hoeli did not authorize the, statement. The gov ernor will IK- present at our lunclieon for "I'ncle .loc." and al.-^o the gov- eriutr and .Mrs. Iloeh will be guests at the Cannon dinner in the early eveiiiiig at' the Aiistins .4j -r>aiik P. .Mac Lennan. i*Milor Topeka .lournal." He made a dash for the' hole;, hut befor«- he could reach hi.s r<;om a eom- iiiitiee bad .surrounded liiin and told him lliat a meeting was in progre..-.s at the Auditorinni. and that they had j>romii>e<l to bring him down so that iie could talk a moment to the farmers of the audience, wlio woald be unable to attend the iiigbt theeting. .So "riie'e Joe" elimbe<l back Into the auto and was driven to the meetiiiK. .1. I.. P.ri;-.!ow wa.-; talking 'be time. .Inst as "fncle .loe" reached the Stage 4:rt>'ow eauglit sight of him and re»narke«l: "I now >leld with pleas-s. ure to 'rncle .loe" Cannon, whom yeu^ all want to bear." SjH'aker (.'annon .stepped to the froiiij if the stage and was Intrmluced b.\) Congre^-siuan CamplM-ll. He slnmm ««»l his oil! felt hat down on Ilie tublej rolled Ills left coat sleeve way n|i aliove hi.s ellmw. .scanned the andieno for a inonient jnd began his "Talk tt he farmers." l;i alniitt three .s .-ct »nils he had tin •,ottd eenilni: his way. His hoinel) May of putting things and his odi ;esttires eaiight iheni. As he prance< Jjrck and forth and s!ap|>e<l his frst oi the table to clinch a iKjint the crowc •.vi .iild nearly take the roof off. Evei ^rinow applauded: In fact Bristo* •ecjime so rnthnsiastic frequently tha he would shout "Amen." Nobody in the audience enjoyed tlia speech or approved it more than Brts^ low. unless it was'W ^-ltT -Stttbhe. For while Stnbbs acted as thonch he was at a Metliodist camp mectin.* •Thafs right," "That's the truth" and •That is? the Kansas language" were some of the remarks Stubbs made at different times. Stublis stated thai I'ncle -loe would do the Republicans lots of good hy his Kansas visit. "He i;^ talking, our kind of stuff." said Stiibb .4. '"and^he talks in a way that counts. Hc'j a/wonder." Perhaps no politicians in Kansas, with the possible exception of Victor .Mnrdock. have said harsher things about I'ncle Joe Cannon tnan iStiibbs and Bristow;. But now they .elleve Uncle Joe s a real Repiablican. That part of Speaker Cannon's ipeech'which met the heartiest approv d\ pf Stubbs was bis: remarks on the tariff question and his pledge that the Republicans would put in^ a-minimum and maximum tariff It they won at the November election. "That's sound sense." shouted Stubbs so loud that everybody could hear him over the applaufee of the rest of the people. No stronger evidence could, be produced to show that Stubbs was thoroughly reeoneired to Unele Joe; only %Mdled batchaiipeduidj^ad GOMPERS ON STAND TESTIFIED IX CASE AQAIKST X, i] F. L. OFFICIALS TODAY. „ HURRIED A PUBLICATiONr PBOSECl TOR TRIED TO FBOTS tiS WANTED TO ESCAPE A LAW. • : Goni|ifr.« Says His DispositioB of Jtt'-^ •1 unif l.«Kac of "Fnl^nltbsallsC 9«t , .'J: Effected by Pending iBinBctloB. Washington. Sept. 17.—The ^ of testiipony in the Gompers-BUtchi Jlorrisoi^ alleged'Contempt case neqtion with the-Buck Stove tt cpmpan^. anti-boycott proceedJi^^^ against those officers of the. Ametfi^^^^ Federation of Labor, was resnmod:,^^!""' Examiner Harper today with Gompersl^^ on the stand. Davenport, IntenifSMor'S for the prosecution^^ught.espebtiiQy^i to develops the facts conceming^. thai J circulation of the January, lamiB^iiCt" he "Eederatlonalist." the ofllcial'j|Bh-'i Ilcation of the oFganisatfon whtdhl •:u»>Vher Gorapers has stated was ex>: pediated In order to be gottea.'oot^^ before the Injunction should beeoniO ^\ operative. Gompers said wtate^li[«M^vpj gave orders for the expedlatlon ot the mailing of the edition he -waa-' not >V aware the Injunciion would be nujio i operative, but on thei contrary auo; considered it ^possible thM the StOVBt company would rest satisfied after (W% taining Justice Gould's opinion •kad^J, would not further prosecute the joat^ ter. After the Injunction wetit filto-r^ JDffect he had not done , anythiofi: to head off the copies ^ that had heen^ iplaced in the mails or sold to njews, ,companies. ; ^ . ' j RRYAX IX >E^Y TORK<» ' Rpmorrat mil Address Aadlencea tal Xcw Jersey, Ala*. • New York. Sept. 17.—W. J. Brya» arrived here today from Rochesferr en- route to Delaware where he Sj^SofiS^ at*^' Harrington this afternoon andi Wilmington tonight Thejtrain wat: over- an hour late and the Bryan part ' hnr-. ried to Jersey City in automobilesj where a siiecial train was engaged tOjt take them to Delaware. .Bryan will;.' return to this city and address a mass" meeting at' Carnegie hall tomorrowi' Tiight. T NO JURY SECUREDPi EXHAISTED THREE TEJilBES IH THE WHITLOW CASE TODAY. — m Special Venire of Tw^y -foBT Sea '^j Drawn—Eildenee by Tomorrow • >OOD. After exhausting the regular , [of twenty-four men ami *lwo sp..^. ^„ venires, one of twelve and the other pt -.'S fifteen, a jury of twelve men was notH>^^ secured today to hear the evkleneo the Whitlow p^ury case. The entire'' morning and a partf of IhIa •ftemoOa.f was taken up In the examtqatlontlC tho ' jurors. When the list; was txh«aMo4^\- Judge Vomt order^ another tq«ei«trJ venire of twenty-four neu dnunu' There were not 'many peopl£i^tl|«;i| trial today .as it vjaa known;tti»t r^''^- evidence *rould be Ihirodncod. It—,, exiiected that .a Jury wUl!ib* MCQTWlP^ and that the inirodnctloi^ M. ovldenot^l will begin by tomorrow | qooa. 1 The following ,are th^'meii drawa- on the special venire thfls atteraooii:^^ H. Saco. La Harpe: J. A..Bwdw loU 'r U Moomc.v. Gas; Geo .j 'Harrts, Bl»-i more: C. S. IUggins.FLogan; AltMBt; Kawkinson, Cottage Grove: J. K., *-* ams. Humboldt: Clarence - .Mi Osage: H. H. Carman. Genera; AlfVed'^;;, Barnett, Jr„ Cottage Onwe;-^ Harry v. Boeken. Salem: John Jeck.'IoIa;'Wm.: Ounh, lota: C. Thompogir,, lo'a;- 150 IN THE W Auto Par^ 5et hmM»g tw-E^bi^^ Baths and Poefet. r -j^ y ,; In a CMivefsatlOD ovei* ifafr,]i (M4 ;^di^7 tance tel ^one this iaondamWri^^i P. Bwings of Ka ^nsas City^dm^vM j Owens ot thr'P0nn8ylviinlft.-ir«^>' wonid bo.^diont:18S:orEl60 ;'^i the automo^tlO endaramiEetnL Kansas City Sttf oipsf aiid|t present Jndteatifona ;iK8>^ begin arrMi« in thls ^ef o'clock tOit^'^^^eveQliB % jaa ;th»~i ta«tot;rt_ care' fwll waiB-Qf;ii§< menta^ltir

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