Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
Page 6
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Than we Have Shown for Years O UR fiarmck buyer has surpassed himself. Ne\ter have we shoWn such a galaxy of garment styles, so much of originality, of new ideas, of fabric variety. The influence of the "Directoire" is plainly evident in the suit and skirt styles—the long graceful swing of their dinging; the tight fitting long sleeves. the elongated iiollar effects. Truly the "Directoire period" has left the fall styles many charming and pleasing innovations. You must see the new garments. Come, diean tfce new style ideas. It is time b consider the fall wardrobe, time to plan your purchases. You will find this a money savmg ppportunity. Our buyer soured some big bargains in Ready-to^Wear ChOdren's l^earsli^ doats •** li An opportunity to save r >Oc to $T.2n . on every coat you buy.!' Infant's and Children's Bear SlJin Coats, size 2 years to Si years, wliiie. red. grey and brown, eyery one wortlx $2.50 to $3.00; special jjrice for tbis big Garment sale |......$1.95 Don't delay, come early.. Here's an-, other value you don't want to overlook. Children" Bear Skin Cbats. well trim med and iSned throjighlbut. all sizes, sizes. Coats worth $3.50. eyery one: during big Garment Sale lor $2.49 Still another one—better than ever— in a few' weeks we cannot offer you such tempting values. |! This was an early purcbase and w|e were hicky 'In getting such a big reduction. 'Bear Skin Coats trimmed with silk ! braid and brass buttons, all colors, : regular price J3.75, but they go in the big Garment Sale at Bear Skin Coats in lii^ht shades of blue and tan. also brown and white, heavy qutned lining, every one worth $5.50. specially priced lor .this sale i «4 .50 Children's BuxtM- Brown Coais. made of r^d twilled cloftkiuK. trlninu>d with black velvm raid Vl' niutoh; prfcp e«ch -...i Garments. In fact you will find every one marked at tempting prices. Great Mtictions on all Tailored Suits, Skirts, and Other Ready-to-Wear Garments Blue and Tan Striped SuiU. nianish cut Coat, satin lined, four i»iece skirt, strap trimmed; price J Jj!10.0<) Young Indies' Suit in bla ik and reid mixture, serge lining, trintmed with velvet and brass buttons, pleated skirt, price ^ 1: $15.00 Fancy Cheviot and Worsted finished Cloth Suits in b^ow.^ and green, gored or pl<"atcd skirts, jacjkets linei'l •with satin, trinimod with l^raids ami I buttons, a dozen .st;. :«*s lo s-^^lect froiji. : price j SmJH) The now Kiiuiir. ^:on^s^• KI'*'"^!! i^'iSi niivde of f;ijicy striiuMl oroacic'.otii. tri nied with satin and liaitonsYi'high M .t Imnd eonw. pointed Inpcls, in lined j-'inTd with f<-\"<\\ s>iti:i ' . • •: 1 . • •;• ' I'rlff New HvltK III Tttite.v tmltcniH In nil ioltirR i' ^mliroltlfritl rlfi< 50^. TO #:^ rritHE8. New NoveltleH In Pat cy Purses nnd Bags, alligutcr coin pi-sos 49tt Real AlllOTfor Bagii leather lined, at iBG..'io. «*.r»o. $ia.r»o VEILI>G.S. I?ancy Net Veilings [|iu the leading colors, 18 Inches wld^, priced at per yard !. | 33«^ to (J.lcf; XXX Quality chiffon: Auto Veilings in tan, brown and blue, price per ... -noc Wonien'.s l^ng Black Melton Coats trimmed wiili velvet and braid, a coat that is well worth $6..">0, but you'll find tlicui priced at $.'>.(N> Long semi-fitted Coat in Castor and brown, black and navy blue, trininied with velvet and braid, .voke lined with satin, special ST. .10 Long Sf'ini-fitted Mi-Iton Coais trim mod with liraids and vplvet lined with satin: price SKMM) Fancy RuUhfrizi -Ml SUk Auio or I'tiliiy Coats in dark i,rey sii:ii*»h: spi'fial |irit<? S.l.OO .\Ii .-;-.'S lluiiliilizt'd SNiim Cai^O': witli h'x.ti :illac'lu'i!. al! si;ti-^. fruai u ID 1-'. a <-ii;,H wi.iili special pri<'.- #"i .9.5 K-'::\\ |.r'ii> ', ;i C.ia; With li-ai!i- I'nil .ir and i '.Hk <-ts. n in ihi- (uat Mui-; si'V- t« Ku;)I)prized Silk .\uTo or I'tiliiy f'oar.s i:i all colors, eiJher plain or stripe.-. ' PricMl at .... Jrtip. S12..10. Fancy Striped Grey and Black Uti'i herized Silk Anio Coats, reinforced rhoulder straps, tiirned back cuffs. Piicfd at .S '^.?.<M) K '«'V «»n O'.r^-d Navy Bhif Sergp Kkirf.s. front opt-iiins button and oi>- cn full fT 'ini trimmed with self' »>;:ntls and T.iifi-ta, pric" SS..50 Su'!! HJa .k V)iit- r'ir»'<'toiri' Skirt TimniPd witii jafft-ia. fmiit It-fi s:<l»' |il "a (Hii ;r<irf. ono of the richest iilack skill.; nri llic ni :.ik»'. in ..j*!! I.IHt Soini-.Madf a'nl lt<-aily .M.-'d" Pro.s--<»?; f(.i afternoon and tvtnins wt>a!-. l";:ney Net St nii-niatb- firt' ses in "iiiif Mail ^kir!s ar<- flni.-'hcd |t r.ix- srani ami llirrt- is cnoiu'li i ;:af >i!:i! I'tn tin- vvai-l willi iiimniln;;') . ••nipi>!<'. i>; ii-.- . .. {SL.'iO I" Batist<». Cnshniere ' and M«ssa!inp Kcndy-niade Dresses in bliif*. brown and preen, all are richly trimmed, priced at Sr '12..10 to .S47.,'»0 Eleven Gored Black Serge trimmed with Taffeta )>a:'.,is and bnttons. Price ST..10 SkiriiJ in brov.n aiid blac-k. in all jvi^av.-^s iniasicabie. sored ami picaTed. t;-i!nn;fc<J w;ih strap.-, taffeta and '-aiin. Pri.-..| n« Jj ;3.9.". 'o Sn..-0 n.'::tlierljlvir.t,i Petticoats have r:-' ru-'ii-; coliiis. i.liif. bmwn. ;:ref:\ anil l,)a<-k: pri.-." , S'i-.IO • i-ainv I'.iff.ta finl.<;li.(l |Viti.'<i,ii.s in<k »u)y. •I ^\AHh 81.•*.'». SI..10 The Du.plcx Spotless Steam Sponiter Does It_ Neithi -T Wet nor Wear cJn Fease the Gcwa that's Shrunk by ii. 1 HE UNCFORM PWCE IIS ..Ojjiy S C :enls a ¥ard ' (iilt .\eck Ciidies Willi kni.lii-d ends. I'll inches IUIIK . price each '.i.^C rial Tinsil half iiicli \vid<'. kimtliil fringe. ini-hes lims. |>riii- «Mt li ."jOf* Fancy Braided i'.i'.i .\'i-.k f.iidle.;. kiKilIfd eiKls. iiK-lies UiliiC. Pric.1 V ,r>(- Kilt |{<i|.i- .\"eck (liiillfs. frini;.' ends. •J. iiicr;!.-. Inn;;; price . S'l.iral Iiiipc IJill Cirdle.Kv ;!<; inelii-s liiiiir. ni;i\v fI iiim- ends. IT..-.- $1 .<N >.lo Jt!'».<M» Wa.-li Slock (Mllars with lii- atla«h- eil in v.liiti- and c(.l4»rs. price. .. .'>."»(•• Faiii-> Sioi-k Collars in while asid «-iiIois. wish rilthon iiiniinin;;. prii-e. ea.h . ."JOf Plad-. Silk Tas.,.'Is and IVmlanis lor irin'iniiii^; pni poses. Price each .lIlH 'and OiC Great Sale of Ladies' Waists One lot of Fancy Silk Waists in p.aiils and solid co:i>rs. worth $5.00 and $t;.ii'>: special price, while they J .; i83.39 New white and Arabian Net Waists r.'iiily trimmed with lace and insertion, priced $.3.15. $5 One lot of Rich Arabian Net Waists trimmed with lace v»d.i;es. insertion and medallions, v.orth $5.. just a few In tiie lot; special price, while they -•'^s «2.49 Fancy Siik .Messaline Waists in brov.-ii. blue and black. a!I sizes; IVice $4.00- Fancy Silk .Messaline Waists in light bine and maize, richly trimmed with lace and ini^eriion. price each So.OO White Linen Tailored Waists tucked froiit. i.iain back, spe<:ial price $^.30 White Linen Kerringbone Stripe Tailored Waistn. eyelet tailored, collar lo match, jirice .'. ll«*i .JJi» While Linen Tailored Waist.-; tucked finnt. plain back. ;>rice SS.30 •oloied Taffeta Silk Tailored Waists i:i .-ed. brown nnd blue, hl^h choker collars; price ^.y.'SO Have \ou s.eii;ilii' swell •'Dlri»c- lot'!-" down wlib lis rich draped folds anil ^ide plisiUnV ' \UT NKKIM.K UOHh. .\ biir stilptiietii of Faucy Art .\'e«<i||o \Viii!< Jii 1 rerelvetl Stanipi'd Inind- k.rchiefs. towel ."t'll :-carr palernn, priie.t to Wallarhean Eniliroiili-ry stamped sr .iif . si/i* '^2xii'>. in n.itiiral linen, t-.o. 5M.00 Pillow Toi.s L•^x•J^. natural color lid- en. white ami three shades of blue. ITice each tt."><^ While and Green Cor<)nation CoriJ; .!;re»»n is i>ri<t-d .at yard;, while 10 <v:ii,)| \^(' b'lineh •", lyd.s. in bunch. Sana f)ertnal Talcum IN.wder, a .lapaue.-ie I'alenni. Iii'ihiy sceuiej. price lier bo.v lola, Pittsburg and Atchison, Kah., Oidal and Carthage, Mo. T/OiroyAx AOAix TO LEAD 3>« Detroit Twlrifr Hav au £xrellrat Flteking Average, i ' tmrolt. Sept. 16.—Although he has iMNn saved tup for the tlme&jwhen ho rvm right.! P**\nid Bill" Donovan of tlbe ^Detroit club, bids fair! to lead the American leasue-Ui pitching again ttais^puon.! He has worked twenty 'jaeai'fiftejea of which be won. mak- jfiJUs liiT ^rage i .760. OldiCy Young. ^3Q«t«)A, baclced by a Becond division nb'i^UM. WJDO twenty out, of: twenty> Wi^ah of Chiiqago has ^;/tf:4-games ^dl'jlB ihird Jl2hech llbt of 10 and ' were only 2h bases on balls In the ;.'9 contests he worked. Walsh save 42 iu 41 Kaniei which is wontlerful control for a '«l^t" Iwll pit«-her, .loss cave 2T In :{l gani^s. TAXED IN NEOSHO COUNTY. Kansas Natural's $60,000 Pipe Line Is In That County. A large force of men is engaged In the Santa Fe freight yards this morning unloading the first shipments of monster gas pipe for the ten-inch main of the Kansas Natural Gas company, tlirou^ the eastern field, says the Chauute Sun. Forty car loads of the pipe I will be required to lay the nine- mile extension; about six of which art now; standing | in the freight yardsl awadting the tinloading gang. , Aifeatmre of, LoC Interest to tills line,-which will: be Channte. is' the fact that while'it ik-belngeoctended along ihp N'oiisho-Allen counties line, it Will be aid on the Neosho county ijidc and in additional taxation valua- tjlon of |!ii.tiOii added lo the county's i|ax rolls. The I'otrolia branch of the ljin«' is it .\IIen county, but because tjlu' fleld which the new main taps is In this coUnty the ufllcials of the Kan- i|aK Nutiiral concluded to cross the oad wltli the lino. ' The new line ib the extension of the n-hich Ifetrolla^ mains and commenc- [iR at the Thurston fariii. northeast llll penetrate the newly developed jclds foil • miles east of Leanns. The (itlre ieiikth of tlu> line is nine|nille8. I of ten-dnch material. A}1 the avall- ile tean^slers In town were -placed hauling the pipe to the irpute today! actual construction work will bej mmenced tlihi week or joat as soon, •-^be trendi diggers can be secured.' iperihteiident H. O. GasUn will have' cfffirge of|the wwrip. : ' .1 . I BASE BALL GOSSIP knukle Got Home Run Ye >terda} — «r«y ill nillty Ituii^-Other liall yate>. Third Hai<eman Knnkle. of the Midgets, got hack to his old tricks again .vesterday when he llnet' out a home run off Chenault of JopUn. Affy Wilson Roi two hits while Grady. Erloff and Mrennan each;' Rot. one. Tamer Gray Is doing the utility role, fie bort- ted for Smith in ih^ ninth but failed to hit safely. TonneiTian whq'took Gray's place at second, made two errors. Brebnan pitched only thie last inning. The final score was 8 tp 4 in favor of Joplln. won another same i for Washington yestcrday.l l>eatinK Philadelphia 1 to 0. Old Eli Gates and Walter Johnson Topeka I and Webb f'itv pla.ved IS Innings vesterdjy. l...irvy .Milton pitched lor Webb \vl,;le Grandpa Roacl^ anil, llaseman twirled for Sir Richards team. Risley made the'er­ ror which led to the defeat (.( his {«am. • Taylor a Clown. .\ Xew York traveling man In town says thatDimimy Taylor, of the New York Giants, who got his start with the Corn Carnival Colts. Is very popular. He j has been pitching poor ball this year, however. Taylor Is a side: line comedian and is very amusing. Recently the. two teams were ; playing during.a fabi storm. Taylor jwent to the dab h base and when he detained to tie side lines he was I»ir of hl» boots. He got lines and coached while wearing the iilp boots. The New York people thoitsiit it very funny and he got big writpups in all the .New York papers. —.Atchison Globe. Bad Luck for Flea. Fleharty lost a game just the other day by the score of .=> to 4. In the third Inning the visitors made three runs although they did nbl bat Flea out of the Infield. Two| bad errors started the mess and Flea helped out with a wild pitch.—Hutch jnson Sews, CRITIBI.NE TO WASl^IXGTOX. Paper on Kansas Doctor Will Read Cenntry Sbaghter Topeka. Kas; 'Sept. !«.- Crumbfne la preparing .a at Washington^ D. C. on. befcin^ the state and of health of Norjh -America.- The paper is on this subject: », "Discttssion of a law or laws, cover • ,ing country siaughter houses, and [.state meat inspection, together,with a 'provision for licensing system with ' tee.s." It is likelv that as a result of this ;meeting, a bill will be drafted and re-' commended for adoption by all the .state legislature-^ of the United States: Statistics show ihat nearly half of all the animals slaughtered in the United > ^ Slates are slaughtered in country • slaughter houses, without any Inspec . tion whatever. The natural result is that all of the diseased animals are worked up in these slaughter houses, because they can not pass the insR«?t-.? tion of the federal'Inspectois at big packiqg hons^; . -

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