Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
Page 5
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I' • • 14 ^hoiusmnd RobbeHes EvBihy Day of the ! Persons wlio fail to put their mDney iu the bank are the victims of these jobbers. I Honest men and women by keeping their money out of banks, fatten thieves. I If you are a ciistomer lof THEi STATE SAVINGS BANK, your money is safe from loss by thievwy and yoiir credit at the biLk is worth a great deal more to yon in th'e way ojf helpiog you to make more money. To be able to command, ready money at JUST the right time is to open the door toifiuaucial sucneaa, I Let us be your banker aud friend fo help you 0:1 tl:e road to prosperity. StBto Savings Bank Ma, Katiumu Open from 7 to 8 p. ni. Saturdays aud Pay Nights THE lOLA ICE AND COLP STORAGE CO. 14- Miiaafactur«rs, Wbol«sdl« I and RttaU Dealers CRYSTAL ICE Aii|<l Distilled Water Vnr| CoM StoraRC! Htvuij far Kisla<>8s. i i'lioaf 111 tkkm RIDDLE. Mgr. Thorpe & Hoagh ^ontnictors, Englnrers, Siirvrjors. Fully eqiiipiipd for -M klnJs t)f (Borveylng, estimallng, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, slUewaiks, corbiog, and farm drainngc. • Offic* O tit "Funnins." Evans Bros. Ottm I aiMift Boo** mm^aimmm Maboot Stippll** • 4«>«Mr«or jtom/ O m Where quality U mxto oonttd- •raUon we buy the best. Where ^, demandt will Jurtlfy; we carrj all Krvdei aud prlcea »««tk JRMe ftqeKre, iela, Ksaa. COLONIST hATER CaUfomia, Arizona. Etr. Daily until Ojrtober *1, ISKIsi, HAQM from lola. Has. Liberal .stopovtr privilegfs. 1 Personally condiiciod ex^•ursion^. Tickets acepted iu toiirifi .siiir >jjers on' pay- nient ofi Pullman rate, and in ;chair car. No better way of bPronjiiig acquainted with the Gr<^at Somliw.^it. •#here small farms yield a comijeienct''. flian by traveling over the Santa Ki'. JLet me send yon fjjine litPnitnr.- aboiit California. .-Vrizona. t-t.^ 1 W. E. R.\LSTO\. • liila, Kan?ar. T Fryer Byos, I WHOLESOME GROCERIES Our .stiiol; 1)1 i;r.K-,>i ifs Meaiij are sold ou tln< iin'rii> tif their ihlgli .ftHudard to (|iiaj" Ity, JFhey aru purr, ^iiok'siiiito and alway.x tan be rfilU-il ni>oii^ Yry a sack of .\o. 7 jl'Ionr pori sack IflJtO Japan. lin|ierial on (Tiinpow- der Tea. per pound . 4ic The best In town for the money,' Fryer Bros. p i - J 1 Phones SOS^Sdl. 1 i 1^ O. THOM I CbwmiU7 siVea on " 1 l.KT THE Golden West, Land Co ll';t fmii: •.. Iiii~inf-t:; for ^.aie >.i < \<^li:jn^>-. iih its >o- operativ.' aS'MVCie.:, j 1. paits of thi tountvy. ' Ih'lire, 101 >^ E. Madi ••n. Iota, Kansas. i6th National IRRIGATION CONGRESS Intcrslale Industrial Kx|iu»i(|iiii niid \i« .Mi'xii'o Terriloriul Fair Al .L A r Albuquerque. N. M. .SEP. 2U to «M T. 10 • 'oiui' aiiilMi' ihi* prll^•pl'^lll- S;i!iia l-'i- .Si.uihw.-.-t - Alif^n- .ilt till- \»a> fr-ini I'uloraiio to Cjli- ttiiniii ttaiiT i.-i Uiiu;. Till' r. S. tJdViTiinic!;! i.-i iiinv ypcuiiin:: iniUioii.s of ilojiars to Ki'i a pi'i'iaaneni wator siiinily liii' lilt' siMul arid laiid^- t! in.'-ans niiliioiis nf a<':<'H luaiif ii! aln>> and l.t for honif--. A ll.i;;.li;tl vvoilli rvi' >• A C.illtinrMt til :—>•. l-Virii'_n i!i;i!otii:ii:-., t;o\ mIUi'iiI olVn-iais. iiri-aiiuii f\!:<r!:; .and Captains oi indiistlv will atlriid A nrt'at t vpo.-ilimi of .Southwest I'arui^, raiKlii-.-. iii;u<- .unl iadu.-! I i< to.', .iiid oowluiv: -I'. S. t'avaUy Tii"l;''i-'- Oil Pa't' Sept. I'.'i to Got ..; inial r.'turii limit Oct. "A. Mti'iS If di'sir.'if an apiilicaiion Iu apent All«ii|Ui>rtHu>. tickets will lit' lioiiiui'd fo" ro;urn via<. N M. aii.l Amiiillo. Tex. AttnK'tiii' M 'de-trip> Iu 1. S. Ke- claninlion I'roiects and (irand Canyon of Arizoiiu. \\\ E. Ardent. Ask for RVLSTOX, lola, Knns. Irrisration Booklet. xliVi- \nir Siil.scriiilions for .MAt ^V /.lNL .S A\U I'ERIODU ALS TO i J. E. Ht'uUerson will) dt-ab- with llie piibii?her.-- and furui^ht's ihrisi at iht- lowe-.l price j.Oi: it,!.-. • . • • l^lioae AlA .\, BucUfve DRUNK FIVE TIMES A WEEK. So Mrs. Gainey Says of Husband in Divorce Petition. X.-llie Oalnt'X uas Tirought .suit In disirii-t court for divorce from Cha.^. (Jaiiicy. alli'j;in^ cxtremt- cruelty, and <lrnnk<-iiin'.ss as tlic (grounds fm' tli<- action. .Vccotiiiiiiv to the petition (li<- Coupk' married in April, 1S'J9 at Carthage. .Mil. She charges tliai shortly after theh- mairiage. her husband be- oain«' addicted to liipior and wis drunk ottitiies as many «is four or fivo days during thC' week. This, she says, cotiiipelk'd her to depend entirely upon her own work and aid from her '; parents for a living. In June. 1907. I she says he abaiidoned her, going to MlssHuri. Since then she has loam- od that be went to Texas but his ex act whereabouts are unkiio|wn to her. ooooooooooooboooo o I o O Keep your eye on your bus- O O Itand. "He is going to—:— O O O O O O. O ooooooooooooooooo . For the best and (lulckest resulbs try the Se^er'n Want C o I bdui. -Ut. J. n. Pfppcr. Dentlit Phone 1«. MlsB Von 6te<n Married. .Miss .lessle Von Stein, formerly res- idejii worker at Lanyon -Center and weji known |in lola, was married on Monday evening at Kansas City to •Mr; Robert Hayes Wilson. Rev..L. 0. Harnlr.b p€|rfoTmpd the cereniony which took place at the home of Mr. and "Mrs. \Wlllirtm Montgomery. —B. M. CDDDinghaiD, t per cent moue). Went Through Here. .\ ;^ist:tiil SiKM-rintendenl J. P Me \ally I»fi this afternoon in private eai No. ID',; on a business Hip to Ottawa Aliliouph llio deflnite object of his trip is not known, it Is infer- I'll to relate to the Jopliii extension of the . Santa Ke from PUtsluirg. U the lni|]iortant orders are not f'*'en i.ow tli'ey probably stion will Iw for the letnoval of u lot of machinery «iid material from the iiitawa :-.hop':. —t'hanute Sun. Til" liv .t 'St and .fi< siiesi lin<- of can ti.:, in town is at Mundis's. More Boosting Needed. Thai Clianutt- citizens an' not l..i,i<iiiit»- cnoimli for that (IreaiMp Cha- uiil.' is iiulicatei] by the s\icces.s which the tola n^lo^.ler^T club Is uiei-lihg. In two months' litne they liavo set the town ablaze with so much enthusiasm that peoplo liiivo almost forgotten that there is a national election on. £o iniereslc -it ar«- lola citizens In whoopinR thinps up for their town. What'ti the matter with organizing a Cli.iiui(»: Boosters club''—Chanute Tribune. --^.t.'c p.rr iviii mo!i»->: no i-ominl? •Ii; rteluv. —'^mitli ^ Travis Goes to Humboldt. F.Uler tl. W. Kitchen, pastor of the Christian church, went to Humboldt yepterdav afienioorj to take )>art in tin- hip union meeting which l.s in jiro- r .ress there.—Chanute Tribun.-. --Hoard, room. '.'.I '.i Sonili St. $:'..r .ii . Watrous at Chanute. .lol'.n \Vatrous. United Slates deim- ty' iniernal reventie collector, of Bnr- llngton. was in Channte yesterday afternoon. He went to Fredonia on the l.lug last night on revenue business. -Chanute Tribune. - l>rs. Lathrop, OsleopatUs, Phone 468. Or. Barker Will Speak. nr. .1. W. RarUer of this city, head idiysiiian of thi> .Modern Woodmen of Kansas, will deliver an address at the' .Ml.n county log-rolling which «ill h.> held Friday of ntext week in lola.—Chanute Tribune. - It- Our Way .^..da Water Stewart at Chanute. .lam.(s Stewart, of lola. formerly air• iit for the' Crt at Western I-ife Insurance, company, of Kansas City, but now a n-pri'seiitative of the Norti; Westi-rii Life Insurance Company, is speiidint; a few days in Channt.' — Chanute Tribune. - Kail-.1: Cil> resiil. :!e,» to tra.le for liila property, tlood lioii.'-f with I'aiti to ii'iit. Oil paved strei-l Pour room li.iuse for sale, for $i'»> Atliitaker it IVmnell. Wardmore Won Race. W.trdmore. the horse that took second money in the :J:17 pace at the .-Mien coiinty fair, won the race at Hntchinsbn thi.s week. Here jne the ro.^ults: Wardmore (Foote) .1 Monii-r F! t\oe) l.ucy F. I Garrison I 2 Edith F. (.McDavis) 1 Bill .Moor'' I.Michaels) 5 Time J15>1, 2 16>4. 2:14^4. 1 I - Yf.ii net the best spice.^ ar Rnr- r.-ii r (truir More. About Schoonover. County Attorney fJarrison and Man ford Schoonover went over to Greeley today on legal business. They were opposing lawyers in the Tlmlsch case which has created so much interest in the neigh'boihobd of Greeley.—Garnett News. 1 —Merchant 's Lunch at Our Way. - To and JFrotn ^'ittaburg. R. Peterson hnd wife retiirned last evening from i two monthk visit in lola andLallirpe, Kas., lith rel.i- i ives. • • » Sam Peters of loin Is a visitor in the city, the guest of Charles Weymyer. of Eist Ffteentb street. He is on ills way home from a visit to Cri'tlin.'. Kas -Pittsburt; Headlight. --^Alw:iyR tliii to en! at ()ur War. Turned 5000 Away. —Yon will a iliinrs in p.tatioriery .-ifore. Drove Mr. and Mrs. si In Wichita MOD p.M)ple with th cash in their haWs were turned awa from the Kin.cIIng clrciis tent. In Xew .Tersey the cook tent of a circus was looted, ich goes to show that Wall street is s?veral thousand miles further from Kansas than it was sev eral >ears a?o.-l-Wichiia Eagle. ways find the new . at nurrell's drug |to Bronson. Will Long\drove to Bronson ^ yesterday to attend the sale of livestock whl:h was held at that place by Mr; Long's brotber, L.. D. Long. Practically all of the livestock sold was' of a high class and brought good prices. Ths receipts or the sal' amounteil to aBoat M .OOO. . -^Boara, room 319 Sooth St. 13.50. IV LIST OF PROMIIVENT AMERICANS. Gsu. "W. H. Parsons, Confederate Army. ex-State Senator, Texas. Col. Maiiey. of Wiialiington, D. C, Labor Organizations and TJ. V. L.. Col, Fatiea, of Washington, D. C Military and Koaonic Orders. Hon. E. S. Ryau, of Alaska, Ex-Member English Hoiue of Parliament. I Congres-soiau Caio, ol Alaska, well known ou Pacific Slope. Uen. w. it. Parsons. t;<?!ii W. M. f'arsof!"' i-- t -.x-State .Senator and e\ .liidgeof the .Supreme Court of T.-xa^,ti!-o llriv^adler Oouerhl In t'diif'il .'iuio Army, lu a recent letler liom Jfc'. II St.. .N. \\ ., SVu.'hington, l>. ('., t.'iij prominiiit ;.-cnti<-niau .-ay>-; "F[Kiii the re<'onimendation of jht- > frleuils and many strong lesll- iiii.nials a.-» to tli- cllicaiy of Peruna In the tnatiiicni of llie nnnicroua syinp- loiii.-f of tho la grippe with wliioli I liave l>wli allhvlfU for four months pa.<t, I have I m'i n iniUicd to -undergo a treat- n»nt with ihi-^ justly celebrated formula. I feel u i!i-'-ided change for the Utter after ii.-:iii:' it only one week. It is i-s|K-cially giHKl ill toain;; up the stomach nnil liu- h.-iii & decided effect upon my appetite. 1 therefore feci nincb cn- eourag«il that 1 am on the road lo complete restors'ion. ••Mv nuini t( i>» frtemts in Texas, where 1 have ha<" li>.> hrinor to coiiiiitand a brigade of hur Veteran Cavalrj in afoi years' war, may acovpi this Voliiutary t(viinioni:il t" tlif merits of Peruna ».-. a riense of nl>lit;iitiiin on Mi,V pari lor Its wonderful eilica.-y." col. xi'tn. Bailey. Wtlliani U.alliy,0.s I tit., N. V.., liijsK.ii, n. v.. Past Col. Euc. Nu. a; Cuii .n VrtcrSJi L.<-»:i »n ,aud proaiineutly idenlitied with many of the great labor pr<jtCi'tivo u:^*ociations in Chleimo und New York, and Se«iri-turv of ouc of the lariresl as .-;<MMatious in the fortinT i-ity. .Iia«l for nearly thirty year.s been atUictcd with kidney trouldes. Within a short jierlod be has I mh-h persuaded to try Peruna, and his present healthy condition is attrihutuil to hi.^; judicious u.-e of that jrreat remedy- \Vasb!iii;ton cliiiiiite is nott>riou.-<ly liad for kidney and liver tr6uble^ yol by a judicious uso of the remedy he is now quite cured aud in excellent physical condition. This brief statement of f .i .'fs. wlthoui exaggeration or hyperbole, apjiear;* to trli ibd wliyU.- story, which the PerunaCom- H|! Crowd PromUed at Fannef sutuio Which iXMtB Hen ^4 .^atei^y.'l . ' •!'/• The Ctannte tribune says:. Fan^ .T4 from Neosiho. AUeo. Woo&M^' inrbon, Anderson and Coffer 6MSL- ies will meet in lola Satrirdayr'itf )13s reek, Septembeir I9th. for{ the piirpowe »f forming a six-conntiy Inkitntew (Charles F. Scott of lola, congrt|fsin'Mi Rroni the Second district and ntenxi^ or the committee on agrlcjiltilrefin tte aaUonal House of Repjreseiitatlfefe, win address the meetligj The Stkb. board ot agriculture inil| also atjot speakers from among Its reipilair conis of institute lecturers. The farmers and citlzeins of these sts counties will on that day ortaolie for the purpose of securlnjE the .cO^JH- eratlon and assistance of jth* natlpiWkl and state agricultural departnieiit|' In every proper way. It will!be a strpilK body and iu Influence will be'a gn$4t factor In the line ot educa Ion and u- perlment.' The Important Question of dnUnase will not be orerlooked. The interest of erery ctoiunty la the organisation will be carellully looked after and the goremine^t will tie . asked, to make experifflents in .advanced farming, where air may see the results. The lola Boosters havei. inatte arrangements to entertain iill rlsttOrs and that is a guarantee that it will be well done. ] The Garnett Xews says: .On Saturday. September 19th.' at jola. Kas.r there will be held a'farmer's Institute at ilirhlch time ah ° oi'ganizatibn formed for thej purpd$e ot 43- panyisauthori2e «ltonse ,ifitBochoo«e ».,^''n<^lng the agrlcnltural Interest*'ot twlievin^X.aii I tip. that by po doing it will bo forthepeneral (rood.— Wm. Bailey. Col. C. L. Paitrn. Col. O. L. Palleii. ;M T St., N. W.. Was-hin(;t<>n, 1>. <'-.. a Lieutenant in the Old Guard, an exclusive organization ompo.sed of .•'oldiers of di.itinctiou who foavbt in tbe civil war, anil a Thirtv- sceond de ^'rei- Ma.-ii>n, writes as follows: "I have u.-^cd I'efuna, ami desire to rc-t-onimenii your remedy as an Inrigor- stint; spring tonic; also one of the t)e-:t reriie<lies that 1 ever trietl for coughs, eold.-^aud catarrhal complaints." nan. R. S. R>an. • reKiain): in Nome, .VJaska, was formerly a memlwrof tho Kngli*h Hwu.-seof Parliament, and Secretary to tho latu Iri.-ih patriot, Cliarlc!* Stewart Parnell. His Washington a <l- ilrcs.^ New Willard Hotel, Washington, D. C; Ho writes: "I have nswl I»e- rnna and can recommend your remedy a .«i a v\Tj effect ive cure for cold.s iintfv catarrhal complaint-;." ' , Hon. Thomas Gale. Hon.Thoma.*Cale,olected toCon ',:rPsa from .\la.';ka, Is well knWn on the Pacific slope, where he has resided. His Washington address is 13I29(h St.. N. W., Wa.shington, D. C. He writes: "1 can cheerfntly recommend Peruna as a verv efficient remedy for coughs aad coUi." Ibis state. The brgaiiizattoa will ei|r deavnr to have the government nlilia certain e .Tperlments and tests~tbat^^^ now believed iwlll advance the prftta and value of every acre .of laad;jii Kansas. Representative farmers Woodson; Coffey. Bonrboii, Allen .and Aiidersott countljes.wllL'j Diesent. It Is eamestlyj deSlred largo delegation' from his jcotuity j tend and we trust the larmiers take it upoii themselves'to. go >fae they have a special Invitatlbn or _ The Booster., club of Idlk has-1 come Interested in the matter and jiiects to show the visitors a good til, Hon. Chas. F. Scott will be one of.1 speakers at this meeting. Oiher sp" ers from the State AsrlculUiral.Boiij^ will address tbe meeting. Cio hot t^i'- get the day and date and arrtaitge yi^r business patters so that you canJte present at this meeting. "-4 Bible Class Tonight ij The regular meeting of the Y .:jir. c. A. Bible class -will be b4ld in association building at? o'clock tU^ evening. Commencing Septeiotber.SJplli the class will serve lunch Itrevl&tts^w the regular miietlngs durlqg the- reit of the winter. - ln ^I ^l on havinir T. S." Hour. — Letter Tabl.-ts with stain|ied on e;icli sheet drug store. your initial at Biiriell's Bitten by a Cat. .\. .1. l-'rci-niaii was .-;i'\er>'ly bit:<ii this nioniiiur 1>> a cat at 11. L. Frc man & Son's store on West .Main. A strange <-at has been around the store for several days and Mr. Fne-j tnaii ha.-^ tretpiently pett.-d it. brtl tlilsjof Eureka, and to \\\ A. .Voutr^ of the animal did not seem to.N.-vada. .Mo., and Liltie R 'i.lo-.-r :>f (]. II. Lnnib In Town. i;\-Sriiaior M. L.anib. of Yates enter. w;is a! the court house today Ie :;a! bti inej,:. lN»ied Two Licenses. .Indge J. It. Smith granted tw.. mar | riage liceii.'.es IiKlay. They were ii.^iieil ' lo U.S. llrown anil Grace V. .iii.l'aiid —Before buying your fall; and wln^ ter millinery, see my elegant-tliie.>|r- Mrs. PeHy. 10815 E. Madison; • ' > Mundis now has the agency tat Lowney's chocolates. For fhe best and qalekeat resvUii try the:Jleglster*s Want Coluuk morning be in t '.e best of moods, and while .Mr. Steves,:, stroked it the b. ast turned over and bit him on the right wrist. The place bled freely. Mr. Freeman had the wound cauterized.— Chanute Tribune. - Into Rarngr and Repair .Shop for all kinds of repairing, iotoniobile litcry. rhone Sf)3. Channic to Proji Fair. .\ .M'ecir.l iiicriin-j will l,.- h. !d ;n thi.- rily diirii!!.-. the week l.y tlie di- re.-tois of the C.'.ariiite Fair .\rroci:i- rioii for the pur |M -?e mi " decidinfr; u .=oine ilf-riniie a. :;oii rfiatiie n. Wic dis[>o.m !;M!i i-.f 111-- pro|.erty .-,f tlie ..r- ;aiiization. Fi.r .everal yp.-ii-s the a.s- .'ociaiiou axoiik \\:<> not been a profitable Inveitment and lias paid no dividend? For thi-^ -•»aM >n it is said ih.i! the majority of tt:e sioekholders favor discontinuing anriuil fairs aad di.-spo.'- ng of the ,':roiiiiiiN to reimtiur.-e the shareholders fi-r i/ionev invf.-ted — Chanute Tribiiit.-. —Be a Booster—Home industry— Xeosho River Cat at Our Way. Grnnad Is Kroki-u. Thr- l;roun;^ for tlo- ip.w Kan.-as .Natural gas ortice building w;is brokcsi Satiirda.v aflernoeii at Indeju-ndeiice and the c(.iiipaii> hopes that it v\iil i-e ahle to holt.-.' its men i:i th.- new bin d ing in the future. The work ^;ill he pressed oil to completion at on.e If yo'.i want the latest and nicest post cards on the market, get them at .Mundis drug store. l.eil fur California. ll.irr.v McNeil and family hit yesterday nioniiii-4 for Pomona. -Calif, where they make ilulr fninre home. A number of friends accom- pat-.ied them to the train. •^Our. Oysters. Way. Chaniii. Lowney's chocolates, nice and fresh at .Mundis drug store. To Defend «. W. foot. L. V. Ortoi). of Humboldt will leave this afternoon for Plalfsbiirg, Mo. where ht- will look aft.-r the ii.tere.'^t.. ol W. \\. Cook & Son in a ; ait to re..•over ail a!l.:-i;<-il lia anci- <liie frotii tin- eity of Caiiieroii on a ci>atr'or. .\ir ''o.,k is y.\r 0;ri-,ns I'aiher-in-l.uv and h:iN done contract^ wor6 in lol .i j MAJESTIC 1 HEATRE TO-NIGHT —Soda V>'ater. he Our Way kind. i Th.•lion's 111 the inf. Gym Class to .>l «e}- re::iilar meeting of ihe yinitiT irymnasium class wi:i i.e he.d V ..M. !'. •\ gym room th:.i rven- —Frank S Reaftle. V. S Phnnt nn. -THE FlOlKi: How Too Much Fat May Be Sateir Reduced at Home. THE OLYMPIA OPERA CO. Presents the fnnnies": of all comic Oj)eias "Fra Diavolp" Special Matinee Saturday. Entire bouse loc. Popular Prices Phone 215 for Reserve^i^eato Oh. ih.-ir this too, too solid t1e.= :i would' cry the !adie.% nowaday;, a--, they tr> to squirm into a iiria.-c;.- frock. How inuch woulij the too i.;f-i- 1 roll:.!y |.ro[-,irti(iii. d dam*' iiol]t;ne ii|i I'M- lour iliolies iCS.-. ill 'll-" .-•i: tiir.-e ar. sl'.e cotiiparc:. herself wi'li t'l.- fi.rtUll.'lte olie ll'.i'lilred .Tttd t•.^t'-.-.- I "lie!. : I. ter Varltni- .lii-... .1 •...^.'-red to .irre-; she 'let. ... i.j ' >•. teiid, i,(-y and keep the iijiiir.- .ri'.! . ;- I'lidiiiij e\'-r. i :tl.'^ waikiiU' die:.::(. v>(-i; .M: niiu.fUiiit. paieiiie.l'-. but sheie ar.> obje.-ti.^:!-. Ill ail .if ibese. l-;\<-rv;. iiii: Uir.l wi>rk ai;cl like.- up prei-iiiii-* lime: .l;eii;-,i: j - .j; ta;:tcful aud a real puui>h!ne'it.'. most of i I k - patent r'nieilies are d..ii- •;erotis to health . The \.ry best iliins; for th-- i...rr .ir. \vV.. th.r m>!t -.;r f.r.iaU. i- a •.mi>:c hi.'ue receipt: 'i- oz. .Marnio.a. '_. Kliiiif Kxlnict t'ascara Arom-diic. oz. Peppermint Water, which can I.e I Save Your Moiii^ \'ou crtn secure tbe standard niaga7ines at less cost ito yott ;j during September, both in single subscriptibni and in clcteV tban ever again. Read the following: Run Auto to Wcslphalia. H G. N'ewton. of the .Newton Auto Uvery. is contetuplating running his , r .biaUi."-«i < f any druggl.-t at -mat! c..<t machine between lola and Westphalia ; This .-honid he taken a teaspoonful on the 2Srd and li-lih of this month jat a time after meals and at beatiwc. when the .M. W A. have a big picnic ;„,,] re.suli-. will he both ;.Md there. V,. W. Adams of this city, a certain. This is a hurm!es.-; ni'ixi.ire district deputy, wll attend the picnic. j,j,at cannot bring ou an.. -;.,;iia(-!, troubles nor ruu.'e the dried-np wriiii; —Fltigerald Storage and Transfer' Co. HonsehoW and piani> moflng; lai^est and best store room I d the city. Vhone 3M. l.-il ap;-earance of those who starve or take patent reducers" to get thin. On the contrary, although it often takes i the fat off at tbe rate of a pound a 'day. it is-really very beneficial to the J. .V. Warner Rrturns. ; .^yltcm. cleansing the Wood and caus- J. M. Warner, proprietor of the the complexion to become fair and. Wai-ner cafe returned last night from iorthern Missouri where be closed a I for a hardware store. * He will itlnue to reside here, however. i-eautlfut. The cost of the three Ingredients is a mere bagatelle, and one XD ^S. Iftl^ey prefer. g«L them separately ar^ |mU them together at home. Ever>l)od>'3 retail. .$1.5o • heliticator. retail .. .jl.Mi • Worl.l':. Work, retail $".0(i i:veryU)dy's IV-lituuitor and McClure; now $2,65, after Sept. 30.. Everyl».d>'f. World; Work and McClnre's, 13.10, after S^t W. Every!;.>dy's. W .>r'd'.-< Work. American and Success, now After Si Jit :;o ' .•.:eriiii.\ Wi f.a'.. Work and Delineator now $3010, after Sept. 30.^ McChire and;\Vonian's Home Companion. t \JSk, after Sept. S^. Pi.toria! Kevlew. 2 yrs.. retail Home Need'ework. 1 yr.. retail Two Patterns, retail •Pictorial Review. I yr.. retail.. .Modern Pri>cilla 1 >r. retail Ladies' World. I yr.. retail Oiie Pattern, retail 90c 30c $1.80 $1.20 6»c . IS: $3.75 .McClures. .American. Cosmopolitan, how 13.6^,' after Sept. 30 Review of Reviews and St. Nicholas.;now .'l Review of Reviews and Harper's Monthly Lippliicott's and McClure's ...^ You can secure all of these or any other magazine at^lbkesii by calling up Phone 9&. J. E. HBXDKBSti ^V Ii«ith in club now ij...tMd^ After Sept. a« .; ".'.^MiM'f AH :: now $3.30. alter Sept. 30.[! After Sept..,30 Now . .... All now. After Sept. 30 11.75

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