The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 5, 1986 · Page 8
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 8

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 5, 1986
Page 8
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Aquino says Marcos had her husband killed The Salina Journal Sunday, January 5,1986 Page 8 TACLOBAN CITY, Philippines (AP) - About 40,000 people cheered Corazon Aquino on Saturday as she took her presidential campaign to first lady Imelda Marcos' home province and repeated her charge that President Ferdinand E. Marcos ordered her husband killed. Aquino renewed the accusation in Aquino reply to Marcos campaign speeches earlier Saturday attacking Benigno Aquino as an organizer of communist guerrillas and a man who ordered people killed who testified against him. Aquino, who is challenging Marcos in Feb. 7 special presidential elections, said at a rally in this provincial capital, "Marcos is really merciless. Why does he still have to make accusations against a man who already is dead?" Benigno Aquino, a former senator and Marcos' chief rival, was as- sassinated at Manila airport in August 1983 upon his return from three years of voluntary exile in the United States. The government said a communist agent, Rolando Galman, killed Aquino and then was immediately killed himself. Aquino flew on a private plane to Leyte Island, 300 miles southeast of Manila, and then rode on rough country roads through half a dozen towns. Marcos campaigned for re-election in Laguna and Quezon provinces near Manila. DIET CENTER We've moved! New address 322 W. CLOUD 823-7207 Land-mine explosion kills 2 whites in South Africa JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (AP) — A land-mine explosion killed a white man and his daughter-in-law riding in a truck near the Botswana border Saturday and injured two other whites, the military said. Thirteen whites have been killed in explosions since Dec. 13. In another development, witnesses said police used tear gas against buses at the funerals of four riot Your Dental Health by Brian Schaulis, D.D.S. BABY BOTTLE TOOTH DECAY From the 1 dental point of view, nurs- in^ hahies trom bottles can canst 1 problems. Dentally-speaking — what's the worst thing yon can do to a baby? Stick him in his crib with a bottle at nap time and let him lall asleep with the bottle in his month. Milk or juice in the mouth and on the teeth turns to acid and caus'es teeth to break down rapidly. Many babies who sleep with a baby bottle develop .severe tooth decay, often in their fronl teeth. The problem is not the bottle but what's in it. The sugar in the- milk, formula, or fruit juices causes the decay. Sometimes, these teeth become so decayed they cause severe pain and may break off or have to be pulled. During the day, the baby swallows these drinks quickly, so there is no damage to the teeth. But during sleep, the liquid pools behind the baby's teeth and keeps them bathed in sugar for hours. One solution is to give baby the last feeding before bedtime. If your baby is still using a bottle when his teeth begin to appear, let him use it for short periods of time awake or sitting up. If he is using a bottle as a pacifier, put water in the bottle. Drs. Harry J. Jett & Brian Schaulis welcome your questions about dentistry. Write Jett Dental Center, 950 Elmhurst Blvd., Salina, Ks. 67-101. 913-827-4401. A public service with the aim of promoting a better dental health environment. victims in Soweto, and about 50 black mourners were hurt while struggling to escape through smashed windows. Police reported at least six blacks died in violence elsewhere, including two "armed men" killed by security personnel who seized an arms cache in the nominally independent tribal homeland of Bophuthatswana. Three others were burned to death, apparently by other blacks. The sixth victim was a black shot to death after a police patrol was attacked with a gasoline bomb in the tribal area of Moutse, 100 miles northeast of Johannesburg, police said. The military identified the dead in the land-mine explosion on a farm in northern Transvaal province as Hubert de Beer, 55, and Elise de Beer, 32. De Beer's husband, Deon, 34, and a friend, : Daniel Venter, 58, were hospitalized with injuries and in satisfactory condition, the military said. No one claimed responsibility for planting the mine. The outlawed African National Congress guerrilla movement claimed responsibility for a Dec. 15 explosion that killed six whites near the border with Zimbabwe, saying it had planted a series of land mines in that border area. Saturday's blast occurred about a mile from South Africa's Stockport border post with Botswana, military headquarters in Pretoria said. The de Beer family came from a farming district, Elb'sras, about 15 miles from the site of the explosion. KANSAS TECHNICAL INSTITUTE CONTINUING EDUCATION & EVENING COURSES SPRING '86 Class No. CP 2223 01 Title RPG Day MW Time Hours 6:30-7:50 pm 3 This course introduces the student to the Report Program Generator (RPG) programming language, used primarily for generation ol business reports such as payroll, statistical studies, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and material accounting, and olher business oriented applications Lab work includes solution ol several business report problems. Prerequisites BASIC. CP 2432 02 Commercial Software MW 4:00-4:50 pm 2 Analysis This course is designed to familiarize the student with commercial software for mainframe and microcomputers Students will be introduced to industry programming procedures for implementing and developing software packages. The student will be given "hands-on" experience and applicaiion on sollware packages to include word processors, electronic spreadsheets and integrated software packages. Software to be examined include Wordpro, Wordstar, Mulliplan and Lotus 1-2-3 Prerequisite programming knowledge CL 2143 01 Surveying Law Tu 7:00-9:30 pm 3 A study of tne legal aspects that apply to the surveying profession, and the role of the surveyor within the judicial framework ol our court system Prerequisite knowledge of surveying AP 142201 Computer-Numerical Tu Controlled Machine Processes 6:00-7:50 pm This course is designed to give students exposure to basic CMC programming and machining operations. There are no prerequisites to this course although a background in fundamental metal machining processes as well as algebra and right angle trigonometry would be helpful. AP 1432 01 Computer-Aided Dralting MW 6:00-7:50 pm 2 Applications and understanding of microcomputers in technical dralting and design. Topics include generative graphics, hardware and software terminology, point plotting and line dralting, graphics, programming, geomelric figures, dimensioning and annotating, and finished drawings. Prerequisite, knowledge of dralting. AP 2232 01 Introduction to Selected CAD Systems TT 8:00-9:50 pm MT 1112 03 Technical Drafting MW 8:00-9:50 pm Lettering, tree-hand sketching, use of drafting equipment Theory and applications of orthographic projection and pictorial drawings Standards for symbols, section views, and dimensioning included. An analysis ot several typical commercial computer aided dralting (CAD) systems used on microcomputers. Students will be supplied software, mannalc anri inciriirfinn r\n «arh ct/cf«m tn hp uepri anrt nivf>n rtrahinn ET 1224 03 ETL122404 AC Circuits AC Circuits Lab MW MW 7:00-7:50 pm 6:00-9:50 pm A siudy of Alternating Current circuits Includes an analysis of the sine wave, pniar and rectangular algebra, inductive and capacitive reactance, impedance networks, power factor correction, resonant circuits, and transformer theory Also includes an introduction to three phase power distribution Laboratory exercises reinforce key concepts. Prerequisites Direct Current Circuits or equivalent GT1212 01 Plane Trigonometry W 8:00-9:50 pm 2 Fundaments ol College Trigonometry, including ngnt and oblique triangle solutions, vectors, polar coordinates, angular velocities, trigonometric solutions m surveying and machine design, sine and cosine law, identity solutions, and conic sections GT 1213 04 College Algebra MW 6:30-7:50 pm Course content includes identifying number sets up 10 and including complex numbers, fundamental concepts ol Algebra as a review, operations with algebraic fractions, exponents and radicals, logarithms, linear equations in one and multiple variables, linear functions and graphs, syslems of equations, determinant, quadraiic equations, and solutions involving higher degree equations and Computer-Aided Dralting or permission ol instructor AP 1512 01 First-Line Management W 8:00-9:50 pm 2 This course is designed for current and prospective supervisors who have nad little or no formal management training. A broad spectrum of human relations and supervisory techniques will be covered, including employee psychology and motivation, leadership, team building, work assignments, discipline, moral, training, handling conflict, evaluation and planning. AP 1412 01 Computer Fundamentals MW 6:00-9:50 pm 2 (Feb. 2 to April 2) AP 141202 Computer Fundamentals TT 8:00-9:50 pm 2 (Feb. 4 to April 3) This course is designed lor adults seeking to develop a broad, basic familiarity with computer technology. The course covers: 1) basic computer literacy, i.e terminology, operations, hardware and peripherals, selection criteria, 2) an introduction to the BASIC programming language and programming logic, and 3) analysis of common software, including spread sheets, word processing data base programs. Tu 7:00-8:50 pm 1 CH 142301 Material & Energy Balances TT 4:00-5:20 pm AP 1901 01 Basic 35mm Photography (Feb. 11 to April 8) Tnis course is designed lor Ihose wfio wish to advance beyond the "snapshot" stage ol photography. Topics include camera t•""'"• ~" H -*"" '•""• types and use, film characteristics and use, composi door lighting, filters, closeups, and macros. re,lens id out- MateriaJ balance problem solutions by direct, algebraic and lie-component methods including recycle, bypass and purge calculations Ideal and real gases, vapor pressure, saturation and humidity Heat capacity, enthalphy change and steam-properly evaluation. Generaf energy balance including energy balances with chemical reactions Heat ol solution and mixing Prerequisite Applied Chemistry I GT 1714 01 Written Communications M-F 4:00-4:50 pm 4 w/Developmental English This course covers the same topics as the standard Written Communications, with the addition ol supplemental material on basic grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntactical skills for students who desire additional review in basic communications GT 2713 01 Technical Writing MW 8:00-9:20 pm Technical Willing applies rhetorical skills to the special writing requirements of business and industry Course writings will include letter of application, operalion manual, proposal, feasibility report, progress report, and research report Prerequisite Written Communications of equivalent GT 1413 Supervisory Management TT 4:00-5:20 pm 3 An analysis ol the responsibilities ol the supervisor, with an examination of the skills and practices helpful to developing elfective relations with people in a work setting Topics include employee motivation and satisfaction, work group behavior, management processes, employee training and appraisal, handling discipline and resistance to change, and methods of improving productivity GT 1523 02 Principles Accounting II TT 6:00-9:20 pm 3 A continuation of Principles o) Accounling I with an introduction to accounting for partnerships and corporations Included are costing, forecasting, deferrals, accruals, plant assets, partnership and corporate lorm of business organization, accounling controls, earnings, and dividends Prerequisite Pftttiples of Accounting I GT 1622 01 Accounting Applications TT 6:30-7:50 pm 2 Trie primary obieciive of the text and supplementary materials is to bring together tne teaching of lundamental accounting principles and the use of a computerised accounling system Prerequisite Principles o( Accounling I Enrollment for the spring 1986 semester will be at the Technology Center Monday, Jan. 13, from 8:45-11:30 am, 1:00-4:00 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm. Part-time and evening students may enroll and pay fees early from 5:30-8:00 pm Monday, Jan. 6 through Thursday, Jan. 9 at the Administration building. Classes begin Tuesday, January 14. Tuition for those enrolling In less than seven credits is $25.00 per credit. Additional fees total $16.25 plus parking. Classes with enrollments less than ten may be cancelled. Call Admissions at 825-0275 for Information. SPECIAL NON-CREDIT WORKSHOP Session «1 Lotus 1-2-3 Workshop (Jan. 10.17 & 24) Session 02 Lotus 1-2-3 Workshop (Jan. 20-Feb. 5) MW B:30 am-3:00 pm 6:45 pm-9:00 pm This intensive workshop will give a workshop knowledge ol the Lotus 1-23 software package capabilities II is designed lor beginners as well as intermediate Lolus 1-2-3 users Each person will be guided through a series ot exercises locusing on various Lotus operations and applications Topics include 1) Basic operations. 2) Formulas. Formatting, Ranges, 3) Editing, Printing, Files. 4} Graphics, 5) Database Management, 6) WhaMf Analysis, and 7) Macros Each person will have a microcomputer lo work wilh throughout the training Enrollment limited lo 15 To enroll, call KTI Continuing Education at 825-0275. In Manila, more than a dozen opposition lawyers, computer specialists and ordinary laymen opposed a plan by the Commission on Elections to computerize the counting of votes, citing lack of time and the $2.2 million it would cost taxpayers in a financially strapped country. Crowds estimated by reporters at between 4,000 and 10,000 people greeted Aquino and her vice presidential running mate, former Sen. Salvador Laurel, at each town. 439 S. Broadway OPEN SUNDAYS 10am-4pm Mid America Inn Restaurant "SUPER SUNDAY SPECIAL" 2 piece Fried Chicken Dinner, choice of potato, tossed salad, roll and FREE SUNDAE (Make your own). *2.95 5p.m. 'till 10p.m. 1842 N. 9th Salina, KS RADIO NEWS DIRECTOR We have a strong local news commitment and need a person with experience to run a beat, cover meetings and manage 3 person staff. EOE employer. Lowell Jack, KMAN-KMKF, Box 1350, Manhattan, KS 66502. -••'ss • W.i Mart Sells 'or Les , • W.n Marl Sells lor less • W,ii-Marl Sells fo< .ess • Wal-Mart Sells Coming Up Rose Chintz Prints 100% Cotton. 45 Inches wide. Select Irom beautiful floral prints in the newest fashion colors. Ideal for dresses, skirts, shirts and jackets. Machine wash and tumble dry. 2.64 Yard Reg. 2.97 KJHlHbL Sweet Dress Prints 65% Celanese Fortrel® polyester/ 35% cotton. 45 Inches wide. Choose from small neat prints in pastel colors. Use for dresses and blouses. Machine wash, tumble dry. 1.67 Yard Reg. 1.97 Fortrel" Is a trademark ol Celanese Corporation. Del Rio Plaids & Stripes 80% DuPont Dacron" polyester/ 20% cotton. 45 Inches wide. The season's newest colors in multicolor plaids & stripes. For dresses, blouses and sportswear separates. Machine wash, tumble dry. 2 OT7 Yard m^m m Reg. 2.64 Dacron' is a trademark ol DuPont. Dress & Blouse Prints 100% Cotton and polyester/cotton blends. 45 Inches wide. A wide range of patterns and colors. Perfect for dresses, blouses and crafts. Machine wash, tumble dry. 9T 0 Yard Reg. 1.27 Chambray "Laundered" Prints & Solids 50% Kodel* polyester/50% cotton. 42-43 Inches wide. The newest floral designs on blue chambray. Ideal for jumpsuits, rompers, sundresses etc. Machine wash, tumble dry. 2.24 Yard Reg. 2.64 Kodei is an Eastman Kodak Company reg. TM Cotton Tall Glazed Prints 50% poly/50% cotton. 44/45" wide. Machine wash warm like colors. Normal cycle. Do not bleach. 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