Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
Page 4
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, ,\;aBterad ;«t tola, Kaniaa. PoBtoBce. a* r fT ij SMODd-GiftM Marter. ^dwrUalni Ratea Mads Known oi> '^4 ' \\ Application. f — OX )UTK9. •Jer ta loiM. flaa Cltj, Lanjoi i tnto '•t I4lIIarp^ taia^WMk..... .^..10 eenU HanUi ..44 henu Ti?ar...... kSM jmr inside Mintjr.. r|M Hlonths, In advanc« jtl .OO Hdntli. In advance .44 to WHAT IS THE USE? I Tne United Stktes Senate is now fnore tbkn two-thirds Republican. Un: der any I conceivable conditions it will ; ioontinue to have a Republican majority at least four years more. Ey- telry'voter who goes to the polls in Jfovembir, therefore, will be confront&l with the fact that no matter what the result of the election this y*'ar may be j no. Democratic policy can be put int9 effect for the next four jfears. The question he must answer is simply whether we shall continue tiD go forward on the^up grade with the Repiiblican iwlicles or whether we shall stagnate and stand still, or what Is more probable, actually, lose ground v^lth an (Ineffectual: Democratic House ttf fiepresentativ ^B, an ineffectual I$eniocra[Uc nate/and an ineffectual Democratic President mutually block- lijig the j way to the accompli.'ihment of. any iralicies by any party. It Is niore than rumored that the bii; biisiT nbas Interests In the East who have . a|| atonir fought the Hoosevi'It program are now lendlnR: their support tcj' Demtcratic' candidates for Con• gress knitwing that if the House could be In the hands of one party while the Senate remains in the hands of another 7)0 continuation of the Roosevelt prdgram would be possll)lp. In aji our history there never was any important constructive legislation t-n- >a^ed unless the Sennti' and the House were both tinder the eontrol of t ))e samcj political party. It needs no argument to convince nny reasonnble man that the surest possible way to Pfit a siiop temporarily at least to progressive reform legislation would 1)6, to turn the House of Represeniu- tJves ovler to the Democratic party, j It fqllows. therefore, that It any man. Republican or Democrat, wants : to see ^he tariff revised to meet commercial changes he ought to vote the Rjepubllcah ticket, j'lf any man. Republican or Democrat, wants to see this Government go on vfith the business of resuming control i over itself by making cor- E te jorganipsations subservient to andji order! they ousht to vbt^ the . iblican ticket. 1 I If any man, Republican or Democrat, wants to prevent a period of Stagnation, foir which no party can We held ^sponsible, he wants to vote the R^pUblicajj ticket. i Thirik partisan these: things over, not as a but as a ttusiness man. and siee it tjhey do not reasonable.'; seem sound and TAFT GAINS IN lOLA. Recept {Population Additions Disheartens Bryanites. jOne oi'i Tola's prominent physicians statiM this momlivg that he had been .. k^^lfig tab on politics of the proud .parents of the recent additions to the city's; poipulation. His figures show /that praictlcally all the male births ^kveJoccurred In Repablican faiijilies ~and all of the female births in Demo- ci^atie families. Wi^h statistics in view | the supei?stitious sporting men •who have pla H »d their bets on Bryan will in all pfobability "liedge." CONTINUE PiTTSENBERGER CASE .SUte W4s Too Busy to Try The Ac^ tlon Today. alne The hearing of T. W. Pittsenberger continued today until tomorrow emooQ in Judge P. W. Frevert.'s i^aiied . zbomlngl court ati, Gas City. Piftsenberger is witli forging a note. This hla attorney and the counly i^t.toraey!l.reached an agreement as to continuiiik the case, as the state's attorney 'yfzs busy in district court. The defendant was brou^t to lola night before last from Poster, Mo.: where" he was arrested. ; ^.LVMT MORRIS KELE .lSEn. OneTanraas Indian Pltrher Has Work ed Ont His Fine. . Jola citisens have probabl.\[ notic(>d a tki! rai^ red-skin workini; on the r street gang about town, ^hey gave ^him; but la passing notice, however, re- -£BrBing|him as some hobo' who had ' #i^ittingly fallen in the pathway of • ihepolid^. But there was a day when , ms mtme w a faonsehold synonym in . ,«rerytbwn in Kansas, southern Mis- r iNDari 'and Oklahoma where' base ball < ^Ss ptayejil .The tall Indian was none bther'thlan.'Samn^y Morris, the star ^jjlltiaier. jWlth Joplin in the days of the ^ ^/^Wijl«^ leagoe. "When lola was trjing „ P .~.3 )ara to";jwin the pennant the last year v'sthere W|» a Missouri Valley league l &;.*M !r;.*ei5i ;3iejre, the ^nouncement of the ^ 1 v:;wnipiieji3>at Sammy Morris would B «kt the cbills o+er the Tola olden days Sammy was a twirler and gave promise of r A-second Chief Bender. But /'of his race, JSammy took to pim^'r~«iid;iii8 glodT on the dia- t iCaded.' j Tinie and - again (JUtM <r^ the bigin- 1 Ijarbo ^hoped that he 1i^li««aiii lils bid iJme imuiitt.iW^'iBO Atraae At The MEW rORK STORE Full of Money-Saving Opportunities Rea .son8 abundant why you should spend your money here. It's the new fashion "kinks" that's maknnjr the public hungry for our merchandise. It's the new prities that are forcing upon us an early fall trade. It's the way we do things—the magnitude of our buying—our selling—that makes this store the hjsadqtiarters lor all wise buyers, who depend on our ability to guage in advance the trend of popular taste and are; never disappointed. Rousing, tempting bargains in every department. Handsome Tailored Suits Made of plain and fancy colored novelty snit- ings, in the long empir*) style, .French cutsway or pointed front and back styles, smartly tailored and haiidsomely trimmed, tikirts are the latest models for fall anl trimmed to match Coats. Prices— SI5.00.SI8.00.S20.00.S22.50.S2S.00 S30.00. S35.00. S40.00 New Fall Skirts In endless variet}', hi^'l) art tailored effects, modified Directoire effects, gored and clinging sheath model .«5. In plain and fanc3' wor- ,steds. Prices range from S3.98 to $20.00 New Net Waists over a silk Has In white, ecru and black, made body lining; lace yoke in front and back, the new Gibson collar, and long mousquetaire sleeves. Prices range $2.98, $3.98, $4.9845.98 Fall Hats are now in. and more to coni»^. Attractive and correct shaped, made and trimmed, as only experts know }hnv, and at price.? th-at positively cannot l)e duplicated Jelsowhere NEW FALL MILLINERY A great viariety of Misses' and Children's School Hats are now ready for yoar inspection. The New Dress Goods Make Their Debut. These are "comming out" days for (he new Autumn weaves and they are receiving: a most cordial reception. It's a long step forward we've taken this season in the gathering of Dress Goods. It's a peerless exhibition, covering the widest scope, as some of the choicest fabrics come only in limiiied quantities, an early selection is advisable. 3ii inch fancy Wool Suitings, suitable for 4Q A suits sind skirts, special forithis week, yard TUU 38 inch extra fine Serges and Batistes, any ishade j-o'u may want. An exceptional fine line, per 44 inch Wool T&lTctas—"Botony Mills"—a beautiful soft material lor dresses and waists, in all TQn sliiades, special this week, per yard I Jtl 44 inch new fancy stripe Suitings, in brown, blue, red and green. You must see it to appreciate. QQn it. Per yard UUU A great varjrty of new stripe 'suitings, 44 inches wide,iu navy, browu, green, Loudon smoke and garnet. Special f'>r this week, per ^1 A A yard ...OllUU f>2 inch Herringbone otripe Suitings, in navy, brown, green and London smoke, special for 01 QC thi.-> weeir, per yard VllZu r)2 inch fancy stripe Broadjcloths, the very thing for a swell tailored suit, in all the new fall ^1 C A shades, per y.inl • vliuU A full line < f fine Broadclbths for street OQ C A and evening wear. From 9Sc yard to •OuiuU New Silks-A Most faiviting Display While the occosion is primarily one for seeing the advance deas for antumn, yet you should not overlook the special prices which we have made to incite immediate purchase. 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Tlie train men threw him off at Io!a nd llie police did the rest. Seven dollars was what the di^tiniiitished vi!«iior sot when he faced .Ind.ije Colitis. He was placed on the street where he worked out his fine, being released this morning. He .sa.vs that he lost a watch some time after he hoarded the train at f.'haniite. He lefi town toda.v. (;oodl»ye. Sanini.v. W.ANTED—Clean cotton rags at thU office. M.liolson Child Retlcr. The se \'pn -year-old daughter of .Mr. jand MIS . Frank Nicholson, of Ka.'Ji Jack.'son street who has been suffering from an attack of diptheiia. is greatly improved today. —.Oysters any style at Our-Way. -^Dr. r^ E, WADgb. Pentlst,.Phone 32. S.S.S. The entire inner portion of BEST TREffMENT FOR CATARRH IHCEW FIFTEEN .MORE .II'ROK.^. Whillon Case .Malii>s It .\ilTl.<alilo to Speelal Viiiire. UEBALS* (I'irst PtHdished Sept. It5. ]!*»iS.) PIBLIC.VTIOX NOTICE. Another jury of fifteea name."? was! Siale of .Kansas. .Alien County, ss. drawn jil'is'niornina to a.s>isi in the | In the District Court for said County, tryin;; <if the case.s at the September Xeilie Cuine.v. Plaintiff, vs. Charles term nfhicli opened yesterday. In ad- M. Gainoy. Defendant, dition ito the regular jury a special) Said defendant. Charles .M. C.ainey. jury was drawn several days aso. The'will take notice.that he has been sued Whitlow perjury case is to be tried jin the above naniL 'd Conn lor divorce this wpk iand it will likely be neces- and in her petition. i>!alntifr alleKes sary tp have a number of jur.vnien'as cause for divorce, .sross neglect of pre.>^eni from which to .secure ine duty. e.\treme criieli.v. haljitual drunk- twelve to hear the case, hence a >^e.'- enness and abanidonment for more ond special venire was drawn. jthaii one year, and must answer the The entire inner portion our bodies is covered with a .soft, delicate lining called.mucous membrape; this is kept in health^' condition brthe nourishment and vital vigor it receives from' the blood. So long as the circulation remains pure this membrane will be healthy, but when the bloo<] becomes infected with catarrhal impurities and poisons this inner lining of the body becomes irritated anjd diseased, and the unpleasant and serious isjrmptoms of Catarrh commence. -There is a tight, stuffy feeling in the! nose, watery eyes, buzzing noipes in the ears, often slight deafness, difficult breathing, etc. The dis«ise caijinot be reached by external treatment, though such measures afford temporary relief in some instances. S. S. S. cures Catarrh by cleansing the blood of all impurities and poisons. Then as rich, pure blood circulates tfaxoog^h the bod\', the inflani«l, irritated membranes- heal, the^discharge ceases, headaches are relieved iind every symptom disappears. Catarrh, being a disease in which the entire blood circnlation is affected, can only be cared by a remedy that goes to the vtry bottom and ^semoves every particle jof the imparity moi theblood, and this is just what j S.£. S. doea.' Book 6n Catarrh aad'any ineduial to all whoj -mite. The foliowins are the names drawn today and their jiostofJice address: .1. H. -Morrison. lola. f;eo. .v. Fr.v. lola. K. T. Haggard. lola. .S. K. Rudolph. Cas. K R Church, lola. l-rank I'.aJe. lola. Kred Gerbiiz. lola. .hilius Seivers. Humboldt. .1. .McDonald. lalo. .lames 0. IJdtiiunds. La Harpe. Earl .Monfort. lola. J. P. Gardner. Ui Man''. , .Arthur Scott, Coonj. R. Holmpuist. Savonbur?. . .J. M. Duncan. lola. TBBSWIF^SPEpieiC CO., ATLAIRTA, 6A. —P!ea;y of carnations and roses at Prliniaer'fi now for everybody. Phone —Fresh Oysters—Our Way. petition filed therein by said plaintiff on or before the 28th day of October. .-\. D. Utf>S.- or said petition will be taken as irtif, and judgment for plaintiff in said action for divorce will be nndered accordintj'v. KWINC. O.ARD & G.ARD, j .Attornevs far Plaintiff. i-Aitest: C. K. .AD.AAIS. ,»-ir.-2:;-:;o Clerk of Said Court. ! _ Seualo Conrurrent Resolution >'o. IL A proitosition to ainend the const!- itntion relative to the disqualification ! of judges to hold certain offices. Be It resolved by the Legislature of the State of Kansas, two-thirds of the members elected to each house tbere^ of concurring therein: Section 1. Teh following proposition to amend the constitntionl of the state of Kansas is hereby- sabmitted to the qualified electors i>f the state for their approval or reJecUon: Tliat -4 . i.-wfii-* !,J. iS^t .. section l.l. article 3. be amended so as to read as follows: Sec. 13. The justices of the supreme court and the judges of all courts of record of this state shall, at stated times, receive for their services such compensation as may be provided by law, which shall lot be increased during their respective terms of office. Such justices or judges shall receive no fees or perquisites nor hold any other office of! profit or trust tuder the authority of! the state, or the ITnited States, ex-! pept the office of judgejof aiy federal! (»urt or justice or judge of k court of this state, during the term oT office for which such injustices and judges shall be elected, nor practice law In any of the courts in the state during their contintiance in office. Sec. 2. This proposition shall be submitted to the electors of the state \t the general election of representatives in the year 1908 for their approval or rejection. The amendment 'lereby proposed shall be designated •va the official ballot by the following title: "The judicial amendment to the sonstitution." and shall be voted for or against as provided by law under such title. Passed the Senate January 29, 1907. Passed the House March 9, 1907. Approved March 12. 1907. I hereby ceitify that the foregoing !s-a true and correct copy of original senate conenrrent resolution No. 11. aow on file in my office. C. B. DESITON. Secretary of State: r-3lf7 -M -21-2»^-U-l8-25-«-»-16-25 f FOR EXCHANGE! lO."; acre farm in Douglas Co., AIo.. well improved: price $1400. Want a 4 or 5 room house-in lola. Channte or Parsons. A livery barn and stock and a good business, in FranWin Co., Kas.: price J.'.OOO. 'Want 80 or 160 acres land of equal value. SO acres land in Linn coun^, Kas., 3VJ miles of a good town. ?M acres cultivation, balance pasture: all good land, except about l."> acres: price $1600; inc. for $600. Want cottagel In lola for equity. j J. T. XILES. Room 10. Old Court Honse. lOLA. KANSAS. We carry a complete; stock of Bicyvle Supplies and sundries. Our bicycle hospi* tal is the most CQmpletei and longest estat>liihed Sn lola. Try tis when your bike needs fixin*. Bi- cydies too, cheap. '

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