The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1947
Page 8
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FACE TWELVE BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUliSDAY. JUNK V. S. Leadership Urged in Address idney Me Math •UXTLE ROCK, Ark., June 17. (|7P) __ American leadership In htlvfcig the worl<i utilise its uia- tertel and human resources was ad- ed in a flag-day address last , .by Sidney S, McMath, Gar.' County prosecutor, leaking under the sponsorship of "the Greater Little Hock Elks Lodtes, McMalh urged all Americans to recognize their duties AS world citizens. He said that Aincrica can on^y take the lead if "we are strong 11 and he added that "the nation'!* atrength lies in its armed forces the intelligence and morality of its people and the principles of Justice and decency symbolized by 1U flag." "To be worthy of the men wh carried our flag to their death, w< must" do more than eulogize," Me Math said- "With the passing '-> each year, we must see some acLkn taken lo further the ideals fo which the flag stands." '" McMath was introduced by Hci man Carter of Little Rock, Esteem ed Leading Knight. They Can't Sour His Milk of Human Kindness Craighead Stock Show To Be Held Sept. 22-27 JONESBORO, Aik., June 17.' (UP) —The Craighead Couniv Vail I-'os- tlral and Livestock Show vvili b2 held in Jonesboro Sc:>t, 22-27, according to H. W. Hollard, picsidcnt. Read Courier News Want Ads. mside Be Handed TaKen HfcU' I'OR lilt. Allen Demetrius. Pittslniruh business man, loves his fellow men ai . in his window proves, but sonic of those fellow men are puttirm nn awful strain on his kindliness. He's pU-iuved after bcinfi robbed by armed bandits for the second [.me in five days. But Domctnus ' lr "Musi oonlo nro honest. e ,.- 1,,,'M rw'liniio in lielo OIOFC down on Ihrir lurk ny "Musi poonlo COFR. 1947 8V t) i CARPENTER i •. 1 Minor Repairing, SERVICE ;crccu Work, Windows i Painting. Replacing i [ Steps, and other work. HOME SERVICE & STORAGE CO. 'Telephone 2801 Read Courier News Want. Ads. Wheel Trouble Forces DC-4 Airliner to Rc-!and ATLANTA. CTn., June 17. (UP) — An Eastern Airlines DG-'l circled over Atlanta (or two hours yester- day to [jet ii;| of enough Kasolino and tlicn re-landed at Municipal Airport, safely. After the four-motored ship hart taken off on a scheduled (Unlit lo WashliiRton, the pilot discovered the nose wheel hadn't, retracted as 11 shmiUl. The plane, uhlch landed at 5 pm. cliSTi. aeain took off Cor Washington after its nose wheel mechanism was adjusted. "Sometimes lie sits there all day—-says he's composing an epic poem, but most folks figure he's just lazy!" Read Courier Ncvw Want Ads. TUB STOllYi Sam mill Vhirii fcovr Ihvlr fir*t nuiirri-1 ivlicii tfc* Mil* for*« 1r<m**rtui l wktrh S;IIM hail ittft-rt il 1" l>u> tor, onme lit. After I hi- i,u:.rr.-l !• made ll|i, Sum IH fn, »-,l IN ill, r Mmhrr at >lrx. Toll Ivor'* hill* He cnlla oil Jlr*. Tulllvrr for itt rxjittinnUtm onlj- <u Imvr Annii ferlle hrrntr him for his ntlltuilv £nm I;UCM home in u riii;*'- CAM went in the back way. Flora f ** was at the telephone in the dcwnstairs hall. He heard licr say — and so did "Weyman: "Don't take it so to heart. He'll come round and be reasonable if you give him time IH manage some . . ." -She broke off, pretending not to sec Sam •and added quickly: "Well, nalu rally It was a shock lo the poo idarling. You could not expect . . 'Oh, geodby. Here Sam is now." ! Flurried and frightened, not ccr tain how much Sam had over hcerd, Flora also attempted t bring up her artillery. Instead sh shot oQ" a popgun. h "Why, Sam!" she cried. "llo\ could you be so rude to poo Mania? She's prostrated, I "Prostrated, is she!" Sam bcl lowed. "So you're in the conspii acy, too. Yoit cooked it up wit your mother and Aiinabclle to mil the poor old cow dry? I'll be rea sonable, will I? I'll come rounc • LWell^I tell you . . ." >--They had a dreadful scene. Sa dragged it out of Flora that si had known all; the while that h mother liad been running up bi jshe had no money lo pay, b iHora sobbed it had been San jCommand that she was to ha •every comfort and keep h strength up. f "Comfort?" Sam stormed. "Hi.. Tningbirds' tongues on toast, hcai of palms, pearls in wine. I'm not made of money. If that is your idea of comfort, heaven help us." ! • There was only one way to cope with the situation, and Flora took It. She collapsed in a dead faint. Cam was . frightened silly, lie touted for Weym:in, got Flora oti ic couch, attempted lo loosen her othes and couldn't, phoned frnn- cnlly for (he doctor. \Vcym;m> c-ing Amy pussin^ the house, lied her :n. Amy proved a tower of slrciiKlh. 10 \vas gentle ntul reassuring ilh Sam, telling him that Flora •ul fainted before, thai .she would jon be nil righl. When Flora rcscntly canic lo nnd threatened ysterics, Amy soothed atul com- orlcd her, got her upstairs ;m<: ilo bed, sent Nelson, who wns nsl geUinij out of his ear, do\vn- o\vn for n sedative, telephones ic doctor unt to conic. In no time t nil Amy had the household cjuic nd Flora asleep. \ T Sam's suggestion Amy stayc< for dinner. After dinner S;m nd Amy had a long talk. Amy greed that they had i\\\ been ox- ravagant, but she claimed that it came from living m loo large a louse in too fashionable a neighborhood. a\vs moved away from across the Irccl as soon as possible. As it nrncd out, there was no stria 1 L louse for rcnl that Flora thought lossible for her mother. Whcn- jver Sam pressed it; Flora drooped ind looked as if she were about lo )C whipped. l r or her birthday jresent Flora ustvL'd that hor mother and .sisters be allowed to Jlay on in their present house until .hey had used up the coal in their cellar. "You menu that? Every month they stay costs me $50. You'd •alher hjivo them there than thai new evening wrap you've been InlkhH! nbtml?" Flora assured Snm that she did mcnn H, Hint that would be the best gift in the whole wide world. lUtt when her birthday came and there was no wrap, she cried and cried like n disappointed child, "The mentality of women is beyond nip," Sam said lo Father. "It's brcn beyond me all of my life," Father laughed. CAM and Annabclle, "Why shouldn't Anuabclle go to vork?" Sam asked. 'She will. She's planning to. 3ut poor Sister is FO sensitive and iroiul V/c all expected so much for.her. She docs work at home, works terribly hard." S;im mndc :i bargaiii with Amy who herself bad n job downtown^ He would 7iny off her mother's bills, find them n smaller house and take care of the moving expenses, but 0"nly if Annabel!c wen lo work. He knexv of rut opening and she could bet;in on Monday Amy thanked him and promisee that Annabcilc should tcskc the job Sam went upstairs, and Flora put her arms around his nock am begged him pilcously not to bat her. Sam told her not to bo a goose and that he had been a brute and would his small i;irl ever forgive him? They \vrrc, 1 believe, very happy and clo.scr than they had ever been for all of a week. Sam was anxious to get bis in- Free Delivery FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL, BLOS3EI Number, 1 Mease! Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba now working dnwntown, hml a oeoncilialion of sorts, but liked acli other no better. At Sam's uggostion it was no-.v Amy who vn s frequently asked to Iho ,,. .-.PCS' for dinner Or lo make i fourth at bridge whist. H was not Ion? before Otseyti omul out that Nelson Forbes occasionally, indeed quite often', went icross the street and spent the evening at the ToUiveiV. 'J'his crt- ited a ccvtnin excitement. Had Nelson at long last resumed his courtship of Annabcilc? In June, Flora confided to Sam Lhnt she was going to another baby. Snm skipper! from cloud 1o cloud. Did Flora wanl to go to New York and celebrate? She should have that evening wrap or ;i diamond ring. . . . Flora wanted nothing on earth but I hot her mother should be permitted to slay in the house across the street until after little Snm Junior was born. What could the doling Sam dn but j;ive in? Rut he had learned bis lc:-son. lie also bought the wrap and n marquise dinner rimj of diamonds and cmernlds. This amused Father very much. (To Be Continued) Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection CHAS. RITTNER HILL WILSON YOU ARE ! NO WIRES AND NOTHING To GET our OF ' River Sand and Gravel Delivered to You Call A. 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LISTENING TO WE EEVOLTIW& D(iW<=L ^ND BRM1NS TIWGLE& Of- THOSE r.-iOUWTe&MJKS HMNWNe TrtHE- SO^P > . i HVDKR Hotter ^^ WO 1HAT G/VvBLER. •DOLLAR oc^ss SEEK RE.o.'r\wa 50,-\S"fr1i>5Q N LITTLE . ra DID FILL TOPE ec'TLE W.TH. sov* POP, ALLEY OOP Oh, Minnie'. <IND VOU OHO KIND YO'J SHOW- AMD H By V. T. I1AML1_N HOOHA.Y FOVVE'J IS B^-CK VIC FLINT Wrong Hat BY M1CHAKI, I'nclcr ('milnil J!y VRKD HAKiMAN r l BOK'r HAVE ANY MORE TO , ^*™, V.UIMHC, •• SAY 1O YOU, MR. FLINT. BAT, I Wtll 60. I'M SORRY 'WU SHOUIDH'T HAVE BROUGHT) AS THE DICKENS, HIM HERE. WOUVO VOU '••—"• «•" • •"«•= 93, L TftKE IT EASY, EWRY BODY. MAYBE WE OUGHT TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND ut my eye had lit on something across Hie room. Y BEfORE WE GO, MISS C4RO- ' , LINE, I'D LIKE TO ASK YOU WHEN YOU TOOK UP WEARING MEH'S HATS HONEY, BUT 1 WAS TALKED INTO IT, "<» NO oH.tlti^O. (AM tNt 1 . V\W».t , VOUSiaSiTcrei OVi NOUR fttT . (AN »ROTV\t.R VJOVSVO ^t-Vitl?- v^ftVV, tUVvfcW. , W- V\^ COOV-0 &ST eClAtO^t tX.'i'c TO CO W VOR. Wt

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