The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 13, 1946 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1946
Page 14
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yv:' . r ^'f 'V * v * <c V V.&- FRIDAY ni* Show. -si and silver. - ;-KPMC—Music*! Ball Vari«tle»j «:«. - J. Raymond; Gram Swinsv . i . . - *£?"*—Qabriel Heatter; 8:18. The -- BltWBoom. " • ," -;.J •- *. 6;8« t« 7:00 p. ml ;- KERN—Durante-SJoore. -• KEHO^-CttndWIeht and Silver: «:55. _C»bbagei> apfl Kines.- KPMC—The Sheriff; S.-5E, Champion . - Boll Call. KAJT^-GoId and Silver Minstrels. 7:00 Yo 7:30 p. m, KERK— Ail-Star Dance Parade; 7:IS, Colie«i»t« Chorale. , KBRO—Swoon Room; 7:15, A.Look at ' Aurtralla, KPSfC—Gillette Flsht*. KAFY— Spotlight on America. 7:30 to 8.-00 p.m. KERN—Maisle. KBRO-i-SBotllEht the Band*. KPMC—Gillette Fiehta. -KAFT—Claco Kid. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN— Hew, 8:1S, Bed Barber. KERG—Styles In Sons; 8:15, Concert Miniature. KPMC—FantR»y in Melody; 8:15, Harry Citron Program. KATT—Let Georee Do It. • 8:30 to 8:00 p. ra. KERN—Sparkle Time /With Meredith TVU«on: 8:55. Carroll Alicott. KERO—Curtain Calls. KPMC—This Is Tour FBI. KAF3T—Burl Ives; 8:<5, Pleasant Listening. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m, KERN—Baby Snookn Show KERO—News; 3:05, Signed Beasley Smith. KPMC—Break the Bank. KABT— Glen Hardy: 3:15, Mel Tenter'i Pictorial. 0:30 to 30:00 p. m. KERN—Adventure of the Thin Man; 9:55. Musical Interlude. KERO—Three Sunn Trio;-9:45, lee Simms: 9:65, Solo Spotlight. KP-MC—Ethel and Albert: 9:45. "Waits - Time. KAPY—In«!de of Sports; 8:45, Henry J. Taylor. 10:0010 10:30 p. m. KERN—News; 10:15, Report on General Aiseinhly, KERO—Enric Madrlguera: 10:15. Sport«. KPMC—Mcilahan's News'; 10:15, Sons o" Guns. KAFY—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 10:1B, The '-Magic Hour. 10:30 to 11:00 D. in. KERN— Orchestra. KERO—Orchestra.: iO:5S. New*. KPHC—Freddie Martin. KAFY—The Masic Hour. 11*0 to 11:30 p. m. , KERN—Orchestra. KERO—Henry Russell.' - - *•" KPMC—News; 11:05, Sliver Xocturn*. KAFr—News; 11:15. Orchestra. 11:30 to 12.-OQ Miantebt KERN—Manny Strand: 11:45, Organ Interlude: 11:55, News. KERO—Orchestra: 11:55. Kew»."' ' KPMC—Silver Nocturne. , KAFZ—Orchestra 11M5, Newa. ,12rfW to 1:00'a.m. KERO—Night Watchman. - SATURDAY 6:60 to 6:30 8. m, KERN—News; 6:15. Garden Gate. KBRO—Mnrninir Roundup. KPMC—Central Valley Farmer. KAFY—Kafly Klnb. 6:30 to 1:00 a. m. KERN—RenfraiTralley Folks. KEJIO—Mornins Roundup; 6:45. News. KPMC—Central Valley Farmer., KAFY—News: 6:35. Kafly Klub. 7:00 to 7:30 a. m. • KERN—News; 7:15, Fleetwooi) Lawton 5§S2~ Aaventures ot Frank Mernwell. KPMC—McMahan'a News; 7:15, Maruri Aeronsky. KAKY—News: 7:15. Rise and Shine. 7:30 to 8:00 a. m. KERN—News; 7M5, O!d Chisholra Trail. KKRO—Saeebrush Serenade; 7:45. News. KPMC—Jjfewn; 7:45, Collins Calling. KAFY—Mornine Melodies: 7:45, News. 8:00 to 8:30 a', m. KERX—Clock Tower Time; 8:20, Front Pase Headline*. KERO—Ware's Waring KPMC—"Wake Up and Smile, KAFY—Korns-a-Krachins- 8:30 to 9:00 a. m. KERN—Give and Take KERO—Smilln 1 Ed HcConnei:, ' KPMC—Wake "Up and Smile. KAFY—Say It With Music. 9:00 to 9:30 a. m. KERN—Theater of Today. KERO—Musical Magazine. KPMC—Junior Junction. KAFY—Judy 'B Jill 'n Johnny. 8:30 to 10:00 a. m, KERN—McClatchy Farm Revue. KERO—Teen Timers. KPMC—Sammy Kaye. KAFY—United States Treasury Show. 10:00 to 10:30 a. m. FCERN—News; 10:15. Record Session. KERO—National Farm and Home Hour. ; THE TEXAS COMPANY invites you to enjoy another one of the six operas voted Ijy the radio listeners as the operas they would most like to he^r this season. DER ROSENKAVALIER , *• TOMORROW A. M. to 2:45 P.M. "DER ROSENKAVALIER" by wcHAm, SIKAUSS, in thrae acts, With 5ISE STEVEKS, EUUNOR 'STKBER, EMANUEt LIST, IRENE JESSNER, KURT BAUM and others. FRITZ BUS™, conductor, and MILTON CROSS, nijjrator. 12:1(1 P.M. Fint lotermmUa P.M. Second I&tenhiBaioa OPERA NEWS ON THE AIR . .HighppintB of "DER ROSENKAVALIER" dramatized by BORIS GOLDOVSKY, MARIA' JERITZA and DINO YANNAPOULOS. - ? THE OPERA QUIZ Radio's piost famous musical quiz with OLIN DOWNES, SICMUND SPAETH, ROBERT BACAR, and DEEMS TAYLOR as experts. STATION Wh«n Mark Chats. »hr»wd, modern, j»ream-lined Jhsriff ffarti chatlng erooki end gravel - voiced Cousin Came catehej laughs ... get «etf8Pt«p-notch entertainment. TONIGHT AT 6:30 t Ginny Simms 6:00 P. Over *^MC^MeditaUoni^iJbment».'- -kinistri to im ~ *~ ' ™ '"- ~ " - '•, 10:30 to Jlkw a. m. . KERN— COBnty Fair. KERO — Newo; 10:45, -Ihla Rhythmlo A^e. ~ ^"-~ ~_~ Kftio — Fascinating; Bhylims -10:15 ' News. ''-'' • -* ~ . ^ .11.-00 to U:30,a.;m." , ' " KERN— L e e 'Taylor ' - . KBRO— Tour, Host-,]* 'Buffalo KPMC-rMetropolitaDr, Opera.. > • • KAFY — Quartet., ." '" r; - " - - . ' _11:30 to 13*0 Xoon ' - KERX— Rhythm' Rahcho"Koundup: ^Adventures tn Science. KERO— The Baiters; 11;«. Lynn ., KPMC — Metropolitan- Opera. r— R . eral -Balston Checkerboard Matinee. 12:00 to 12:80 p~. m.' J—Treasury Bandstand. } —Rendezvous "With RIcaardson; 12:15, JCews. KPJIC—Metropolitan Opera.' KAFY—News'; 12:15, Genera Bandwagon. _ 12:80 to 1:00 p. m. KERN—Joey Kerns. ~ ', >?r"T Farm Reporter; 12:45, Jfasic In .Melody. jvl mC/—Metropolitan Opera. KAFY—Melody Album; 12:45. To be Announced. ~\ . 1K)0 to 1:30 p. m. ' KERN—Sfeec the Missus. KP.MC—SlelroBo'litan Opera- KAFT—To £e announced. 1:30 to' 2:0fl"p. m. • 5§2>f~P olumt ' ia Be «>«l Shop. KERO—Hollywood Preview. KPMC—Metropolitan Oj>era. KAFT—Columbus Boys' Choir. • 2:00 to S-.SO p. m'. KERN—Philadelphia Orchestra. ^s7ookx. on OIm5tead : 2:15 - Son *". KPJIC—Tea-and Crumpets. KAFl"—Sports Parade. 2:30 to 3:00 p", m. , K15RX—Philadelphia Orchestra.' K _ . VrEd Tomlinson; 2:45, Kinr Cole Trio, - i -K- —Tea and Crumpets. ;i KAl-'Y—Ceorse Towne's Orchestra. 3:00 to 8:30 p. m. ' KRRX—The Three"Suns; 3.-15, Columbia >> orkehop, - Kliao—Matinee Melodies. ICPjrc—Jimmy BlaJr; 3:15, Chittison KAFY—Dixie House Varieties.- * 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. , KERN—Columbia Workahop; 3:45. Xews. KERO—Universal Bible School; 3-45 Relislon in the News. Rodd Commissioner our OUJB war Show. <-^0 p. ;JiU, CBS -;—•"' ;-*"**. .L-viejsji POllCT. KPMC—Sone Spinners; i:l5. Oarn •^wiamer. - — . r—Hawaii Calls. " - - - " _ - ' 4:30 io S:00 p, m. —--*—Hawaiian Harmonies; 4:45, Orchestra. ERO—Just loir'Tun; 4:45, Tou •Were KAFY—This TTeek in WasfcinrtoB: 4:15'. , Sports Session. • • SMO-ta 5:30 p, in. KERN—Front Paee Features; 6:15. Dyana Gayle. - - KBRO—Luther Butbanfc Memorial Pro- BTanji,5:}5, Rendezvous Room. KPMC—Tell lie; Doctor; S':15, Texas ~ Jim Robertson. KAFT—T^ews; 5:15, "Proof That Christian Science Heals. 5:30 to 6:0fl p. ra. KERN—Rhythm Rancho •Roundup; 5:45, News; 5-.S5i Musical Interlude KERO=-News; 5M5, Behir.a the Baton. KPMC—Labor, U. E. A.: 6:45. It's Your • Business. - "KAFY—Ab« Couls and Tiiree Ransers. By J.JR.. WILLIAMS THSf CRArJfe'.MAW IS CLEVER/ FJLLS-HIS , ' WATER--JUGr BV BUMP1M' '-TH'-.FAUCET HANDLE WITH TH'-'HOOK-BUT TH' BUD. WON'T LIKE A THIRTY-TOM CRANE BE1M' USEP JUST TD GET A DRUNK a WATER/ NOTICE TO CREDITORS Xp. 6359 _ I j". tn e Superior Court of the State of California, in and for tho County ot Kern r. = . ! 5?x-^ latter of the es ta.te o£ JESSE C. SANDERS, deceased. Notice is hereby "given by the undersigned CLAUDE W, SANDERS. Administrator ot the estate of Jesse C. Sanders deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons havine claims against the said deceased, to present them with- the necessary vouchers within alx mouths after the first mblication of this notice, to said Admin- T J i^--»lx»aiv K JTrtLJOlC-rt, AOa laberfelde Building, in the city of Bakers- leld. Ivern county, California, which said Jffice tile undersigned selects as a place or business in all matters connected with aid estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, within six months after he first publication of this notice in the t h clerk _of the Superior Court s Dated and first published December 4. . CLAUDE W. SANDERS Lammistritor o( the estate of Jesse C Sanders, deceased. Harvey, Johnston.. Baker t Palmer 35" Haberjelde Bu.ldinsr. Bakersfle™ "caff- ornia. Attorneys for Administrator Deo. (i. 13, 20. 27: Jan. Z.. - 'iizzlr VOU CAN'T TELL- \ 1 TK LA<=rr GU* HE ' MAPE A FOREMAN WAS A SWEEPER HE~ CAUeHT TURN5N' . SOME PIE TIMS - FOR HIS WIFE ON A SIX-FOOT BORIW' MILL.' _PgAWIN6 WATER. ANP ' ATTENTION! 1Z-I3 T «• «-« « '" «" ' .OCR BOARDING HOL'SB With MAJOR HOOPLB I HOPE TtAE GOOS& You AS A SCOT, MA3OR. FLOWN 51MCE 1 SPORJED THESE. TOGS VJVTHTUe Ol-t> THE BUT TllAE. HAS MM PtWSlQLie STILL. rAAS. THOSB 8OVISH TiM,E IS SHORT, COULOTELL lA\^A. VOU VJERE THE SUV \MHO ORDERED ASPARAGUS AND LEFT THE WA\TER \M\LLSLADLV YOU TEM SEARS LI'L ABNER HORIZONTAL ., 3 Cleared (ab.) 1 Pictured pub- 4 Act' lie roads commissioner of Tennessee, Thomas H. 5 Curved molding 6 California town 1 Solar disk 8 Waterfall (Scot.) 9 Accomplish _. god 17 In?Han •" weights 19 Rubbers 21 Cultivating 10 Assertion 12 Distant 14 Thicken —-..«,.., ISHoman bronze * 1 Artless 38 Land measure 12 Oi 's 20,,Col1ege ofliciaI 13H U^ , ^21 Flame ' " 1**-™° 22 In that place 24 Taste- - 25 Type of car 26 He continues ' to '• for ' better roads 27 Symbol for~ samarium 28 Exist 29 Doctrine 52 Minces ' 36 Harden 37 Finnish lake 38 Playthings 33 Masculine 43 Smile 44 Superlative suffix 45 Abundant 47 Finish 48 Feelings 51 Foods VERTICAL' 1 Damaged 2 Indian, mulberry -AN'THEN TH< DREAM GOT REAL INT'RESriN'. -. YO' PRESSED ME EVEN CLOSER T'VORE HEAVIN'BOOZUM AN' MOANED-*O//,/WlOV£5 VO' V/IF A PASHUN THET KNOWS NO BOUNDS rr., Be You HOW KIN AH CORN-SENTRATE ON SOMETHIfJ' REAU AN' * DOWN-T^EARTH, LIKE "FEARLESS FOSDICK" WHEN YD' , BOTHERS ME WJF , THET SILLY, EE-MAJ- S£T3*^ c-rlNAKY "** - fA STUFFi By AL CAPP THAT'S HIM, ALL RIGHT.1' .TH' SAME OLD, BLONDE-)HEt> SCRAMMED RAT.T CLEVEA OF X. DOES YO'AIM \ NOT PERSONALLY? HIM T'SPREAD)r MURDER ME,]W£ DON'T HANDLE TH' RUMOR SGENNULMEM ?7TH' SLOPPY STUFF 1E'D SCRAMMED V....' Q.. _ <*, AMYMOOF r WF , T' SOUTH * AMERICA-AN'' THEN,HIDIN' OUT IN ' THESE H1U.S.T- ANYMOREf WE } MERELY V.WNTED 1 T'nAKE i YOU I WAS 23 Growing out 39 Spar 24 Extra ' 40 Wing-shaped •29 African port 41 French authoi , 30 Greek seaport 42 Great Lake 31 Australian , 45 Antelope cape - • 46 Eternity 33 Fondk_ • • 49 Half an em 34 Ireland- - ,50 Niton 35 GrafiSlar rock (symbol) SO. I'M MO SPRING, NWRE, gH? HM MAYBE I OU6HT TO UP A BIT— Min Girds for. Battle ANDY USED TO SAY I WAS THE PBETTIEST G\Rl IN OUR S&T— HMPF/ THOSE SNAPPY PRESSES WOULD HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED CHI£—PORIN6 Me KlNLEY'S APMINISTRATION—WELL, I'LL FIX THAT LITTLE PETAIL/ By GUS EDSOX OK, MISS VIOLET RAVE — I AttEPT YOUR CHALLEN5E/ THE CANADIAN ROYAL MOUNTS t> MAY-ALWAYS 6ET THEIR MAN, BUT YOU ARE NOT CETTIM6 MINE." GASOLESB ALLEY RED RIDER . TO rr, . WILM32. MAYBE WE CAN VVEA? HIM DOWN. A Hole in the Ceiling AVB?Y, VOU'RE CCWRSCATiON MV RAISIN' THE RENT ON US SO PEBCENT. THAT'S EVE! I KNOW HOW WELL VOU FELLAS ARE POINC. VOU CONFISCATION.' WONT NOTICE IT, By KIXG WE'RE STILL TRYiN' TO BUILP UP A BUSINESS. VOU WOULDN'T HOP CM US'JUST WHEN WE'RE r TURNIN' THE CORNER ? I'M NOT HOPPING. I COULP RENT THAT SUiLPlNG POR $65.' IF VOU WANT A LEASE FOE ANOTHER. VEAR IT WILL BE S50. OTHERWISE, TAKE THE CONSEQUENCES. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A; Baited Trap By ERED HAEMAN CASE WE r\EET , OF HIS CAUSE TROUBLE", IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY 625 Nineteenth Street Presents Radio's Hilarious Comedy Team "Ethel and Albert" Monday Through Friday OVER KPMC at 9:30 Nightly 15GOTON YOUR DIAL DAILIAE RADIO Sales and. Service TUBES and PARTS Expert Guaranteed Radio Work 2500 Chester Avenue Phone 5-5147 TrWDAVErW4)( " iis-eisi miLBYC ^'\7 I'M RlfcHT ©V VOUR SIDE, MRS. RUS&UC, Investigation 5 By EDGAR MARTIX FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DEPENDABLE RADIO Service 1700 K Street. Bakersfield Phone 9-9401 Established 1S92 " ' CLUBS? J DIDN'T BRING YOUR CLUBS. I LEFT 'EM BACK AT THE CLUBHOUSE TO MAKE ROOM FORMV GOIDEM-CRUST BREW)/ You CM (WISH THE PAINTIMG-, FROST—W= HAVE EN1OUSH ' LETTUCE NOWTD RNAHCE THE PROJECT/ 1 BUT WHO SENT YOU AMOMy- MOUSL.Y/ Good Spirits THE NOTE THAT CAME WITH THP CHECK B SIGNED-' * PUBLIC -SPIRITED CITIZEN '.' By MERRILL BLOSSER WASH TUBES A' r MEAN MAM WAS DRIWWMG WHEM HE SENT Very Amiable Chap By LESLIE TURNER If£', ££• 3uosm&, YBUT HOW COULD i KNOW FBOW THIS WIRE, 3.?.; \SHE WA$THEWEC>DUNG FEWALE WHO WIGHT IMFLU ENCE WNKLE'5 DECISION! '.! ANC SHE'S QUITE FOND QUIBBLE i 1 WANT HINKUE FOR, *^-mHS2oif ME^fS ^^*!SP!>!y&l cams,>*j*™w ^nEi SHE D S££ ^HAT I'M f\ VERY VOU KfWEN'T A VERY IMPRESSION CM COUMT&SS Dl GfkNZM '. ^^Kfe^T ^-SwWruSr SECOND CHOtCS FOR AM MtVEKTISINS DIRECTOR raut HOURS ^ IATER, H«KEE ST1U WONDERS H&W! BUCK ROGERS, TWENTl'-FIFTH CENTUBI. A C!UF?T By DICE CALKINS rr is/ AND DANGEROUS HETRE.IN VOUR

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