The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 18, 1995 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1995
Page 20
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B10 Thursday, May 18,1995 ALMANAC The Salina Journal DAILY WEATHER • Call Journal Line 825-6OOO Category 9999 67 43 HIGH LOW Today, breezy with a 30 percent chance for mofning showers. Mostly cloudy. High t 50 to 65. North wind 15 to 25 mph. Tonight, clearing. Low .40 to 45. Kansas .Today, morning showers HKely east h wtth decreasing afternoon clouds In ,; th» west. Highs In the lower to mid- 608. Today night, decreasing clouds. r,, 'tows In the lower to mid-408. '•''} KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE f: 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol Extended outlook rMwOOM Waatnai" •oArfoo, fofacaat Friday, mostly sunny. Highs in the towe,r to mid-708. 1 . ' t,-( Saturday and Sunday, a chance for thunderstorms. Lows in the 50s expect some 40s northwest. Highs In the 70s except some 60s northwest. t . Monday, a chance for thunderstorms north and east. Little or no precipitation southwest. Lows mainly in the 50s with some 40s northwest. Highs mostly in the 70s. Sun times Today's Sunset 8:38 p.m. Tomorrow's Sunrise 6:15 a.m. Salina yesterday Temperatures: Normal Record/Year High* 63 . Low* 50. * to 9p.m. ,77... 93/1907 . 54 36/1915/25 Precipitation 24-hour to, 9 p.m 3.17 May to date 7.40 Average May 4.13 Year to date 14.24 Average year thru May 10.39 Average year 26.95 Today's Forecast Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice Sunny Pt. Cloudy Cloudy 50s 50s 70s COLD MHHM STATIONARY Pressure H L _ rx'VI I---I *^5 <~ \ r \ HIQH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday HI LO PRC Belleville 60 46 Belott...: NA NA Chanute 68 60 ....1.20 Coffeyvllle 72 68 ....1.95 Concordia 57 47 77 Dodge City 52 46 29 Emporfa 62 52 ....1.04 Garden City 51 ........46 30 Qoodland 46 40 ....1.04 Hutchinson 73 51 51 Lawrence 57 52 Manhattan 57 53 ....1.86 Pittsburg 71 64 ....3.37 Russell 53 48 ....1.40 Topeka 55 51 ....2.18 Wichita 66. 55 ....1.42 Elsewhere today Hi LO OTLK Anchorage Atlanta Boston -. Chicago Dallas-R Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles' New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco Seattle , ....57 38.. ....86 .........69.. ..7.72 ......:.:54., ....57; 46. ....81... 60.. ....65 36, ....56 ;48. ....90 ....;....60.. ....70 56., ....71 55. ....71 55.1 ....63 45, ....94 72. 92 64. 66 52. 63 48. .cdy «Jy cdy m ctr cdy m clr cdy m cdy cdy cdy clr cdy cdy UOkai v A ^MM^9 *** A Goofy Movie (G) 1 houriemin.'Central-CSMS)?:^ if if Bad Boys (R) 1 hour 52 min. • Central - ('5:05) 7:20 WW/2 French Kiss (PG1 3) 1 hour 48 min. 'Central -('5:10) 7:15 if if 'A Crimson Tide (R) 1 hour 53 min. • Central - (*5:00) 7:25 i i x «/ TfWW/2 Rob Roy (R) 2 hours 19 min. • Mid-State - ('5:00) 7:40 *** While You Were Sleeping (PG) 1 hour 40 min. • Mid-State - (*5:15) 7:15 -A. W Don Juan DeMarco (PG13) 1 hour 37 min.- Sunset- ('5:15) 7:15 ** Circle of Friends (PG13) 1 hour 52 min. • Sunset - ('5:00) 7:30 * - Extremely Bad **•*• - Good ** - Fair **** - Excellent * Primetime Show V Seniors Anytime •^^ TOP TEN MOVIES Call Journal Line 825-6OOO Category 691 8 ^^^^^^s^H H ^1* A A AatiftiiA BISEaM^^^^S^^^B fl)0L|vlvlw^%l^i^B^BH9 O1 995 Jovcfl Jlllson distributed bv CrostorB Syndicate Inc. kiwi JiHl »w"w"B< •* i 1 ^B~,.E|f 0y A promotion or special praise rupted in the afternoon as a JuifiiiBlJ Joyce ls comin Q' as you're perform- rumor spreads through the ^^•M^BJ juison ing w '" 1 fine P anacne under ranks at work - It may not be HlBBBBi somewhat confined condi- true, so don't lose your cool. lions. Those above are notic- Better to put off highly detailed ARIES [March 21 -ApriM 9). Ing! work if you can. New friends and old family are TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (May SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. in the picture, but what else is 18). You look wonderful all 21). Your work deserves a new? Money matters are im- year. Some promises may be raise or bonus, and those who portant, and you'll be pleased made and not kept, but on the can award it will soon get In to see a bit more of It coming whole, new relationships take touch. As to what's already in. Fitness adds to your confi- you to wonderful new places, owed, don't count on the dence -- exercise. Healing techniques provide an check being In the mail If you TAURUS (April 20-May 20). answer in June or July. Look hear It after 1 p.m. You look good and are ready for a new home in August. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. to meet challenges of the fu- Take a big chance for your 19). You're an outstanding ture without flinching ~ you're personal ambitions in Septem- contributor to the idea pool full of plans this evening, and ber. Work takes you into a practical routines are going It wouldn't hurt to start thinking new partnership In October swimmingly. The organizing about contacts who could help and November. Finalize a deal talents you're famous for are you get started. and invest the profits in De- working at full throttle. A new GEMINI (May 21-June 21). cember. computer may be on your wish Enjoy garnering advantages VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). list. that come with having a ster- Extend a helping hand to a de- AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. ling record of accomplishment serving co-worker. You contin- 18). Be the one who gives in - someone from the past is ue to work on a personal ere- now, and you'll become known still interested in being close ative project -- it's a new ball for your flexibility and reason- to you. Tonight, try not to eat game where romance is con- able nature. Enjoy an evening everything in sightl . cerned. Though you have alone, working on some of CANCER (June 22-July 22). much to learn, you're confi- those psychic or scientific ex- One-to-one stuff is the order dent! periments you secretly love. of the day - public relations in LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). All PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). general is the most Important the pleasures of home seem Continue to enjoy the confi- ingredient in all projects on intensified as you get things dence of your family - what your plate at the moment, just the way you want them. If you say and do makes a big Your mate needs lots of pa- you are planning to play host difference. Colleagues aren't tience and care - be giving. soon, you'll find thrifty ways to ready to admit to some of the LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Co- provide gracious hospitality. problems you see very objec- workers providd the kind of SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). lively, but you are patient and understanding you've needed. Your sense of decorum is dis- loyal. s^™% HOROSCOPES • Call Journal Line SPONSORED V c Botrc\fe ^ 825-6OOO Category 7827 BY ^^^^^af Crawford upsot by vidoo response ARLINGTON, Va. — Cindy Crawford was "freaked out" by an ABC report showing little boys going gaga over her exercise video. "I can't believe that a 10-year-old boy was shaking my exercise video and singing, 'Take off that swimsuit,' " the supermodel said in Wednesday's USA Today. "It was a sad thing, just because of what it means for little girls — that 'being sexy' was the way they had to get men." The "PrimeTime Live" report was about the barrage of sexual images in the media and the effect on kids' attitudes toward the opposite sex. Crawford "it's tough I'm in an industry which kind of gives them these images. I watched the show and realized, 'Oh my God, I didn't do the exercise tape for that reason,' " Crawford said. "Part of that is the responsibility of the parents, but part of it is ours." Lloyd Wobbor buys Picasso LONDON — The phantom buyer who agreed to pay $29.2 million for a Picasso last week at Sotheby's in New York was Andrew Lloyd Webber. "I am delighted to bring this painting to Britain, "Lloyd Webber said Wednesday, announcing that he was the unidentified telephone bidder on May 8 for the portrait of Picasso's friend Angel Fernandez de Soto. "It has long been an ambition for my foundation to own a major Blue Period picture. I find it File photo quite remarkable, A lfmtMt9r | ooks at Picasso's and it has a mes- troit of A , Fer nandez meric appeal," the ^ $oto befor » , wa$ a||e . composer said. ... .. _ ... . , The 47-year-old "oned by Sotheby's. creator of such musicals as "Cats," "Sunset Boulevard" and "Phantom of the Opera" said he bought it for his art foundation. The 1903 painting depicts de Soto, a fellow artist, seated in a Barcelona cafe. Actress relives life in 'Liz' movie LOS ANGELES — Zsa Zsa Gabor's actress-daughter Francesca Hilton says she went through a bit of deja vu during filming of next week's NBC miniseries Il,iz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story." Hilton is the half sister of Nicky Hilton, Taylor's first husband. "It was amusing reliving relationships that were very real at a formative stage in my life," she said. In the miniseries, she plays a patient at the Betty Ford Center, where Taylor met her current and eighth husband, Larry Fortensky. Francesca Hilton is the product of Gabor's marriage to hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. Just sit right back and hear a tale LOS ANGELES — In a combination of highbrow and pop culture, the Greek tragedy "The Trojan Women" is being staged at CBS' "Gilligan's Island" lagoon. "I was a little skeptical" when asked to star in the modernized adaptation directed by Michael Arabian, said Emmy-winning actress Mariette Hartley. "When he told me that he wanted it to be done as a kind of modern-day seaport, in the 'Gilligan's Island' lagoon, and (King) Meneleus is coming in on one of those seacraft ... he really convinced me that there's The Associated Pr«w , Heather Locklear, as shown in a pose for the Inquire article, offers do's and don'ts for guy* to the girls of their dreams. \ Locklear likes couch potato , /NEW-YORK — Yet one more reason to love Heather Locklear: She wants her husband to sit on the couch and watch football. ,C %\'-i-' "On Sundays, a man watches the game and ignores his woman," Locklear writes in the June issue of Esquire magazine. "But I like that — it lets me know I'm with a man." The "Melrose Place" vixen, who is married to Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, offers tips on romance in her article, "How to Get the Girl of Your Dreams." Heather's do's — Do buy your loved one some lingerie: "G-strings — one size fits all — are the best." Do burst into song: "Serenading is underrated. It's beautiful." Her don'ts — Don't visit McDonald's: Men "or-, der dinner at a drive-through window and think it : qualifies as a date." Don't ever utter this phrase: "My mother has that same dress." some kind of magic going on here. " The play, written by Euripides about 416 B.C., is an anti-war story set during the Trojan War. Hartley plays Andromache, one of a number of grieving women. Cyrus settles suit over song NASHVILLE, Term. -, A copyright infringement suit accusing Billy Ray Cyrus of ripping off parts of "She's Not Crying Any More" has been settled. Cyrus' lawyer Jay Bowen said in Wednesday's Nashville Banner that the terms of the settlement are confidential. Danny Mote of Winston, Ga., sued Cyrus in 1993, alleging that the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer used substantial parts of a song Mote wrote in the 1970s titled "Crying Eyes." - - •' - c Cyrus responded that he wrote his vyrus song while in his pickup truck, singing into a micro- cassette recorder. Mote argued that he performed his song throughout the Southeast and left recordings with every record label in Nashville, including Cyrus' label, Mercury Records. B From Wire Service Reports lo Thursday • Public meeting: Salina Arts and Humanities Commission. 3:30 p.m., Smoky Hill Museum, 211 W. Iron. Information: 8267410. •Public meeting: Salina Housing Authority. 4 p.m., 469 S. Fifth. Information: 827-0441. •Public meeting: Parks and Recreation Board. 5 p.m., Board of Education Room, 300 W. Ash. Information: 826-7434. 19 Friday Band. 12:20 p.m., Campbell Plaza, 100 block S. Santa Fe. Free. Information: 826-7410. •Music: Ghost Himself, light rock & pop. 7:30-10:30 p.m., The Coffee Gallery, 104 S. Fifth. No cover charge. Information: 823-5093. •Atwood: Early Rod Run, street rod car show. Information: 626-3144. •Lindsborg: Folksingers Mike Mattson and Teresa Weaver. 9 p.m., Coffeehouse of Lindsborg, 124 S. Main. No cover charge. Information: 227-2842. • Lindiborg: Red Baron Ambucs 15th Anniversary and Installation Celebration, 6 p.m., Hideaway Restaurant. Individual tickets off menu. Information: 227-2933. •Art reception: Exhibit by KWU students Kristen Lott and Jennifer Ross. 6:30-10 p.m., University Gallery,m Sams Hall at Kansas Wesleyan University. Free. Information: 827-5541 ext. 345/ •Music: Art a la Carte, Roosevelt-Lincoln Middle School Jazz INFORMATION Call Journal Line 825-6OOO Salina and Regional Arts ................................................................. category 2787 Public Schools ................................................................................. category 8050 Asbury Health Info Line ................................................................... category 5000 Local Churches ................................................................................ category 7729 Kansas Wesleyan Info Line ............................................................. category 5984 TV'S BEST BETS • Call Journal Line 825-6OOO Category 6917 For detailed listings, see TV Week Magazine in Saturday's Salina Journal TONIGHT'S LISTINGS SHIM 0 •P o 0 a u Q 0 m m ID IEI ID IIJ 03 m m m IB 0 KB 6:00 6:30 MacNeRehrer 19166 News 401 Simpsons News 9925 Teen 1963 News 98079 H. Patrol 383 Roseanne Fortune 3505 Junior 221 5 Ent. Tonight MacNeil-Lehrer 68857 News 67893 News 4079 News 9147 News 478296 Edition 29963 Entertain. 8031 Fortune 6429 Simpsons 7:00 T. Old House 7:30 HlghPlns6673 Mad About You 7505 Martin 99906 Single 43505 8:00 8:30 Mystery! 54692 Seinfeld 41 66 Friends 3673 For Better or for Worst 89944 9:00 9:30 Lawrence Welk Show 41 128 ER 3789 Star Trek: Next Gener. 401 68 Movie "Die Hard 2" (1990) An L.A. cop battles terrorists in Washington, D.C. (CC) 217483 S. Khrushchev 90470 Martin 31296 Wild Am. 9876 Single 7621 5 Nature 6895 Access 5988 Junior 2963 For Better or for Worst 271 28 Nature 44906 Movie "Columbo: No Time to Die" (1992) Peter Falk. 52012 Movie "Columbo: No Time to Die" (1992) Peter Falk. 61505 Jammin' 96654 News 30692 Mystery! 14050 Day One 65302 Day One 32470 Movie "Die Hard 2" (1990) An L.A. cop battles terrorists in Washington, D.C. (CC) 584760 Mad About You 758079 Movie **» "Valdez Is Coming" (1971) 25700234 Movie "Trading Mom" (1994) (CC) 139741 Movie "Damn. Alley" Cont'd Movie "Pack ol Lies" Cont'd Under Scrutiny Doug 4831 28 Back Chat Looney Tunes Disney 824012 Seinfeld Friends ER 747963 Movie **s "Toy Soldiers" (1991) Sean Astin. 6323499 BeeGees-Home 191321 Movie *** "Handgun" (1994) 66901 2 Yosemlte: Gift 188857 Movie "Body of Influence" (1993) 1778673 Movie *** "Mad Dog and Glory" (1993) 7856586 Hart to Hart 631 0925 Dream-Jeannie Bewitched Movie **» "Addams Family Values" (1993) 85451614 Movie "Brain Smasher Cont'd Movie "Untamed" Cont'd Auto 837586 Sportscenter Indy851166 Dynasty 6329673 Lucy 768321 M.T. Moore 10:00 Wolfs Table News 7528876 MASH 22944 News 1931708 Music 42321 News 601 28 Think Tank News 4745895 News 2563875 News 8089661 News 1273876 10:30 Previews Tonight Show Coach 31 692 Late Show Health 28741 C. Affair 79876 Business Rpt. Roseanne Nlghtiine Late Show Tonight Show "Insignificance" (CC) 4622470 "This Is Elvis" (1981) 462321 "Showd. Tokyo" 10214031 Movie "Lounge People" (1992) 4164321 Color 4655708 Taxi 981401 Movie "Aurora: Operation Intercept" 416741 ** "The Philadelphia Experiment II" 8950128 Color 9860012 Taxi 282942 Comedy Jam 98824708 Sound fX 631 9296 BobNewhart Dick Van Dyke "Body Chemistry 3" 1551 28 Movie * H "Chained Heat 2" (1 993) 55997586 Movie *** "Foul Play" (1978) Chevy Chase. 790215 This Week In NASCAR 175383 Movie 461031 Press Box | Cycle World 872050 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 7 •- Teams TBA 208166 6869708 Movie "The Naked Prey" (1966) 9956708 Motorsports Hour 520925 | Drag Racing Baseball | Sportscenter (CC) 1931 28 m 89 ffl GD TO IE) f® EB El! CD 60 CB EI3 G) raj fro BR 6:00 Wings 921963 6:30 Wings 91 221 5 Heat of Night 905586 tockford Files 137893 Boss 7580789 Trial 914418 American Sky Beyond 2000 Heal World 7:00 7:30 Murder, She Wrote 392437 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 Movie "Always" A firefighter's ghost returns to guide a rookie pilot. 159166 NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced. (Live) (CC) 861079 Insde-NBA Biography 750437 iLovejoy Mysteries 730673 Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves. (Live) (CC) 89295857 Moneyllne News 280654 Next Step TBA 556673 WaKons 273963 Lifestyle Mag. Soap 3727234 Space 284470 Money Club Love Connect. Finish Line Design. W. On Target Faith 6781925 Kids In Hall Am. Disasters Steals-Deals Jeffersons News 279012 Crossfire Country Music 664692 World 751031 America Larry King Live 383789 News 654789 Music City Tonight 873673 Movie 777079 Prime Time 685050 Shade 81 7296 Joy of Music Shade 55421 5 Campbells Tribute to Bill Hicks 71 60645 Great Battles 659760 Poz-Don | Equal 3320418 Know 756586 Outof 836321 Rescue 911 814234 Soul (Part 1 of 3) 3539760 1 Night Stand 1 Night Stand This Century 675708 Rivera Live 9753586 10:30 Wings 988383 Starsky and Hutch 656673 Law & Order 759708 Movie "We're No Angels" (1989) 97420383 Inside Politics | Sports 917895 Club Dance 91 7437 Beyond 2000 721925 To Be Announced 89201 2 700 Club 894470 Invitation to Life 3526296 Kids 5965505 Whose Line? Ancient World 655944 Charles Grodln 9766050 Major League Baseball Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox. From Comiskey Park. 395692 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 7 •- Teams TBA 8794215 Design. W. Flight Path O.J. Simpson Trial 61 4857 ScoobyDoo 53562944 Happen. Now Sanford Agujetu Rosa 68296 Motorsports Press Box Unsolved Mysteries 801760 NHL 6408789 Movie **K "Without Her Consent" (1990) 898296 Prime Time Justice 4865321 Gossip 387031 Fllntstones Roc 763437 O.J. Interviews Jetsons Comlcvlew Talk Soup News 382586 Bugs & Daffy 7960447 Verdicts (System David Letterman 362857 Tom and Jerry 63721050 Video Soul 72221 5 Premlo lo Nuestro (En Vivo) 578760 Golf 1628811 Press Box TBA 1828019 Press Box Motorsports Press Box World 373437 Beavls 555079 Trial 993215 News 265470 America Beavls 531499 Father Dowling 804857 Stage 3977050 Politically Inc. News 3953470 SNL 4450505 Great Battles 658031 Real Personal News 829692 Equal Time Simon 472128 Sportsnight 9761 505 Unsolved Mysteries 800031 Prime Time Justice 7003031 Howard Stem Howard Stem ScoobyDoo 4987728 Roc 352505 Notlclero Unl. Golf 3971 876 Jazz 645147 P. Impacto Press Box PBS-Bunker Hill NBC-Wichita Fox-Wichila/Salina CBS-Topeka ACCESS 6-Salina Fox-Kansas City PBS-Wichita I ABC-Kansas City I ABC-Wichita I Prevue I CBS-Wichita I NBC-Kansas City I Encore I Disney 08 Weather Channel IB Cinemax OD Starz IQf/X BD Nickelodeon Q| HBO S3 Showtime I American Movie Classics I Prime Sports Network I ESPN I USA Network I TNT I Arts & Entertainment I WTBS-Atlanta I CNN ITNN I Discovery I Headline News , IMTV I VH1 I Family Channel • C-Span B Faith & Values BCMTV S Community Access-Salina Community Access-Salina B Comedy Central B The Learning Channel ED CNBC B Court TV B WGN-Chlcago B ESPN2 B Lifetime BQVC BD America's Talking 83 TV! Home Shopping Network Request. Cartoon Network Food Channel Newsport B Cable Health Club BJBET B Unlvislon B Mind Extension University B C-Span 2 B Prime Sports Showcase

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