Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
Page 3
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Ring Out the Old-^^RiDQ |ii the Mew rhe e.vhibtlon Of new fall good?; now has the center Of the Stage, a^^ new creations In their many styles and qualiticsanilcolorsmakeavtry interesting exhibit. Aside from the superb showing of new merchandiie wc are closing out at astomshmijly low prices the rtmmi ging ckl^s and ends from the gtod old sua.mer Urea. \ iLow prices Is the leatiirl that make these short lots wantabte; They wlufbeiwith us but a few days. Whether It be neir Fall Styles or an ecSom- ical bargain purchase that you are Ihmking of, this store will supply you. The people of lola generally appreciate this iS- terlact which expimns the reasons for the splendid crowds of visitors seen in ouralsles dally.^ -ppreciaie mis lai K ~ -A • t-1. I- . • t. i: 1 A i! • til ^IM» KAI.L NEWS OF IHtksS (iOUDS, 111,;- '.Mill 'I ! • u i .ir ..Ii i: V.i'.ii .< •. : it-s- iiiau IK w .'i-l-; . . ' "J>; iiic \\<. lit III.- i :r -\VO-t v;!!';r<v [)ri(»-.. tinu., ill 'U'' •A .I-. ri;'invii> iii.- ill I'll ..i.V -v.!,! lii tin- < i • I - f..l- .•.Hi ; ml- KALI, MILLINERY. .\;iir::i- .\ti!!i:if-r.v at [popiiiur (ji-U'*->' is a ic;i!iir>- ut tills stiire. I'siiallv ar- li-tic n;il!i!it»r> is Too hieh [niccil, or |M j luiifil iiiKlint^ry is inariism-. W'- .•;;•! ;:i i.r.jenrinp ;« ronil>ination .1 .ty "'III prices..'' Our MU "S froplift: and asiisiants working early 111.; .Mil! V. now liav.* .^v.-rj] nf-w • ;•• .11 .liiii' t tlai.- U.T yoti t»> • I, ... • ;i. Ill itils tiiipni if ••..1 .111 ii. :.i!ili fr.r -ity..- .TUII liiw 1 lie.' . LADIES'. MISSES AND CHILDREN'S JOATS. NflvsT befor*^ havtj we shdwn .«» many handsome coat*, roat.s to fit. every size. Si'.OOO worth for yoii to select from. Here yoii will find every new- style and every garment all so fairly inlced. We advise you to buy early as the choioe earment-. .ilway? pi> first S'lnimer Hats. t:ike yo-ir <hoire for ISr and SSf Summer Wash G<XK 1 S ai Half Price. 11 For Dry Goods, ^cs. POri Udies'and Chfl(freny:C<iirts.ll|Mtt^ Notions aiid Groceries, ulfoiii S.MALdOMgi» 1 A fiiU Hue Olid prices rifl^. LiMirpo, Farmers' Exhibit COME OclkJiyr d iiii 9 i Circus, lola^ THURSD^l"^ Sept. 17 NEWS OF GAS CITY COUNCIL MET LAST EVENING REGULAR SESSION, IN CIRCUS 1 Junior League of Methodist Church Will Give a Lawn Social Tonight—Personals. TERRIFIC HEW SEHSATION. 60 Acrobats and The 12 Mirz4=Golems k60 Aierialists and the 10 Flymg Jordans gS ^O IRidcrs the Dultc Dultons and Daisy fiodgini 50 Clowns the World's Funny Men 375 Circus AHists 200 of Them Imported From Abroad THE GREAT ^ ACT OF RICCOBONO ^ !• ^ .'DOUBLE -i---.; SOMERSAULT'JL AUTOMOBIlE EV^RY MOR.SISG AT 10 O'CLOCK The Richest, Longest. Street Parade F.VE.K SEEN ON EARTH One 50-Csn! Ticket AdmiU to Everything CNliaKU CIBEI n TEISS, lUf PtICE U,vr> OiMo *: 1 00 aad 7 00 P. M. , P .^-forDABc. b4-ilav .1 S.OO >ad 8 00 P. M. THE COODNISHT HORSE . HIS WIFE AhO FAMILY I Will Meet Friday Night . Til.' iui>mber.-i of the Choral cltih ' will meet in the high j^chool buildlnK I Kriiiay eveninu for practice. Then; j will l)K s»-veral thing.s of importanci> 1 to consider and it is hoped ihat every {member will be present. ; Transacted Routine Business, t At the meelins; of the city council I last evening nothfaig of importanc i was transacted. Only . routine busi- iiess was considered. Will Give Social. The Junior I.easue of the Metho- di.-:r Episcopal church will give a lawn social on the church lawn this even ing. Everybody invited. Elected Miss Myler. ' /.Vt the recent meeting of the board of education Miss Alice Myler of lola was elected to teach the eighth grade. Sh"? fill.s tl'.e vacancy made by the r.'slgnatioti of Miss Gardner, now Mrs. • Fred tjreland. ^ • Must Pay Up, ' City Marshall Vaughn is serving notices on all delinquent road tax pay -rs. If til. s.- notices are not prop^r- \\ observ.-ij and paytuent made ;at once arrests will follow. Killed by Train. I It Is believed that the horse which was found on the Katy tracks Just east of the city Monday morning, was killed by an east bound train late Saturday night. However, this is not definitely known. I Father ts Dead. I Word was r»'ceiv«-.l h^-re vesterdav telling of the death of .Mrs. E. D. AU- stofs fath.-r. O. F. Hop|K?r. in his lioin.' in TM ;H'ka, Kas. He has been very ill for the past several weeks. .Mr. a:id Mrs. .\lIstot were there at the time of his death. The funeral is bein^ held today. Will Meet Friday, j The local W. C. T. U. will meet here 'with Mrs. L. D. Gibson on North SUn ley street next Friday afternoon. There will be several important matters to be considered including the report of: Mrs. X. W. Leeper of the Kansas City meeting which she at; tended. Personals. Mrs. A. M. Becknell Is reported on the ?h.k list. .Mrs. D. H. Perry went to Chanute Kas.. today. j -Arthur Hyatt left yesterday for Bartlesville for a few days visit with ' friends. j D. Conine of Redfleld, was here yesterday on business. RINGLING BROTHERS TO ARRIVE ON FIVE LONG TRAINS. / Parade Set for 10 in the Morning j^d i Enormous Crowd Expected to Visit the Bla Show; Admis >i«D lirk <t< atid uiiiulH-rrd ri-s(r\H M -alv njll !»•• «u sale *buw day jat .1. M. t «> UVT A- SUB'S Jewelry Store, ta^l Side <.i >.n::!re. at eviirlh Hit -.line \,r'm- (liariifd in Ihf regular iSiiit wjairons «ii tlie show irroands. J. F. SCOTT, Cashier. TUpS. H. BOWLUS. Prflsident. ALLEN CoilNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 09000000000000000 P'o' in. C. WEAR. nirbittf. kan<ia<(. A. W. Beck. L. C. i)i«»:ciuks IJcitiy A J. Ful'.on; W. J. VV. li. Eijitlf-, T :io'.. H. Evans. J. O. Bowluii. Rodgere, W£ISSUE OUR own DRAfrS OM AIL tUROPUkMPOtMTS SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX^S FOR RENT FROM 92 TO %&. PER YEAR. INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS. •Oi o o .0 o lO o o MESTEKN LANDS tc RANCHES O F<»r Sale or Trade. O S:5 'lO au .Vcre. Cp. O opooooooooooooooo . i. 1^. S!^. Ollflllan |: ««nfnit Contrartor. Fl^^stotie and Cement Sidewalk! aod Curbing a Specialty. Oiflce 115 East JarksoB Ara. riiOB* SM. The choicest SFICM that tkill caa itlcct from the finest Nature pfcxlucc—ideal in ^tren^th and laultlcii i.i quality—! Thcjc cor.ic to you with their UDoliefi.'d—representing t .n .'xcLll7j goodncsi, uaap- (.roa. h. i purity—in \n enormous crowd is expected t town tomorrow to witness the paradtp and see the performance of RingUnS Brothers' Worlds Greatest Showsi, Street car companies and merchants are preparing to handle one of the biggest crowds that ever gathered The first of the five '^tiSiS^^WS house the big circus while en transit will arrive before sunup and will be followed by the other four at short intervals. By • o'clock In the morning twelve- acres of the city's r^al estate will be under canvas and the times will be greatest circus of all the center for all the country within a radius of fifty mites, i Early in' the morning: a downtown \ branch ticket office will be opened in Coffey & Son's Jewelry jstore. where reserved seats and admissions can be had at the. same prices charged on the grounds. Those who dislike to brave the crowds at the ticket wasons will ap- preclare this feature. The new street parade is set for the forenoon. It will follow the usual route. It js an all new parade that the Kingling Brothers are offering this year, having been built in foreign workshops. The entire world has contributed to this pageant. It is an exposition of all the various kinds of people of the earth, curious'forms of animal life, the heros of mythology, the soldier>- of twenty nations, savage warriors, the priesthood of the Pagan and the Christian, nobility, peasantry. Esquimaux. Hottentots and cliffdwellers. All. sorts of musicians frota the barbarian torn torn beater to the cathedral organist, and the player of chimes furnish a variety of melody, 12.S0 people ride in howdahs. on floating thrones and! on horses, the largest herd of elc: phants In the world steps to the beat of drums and an interesting menagerie is displayed in open cages. There are a thousand wonders that \ will be disclosed under the great white tents in the afternoon and at night. The great program of European acts will end with a wonderful mid-air automobile double somersault of .Ulle. Roche which exolted all Bn- rope last winter. The afternoon show will begin !at 2 o'clock and the night L performance at 8. the doors opening? an hour earlier for an Inspection oft the greateiit menagerie in the world i I and the enjoyment of a splendid oper -.ip atic concert by Rlgling Brothers' mili-f rarv band junder the direction of Al-f bert C. Sv^eet. Notes of LaHarpe OSTEOP.tTHY— / DR. Wjli ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician, grate Bank Bldg. Phone 14... Only Osteopath in I.a Haipe. HICH SCHOOL FOOT BALL TE.A.M WILL t»KfiANIZE IN NEAR Fl TCRE. WILL BE ABOUT SAME LINEUP IITV («H N( H. MILL MEET IN WTC ILIR SESSION TONUiHT, Ueniltepi of Misslttnary .Soriely of i: ( horrh Will Hold Ire Cr«-ajn Surial Friday Eveniug. The finest Pearl Handle] ever shown display .at. Ilifie:;:?! J>ui'<qF' GoCand n the city .'are/.DQiroa. Waters £ Daafarti ' ^ Driigs & Jewelry, i • cream social in.t^ XfooreI /bnifdStis f'. next Friday eveiilag.; ; ; T A son was born ydsterday to !ar. and .Mrs. R. C. .Mooire bf thift City. ' • Oriranlzed Swimd Team. ' X nimilier of the town boys got together .Monday evening and organized a foc! ball team. It is hoped that earaes can he arranged for the day.s of th • Farm. r"s Kxhibir. The lineup fciioui: . K.i.i'.li l'.arli.^r. center: .Noble Harr»-li and Clarence ilatea. guards Chas. Gilbert and Harry Marker. Jackie.': Fete .lury and Walter .Means, ends Otiy Hale .H -and Harry Crlmm. half barfcs: Jark Peiayo. full back; Orover -Myers, (juarter back. Chas. .lone.s. V.r- vin Hare and fl'en Ijwrence. sub? "To Train His Horse. Dr. C. .1. Halm will send his young hior-se r<> Chanute where, it wii; he trsine.I- l! is one ..f^e fustesi in this part of th.^ state If it should devel- ope Pr Halm will .-nter the animal in the different rade.^ over the .=^tate next fall. Hii^ Seho «rto ^Ve 'rMn£ ; The La Harpe high' ai;b*OorIs to; U|r» another foot Sail te«ilfl'iBlI%'tMs-^ tor. With e^ceptten'or iliro pla] every member of last jreair.'s teiir^U be back III the g^e. Rosfi graduated last year and Uifii' attending the state uhtvetsltr'af'llilr- rence but It is bellev«rili)il hlllF^- tlon at center can tsT-iniM wtiiEt^» young material, from wh1eli'tO''%$C«B» 3.<i can that of nian MdbinAeaiTMlio has acepted a position wfOirtlie^iAitMl Iron Works at lola aiiSrwUI'nM'iltt- lend school this year, tl^M^j^'tw^* eral candidates, R>r- |foorCtC^V pqih tion at right. IWbile Priof. '£b^ttM. will tiot play.again thls:yeiir'-ft Is'iitd he will consent to catctritlie^^iineb. He sustained a! badiy broKin.^lioBe^in the Thantsgivlfag day. gaiii^liil«=ynr with Moras and since has had a-wak arm. Prom the fact' tUat il»?-.ti^ field and most all ottheiidiirnsi.'msA-- ed together last year Jt^is b^Uateditliey will niake a much .better lAiowin^tiUs year than ever ,l>efore. ; C^mas-^Usbe scheduled afterthie orgaBisatlon writth all of the higbi school teams in this pjirt of the state. • For the Hlg F;.<»li. John Connett. Chas. Jones and .Mion Patterson spt^nr yesterday on the banks of Rr-ck Creiek fishin?. They expected 10 catch (>i.a fi.-^h and prepared liiit faiiei to land any. PersOBiJIs., Snss Clara Harris of this city is re- |M>rted quite seriously ilJ. . ; .- Percy Graen left yestferdarTor fciii- -saa City "on a biisiiiess'visitT Mrs. Mcljughlln. of Simlhof'atSfi- son. was here ytstenlky visftltis friend* ' > ; .Mr. and .Mrs. .\Ivin Bowro in^ bt^ts- I more, were in the city yesterdayl^oa j business. ' ' i VillUam Ireland, of ' here yesterday. , , ., _ ... i -Mr-s. R. L. Uneback , Is, r^jKwiM I i.unc.l Tonight. ! .luite seriously Ut ^ Th.> city council will meet in re-jii- 1 H. M. Cliue left'yesterday for Woh- lar .session this evenln.e. There are on a short buBineas vlatt. • .severa; imiK^rfant nuiters to r.ime up Q. F. Cook, of Ft. Scott, wu bereLJlU for coni'ideration. j business yesterday. " i -Mr. and Mr9..S. EL McGinnIs ware \\ ill Hold S4 ^.ciai. in Moran yesterday. , The ni.-niheis i -f the .\tii;si,.iiar.i. S .i-, R. T. Lawrence: of Jifotma. Kvki cieiy of the Meihodi.'i Kpi-^cop.Tl came in this morning fora;tev dcn' church of this city will give an loe visit with frle>nds. , ' ^ • r. Br0«Boo. i|As ••01 TO ENGAGE ROOMS Betlster WaMt .%«b^ Brteff Besnlts. CUtWCN CMANO Sealed irj.-ni\;iaM;ly after griod- uij;—r.'j r.o riuiature, no fe«- cign o!j:i, no icipwity witatio- can tame:-, them. TONE'S liava no superior for fitiesesioning. rbareantmKadscf cptece -TOVe* SM ".Otn.' rONE BROS., DM Main—, Iowa Arrangementa for Reception of 8tar>| Auto, Endurance Run Conttst* aiits Being Contemplated. B. A. Owens this morning received a second communication from Mr. E. P. Bwins of the Savoy hotel who ii at the head of the committee on ac- coomdations for the members of the party who are making the endurance automobile run tor the i^nsas City Star cup. in which be enclosed blankaj for a list of the available rooms. whe> tber they could be bad with or without bath and the rates charged for the same. The letter also states that the party 'will arrive in the city at 4 o'ctock p..m., September 25th. The checking point for the party upon arrival In {his city will be in front of the Pennsylvania hotel. .Mr. Bwins who has charge of this part of the program will check the occa-^| pants of the can upon arrival at tba t Pennsylvania and wUl, at that time as- -i sign* them to their respective rooms. Mr. Bwina states that none of the participants in the mn are snppoaed to be anigned to rooms without a.card fromhlniMlt

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