Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
Page 2
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DULY ]tB< ft WBDHBgPAT BlTBHnr All SfFlIDM lifNttirj lir til IWIiii Stain E -M M To lAttand] Baker, ^'^^enltte XM&mi left yesterdar for *' In.,fliexp,she will attend Baker ' ' »> ^'4 I rnivaAd!;Mra. Kaiiebear Here. rvJ<r:;ajitf Mrs. it ;A. Kasebeer of XuusGltjr, are guests of Mr. and, lCrk:&«nry W. Steyer. Mr. arid Mrs.* lwiibi»er4driiicrIy]llTed in Tola. 1, ,.- _ -, • . \l y iblefety. I .An Important meeting ^of the Y so- cleir Itu been Called for Friday ev- wlttfekto hear reports of business to wrpKPared previous to th^ national; loonventlon at Deriyer. ! ! I -'jL Mlaa t (tam»b*rg Home. ! I''MIsB S|*ry RomaberB hais return- leA'from a:'vt8lt-In Lincoln. Nebr. ! * t * I . - League Social. ' Mjrv*nd M IS. J. p. Powell conllally ' ' Dded the hospitality of their homo number of young ipeopio 4lt evening when the Spworth Lca- ttteierfhe Tlrit M. B. church gave a,social. Theaguests were largely Li._j—tttatlve of-the entertaining or- »w..a-4hough' a large number of vtrlends were present Mus c and i^inerry^games were indulged in !ta|,d:iat; tbe-doae of the eveninjg Mr. tall|8p|^'>Powell serred refreshments jof ice cream and wafers, thus niakins ue'c^i^QeiisIbn more Informal andjpldas- iuitrithan Is the custom. Those wiio mrtlftlJt^tM In the evening's pleasures their sincere appreciation itertalnihent Citests Leave Today. W. T.' Tuthill and daughter and AiUr who .have been tho ikts-of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Edger- iifor a few days have returned' to home In Moravia, Nl Y. / Mr. Helmick Here.'. •«presewatlve Parks Helnflck. of iute, 1* a guest of friends here to^ * * * o o o o o o o o o o o o o o • o ._ .yanir wife and yon will iTfr llut O o lio Q eooooooooooooo . Altrvlatlo Club. I* first <meeUng of the Altruls ub for tWt" year waa hold In the I'CjCthe lh*ab>torran church last , Thit ye4r Mr. IL S. Asplnall I'Charfw of the rlah« auif It I H iUbn Of All win ati> lnl^rt>8i cliib to have tho n^omh•»^ aUty-flvo befon* th«»|holl- The annual election of , Itati a feature of the nwotluu l«M young m«n win direct the If you are sick, dtin't w|)rry, make yourself welL To the words of thousands oj womanly ills, when we say but l>egm at once Ido this, we but repeat other sufferers from It Will Hdlp You For 50 years, this wonderful female remedy, Jias been benefiting sick women. ! Jklre. Jennie Mernck, of Cambridge City, lud;, says: "I suffered greatly with female trouble, and th^ doctoi-s did no g<^d. They wanted to operate, butjjl took Oardui, and it inade me feel like a new woman. I ani still using lEhis wonderful medicine, witia increasing relief.?' AT ALL DBnc| STOBES 1869. li AliiCt. ,200,000 GIVE WAV TO cms f oancn li) Hold Early .SesKlon <io Tliat They May .W the KIcphant ul •Night. In order to allow the cliy offlcial.s and the members of the ciry crmacll t» attend Ringllng brothers circii.< Thuriiday evening, which Is the datejji^n, n«ll«^ of the regular semi-monthly se.sslon of I' i^f^ui to E-C GIRL HAS TAKEN THE I^ITY BY STORM illlls (Jiicn Away Yes- JKnthuMiatitlc Parchasers :.r Com Flakiis. TAKICX UP^One shoat. weisht 75 liounds. .1. .\i .McUenry. loin. K. R. I. WAN'TEa>—A quick buyer for a bar- the council, the meeting will he cnlled „f at five o'clock and only the alisnliilclr I I necessary business trauiwcted. After r,.,,„ f^^-Jr ami ..nthuslitsm with the bills are allowed and other lni-*l- ,|„. ^.^ fjjri was greeted In her <leslrat)Ie S room good ness that cannot he p<istp<in»il Is irans rounds about the city yesterday pleas- location. lElist front, citv water. Pric- acted the council will an ourn to m^et ^.„„nj, wj„„a„ vervi much. ^^-^^ i» payments. S. ic-ller. L'fii a few duys later, prolmb y the r.rsi;or, ..| ,l„, ,^.„r„ i.?Ja)jos wer»' South Sycnmoro struct, next week, when all l,.islnes.< whhh',„„^,u ^^e said todi.y. -1,1.1 It was to come up Ihiirsday • be considered. ,ls notalwaystbai I llnU a cltv's» uuan , ANTED—T.. r.iit r. ,,r f. rmun iuiou.sly in favnr i>f one fiKKl pro4liict '"i'^'" "'• ""'t»'-iii. A.ldrvss H EXCAVATE FOR PAVING. !as the pe.>p!t here seem to be In fav- t.., this offlr.-. lor of i:-f V.irn Makes. I started oni WA .NTKD-li.M,Vek7ei...r City^aced F-e of Men at WorK on ^^j^'^^ i^'^^^^r^Z.^. ^^^ntor the cjty ^^^J^^:t '^l^^t^^:^'',^: fTdT'lS dav Tii ^NS AVANT.Xt; L OfaUjsadwonk I tongue or pen—The I saddest are these: V^lt might have been tt-^amea Woodln. Jdenl—Clattdp. NlRh. tariHWiniam Buirtnett. hfeji?—Chnrle .B Vance. i Cor.-Hdiaj'tbn .Teats, ihfibtiolti wlthj the buslnoj* Jie|t« will be a social oacii jjibihe of one of the tnom-. ,j(viit he.'opened and after! tl|p has befti'done there will be ai rmtylfoy^the gitests to becomp _jti?d.' This party to enteHaihi ^B ^s wiirdlso be given diirin||! Ifjf'fe' -not generally known that th^ Altrulatic boys are doing charitable ttpbogs^to help, those of their agB in .t £^,^i!(H3imunity.- Several times feuits of ^dd^ing have been given to those f«rip needy and it wa.s all idone ,qiU^jy so that the names are known ^JjiTBpr 'teTte In the class and to no ^qi/ej outside. .The club's flrst social meeting has not yet been arranged . . To CaMiiornia. 9- Mr.-.aBd Mrs:H. li McNeil left yes- tmy^l #Qr'Poniona, California., where U»€^.: will reside. Mrs. McNeirs par- liit^ '«K «ad Mrs. A. N;;.Bwart have bMli:'th«re for the past year and the {fibLUs''>i4 anUcipating a pleasant win 1 • • 1+ + + MI BI Shean Here. y.Miiu fireda S ^hearB of Yates Center iiMTkenHt^ i short time today while «fmtat(i to her' liome. Miss Shears ifiu returning from a visit in adjoin- ln| 80ut}i«rn tolvns and was a guest nf/Mn^ .lUty Liyingaton. \., Aftair the Rata. / .The first protieat against those hair ( rata |<{]ie aroal] ones which can be \|4l*(W^4 ^9^' '"'^^1 s mlcroMcope Is Balqng Powder Avoid the mishaps — the menu — the 'bad luck" avoiding _ Powder • - the _ oi] big can kinds and the nighri, ^ » price TniJt brands. Tlievjare uHtcliiMc- they too ofteli fail - Don't truit them. ^1 \- Piit your (aith iu Oaluu\?t|>-the ««ly MiiclK hit:li-t:radc bakiivg (towdcr »olJ at a nilxirrau* We »l»s(ilut<lir Kxuratiie* that tht results will pitsise ton. (itur^iiced utiJct all putt iood laws- l|»th State 2nd N»iion4. R«fu»e tubatitutea—get Calumet Reeeivad HigkMt kw»rd World'* Pur* FoW Ei »Mi(tMi, ^UcM^ 1907 iisodl has iHHMt llled at the S.'R.'s The lOrst of these events wl'll occur lesk. One of the boy.s about town in N^jvomber. went to a theatre the other t>lf?hi and . Thii annual rummago sale which is it seems that the location of his chair of griat aid to needv families of the was not satisfactory. Anyway he said town Will take i>lace late In October •something ;like this nejit day: -Talk or e.iHy In .\oveniber. Dtirini: the about your big hats—"Merry Widows" convention of federated clubs on Oc- I'l and T2 tho society iwlll serve dinner, the time to be chosen later, of the meetings during!the fall or whatever they are. those big rats tober the girls wi-ar in their hair are worst yet. .\t the theatre the other nisht Some . „ „ the girl who sat in front of me was ami eSrly winter will Ite occupied wiih wearing one so big that 1 couldn't work for the orphans' home. ,see the stage." I Otlicers of tho society are: ;.Mrs. H. * •^ * G. Gates, president: Mrs. R. S.,Aspin• Have Girl's Dance. all. vice president; Mrs. D. NV. Bost- A number of girls are talking of wick,|; secretary. Miss Margaret Rearranging a dance for a date in the dell, treasurer. , near future. It will be a "hen" dance ^ j <. •:• •:and girls who will attend are antici-, I About ,Miss Kurtz, pating a delightful evening . The plan' Tht Coflfeyville .loiirnal some time was tried last season aiiil it was one ago lUibllshed a lengthy and interest- of tl'.e happiest events of the winter, iiig ail^coimt of the public play^ ground ^ 4. .> I work 1 which is being done in ColTey- Miss Von Stein Married. 'ville. Directing this charitable work Friends of Miss .lessie Von Stein is .Mi.>^h Louise Kurtz, a sister of Mrs have received cards announcing her }l. K.lillinde of this city, who made marriage to Mr. R. H. Wilson. The a visiji of several weeks in Ipla last ceremony was performed several days winteri The Journal says in part: ago in Kansas City by Rev. L. C. Har-' Tlie.'iiiiblic pl.ny ground is a success nish. Mrs. Wlson was formerly In in Coljfeyville. This fact waS'demon charge of work for the Reformed stralefl Wednesday afternoon, when church at Lanyon Center. iilie cli)sing exercises were heh^. There •> •> • jwero I M II kinds of contests and all Working Society Meeting. 'sizes And ages of contestants enterei Among the first church uuxiliiirleB thp various tests at the \\'}iltle to rer.umo work after the summer'^ schooli grotinds. rest Is the working society of the J What probably sht)wed the .success First Presbyterian church. The meni- of the ^movement as much as uiiythiu, hers were present at a meeting In else y ' the church parlors yesterday after- Miss noon and the schedule for the ai>- regard proachitig month was made out.. atoppci There will be a tea once each got th motith at the home of some members hi wh when ladles of the fongregotlon will they d attend and spend a social hour, know day excavating for the paving which is to be laid on Kast Lincoln between well Imagine ihat I had a bubv dav ..f it." gin to work for board while atleii.liii.- srlioo s^;\sr^r ":^a ?;i;rr :"r''^-'^">'-^ ".."siue.s cueg. S we"ef" """""" -'":neighlK.rhood, :Of cour..- .he cann... _ 1 "niey will begin next Monday morning. If nothing interferes, excavating on Nori"h Sycamore street, which was recently ordered paved. Work on Bttslncss Dbectory. DR. MILDKED CrRTIS • Physician and Surgeon. ? • • Office over Bu'rell'a thug Store •• • Offloe Phoue • Hesidetjce liH K. .laeksi.u • • Phone :>»;!*. • •••• • • ^ UnS. REID St BEID, • • . rbyslcians and SargeoBi. * • X-Ray and Kle^trlcal Appliance!. • • Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Office I'Uoue 3i7: Re«. 396, • • ,• • call at everyhdme but she calls at jusf I WA.\TED TO HUY—Four .,r live i as many as possible. acres, improved or unlnipiweil. clo-e A par'tia: of tlms.- wh(» received good town. Address W. K. K.. 7ii2 . f„|. South Washington,.lola, Kas. ' ihe IC-C (Jirl's ilollars yeyterday South Sycamore will be eempleted by '^^^'j^ ^. ,1 ^^„iy„„ 4,)2 So. Walnut. the time .North Sycdmore Is excavated. II.IWKIX: ..M.VCHI.VK.S Mrs. J. Wartzenluft, SOSiJrvln. .Mrs. Ray (kroomer, .11!) B. Spruce. Airs. Ada Davis, 30.^ South State. SALRS.MKN & Af JE.N'TS—$ $ $ $:..) Oi. p«r week and over can be made .sellir.g •New Campaign .N'oveltles from jiow until election. Sells to Stores, Coun ty Fairs. Picnics and Private Kanjili-is. ges jire- pald for f.Oe. Order today. CUIC^UO XOVELTY CO., 6b Wabash Ave. Chicago. ;rXVt'"?.us>:;7'''- FOR SMlE^mimomtiMmmoum Mrs. W. riott. 3^8 W. Madison Mrs. C. Liicccok, 323 West. Mrs. .M. 1. IJpp, r;09 South Chest. Mrs. Myrtl> Coleman. 200 S.o Tenn. Miss .M. A .Mrs. Chariot Ethell Bennett, 224 North. POR SALE OR R.XCHANGE- \ Mrs. Grant Colby, 702 Carpen- gyoj ^lean hardware stock, only stock tcr. I in town of about 4>H<. in .Mien luuntv Mrs. Anna! Crim, 324 South Tenn. joing a good busine.^s. Want to fell .Mrs?. R. "W. Copening. 21S N. Elm. f^,. ,.apii_ or on easy r'avh.i-ui.-^: n.iRhi . Mrs. Eleanor Lanier, COS E. Lincoln. ,;(cehaiige. for gotnl smooth land in .\lrs. W. L. Bower. Gl Bassett St. Allen. Woodson. .Neosho. Wii.-oii. l-i- Mrs. J. C. Iloeming, 32S N. Kent'y. 1,^,^. adjoining counties. Address .Mrs. W. L. Coyner, 411 So. First. ..xu^,, county Inve.=;tnien( Co.. L OIIK- rntarrh Sufferers .\re Nothine Rui Hawking. Spitting, and Blowlnt; .Machines Says an Anthorlty. Is It possible that in these days when cleanliness and .-..inltary rcftiriii is being preached In the churehes. -chools and at piiblir gatherlng.-s. that thousands of [ieop:<' will i -ontinur lo iiffer frilni caiarrli. when ihere is an aliF.oIiiiely lertain r.'nifdy alwayr. on hand. Hyoniei (pii .iioiiiiced lligli-i»-iii» ) i; :i pleasant, im-dicated aiu^ antisepiii-| air. Hrcaihe it in and it will cure 'ra-. arrh. It will stop foul breath, wat-i cry eyes, and oriisis in the f„m', in a . few days ; I suffered from catarrh for two years: tried niiiin'rous remedies which fulled: n.Ked one and o :ie-lialf bottle-s; if llynniel -.tvM am tiilirely cured."- ; O. .N. Lliulsx. m: i;iiht First \vi ^'!rl -omVM .'*ilvo,uel o .iiii^ .-..nsisilnr.. J^i-y 'r ^^ort Ore of Usual Number]years oM. very r.eutle of a strong, hard rubber po.kef inbnl-. ^"l'^** '* .C'^T'I? ^* r and a bottle of llyoiiM-l. co ^^ts otily : V- Oorrton Caie. $1, and extra boit'es. If - afterwards, iiectled. cost luily .Mi cents each. l'hH.< New post cards. Miindls drug store. WITH ONLY ELEVEN lion, Kansas. FOR S.ALK—Si\i..:;i sle»-rs. .1 L. .Adanison. phoiii- !iii7—'I I BR.,JIe^fLLE\, • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseaa- * ea and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burrell's Drug Store • West Madison. • Prnine 687. ' Rea. 701. DR. 0. J,. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O. U. W. BWg, • • • • • • • Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 • DR. R. O. CnRISTIA3f Physician and Sncgeon Rooms 7 and a. Bvana BIdg. • • • TOR SALE- .Son.. „... M : .:--ft bnr.-^c-; and mares and drl \er.s. All broKe. .1. V. Ilow.l'. I.;i;ie. Iv:is. FOK SALE 'short Morn bull i.v.i .1 V. Mow.-ll Ft)l{ SAl.K -Ilo'»-i-bold fimiliiii.- Mrs. t ;eiir.i;f KlUion. ;!i,s s, foliioni F. II. MjlRTIir, Surgery and iDIseaaes at Womien. »• Office and Residence Phone S78 • Offlc»j 7 North Jefferson. • n. Spencer «<i Co. sells It and guuriiii- i<es It to do exactly. a.< ndvcrilsed. Ilvomel also rures asthliui, br«m- hltls. coughs colds and InTauis crtni|i "Fra DIavolo" Tonight. Something unusual, a trial with only eleven Jurors. is goltii: on in district .•oiirt tmlaj-. After the Jury waa selected to hear Ihe evldcnw In the case of the citv of 1 lumlwldt vs. W. 11. tlor- S ;j ;:So5 "t.i%t:r«; "•«•• - '--v the jurors aski'd to be excused to go very fancy. |23,0n: |.f,.uo down. One Juri l-X)l{ SAl.lO--r\vo mil.h rows lu: lUlre r.i»;t .North siiift or phoin- K KI... F«F .Sarc. One goiMl .M.iMiii .Manilin organ. T : e Olympic Opera company which \""TncZi ; playing at the Majetalc theatre. "'^'^"'1 was gi^'eted by a well llUed house last eviMiIng In thi'lr production of the "Mascot." The extremelv warm wen r ^h :rT :::r:::s "or'trt,rn..*-''C ::r;,r:;isft r::^^^^;;^'- night the com,m,o- >'-r'' l!'-; The a?to.^;;± the'case L. V. Or- eleven.stops, tone round and full. On- r)l.l lute opera Fra Dlaxol. TMs A ^^^^ ^ Q^.,^^ „o. $r..n(. down p.M , er month. hill ,,'^""XilV1;\w? T«r?.' t*"'^ defendant, a.greed to try the ctse This ex.r.-.ordinarv value will mean house ' n^'^ the case pro- ^..i^k sale. Come at one...-^ohn V. nt of Illness in his fain- $.1.00 pi>r incuith. If you this in- was alrcndy out de- sirumeiit. act at once, liberating updiii the^i-vUleuco In the ^. ,IO„K,{T.J, ^V^-O „oi:sE. case of the st ite vs. Martha Williams. charged with murder, hence to se-| One ftne Story & Clark organ, wal- cure another CHANGE PICNIC DATE. Iltoberts" Piano House. ceeiled. Coriloi.Is charged with sell ing two quartk of whiskey to Gus Steinman on the Fourth of July. Both FQH SA LE—One registered O. 1. C. men are drilli-rs. (Jordon was con- rnale hog Walter Crowell R R 4 M. W. A. Celebration is Postponed a vict dein the Humboldt police court ™,a thrown, li. K. 4. Few Days. hut appealed. JKWRLRa H F. Pahci«>r«t, old mllable Jawalar. 110 Rase atrWt. WMK "lis. <• Because the HuimioTdt fair will oc-, cur on September 23th. the .Modern i Wpodmen of' America picnic which as iilanned for that date will be ' \^,y Deitiocrai' changed to October 9th. The local by order is making elaborate preparations. The picnic will he held at tbe Uocbester.! }^ IIA.XDLER. Riverside park in this city. Tie dif- Stiiwe.sant ciianaler iterday was the fact that when urbS rang the boll, everyont ss of what they were| doing, their play and came over to Ir Instructions. The maiini h they illd so showi.»d iha 111 It because they wanted to what would be done next «n< Watches (iiil settings) Elgin or Waltham, hunting or open face, j Ijalance; Bregpet ^hairspring, mlcrometic regulator, sunk 4ia1, diist ring, damaskened plates. Our price— $6.60 The i-l.iy nfl iioin N Mail Order Prices. 1 Theri I |not because they thought they had to I Miss Kurtz had the several hundred ;chlldr<|ii under control all of the ttroe anil all that was necessary was for her signify her wishes and il.t ehlldix'n promptly obeyed. .Mlsj) Kiirtr will proKibly visit In lola dl ring the winter. *^ •> At Home Club Meets. IVt Home club will meet Thiirs- ernoon with Mrs. J. W. Fife irth Bnckeve. •J. + •> Picnic Party, ej was a pleasant outing: at Electric park yesterday to entertain Mrs. D." W. Finney, of Neosho Falls ;md Mrs. W. C. Tuthill of Mbravla N. Y. fThe guests were served with aii lelaborate picnic supper. Among tho*e |i-esent were Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Edg rton, Mrs. M .Hllles, Mr. and Mrs. J \l P. Harris. Mrs. Wi. CJ. Tut- jhill. Kfrl. and Mrs. Glenn Finney, Mrs. D. W. Finney of Neosho Falls. Miss Beulahl|>IcCajice,-, Miss Mary. Hllles. Misses Muth and JAmy Tuthill, David Hllles aJnd Curtis Edgerton. Mrs. GInbey Here. Mrs. XT. Ginbey of Lone Elm la here to fipentjla few days with ber daughter,. Mis|l Josephine GInbey. ferent orders in the county will be in- i)y acclaniaiiioi vited to attend. nominee for js Name .Vr^lalnation. Y.. 1 fo Sepi. n;.—Lewi:- FOR SALE—Fine if|iright piano, a was nomiii:itcdt re'Lible make, seven and one-third oe- irihe governor better Than Others anU Costs No Morr. The E-C-process of steam-ctook- ing retains and emphasizeis in FOR S.\LE—Phonograph and rec- I ords for sale cheap; 31S North Cottonwood. Niiinlnee FOR SALE—G.ood rubber tired road wagon. Inquire 409 North First stre.'t. All cars will leave LaHarpe Tomlor- row, Thursday, commencing at 9 a. m. every 20 niiin- utes for benefit of those to see Ringling Bros. Circus and iparade -| iOLi EECTRIC lilL- ROAD COMPANY the Democijnii- j^^j.^^ n „ston fall board, full swing of New ^ork. • , , r. . «.-.^^ music ilesk. Regular price |:{;.0.00. Our iTbasted'i all the fine natural of the corn. The toast in gr process iii every flake daint crisp, the mostjdeljicious morsel of corn ifood anyone ever tasted. flavor E-C akes ' and No a::iiicial flavoring All Grocers used in E-C. lOc. Company, Efg-O-See Cereal CHICAGO LargMC Manuflicturm of Raked Carsal roodalntlMWorM. quick ^ale price $l*:iS.OO; $lU.iii) down frtoo per month. Your opportunity to get an excellent i>iano at a low figure Don't let it jiusr. V. Ilobert.s- Piano House. Lodge Ditectary K.MGHTS OF PTTHIAS^-4<«o>h« [Axige No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, SL C. Chris RItter. K. of R. and S. FOR SALE—Good I at fiotl North First. horse. Inquire rORnEtn' mimomUtmmoua l-oa ItKNT-Nic fuiiii^ied ro«mi8 jiii i.i-v.-. luodirn houe. wlO> or with- Mil board; 4I!> K:\y.i .lacksiui. FOR RKNT—Three room L'lJ Vioiiih Third lii.|iilre of VMrs. .Iidin Sniiih on .'-; FOR eXOMAttOE W1-:LL IMFROVKD STXTV near good town in Veruon Co.. .Mo., for e.\change for lola propory. Grace K .\rn'old, old court houi^e. KMUHTS UF MACCABEES^ [Knights of Maccabees of the Wbttd meets in K. P. Hall, second atid foiirfh Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. I'ostwait, commander; R. B. Por- fer. record keeper. . \\. 0. W.—Cam II No. 101 meeu ia K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T. Steele. C. C. A !l. Davis, Clerfc Visitors cordially Invited. it. W. A.-^Tl.H St. W. A. Lodge meets every Frhlay night In M. W. A. lliUI. Visiting brothers invited. P, 0.' Cotneld. C. W. A. Cowan. ClTk. TtOYAI. .Nkl(iHli(»KH.^iola Canp No. 3(>r>, Uuyai N<ilKhbors. meeta s««* ond and fourth TuesdUya ot each mouth. Mr:*. F. A. Wagner, nrael«k' Mrs. Mary lluttoo. 413 West Street. Recorder. OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned -'uit of car- jiets. We are busy, but your order wi:i receive prompt and careful attention. Phone lis today. lOU RUG FACTORY PhoM sit. FKATKKNAL liltOTIIKRHOODr- Fraternal Brotherhood No. .380 meeta stcond and fourth Thursday of «ach month In A. O. ir. W. Hall. Vfattlog membjeri cordially Invited. W. H. Aa- dersob. precldeut; Golda Blam. seer*- tary. SO.nKCtM KT ROO.M PLE.4.SA\TBY'. l'olori>4l (•iri Josbe .H Attorney Cro.ks K.\uiuined Her. Who The Dorothy Rebekah lodge will have a picnic.on Saturday at Electric park. The occasion is to celebrate the fift.v-seventh anniversary'of the organization of the lodge and a program of speeches will follow the picnic sup- The guests wjll leave lola OF the Julia Sinini^. a colored girl, was one if the wiinesrs^es in the Williams case yesterday. She. testified that Bud Scipio. with whose death Martha Williams is charged. was a bad man. While .she was testifying she chewed indu.-itrlously uiion a big wad of gum, SO industriously that her articulation was not the best. •Bud ever Kive you any gum?" inquired Mr. .\(ti in cross examination. "So sir. I buy,my own gum." •That i.s all •• said the attorney. As Julia walked past Mr. Apt she said loud enough to be heard by all the attorneys: "I divided by gum with you." per. -ine guests will leave loia OF tne I three o'clo^ oar. c-,. iji, . i F«r q«Jek reralto—B«tllter. Waats. 1

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