Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 16, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1908
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'f-'t. Thm i7aftte(w' Hmm lihLar0eat Olriulmilea In Allan Oouaty of Atty Mewapmpu^ PuUlmheil In thm Gouaiy. "UNCLE JOE" IN lOLA !*H: AKER OF. HOI SI- MA Hi: TI:N' MIXrTK "IMIVK F.M»" TALK. 500 PEOPLE HEARD Hl« Bir. cRoun (o\sini:iM \<i SHORT >OTi« i: 01' His roMiNiJ. - rlrultiin-—KiilOKi/.»><l Work »i ' ronuicvsinaii (. 1". S<'«itl. Fu !!y TiOO ppoplc wpnt down /o tlirf 12:45 SanlM I't- irain loday in son •'Uncle .loo" ("aniion who passeJ through liHrc Piiroiiic to Iiidepi'iidenco j wh^re a hi-A rally. <il' wliifji hfis Ihfl central figiiio, is ui be .held' toniRhl. Ii ' was not kiiowii inilil aboul II o'ciocH this inorniiiK iliat the train hearitiK the noted Illinois stalesnien wodld stop here ten niinute.s ami hence then> was but' linle linie i«) advertise h (.s cominj!:. r.iit ilie new.s spread raiiidly and peojile out short their, noon-day meals and leii their diilles to liear hini. When he appeared a? the rear iiooij of the rear car. a short hut rn^Ked flgiire. diessed in a lij ;hl Kray suil-and wearing a kindly sniilr, lie was ^reeled with hearty cheer.-?. With him was W H. Stuhbs. IJepnlilloan candidate lor governor, wlio will also sjieak al Independence.! The train pullt 'd out before Mr. ("anno^i hail a rlianrn to in- froduct». the "neM •iovenioi" as he Intended lo do. Mr. Caninm was_ itilroduced to the crowd by CoiiKiessniiui ('has. I\ Scott who Willi 1.. L. Northrnp. boarded the train at the juncllon at the north yards and rode In with the spoaker. Mr, Cannon said: "I am very jsind itjiieed to meet tho consfittients of my friend! itnd colleague, Mr. Scott. As I look in your face.s 1 see you do not send yottr hand- people to Conpiress. "W'e began forty years aao In lUiii- oi.s to develope our great ngricultur- • !al State until it ranks third in agriculture in the Union. I unrterstaud j-oti kre beginning on a larger scale to do this work in ICansas. lievelopc • your great farming industry and manufacturers will follow. It will come in time. I wUI perhaps not!live to see it but 1 look into the faccsl of people who will see it and the face« of boys who will be doing it. gentlemen. J want to see you progress in this lino until you become at least the 'third state in tn'auufactures in the When it was iny privilege to make la Chairman of the •Great Committee ou Agriculture, the industry that com- imands the attention and intelligence •of one-third of all onr people, it seem-ed to mc, when Mr. Wadsworih of ,New York, the great land owner and farmer of the Geneseo Valley, went out of Congress, tl:at 1 in performance of the duties of the House laid upon me should put at tlie head of thiat great cotnmiltee a man that had the ability and courage to serve there ; jid help s(dve all the probh^ms. and :i man who Jives and a'ways had live .l n a great agricultural State ii; the ireal middle W'"::r. i t .'iinl:; he has done magnificent work. Ho you know ihe f|uesHons that press lor selile. men! not onlv lolithinu tlie i«osi hn- porlanl prolilems of aerlculnire. iioi only loncliiiiu the i-reai factory Intere .HiH. not only ton<'hlng the (luesiioiiK concernllir. Imnrovenients of the public liighwayM thai you are iipprovlnii. by ponducling liivi'stlgoiians at the exiiense of the I'ederal Treasury'.' This great coninilltee never before so much needed a man with the\courace of his convictions to stain! for all ho . thought would be to the best Imerest of the,country, as it does today. You know tihere is much talk olj re-forepf. ing the high mountain ranges. It ought to he done. It will be done, bm done ,in part by the police power of the States alons: the Appalachian Range. They sho.uld contiribute to some extent in the effort vfilch will be put forth to preserve these forests and the great water coutrses along their way to the sea. It is.vour distinguished citizen that halts there long enoufeh to mature a plan to see ihat tlie States co-operate j with the . general government in the conservation and the reforestation of these mountaiH ranges. Sometiinies people l^t ont of patience with legislators, they do not see why it canndt be done now. and Presto! change! ttem at once. Wlien .you come to piit it within the Constitution, when you,! come to get sound legislation, when you come to raise moiiey by taxation you look to your. Representative. He is the one who given these subjects careful thought and he is the one you ha%'e chosen to represent your opinions on these matters. So I want to ^ook in your; faces and ' say to you that 1 can, testify from what knowledge I had iij the premises that the work of this great Department of Agriculture, under the appropriations that'have bebn recommended by that Committee, attended m by your dlstlnguiBhed Representa- i,' tiTe has been done better for the past [year than ever before in the histori ;of this cuuiitr}'. ^ApiUausei) Now, gentlemen, one <)ther thing and r will Introduce the j Oovernor, Fifty days Irom tjiU time nlnetj- mill- iou of people vlU detecaUae tlieinU. cle« which, shall | controllhte ; creat Itepubllc. your Hepnbllc and mine, for ilie eoniliig four years. So far as I am etiiiri'imd, at tlie afe of years, l!i :niive lif.- slnee Lincoln becanu- President, .so far as 1 am concerned, I am Willi the polit?ies of the Repub- Mcan party. i.\pplause.i ailmit that Ih'is .^:eat country has prv}sp>-red as never before. They admit that v.iihin my recollection, since l,,incoln. thai commonwealth after common- wealt'i has joined the linhin of States. You are amongst them. The railways liavi' expanded across the continent until Wi' have had H new Slai'-s added. Our population since l.iiicoln has been multiplied by almost three. Our »ea,lth and prosperity anil happiness has l )i >en multiplied by four, aye more, by live. So our friends the enemy say thai this has come in spite of Ilie rule of t'.e llepiiblicaii parly, \V<-11, Kenllenu'n, if our policy is wrong and they want us lo go lia."k to their ))olicy, which was not protee- tion but free traile. in heaven's uiime they must do something more to convince lis than by mere mouthings because there are some of ns already ofd enough to remember what their liolicies gave us and we know that we did not prosper. •'.\nd now, geiitleenin. I see that it is impossible to make a speech on the rear end of a train without its pulling out." i INSTANTLY K K.HMA HAlil-FSS. .VVR-Ohl) < HUH. KIN OVKR IIY (<IN( RKT LtED o < Ai;. HEAD SEVERED FROM BODY Mn TO HAVK VITKMriKH TO HOS.S HKKOKi: MOVIXii VUt. Independence, Kas., Sept. Ifi.—Hun­ dreds, of Uepublicans are arriving in Independence today for the opening of the slate campaign tonUht. The principal speaker will, be Siieaker .Joseph Cannon of Illinois. Kirb} .Sntv Her lluuucr Rut T«o l.ale t<» Slap- One .Man A«'li|ig a«i Motormnii and ('oiidiicior. Ijhotrl.v before 4 o'clock .veslerday af|ernoon. Rmma. the live year «dd il.TJughter of .Mr. and .Mrs. O Harless. oC.'Concreto. was run down and in- si tnily killed by a northbon id car on tho Concreto liraifch of the lola l-:iec- iric Railwa.v company s liiie. The head and fori> pan of the n'ghi aim we'll' almost severed from ilf- body by Ilii' wheels of the <;ar imijer wiiich tlil ^ child fell. The scene of tin acciden IS CERTAIN DEATH DIM : Ml iHsi:\.si: OK IHIHSKS rifo\or\n'n IM IRAHI.K. IS ( lippina Front "The Vctirlnnry" TclN lhe!i:xncl Symplonis of the Dcadlj Maladj. is about forecast fcr Kanias: C.:iifrally fair loiugtit and Thursday; no decided change in temperaluie. A ROUSING MEETING MR .SCOTT OPENS TO ATTENTIVE AUDIENCE. Paramount Irsue Not "Shall People Rule" but "Through What Party Shall People Rule?" CuA't-it ilie and III her Southern Kansa!) 'l<Mtu<. Iul<rest <a iu ib«{ Rcull iif Ih' rave. For a .nooil many years it has been lh«' ciistoni' for Congressmriii Scoll to close i-ampaiKii in Humboldt with an address on the last day pre- ceilini{ the elei^lioii. This year, however, on account of demands from other places in the District it seemed unlikely rhat this program could be carriei! oiii and his Ilumlioldt friends tlierifore prevailed ui>on him to re- viTse ihe usual order and open his caiiipair;ii iiieie, .-Mihongh only twon- ly-foiir hours notice of the meeliti;: was ^ivei; iliere WMM :I pood crowd in I lit- rn *fi li,. ,«... ... - I ...... r. • - - - I tvijo blocks from the Smith boiej in ,he public square to «r.-et the siwaUer Concreto While no one seems to .ylio has always b-eii Riven a most know posillvelv. acciiiding ti> Ihe best friendly reception by HiimlKdilt |H>O- informaiion secured Ihe chih was run- p|,., Mr. .\rthur Cnnningham presld- niii" trying to crtiss the mack in front m the meeting and made u very of ihe" car when she stun bled, h.r !,.i..v..|- .sp h. of introduction. anil right arm falling on -the i \|,-. Scott beiian by expressing the neck rail of the track. Chester Kirby of this |f;ratitiiile be f-lt to the people of ,clly. had:,|,„„holdt and .iVlh-n county for the charge of the car, acting in the capac j „„i,-orm kimliiess witli wnich tlie.v iiv oMiiolorniaii and conductjor. At the had treated him all his life, d«-cinr- time of the accident Mr. Kirby says j,,^ Ibat the conlhleme and .steem ol that lie was standing a few feel back froii.^ the front end of the c;ir but did not see tie child tinlil ll wajs too laie to slop. However, it is iixactl.v :!ri fe(M from where the car stainds today to! the place where the chili' over, and tlie car is now where it was stopped after deiit \H i/ver Ilie v,-csterii statis there is 1 lilM-ai -e of horses which has never ;;.>H:J of siifiiclont importance to attract !>!ieei,:I attei .lini! iifilil recently. Yel- •'.iMaries have been unable to diag- ilose the disease nor have they been able to ja .scertaiii tlie caii.'-p. They do knov,-. however, 'that animals geiiin .g ihe disease will in every iiis !an;ce die. During the past two ye .Trs tlieiveter-, r.arie..; all acree that there is no cure. \ copy of the Ve;ei -;naiian giyis the .symptiuns of the disease as follows: The horse does not seem to po .^sess his usual vigor—tires easily; is seen i ^landiii;; around yawnitiK i'ke a tired j iier.'jou. One day he will h .ive a high fever and refuse bis food: the next dav he appears -io be tuirnial. The mucous ttiembraiie of the incut h anil •lose is pallid,Willi liti .'e red .ipoLs which are nuiie chara'-ieris '.ic Of the disease. There is an exce.-s of iiritie, which indicates .i destiiufive iiiei;i- iiiilisiii. From tfiis on the animal grad- iia ly .mows weaker: the !e ;.-o swell a liiile Inward tile ias:, lie :.:ia .;;cers i ;-iiiiiid a lew ihns longer and dies in leiiriiini The ili .-.ea :e ni :iy last any- .vliere rri :li> three weeks to' ei .Erht •i(>ri;i<. ;i'id ;ihv;iys pro\es fatal. lOLANS WILL ATTEND was run standing .. . the acci- ..... When the child Was ijoticed by .MJ'. Kirby he applied Ihe emergency briikes hut was unable to .sti p the car itii'iil after it had pa.ssed ov-r t.ho lit lie' ;:irr -5 body. Kinnia Harless is the fourth child of a IjfHinil .v of five children. Mr. and Mrs. Hailess moved to Concreto about throe weeUs ago from Humboldt. Mr. J j{pp,;,,„pa„ Admlnisir.-ittons Harless works on the night shift in" ... the Kansas Portland Cemei^t plant arrange- likely the he house A Big Delegation to Tennis Tourna' ment at Neodecha Oc:. 6, 7, 8, IC. .\. Owens one of Ihe local lennls rnthuiasis has "received a letter from I'lesident S. H. Hale of t le Neodesha l.awn Teiini.'* Associiiffoii .niinoiihc- liig the annual tennis lOiUrnaiiient of the oil and gas hell w|llclr will be held in Neodesha October C, 7 and S. .Mr. Hale has received ; communications from practically every club in souiheaslern Kanssis and Xorlhern Oklahoma staling that they will be rejiresented at the loiin ament. Two solid silver cups will be given to the winners of the singles and doubles. Other excellent prizes will be given to the winners of the singles and doubles in the consolation and the nin- ners-up contests. It is expected that a large delegation from this citv will! < his home frieml.s- was of more valuo t,o him lliat any possible honor that luighi come .from anv other .tonrce, I'roi ding to the )Mditical issues of /he camiiaigit '.e took as his text llin sentiment: The Public Husiness of ihe I'rivate Business ol Kvery cili /eii.'" He pointed out the fact that a jioliticnl party is slmpl? the business aeent of the- people for the condnct of the public business and that its success or failure should j he jiid'.;ed as would be the success or failure of an individual in managing a private business. He then sketched briefly ih»' record of the past tiirec showing that the Iteiiithlican party had not only adopted policies under'whlch the country had flourished as It jiever hail before bill that it had made greater progress In the line <if legislation in tended to compel men to do hiisiiiess honestly than had been previously made in all our history and had a,\>" inaugurated and was carrying forward a program of great public works for the development and conservation of the .Nation's resources which would he of incalculable benefit to thi.s and all future generations. He said the history of these twelve years hadj demonstrated the fitness of the Republican party to rule and that no reason existed wb.v it si'onlil be ili.scharged and another pari.v put in iis place, iiarticiilarly when that olhep parly ii.i:! recently been tried and had failed ;o meet Ilie luildic need. He ridi- ciiU'd M;-. Rrvan's declaration that the ,paramount issue is: ••Shall the people "f" " •> ... last night I rule?^ and arcued that the real Issue n<t Ihe result of a shot lired at them;,..;:. •Tlirou-.:- what pan-.- shall the Mallon i> Creviston. Creviston had people rule." .Mr. .Scott spoke for a bffeii annoyed by .someone lapping on.„:,„.. ,.;,„ ,,„„r .„„, ,^.„^ ly side of his house and urahbed ai^jve,, tlimiigbont the most fri-ndiv •lot uim and seeing Coonk and his ;:„„| i,„..r,.sf...i attention. .-M the close friends tiassing the bous.l fired at nf his address a large part of the th.iii. Ci. vision was plah-d under|nndieuce enn .e forwaid to" shake arnsi and was concealed o prevent While no definite fitnera mdnts have been made it is funeral will be held from Fridav morning at 10 o'clock. Imiiiediatelv after the accident Coroner Reid was called, lie has decided to hold an innuest some evening. SHOT PASSERS BY lime this Manhattan Resident Had |Been Annoyed by Night Prowler and Shot to Frinhten Him. iManVattan. Kas.. S«^pt. Cicions. son of a leading merj-hant here was instantly killed and hi iiui seriir.islv injured 'ate ICi.— .lohii JURY IS STILL OUT \<l VKRDKT TOIIAV IN THK .MARTHA WII.I.UMS XIKiiKR CASK. DELIBERATED 24 HOURS \n isKii uoMA> i.< r\r»i\( KRN. Ill \S HI THK «M IIOMK. U I'iHir uVtoi-fc thi <i aiiernonn the jurj rcarhed a icrdict lindinir Ihe de- t'cndaut enitl.v nf tuaiiklaueliler In the fourth ih -7r «-e. 1 'lic peuali> for thU offense is not li's> than tlx Mionlb.v in jail or iraiirisoninent in Ibi- peniten- Ifaij nul t:> <-xr«f >d tnn j«ifi. After being out almost, twenl.v-four hours, the jury in ilie .Manha Will- lums murder cas.- bad not reached an asD -enienl at ::::!ti this aftemoun. The pleas to the jury were finished aboul four o'clocli jesleri.'ry afternoon, after which the jurors wen- sent to the jury room. They deliheraied all night and iiMlay without reaching a decision .which has caused .some surprise to many who hearil tho evidence. rnder.the information the jury may find the wom.-in guilty of hrst degree murder or a lesser offense dowu to fuurih degree manslaughter. Th»» penally for these offenses^ runs froin life imprisounii-iit down toi a jail sentence. '•*'*%j <V)IMnB When the jury was taken to dinner ftKlay they showed the effects of being cooped " up in a room where electric fans, ice cream, and coco cola are not among the convenipnc«».«. Now that they have deliberated so long without getting tosetber, many are expect inU a hung jury. .Mrs. Williams is charged with the murder of Bud Scipio. her paramour. She ideaded self defense. Before coming here. Scipio lived at Coffeyville At Wuuldu'l 'lake a i3U a U»nth'Jol» on It Farm. Toj.eka. Ka .-J . .-s'epl. r<; —T It, lif- row. head, nf the: stale eiiipiuynieni agency, in speaking Kida;. i.| the de- ."iiand ihe Kans;..- fariii-:.s fur !;!lmr, • Iteil a:: .instaii<e of ihe ofler of a farmer «if i-',h a [:i<iiiih for the iervices of a man and wife on tiie fi.rni. with bouse furnished sliem and n iioi .-f am .garden jiaicli of their OVMI ti;-.! i ;ii >uni for <-bicke :is and piu.s llre> j i.,;:. li: e:iji to rai .se. A machiiij .~-t iiii;|i>i ••inploy- iiient came into ,\lr. (;.TO\\JS ollce io- day looking for work and' tiiriieil up Ids nose at the offer, lie f^aid he had been gelling as lii;;li as IS.r .ii and $4 per da.v for his work in the railroad :.hops of a rertaili eiiy. .Vow the facts are that the offer nf I be farmer was a bi -fier one fnmi ;i pecuniary siaiidiHiini than the job the man had just lost Alter iiayin.!; grocery and butcher bill... and rent the machinist would MU have.$:!•» left each month from his |iay eliH .^k. While he ought lu clear !S ;!<i every monili on the farm in addition to liie salary he received from the farmer, j He cimld .s;ive J ."itiO a year on the farm. How- iiiai y machinists in ibis.or any other city save S'>»0 a yrar fr<im their waje--^'.' Vet .\li. te-row lieclares that town men oil! of work rJefu.>^e jobs In the coiiiilry every da.v. ' .Mr. <;erow is IM' the opinion t |iat the Kai .<:is Com slm-vs "ihe iiro .spefi'is of .-i liig be cut tha crop this .lear and that tlieVe will 1 h-avy lieiiiat.d li.r labor ai corn ln>: time ne\; hioiitli lle's:iid ft.ld.^ lielweeii here and Afi bison shnWi'd bis; corn; already made DIDN'T BEGIN TODAY WIIITMIW rKI.MlKY CASK UtlKS UVKR I NTH. T0.MJIRROW. .'Many .Wilnc!.>es Arc Suniinoned—Whit Is Charced Wllh IVriury on File •nnnts. lim ON FIRST BALLOT lirr .HES 1 NAMED REPUBIIC .tJr ('AMIIIIATK FOR GOTESNOR. NEW YORKERS ARE VOTES orT OF i,e«» CAWE TOS SITCESSFUL ONE. Plalform rontalns StroBg Indone- nients of Policies of fioTeraorj and - Rouseieit—Hatches to West. Saratoga. -N'. Y.. Sept. IS.—The Republican slate ticket: ' J; For Governor—Cbarle? E. ita^et, of .New York, (renominated).: ij For lieutenant governor-j-Horace White of Onondaga; j; For secretary of state—Saninel S. Koeaig, of New York. | For attorney general—Edwa,rd B. CMalley of Erie. ' For comptroller—Charles H, Gans. of Albany. For state treasurer—Thomas B- liiinn of .VIonroe. ' ' ! For associate justice of the qourt of appeal .s— Albert llaight of Er ^. (re­ nominated). '-4 and other southern Kansas towns Coffeyville. he le «j a race riot once and' hence the case is excifpg some in-' terest there. Today the Register received telegrams from | .Coffeyville papers asking for tho n*siiii of the jury's deliberations. Mrs. Williams, so the officers say, is her usual self tn<lay. apparently unconcerned as to the oMt<»me of the trial. The Sam ANTiitlow perjury case will inot come up in district court today a» •was Intended, owing to the Cart that Keturned From Vacation. Or \ I) Txvadell returned today 'from'a trip ovej- .he e.,stern par. of Ihe I'nited States where be lia spending his vacation. Or. visited the .Xiairara Fal^ and : inietestin-.; points in tb been Dr. Twadell ill of the east. s compan- SPENT 7 MILLIONS That is What Kansas Paid to Maintain Public Schools This Year. Topeka. Scpl.'l .-T ^The expenses of ->-•"-•'"•/•;;::• of otiisidi- Iviiclilni;. ATTACKED BY AN EAGLE Ah E«ghtYear-Old ' Being Carried Away New down into a liatids with him and to assure lilm that t'(< people of lltimboldl nfi" his fii 'iiils ns 111 v a'wavs have been. .Mr. I., I,. .Norlhriip, Mr. R. F. Cnl- lev. .Mr. A. I*. Harris. Mr. R. L. Boy -Qamc Near Thoiiipsiii ai.d Mr. Charb-s Spencer 'accomiianii'd Mr. Scott to Humboldt, the .•utile p :iin beiiij: taken down by Hf. ..\llie:l .Vi ivion in his big aiilotuo- Vork, Sept; ICr-Stvoopiiis >i»." o a crowd of pe[rsoiis wliO|bil. we'-e watching a recent>ball -janie ij'ear I'ort Hichmoim. S. I..| an Ani-'ri enii i'agle' attacked .lolin I'ollackson, S .\ears old. A croup of riep set nn- oh I'-e bird and (5eor«e Pollackson. father of the boy. ran lo his|honie. nro- , cpred a shot uurt and returiiing. killed A Big Republican Meeting There on j Saturday Night.— Congressman iHe eagle. 'The hall came w.ns in and vnumr Pollackson w.i 6n the ground absorbed RALLY AT ELSMORE full Rwin=i stretched •, n ihe con- Scott Will Speak. schools, are increasing at ih'? rale of nearly I million dollars a year, ac cordinc lo tie limires complli-d by K T, Faireliild, state siiiieriritenileiit. In i:)A7 the expens.'s of running the pulj- lic schools, wei-e $7,t'lii.s :;'s. while the ear previous the exi>etis<'s were $(!,. iiH'.'i'ls. In ll'iiT. r.'..".»;s teachers wen- •U'jiloved. ' while in I'.IIH". < there were :'.2U. CARELESS K.U. CONTRACTORS. Read Their Figures Wrong and Forfeit a $1,000 Check. Lawrenc:'. Kas.. .S.|ir. liJ.—The liiaiuhaid Con.«truction company for- ff'iled its $1.0ni> certified check depos- if.'d as an evidence of sood faith when it; filed its bid for the-new raining en • -. - .\ lousing Republican rally is to b.-^ The 'ineerln^ bi^/lding at the "t,n-erslt>- -f^Sg^rr^rirTs^ ^k ^or ^.S0OJna..-:-;;y Oie^item attend the meet. ALL MUST SHOW TICKETS Passenqers on Rock Island Trains Must Buy Pasteboards. Beginning October all passengers who intended to ride on the Rock Island trains in the state will be compelled to purchase a ticket and show it to the conductor before they are allowed to board the train. This order has been in force in the east for many years and some of the roads in Kansas are already using it. On one or two of its main lines the Rock I.stand has been enforcing it but the nrder which will go into effect October 15 will include every main line and stub line of the Rock Island in Kansas. In speaking of the new order a local Rock Island authority says: "Of course, where there is no ticket office or if the ticket office happens to be closed.: caab fares will, be accepted. But. whevmer tickets are for pale persima •iir^^^compelled to buy them and VlU Kare to^sbow that thev have puvdiaaed them -before tltajr irni be allowed'to-entor tbf est when the eaele descended and bed in Klsmoie Saturday night, ilanted its claws in his neck.^ The hoy. K'smore band is 'to furnish the music - - - -.1 ^u_„ p Scott politic„.,, . campaign. (:he men finally contrived tb release There is much activity among the Re- libe boy and to catch the eagle by its publicans in the Elsinore vicinity and talons and hold ti until jfr; "Pollack- a big crowd s expected to attend this ^ veiled and the lad's immediate neich-; while Congressman Chas. F. Siors tried to grasp tl:e eafle. This will deliver the address on the ' ' was no Pasv maUer, but L several of al questions of the present can JiSrenVanf ^he compniix- preferred forfeit $1.«..^ posted than to go on iion returned with his nun. measured 7 feet f. inches , tip. A'oung Pollackson »jas not SJiired beyond a few scratches. The eag'e meeting, jfrbm tip to, n- l\0 TAXES ON INDIA^ LANDS: iThe Leeislalnre of the C'hhkasawv in Okltthoma Dlscnsses Ih 'f Matter. Okla.. Sept .jlrt. —.\ toint se,<5sion of the s<»nave aiid hcu.=e of repre.sentatives' of the Chickasaw In- •lian legislature was held nere thi<^ nf- lernoon. f^overnor Douglas H. Johnston presided. The Tov^rnor's message touched nrinclpally Upon themat •er of the laxaf'on of thr homestends of Indians. \ telegram fr>m fJovernor Haskell, received hv Oovernor .)ohn- ston recently, which f>ia ed that the state lioard of equalizi tion would abide by the terms of the Atnka treaty, providliig ' that the homesteads should forever be free fiom taxation, iwas read, i HAVE ALL RECORDS Wright Brolhfr!. Have Sustaiaetl .Vir>hl|i«i iu Air for l.itnKer Time Than Other AeroplanlsSs. ly'mans. I'rance. Sepi. if..—On the field of .Vuvokers ihis morning Wilbur Wright, an aeroplancist of Dayton, Ohio, eclipsed all fi^itropcan records for .'•'iisiained areoplane tiight by re- m<iining in the air thirty-nine minutes eighteen and three-fifths seconds. This gives Wright brothers Ihe record for lioih heml.'pheres. r >o lo WashlnatoD. Mrs. Chas. P. Sc <itt and children are :ea,vinK on an evenioR train r<>r Wash Iiigton, D. C, where they wlllspend the winter. the W. H. Gordon liquor case has consumed the lime, ll will be taken up the first thing in tho morning. ; It is expected that the trial of the case will not con.siime more than two tl.-iy.s. A good number of witnesses have been siimmonei' by the state but their tesiinionv is expected to he short. . Veslerday anrl today the officers' have been notifying the witnesses to repoit. Quiti.- a few people including .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Sapp and their son-in-law. Roy Smock, were orer from -Moran today, expecting that the would he readied this afternoon. Whitlow's two brothers and father were also nere, .•\ special venire of jurors was drawn today in anticipation of the case. Tbf examination of the jurors will no doubt be ri'.;id and thorough and from the re.siilar jur.v and the special venire drawn a few days ago twelve men eligible to hear the evidence might not be secuerd. Whitlow is charged with perjury on five counts. The action grows out of his trial and acquittal of the murder of .Miss .M:iy Sapp who was found wiiii her throat cu; in Ihe rear yard of the Sapp home on the evening of Seiiteiivber 2Tth last. The stale Is claiming that tliere are material con- radictions In the evidence Whitlow ^nve in ihi". Inquest and in the trial. A large crowd will no doubt attend Ihe liroceediliKS. DEATH LIST GROWS to -'^liJ^un^;^?-authorities do not Advertised and the contract let on an entirely new bid. Nine Fatalities Result of Windsor Explosion.—Conductor Denies Knowledge of Disaster. Charles Evans Hughes of New York • v.-as nominated yesterday by tjhe.Re­ publican state conrentloa by a^ ovef- whelming majority, and oh thie first ballut, to succeed himself as governor •>f the state of New York. | He received 827 out Of a posslhlei 1,- IMI9. as against lal for Janes 'W 'r mfitds worth. Jr.. of Livingston opiiD^ speaker of the state assembly, aiili thirt.v-one for former Cpngressmaa c .lohn K. Steward of .Montgohie^. . . The nomination was' made unaiUm- oils uiio'n motion of State Committeeman William Barnes. Jr.. of Albany, who has^ been perhaps .the bitterest and outspoken opponent of .the governor's renomination. . •, The governor's renopiination followed the utter failure of a desperate -struggle on ihe part of aj nnmber of the county leaders, who for fonr-daya^- have spared no effort tOj dlSi^er-S'*"" candidate upon whom they cdaid ai^lte to defeat him. The balance |of the ticket was made up In the 'gOjpd.oId- fnshioned way," aii organisation . •slate" announced an hour of'more before the session of the .convenJUon began by Timothy L. Woodrnlf; chairman of the state committee, after a conference of the local leaders. Senator Wihite, who was choaen as a candidate for lieutenant gbvernior, was'^ -in the running" for the gonrernor- , ship until the early afteijiiooi^, wbqa after a meeting of his delegation he re- nested hi.S: friends not to' present bfs name. ! It was the 18.1 votes of all bat one district in New York county that <^r- ried the governor's total! beyond-the '•'•5. a majority of the coaveotlon.' required to nominate. ! 1 The nine votes of Nassati coimty.bad brought the Hughes total 4t 396. Amid, a breathless hush, in wbick'wak incii^- nate all the intensity of bijtteni eas anS ! suspense wi^ich up to that monnent bad. characierized the struggle to prevent the renomination,of Hughes, fie sec- ' reiary of the convention called "New \ York." i 1 ,"; Herbert Parsons, president oC/tM .\'ew York county Republican genenl 1 committee, rose in his place, IjIsaleBr , der figure alert and tense with' Ihe M excitement <if the crucial moment, and said: . • .New York county. Second assembly district, glvea four vo»e« fo^ VTsdB' worth, the balance of the county, n3 for Cliarles E. Hughes." A thousand |>encils in two jsecondii bad footed the Hughes total to 578. In .IS many heart beats every person rin the great hall knew that the battle was over, and the place was Ihstantly a bedlam at cheering. •^1 4 /,EPPEM> nriLPiNi;. German ters Count is Using Three Quar- of a Million of Sum Given Him. Priedfichshafen. Oermany. Sept. 16. —Coimt Zeppelin has taken three- ntiarfrs of a million dollars of the Jlft50 ,0fK> piven by sympathizers after the deitruction of hiaj airship last month and has foundedj the Zeppelin I.imi'.ed Liability company for aircraft buildin.s. The count continues as manager of the compaiay during his life time, after which Baron Max von Oemmingen-fJuttenherg and Baron Conrad von Bassus will be the controlling linanagers. , The remainder of the gift money has beeifi invested for the advantage of Count Zeppelin and tifter his death Pedaiia. -Mo.. Sept. IB.—Two additional deaths occurred in the hospital here carlv this mornin .E; as a result of the explosion of several hundred Iiounds of powder and dynamite in a freight car at Windsor. Mo., yesterday. The loial death list is now nine, and it is believed iithers injured wil! recover. Those who died this morning are Ira .Malone. a miner, and John Walker, a negro hotel porter. Physician.- stated today that A. F. Hersech berger, a freight conductor,, accused of causing the explosion by attempting a practical joke will recover. He was able"- to- talk this morning and emphatically denied he was responsible for tlie disaster and laid the blame to ose nf the negroes. BRUTALITY IN KANSAS JAILS? U win be used by his tlmateiy all of the motjiey will go to the company. daughter. Ul A Complaint From a Sedgwick County Prisoner to be Investigated. Topeka. Sept. 16.—.\ man now confined in the Sedgwick county Jail has written,to Governor Ho^ complaining of conditions at that, jail. The prisoner says that the jail authorities al'ow only two meals a day and that when a prisoner asks for more to eat the lailer locks hitn np in a dungeon. The governor is planning to invest!-, gate conditions In several Jails in Kansas whence reports of mistreatment have heen received. For the bent aad qniekest resnlla try the Beflrta^ Waal Golai TBEATY "Wtra - f A NEW Wn Paar* Haa Aatharify til Slgft^am AriiifntlMMHisnn^. Washington. Sept 16,--ryfn i .Tlhgr-. fang, the Chinese -ministe^baa'T re-, ceived anthority ^m 111 ^3 m^cameiit to sign, the proposed arbitralf""*-*-^*^ with the United States, The provisions -Of the txe derstood. wDI be alongffl erar lines aa.thoae negotii powers this .iiorld an4 by the tint f^CMrinieU— pracUeallr K»]ii;«Hit J tries with ment has i treatitt. ' A SOLDIER DEAD FROlf ClfOEEBA. The Disea-se Kills a Xenber MTwe i- ty-sfacth Infantry In PiiOfpiitalM. Washington. Sept. 16.—Theladitita It general's office was advi$ed jCod^.. it the death from Asiatic cboleija. bi-it le Philippines of Bert R. Ctariistpi^ cm'- pany I, Twenty-sixth regtmeBCof^in- fantrv-. This is the first inrdrmatkm' which has reached the deparobeat for some days regarding any case >oft cbol- era in the islands. At jtbellsnrgeoa .general's office no .fear is,felt of the discasf spreading to anj-' extent or. that the army would saffelr if it-did. The disease, the officers^ say. is easily; prevented by the adoption of jibe' proper sanitary precatitlons.:^ ' 1 cHnrAt 'I

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