Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 15, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1908
Page 6
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^ . W p r jPraiMrats-'Panaiag Their Uml iDsakfa llaMa. Policy. HOOB- I NEeROESl j ?9ftoIdt&g CisfrjmehlMment In tht •Sonih While Forming Colored jj'a^ Brywx Olttbe in Westo (Fnm the Baltimore Sun, Dem.)' k OcaenI Wlnfleld S. Hancock, vrbo wu the Dunocratlc nominee for President In- 18S0, declared the tariff was < iprlndpaUj a "local question"—that is £ 887, a Penuyltanla Democrat miKbt a prbtectiontct for protection'n sake. i^WhUe a Democrat In Georgia or in Aofn. migbt bold fast to the doctrine hif a tar^ for reveriueonly. The Massa- ij'-ahnaetta' Democratl mlsht be a free : irader without reserTation of any kind. i'Whlle tte' West jVirginia Demixrat I might lie a free trader only with re- iipe |st t <i commodities whioh were not l>produc<n b.v I biR own State. General il^Iaacock's pronouncement was coiisld- -lere^ an jingenious evasion of (be tariff usne, but It did, not produce harmony kn Democratic party, and' the gcn: eral was defejited. ; Twenty-eigbt years have passed since |8 «!ieral Hancock defined the tariff as i| local question upon which the Dcmo- ijqats of each State ^•wrere free to act iiith regard diiefly to local interests. Vtbe principle which be then forma- iated seems to bare been adopted by tjemocrats in the West in respect ta ihe relation of the Democratic party *td the negro. I *st week the West Virginia D^ocratic ctinrsntion embodied In. its platform plaiil^ demanding cer- •taln qoajlficatlons fpr voters, designed faf disfranchise many negroes. Their .platform ialso cpntains a declaration in . tavor of! aepa^te coaches for white aid negro passengers on railroads. The TJtjeat Virginia Democrats not only refuse to liold ont the olive branch to 'tt^e negro and invite him - into their jfcdd, butjthey are determined to limit .|hil|8 political activity-by a disfranchls- ;izi(g laV and to bring him under the oijeration of a "Jim Crow" law when he tfavela on the railroads of that State. What are tha Promises P |Ont In iKebraslca and In Kansas the 'atjlic^campaign managers are inlzing negro voters into Bryan d^ba. In! Ohio no effort will be spared to|J8ecnrej the support of the negro r<|kjera jfOr/ the Democratic national ^Ucifcet What pledges have been given loul what inducements haw bc 'ii of- fe M doed ^ot appearii But it a fair In erence jthat the jlmanagcrs have pruniBad/ito do "something for the ne- jTii'' MThapa to recognize hitu in the liBtribtitldn of offices^, It Mr Bryan jd^uid' b^ elected, and also to: take ifilch action as the negroes may de- naad In jrespect to the reinstatement kt; the n^irro battalloii dismissed from annyl by Preaide^t Uoosevelt for| attaclc on Browii8|rille. Last week itn jthle West Virginia Domocratai - declaring for a aisfranchlsenieut; ftiW, and jfor a "Jim Orow" law. the Democratic convention in the Tn-elfth Oonigreasional dlsti*lct of Ohio adopted I Iptatfprm favoring fthe enactment MS lawa whi<^ shall accord to all men I Wsed Ipf wrongdoing, w.hetber sol' or -clvlliana. a fair and impartial and |: an opportunity to be heard conviction or! punishment." iita appijraitly refers! to the Browns-. rfUe incident It may also have a.' bnmder' meaning and A more extended H^Ucatioiu and may be susceptible of . tn I bitopretation which will make Kaotheraj; Democrats open their eyes ' irith amaeement knd possibly wlth| apr f ; Baca jonestiiin "Local IssueP'^ * JTliere' seema to^be no ground for rear riona ))le Hflbubt ttiat the Democratic' teWaigu ImanagerB in the West, in ^the to Mscure negro siipport for their national ticket, kre acting upon the, Jnrlndple that the race qja^tion is only a^plocal'Jwie.'' Tt l« evldeht that the BpoUi does not approve this plan of . ainiHtign,! but la powerless to check it. file DenMljcracy the South Is in full ' UDord wi|h the poaltion taken by the < Wfatj' Virginia Democrats last week, .tod yet it is assumed by* those who ^uej^r^ng to' gethegiW to support Ifr. Bryaili that the Solith will act In • • ' ation wlt^ the Ohio, Ne-l jja^; Kt^naaa and Hllaois Democrats, tare Welcoming the uegro into free liipi'in the Den^ocratic party tad iprotiaUT promlatng: to annul the ^M:fi {k» of Prealdaat Rpoaevelt In the! theory of j tha race prob-' J , sue is calcu-! Mb* the Bona mocb ooneem.' " ati to't4** "«**>° may It iaj ^rth while to »<U.7nJ «A <Yatte pcafMant -who may> ilpar otj^tical oppor: V ' tfe- wlir A JBLY BEcram^ At The Reasons abundant w^hy you should disc. It's the new prices that are forcine makes this store the headquarters lor all appointed. Refusing, ^e|mpting bargains STORE i " • i! Full of Mon^y-Saving Opportunities spend your money here.; It's the new fashidn "kinks" that's ipiaknngthe public hungrj^ upon us an early fall trade. It's the way we do things—the Imagnitude of our buying wise buyers, who depend on our ability to guage in advance the trend of popular taste in every department. I for our merchan- -our selling—that knd are never dis- Handsome TdUored Suits Made of plain and fancy colored novelty siit- ings, in the long enipiry style, French cutaway or pointed front and back styles, smartly tailored and handsomely trimmed. Skirts are,the latest models for fall and trimmed to match Coats. Priceh— SI5.00.SI8.00.S20.00. $22.50. $25.00 S30.00.S35.00.S40.00 NEW FALL MILLINERY Neiy FaU SkiHs In eiidlcss variety, higli art tailored effects, modified Directoire ejTects, gored and clinging sheath models. ^In plain and fancy worsteds. Prices range from $3.98 to $20.00 New Net Waists In white, ecru and black, made over, a silk body lining; lace yoke in front and back. Has the new Gibson collar,, jind long raous juetaire sleeve.s. Prices range J $2.98, $3.98, $4.98, $5.98 Fall Hats arc now in, and more to come. Attractive and correct shapes, made and trimmed as only experts know how, and at prices that positively cannot be duplicated [elsowliere A great variety of ^jIisses' and Children's School Hats |ire now recidy for your inspection. The New Dress Goods Make Their Debut. These are "comming out" days for the new /jutumn weaves and they are receiving a most cordjal reception^ It's a long step forward we've taken this season in the gatjhering of Dress Goods. It's a peerless exhibition, covering the widest scope, as some of the choicest fabrics come, only in limited quantities, an early selection is advisable. 3'j inch fancy vv'ool Suitings, suitable fur suits and skirts, special for this week, j'ard.... 38 inch extra fine Serges and Batistes, any ishade you ma}^ want. An exceptional fine line,.per yard- ^ 4-t inch Wool TafTctas—"Btjlony Mills'—a )->-nii- tiful soft material for dresees au<l waists, in all I JQ A shades, special this week, per yard I Jo 44 inch new fancy stripe Suitings, in brown,' red and green. You must see it to appreciate it. Per yard , . A great variety of new stride suitings, 44 inches wide,in navy, brown, green, London smoke and net. Special for this week, pwr' yard 4 48c !*hade |0c blue. 89c New Silks—A Most Inviting $1 52 inch Herringbone ^.tripc Suitingi?, in i brown, green and Loudon sniokb, special for Q this week, per yard j.: .01 i)2 inch fanoy strii)e Broadcloths, the very 1 for a swell tailored suit, in all the new fall ^| shades, per yard A full line of fine Broadcloths for ttrccl and evening wear. P'roui OSc yard to $3. HUMBOLDT GIRL HURT. Was Thrown ^rom Horse While < ing Suhday. Rid- iwnwnn or tcrmiamac KOOC k 1, JteieUwrlU* matter.. Th» f~ IfMtam t>0nocnte &at a } 1 ^%l:ia:-'iaWr a local] im> for tfcjnn. In of I "pani- ^aa mib- I^atform volumes— BiTMrtlun The ilaiishter -of yf. C. Hrowii. who lives south of Humholdt. mot with a paiJiful accident •while ridiriK Sunday afternoon. She was in company with a youns: man by the name of Butler. They were in the road to Htiniholdt east of the river, five or nix milok northeast of Chnnnte. \ The horses wliich tlioy were riclins took it into their heads to run. and their riders were unable lo control them. Miss Brown was thrown from her saddle and fell in the road. ShO was unconscious for two minute's; When she came to sJie pluokily tried to scramble to her feet, Init slio was so badly hurt that she could not stand the pain and fainted asain. Several limes she came to and tried to arise, and each time she was unable to keep her feet. Her escort kept his saddle, hut ^:as unable to stop his hoiao, which cjarrleil him a Ion,.' distance up the ,d before he could break its ]>iicc. and Mrs. H. M. Joslyn of this city w«5re driving along the road, and fbund the girl, struggling to get home. They picked.her up and took ln^r on III their buggj', a distance of two and t«^e-faalf mllea. . Wlien they lefti the place .she had become anoonsclous agala and it was IjCeared that she vas badljr hurt She joomplalned of pi^a in her ankle and Tile «il 'HI ilip l'^bst<>;i farm Sundav. TI III .i.ot Another IVilI. f. brou;:ht in a I ..'.uO,i)i"t wtll (in ilii.s placi.'. Ill tr, I Wl> Uc^iirncd Km)>ty liunili'il. Slirrilf f.". O. I!'illi:i;:f .T. wlr>i wr Coffoyvill^ vcstcrday ti> ^iniiiiKin BX -.'^heriftV; witnf.-.>-p.s iir llic .Mijrtii;i WilliaMis uiirdcr icttirnril i-niidy l.i.nded :i. hutli (if ihe men U'IT<»| • •f tilt ritv. i):;p liiiiij; al ICuirka fine in Oklp.lioiii::. Jjar- 00 avy, 25 ling 50 50 While the occosion is primarily one for seeing the advance ideas for antumn, yet you should not overlook the special prices which we have made to incite immediate purchase. More especially do we call attenfioi] to the soft new satin materials—the plain and fancy messalines, satin liberty, satin duchesse, in both street and evening shades. . lU inc^! 8aiiu Messaliues, in all the new 7Kn shades, special for this week, yard, j 1 inch fancy Taffeta Silks, suitable for M Qp suil^ and waisti!, special for this week, yard. ... .fOu 1'.' incli fancy Messalines, in all tlie new fall shades, special for this week, j'ard 21 incli Satin Duchesse in brown, nav}-, 0| {,'rccn, red. rfpccial for this week, yard OilZv iiich bhick Taffeta Silk, regular $1.00 PQp value, special for this week, yard DvU 3G inch black Taffeta, regular $1 25 quality, special for this week, yard ."G incli black Satin Duchesse, for Skirts, waists and costumes. Special per yard ..... " inch bhick Peau de Soie, regular $'..70 quality, special, per yard 85c ...98c I $1.25 $y9 Big Special Sale AH This Week Ginghams, Shirtings, Outings, fancy Flannelettes, Muslins. Sheetings and Calicoes. Lay in a supply and do your sewing now. Fancy dark and light Outing>-», special for Tp this week, jicr 3Mrd J|| Plain white Outing, special for this week, per yard ^ Plain auil fancy Outings, special jri.c, per yard , Faucy and plain Outiugs, iUO new patterns to select from, per yard. 5C 7l=2c lOc A First-CIass Sponging and Shrinking Machine A\ >oiii .SCI vice. KriiiK in yuiir dress j;oods and have il projfTly sponged and shrunk. A grcit v.ariety of fleeced Outings in dark and light colors, suitable f jr kiraonas, wrappers and dressing ssq 'ie:=, ;it lOc, I2h2c, 15c. 18c Onr stock of black X'uilec and Woolens has never been so coiuplclc. .A !u)k through our stock will coii- viuce you that we carry tlie best line of black woolens in this section of the country, from the cheapest to the^ very best. well is it; M'NEAL TO SPEAK CHURCH CHRISTENED IN BLOOD. I I Laborers Where Oili- fii llt(* Onii<ir> a) lliimlioldi (°«-lr-j braiion—W. H. Isjan tin l>«'iini «T:ilir llaj. Use Krtives in Edifice' (:«-|> Rev. Sheldon Preaches. } IOL.\ .STVTK IS >EXT. i 1 II H- ( h<-<-kiiiir Wrouiit lor l-'^»ur ;Carl .Monllis. Tfip.l.a. Sept. ii:.-.. Charles .M. s;i>s 1."..—Tilo <lmr'-li Slii'liloii. author i 'lii His Slfp--«." was <-lri.-iionc'd in .|-|,,, blood .today. IJalph \Vliiti> and Hus- ot' i>e rli--iti!;ti(l. fr'V.i arcf'iHi: i\ ill CITY BOUGHT 6,000 FEET. Nev/by. to Return fom^rrow With Gas Pipe. (• T. .\<wby. sui>eriiitoiident of tht- w:it'T lit'iiartnibnt. who is in Marian. .spf .ikiiii; j'"" .''"*r"'.?:. ti»l>"i«'i:* fni''ilj; ilu> county money last .sprii!--. m. Ml _i leemed to he intemalljr Injured. Tin' l|illlil:<i!>lt llrt.iid ,.,„lf..r ItMpuhiicaii d.-iv I)..nio.T»/ir ''"'IdinK. had :i d.fforonc.- o a-Hll-l.v bnv.. ol.iai.i...l II,.- iianu-s of ,w„ ."I"'""" to prece^onfc >•« thr «orl " lu-.Hl MH-ak....s for l-ib davs. ,,„„. :Hn.I \.\ hite slash.-l Starm-s txv ,c<. witta hom M.NMt. f..- -tui- i.rin- " "'"ictiiis spriotis woiiilds iii If., ui'l sp.ak on-Tl.ui-dav. s.-:.i.M..-•' 'in" f'"""- f'""..* h'-y -4Ui. II. pMl.liran d:.v .Mr. Mr-•'I"''*'''! \\bn.' to lb.- tall W.T. I H witl; .Vral ba.-* thv i<-p>|!.iiion of Mu-A oiif " '!""•''•••>»• r«-lodsbotp.ii.., .-omi of 111.* brisbt.'st on-toi- in Kaii-^i-.s a:id '" i""'' ""rsiii,!: ili* ir wratiiVjrlieckiiiii; account for the entir. IboM. who b .;|V liii'.i w-ili l.c I'lion- lb;..r l'"'"'' wounds. '.Stat.'.I'.ank to the lo!a Sp^t.- I>;«i;k lo-^i In:!, inspecting the gas pipe .which niorro"-. When th(! cotiiiiii.--iri :if r- leti 'lie city purchased for the gas depart- (,i[;i!'<iit will arrive home tomorrow ev- • Ihe i)r<>vi:-ions was that cadi .f ii-.-l-'nin.s Tin- city has purchased 6.000 .three lola banks was to have the iluii^ | ft' of pipe from the Xacionsl Supply tins account for four nionth.^ endi. |i;;coaipany and because it was imposs- ;«as uiver: to the A Ion Countv i:;:„k;Oas Superintendent .1. .M. Rod- for the first four nmmh^. VuiU-. eontnicl la.*!! year one bank hail "T h»rm tw-.p v .i .i- fr Ir I 1 ..• 1 . i: a ;•, i- i n , ..y^r iv. • :.i < an<t 1 fvtii .hv "i^it t I ... t.* ii-,,^ ' r<ill-f ti.:... I... ..N.. )r:r •li »ll<-.... , —.1 111. • I,, ij,,. -ri,^.., o«uc »l. ate ruinifiii-l." XhM. <niUr!. V.zi- • p'*^! ••U. All <fr<)it.i.< beitiK tnadte to [ucl .1. I,. llriMow ;:So but it is ii"l f"*'' I known whetb.f hi' .an come al the liine of .milnj: to prc^.;. Iloii W. 11. Kyan wi;i speak on in. iie day rrtda... SepHrnilier Mr. Ilyan is a forci^fiil speaker I 1 THE l»M,V ONE OF liS lilM». VI Al>niiti> •I h:iv. l.'mplorriL llon'l Ujuit Him l« Work. the the ir., I li'Ts to leave the city at this time Mr. ',\ewl)y insiiected it. TMs pipe : wilt Jio used in replaeiui and laying gas lains here. , liii- only job in the world j j.Many iJenionats of Alien county havpiwhere the eiuploypr doeMi't want his' !heard him .•iild lie will be sure to bired man to work. Sn-iles wreathe! jplease all who arejiere on this datp. jtlieir fac.esi when they spe nie sitting}' ) U. .1. Sheridan promised Mr. Orion with inv feet on my desk and iajking!| jilt .\Ioran'that he would be here at the po'i'ics to those who come into the oi-i ineetlng if he knew the date. Mr. Or-;lice," jiaid .W .-\brams. |>oor'conimis-] jioji has written him and is e.\pecfinc[jsiner. this morning. \ \ a favorable reply. t The, commissioners know that wheiil The Sparks Carnival cuiiipauy williMr. Abrams is busy It meVtns bills ttf, „PM«.nt.P,;,,M.;,P„.,,,.:T«.,o.wv.i>ooLH,.^';f' ro'T days beginning the [ pay. L*st montJi wa^ very satisfatltpry Ne>orsi.k-i..u«»o,..rorii«,.ur.i>.Me.K.r« i23rd. The Company is well equipped Uo them. Excepting the regular 8»ii ;.:^';M:rAV ';;;«i^^^^ the pubUc. Aislde from a;tharge$. only two persona, Sttrline Remedy Co. .CsicvoorN.y. lot Of first Class shows tAere will be jhelp from the county last month. ANMUALSkLE, T£l MILUOIMX^ nnmerons free shows and aacetuion each ."aay. a balloon I ^rff seem W .be very few and ^weea. in. AM^' countyj. HEAT MAKES CHILDREN ILL Summer is a veo' tryiWg i>eriod for >-oong children, and many a child who is usually healthy suffers during the heated term. There are many dangers fw the child in summer. These lie in milk, food, water, fruit, etc. Tfisgreatttt |J3E peVil is from some form of stomach or bowel nn . I^ai niim • ye trouble, it K usually the starting point of gtk 'V 'er SwoAnnSs^hi troubles. The child becomes constipiated. or gets •SiHUI'rbPolll- indigesrion. PbrspiratJon is interfered imift, xronn* derelop. the skin ttecomes scaly aind itchr. and'the poor cUkI is {a taocti nii^ rry. Do not let it co. and tmst to lack or fate for a carei. Use a remedy Hka Dr. Caldwell's fijmp Pejisin. wbicli is intended to cntethat very roiulilinn aad is impin laltj adapted to chOdreD's ills because of its mUdness and parity. IftliB child lus aaylot these sjrmptoms, or has not had a passaee ia'Zt boors, il needs Dr.CalilwiiU'aSyrmt Plep- sin at cmce. .Giire It in the small dose prescrOaed foe children and wateh: the wdadutatMeet. It^will act promptly bnt Keatiy. and as U is pi^asant to tak» yon witl'Bat: .bottle can be obtained of any dmsslst at SO cents or SLODl'and yoii^lioal day so as to bmrn It on band for an cunetsency. Uany.a iflothcr luwsaved^ a • tMsho^wwaberby th^mety use of.Dr. Caldweiri SyrasjTimnls TtUMandSoC arecettinr to.knowIt belter snd better aadlicep it eoMtaalWia thvhoaaa as tl)«.te rmMMly. sppra«tatfv«.of ftm tect tIl{Ult cwab^^m^aOj^JsiSiSSiV '«^**?«^ ,y «a haw iw*«ctii«4it

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