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The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey • Page 25
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The Courier-News from Bridgewater, New Jersey • Page 25

The Courier-Newsi
Bridgewater, New Jersey
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Plainfield 6-8000 telephone PLAINFIELD, N. COURIER-NEWS, FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 1933 PAGE TWENTY -FIVE Horse Racin ens Tomorrow Plainfield High Nine Loses Seven-Event Program Slated Sport Slants To Reopen Neiv Market Oval Srt ALAN GOULD Visitors Smash Out Total of 19 Hits to Record 16 to 2 Win pive'Event Schedule Harks 1933 Opening At Boro Park Track Light-harness racing will make its 1933 debut in this immediate vicinity tomorrow afternoon when the Central New jersey Horsemen's Association stages a flve-event program at the Borough Park Track, South Plainfield. The first race Is slated for a 2 o'clock start. iu lent condition, promising a general assault on existing records there Little announced today that two new entries had signed up for Sunday's events. One is the veteran Staten Island driver, Dave Harris, who will drive his Locomobile Special. Harris finished second to Eddie Miller at the recent Pittman races. The other new entry is Harry Vassey of Tyler's Point. Pa and he will pilot a Ludwig Special. The program will open with the time trials at 2 o'clock. The track is located. near Hadley Airport on the highway between Dunellen and New Brunswick. Racing will be resumed at the New Market Speedway on Sunday afternoon with Promoter Sam Little of Plainfield planning to stage a seven-event program featuring outstanding drivers of the Auto Racing Association, of America. Feature at 10 Mllea A 5-mile fast-car "three 3-mile heats, and, a 5-mile consolation will qualify cars for. the feature grind cf 10 miles over the half-mile dirt track. The track has been closed weeks during which time it has been put in excel Plainfield High School officially opened its new diamond at Parker Field yesterday only to be defeated by the New Brunswick nine by an exceedingly top heavy score of 16 to 2. Although Coach Hub Stlne used two of his varsity pitchers neither were able to stem the tide of the hard hitting visitors sustlL eavyweB" California golfing professional, doesn't trXn pace of 1932' wIU not be or 1 of conceri-iration, detailed study or proper training methods. Vp to a mero 210 for. the current cam-thi ri 8 American Pn. the Ryder Cup matches abroad and IS? 0ptn' within th Pac a month. He has practiced wiVwV 8 esPially for his first trip to England and studied 1Uona- has read on energy expenditure and how to replace! by munching lumps of sugar during oil disposition and playing temperament to start with. also has the physical qualifications essential to withstanding a week-long grind of 18 or 36 holes per day. He's long, accurate hitter end moments of inspiration on the greens, an essential to the playing equipment of any champion. He had more tournament under 70 last year than any other star, including Gene Sarazen, but he was no match for Gene when they met in Florida last winter. It would be asking too much of the Californian to duplicate some of the stunts he pulled in 1932, during a prolonged low-scoring spree, but If ne nas ms game under control he will be a factor in any big money or title tournament he enters. He's especially keen to make a-good showing- on the other side but concedes he will be under the handicap of inexperience with actual British conditions Card Steeplechase hits. frmceton Tops Bound Brook Loses In Track Meet Trinity American League Yesterday's Results Boston 7, Washington 5, 13 in. Cleveland 3, St. Louis 1. Detroit 3, Chicago 1. -Other clubs not scheduled. Young Detroit Hurlers Going In Great Style Play-Off for League Title Take Early Lead Taking the lead with two runs in the first frame the Zebras found little trouble in handing the locals a severe drubbing especially in tfe last five frames when they got to Pitcher Johnny Sabino for 13 runs. Sabino had come into th game with men on base to replace Kil-burn, In the fifth. Hits were plentiful on the part of the visitors, who amassed a total of 19 hits during the nine-inning session. The Big Red team had to content with. but nine. Although multitudinous none of the hita went for more than two bases, with three-out of five doubles credited to the home team. Errors were singularly lacking; with only one recorded. Double Triays. however, were plentiful, wtth Long Hitting at Premium Dutra certainly belongs among -the half-dozen players who should be in the top group of favorites Tor the Battle of Chicago starting June 8. Because long-hitting and accurate hitting is going to be at a premium on the North Shore links, I would list their chances about in this order: Gene Sarazen, Craig Wood, Leo Diegel, Olin Dutra, Walter Hagen and Bobby Cruickshank. If ifs necessary to search further for the winner, he should be found in this company: Harry Cooper, Tom Armour, Paul Runyan, Johnny Farrell, BiUie, Burke, Wiffy Cox, Macdonald Smith, and George Von Elm. Standing of Clubs Westfielders Give Poor Tom Bridges and School The opening card was originally scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, Memorial Day. but was postponed until tomorrow because of general poor weather conditions and a aoaked track. Four trotting events will be held with the fifth being a special event for saddle horses, a steeplechase over brush jumps at an approximate distance of two miles. This will be the first of a series 0f bi-monthly races to be held at the South Plainfield track and will he the Central Jersey Club's third year of activity In its efforts to revive fnterest In the sport ia the Plainfield district. Much progress was made along this line last season with a number of well-conducted meets. A number of new horses will be seen in competition tomorrow along with the standbys of last season. Fiske Waring of Rumson and Leonard Fink of New York City are two new owners and both will be represented by a pair of entries Tuesday. The honor of entering the greatest number of horses goes to Miss C. G. N. Blume of Plainfield who will bave three horses entered, all flriven by David Kearney. Special Interest is being shown In the fourth event which will bring together Belarion, Master McKin ney and Prince Wcithy. All heats in vpr th mile distance. best Performance in Field, St. Michael's of Jersey City Scoring 8-2 Win hoy Rowe Doing Their Best to Bring Tigers Out of 2nd Division PC .658 .568 .558 .454 .513 .425 .381 .359 13 16 19 24 19 23 26 25 New York 25 Philadelphia 21 Washington 24 Albany 20 Chicago 20 Detroit 17 St. Louis 16 Boston 14 Plainfield accounting fox three, one Westfield Exceptionally loose fielding -caused the Holy Trinity Tough In Wet Weather Thfr last time Dutra tried out the North Shore layout it was soggy from the effects of a long spell of rain. There were several par four holes he failed to reach with a drive and brassie, under conditions which stopped any roll of the ball whatsoever. He carded a 75 for the round. "That will give you some Idea of how tough it is," said the Californian. "If it dries out sufficiently before the championship, however, it will take 290 or better to win in all probability." Last year, at Fresh Meadow, Long Island, Sarazen led the pack with 286, tying the American Open record, while Phil Perkins and Bobby Cruickshank finished in a tie for second place at 289. High School diamonders to drop the play-off for the title of the NewarK Diocese Parochial Baseball League Games Today Philadelphia at New York. Cleveland at St. Louis. Boston at Washington. Chicago at Detroit. Championship to St Michael's a beautiful unassisted eaten Kotyo of a hot fly while standing practically on first base. Another of the game's features were seven pop flies hit by Plain-field in succession during the second, third and fourth frames. Without a ioubt these accounted for the home team's inactivity during this portion of the game. The finehps: Plainfield H. S. By the Associated Press Detroit's chances of getting out of the American League's second division look mighty slim but as long as they can pin their faith on Tommy Bridges and Lynwood (Schoolboy) Rowe, the Tigers are hard to beat. Bridges already has two one-hit games to his credit this season while Rowe, the big 21- High of Jersey City, 8-2, yesterday afternoon at Seton Hail Field, South Orange. The Trinity com bine were knotted with St. Michael's for lead of the loop, both having won four and lost two games, hence the deciding game on neutral AB Bound Brook In their final meet of the season. Bound Brook was defeated by Princeton High School at Princeton by a score of 69 to 48. Sypa of Bound Brook- won the honors of the day by scoring 14 points and Mitchell of Princeton came in second with 13 points. Because of a wet track neither team was able to make a good showing and the results were far under par. "The summaries: 100-yard dash First, Thompson, Princeton second, Mitchell, Princeton; third, Rustic, Bound Brook. Time, 10:3 seconds. 220-yard dash First, J. Mitchell, Princeton; second, E. Mitchell, Princeton; third, Thompson, Princeton. Time, 2L2. 440-yard dash First, McCarthy, Princeton; second, Davidson, Princeton third, Terrara, Princeton. Time 58. 880-yard run First, Downs, Bound Brook; second, Bullock, Princeton; third, Thiel, Princeton. Time, 2:26. Itfile run First, Downs, Bound Brook; second, Stout, Princeton; third, Wright, Princeton. Time, 5:6. 120-yard high hurdles First, Hale, Princeton; second, Tindell, Princeton: third, Boggett, Princeton. Time, 17.5. 220-yard low hurdles First, Tindell, Princeton; second, Hale, Princeton; third, Ogden, Bound Brook. Time, 27:22. Javelin throw First, Sypa, Bound Brook; second, Zackarowitz, Bound Brook; third, Barnes, Princeton. Distance, 147 feet. Shot put First, Compter, Princeton; second, Sypa, Bound Brook; third, E. Mitchell, Princeton. Distance, 42 feet "2 inches. Broad jump First, Rustic, Bound Brook; second, Coulder, Princeton; third, Derwitz, Bound Brook. Distance, 19 feet, 1 inch. Hteh iump First, Derwitz. year-old 'freshman right hander National League Yesterday's Results New York 7, Philadelphia 2. St. Louis 6, Chicago 1. Brooklyn-Boston, cold. Other clubs not scheduled. grounds. Dick Vaughn to Hurl Tonight For Newark Dodgers Against -Regan's Metuchen Legion '9' Frank Jannuzzi, on the mound for the Westfielders, was in good shape, allowing only six scattered bingles, while Morley, doing F. 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 0 -3 0 0 0 0 o- 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 mound duty for the opposition, was Paretta, If Siergiej, ss Savelli, rf BJazo, Kotyo, lb Kane, 2b Malang, 3b Laretta, rf Kilburn, Sabino, Nelson, rf Total touched up for the same number Standing of Clubs of hits. now appears to be living up to the training camp ballyhoo. The six-foot, four-inch, 205-pound "Schoolboy" put it over the veteran Ted Lyons and the slugging Chicago White Sox yesterday to win 3-1 and. bring his mound record up even with three victories and three defeats. He gave only five singles, fanned five and pitched shutout ball after the first inning. The Holy Trinity, Westfield AB Ortleb, Stavish, rf-ss Dick Vaughn, one of the finest young hurlers ever to come to the fore in this section, will be on the mound for Newark Dodgers when they tackle the Metuchen American Legion nine at the Metuchen Legion Field tonight at 6 o'cloock. Sandlot Product PC .619 .615 .579 .512 .488 .444 .415 .333 16 15 16 21 21 20 24 28 St Loui3 26 Pittsburgh 24 New York 22 Chicago 22 Cincinnati 20 Brooklyn 16 Boston 17 Philadelphia 14 Jannuzzi, 4 3 3 3 3 3 rected from third base by Blacky Regan, all-around Metuchen athlete and sportsman. Newson to Catch Among Vaughn's foe3 tonight will also be another Plainfielder, Bill Newson who will do the catching for the Legion combine. Newson product of Rutgers University, has been going great guns with the Metuchen team which alsn corn- Devine, lb Slater, cf 0 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0- 0 Tobey, 2b 0 0 0 1 1 2 1 0 two of three to decide the winner. The steeplechase ha3 drawn two entries to date with post entries to ewrell the competition. The program: -First Event Dewev Hanover, b.h. by Dillon Axworthy, owned bv J. P. Ryno Plainfield (Campbell). Seraphina. ch.m. bv Arion Guv, Owned by Leonard Fink, N. Y. C. (Fink). Larchmont Guy, b.g. by Arion Guy. owned bv Miss C. G. M. Blume, Plainfield (Kearney). Second Event Direct Herring, b.g. by Lee Herring, owned bv Miss C. G. M. Blume, Plainfield (Kearney). Starasia, br.m. by Davstar, owned by Leonard Fink, N. Y. C. (Fink). Cora Belleville, ch.m. bv Young Jim Kennedy, owned by Raymond Frazee, Plainfield (Frazee). Adora Watts, b.m. by General Wafts, owned bv Fiske Waring. Rumson (Winter). Third Event Hollvrood Onward, b.g. by Hollv- Vaughn Is a true product of the Blotter, If 3 Doody, 3b 3 Goulding, ss 3 Driscoll, rf 2 local sandlots and 'gained his first New Brunswicfe AB O'Keefe, cf 6 0 2 LePine, 5 1 2 Sheska, If 5 4 3 Zawadsky, ss 6 2 3 Trzciek, 3b 3 4 7 Brown, rf 5 2 4 Jablonski, 2b 5 2 4 Winkler, 4 1 1 Carmen, lb ..3 1 0 Powell's petes under the name of Hights- F. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 fame with Six Second Plainfield Colored Stars. te nas town in the Central Jersev circuit. Games Today New York at Philadelphia. Brooklyn at Boston. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Gther clubs not scheduled. 6 30 Total St. Michael's, Jersey City AB Either Sunny Walsh of Ben Cchwartz will oppose Vaughn on the mound for Metuchen. The game was originally scheduled for Wednesday night but was postponed because of rain. The probable lineups: 16 19 Total 42 Dodgers International League Yesterday's Results Toronto 5, Montreal 4. Buffalo 21, Rochester 8. Albany 6, Jersey City 4. Score by innings: N. B. H. S. 201 052 P. H. 000 001 Two-base hits Savelli, Kotyo, O'Keefe, Paretto. continued to aid that combine hut has branched out into higher type baseball; hurling for some of the leading colored teams of the state. He has been especially sought after by Newark combines but finally signed up with the Dodgers, reputed to have the strongest array of colored diamond talent in the state. Such stars as the Johnson brothers, Arnold and others will comprise his field assistance In tonight's game. Vaughn tonight will oppose some of the outstanding semi-pro stars in New Jersey with such names as Abbie Leach, Petey Burnett, and Hadder listed in the Metuchen 0 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 2 1 0 1 0 -1 1 F. Sullivan, 2b 3 Loftus, 2 Stegle, ss 4 Harnett, cf 4 McDonald, 3b 3 Donahue, lb 3 Kelly, cf 3 J. Sullivan, If 3 Morley, 3 41116 100 2 Brown, Double R. Johnson, If Spearman rf J. Johnson; Arnold, cf Beckworth, lb Burgin. 2b Jeffries, 3b McCoy, i -r a -r Metuchen Jacobson, If Leach, 3 Burnett, 2b Newson," -c Hadder, lb Rogers, cf Regan, 3b Smalley, rf Walsh, Schwartz Standing of Clubs plays Kilburn to Malang, Savelli to Siergiej, Kotyo unassisted. Strikeouts by Sabino 2. Winkler 5. Bases on balls off Kilburn 4, Sabino 6, Winkler 4. Hit by pitcher by Sabino (Carmen). Umpire Mitchell. 8 6 1 Total 28 PC .614 Newark 27 Bound second, Coulder, Princeton; third, Barile, Bound Brook. Height, 5 feet, 6 inches Pole vault First, Barile, Bound Brook; second, Zawacki, Bound Brook; third, Sypa, Bound Brook. Height, 10 feet, 6 inches. Discus throw First, Sypa, Bound Brook; second, Lourmant, Princeton; third, Ferrara, Princeton. Distance 99 feet, 10 inches. Helen Jacobs Reaches French Quarter-Finals .608 vaugnn, Toronto Rochester Tigers' also, were limited to five base hits but bunched them neatly with walks for their runs. Wesley Ferrell, Cleveland's ace, came through with a three-hit game to give the fourth-place Indians a 3-1 triumph over the St. Louis Browns and Increase their margin over the White Sox to 1 games. His principal difficulty came with Debs who walked four times. The last-place Boston Red Sox, blanked by. Bill McAfee for six Innings, rose up in the eighth to score four times and tie the count, then added two more runs off Al Thomas in the 13th to beat Washington, 7-5. The Yankees and Athletics had an open date. The St. Louis Cardinals climaxed an almost uninterrupted climb from seventh place in the National League standing to first with a 6-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs. It put them just four points ahead of the Idle Pittsburgh Pirates. Dizzy Dean's six-hit pitching was the most important factor in the Cards' seventh straight triumph but his mates pounded Guy Bush lustily, received the benefit of five errors and put the game away with a four-run rally in the seventh. The New York Giants continued their unbroken string of -victories over the Phillies by winning the other National League game 7-2 as Fred Fitzsimmons settled after a bad start and yielded only one hit in the last six Innings. Cold weather forced postponement of the Brooklyn-Boston doublehead-er, leaving the Dodgers with three bargain bills to play in as many days. Legion lineup which will be di-l Austin, Score by innings: Holy Trinity 000 002 02 St. Michael's 121 310 8 Three-base hit Jannuzzi. Strikeoutsby Jannuzzi 7, Morley 7. Bases on balls off Jannuzzi 3. Tooa narnaway, owned Dy j. Lyle, Plainfield (Lyle). Guy Reaper, b.g. by Guy Axworthy, owned by Miss C. G. M. Blume. Plainfield (Kearney). Kedcjewick, br.g. by Lee Tide, "owned bv Samuel Schwartz, Plain-field (Schwartz). Hollyrood Devereaux." b.g. by Arion Guy, owned by Fiske Earing. Rumson (Winter). Fourth Event Baltimore 17 18 20 20 24 26 27 30 Roselle Netsters Score Over North Plainfield 28 27 27 20 20 17 16 i .574 .574 .451 .434 .389 .348 Albany Montreal Jersey City Buffalo Major Leaders Buffalo Trounces Rochester, 21-8 Niitley Velodrome Opens Next Sunday Belarion, b.g. bv Arion Auteuil, France -Wh- American court in tvtf French hard owned by N. B. Smalley, Plain field (Weston). Games Today Baltimore at Newark. Jersey City at Albany. Rochester at Buffalo. Montreal at Toronto. Bicvcle racing returns to Newi tennis championships center day on the women's singles where both Helen Jacobs, United States title-holder, and Mrs. Dorothy An-drus Burke of Stamford have" reached, the quarter-final round. rrHmr thft other six places in The North Plainfield 'High School tennis team dropped another match yesterday to Roselle at the borough courts. The match was close with the visitors forfeiting the last doubles match for a 3-2 win. Led by Elmer Klinsman's herculean effort the Canucks managed to take one singles tilt. The summaries: singles Kinsman, North Plainfield, beat Lehardt, Roselle, 6-4, 2-6, 13-11. Hyatt, Roselle, defeated Harkness, North Plainfield, 6-4, 8-6. Corson, Roselle, defeated Wyckoff, North PlalnSelcL 6-2, 6-2. Doubles Hyatt and Corson, Roselle, defeated Rosenthal and Wyck-off. North Plainfield, 6-1, 6-3. By the Associated Prest Ray Schalk's Buffalo Bisons still are mired deep in the International League cellar but at least they can console themselves with the reflection" that the season's best all-around exhibition of slugging now stands to their credit. By the Associated Press (Including Yesterday's Games) National League Batting Frederick, Dodgers, Traynor, Pirates, .348. Runs Martin, Cardinals, 35; Bartell, Phillies and Berger, Braves, 26. Runs Batted In Klein, PhiUies 41; Hartnett, Cubs, 32. Hits Fullis, Phillies, 59; Klein, Phillies, 57. Doubles Klein, Phillies, 15; Leslie, Giants, and F. Herman, Cubs, 11. Master McKinnev, b.g. by Arion McKinney. owned by George- Espo-sito, -Manville Prince Worthy, b.r. bv Worthy Peter, owned bv George W. Young, Eelle Mead (Young). Fifth Event Steeplechase about two miles over brush jumps: Sun Tan Sheik, ch.g.. owned by J. H. Mellick Rumson. Peter Pan, br.g., owned by Over-Brook Stables, Deal. Championship Opens Westfield The championship of Echo Lake Golf Club will again be determined by medal play, 72 holes, the first 18 of which is booked for play tomorrow. Two rounds are scheduled for June 10 and 17, with the final round on June 24. No handicaps allowed. the last eight were four stars from two from France, ai -Ootid. 1 -i-r f- tnese. same- lCO. 1.T..I-- Battered around all season, the Bisons- discovered their own batting eyes with a vengeance yester Mathieu of France ana iseiiy hall of England must be reckoned for the day, nounded usiermueiier, formidable contenaers crown Helen Wills Moody elected Del "Wetherell and Ira Smith for 2 Triples Lindstrom and P. Wan- hits Eood for 37 bases and beat the er, Pirates, 5. Home Runs Klein, Phillies, and Braves, 10. not to defend tms year. Today Mme. Mathieu was pittea against Eileen Bennett Whitting-stall while another quarter-final, an all-English affair, involved Mary Heeley and Margaret Scriven. Tomorrow Miss Jacobs will play Jacqueline Goldschmidt of France and Mrs. Burke wiU face Miss Stolen Bases Martin, Cardinals, Rochester Red Wings, 21-8. While Newark was busily engaged- in beating the New York Yankees, 2-0, in an exhibition game, the Toronto Maple Leafs nosed out Montreal, 5-4, to gain a Virtual tie with the Bears for first place. Jersey "City fell before the Albany Senators, 6-4. FLYING ARROWS TO MEET i The Flying Arrow Club, winners of the city baseball title, will open their summer meeting session tonight at M- A. at 8 o'clock. President Tee Broccoletti has outlined a plan for the ensuing year. This will be presented for the club's approval at the "meeting. V'-. Jersey at 3 p. m. Sunday with the opening of the Nutley Velodrome, a seven lap saucer located on Park Avenue between Washington Avenue and the River Road, Nutley. International from all over the world will compete In paced and sprint races. Mayor Walter F. Reinheimer of Nutley will fire the starting gun in the Inauguration Day Stakes, a 25-mile motor-paced event. The motor-paced race will at-track the six outstanding pace followers in the world, Alfred Letour-nerof France, the American champion; Charley Jaeger, America, former champion; Gerard Debaets, Belgium, sensational six-day rider; Giovanni Manera, Italy; 'Fran Deulberg, Germany, and Paul Cro-ley of Brooklyn, one of America's most promising riders. Cecil 'Walker, Australia, the American all-around bicycle champion for eight years and sprint title holder for the last three seasons, will ride a one-mile match race the best two in three heats against Charley Ritter, Newark boy. There will be three races for all the professional stars, a one mile handicap, a three mile open and a miss and out Invitation. Among the international stars who will compete besides Cecil Walker and Charley Ritter, there will be Reggie McNamara, Ed Raff Norman Hill, Bill Grimm, Harry Horan, Ed Seu-fert, Tony Beckman, George Demp-sey, Louis Cohen, Tino Reboli, Jimmy Walthour, 'Torn Saetta. Amateur riders, from New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey will compete in a half-mile handicap, miss and out open and one mile novice. Davis, Giants, 6. Pitching Carleton, Cardinals, 6-1; Parmelee, Giants, 4-L- American League Batting Hodapp, Red Sox and West, Browns, .378. Runs Gehrig, Yankees, 36; Combs, Yankees, 34. RECOlWltM THRILLING Runs Batted In Appling, White 4 Sox, 34; Gehrig and Dickey, Yankees, 33. Hits Simmons, White Sox, 59; Hodapp, Red Sox, and Kuhel, Senators, 54. Doubles Averill, Indians, 15; Stone, Tigers and Sewell, Senators, 13. Triples Combs, Yankees, Manush and Goslin, Senators, Laz-zeri, Yankees, and Averill, Indians, 5. Home Runs Gehrig, Yankees, 10; Ruth, Yankees, 9. Stolen Bases Walker, Tigers, Burns and Campbell, Browns, Chapman, Yankees, Sewell. Senators, and Swanson, White Sox, 4. Pitching Brennan, Yankees, 4-0; McAfee, Senators, Allen, Yankees, and Mahaffey, Athletics, 3-0. 99 IB Golfers Open Tourney Baer Much Improved Atlantic City OR So much has Max Baer Impressed competent boxing critics in recent workouts that the big Californian may step into the ring, against Max Schmeling at the Yankee Stadium next Thursday night at close to even money in the betting. Several Californian experts who had not seen Baer in action for more than a year dropped into town yesterday and expressed amazement over the tremendous improvement he showed both on offense and defense. St. PanLW Faced with the posibility of encountering thunder showers alter Bweitering in wu-ae-gre weather during practice rounds, a host of the nation's lead because therj know OAYUK'S GUARANTEE m- realty means something la 1929 a peak sales year the Bayuk Philadelphia Perf ecto (Familiarly known as "Philadelphia was the largest-selling 10-cent brand in America. Bayuk guarantees that this cigar today at 5 cents contains the same fine Imported Sumatra wrapper the same fine ripe Havana and Domestic long-filler. It's the same identical cigar. ing golfers got ready to launch their quest for gold In the $5,000 St MOW OH! WHAT SPORT YOU'LL HAVE AT THE TROTTING AND PACING RACES Tomorrow, Saturday, June 3rd. 2 P.M. BOROUGH PARK TRACK Paul Open tournament today. 3J lfc POP SEZ Take a couple bucktail streamers on your next trout fishing trip. Bear in mind that they represent a minnow and not a fly and Ash them accordingly. We Carry Un Saiaws In Ticksr! aad. Troat Sises. ovx wsmsss zs tottb tzjbasttu PLAINFIELD AND TOMPKINS AVENUES, SOUTH PLAINFIELD Is Designated by Large Signs. Take Plainfield Avenue to South Plainfield Where the Track ADMISSION 25c SPECIAL 2-MILE STEEPLECHASE RACE PERCY R. GIDDES Central N. J. Association SPORTING GOODS 194 Somerset Street TeL Plfd. 6-8639 rialnfleld, t.

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