Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 15, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1908
Page 5
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ft, iow\ -Dri A IKIV J. It. Pepper. DcntiLt Pbone 16S. Ji Thousand!^ ] Every Day 6i the Yoar , Persons who fail to put their money iu the. jbank are the victimB of these robbers. Honest men and wbmen by keeping their money out of banks, fatten thieves. / If you are a customer of THE; STATE SAVINGS ^^n^ ^^^^^^ ^ ^ BANK, your money is safe from loss by thievery and your !i'ia|v„T" irniversiJios credit at the bank is-worth a great deal more to yon in the A majority of way of helpiug you to make more money. i ^""'t*' To be able t*o command ready money at JUST the right time is to open the door to financial success. Let us be your biiukcr and friend to help you ou the road to prosperity. State Savings Bank Ma, Kansas Opeu from 7 lo 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights THJC lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MMofacturers, Wholesale I and Kettul Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water VrW C«M Storage Kcjidy far i Kislnesa. Phoie IIC. FI^ANK RIDDLE. Mgr. ^ thorpe & HoDgh ^ Conlradors, £ii;:iiirtr.s. Surveyors. Fully' eiiuijiiicd fur all kinds of snrvqying, eFjiiinating. pa '.eiU drawing:, blue prints, iti^ps. sidcwaiks, curbing, and! farm drainage. (•nice OviT "Fiimous." Evans Bros. 0$lm mimllo—ry, aimnk Boo** SelkoW Sapmlt— A^hUmot Sui$0llmm Off lorn Mmattllm* Where qnallt; la main conald- •raUoo we buy the beat Where denianda Will Jugtlfy, wa carry all rrrdea abd prlcaa. Iqau-a, lala, Kaaa. lOLI ^M .ST H.ATKS <'ali>°oniia, Arizotin. Y.ti: UuU\ lUiifil (k-lwbcr .11, IWJ.. *:{0.00 fn.iii lolajKas. i^ilieral t^ioiHivcr inivileiics: I'l.-r- Ifi'l ••.vur.--'<ilis. Tirkpls ist siecpcrs on ^ ipay- li.irt niic. and in <-]y.\\r •.v;i> iif lipcciiiiiiij; ar- I lln" _<;r<':ii SiHiili« I 'yi. ilins vii |(l.;( <iuii|if!ciiic. Sail I a Kc yriii .-ifiino liirratnrc a. Ari/'i!!^! < tc. E R.\LSTOX. .\f;fnt. lola, Kan.-a;-. sonalJy condijn accptcd in Irnl ment of Pnijn^ car. No Ix'itf qiiainted with where (small fa I ttan by travelilif; ovi-r ihc Let lue semi abuut CaHftirnj;i \V. 1 4 -I Fry^r Bros, ..^'M! I' • . . - . WH^)LKSO]VlE GROCERII-S .M <-i«l-- .HI- Hi'l 'l '••I 111. I.;-, (if ftv riu\\ iir iiiiii- «J|M!i\Mitn«' and alua,v,--j I'll! ii- iilii-d upiHi. Try a ^ia^;k i-f N<> 7 l "':imr. JUT saik I i .lapan. imi >piial or (Jnniiow- dor Toa. |if'i' pmind l -tC Tli<> Ii<>.si iniiowii f<:r ilir money. er Bros. Phones S08-S01. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O O .VimiTlONAL SIIOHT .STOKIKS. O O O OOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOO — Hoard, room. :!1!> SmiUi St. Itlic hiimc of August Ko< rscblor. I'M-". South Santa IV avonno at 11:2" o'- ••lockl this niornin;.', wl .-re a lila/.c had H arted l«y a defect (vc flu.-. Tli'- f\n- was cMiusuislifd Ix-forc nuuli damaisjo was don«-. Tin- property was insur.,kl.-('lianuti' Tribmie. .Mr. and Mrs. Kc}iioid> lioiiic. .Mr. and .Mrs. l". .M. It.-ynolds liavr r<'turncil from a visit with ri'laiivcs in 'I'oiioka and Ivuasas L'ity. .Mr.-^. Ke'y- nuldsWas a dcleiiati- to ihv t-ialf ron- WHlioii iif tin' .M. |{. .\ in Kansas City and has ln 'i -n rliii.'-cn to n-pi(•.•^•'ni Kan^.-is at a .-iipuMiic reinvention in l>.ivcn |M )r;. on Oi-toher l::. The tini-st and ilics in town is froslust line of tan- ai -Mnndiss. Koalriirlil .Say FiVm- Fight. rndt 'islierifT .\. I.^ lioairi.slii. w lio has just rt'lnrncd fnwn l"n.-;tiM-. .\Io.. wlii -ri' he Went lo arrosi a man wantcil l'(n- lor :;i ry. ^aw lire liui.^li of a fierce li ,i:l !i on a train lielween two coitned men, Jl seeiiis thai on ,i iiain houiiil I'roiij Mnlliv to I-'o.-^ter two eolorrd men 111 canu inviilved in a di .-ipntc which linall> tciinlnated in a ilsht. They foimlu coaiiiiiiail.\ wliie ihe train >va!-'liaveiiim iitaiiy miles iinall.v draw- in;: min.^ .\I I'o.-ler lliev w-ie jiiil off Ijie train Here llie> retie-.vicl lln. liai'li- until a man picki'd np a .»iaff .ioni a iatlwa.\ iiiick and knockeil Imih of tiit'in do'.\n. One .it llu 'iii wa.'- Ieidl> intnieii. .Mr C-'.iu i;;!ii iln- !a.-! loiiiid. Il> III.* (he liol unit i|Hirki-sl ri'M try the ItrgisterN Uaiit (ulnnin. lint 11 ilii; IN-liriiu. U iii 1 o;i till' liver Salnida> aft|.'i- noon Will llaltaile and WTl! .\l} !iot .-iiid killed a'l ininien-e whit.- i.-ii- can. 'I'lie liiid was kill<<l two ni le.- north of town wi;li a --' calilni- nl!< li vveinlied 11'';; iiiiiinds and mea.-n ed .N '^. iPel from tip to tip of winus It \v.:. ii'.rned over to the nnlvei.-^lt> of Kansas nii:^- titn u»l:i\,—I.awrein c laze:;e. Mnndis now has I.owiieys chocolates. the as'-in-y for .1. M 1.14 nil \V|,M<| n hjeli li :• Mean- Ifetter Sir* ice. i:< -imMS i> Mii.- w ek i:.viiii: a ,.• fioiii Ht;i!e sn.-.-t to n The pi|," is l.u-;:er than Ujat is l.ejn^; irpiace'l service iliis win?"! and me.ili? — Fresh Oy; ter.s—«nir Way. (ohircd lliiiilizinu'. ''^ .S iiiii;"i'i"r of colored p< op!< Si.-onil IlHi-'ist church .S'lnday afternoon at A hii; '<•:..«• it pr of llie v.eie 1ial>'i/ed .\<iiilii nil's ford — So'li Water, the ntir Way kind. ]U-zi\v. on I'inimr- ,„:,M:O-.O:- K. Ciililan 1.,,.,\ for 'he pavinu oti Kas. |.-iiiecii. leam.s w -ie •.\.:lK. " e« put to JOLAPAfLT BECUSTER .TCTaiAT Going Back A jilargo nuiuher of ivi ^l been passing thro boui d for l.nwrcMiet alttiid the Kaiisiis the iBuker buiici —B. M. montf}. University.- Cunniairltain, to' School. rouiig peoide lola yes- ihejr wuy tci the to reenter them were Haldw'lu to • an 1 lOlviTsity 'hanuie and Tri 6 prr cm! T" and Krniu Ft. kroH. .Miss Helen .Monlton. wim has hevn visiting in lola. arrived p«i'nie la.>-i evening, *' " The Missouri kwede • airicitl'conipan.v passed tli'iini;:h heii- yesitj^rilay ovi r the .Mis.-^o I'acilii ea r«,iut^( 111 li>l;i. Tlieati i:-ili eonipaii;e> are the move now-.— Ft; Scott Tri- Imm I)r now ular found in his ollict Itiisiness hours. Chasfain has reliit}ned ;ind will Fire at Foerschlcr Tin tire department dnrint; re;;- Home. \i-as called to —Sir per cent money:. slon: no delay.—Smith & Travis. Bert Oakman's Mrsi. Bert Oaknia Kate CriMMi. dieil a .Vri».. and wtis huri al t!;at place. .Mrs sicji for some tinn She formerly livedl Triliune. -I)r.s. IJithrop, Ostel»i»athk Phone 4fi8. no comml.1- JMotHer Dead. lis liother. .M;-!". Siloam Sprii;us. •d hist Thursday Creen has been livith eonsiimption. hi re.—Cliannte nr. Vi. A. Browh Sells I'erriu! Allison am piireh:l.s<:d the ilni?;;stor. ental bhi:-k formerly own A. Hrovvii. Thev will ta! Store. Ceot-^e Klii iuive ill the Orid by Dr. II e char;;' morrow. Mr. Ida cjime to Cliannte to re. iiilvifroin nnrlington.LMij .\Ili.son has bei'ii here the greater pa^t of tlie summer in the emidoy i.jT •• Urow n Pharmtuiv—fhannie Trilhme. —lulfiJre biiylim yonr fall and win miJlinerv. see pi\ IVfiy. li»*<'i K. Madiion. ^.dit line.— Circiifr on Division .>-"anl!i .»?peeia! Cre;;.:. I will lie blisv tin!' the w -i -^d, InoUin;; after s| M .s.'s rraveliiiir on tlie Si as division of IIH- P:i v.-ct to Ottawa this afti with tile f'lolimar show- tomorrow Mtlil he will llii !;:•-• (irnis at I'iltsbiir;; iind travel wit • it the !i; Week.—riiann 'e Trinnne Tjhis Week. K K. bai;itici- ol iiiws :in.l ci iiiih'-ni K :ie Uta K. Ill rnooti to 111; toiln' ;ui'. •••t the Kit:-.;- \\-( II?I.-M 1; H l;ltici' of till —Dr. p. E. Wansh. Kent Rankin at Garnett v.". m |\Vc take pkasure in announcing the arrival of the advance es !in (he HENLEY Make of Fine Clothes I'di Men; Witlioil' ;i |oTil ,i ; I,.- li.-;.-; • ;it;"ti- in .Men- ;i.ld Vi si;; .Mens wi ;ii- ilir»! will !ie -• :i in liila ihi;. .-e;!.-!!!! We • •;• 'id to viii! :iti :ii\it ;ilioii to e |i ;i iiinl in- -pe .t til, -Nhli" MoricK we show in Suit >i and . <lt i-i r<ial». We will >lii-.v.- \oii i-i :liJ n< « Snii .Moilil^ ijiis .-^ea -^nn. ;inil Oie III w I oiiifs iti _tl;e .-#•:! -on in e:ieh IiioileJ. Wi'l Sliiiw >oii new eoloi.i in stii:s loi fali Suits and lltirrii!it.> a: |.i,;>-; vanning fiom . $10 to $25 .\ piea.-.iire to ."how >..ii will not IM - nr;:eil to )ii!>. Voll BARCLAY SHIELDS CLOTHING CO. -rilK JH»I SK t»F <iJAl,IT\.- ,oo 6-bp oapo pooiip ooo ^ AI>DITI05 .1L SIlbitT STORIES. |* oooooooooooooooo'o _____ ; I —Le:t>r Tablets -wiilj, your initial stainiKHl i»n each sheet at Uurrell's drug store. ; j It Developed Gas. Tiie t;;is well wiiicb Ka-stham JC- .lack sf>ii are drilling near council tJrove w.-^s titiished ampiij; great rt^Joicing ;Ia.M week. The wel' developed a million feet of gas and the entire c«iui5iry uroitnd gathered for a big celebration. Tom tJardner and .1. .1. Saas -were the I orators of the day and made th<»' eagle jse.-eam. They prophesied great things for tie entii-e country and as a re suit Couneil Grove is enjoying a real estate hootu—Humboldt Herald. SURE. MIKE! WEVE GOT HOTELS PUT A BUG IN HIS EAR. lota Can Entertain LonT Distance Participants Auto Run. ().\'ii.- ;ini| Ov\.:i.-. iropi i-to: ol till- i *i-iiiis> lv ;iiii;i liii''-!. i;iii.i' red iv- Ml ;i i-omiiiiiiiieiitios tnnn K. I'. Kwins. opt ii till o!' iie- ."^:!iie. not '-l of i \au- Sa> (111. ii-;;itH' ".o lio'ej aeeomoda- 10I1-, tor 1 •- | I ii-i|i;iii' > ill tile aa- oI|i |<it. Phone .li Everett ItanUin cann tliis iiiornitm to spend iji I". Iletnpstead am raiistu -t some bli^illl Tews. fioiii lol ;i dav with iwifi- and 'o s.-CariK-lt tli;: 1 in ;ii;<: I 'll* S'.tl ' :!i.'- i-;i!-' |-"'iii.i\ • f;:i' t;li.-\. •- : 111 :'or tli'- Kan- The l.-tter ^.t:lie^ I \pi eiii to arrive in this \iMiii;;. S"!)ti-!iilii r l'."it!i will :• niain h-r.- until II—Our W;i> Soda Water IVIaclcan at Piltsburcj. ^ Dr. .fohn .Macl-an. of Fort Solt. •listric? s'liierintendeni o|r the Melho-| Miyt chnrcb. is in the city t«.l:iy "> I s .1; ;.iil;:-. iiioriiiin: Tin- mar- of I ' :i'-.-oii'<iii ;it !i .i v\;is re- to li:.- !l .M .-:t. r eiii.i iiii'l that 'iiilv li ;i «ri;t':; 'o Mr ijv. i-;.- ;;iiai"- 'ill- He- st t.t , iiti 1 ,.-.'rviee for 1 • ji 'i 'o |iar'> Tie- lohi t'o -ilatiil ( • nii -tit e °otii|ian> now wiirUii;-.; on siinvenir paper w.;-j!i|> to L:'. . |i Jo till i::enilieis o: il, ;iiio i.;.rt\ Th'' W '-i;;hts aie jiiiiiu' two III'-; •-- in ilianieter and a halt inili tl;iel. In the eont.-r is nioiilil - I :iii i;!! of eorn with the word loll ai-'osN I 1- !;nsl;. On the jitit.-i '••i !;;e of tie- .--iiitx -nir is 'Me naiiK- Cif tl;i- < oiniitiiiy. I- :~ l;l---!: ^ j :ii'.;ilil. ilia' tie re wi 'l 111- :iiT •I .M -t.-ie >:;;n il i.-playe-l in a liiiiaiiii-iii iil:i -i- li -arinu lh<- Wfii>i »• II olil'v The i.iu |i ;is ;i-.;:'-ei| to fn;-iii.-li till (lictricin aril lie- hiilh- pro- lli" Itoo .-'i 'r elnli jia^' for Exprscssion Don't Sound Good to a Reporter Anymore. Thi-re is a r'-potti-r iii loI :i w-l-o will mil from now on f:row \ir .i. <-n ihnsitislie when some oni- u.-iritm a wise expression wiiisp. sr to liim. " me put a hue In >i>iir ear." T i r-- was a line- when iie was all t ;iie ii.-s-«or the -s<i>o;i" ilii.-. <-.v:>!• .--iiei i-roMi is<.| fliit not so tlitw. I .::SI ';i!;lit the r'-i>or''r was moviiii; with :-iiri-lit!' 5 "i p,s ilowtj slieet. fi< e of i -are not eii-a worryiiiu ali.ittt ut^: instaii, n^i-tr. on next weel.'^ n.<al tii-k-^ wh'ii a till!: o!n- of tiiose (••si-v i"'l • en Idii.'s which with a '•ii'ion t>r two of iii!! Iirnt c-s swi-l't down on lola last iiiiiht >pieil liis i -:ir aid '•< • ii::; nnrn out with intlcii lliitteriii:.' about t!ie a v li-^iit ettawl,-.) in .-ind n-;ii!e ti nest The bug uteatly irritated the tender nn-nibratie iif tti.- car atii! the rep<irler went to ii do tor whti aioii .-ii <I the infant ••honper |f!oin iiis lair. ;ini! relirved tie iji^i:'-.-s--! "•|;i-ws-ehas'r." —Kilxgrnilil Storage and Transfer f 'n. Ilnnsriiotd and piano moving; larvrsf and best %U>rf room in the city. Phone XX. Four From Humboldt. The K r. crowd left todtiy for '. 11 lice to take up thi-ir work for winier. Frank I'ii-kel! is the only new- one trom HiimNi'dt. ; this year. Be- sidi-s him llnnilioldti will be repre- si -iite<i hv Hess Hctiriohs. .Miss I'atii'- Fenner ;inil lla"vey l.ehmati. -Ifiimliiddl Herald. aw- the .New post cards. .Miiinlis ilniK .-ilore. Collins Saved. Building, .foi- Collins, conductor ou the north biinnd passeiijer So. 'ln'l discovered a su.'.'ill blaze today noon on the roof of a Santa Fe tool bouse, just south <if the Wi'Us Fargo- e.\press ofHce, while his train was waiting at the Frisco station. Hi" ran to the tool house, cliiiibeii Jo the roof, and tore off tlie burning shingles, before any il:ima ::e was done, thereby saving the Santa Fe the loss of their building.— Cherry vale iteimldiean. —Oyster-; .-iny stylo at Oiir-AVay. Mrs. E. J. Gilliatt Returns. .Mrs. K. .1. Cilliatt. who has been, visit in:; at the liome of her son. Ed.' <;illiatt. and wile, on east First street, •••ft today noon for her home in lola.— ('h'-rryvale Republican. —Frank S. Peatiip. V. S. Fhonp. 139. Got Orton'«; Harness. Tliiives W '-re loose in Allen ciiiint.v >atiir<iav iiiuht and maile ipiile u •laiil. In l-iHarp«' they roiibeil seven sioies ami in tias ("it.v one. In f ininboMt . .l.aVergne Onon. Demo- eratie cainlidate for county attorney. !;;cl his harne.vs stolen and he would under the impressioi:; that seme 'ow ilowii l^-pnldicaii did the deeii if •I weir,- not for the fact that Camtdiell I'alioiji also lost a hame-;s the .same niiilit.^ Humboldt Heraid. vi.l. -.>niliu'i •liiiich ipiarlerly conferttici- toiiiuht. — rittsbiii!;^- II Volt 1 's din-. er tin >tOI I In- l.f.-t r i at that •adli -.;lit oooooooooooooooo ! O Ket'll Inuiil. lonr cie; on .vmir He is u'lttti!: I" I .O.V lie ;it .Mnmli s chocolates, i drug store. nil e ;itid fresh 111 • I i..:.i N |iilie UnUL'ht I he I 'lpe- !, wl.^ has l.on«lii the second ,,„ iisc city whl-h he wen! MMMOH. Itid ;i tew da>s auo \„iia- loaded fr .shipment to j a. THOM ; PmMar gum ^»p9r Hmmpmi •«ttmst«i chMlrtaily siren on all W94 It ;lilllll' :iii\ 11 l>now sncce>«. O' liol onlinai ^ _ 1 Admits He I* Luckv. mil often that a ball plii>er will Im-K has tjivoreil him in iiu 111 acensnpllshes He may th;it :his wo !;l> did not deserve iml lie is ii >iialh witltnc to ei' whether it is due Uim U was. therefore. (Hit of the to hear Waller .lobnson sav. afti r the htst !:;ime xesteida^. that h.- illil Ml' iliink he I ad liiM -rxed the \irtor\ He considereii him>elf incuy to h:i\e won -it. Iie-anse h.'-- <lia not nave wlia! he usually Mias when he Iiiti -L '.s Thet.' a e. howevi-r. a lot Of pile"' ers who wonhl consider thnni- pelves i;i tine fettle if they conid show as much a-^ .lohnson did yisterday. Had he beeti al liimselj .lohnson would have, pitched the secon<l pame without beiii;; asked, but instead he candidly told his mana;;er that he was not in form to go in again and do Ms team justice. There is somethiiiB about this boy. aside from his ability •IS a pitcher, that makes him popular with the )>atrons of the game. He is absolutely honest in ever .vthing he doe.s. He never complains of the umpire 's deeisioDS. and is modest to a fault, believing that his teauimates. more than himself, are entitled to the credit for what the team accompliah- eg when he is pitching.—By J. Ed. GriUo, in WiBshln^rton Post i More Mexican5; \ lllllleli of aiioilt t! i ie;ins were broimhr to da-. Iiv the Snnitt F; section work, and wete afletnoon o\er the diff es. w)ieie Ihev. are • to b> the comp.iii> Most :;ii oiV the Hill t lesvilje the* W ill lie p-ell V yel! n'eil i»v 1 r I hi.-, tlix l-;ion - biine. -Merch.tnfs l .unch at llllS- O O o o o ooooooooooobooooo Arrive. t\ live M.\. (•li;iiitiie to lijiiroail to do lilt out this irelit bialie!-- he i -iniilo.i'd if them will blanch lint ralU liistrili I 'luiiii;'" Tli •d that wirinc. Ill I I.Ill I; Wl 1' 1. HK til. eoljti >: ••ii .'!i:i-:.-;i I MOM l\-'>.\. \iilice. J, v.- Ill pit' I .ijod en 1 '111' I 'il.lljei- K of K '••^aidr When SocLilists V/ijI Meet. Till- Soei ;;ij -l. of thi;; •• onniv |ia>.- • !i '-ii |i -ii to iioid tinir remiljir in. iiiims oM the :;nd ;iiiil Hit .Si |iiil ;iv of ••ae!i iiioiitii liisif; I iM-r.v Siiliil.iv a.- ha: been the cnsioiii. 600 ARE ENROLLED AT K. U. letiications A"-*- That This Will Be SchooP .s Biggest Year. I.nwreiice. K;ii-.. H<-p' it .\l- tiioiicli the annua! fti'I term of the riiivi -rsit . of Ktinsas will tioi lie re .nn. ii !- ij;.' leil nnli! Wcdii'sila... al- r':e'v more than I '.nn slii'i.nt.- have • tiro!."' •) <;ioi.;e O. I; ..- ,-i|.- i.-:; i ::i; >:|i 'l lh;it la;-;t fall on the op'-ij- ie;; lii' oiil\ |ii| sltn/ilii's iiad been • -iTi -oili-il So the indications firi- t ;it til ••i:ro!!nn .iii fliis year will tlie :i !i -si ill tlie histor.v of tiie .iii..;iltii linn l':i|it:iin ('|;id Htimilton of To|.el;a v\ i'l lii.iUe the opeiiili-.: siieeeh in-.''ml (i| Cliarles S. -'lUvd. who eouli! 111.' I;;; tie- inuaij'-ni'nr on aeeoiinj of >•'• til :• ii!!siie-.-s. W.\.\ll-;i>-C!e;iti (fitioii lag., 'iilieo. •.1; :i!,i\ .It ihi!<' '•^•''i • 111- r ,M-;. Hill il lol.-i y Mr- Ada -mill ;tr '-i>i. , of .Motitjieli-r. O. •sterdli.. for .1 < ' -" l.;iii -4U :in on SoTii Our Wav, Ringtioti!» Have l ^evn Pjiadr. W leii - IJ'.iiuliiiu MM - Wo, I ;real,'i---I SIiow -i \tvit i|i< , x\\ ti:.\' will ii«-;;it; the dav's fi -ituiriev wiili a liitiiian' new pai.tde, filn' r ih.-i'i ;ir\ lliev have |ir>>s.>nted in the ;.;ist alei vastly of mor>- int'-rc^i The ••ipii,i I4ieiitwa."> built in 'Fiiro-ie ;in.| niai>'. novelties are pres.'ntt'd. In it will ti. seen'I.l 'Mi pe.ip;.' and f. ib |,ors'-s. —.Mnay .s time to eat al Our Way. Save Your Money! \ui; lati secvite the -Itttitij: tcinli r. JHdh •l.ttitiard iii«j;a/im.s ul !rss net •itit. , i Dornbertj on Trip- Mii. aiiit -Mrs -I. ( . ' Iporiibe:p l.-ft Saturdav for Itochestei-. i.V Y wli-re tl ev will spend sevela itiiig rellitives. The> make iptite an exlendei absent.—Hum Imldt Heia — Kansas Ci'v ie-iideii<- lola properly. tJood housi lent, on •piiv.'d Sliest house for sale, lor $I.'iii. Dontielt. Id. •o I r ;!«J,'- 'ii- with b.ii t: to i'oiir looni Whitake. ^• A Sen Borti in was born this morning to .Mr. ;r8.i M?l Fronls. »eeks vis- expect to tour V. iiile Kv. ttt Rva .l Ibc otrcle ><!l lr>lli-\\ :rii; e;f tptpiit.s r^ti' \\ w. * .l;» •1 ll- ,1 v,. :i;.l An .-i !!•• .Mil. .in. Hill r Ni pj. \' I.: •- Ml.11, ,c- <;:.ii«. -l.i;".. • si :;ti. .'. o - .\"1'.,: I. i.-I.-l nil. - \\.'. 1 11 till! Mill »j III .•« ;,.'.ti ^i.'.ri -4.J-. >i.-.n -I.;::. If .T ton want the latest and • i-atils on the market, -.jei .Mnii-li.s dnic sto-o. iiic-st th'tn Compliments Play. » W T Smilev. wh 'i will IM- remi-m- li'-.-eil as formerlv citv i diior of Tie- piroiieaii iiiis written a musical com- ii\ entitlei! ••.\ Seoteli-lrish Yankee." Tile piece is s.tid 'o he a meritorious leoilni-tion. It will soon be staceci at lol .-i and .Mr Smilev's Cherry vale friends trust tiiat t will prove poimlar and net its author liamfsome retitnis. —Cheiryvaie Republican. —Our. Oysters.; "Way. Johnny Saurwein Was Here. .lohnny Saurwein.' tie eentleman ball pla.ver. who wa.i a popular favoj^ i 'e witl^'the Victor^ when Ha.vden's t-^atii was heie last j summer, was in town last eveiiinT while eiiroute to his home in Toleifo.iO For the past six weeks he l;as been manager of the Tn-sa te:im in th eO. K. league, doiim tte tiiiliiy role alons .wttli his nian;is<-rial duties. The Ttilsaites won: the p'-iit|ant larsol-.-'iIiie to th'- care- fnl nianaaenieni of- -Tolinny. 'SXTien asi<ed as to whi>re be expecttid to pl;;> li;ill next .sea.soii tile little fielder said lie did not know. Those who l-.iiow say that Ha."<leti imposes great conlidenee in hi mOfith as a ball iilay- r and a eontlenian and it is safe to s;iv ttiat he will be in Hiiydeji'.s om- iilo\ next year eiti'er on his W. .\. •aln or manager of his O. K. teaiit. laijrweiii is oiie of the few ball play; IS; who an- in the jrame for the fun. liis, father heinj; a wealthv lumber le;i ,!i -r in Toll-do. where .lohnti.v can li.iit" iitiy old time his ball da.vs are over. —In.sist on having "U. .S." fituir. In Par'>onx •M:<-. l".-,.ie 1 loiiuhis ; of lo-,i nt!! ii- ij.iiioirow foi n Ii -w d,n vi.-,;! -«.Ml It.--s 11 i\ .^iti'-til • r;ii -oii.-, Si.l;-. \nlo Uaratre and Krpalr Shop for • II lkinil« tif rfpairing, .\nlnainhlle lln ry. Phonp >»3. Hold Soci.^l Session. e , :• wit! h<- ii voci;il ^— iiiii net .,. ,-. • ihe -.-i:-;-!. rii..-i!n£ of tl'«- i.eii I 'inb- tt< ;ii '\\-' K of f is evenini: ; W.-i !i,tii r .e a niMvsfer Home Indu: ^•posho nivrr fat at Our W.iy. try - •1- i:. I;. 1.1 See .1.- li \l.,-i*'-ai ('i:-ii.'i i;rv t V ;it'd .St, .\ie'i-'!:i- i:.-vi) w.- ,-inii hri;; v! :i:d Mr -Clinc- -iii;ie;,l! i.f til,-- <-.r It; -^'.ui iii;c4a/.iiie j«t ;i:.we.-^t la; i.p I'l.ot.e -v .1. III;M>I;I:SON. lit .North liuekeje I - - Vollev Ball Toniaht. 1 .lisin••^^ li!e |i:"s veilev •.mil , - wi'l plav at th-- Y .M. C. A. t •• «nini:. i'.oaid. room. "!'i .-onui St J;: .".•» Conferred Dcoree. i ii-i t veiling at I he resiilar meef- ii... of the KliichtK. of Pythias the |ie -i .nd deiiree was conferreil upon a ti,--'v. nrember. (Me of the of the happy hooKS (tf to -day ui a vast -I fand of information as tot le best m^bodayi of promoting be^th andi bapphiess and^ r right living and kno ^e^g • of ^o tvorid 's i best.products. • '. r . Protlucts of actual .tpccellence tatd reasonable claims truthCuUy presented : ami which have attained to worid-wtdc acceptance through the approval of the Well-Informctl of the Wotld; notoTindi- vitluals only, but of the inany who havo the happy faculty of sdeciing ^and obtaining the l>est the world affor^. i One of the products of hat class, of known component partk, an Ethical ; remedy, approved by phyaicjafl* addcom- tnemied by the Weir-Infornietl ofy ih^ : World as a valuable arid whol esomq family l.Txative is the well-known i ynip^of^igs ami r:;ilxir of Seima. To ^1 its beneficial effect.^ alw.iys buy the genuine, nianu-. factured by the GalifomiaiFig Syrup Co.» only, and for sale by all lesdfiig druggists;. LET THE r Golden Wkt. list your farm .or' business foe sale or exchange, with its co-.,, operative agencies, in all parts of the coutilry. -' OAicc. E. Stadison. ; lola, Kansa^ FOR EXGHJi^i^G^ —^--—4—^ . 105 aero farm in C^ouglas Co./ .Mo., well improved; price IM ^Oi Want a 4 or 5 room house lin- lola. Chanute or Parsons. • -A livery barn and kock and a;^ Kood business. In Franklin. Co., -. Kas.: price l-^OOO. "IjV^nt 80, or T»;n acres land of equal value. ,^ so acres land in- Linn county/^ Kas.. 3'/^ niites of a good town.; :;o acres cultivation^ ' balance pa.stnre: all .good\Iand. except about I.', acres; price $1600; tn& for $i:i>o. Want cottage in'lola. for eiinity. 4. T. MILEi lionni lu. Old Court Honsek . IOL.\. KANSAS. c.ive voiir Subscription^ for .M\t;.\ZI.\KS AXD PERIODICALS TO; J. E. Heatlerson " who deals with the publishers and furnishes them at the lowest pric» possible. Phone 98. . 414 N. Buckeye I6th National Interstate Indostria) ExposKiOB > anil ,\etv .Vexico Territorial Fafr . ALL, AT ! Albuquerque. N. M; .SEP. 29 to OCT. 10 ; :^ '•'inie and see the prosperous Santa Fe Southwcst-j-where all' th- wav from Colorado to Call-;' fornia water is Wng.! - 'r^ The i'. S. Governntcnt is now4 spendin;;; 'millions of jdollars tov- Ket a pornianeni wafer KupplT;^ for the semi-arid lanils. It means millions i of acrea made tilable and fit for homesl,- .\ national event, wirth'cros*^ itma coniijieni to see. Foreign^ Governnictit olBclais;^ irri;;:ition: experts and CaptaInK of inriitstry will atteiid. > A great exposition i of South-~'| wesi fariVis.;ranches, mines and^r.- iiMliistries. 'Indians, too. and;-? cowboy.-' —S. Cavalry. rickets on ss^Io Sept, 2S tij^ Oct •".: Huai return lltitlt Oct. Slj.i i:«iiN. It dbsired an appllcatloUf^ to asent .ilhifiueriinc. ticket)^ will be honored for return T«U Clevis. .\, Xl, ami AmlrUlo. Tex.^.^ AltrarlUr !«Me.trl|i» tb U.S. R«^^ riamatlon iPraJerlil «R 4 «r »li4 ^ -it i A cent. .\sk for Irrigation Boo&Iet, •;i.E.\> SICKLY Has Been HAS' BETCBNEn • . - Voti will always hin-.:-- in stationery at le f.nd the Burrells new druc F. E. Smith at H-Jtchinson. K. E. Smith, secretary of the Allen liCiMiiity Fair association, left this „ morning for Hutcl^inson. where- he twill attend the state fair. . .-1 i.?rU ..^^l &i ':ti;:' la!<iMctbif Ore York Firm. ~ C.lenn Sickly,'who is inspecting^ or6 . iora N'ew^ York ore firm, has-rettudlid from a trip to the sn^ltera ^ii^.- souri. Oklahoma and'Kansas. ties are tt^nspecc the fire shf^ his firm from their fields to th ^^wi 'VJ ter and, also to look afier th^ vefUFf: -^f ing. has been' iv^ the! emiriQrj^t>( Ul4 j company for 'several montbsrand^-itip ii^l pleased, with hii ^,w(M 'k.°.| He iras gon^-^'-* a month on Iil8> Wtt trip. ' ^1^

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