Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 15, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1908
Page 4
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> I'll Ike '.ti|. m mimsm I CgA8.g..SpOTy. j '•atwsd at lola. Kan4B> FiostoiOce. at ' • ~ H 86Cond-Clau Matter. AdrartlBlns RatealHade Knowii on ), i; AppUcatl^ SCBSCBII^OX^ BATES. : ACanrlor In Ion, dis Citj, LuiTon> j Tllle or LiBarpe. ;"hie Week..... , 10 cents 'Me Hontb...... w...:4i cents One Year ^ 15.00 By Hai. On** year Inside eonn^ ....9S,o6 Vne year OHtside eoniity^ Kbree Montbs, in advance.....>..S1.00 ftee Hdnth. In advanjie .I ..44 Telephone: Business i Office - Editorial Boom - - L' PAPKB, CITY OF BASSET. I WOUub DISFRANCHISE NEGROES ' IN KANSAS. The inosi "surprising letter tluit has been published recently is that of John H. AtwooU, Democratic Committeeman | from Kansas, in whicli he bitterly assails the ignorant and vicious class of negroes and 'declares they diould I be .dlsfranchi-scd in Kansas. The letter is not surjirisins because anyone, would have expected Mr. .\t- tvood tb entertain any different sentiment,! but because COUIIUK at this tithe when the Democratic parly is endoiavorinj^.—in the north.—tv convince the negroes that it is thoir friend, one would hardly have »x- pectcd a canny politici:ui lilto .\two^ to hav«> Vxpros.ifd his coal views. The Iwtler class of iuv:n)>s.—and by far-the great majority of the ne­ groes in Kansas are of tlie belter class.—pwould heartily a.csree witli Mr. Atwood that the vicious, depraved, noisy, malicious and ignorant ne:.:roes are a menace to societ.v and many of them might agree with him that they Ought to be disfranchised. The unfairness in Mr. Atwood's letter is ir. its failure to say that the vioioii^. depraved, noisy, malicious and ipnoi- ant white men in Kansas are also a menace to society attd ought to be disfranchised. It is simply impossible to ^nd a single reason for disfraii- cBising an lynorant or maliciotts no- gro jwhich does not apply with eqnajl force, to an ignorant and tnalicioii!! •white man. The unfairness of th| laws! disfranchising the ne'i^ro in the southern states lies in the fact that they; "discriminate along the color lino. den>'ing the ignorant negroes the franchise which Oiey grant to. wliites " equally; ignorant. The triith is. as tJio TopeUa Capi- .tal clearly points out, that Hu- nt-sio .'vote In Kansas, constituting ns it doe^, but ?> per cent of the total vote. Is so small a factor In the' State at large ihat It would seem hardly tn ljav«f Justifled (he terrltnc aHsaiiU .Mr Atwpod has.made upon It. Of lihe total pf"^l per cent of iieKio JVOII'H tin frucjllon even under .\tr- .Xiwood'H d>s Kcri|>lloii which wonlil li« n iiieiine" to UlM Htllle inUMl he Ml NIUMJII lit <il hi.t ^iiJiolly ni'Kllull/ie. ISvldently the l)eni.»ei'li<)e ; I'll'ler hn« JoMI- hope of lielii« ali|i< Iji i.w|iij; tilt! <|xi](>rnd vote llllti ll-e l)e|IH>eilil Ic 'TOIUIMII MH\ llMH IhereloC' fell III lib crty| to express Ihe real Deifnicrillic scntlmdnt. That Is all tlieri- is; i.. Mr. Atwood's leller. done he accepted the portfolio of Secretary of War. at the reVjuest of President Rooyevylt. ;iiid held that office until he re.--if.ned to engage actively in hi.s canijiaisii tor the presidency. From tlie very beginning to the end of his political career, therefore, the salary has been the smallest consideration in the offices I e has held. During these twenty years his brothers have become millionaires, and who doubts that if William H.} Taft had devoted to money getting the treniendons talent and industry whicli he has given to iinblic affairs be also could have been in the millionaire class? Hut his ambition ran another way. It .seemed to hhii a nobler thiitg to render public service than to pile tip iirivaie wealth. When ur.ned by Roosevelt to resign as (ioveiiior of the Phi!ip|)ines and take a place on the Supreme Hench. he replied that he would rather slay in tlie Philippines if there were no salary at all. under the eireumstances then existing, than to leave them at twice the salary which the jtidueship paid, it was the same devotion to duly that a soldier feels. and the acc;is;ition a.uaiusi .Indge Taft as a "mere oflice- holder" i.-; as Iiarsh and hear!less and .false as would have lieen a similar ae- riisalidii ff it had heen made .-iijaitisi t^tt;aiii or Sherman at the close of the Civil War. Some mean-spirited soul niii^lit have'said of them that.tiiey liad been •• oftice" for ft>ur yo;trs and therefore tht-y were ""mere ulliee- holdeis." That is the kind of a "lui-re otilci'-lioider" .lud.^e Taft has ln« ii. rhiieolate I 'lcl <'b<K-olule PicI Tlf miire ymi eat lite mure .MHI want if they are made fioii'i •OIK-PIK" I'reparaiiiia. 15:nh package eiiiitaiiis al! inmedieiils ready fur instant use. Ito.M"! hesitate. Otilcr l<<l;iy fn'Mi ymir :;rorer and then your fiieiuls hir,\ easy ii Is to make lliu.--' deiie^ms choeolaie pies. "(iriv-l'IK' entnes iti three varieties—Lemon, t^hncol.ile and Custard—at in eetits a paekam-. Made by l)-Z<Mta l-'i;c>d Cu.. iJoehesti-r. .\ Y. Write today for (•ireular> of all D-Zeita i'roducts. SOLDIERS LEAVE TOPEKA. Start for St. Joseph After Spending Big Day Sunday. Topeka. Sept. 14.—Two cavalry :ind two infantry regiments, two batteries of artillery and a batallion of engineers tiia: nave been caini>ed in iiiis city over Sunday left today for Si. .loscph. Mo., where they will take part iti the big military tournament. The regimental bands gave two concerts' Sunday, almost the entire city turning out. The Elks and Topeka clubs and Y. M. C. A. opened their doors, to the officers dttrin-- their stay here atid e.vtended every hospitality to them. Two regiments wont in six traitis. three over the liock Islatid and three over ti:e Santa' Fe. Tlie cavalry and artillery are making the trip overland. For (|ulck results—Kcgistcr Wants, TO MAKE THEM STAY THE lOLt VXtLf REOISTEB, TTESDAy i T HAT 'S the verdict handed down by the leading; garment itianufacturers all over the e^ast. Loii^ jackets ar^ the cause for the demand for suits, and as this is to be a sii\t season, wouldn't it hi a wise plan to select yours now? Coo! evenhigs daU for comfortable wreps. We are showlag an elojcant line of snappy up-to-date suit-* that ranjre fro^n $10.00 to $37.50—-and there's one for you. n BKI.TS It faliev iiiii'i"iil- \.-v< It.'lt- ;iatt" nis in all • ••••'••is •>' •>''• Pi \. •• \'in ••!! 111 I'aii'. > l'ii;-i .i: i' r ..;-4.-. al'isai'Tj eolii piir.-'s . t".)f i:.-al .Miiuaior ItaKs. h-a'li.r a I j(?<>l.~>o. .fs..-»i». .sPi.r.i) VFM.IMiS. l-'aln-> Nil Vi'-l'iir-s In iln- i.-;i<li: :'ir.s. Is ineil.-s wi-i'-. pri'-.d i- ! vard > ..' 'i.lf <».•»«• .vv.\ liiia i; l:«n. liMiwil alMl ;.lii>-. pi :> i- | • : I" ya t tl . .• 1 rtui- y\\i\ Mi I \;: <.,;•! v. k - A I! ii l>M. ,• . . .1.!-. :. : • • • !••(•,. * • : • 1 TiV-.- i .. i I- .» '!• ; !;....-!•. i 1.; ."»<)«• I'.iii.v r.i.:'.•!•••) i;< ! .Vi-«;k '''i.i . i- • ! ; •. - : • "i;. 1 .\.-,-u •*.>>•>. :•• > • •» :: ,! I.I'. . liU: t;,. .11. - i:.. >.i-^ .. . .. \\.i>li S-t .1. 1 - V '< ;• .'il:.. :.. : i • i'.i:;<' l.iii- • 1 .i-•' ••• \\ . • *• ; . .li »< i: a.-i. >;•!• T.:->eL. a'ri l'. :;•!:•!.• i-.; • i: .. ; -. ttU-. »."»r \iji Mi i>i I > : i- ; . . \ \, .-I-.V • . • - V. I S . •, •....( h.uid- i ' ^ " •• • • • ...i:r:-ns. 'sru- .^(^r^*• ^.> . - ,t.r|..-.| . . : -^^ 'It|..;i,. SI.'.M) I . v !. . • . V. ; . . : • . Kn- •• . • . i • . i I M;,.-. •• :i C^r- ; , C. . =i: C .r^i; . . -1 • • .1 ',lf •. wlii!.- till' t Tt^'' ' '•''" i'- .••.•..:••! . .-I ikHow FULL OF GOMEDY. JAT THE SIGN OF THE Ringling Bro«;.' Ci'rcu5= I of World's Best 1. ^•la^ If KaoKAS Teachers do not Fill Contracts Their Certificates Will bn Canceled. - ' T 'l]" I .1 Si (il I 1 I Spiiliil. I Sl/ile SM| i-i llili'li'li III I'liili lillil (ilHMiiKiet'd lllll.l^ iliM' .111' wiiili'l lie||i nil '.I'linnt liiiiinr. Ill 111'' Miinl IIIMIIIIIM III |rii- li'Cl lli*-li "t-i-iii'Ii'-i *-iilit riii 1 HTi'iieli. I'lK hiivi' l.i'i'ii III lie- halill ol .luiiipliii; cotitriielK wheiievi-r (''•» riiiilii mote niol)e.\. ti-iii'lilli;: .soiiie place • 'Im-. Snpi'i liiiendeiil Fairclind savij III- will eaiirel till- i-rrlltieal'- <i| ••viv teaeher wlin jiini|>H-Ills-c-oiil I ael aftrr Ihll. d y i 'TAF;r AS A> -OFFH K flOliOKIS." Of all the attacks made iipoii Jr.diie TaftJ perbajis the most iitterl .v; ridieii- , lous Is the attenipl to cast oiuiroliriuiii upon hint becauKc <if liis Ui<\\i iiiiDiie service. Those who indulge in tiiis ludicrous attack speak of Mr. Taft as a persistent office-seeker land olfice- holden and endeavor ut make it ai>- 1)6^: that it is to his discredit railier than to his credit that lie has spent nios: of his mature years in public life. . If JudgeTaftliad occupied for the past twenty years .'<onie petty littie .posiion, the so'e attraction of vvlilcli waslUie salary it jiaid, he niig;ht I-e Opea to criticism. Fini what are the fact^? iThe first oflice of any iiiipori- ance he ev 'er held, was that of .Indite ; of <he Superior Court of Ohio, to wbi^b he was api>ointed by Senator -|'V >raker, then Goveriior, He resi.i;ned thlSliOffice to accept ati apiwintuient by Pr08ident McKlnley io the-; Federal beojqb: Very reluctant!.v and'oiily in compliauCe with the: mtist urBciit ap- liea iof President McKlniey ho KJIVC up ''hte place on'the bench to so to' the. PblllJm )lne Islands, first as President oC Ijlje ComnilBSoln and "jujer as, (lov- «rii ^ri General: Wilfe w« the Phliip- l>tliM jPruldeiit' Itoosevelt olTered him u abboln ^meut totbe'Supreiue ^ouit Ij 'nited '8tatei»r «ud altjiougii iift«r tp.ihe pres- •till of strri pen tlMl.- the K Mill Hcri lIlO^ \ e I pi'li erir lioil III!' lip thri ler. |inn \\ Till till' i -lal I l \vi( I'll nov-i levi -lj^ troiH c .„p.n ,j ...HAMMER.... Clowns. j (I'nfler this hf.Ktine tti^ K.,-Bts'er will • t>p pl.'*fl>,»-d to i»nnt fh \-i.'Ws ila .ub j scribirn* on any »viiiji-'-t cont-tm lal of a first-i they ni:iy wish to wrli.\ If y> •i"ii<1 the I kick alHiiit aiiytliint;. or air you .. .Inny .Miibjc-t. t. n It ttinnifrh tl... ....... Idance ot coiiii-iix i i tins }<-.ii ^ • i-(,i,tril>ui .ir!« Mhuuli! »:i\ii' ti>.'ir ii.-'m-s and ram of Uin;:lilli; Hni liers" Worlds j addrrs;:->. ftivy 15 :111 not »>.- n*i6l:-<l. ..d- est Shows is one of the I droM iiP coiiimunlentl.iu^ to the Uc<lM.-r.) tlvi'liess ' ' " liufzliter is an < .'J.seiit circus perffirmaiKfe. of comedy i al)ii||danc( pro l-eiiiarKii'de attra ii; and- thrillinii; -vat novelties are tl lli'llL'tllflll i-ollieil: lllly best eliiWllS r\ piiii-e In 111' . , . iiily of Kiiro-i l-Mi'iM l;.-.;ist.i Tii" AIMii <ii '> iinpiM'eil witiiiaiiil .Mnraii fail s II.-IM- inin.- iil'.l >;iiie siipiilieil liv;aii.l Imth !iax<' i.> 1-11 lar 1 lii.iii ilii th"-, woil'l Iwas am i'i:'al .-i! I'iiiaiii t ii.-v -in ii -.ili:i« bill isjlinil, l.iiii'i aMi- l" eiiieliii' Im otli. . r\ piiii-*'' III 'I- • ^ ! Ill with l"-\s llihltif; t«iiiifoo!er\, i laii than IM r itiiiinu paiiiiiiiiliiM's MliiiitH Till ' mill III' • low ii.s iiiaii,* ••rlii'iil of eolie il>, II liIMP ii lielli). a of |>'il<'l> ll> l-\i-t |l t iiil,«iiiii| lii'iU-l\ la II 11 M-i-lli-llI pi tl tki' Ilinlleiiei' tin (f'le UiHti line of vr< jil aels bellliz j M-ai's i:lo\»th in leiier to .MI'- it vj{i.\ tiialed ""with lirllliaiil coiip-dv I lu-iifn. The fruit and I'.raiii dlspla> a' Do You Think For Yourself 7 Or. dq rou open xour mootb like a yotioc irulp down wbsterer food cr medl* ^bc ulfcred yoa ? IJT fff 'fr ffr intelligent thlnklnir won an. In need ofVelVf from weakness, nervousr. jsis, pain and sull^nc. then It means inact| to you that the; " " " • - iv^lrlpf or druggists fur I tie cure of woman's Ills. j • • • * * i The makers of Dr. Pierce's Farorito ?ro- •cripiiun, (or the cure of weak, ncrroas. ijun- doirn. ovci^worked, debilitated, paln-rackcd women, kiiowbi? this medicine to I* madi np of Inirrcdients. cvi-ry one ot which hu the stroseost possible Indorsement of the lca< in? and standard auihorilics of the scvl^ral schools^of prac Ice. are perfectly willing, fend in fact,'' arc onl r too clad to print, as.tbej^ do, Ibc formula. 01 list of Ingredients, of.wlilcU It is cumiioscd, <n plain EuQlUlt. on every bottlo-Wrappeil. | * It' • * ' Tlia formula of Dr. Pierce's FaTorite Prw BCrlpUbn will bear the most critical examlpa- tioo of medical experts, (or It contains no alcohol, narcotics, harmful, orhabit-fonzilns dnis^, and no affent enters Into It thai l.s'nut bUrhlr rccomipended hy the most adrai-red and leadlnir medical tcacbers and authorities ot their aeveral-achoola of practice. These autborttlcsTPCommcnd the Ingredients ol Dr. l'lwu^s.l-'a\?rHe Prescription tor tlie 1 Cha c^re^rexactl^i ^^^?|^^^2^^^2BSB ' Ko other medicine fqr woman'* Ilia baa any J •uch profetslonal cndorsoment as Dr. Pierce's Karorite PrwicriptJou baa received. In the un- analifiud recommendation of each o( Its WTeral innvHllcnis b; scores of leadlnir medical manot all the schools of practloe. Is such an cndoraoment not worthy of j jroar ooualdaratiott? . : i i|. * ' * 4> : A booklet ot Incndlaatik with nUneRiw nlborsUv* profeatonai endorsements toy the iMdtnr medical Mtiioiltlw ot Uiis oofintiv. inf till' I'liini mill Ihe .Nil' iilii'l ii'in. II Hv'il Tli'Ti lii'.le- wiaiip'd i MiiT-ri Ippl 'uraiii l'"riiiii | laii . ll Ins to IIIIIKII-I jnmii; Iri-i iieii til'' IIIK <-lieiis Isday. Ki-pti'iiilii'i' 17. hr- Willi an all iieu- irati' than ll:nse of as idim. .\ consid „ rteiiavije. "in.liraeiii i jiM that is' ill animal !if". wijl ;i]so In- in a?e. whip' t'l- !i<rf< |ir<''l l>y aiioth'T UacHl. lieaii'if.iUy r(.stu|i'e,! and em- i plo'liii'-v I.:ii|<' people and V in.v iniprovi-rri'-iifs i)ial j?dd <-oni- i Ion to tl:'- a>iilieiii-< j tii's'ycar. In the niaiu \\ |folilH|iU opera eiibirs lifiv • jed ajid '•! n<-\^.' !le !>t |K oiieiatie se'lectioiii; ' lictwe"!! tin- oji'-nin Itlti- liff -'inniPi; ot th'' climax of all t'.i jjenius acts evr i it! the sensational I" soniersaiiU act jttiK wtiloh |u wNh to vii'w." 0:1 !{e;;isl.-r YOUE ST0M4CH'S SAKE TAKE li'*!'ii • 'I 'h. niVeltleH aii'l 1 liii; utile, r-* atiii OSIKIIIUI aii'l j l.-arin(l iii.iii> a 1. ^^I'-al ll' l|i aiioili' tln'i.e i .nil'- lifii .11 l!iil Itii lint eluiii i llei I ir i-'!|i'iih' Her!. ••'liii null H'I'III:. l-.i. • III I liai u III I.. .1' pim I'liiii.- aiiHlii |ii|l In I >iii a ' Mi'i-i', r>;iil "I III at if '. ii'i itii I III- liiuiiinii iii'iit iiT 111'- JM.-i ll' •• c'llllli.: III! ii «lii'ii ll la- iii.i I'' .1 ••.•I ll i>;|t.< lola. on 1 .\i,„-,,ii rattn-r out el.issf-d that .H lola it will lii'Uiu I w:' ll tie- ilirr-" iiri' Ii. iv,.rn i\ paradi-. tno-.-; ir,.|ni- hlKli talih laml ami tiM-i the past anditiim land is tak'ii into eoiisid'Tatjoii t-alily <'iilaiu-' Th-' live ^I..,'^ I'xhiiijt a! .M-irati far • '.\eei "I'-.l that at lola an. I th.- :;i-.-uiiI f'.-irail.' was th.- Ii .si, . \. r lii-l'l in '.).Mleii rdiiiity .sine.- I sT 1. .\? liii- is illie part of the i! .iiunt) t'air ;'ia: ij.'e'i.s' Ixiildiio; lip. 1 "ish ii> ni.-i!.-- a ! l'.'\v r.'iiiifrks on tin- siucK .'>liifiit. irinaii'-e is in- :iirui-oiis spee- .'110 hotsei:. est Ever for Constipation. Jndigption and Dyspepsia PREPARED ONLY BV J. H. WApNER COMPANY. FORT MADISON. \r Guaraotced Under Food and Drvja Act. n'o>t .-spi-eiany lie- l.<irs.-s. .\ v.'iy ill 111' found i littl.' iliiii;; happ'e--! at .\;<.ian t-iat •II! Iii'lividiial •• liroiiclii iml almii' l'" hnrs'-s in ii>:i"ii-e li.'iMi in-j pi'iiiimi. Tl.js l ;;!l.- thin:: l--.iii;' : :iiilil:iry baml I "III. iraiiai;. IIK'H: ;. l"S.-iiii that i!e'.\ dii-in',r-the , \vill piolii by Tie- IDOI. said JJ.V> of till- doors j fo- I...SI li.'ij:i-.l Imrs.' ' X..\> a i-..'ii', Iii'ii'ormaiic". I hair.'il horse iiiiisr o! a ii-e.-riiv ilariui; aiKPa ; amlsoii'i' hor.--.- .•HHI as ina'iv I'l'' recor.le.l i.'' i ihoiisfi! tlii-ir CHVPJ Imrsc li::ii .i- aittoiijohilo s«nne the entri.-.-. in; this pr.'aiiiiiii was • :^.„... .... , ac-liieve.! by^;". lart;. r Than .Vr in tip- iiisx.ry l .u l .'.-ll." Koeh.>. a .voilUK Kr.-Iich ; of. the .-iienty 1.. :<.r.' Wliar was T!I>-' an. There hav.- h .'.in acts in th'-; result"." lie,- jiiil.:.s iii'v.r felt .if tl"- I in wliieh an aulonjobile in mid-jlialr of .-itiy ! ors" but stooij in tlii- las tiinie.i a sinsl'i som.'rsault [ c'nt .'r rif t!i.' riii-'- 01" .-NliiiMi .is and !• l '-:ipin'.r a sap. hneli acts are •.•lanci'.l a-duinl a-iil .MI. <OII U\ ^y- Uinsi ;;nifcaiit and ttiuie. ; .Mile, ent so ta»- oiiie!a^r-il .-i'i.\ rl:iii:; .-Isile is the only pi-rsoil in tti" worhl 1 pres.-iit that tli.'v 'i-d ile- riii'i'.i'i oti 'has ey<— attenitd * of riditi'-i in an ajtlfi s two complete son he air after a fri ^1 a steep aiel narrow incline. is.'.-ii in AH.11 '-Kii!!;-. iMuil'l 1! iinr I..- iuis.' •'> otf.-r;?:''.."'! In tluei- i.r.-iiiii'in'- ; for 'III- haii-i-iiiii'sr I..jr.-'', or - t!i'- i iiaii'lsiiiie -•' I 'i-~i- j .ii;s! thii'c of ! !••-. li: era'' •! u i;i • iioi:s Tlvis oti'' ;ch;ss ihe urai:'! iTal..- Ill ll'- 'I'l-orat'.1. .1.; : ' !hi-i- VHE SECRET IS OUT NOW >d th<"' awful j him a! one.- lla'l tln-y fai! in«)liile which I have don.- this Mieh a roar of ili.^an- lersaitlts liiKli j prev.d vyouhl !:av. \ tm as to !i.i\'- litfiil iilitJii;.-1 made th-ni siel;. .\ow this .-x: iliit was liiothiii'. iroi- in b-s tl'.ia- a tratid ! svv.--psta|..o of ti:'- halilsin;!. si linrs'-'' joii. UP ;:riiim.|. N'.w if a ilt;!.- v.lll hrlnii; out the, larijest i-xiiilnt . v.-r iiie Adams's SucCejss Attributed to Red Banda ina. tow I know why Charlie ^dams such tt Kreat raC' for clerk of conn."' said Att|orney Travis c yesterday as he 18 <lrawinK H red landanna from lixicket. "I can re nember when i Mndannu was regar itlal to the candidate who ex to make a good this juncture gre ri^reminiscent bow. Allen O.. T uinnan's sue{9 i(Miio "Al -a. di atmlgner ,..wa8 To Cure DIARRHOEA observed .Mr. j Dyaentary, Cholera Morbus or Cholera Infaamm take WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam While it is a quick and positiye cure for Diarrhoea, Dysentfr); and Cho|era Infan- wii 'I .1. ci ^i:!'^!.- • ;ilh iiaii <!..^.)iir' in/.-'s- iiji-i-::. a:ai rii'- ' >.iti ;.:T '.Hoiii.-I fi -ir- •la'a 'l-- at iiri's.'i;!. t!v i.alfalp.- i^.i:- Ifr insiaiiC'-: 'ii'-.. l '.a\'- no !ll(•I!-•^. '•!• s;»a<-- to ex- l.Uii; a ill! of e!as» > i'!' horsi-s. bat if fli.y woiiM ; lit i;p a >iilistatnial priv.e fcr tie- ii.ii:ils(ia !i si i orse. any a-4'- or liiieii. \\U<-\ ni.e..' ;t:iH!ii sir''-la i>ii!:i-:. i -f !:a ;i.'i;;.iiii.- jtni- Inijilr- tiiai W4ri!il i"- i-niii.; aiiiT i mii'-s to s '-i- ai.<l ^'.''i!! '"pi.- eost tln'ii! (ll!-' pvtiiiiiirii ate! i '.'w iii'inp iits itili :i- lli.-\ le •• ! I.o IMMIKS '.if 'iitrx a! al' T.'r- ..oi.s.-.^ eoiiM In• riiiii-ii. ilrovi- .ir lei! .iroUnd. In amy ot I'.ie lini;..' i'.liin-- to fOltit, while I e d.ror.l'iiiRS vvoil.'d Ii. 'e •11 -iaivv ot'f the iiintiraU. If th.-y v a':' 10. tlp-y eonli! ,'-'I.-i> (I't'-'r ihv saiMe '-1I1 s aii-l tlu' jlni!.'. iu'ti-lsoai" •aii!-;- w.iiiM win. In : Iiii'i Ici'.^'-s ihert- is alv.a'.s '•!!>- that 'i-'il^riiie r than .iM I '• n st and il>.it \^ ulia; tl;b- I'H riiii;ni wouM ' d.'inoii't'rate :*Salis<'i-i;,..- . DJDNT MAKE HIM SICK. Ch,-..-.jte T. ibune Corrects Statcir.ent About E. W. Cantreli. T^i-' t •riii'i: - Trili-ii:.- say.-,: S > ()<; iii.-.-id.-nt o;" ti;'.- ('Iia- e;'ili. >,-r.s tl;at tie- Triple,-;;'.- ;> :;!;s;a!.<- in its ae,-(>'i!;t o. t!.'- sp.-aKiiii: hefor.- ilv- <:!iil. Fri'ia- i-v iiiiijr—that .Imlj;.' ('aiur'-'l of Iid.i. wii.i was tak'-n siek and iinabl'- •" liiisli his aiiiin-ss tijion wliich •»• ie :.-in. did i!ot say ir, was th" tri !i'' "I .Miraii.'ini Lincoln ami Th- iiir' Kixisfv.-lr in thi- e!o«iue;!t sp-' 1 ' '•: I'll -S, <;. Isett that was :!=-' •~.iv- I'f Ilis ;tid!sp').-;i;i:>ili. .Mr. O- .:iir;'-'-•• says (hat .Indue t'antr.'ll .jiil p.o- »a'..' tlt^' rooiu alter lie was oMi^i .1 in talking;, but tluit ! <- i. :i!aiie-'l ani nii>de anot;)er .shurt a !.':r. ss: •'! u! i'-h h - diseiiss^-d soie" <>f. li--' .aid !>;. lite oth/'r spi a;>'is uf t!;- . v iiin'.:. Otherwise lhiii--s !iap!'e i .is rl:.- Trill! t v< It t'oltii !;.'(:.-• ; n. i^S' :!,a' 1 V. i-i' l> • I- wi.i-!. sai'1 t' o:. t-;.' i;i'!. .j!id ;4e 'IRan- -• • M-'pfion to what - ~.ii.i ai-ovtt. President l.iia man said that .. -i-a: man. but that •i .T . Th" Judge said 1 ti:is while he w^s in ;o:: !"(•• Illl.v—that it is the .:;'!i!i.iii in Witshington that :.;.'ri' is not a man of his iearti HE HA.VJDS IT TO TAFT. i'-T Says Knows Little • .-.f H-jblic Aff<-»irs. • I 11! -;;ii"i-;.. J -".-[it. — In a lengthjr .V -i.'.-a out on a train b^ liaititaoie ai;J Philadelphia th- r>an niarrt- a hot retort to Judgp st,Tt'-i :;i-;i' r>f >''s ;i'rday. Its aO- Mr. Tafr -'f dii'l^jim.; and sajjs M .v. .1 . iin:.' alioiit my record .111. I '''ii'i' |i ;:ii !ie rplesttOilk h'- .III' iiiMtinir to discuss."! l.r I CANTRELL WAS THE ORATOR. led as almost race." lie con -J turn, it does notccnisUpate. has. eared thfi Jives of " In 02 years it of^meiv Chief Sjjeaker at the Bryan Club Lait Night". , , ' ^ • I 1 1; W Cantreli of t'lis rity. was the princnitil speaKer at the meeting of- the IJrynn cbtb which was held in the; .Masonic hall! last evenlnu. Ho ispoke' entirely upoi^ jProf. A. J. e LaHarfie itic iiqadili natioiial issues. » Baker .isi ^perintend^nt of city afhoolBL and Deuo- ^stiperinteil-j riu.-:: pass is st) f'.'!I of lircaii!';.:: 'I'hc-re is ill) nc-ccs.slty fi-r the P linful or d.ui;:;cr(>u.^". The u.^e for the coming event, atui it remedy is jipplied e.xtcrnsiliy, " and has carried thousands of women thrOugh I the crisis with but little sufffering. .BaftfentaiaiegbriinaadsaofTatae • , teall |toectiuitmotiMni&d^ ftee. N'.' u(>ni;ii! cun be happ; vishout children; it is hei n.itiiic tok)vc them asttiuc M) 11$ it is tile I beautiful an pure. Tiic oijdeal throug which tlie expectant mothe^ [he liic usiu fills her with jipprehensioni repri)jueii.)ii of Hie to be :either veiTf oF Mother's Friand prepa^^s the systenj i.s pL .s.sed^ \Kithout any damrer. Thi

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