Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 15, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1908
Page 2
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OBXHECP, PiMllMit F. A. HOBTHBU^. Tlee-FreiMwit. ]h"ir. HpimiBUF, flat flceirWl' Statllfliiflii llMtaBty Bitibltoiif 1869. •Hut BUkii AliiGk liruvinR rapidly and her relatives' expect tiiat slie will be able to return home after a convalescence of sev- ••ral weeks. . • * + From Canada. Mr. uiiil MIS. ('has. H.'Ai>l arc, fn- I) rtainin); .Mrs: A. K. Chase and Mr. i'. \V. llowf of Winsdor. Canada, i IT'S ON THE SQUAItE ' I Jl IMiK TAKT SAYS HIS IMlSrr|(l> 0\ ISSI'KS IS CLKAK. Has (ihcn Itrjuii ll»lla'«t (•rilliiiir He ]l)i <i rndiTKiine-Sajs >el»^!«ki(iii Triinir \u Ui't Ann} from l/fruri. 6 o b o o o ooooooooooo Orj O O Tlitch y«ur wlf« and jou will O O. 4l £coTer that — O O 1 S O S O I - • • ; • ! O o o o dopooooo o|o o ooo Epcnd Miu Chamberlain Caming, Mary tChamberlait; of Iliim will be here on Saturday to a few days. <• Humboldt In Miss Gertrude Pitzf^era I log a woiek in Humboldt, I Miss Carrie Jenkins. !•• ' 1» * + Start ! Home Todi Miiis Bertha'Sfckly \vlio| the KJiimmcr in New York Iter ^omoward Journey tnjdiiy. • " Rnra in spend- tie Buosi of Is to cmuo via Nla has spi'ul Willi boKlii MiSK Kails and othfir places of llltere^t. She will bo aqcompHnlod ny Ml »s Mablo JiSiKh' •who will visit hero and liji l^Hurp*', I + * Home Prom .Colorsjdo. HUfrison Barton return »lay Itrom Colorado whiMi ted \osliM-- pv SlMMll II vaca t- ion. + • • To Hutchrnson. Mif. and Mrs. T. .!. Andor to Hiitchinson this week It fricnids. ' I ^ .* + * To St, Louis. Miss EJlsa Pepper and Smith of I^aHarpe. left th for ^t. I^uis where they Forest Park university, i (*-> • i Special Proflram The meeting jof the Your socl^ity of the United Hon will Kn visit: with Miss .Mao s MioriiiuK will enter g People's Brotheren church which will occur) toniRht will be featured by a special i keepbig with the lesson st even^. rograni in iidv of the' 1 Sunday School Picnic Th^ jxiculc wliich the I jniteil "thieren Sunday school arranged ^epri- iWeks ago andj post (K )nc(l *)ccur spent i sev- will on Saturday. • jThe djay will lit at Riverside park. + + * Delta Alpha Club| Mrs. Arthur! Williamson. 622 South Walnut street gave a siiiall party last leV^ning to entertain members of h^ class In thei Bai>tin Sunday •JPhere was a i»roRrJim of nuij sie and I literature aiid refresli mentis were Iserved , tothese giies Piisclla' Fltsslmmons. Lil Velm^ iClore, B\'a Osborne, wsle Leitfler,, Bessj Shapcl. Delia Trowb and Mn|;AYl»iainB * • + i To JTopeka. Miss Ruby Heller and Mi)>s llaniet McMijIlen left thlji raorniuB ror Topokn For Small Guests. .MIS ('. K. Kdfiertoii happily eiiliT- laliii-i| u iiiimher of siuiill friemls last oveiiliiK iti meet her .iiuesls. Iliilli and Amy Till hill of New York! There were severiU inlerestilis jjaiuos to entertain the visitors and after these auiuseiiicnts .Miss Beiilah .McCance un<l -Mrs. Kdgertoii .served nients. Those present were Hiith lioriou. Ivlna Klein. Franetfs .Munaon. Gladys Bnimliangh. .lessie Fry. Lillian Xortliriip. I.iieiene Spencer. Irene Koiind. Ixjiiiso Heylnniii. Kulli and Amy Ttithlll. Going to Tennessee. Mr. and .Mrs. Ceorse Killian. llieir small (laughter and Miss Helen Latham are leaving late in the week ftir Tennessee where tliey will make their home. The family will live near Chat taiionga. Tln^r departure is unexpected and the many friends who have en joyed knowing tlieiii in. soeial and chiircli clieles will bi- sorry to know of their intended depiirture. s,^ - t- Miss O'Donnell Leaves. .Miss Abhio O'Donnell who was a Riiest of Miss AVillis. Chaperone ot Thistle hall for a'few diiys. left yes terila> for Kansas City, where sho will visit before ioiiia lo her homo in Leaven wort li. .> .> Visit Sister. .Mrs' W. OlJrien nf Topeka. is a Riiesi (if her sister. .Mrs. Harry Davis. '> -> <• Lodge Picnic. Tiie ('(iliiiiiJMiie lielieecii s will have II pictili- supper at Kleciri^ park .on Saturday evening. V •!• •{• Home in October. Friends of .Mrs. W. F. Di-wey will lie iniereAled In knowlni; that she will return home early In October. '.Mrs. IK 'Wey lias spent several months in .MielilK «ii and other places in eastern states. ' -v • • Miss Stapp Home. .Mi .ss Kflie Siapp reliiriicd last i -v-' ening from.Lockwood. .Mo., where .she has been for the past week. + -v Mr. and Mrs. Kreuger Coming. Mr. and Mrs. .Iiilins Kri'iiser of Ne- ,'odcsha 'will arrive today to visit .Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kreuger. * • * Visit Mrs. Wagner. Mr. and Mrs. N. Parrlsh. of Yates Center, are here to visit their daughter. Mrs. F. A. Wagner. •>*•!• Leave Next Tuesday. -Mrs. .Mark Hillc^. Miss Mary Hil„ . , II ilesand Master David Hilles will leave of expensive ^rench prpductionsj Tuesday of next week for Sapulpa. ' (Where they are to jivei Several soc- ia gold, Fren»^h gray! and oxi- [ial affairs are being planned for their ' (honor. whei buriul they will )e studeuttj • * •> Soda Tonight ers of the Epworth B. church are eipccting a tl^ largo niimber of thiSj evening. «t'tbo. Jiome ot PowcU. i It Is have la lawn so|c|a] but ireather Interfej;* the ev^ guests: at Tlje affair w Mr. and ihe oricinall s: Misses ie Banksi Ida Beckj ie Tipton, idge. Miss bn. at Wash League of Layaiiy begets Icixalty with all fail'; minded pe.i|.lr We have .-ilways striven lo be lo.VjiI lo the tiesl inlereMs of our patrons, and we are reeeiviiiK fresh evidence ••••••"'••J policy. _ , liave not already dime so, aiid eall up •e dail.v. of the public'.'^ appreeiaiinp <>r [•y. You should join Ihe <ijinieiiied throng, if • not already dime so, aiid eall up liie iota Laundry Phottm 102 iiiir you .Miss a gnefil er. I(>ri Kapp ('•aiiiii Miss Kapp Leaves. Flora Kapp who has of her sisi.r. MIS. T. S. lodav for Lawreiiee. win Kills" eliaiieioiit' again this the year. Committee Meeting; Ix 'ist night I'ltie was a .-lin't nieei- liei -n ing of W. C T. V women in <'harso Stov- (if iilaiis lor the si -rvlng of liinelieK .Miss on Thtirsda.x. The> business affairs Kajipa were liiitshed and a <-orps of assistants eluiseii to .'issist at the several boot Is wlileli will lie leniporarily er- erted. , an Cinei'ii ii .iti. (».. Sept. l .'i.— Asserting llial his (ilhi'ial reeord. his speech ot aeeepianee and siiliKeqiient iitteruncrs ate ampii* imliratioiis fif his own pol- iiieal position. William II. Taft replied lo .Mr. Bryan's comment on the itoos- evell letter by switching the spot- fight of iiKiniry bark lo .Mr. Br.NJan's own political record and making an analysis thereof. This is .Mr. Taft's reply: Taft Flays Bryan. • III my notification speech and In oilier speeehes made since. 1 attempted to make elear my po.sition on all the issues of the caiuimigli. If Mr. Hrjaii has bec-n unable to understand I eall not make them clearer. I siatid on my record In office and what I have said. .Mr. Bryan should devote a Ijttli' lime to ills own record, from which he seems to be struggling to separate himself with all thf adroit ness acquired in a 12 ..i -ars' huni for an i.ssiie on wliii-li he eaii liW eideted I'l-'-sident. Tlie readiness with w'hich .Mr. Bryan in successive pre ddejitial eamiiaigns piisses from omj ifarn uioitiit issue to another shows It hat (he chief cotisideration which haf! affected his selection of an issue ha.s been its iilansibility in allrnctinit; votes, lie presents tile reniiirkable Miiectacli- of <me Who lia.< been seekliPi Ihe presidency for r.' years without sneoeB«: and without olllcial res|Hinslbility I and .;• •> "J* In California. .Mr and .Mrs.'t;e«irge .M. Ilneli have recidved word that .Miss Ih-rllia I loch and Jli.-s Sucher have reached California :!;afely. Miss Hoch will s|>end Ihe winter ii; Pasadena. !i j| Mrs. DeSaulles Improving. Frjiends of .Mrs. C. A. H. DeSaiilles )ie iglad to know that she is iui- tlie social 11 be held .Irs. J. E. plan to fjhould the •|nlng will be srteiit lioflTOrs.; There iill }y- refreshments and r«n .T • »^ Impromptti prog- jmpti F^Y BELT PINS Belt Pios-rln a wonderful variety, 6f handsome designf Nil - . ' - 75c TO $2.50 Prices froip Copies i * + For Miss Hilles. .Miss Cladys Xortliriip Is In be hostess at a dinner i)arly tomorrow evening. The honor guest will be .Miss Mary Hilles. * * ^ Miss Swigart to Entertain. Miss Bertha Swigart has asked friends for Friday for an informal party which she is giving for the Misses Northrup and .Miss Mary Hilles wha au-e leaving the city next week. The occasion will lie fcatiintl by ji luncheon. FftV |ji(!'oiraibtrh'elp jt Wonien are oftcii crass, irritalilc, liystcrir, and dccUji-c' they arc, driven to di.strac- tioii (at the provodition. 'hUn famlot tiiiderstand Ti -hy thi.'; shoti Id be so. To (l»om it i .s a niys- tery l>eeaiuse in niiK? tintes out of ten hii; oondiiion is caiused by a serif W fetniniiie iderangtMuent. A remedy i.<! ne«-cs.s5ir}* which acts diretkly upon tlie <>rgiin.«< afflicted, re- storijiigu lienltby iioniial condition to the ifominine sy.steni, which will qiiicfely di.^ixM all hysterical, nervoiis and irritable c»»n(litions. Snch is LYDIAE-PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND The j following, letter serves to proVfe this fact. 3Irs. Mattie Cownhaver, .316 So. aistji^tJ, Parsoiia, Kan.s., writes: "for two years I huffered from the •worst forms* of I feminine ills, until I wasjialmost. driren frantic Kotbing but morphine would reKeve me. Lydia E. jfinkham's i\'ejretable Compound brott^htl me health and happiness and made me a well woman." witlioiii the i >p|H>rliiiiily lo li'st llie v.irio ^s |ini|iosil ions wliich he has ailvoctiieil tor ri -fornis. tuid .M'I of liiiT- Ing the events demonstrate what a eolo.-iHal failure he would have niade ill each iiistaiue had he been permitted to carry Ms proposals in the form of the |i(dicies of the eolinlry. Ho does not answer thr- question whelher If he wen- President ami an exig'liicy should ari .se in which he would In- called to exen -ise his ili.screiioii af- ! rirniaiively to maintaining the party between gold and silver, he would exercise that di.tcretion. He liu.s I not permitted himself to discuss in this campaimi llie issue of anti-imperialism which was the puraniount issue in lI'Kii as he declared and in res|>e<-t to which the policy of tlie uepiibliran part., has lieen vindicated by the event so that tranquility and a good .government e.xi .st- in the Philippine i.s- lauds and even the independents prefer Rejniblican victory to Mr. Bryan's promises. "Hel now says thai he favors the more rigid regulation ot the railroails.. In ISflfi he expressed the view that the railroads could not lie regulated be- cau .se the railroads would own the regulators apfiointed by law and there fore he was in favor of government ownership. We hear nothing from him on tills subject. Instead, by des- 'eribing his platform, not only as I an announcement of principles, but a .s a liroteclioii a;:ainst uncomfortable issues, he lias attempted to give bond to keep peace with, respect to government owniership .which liy its meer announcement. shov \Td its lack of the vote catching qiiatily. He professes to have been the father and now to be tlie heir of the Rooseve't policies and yet In no campaign of three in which ihe has taken part and two which he himself led. did he make them the parnniotint issue. Indeed. In the Parker camimign he took, occasion ; to charge .Mr. Uo<isevelt with militarism and with .behic "completely subject j to tie influence of corporations, only; to see him win the greatest peace |trl uinph of the world, anil secure sjich an effective stamping o.nt of corporate abuses as to elicit the admiration of Ihe entire country. Bryan No Friend of Labor. "Mr. Bryan in-ofesses to lie tiie great friend of labor, anil yet he was one of the chief supporters in the jiassage of the liorman-Wilson that made tal>or helpless for four .vears. He then proposed as a remedy for the disasters to w^liich lalior was thus exposed. Ihe issuing of a 30 cent dollar, which would have cut in half such waees as they were paid and would have led to the hardest strugale on labor's part to restore its wages to;its proiier equivalent under the gold standard. The country has been most fortunate that the fallacy of Mr. Bryan's railroad propositions has been ex- ITO-sed without the cost of putting them intn actual governmental practice and it will be fortunate indeed If A. BBUMBAUGH. CHklcc KELTDT FBbirX. i &M 'i Cnikr. $l,200,0@0 E-C GIRL WILL ^AKE RECORD IN lOLA Krerybody KNOWS .llmut iirr and Her (ienrruus UIMrihntion oi'i iiullar ' Bills. The K-C Cirl declares she will make a new record in lola in giving away mone.v. .\iid from the way she ha.- Mucceede<l in distriliutiiiK ^er doi!ar caiinul WAXTE1>— <;ood driving : horse, harness and buggy at Wl Soiitli Ohio. bills ihus far her slalenie|nt well be i |iieslioned. 'I really believe lliat }i*i per eent of the people of lola have |E-<' Corn Flakes in their homes today/' .said the E-C (lirl. "I certainly arti in a position lo know and my ligiires are based on m.v actual experience in I the many calls i have made siiice beginning my work here. Everybod.v seems to know all alHint me and <iii ai: sid<-s and in every part of ihe city I have been welcomed licariil>. Thi- |ieople know just what to say wiivii 1 ciill at tlieir homes and I-am^iiot having a bit of trtiiible in gelling rid of my nione.* The E-C Cirl wfcill make ritiirn visits III all neighborhoods of liie city during her stay here. Of course, she cannot «-alI at evi'i.v home, and she doesn't want people to ihiiik she wit:, but she is going III i -all at liiiiidred:) of homes <<iid in all pari.-i «;f the ciiy. Thi.-< E-C Cirl camiiaign is one o • be most iiniqiif' and generous IMIII- paigiis of advertising ever put oiit ii> an American mauiifacturer. Inn llie im popularity of E-C Corn l-'lakes in ever.^ home where once it I.s ealeii would seem i<» fully justify the Egg-O- See Cereal t .'o.. in tliis effort lo gel E-C Corn I'lakes. s«i well named the .\ll-.\niericaii fotKl. into ev«Jiy .\iiieri- can h«inie. The following is a iiartial list of lliose who received the E-C IJirl's di>I- lars .\esiei-day: .Mr.s. i;. A: Howlus. I-: .Madison. .Mrs. .Vrchiliald .loiies. :;i :i S. First. .\lrs. C. II. Cregg. S. Buckeye. .Miss Fannie Kani.sower. IH! S. f>hio .Mrs. L. E. Faster :'0,S S Second. Mrs, .lidin tiidmr. .'.In N. Sccoml. .Mr.>j. .M. C. Uea |i. .Mairoii Oridiaii s lli.mtt. ^Mrs. Mr.-i L. Strode. inT S Keiitin-ky Katie Flo\d. I'.'o.s .\. lliiekeye Ory E. Itr« wer. .'lU;: .\ .lelTer.'-oli .M Carver. Unci East St. .Mrs. .1 .V lltiiiiside. I'll.-. .\. Cliisimil. .Mrs T. T. Aliileisoii. .Mtl' .\'. Wash- inglon. .Mrs. W. I> llelfrieh. Washington .Mr.s. E. W Tlionias. W; C.ilhoiin. .Mrs. .1. .leek. -.'H: S Fiiiirih .Mrs F. Fiilwider. :;t'i S. iMiiiiii-k.v .Mis. .Mary lladlej. L''i| S. Ohio .Mrs. M, E Itiickiiei. II .\. .Siaie. .Mis.>i Clara Briiiier. :;ii."i .\r Cfilliiirii .Mi.<. Itanda.l Peek. I'.-JI W. Wasliiiig- I'lii. .Mrs. E. C. Keiiisberg. I::L' E .lack.sou. .Mrs; .1. W. Carroll Ti'S South Si .Mrs C. W. Bell. Til .\'. S.vcaniorf-. E. .M. Olinger. Ill .S. Slate .Mrs: II. F. Smith. S. CotiMnwnnd .Mrs. F .M Wormian. L'll .V. .Mrs' E. S. .Moore. Viu S Kentucky. .Mrs. S. E Broadii.-. ^nl .\. First St Mrs. A. W. Crawford. W. .lack- son .\ve HAD PACKED KOUSE >en>tir Thi-ater Openi-d Inder .\u >i |>lrious CirrumstanrcN. was certainly a viewpciint. The SllCCCaS Majestic .\ packed witnessed ihe upeji- :ng of tlic new .Majestic theater l.isi j ,;iight and the initial prodnctiiui in ihe 11 ew house Ifroiii every wliile smaller lhan tlie iisinll in th« •heater line, presented a handsome uppearanre with its new decorations, vaii-colored lights and new stage settings. Every one in Lie large audience uxpi :eKsed iierfijt saiisfaclion in the play and in the pjiiy house. The night was iiiuisually warm and tinding thai tlie number of! fans he has in the lioiise are not sutlicient to keep it CIH>,. .Manage.-- Falty,|: will at once make arraugement.-i fo|- the -lallailon of more fans. The bill by the Olyliii.ia •Aas the tuneful opera "Said —~L~ — i^he danger of four rears' depression FASTS FOR SICK WOMEN. I to which it would be exposed in case r be avert_ _ success In fronil rfiotraiid^hel'i^WbiJenthei^'";^''^^ and subseouent prosperity'- - ^ and by a clinching of the Roosevelt to rn«^i9 rvn aiwr% *vvmBi ««>io wnicn n wointi t>e exi)ose( Ftjjr tiilrty y^ars Lydia E. Pink- of "r. Bryan's election, may hamns Vegetable Corapoiuid, made 1*} Republican si Stan] lard remedy for female, ills, and I a.s|i)Ositively cured tho»«ind.soi wonien who have lieen tn>nbled wijh (lisp nrement.s, in flammation, tilcei^- tion fibroid ttinioi-s, iniegiilarities, peri Ulii! ptiiits, kickache, that liear- * 11 * _ 1!-- • ^ 1 • 3' policies he may .igain be shown be a prophet without honor." I^rimrH Went Homo. Judge Oscar Leamard returned i to . u - , ,. - . ... . Barilesville lodav after having been liig.a..nrn feeling. flatulency,indiges- here to »ssisr m the defence in the tion dirames.s,orncrvonsprostration. , Martha wiiiiams case Whl' don't you!tr%' it? I |>inkh^m invites aU sick ten to writ* her for adTtce. luiM irutdiBd tbousandM to In tlie Jfetiiodist Town. Sherirr C O. Bollinger went to Baldwin this afternoon on business connected witb his office. j in- comiiany Pasha.' It was given an adequate p|odnctlon (ty a clever cast Byron ^aid Pasha: ontp. as as llas- II .less II. Fulton seni Bey, gave clever interi^ietalions if ihe.,e parts. .Miss Itiiiier as serena Aas a favorite with the audience and .Miss I'earl Warner as Qiie^n showed much ability which w .i|ie as she has time to "get iii| liart. Her song. "Deep in .My Heart Beloved." intntdiiced in the sejcfwd act, was a hit and she sang ii in Alia, jll devel- ih this splendid voice and with great effect, .\liss War- tier has a |>ieasant soprano Ividce of fine quality. Roy O. Diet rick tenor, was lilso very plea-sing in his part. Terronai a Mexi- :*an noiiieman. The con.niany is well ba'aiiced and all are clever in iheir resiiectjve lines. Toniglit the tuneful opera, "The Mascot." XEW YORK DE-MOCii-VTS .MEET. Stair (ontcnlion in Progress at RorlIe^te^ Todaj. Kohcester, X Y.. Se|it. L'l—It was nearly an hour after the liuie tet for Ihe a.ssembling when State Chairnran Coun»rs called the nemocraiic iitate convention to, order. The delay was due ro a conference between National Chairman Mack. State Chairman Conners Charles F. Murphy and Senator .VIcCarren. Mr. Conners announced Ihe temiiorar.v officers and Introduced -ludge .Morgaii, J. O'Brien, of New Vork. as leiiiporary cbairiuUn. The latter prefaceid bis speech by the an- W.X.NTEl)—Cirl for general Imiise- iviirk. No vva.-liiiig or iiniiitig. .Mrs. .1. W. Coffey. W.\NTl-;i>—A quick buyer for a bargain, a desirulile s rojim hoii-se. p»od location. ii-:>ist trout, city water. Pricr $12."il> in pavnieiits. S. H>-lIer. South S.vcamore strocL • Business Directbryo W.VNTEH-r.i house close in. Ct.. this office. rent .. iiniderii. nr •• riMHii Adilress I'.. WANTEH —l |i >iisckee |..r for siiial family living iir coiiiiii.v. Iii'iniie this oflice. PERSONS W.VNTINC l .i .y ,.r :;irl to work for lioard while aiietnling seiii .u! ippiv at lola Business College. Phmie 19.-.. WANTED TO BUY—KVmr .ir five icres, improved or unimproved, close to good town. Address W. E. K , T"!; South Washington, lola. Has. SALESMEN & AI;ENTS—$ $ $ $..o IMI j>er week and over can be made sell it.-.; New Campaign .\tiveliies from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Fairs. Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charg'es prepaid for iiOc. Order today. CIIICACO NOVELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. FOR SALE^MImomUammous FOR SALE OR E.XCll.VNCE—A good clean hardware stock, oniy stock in town of about tDU. in .Mien enniit.v. doing a good biisine^.s. Want in seli- for cash, or on easy iffiyments; inighi exchange, fur good siiioiitb land in -Mien. Woiidsoii. .Neosho. Wilson. l.;i- lietlc iir adjoining coiiiilAddress. .\lleii County line.-tiiirin Cn. Lung- ton, Kans.'is. I 'KR SALE Sl-vi.-iii Iliad L. :.'\ilanisiiii. plmne :t:iT—II .Iri -r .-i .1. FOR SALE-Slioit years old. very ti-iilic lliirii liiii; . .1 V lliiwe;! For Sale. One goof.l .Mii.-.i )H Ac .Ma.-nliii uru.iii. high tiqi. wjiiiiiit i-;isc. ii-ii s:ii|is. ivory keys, very fatiiy. $L'::.ii": mi down. $:',.>»> per ni'ititli. If .MIII wish this iti- striimeni. act ai oine. ,IOMN V. KOBEItrS PIA.VO IIOISE. One fine Story & Clark, organ, wal- :iiit case, high top. nickie jdatcd Ijar. Pleven stops. i»;ne niiind and full. Only $;'.J.tMi. |."..00 down t-'.to} i>er month. T|iis e.\traordinary value will mean (liiick sale. Come at /nice. —^.lohn V. Roberts' Piano House. I FOR SALE—One male hog. V.'aiter lola. ri-i:i.->tered (). I Crr.well, R. It. iFOR S.\LE—Phonograph and records for sale cheap; :51,S .\prth Cotion- w^ood. FOR SALE—Crxid riibber tired r 'Uiil wagon. Inquire 403 .North First street. FOR SALE—Fine upright plaiio. ;i re!ialile make, seven and one-third octaves, Boston fall board, full :^-A-iti-,: music desk. Regular price $:!•><'."'•. Our quick sale price $'S',H.iyn; $li».On down $6,011 per month. Your rtpiioriiiiiity lo get an excellent piano at a lov\) figure Don't let it pass.—.lohn V. Itolieris' Piano House. DK. MILDRED Cl'RTiS Physician and Surgcbn. • Office over Bu'-rell's Drug Store • Office Phone r >:>t. • Residence -'14 E. Ja<^k3on • Phone .-.»>9. • • • • DK.S. ItEID & REID, • Physicians and Surgeons. * X-Riiy and Electrical Appllancea.. • Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat. •• Office Phone 3r.7 ;RcB'. 396. • • DR. Mc»ILLEX, ' • Siiecial attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- • es and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Oince 32, Res. 232. * Office over Burrell's I>rug Store • West Madison. • • Phone 6X7. Ro«. 701, • UK. <>. i„ i:ox, Eye, Ear, Nfisc and TbroaL * Spectacles Properly Fitted, • Office A. O. U. W. BIdg. • Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 • DR. R. O. CHRISTIAN Physician and Snrfrcon Rooms 7 and 8. Evans BIdg. ¥. II. MARTIJf, • Surgery and Dlseasci ot •Women. • Office and Residence Phono |B76 • Office 7 North JctfersoaJ • JEWELRS. I B. F. Pancoast. "old reliable Jeweler. 110 East Street. I Lodge Dbectoijy KMGHTS OF PITHIA8^^leoBh• Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday, night at K. of P. Hall. VislUng brothers invited. W. S. Thompson] E. C. Chris Ritter, K. of R. and S. . | , KMGIIT.S <;y MACCABEES^ Knights of .Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and, fourth Saturday nights ot each month. J. W. Post wait, commander; R. B. Porte r^^ecordJkeepeT; ! I .W. O. W.—C^mp .No. 101 melets In K. of P. Hail every Friday nlghL W. T. Steele, C. C. A. H. Davis. Clerk Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A.— The M. W. A. Lodge ;w. F. A. C. meets every Friday night in M. Hail. Visiting brothers; invited. Cofnehl, V. C, W. A. Cowan. Clerk. ROVAI. ,\KIGHHOR ,SJ-Iola Camp -No. :{6:.. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of | each month. • Mrs. F. A. Wajgner, oiraclin .Mrs. Mary Hutton. 413 = West Street. Recorder. i FOR SALE—Goofi at GOB North First, horse. Inquire FRATERNAL BROTUERHO ^D<— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380. meets Sbcond and fourth Thursday of | each month in K O. U. W. Hall. VIsiUng members cordially invited. W..H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam, secre- •tary. I - FX)R • RE.\T—.\l<-e fiirnislicd rminis in nev.-, modern h<nise. with or without iH ^ard: 11East .lackson. POIl RE.\'T—Three room hoii.-e L'l:: South Third. Inquire <if, Mrs. .bdin Smith on premises. i LOST mml FOUMD LOST—Pair of nose glasbes between Breckenridge and l>ouglass or North Chestnut. Finder leave here. Liberal reward. LOST—Between corner A..Madison and Ncosh<» river.^ gold chain and locket containing baby's pimir" Finder leaie at Register office. Iti- ward. fOR EXOHANQE WELL IMPROVED SIXTY near good town In Vernon Co.. .M<>.; (or exchange for lola prope.'ty. . Grace E. Arnold, old court house. iiouncement t of delegates I proinote "The cess of the conveatioc tat with the cu-dperatlon e would do his utmost to unity, harmony land stfc^' OUR TELEPHONE is:constantly ringing thefn .Sep teinlier, you know, is the lime to have the summer dust cleaned out of cur- pets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY i-l-:^L LOW COLONIST RATES TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXibO THE NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUMBIA VfA Sept. 1st to 6ct. 31st A:>li.^>r Fnll InforautHtn.! CP. Hale.Ag^^

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