Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 15, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1908
Page 1
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The Register Ham #lro Largemt Gireuiaiioa in Alimia Cqunty of Any Newspaper Puhllshed la ibe Gouniy, SIX PAGES. lOLA SKI'TEMBEK 1.V IW^.-TIESIJAY EVEM.\<; SIX IVKJES. PEICE TWO CBHTS. IT GOES TO THE JURY THE FATi: OF WILL HI: MAIMJIV WILLIAMS Di:( !nKI) S(ML\., DEFENDANT ON THE STAND WEPT A!S SHE TOLl> OK StENE PKECEEIHNC THE TKACiEDY. Evidi'iire Clo>«il at II OVIciik—Tc Jliry sit I—Wlliu'sscr* Sjiid Sripio ^> )i> 11 Kiiil >i:iii. The,Miirilui \Vilii:ims r;i.--c will |iii)l> .•ibly go to tin- .jiiiy almiii loiir oj-ltiok. The evidence \v;is rlcL -^cd aliom eleven o'clock tlii.s iiiiirnini;. afler which Ihe arB^ments lie;;an. (\ II. Apt and \V. D. Cope are spealJin^ to ilie jury i'(ir the stale while V. .r. fU li r. J. P., Aicli- Isoii and .Indue Osear l.eaiitard i>l" nartlesvllle, are prc '^iil in:.; tlu> del'end- ftm"s side. Ii is'l;en(M:'.!i> e\i>iessed that tlie jniy wiltj -lMiiii; in an early verdict. ;The defendant went w \\\>' slaiiil this inoriiiri,!; in lii 'r own lu'lialf. Slii- told the siorv of her relations with Sefpio lip to the time of tht^ l;illini:. She caino to lola nine months hefoie the IraKedy and sljortly afterward he- gaii livini;, with Selido at tlu- .lacUson home. She said that at times he was Riven to fits of aiiiiT. at which limes he threatened IUT lif^^ She also saii! that he had three hntclier knives, one a! very lar ^^e one. aiid'that he always carried one or more of the knives. She said: that on the, mornins of the day of his death he sharpened one of fh|e knives earefnlly ami when she asked him what he was i:oiii!; to do with it he paid "to kill yon." ^er attorney then led up to the day of .the killing, she lecitiiii;^ the events of the day. soipio, slie said, rethrned to their robins in the after- no<jn under the influence of liquor. At;their house were several other ctd- ored men. all of whom were more or less intoxicated and they eii.ccaged in quarrels which at times bordered on a fight. One of the men took a knife away from Bud to keep him from l .-ili- ing some one. During the evening she told iScipio that she mnst have some money. She said .she told him she had RCTved. wa.sht'd and ironed for him and thought he onglit to ,nvO' her some money. This enraged hiiii and ho said he was Koimi to leave hej'. The! witness said he turned to Maijy Sweeney. 1 a colored cirl in the honttp to whom lie hail I 'een paying atteiivj tion. and said: "("ouie on. .Mary. Git your rags, and lets go." She then, turned to him again and said: "Bud. you wouldn't have the ncart to leave me without payiii}; nie after 1 have sewed. waslK'ii and ironed and .done everything 1 could ;for vflii." Thi.s. she said. ma <le him the more angry and throwing the hig hut- el-^r knife ;:it h<-r f<M -t loh! h<T slie dld^ not have nerve eiuistgli to do aii>. thi^i.e eveii after SIK - had a knife. Slio sWid f-he piekfd up tin- ttiif". tio!: to use! it on him. Imi to throw it tiwav. when hi- took hold of 'tr and. raising a hotl .le of whisl>"> in his hanii as |r to strtk'" hir, said: '"I v\ill Wx^: yotir l>raips out." Sh<- said sh.' thru -Klahlieii liiin in si 'lfd .-feii .-e. After site ei !t hjni. si e ran on' of thei room. Seipio followiim amt sa>il'.g. "You haveti"! done liolhin' to ni>\ I will git y<iu \et. • When the wo'nan nas n-peatiie^ IvV apiiSeal to Scipio not to teavi- Iter sho broke down and wei 't for sevi 'ial minute*. In her ]ireliininajy •••xatninalion shelsaid she !;ad a threli.> year old son. Sljo thoncltt he was in ;Mitskogoe ll-ist evening ati<i this siioriiiiic tlf d<1f<nse put a «.numl»'r of (•<do'.ed i><'o- plb' on the stand, all of whom said thati Sci])io was known as a daug '-r- 6us.; quariolsonie man. Seveial white meD. coutrartors. who had 'worked wltli Scipio at different times, stated that he was iiiclined. to he quarrelsome, especially when drinking-. A eo'- oreil woman this mo:"nitig testifii 'd that he hail run evervliody out of tlx- JacSson house one day. USE STONE IN RETAINING WALL. • I City Rralize«! From a Charity Movement of La.-it Winter. 1 The stone which is being used in I he const ruction of the 200 fool retaining wall along Ooon creek on X. Syenmore street, was quarried at the lU-hland cemetery last winter. This stoii(> was quarried at that time in ordi'r to give idle men employment that I" ey might provideifor their fam- ili.-.s ihroitph the panic. .At the time lln' stone was heitig <\narrled there were leany who off "red critici;-;in li<-- rause they could ser no immediate need of tlie stone. Now the city is realizing a nice sum from the ci>n- fractorwho is ii>aking use of ii in the r<>taininK wall. Work on the bridge aiirl rciaininj; wall acoss Coon Crvelc on .North Sycamore street was .started vestenlav. RIVER IS VERY LOW <>.\ i»\j.v vwvt mi sswss IIA EVEU UEEV LOWEIL S IT WAS li LOWEST A, YEAR AGO S0.1IE INTEKESTIM; DATA <»\ knv: NElljiiHO KIYEK < OMUTIO.NS. "A COUSIN OF MINE" T. W. PITTSBENBERGER UNDBR ARREST FOR FORGING A NOTE N Intimates That Officers Have Riqht Name b-jt the Wrong Man. the The <i(j Tiiltc.x Adutiila::c uf »Valrr .Hark and Is i 'litliiiL' in ifilie Line to Wot Field. Low nri !h6 I lowest lime w; "lie is a eiuisin of mine ' .This is the lefrain that T. W. I'iti- .si 'iilieri;er says In- fe<-Is like snigiiig, not with a gladsoini- ht'ait. how<-ver. riti><'n'"''-''r was hrouglit in from ;-"oster. .Mo.. last night by l^iidersher- iff .\. I.. Iioatri-lil to .-inswer to the charge .ol lording a promissory note in the Slim of $li». The ac.rns<>d man was fornn-ily a rc-sident of Has City. The {-omtdaining witnes .s is \V. T'erry .viio eoniliiets a livery stable tln-re. Wlien Pittsbenberger was arrested he ilenied his guilt vieoronsly and added that he had a cousin by the same name, intimating that the name j ];,yiii:; a pip. in the ; warrant might bo right. Iniljijie wi-st lield. Yesterday (he Neo.- ho. riv<-r was llie lo«e.-t it has lieen ;iny time this .viar ami with two exceptiiuis tin- lowest in hi.-~i<ny as far as recorded. The gagt- at the liver yesterday miowed the water to h(\ eight-tenths of a foot .below zero.'yLXjCcording to siaiistics uatlit'reil ^cal weather bureau »>l1i.-e f.n- ,he .\i-oslio has been in iliai I's Se|itetnber lli'iih and :'.'Mh. |n7. when the gage n-uisiered one and rivt--leut^is tee: lielow zero.. Thi- .vear If lore. 0<-lob(-r and .'7. i;tin;. :t:i<- wa:ir w,ts very low when ii ii-^iili i e! tKii and i thr.*e-li Mtli> fi-rt l-elow /i-io. /.i-ro' en the u:i^<- le.r.ins the b-M-1 • l.ihi' tt:|' of I .Ui- datn wliieh was ••oii- ^.rileted in ih'- i.\<-r !•> the eil\. Il <i\\i-v< : siiui- till- dam w;is eon.-i i nei-d it has lowered. The hiu;-! water ni.iik diniii;; ilii.- iliat he was not the man. His hear- it;g has not lie<-n ariang<-<l for as yet. Tin- (iifense is alleged to have been '•on'iniiied on the" of September, last. !'ittselibo!gi-r made no aitenipt to cause .Mr. Boatri-'ht any troubh- as tf> returninn to Kansas but eonsen'ted toj cotue without requisition p.Mjers. J .lui!<' 1 ir.i anil .la!.\ l>lr!li. Ii i< t.;iid ih.-it ili!.- iiiaik i^j.the !i!:;Ii«>^t Inr aboii' '.w.-ii-.v >e;u .ianuaiy I'MII. r.'e;. is the i!e\l hit-hett during thi- liistor.^ ihi- pri-s- e:il gage. Tiie Hood siagi- i-t the riv.-r i.- when it register.-, leti fe; i abov.- <.i> th>- -^.i.ue. tUis Supi 1 ::iM -;ilei:i .1. .\1. Il:vi:; has taken adv;int;':;>- • f tin- low w.iicr and today pti' a lorn- of imii io work 11- aeio>.-. the rivi-r to 1^ i .-i inii'-li i-a.-i'-r to \;<\ the pipe liii.' a<-ros.~ the river wlieti the water .is low. A SPIRITED CONTEST MR. SCOTT BUSY THIS WEEK. Has Engagement for Every Day.—At Humboldt Tonight. Tin- rt-mainder of the week will be a busy one for Congressiuaji Chas. V. Scott. Tonight he aililresses a Republican rally at Humboldt. '.Tomorrow he speaks^at W.vcoff in Fraiiklin conn- j ty while on Thtirsday he wjll he. pres-' i-iit at the .loe Cainion Day celebra-' tion at Topeka. Friilay he makes the piincipal address at the harvest hojne picnic, an annual event, at Lecomp-. ton. Saturday will And .Mr. Scott ;}t lola addi-issing ih>- Farmer's insti- tnle. It Is likely that he will ^peak at Klsmore Satiird;iy night, although lh<- mtitter has not be'-ii deliiiiti-ly settled. DR. HILL THE MAN r. .s. E.MHA.SStDOIt < ll<»l( E OF THE AMI-miillES FOKCE.S. HE ISA LITTLE <;|{EE> iU U \ V.\l\Sii iMippEK, sws OIL imrsii. .Made E\uiiiiiii<tioti Tltiv Moruins: and ( ontidcit nl li:> ri>:ii'li|si<>n-- Itii::- at 11. S«<.M. r. I! I • :i !i 1 lii^ iinirniir; aii- •r ei,iI.t!iL- .1 liiit Iii.«opie r ilii- !:;!e -.iri-en bnu 1 lii V l.i-t .v .-uilii:. u • 'ii; ^ .in itil.iiit ^r.i.-s- 1 )1 noin'i<'il .If ii!.-]M-(-iion ' which vi -ui thai i!i( pel hopper. "l/i.-t iii-.'.i I ii. I .r:l<i.,..•..,,(( ,\ aiiii-K-! ;:f ihi- i::.:. li-r-; wle.vli ai:- •d 11^ o ai;iilj .liiil I'liieled.'d V .1- Im' a viiititul --^ras- l\>>|-ii'r I did mil <i.!i<!-;di' ili-lilii!elv nnli! ibis •.iiomii'^ wle-ii \v ;:b ;'-iIe<i li -4hi .1 • .iiniied Ibi- l.-.v til.-' I Ilia: .low p. l.i au.iiii "iid to nid •u ;.i''— io-.'..w ;-.- i;:;li'. t .1 :i: till V i-'' iM-fOIMt- .•b<i:il-''l >. :i!d lb. •.ill • • I- i '•.(•.111 Population Note. ' Mr. •.'11 .1 .Mrs. .lohn Whitson. s:;ii .Vortli AV'alntIt aie the p'-oud ptirents of twin lio\s .lorn this morning. Mr. Whitsoii !-as been th.- r.-cipieiit of irany eon-ratulations during th<' da.v.i and has lti>.>ii passing out many/ cisars. / i M. c: A. MEMBERSHIP IS IN­ CREASING RAPIDLY. Enrollment of 126 in Gvm Class. —i2& in the Bible Class. T -Prizcs Offered. I 1.. i i<:;' i.-i ; t 1.. t:. : II^ li^. I' Th.v Tl>: i.t:-..i: Jiri'.t.-^ [liii ;<-s ihi.- .-iiiiiii^i .i-. f <-:M ill.- Ki. Sc .iti Tiiiiiim- t. i .- of the liii:: and i:.- . li'.-ci lii .r.- last night: Till- Iiiisiii .'-s .-ce 'iie! of tin- i-ily was -'>ii<d !;i.--t tiiLi'ii !•> tailli'iii- < f .-.lU-ill gi. i -n No p ! wlnr.- Hulil... Were biiiiiiag was e.M-lnpl ti.'^i !!eMn. and .(I ni:i-i.- places .\|.ii :i !-(r<«i l .ie Ml Ii l.-d will! ihcM ;!-.a! p.-•'.l.-.l IO w.i';'K in ; I'iuiii I 1 ,-.i.-i' h.'- 1 )1 ill u.ii!i':-. .1 ill s-.vium.-- iiiiii w( ri- .-iliiio. I oil -iiii 111 I'l-.:..- ar-- t:'r ronlir. il > aliiin- Kan-a- <'ir\ : li.-ive Iwrii invad.-d Th.- f. pr..-.• ..r ri,.- Ii'i!:s •.a>-in >pl >ev.--' ihi- .-I.-.";';. l|l.» St 11-. I I .I |bi^ nd di>;e\ .;.-al i!-o-.\ iii-.A CUT THEIR WAGES ^ : Still ki'v Laber Siniiis; .^'acliinorj al >c« York y,,,,,,..,," Na>» Yard I iil Wa..;i - nt S(-ani^tn>v«> \, io :V.. ha-, in:; i.. '.-.Miiii-I . .•;-.\. 'in- II.'(d' lar:in.\ in :ii • ;•: 1. ;alii'. il-i- il' '111 u ..... lb. i.i'-ii .ir.- « i I II :i in- Kill, pi ;!.-:..ii ;iii' Tii.-i. ri lii -.-.-d I I .-:.\ii!i: ituici -i!!i -ti 111 ilie t-!olhitig I'oik ii.ivv yard li.r I'litli.r le"i:;- i ihi.-.:ii'!i.'d w~ ••••I.I (|,i.j;.-|i|frs > a :!i| !.;, .v. -a n by !iai-d M-e - A h-i '.•I .ill t!>.' .iackies' r.-.g lr.)ia ;'.t'."iMi to Th..- nefUllH'iship eont '-st wliich «as e.-ntly inaugurat.-.l by S <-<-t .-efaiy is prncI •^sslng nictUy. Th.' is for boys between the aa»s (>f I" aiui !<•> only. The initiation f."- ,!or this contest ha .s h .-eii reduce.! to S:; and thooc wl-o take out member- a-.t' ,b : Tb. *.•.-. ri' '(111 .•1 .1 III.- .-ii. 1 • i.iiiil of lii;-.;^ s.-riieil t.i.- tix ..coll .ifi.-- i|,.l'. :iiid v \:iliiii a b-w iiiia-ii.s ai! of iie- .-loii-s and olhfs t'l;.' w.-re open w. i. .\ •. aif p!a(-.-> al t.> .•«a:oke theni .ai:. avail as tin .\ -;.'t-!!ii I. lin.'d with 1 rT.:rl V. liiaib- Ii!:l it w;'< of no d I., .•!l|.-l.^ tai- fiiii:.-- ra.b -.1 .HilH • if i.iii; r all w.r.-- • iir; ! I f. .in: ;.-!iiii cards at j this tini.- will be iior- i •n-itteil to makj' payni.'uts of ."..i cnis j .down and c.'-nts pi-r month until ili.> j ;!.-" is-paid. During the tinn-.of this; ,e'iiit.-si old nieiiib'.'vs'may pay a year ^ in advance at tlie e«> rat.-.s. Coti-j tvstaiils will b.> piv.'ii ei.-dit with \ •Mi.- iMn 'nl fin- <>v<-ry dollar <-ol|.el'.l i '.''during the .t-otit.-st. Tli.- prize' this eoiit.-sii-i'will 111- on.- of ill"' 1.1 .-SI luak.-s oi" <.;ymiiaslum suits ini 'iuiliie.; shoes. The <ont.-st closes ,Se)>t .-mlnT Cfith. .:.d M;.:1 amntli •hi or.!. ( d ;> n diieii^-i; of I" M, .1 ;;.iMi.Mit the i ^atched xfith moro than ordinary iiv I .VnotM-r contest whieli is b.-ia:; l-.r|. .-I ;:l:o il,.. a ii..;ir. ;M ' I'!- : . '•!:' I • ; i.ii!.' ; .i. 1 111. :• ;- '•-< !>.oii!'.-i Sr.i" 'liii • i:-i h nil- - • i.'i:.. d -I l;.i-..'l. I !.-;h-:- t!:.- tt ;ili (b-a-.I :;;-..'nid lak- I 'll - M-|l-l! 11. . I- l-i:;s : iilii- >,iiii iii:i!ibir~ as V. iei hav. ii .'i ili.ii; l" lor ..I i.'ie :.ii-.i'. ^••ed :iv .• H S NOMINATION IMPROBABLE HILL SlPPtHCTKKS IJEALI/.E THAT TIIEKE IS OM.Y A S.HALL ( IIA.ME. >a(iou»l Adiuiiiivlraliiin Uaiit-^ York (•oil I nor l<> lie Cliosrn Slat* LoliteiilffMi. New by .'^.11 aio'-.'. • .N." V. .S.-i'i I."'. —l»r J»:ivii| .l.jiic Hill, .if (tii<!i<-ster. ambassador from the riiii.'d States to tlennany. is tin- man whom the anti- Mtighes 'eadi rs have d»'ci.i>-d upon as a <-aiidi<lale uiiverme.- to defeat tlie i.'iiin'inaiioii of (iovcrnor Hughes l-".-w jiiMipiv e<iii.<| t't- foijii.l thi> niorii- lii:; who really li.-li. ved Hiii eoiild or vv.itild a»-iu-.illv In- ni.uiinai'-'i li was !.'!owii ili.'ii ilie:.- w.'ic ii.'.-.:iaiiis ami btters from I'vesideni lloosevelt. •|"aft ami others in th<- KepnbMcan na- 'iotial councils, leaviie.; no .binbi that liii.v:h.-s aloiii' was .b-sir.-d by the national adiuini.--ti;tiion as a uomini'e of III.' state <-oiiveli;ioii. Tin- aiiii-MiiKlies It-aib-rs would not talk for oubli.-a- ti.iii .>|o.-t nf tht-ni a.lmitti'il privately that whjb- then' wa.-> still a b.uhl- ii;^ <!ian<-<- t.i ibl':'t t';-- L -ov.-rn'ir. •'luu-rf.r. lie.' fn:'ii «)\.-;.- •••.•.:.v" was too ^i.-oii:: t'l.r ih.-iii ;ilid llii:;h.-.- would 111' li.-liiinaled. Hffe » Witness. Dav.- ( h :ist.. a barl>. r. is ill Ih.' city loilay as :i witness for th.- d '-fiiKlanl in.tli.' <-a-s.' of the city of Huniluddt vs. W. H. «:oi-b>'n. who is ehar-ed with \iolaiing th.- prohibit orv law. TAFT Is FIFTY-ONE The I'le.sidciitial Tandidalc Wa> Born .S«-i»l. I.'>. |.H."i7— Fonuratiilalitiiis Totlay. Cinciniiali. <>.. Sei.l. |.".—.Iml::.- Wil- liiifii II. Taft will be .'.I .\ears .d age lodtiy and already congratulations are being received on that .-vent. The Well wtidies are coining both by l.-tter .-.iiil postal <-:-.r<! Tlif eaiidaiaie was i'.'.rii in (•iiiciiiiiaii. Sei >;i -n.I'.-r hid;;.- T"'' '"•'^•1" work i-arlirr ih:!: i .-^iia' i .liis iiioiiiii:^ oi: an .i.e.iiniila- i-oa of miiil V. a;rivi '.l o\.-r .Sun- da.v. GORDON CASE IS UP. Humboldt MUST DROP POLITICS OR JOB. Several Cjvil Service Employees Are ' Disciplined by Government. Wiisiiiiiston. .Sept. 11.—Tlie di.sii- pliniii'.: of several boverniueiit etn- plo.vees hecause of political a<'tivity is announced in a statement given out by tl;<' civil service commission today. .1. H. Khinehart. a lelter carrier In the IV-nver. Col., oostoffice. has been reduced, and E. W. Hill.and W. IL Phillips, clerks in the f;oIdsl>oro. .V. C.. postoffice. have been warned that th«-ir political activity must ce«i-se. iindi-r penalty of dismis.sal. Hill has been liotsinated for slate si-iiator. and he wa.-; informed also that if ho desired to retain hi.-i position in the postal service it would b«' iiec>'s-s;iry tp decline tlie nomination at once. MORONY OBJECTED FOK.MEU l<>L\ TKK KETT MIMSTEi: t>riM»SEI> EMMM!SE.1IE.>T. Saj^ MinNicfs MkUt Ofirnd rcr>:iii> Wli" Mcr* a> \cat.j KiirW as Tri'kett. II.V I, i;. .M .>'.ill>, [.•i 'Wli.l IM III! ill.- Kiii .-eii !.;'.l rhimli lii-..-. >is.-.| till- .-.111.'! -cilifnt lit .\s.-i -I.;M A:'. Ili>-.> Trif'keti by ilie .Miai.-ti-i nii -Mliaiic.- .11 Kansas ( ii\ Til.' Ton.-.- say.-: K.-.-oluii. i>- i:i-'-.: C. W. Trii-keit. a.-.-i>laii .it- uo i!. y -j.-iivra! for \V.\ .iiidoiii- i.miu.v. lad |.i.-d--iiig him its as.sistati;-.-. were wbiiw.i by th" .Minisleria' .\!!ian(-e of Kaa--.i.-i fi.'.v. Kas. ye.-i.'id.i.v .-ifier- tioon. Tlie r>'.-<iliH'oiis w.-r.- obji-eted I .I l !i -v \. <;. .Moi.iny. 'd SI ra.r.'s K|'i.siii)iai ihureh "T.I .'i:- -t -'•.Ills 'lii- b'igbl of i-id;;iii. ar for it.- lo b.- ilr:'~'-:.-d ,h\.- 1-^ I .-..I1 -I" fii:l":.:- .Mr M •1; i:- a rM.nal tight Driller Selling is Charged With Liquor. ba .l inio i .'iiy said, b.-tw-.ii Mr i'..ok.- i-.v a ;itl .Mr. I'lickeii. li lielio'.ve.- to l;».-p <ii!i .if ilie ti'^h:. b-;! .v.. of- feiiil ;;i -od pr-rsntis win: after all iiia.\ IK ;(-• iii:iri: riL -hl as .Mr. Tilrk'-.i" Tlii'a a store! of proi.--! aro- !hi- vari.-ii-, iiiiiii .-i.-r.~. Mr was bi.peli-ssly in iiie iiii^firily "Shaai.' on this ass .ic -iatii ;ii in;; to i.a.-k .mt now." eri.-d Wili::;.-!! I'.-iilkt-:-. pastor i-i . V ).-w I'ri-sb .Meriali ehurch. "\iii-.'n; .\ni.-n' " tvlii.ed o'ln istt -is "|i is I:..! o!:!y oar :iii»:li -4- i.a. t::\: d-it.-.- :•> siatid h\ {h.\> ii!a:i who ha- •ioii- M' 'i.iirli for ei\if ri:;b:>-iiisaess ;:i .i:-. " 'lir l-'..!:lk.-s .nnnaued. • i'c. i-s i" fi..:ii h.-re li.ivinu ili::.- in;tl;l ;!U v.oiiid ii«- .: riiii: Ijk.- I'i- ai<- wl;.'ii In- wa-led hi.-^ Iiati.i.- of all 1. s ; .-ib;!in." tl:. I{i-v c C -aid fii .M.iro: to;- wi^ii the Kev I'll anil iii'.ii- Cis^;-! : l.i.-> I d Ifiir -ay If Tli.y have b.-eti .•lTer..i m.ire r< i'.;ini. ratjv. work, but sav th.-y art riiiii.-d it. Th- !:• -• i!<- « 1 ai!-:i I»-.i:-n lha- iterest by n-enibers of the as.sociation jis a coiitest b.'iween the Bible class ;aiid the gvm cla.s.s .'S. Th.'se cla.^s.'s for the wint.-r | «!v-'i>.l« r «. I VERNON IS COMING • 1-. IM-.'U o|>ened foi: the past two weeks. The !-» tl';. :!ie nav.\ depaitinent. con- i :s .in- .ifTerii::-- I.. braid for 1 "•''''''^ i-ru:< atid liiev !,av. di cided to i''"'""-'" - . ;-yni classes have an'eiinilltn"'nt of l:;'. tnetnlii'-s and th'' Hib'i- clas;< h;i.- an .-iiiollment of \1'> metnlier.;. The memb.'.-s of both el.-i,-.--.-.- are werkiti;: hard ;ti:d ir fs ann 'cipai .-d that within a sh.nt time thrse two d.-tiai'- lllients of tin- a.-.-< ciatii'l b.- laiL-e.- • in poiiit of iiHinb.jrship ilriii any of nrevieiis i-'.i'-.-i— sin e the orgtia:- , S. ri<-a ->Ht\ Will ( uiiiv te Help the Ki |inli. T. •• ea.-<' of thf <-it' ,! HlMllliOMlt vs. W. H. ('.ordoii, who is charge:! with vioI .itiiiiT th.- pr !>ai.>iTory law will come uji at the close •>!' lii.' Williams i-asf Ibis aft .Tiiooi;. Cor Ion was <-imviet<'.I before .liidge IV«-ry at Humboldt where he conducte.l his own case. He appeal.-d from justtc- court,! (Gordon is a driller aii.l tie- witne.«:r ' up'^u wlms'- t .-stiii !ony th.- .'ty iati .v h.^-i.-s ;i .-..iivi .-ii .iti i.- also a drili'-r. QUARANTINE NICHOLSON HOME. Seven Yea' Old Daughter Ha*; Oiphr MISUSED MONEY l5«ranM' «:t »<tia« «ii Siiu*- .ticAh-t«r rirat Via^ .VrjttMtttrd. DYNAMITE EXPLODES SEYEHAL PEAW A5D »A^¥ IX- .irUEI» AT WJXDSOR, .^O. CAR AND PI!ATF0R« WRECKED FtMNE OF t:XPLOSIOX IljJMOL- ISIIEI) .\i\HT OF DEPOT. • ' Asctjt Was Horribly .Vaogled and Died Sliotll} Mivr Accident—Otblen Will Not LI TC. Kan.-ias Ciiy. !3ept. 15.—Froim five to eight persons are reported dead and from sixteen to twenty others injured. me of them perhaps fataUy. as the result of the explosion of a car oi dynamite at Windsor. Mo., today. 'So, niiich confusion|e.\ists at Windsor that: .-le.-'urate figures on tha casualties* ••\ists at Wind.sor !; ivi'ie iinobtaiitable tip to two o'clock; this afternoon. At that hour the known.! dead number four as follows: i 'rederick Yakes, depot agent of M. K * T. By. ; i 111-.' Hall, of'Windsor, a di-ayman.-' .\ii unknown trani]i,aud an unknown ' iaiiorer. i " • Windsor. .Mo., Sept. l -">.-f -The car fxt.l.xbd in front of the iiOs- .iiiri. A:''Te.\as niilroiid depot' h.'re this mornitig injuring eigbteeia •••-rscn.i. one fatally, and demolishlngr :hi' car and dejiot plalfonn. Most of the iiijtired live in or near >Vindsor; Fred Yafce. the K. & T. ageijt here was mangled "and died in a fcW mln- Uti s. The dvnamile was in a car in a .•iontli bound friiight. Dee Hall <licd of his injuries a short :i:iie after the e.xplositm. A list of the seriously injured fol- ow.-^: Kariie.m l;;o. of (llensfead. Mo. Howard Kern, of Windsor. Charle.^ Walker. Windsor. .l-din Fox Wiudsor. * I; .\. .^'aloni-. \Viiid.s«>r. I-- Hail, son of Dee Hall. Kidft rt .loties. Windsor. K'-lla, Fierce. Windsor. .lohn West. Windsor. Cliff Sands. Windsor. .\ .1 Roynolds. address unknown. Sam Willis. Windsor. MAY HAVE BEEN HEBE. \: \ i..<- ARE YOU ON THE LIST Sixlt-iiine Dclitiiiucnts in Poll Taxi , Wm lie Turned t.wr-to the !'';,.,^_ :n„ Police TOitiorr'm. FIND NO CLUE. LaHarpcarrl Ga? City Robberies Still [ ? Mystery. .gtti.-: I•..iimiis-ioiicr .1. S Walker) .his iiKii Mill;; aii!i'iii-!c-i d iliat tonivr- rovv le- w.iiliil tinii o.'er to ll'.c po'lcc ri;,. iK'iii.-- .'f si\!>-iii:;e jier who J.Wilson. The efforts of the oflicers w'.i'o huvo been hours irorking for tlir- fnny-eisht for a clue to ihi- id.-iitit\ of the robbeis who entered thi- stores in La- Harpe and <;as City have jis yet been fnii »le -s. City .Marshal Donal.rnf |^-|. Harpe state.! this aft .'rnooti that al- thong^i he lia.I nothing froiii which to draw a conclusion he was satisfied tha^ the robberies were enmtnitted hy the Slim o persons who have been do- ingjSlniilar work in many of the siir- rounding cities. Thi- (dlict-s say thai thej- haveirnii; down every clii.- but with no i -esuUs. : WON FIRST HEAT ^ A Son Born. Ai son was born this morning t.i and AJra. 4olii WlUtson of si".' .N^ifi'. Walnut i ! litirrlitK Uat a LI CCIIM*. j'fuck Herring wont to the cjmr thU aflertioon and secured u llcitise, It was a hunter's llceiiiie. TOR .BAiLB—Some jCiXMl <lraft htn'aes a?iq marea and 4rlvtir &:.'AIl broke La; H«Tp««'^B' To Yates Center. Mr. aiid .Mrs. W. E. Lyons. .Mi...- ll.iicy Wils<iti auil .Miss ChriKtnias! enjoyed a motor trip to i'nav;' u»-ilc.:.'d i.; pay th(;r poll tax ;Yates Center yesterday. witii a 1 .•i-oiiiilitii.lanon to airc.v! iheJii. j 1 '!'h< -.-e ur.-. alioj:ftli<r. a^eoriliu'g to Vlr. | W.i.'k.'r. ;:ljou;i .i.-ii- hiiinlred d<'|jii-I .'Hi. nts. I -^H sev .Ma: ef ibcMi ar.- in -Hill i<-ndiiioi:s thai Street Ciitiimissiotier *V;.iker has i;iven tlioni :iii'r«- ilntj- fl.,w<vi'r. they ca!i"d a' ilie iilliee ..nil nii'l.- -.r.iu- a; r .mge- tiii Ills till- pa", tiiellt i :f iiie tax. .Mr U'alU. i t Mi"? ih;.:^ all of iho.-c who.--, -lanii-.i I - will turn over to the I'oliii hav.- l-.i-n tiotilice r<-peiitedl\. al i-i -.M time times. He says that tlu notices have Ijeeii tinl'.eeded. however. When .Mr. Walker turns these names ill to the police it will be the Urst time in iln- lilst .11.1 of lola. T Ka . .- Vrrii'iii. r'ui.-! 1 i .r ina.-iir-.. a.'.rl on'- ,".i!.ir< 1 pei-i.;.- .))• •o K-,iii-^.i;- on Sej . p:.:: in rh.- < .Mr V 'T 'i. r> . I,.m^'s .:i J-. .1 I' . .:|. for -hi- l;.-; liLlM lor il ~ . i'. :' .lit.-:.! till f.iair: j.\|. ;'ioi !i-T -bi:.. h 1 »!:.' ii'ai-i- -11 'I' rl :li; - laoliiii ilif K -i--sa-. . iiib«r •• Vi.;'il :iiM T hii.-d Siali-- ii]. r.- <;f 111'' i- r..ifi:ii'.; . ..i.i w:i; Til" tioni'- of Frank .\icho!.s<ni on f-^ast .la<-ksoii stri-.'l wa.-;" '|iiaraniiiieil this morning. The swen year oM dauchti-r of .Mr. an .i .Mrs .Vi'holson is ,silff <-rina from a sev.-rt- .""Tack of 'dipiith'-'i,! H" r con.iition ;..'st.'-!,ty w.ns i -onsib -r. "1 .tuit-- s"iio 'N '.lit t.>- j 'lav sli.- is r.-porti -«I as li«-iii: .v>mo Ib.-if.-r. (', il-ii. III,., ol S.:i-.'": l.n: !,.- Ii.i.- i:;.- i: ^ .:r: tick. I. a-nl'-.^'ib j • Nan 1 \\\ V..i;i.'ii '.vi". u »•• i.f ihf i-.ibired Kaii.-as V bich is .L A. NirholNon Win* Yictnr.> in Flr^t 1 Itoiind ol I»iima'.r.« Siii! Ai;aii:»! I Krimni Corn Fomiiany.: Tile jiidt^e of the di.-t ' j.Se.igwii-!' (-oiinty wliete riet coiiri in .1 ,\. .Nicholof i:ism<:re. has bioiiubl suit against the Western Hrooiii Corn (-oiii- paiiy of Indianapolis, ind.. thi.- week Herelofoie It !ovei-rnIed Ihe motion Mil the def.iidant such hM'e :i Ml. -'a^ not tieee»'y to use ,'iiis tiicihtids in collecting thi' tK.\. ii.iwever. there iii uu ordinance making Ih.' iMiti -jiuynieiit o( poll tux au oflense. Approximately $l,tiuO In poll tux has been collected thl8 year. In ISHiT t2.iuu was collected. Street Commi8- ?loiJer Walker saya that during] the past year many, have left the city. Those who have gone are j largaty youhs men eligible lo poll tax assiess'- . .,„niient, J. i<» i|iiiish Since thej iilace In which to liting the rai-e was one of the vital polnt.>.. tlie aittinieys for ihi- plalntiff. .Mr. .McholsAn. feel that ilie.\ have woij Hie tlr.-t "Ibeal." .Mr. .\l<-lio!i«m is Hiking damages of the Woati'i^n iitooni Corn company; for corn which he alleged he contracted tci Kcil theth.| He sa.v8 In his'petition to the courtj ^hat this company contracted to buy a certain amou|nt of broom corn from, bioi,. bui after n& had- iHirchased • l.'i-al K-iale in'n>ii'r». \. I'.'tii:;: and ;!;.-liaiid to • K .'.daiii:-^. -•••iih '..ilr 1.;: i' '. o<-k »;;. a lola. tiiid also i..; .". bicek i. I '.-'ar's .I'iiiii 1' Cfiii-id'-r:.! i-iii -?!'.-.".ii Sn.'!' I" I'avi- .-ir.d I.'-wif- K liavis V Sii,.-!. of <"•:!-. or ir.. ] ti\. !>ti-.i.i - ;:.ldi ion. tias ii.-id(-rai:oii K H.'iis .-'iid l."w.s liavi,.; to .s'niiih. <;is CiK. lot .'.r,-:.i; 1 .1. -ck •'• Ciiv <• Sarah ..i:vin. ('(iiisideration .V • il Tipi-i>- l-'i'd and i>. II. S|iarks. i.iis :;•». K!>niorf. t>>iii-i.lera- A Babv Girl, uas born 'his momins lo Mr. I,. S'l'wart. of 7""-; Kasl - i:: .;J ';i:- .~.,l:-! -i bv • -. li­ ii U" l.::-!.i . •;•! i;.- -a- ii;r; c: i-'>rauii;i iii 1 yr.\ .'Ikla .tiaii;.' fi>. ; ill '!', • i..;ii • 1:. ; •• Wi''.-:..iii li St'-irtti ,;; I'liie.ig.i. i .'•! .1 ii.'iti.iti ...:.-.;i!i:.- tha' Wilt. v.. :;ri-r. vu >' ji. -i.'.i-n" i..!' th" ail', and if.~id.-!ir dir .'rT 'i! at S .iWb .^•e.\ie.-;. r. b ::d v\ i"-i-fi.;i. taken !:.iiii Ihf eoneerii f-.i:"'"i: ilii--isa:id n.-..( i'ur.di.d dollar- Uai;d-i''. S Titles. .Man-U; .Siiiiini.'rfi.'^d aid I.i«- i.::.i- I.i-wis. .'ii>••• -.v.-..- uiaiSe e.- -lb .-fill! leis with U'.i!!:. r. Ilyr.ia I: I '.abl .ti. of S: !..:;::.>-. was ;r.;n.eii "uy ili. i-t.-:r: ;o lak" ih.irue 'I Mi 'ii' I . !>;• i.ii - : I: \\ a ^ .1 laiii . alt. ;i-i:;; I-.. I!-. i -oai- PERJURY CASE NEXT Mhitlow"- Trij't on < hartre Perinry Will Hexin loniornn-i in Itistrirt Coart Body Found at Leavenworth TWat of; Gentry Bros. Employee. The body of the man killed atLeav -i enworth last month may have been; rhat of an employee of .the Gentry | Bros', show- which was' here recently.' The Leavenworth Times says: The identification of the man who; was killed August 26 by a Rock IskuTii! .uigiiie nortih of the Union depot, has! at last been established, throtigh the^ p.Tsistency of J. C. i)avls. undertakers^ i:r .1. W. Sextons. .\ route card of the-Gentry shows foiitel in the deal man's pocket leadl ji»;.\is to conclude that he had been; an I'mployee of the circus.. He wrote i IO the Gentry brothers, giving a dies> | erijitiou of the roan and yesterday ihe.! reeeiv-.l the following answer: ; ./ ! Springfield. M<^ >Ir. J. C...Oarls:— ; "i Your letter in regard to a man be- \ ing killed in Leavenworth; received to-, 1 day. it W .1S forwarded from Blo(»n-> in::tim. In looking over oor books.' «f- fin.l that he paid oft a man in youiC city who signed hia name Tom Ifor-^ ris. We have so many of the wbrk-i in- m.-n that come and stay only a; fi-w days that it is impossible to keep ; tr-.icK of them-. This inab Harris work- i .'d only three days, and we don't, re- • le.'uiber him at all. ; Youiis tni^y. GE.N-TRY BROS. | Tattooed on the man's left .ana : jwire letters. The fli«t letter repemftl- '»-.| a script ''T." and the second'-was a distinct -H." That Tom Harris'and t"e iiian killed were the samej there r-iuains little doubL i * W' y Th .t|. Ih- i rial .Mi^s (h< ci roi..- 's inii!!---! "v-. i main- of .Mi--- Said, aad at aii.l .-•;<l') iilnvv ;'-i.,.irv Iri'-' loiirt i.iii: •11 irt.iwipi; oe: aiiiiiii'al . '>•; Sej.teti • . wi ! r -ow Th;.- Whitb 'W'.till- "uitrib-r i-t ; L 'Trh last \; tie.- ri'- i!ie iri;;'. OLI>EST EX/JiyEEK IDEAD. | "i i i i. • 'rii »ma> .Yfarray l*nilcd Frisce ^brot- tic for party Years. - ! Springbeld. .Mo;. Sept. 15.—Thomas .Murray, the oldeist engin^r i^ wer- yiee on the Frisci). died here yestisr- .'.|ay. .\rr. .Murrayi had been failingj In 'lo lluinboldt Kali}, i Th - .N .'Wton Aiiio livery wjIK drive 1 deli-taMoii foniposed of 1. I. I.Vorth- ",.!p C It Speni.-r. U I. Thninpson. It r Ciilley. A V Harris anil Coji- niesstiian CJ K. Scott to HUUIIKI dt this evening ii> intend the Hppiib.lcan rally '.Mr Scott will addniss the TDREATENINfi Forecast for Kansas: Partly eloudjrj Th the lUK)!^t erfeci 8 Hoij^ter t'ommitlee •^•••'••^ de.s extension com mil lei- of r club will meet tonight to . schedule of rcliates j to induce {ieo|ile living in distant parts of ,the country to come to lola tol trade. an (i~Br»h>hi. .k <..M». u«.^ <committee has been wofkibc on •tur*. I In temper- .hey tuve one planned that trill he j ,.„.l«4tl«te«orritorthe merchants. • ^ , 1 '.'.!.:;!. A ,.-siU.!il in hi- i wn i.-haif I-t 'health for some time an«^ his|deati) is ell. 11^' d t::ar in his ;i--ti:e.r.i..v ::iven 1 „:us not unexpected. Mr. Murraiy waa at th. la'iii— I and ilini --iv.-ii a: 'hejt,,,,,, jn Ireland ip 184* and cakne to tria . ile-re w.-ri- niaiej;al '•.til radb | xe-.v York at the age of 6.! He began ti-eis I: is expeend tl..' 'h»- (>-•• »i!ljhi-i siiccssful career of railroadpg at draw a '.ig crowd I'll- i:> [.Mtadville. Pa., on the Brlj^raJlrP—' a- iiT itii- I 'ial. .l-ailcr "' ' " *"'" weal i.> .Moran this aft- suilini'iii.-i witnessis I neon in tie' IO si -rvp cas.-. IlilltUKS WEKK IHS.MISSKD. Triek.U ruM' Tbiti Arllwn Taken in Todav. . . Kati.-as City. Seat. I.i agalns.i C, Trirkett. Til.- charges spcciiil assistant attorney i;enet-itl i f Kansa.s wim is.a«- ciised tlf uccepting unearned fei-s In a lliiuor easv were dismissed by .Iiidge .Morire in the Wyandotte dltjtrici conn this morning oi» a motion inade by Attorney General'Fred S.'Jackson. George Stewart of Yatei Center, came over thU morning for a short Tlalt with Meads. hi-i siiccssfiil .Meadville. Pa., on the I^riW railroad. When Ihe Frisco was'bullt I .Into Si.ringfield ho had charge of thei worit train, hauling gravel and ties for the. r ,cons!r"ction of the road fn!Rn|Rblla. I ;ti> Springfield, and had been IB cour- linuous .service oa the Frisco, as en- . gutter for more than forty yea(«> " At the time of Richard P."Bland's.' funeral .Mr. Murray pulled the! trmlD ! that took William Jennings Bryan^ to : l.ehanou. making tha Ikfttest tiiqe eT«r ; nride o:i the Frisco; 100 miles in coo > hour and flfiy mlndtes. 1 , - -'-^i - Judge Paerjr ii» T«wn. Judge. James P|<M^«^H ^4 |i^% U4i ^r eaa«. JaSS^feTOi^W^f?*^' doit guqty aad-tlwijigl^^ir^

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