The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1949
Page 9
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SEPTEMBER 21,1949 Bt,i (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS ' PAGE NINE •i- ^ i ity Cuts Cost of Building Many Ways fo Lower Construction Price And Retain Quality Of the many dollar-stretchers available when building or remodeling. here are some often-overlooked ways to cut costs without cutting construction quality, according to jy*oyal Barry Wills, architect, and ^Jhe Construction Research Bureau, tion''' ng h ° U5 ° '"'' builcjlng '"forma- A square house or room costs Jess than a rectangular one with the same amount of floor space. A plain roof without dormers is least expensive, carry the walls up three or four feet, give the roof less pitch, place short windows beneath the eaves for light and ventilation and eliminate th expensive dormers. Concrete or cinder blocks cost Bay Window Also Provides Added Space Savings A bay-window In the living-room can serve as R n attractive and convenient space-.saver. Build into it a sill-height closed cabinet whose front Is Mush with the wall on either sine of the bay. The lop of the cabinet, being fill-height, will serve admirably as a sideboard or bullet table, while In tlie closed cabinet may be stored glassware, duties and table linens. Near the bay, place a trestle table, rectangular library table or droplcf table which can be used for dining, yet will double for sitting- room purposes between meals. This may be further enhanced by installing plain glass shelves across the windows. On these, glassware interspersed with green growing plants and vines may be displayed. In a dual-pur|xxse room, a one-room apartment, or any room where snace is H a premium, this use of a bay- window provides simultaneously for storage, meal service, growing plants t Et.sic Oliver and S. W. Polk to Real Estate Transfers (Chlckasuwba District) H.H. »nd Lucy Kouchins to H. T. and Geneva Gertrude Gill,.Lot 1. Block 1 of the Country Club Drive, »900. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Bill Reid Company of Ark., inc., Lot 10 of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision, H.OOO. John w. Ro'den to Henry and Annie Mae Oargis, Lot 4 of Block "A" of the Morris Addition, $1,000. A. L. Richardson and Bersheba Richardson to the Trustees of the Missionary Baptist church of Yar- bio, t Plot 208'by 150 feet In SW(4 of the NE;« of Section 27-16N-11E $350. FZ. A. and Gladys Ellis to Travis W. and Mary Lee Burgett Lot 15 of the Replat of the Ni2 of Block 6 of the Chicago Mill »nd Lumber Company. $6.000. Susan Moore to Joseph Leonard and Lettitie Barns, Lots 11 and 12 of Block 6 of the w. W. Hollipeter Second Addition, $400. less than poured concrete for base- ' a " d dis P la y of glassware collection. | Charles and Dorothy Alley Graham, ment wills. IF native stone is avail- ^ a1 ' °^ ^ le Southeast Corner or a able near the building site this I Mti , p «lomar in California is the P'ot 140 by 60 feet in Section 10- may cost even less. instulating the house with hatts anrl blankets of mineral wool at time of construction costs less than applying this protection later. One great advantage of installing mineral wool during construction Is that between 23"r and W, can be saved on the heating plant installation. This is because a house insulated with full-thick mineral wool In exposed walls and attics requires a smaller heating plant. Plasterboard Economical Areaways around cellar windows than ready-made devices. sheets of plasterboard or . site of 1 the wo-ld's largest telescope. superfluous moldings and trim. The house looks better without these and savings are important. Costs can be cut by omitting a porch if a terrace will serve as well. If n roof is desired In summer, use an awning over the terrace. A plain cement floor marked off in squares costs less than brick. Bay windows cost money, but if a bay window Is wanted an oriel window is cheaper since it requires no foundation. Slat > . nn Inexpensive yet pleasing front entrance step for a ranch or coun- ii,,,ii, . ^ , ---- II . ------- tiiuaucu hiep icr a ranch or coun- s.imlar dry-wall conslrucUon clirn- try-style home. To further cut costs, inale e.xpcnsn-e lath and piaster. j one call do some of the work, such Use stock lumber and millwork without ctirlitiues. Eliminate ill Use stock limbers for porch roof support instead of ornate columns. PITTSBURGH FLORHIDE PITTSBURGH PAINTS HUBBARD HARDWARE Co. Inc. 213 West Main Phone 2015 and other consideration. J. B. Stevenson, Jr., and Mary Plant a breeze-enticing shad* over verandas end -terraces with SLATS-O-WOOD Awnings tn d I enjoy solid comforl this summed Made of fine j wood, sturdily put together wilri rust-proof ruik o>.d screws, tdese good-looking ventilated ,vvn. "ig* «r» enduring « the house itself. Ouf designer will gladly malte the person*) inspection • 'equired for an accurate estimate, « SLATS-O.' WOOD Awnings are individually tailored to! 1 "'» 'he lines of your douse. To insure early)' „ installation, phone NOW for this free «rvk«. lUTl-G-WQBO DEAL'S PAINT STORE K. Stevenson to Cecil Vernon and Evelyn Council, Lot 8 of the Subdivision Lot No. 16 of the Barren find Lilly Addition in Section 15- 15N-11E, $5,278. J. E. Stevenson, Jr., and Mnry K. Stevenson to Thomas C. and Essie Ruth Hopper, all of Lot 3 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 in Section 15-15N-11E, $4.800. J.E. Stevenson. Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to Nathan and Delsle 0)t) Mniie Robinson, all of Lot 10 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of Barron and Lilly Subdivision of Section 15- 15N'-11E. S4.800. J.E. Stevenson, jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to William H. and Dolle Corrine Gray, all of lal 11 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of Section 15-1SN-11E. $4.800. J. E. Stevenson. Jr., and Mary K. Stevenson to Lonnie B. and Billie C. Gilbow. all of Lot 4 of the Subdivision of or Lot 16 of the Bun-oil and inly SiulHtivisiou of Section 15- I5N-11B. $5.278. J.E. Stevenson. Jr., and Mary K. and LillyStevenson to Hardy H. and Movil Elizabeth Chiltlers. all of Lot 5 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of the Barron and Lilly Subdivision of Section 15-15N-11E, $5,278. J. E. Stevenson. Jr.. and Mary K. Stevenson to Robert L,. and Edna Mae Colcman, all of Lot 7 of the Subdivision of Lot 16 of (lie Barron and Lilly Subdivision of Section 15-15N-11E. $5.278. E. B. and Rovene C. David to Kemp E. Whisenhunt and James R. Deal, lot 3 of Block 7 nf the David Acres Subdivision $1.00 and correction of deed. f Fred J. and RebR E. Davis to Franklin P. and Violet E. Tatum, all of the south 100 feet of Lots 13 and 14 in Block 3 of the Davis Third Addition. $7,150. Neta Bunch to Hildreri G. Bunch, a plot 200 by 250 feet in Section 33-16N-1IE, S750. A.T. Wilson to Minnie Wilson, the East 19 acres of a 38-acre tract In Section 35-I5N-I1E, SI and a property settlement. , Wiley and Irene Smith to Crandall and Ncdra E. KinninRlmni. al! of Lot 1 of Block 7 of the David Acres Subdivision, $7.100. Arthur R. and Mary Jo Olsen to A. E. and Rena Henry, all of South 80 feet of Lot 9 in Block 6 of the Chicago Mill and Lumber Company Addition. $3.464.51. John C. Criner and Bessie Et'isl Criner to Allen Dexter and Willie Mae Baker. North 68 feet of Lot 2 of the J . C. Criner Subdivision of Lot 17 of the NE4 of Section 15- 15N-11E, S4.000. Jerry and Thelma Hearn to E. O. and Clara Ambrose. Lot 8 of the N;2 of Lot 7 of Block 3 of the Highland Place Addition, $10 and other 'onsldcration. L. O. and Hnttlc C.ill to Alfred D. and Margaret Grace Kemper, Lot 4 of Block 4 of tr Country Club Drive. $7 "00. M. H. Anderson and Frances Lee Anderson to Charles and Edna Robinson plot 25 by 88 feet In Lot 5 of Block 1 of the Wilson Second Addition, $650. Edward McTiere Johnson, Jr., to Mrs. Clara Alford Wr-bh -I al. Lot 6 of Block 20 of the Blvlhe Addition, Lot 2 of Block 18 of the Davis Addition. $1.500. Paul D. and Mildred Rice to James R. Anderson. Lot 3 of Block 2 of the Chickasawba Gardens, $6.000. Tuva Paught to Willis Harris and Doris Elizabeth Harris. Lot 15 of Block 6 of the Highland Place Addition, $7.200. H-'ly Development Corporation to Fortimato R. anrl Ruth Tunno. all of Lot 20 of Block 4 of the Pre-Winter Fire Hazard Check Urged Cle»nlln«s «nd Mfety must be lnsepir«ble partners in the basements of American homes If the nation s »nnu«l tin loss, which • verges 10.000 de«th «nd $100,000.000 is o be reduced during the next twelve months, fire prevention nuthoritle* decl»re. """""on filled basements luve "r™ V n v,'° "* ° ne °' the chle ' c «»«s of all-home fires. Thus, authorities say the first step In making . home sale from the deadly and costly effects of fire Is to clean up its basement. especially the « r ., around the heating unit. At the start of the heating season every home owner Is advised to provide fireproof containers for ashes and other waste materials which collect In basement ureas Recommended containers Incl'de galvanized steel ash anrl garbage cans. These receptacles are made of rust-resistant melal and have close-fitting covers to protect glow- Ing ashes and flammable waste materials. After all refuse has been stored in covered galvanized steel cans It s recommended that kindling materials be stacked in neat piles awav from heating units. A preferred practice Is to store such matter away from walls and approximately eighteen Inches above floor level This not only reduces the chances of fire but discourages rats, u well Luxuriate In Comfort" 109 Easl Main Phone 4469 David Acres Division, $6,780. Alyln .ffman, Jr.. and Virginia Myn:k Huffman to Bush Brothers all ol West 200 feet of Lot 6 of Block 1 of the Country Club Drive, $17.156.26. ». I-. and Maymc Cora Rosamond to Cecil Council. L-its 1 •> 3 and 4 of B'nrk 1 O f the Pilson First' Addition, $1.2CO. Bill Held Comuany < ' Ark I' to Harold T. and Juanlla Lcwh all of Lot. 9 of Block 2 of the David Acres Division, $7.500. Deed to Life Estate from Jrjsc- Phme MMIIC.V, widow of J p Mooney to Floyd J. ,nd Mildred' Mooney. all of the NW[4 of Section 5-14N-10E, containing 87 acres, $1 and other consideration. Bill Reid Company of Arkansas Inc to Mrs. Dorothy Drewrv. Lot " ?' BI ° clt 4 ° ! 'he David "Acres Subdivision. J6.475 Bill Reid Com,,any of Arkansas to Lawrence Gvinn and Joy Garner, Lot. 10 of Block 5 of the David Acres Subdivision, $6.700. E. B. and Rovene C. Davlrt to the Holly Development. Corpt-rat-on, all of Lots 5, 6. 7. 8, 9, 10, II. 12. 15 16. 17, 18, 19. 20 and 21 '•• Block 6 and Lots 12. 13. H. 15, 1B . 17 and 18 In Block 7 of the DBVW Acres Division, exchange of property Holly Development Corporation o E. B. David, u.606 acres in Section I7-15N-11E. $500 C. If. and Irene Whistle to Hollv Development Corporation, 11606 acres In Section 17-15N-11E exchange of property. Blythevllle Development Company to H. L. and Marnye Cora Rosamond. Lots I, 2. and 3 in Block 8 and Lots I. 2,, and 3. in Block 9 of Wilson's ^irst Addition. $1 arid other consideration. Three-State Lumber Company to A. M. and Lenora Brittaln, 5229 acres in Section 8-14N-11E, $1 snd other consideration. hv Jl> Mv?' N , lcRac to Mary *• Hen '?L i4 ° f SW ' 4 ° f Sect! ° n 21- 16N-11E, $10 and other consldera- lion, Bill Reid Company of Arkansas, Inc to Donald E. and Rose Marie Nusbaum, Lot No. 6 Block 2 of the David Acres Subdivision $8600 * *'»*» block pud *ver the bathtub, you too can luxuriate in comfort, daylight and privacy. Because it's trmni- lucenl, not transparent, you're assured complete privacy plus an abundance of cheerful daylight. Chill downdrafts are no problem because (lass block offers excellent insulation. A swipe of a damp cloth keeps the panel sparkling. 12 Persons Seek Building Permits During Past Week Building activity in Blythevllle. as reflected by applications filed for permits, was sluggish last week with H dozen permits sought for less than $33,000 worth of construction. Seven applications for permit* to bv(M houses were placed on file In the office ol City Engineer Joe Carney during the past week. One permit fnr a business building, two for enlarging residences nnd two for moving business offices also were applied for. Applications were field by the following: Anna Duncan, for a two-room frame residence: In Larry's Addition; estimated cost. $1,000. Mrs. G. H. Oreer. to add two rooms to residence In rear of 108 South Franklin; estimated cost SI.000. Frank O. Seay. for a six-room brick veneer residence o-i Pecan Avenue; estimated cost. $8.000. Phillip Robinson, to move small office building to southeast corner of Main and Lilly'. Mrs. Byron E. Moore, for a six- room frame residence on West Rose Street; estimated cost, S4.000. Wiley Smith ftwo permits), for five-room frame residences at Birch mid Kenwood; estimated costs. S5.000 each. Elliott Johns, to move office from Sovth First Street to 60" ChJcka- sawba Avenue. C. L. Lucius, for a four-room frame residence on Johnson Street- estimated cost, $1.000. Fannie Sims, to ndd room lo residence on 16th Street: estimated cost. $400. Charles Llpford, for a five and one-half room frame residence on Marguerite Street; estimated cost 6.000. James Ford, for a concrete bind- business building at nil South First; estimated cost, $1,500. Bullt-lm AH Usable With Period Room Sty I* Bullt-lns need not be confined to modern interiors and the Early American room can also take advantage of their usefulness. Before a single or double window In one end of a Colonial living-room, Place a sofa. Instead of lamjMa- bles. build lir at either end of the sofa a table-height cabinet with simple batten door. In either corner, at right angle* to the sofa and cabinet-tables, build open shelves to the celling, over cloted storage cupboards. On the sofa use a ruffled printed chintz or other colon slipcover. Have simple draw-curtains at the windows, of the same material. All the built-Ins may be left In their natural finish, and waxed to a toft glow. "Swtftt to the «we«t" was orli- nally said by Sh.k«pe.,e In the last act oi Hamlet. . Women were not allowed to ap pear on the stage in Shakespeare'r time. Initials Replace 'Hit' And 'Hers' on Linens Once the words "his" and "hers" on bathroom linens was a clever thought but the Idei Is about worn out. Accomplish the same result and include the children, by employing Initials on towels and wash cloths for Identification. These are now nvallnblc In a veritable rainbow of ->lor combinations with every letter of the alphabet wove" Into the cloth. For the linens, use the Individual's (riven initial In white on a strong-colored background. Color boldness is th* order of Hie day so consider dark red, deep blue or warm orange. Too Much Furniture Clutters Up Small Room A few larg- pieces 01 furniture In a small room arc belter than m collection of many small pieces because Ihe latter seem to be always under-foot cluttering the room avoid particularly the use of more than one Uble. To lighten the effect of the massive sola and chairs, choose plain upholstery 1,, a medium color, such as blue-gray, and floor the room with cream or lighl buff asphalt I lllc. 1 Inset Inch-wide blacV strips of (he flooring material 3 feet apart diagonally across the narrowest dimension of the room. Diagonal Installation Is simple since asphalt I tile comes not only In squares but j In halt-tile cut dlagr-, H ||y a t the I factory to eliminate on-lhe-Job ' cutting. PAI NT PRICES REDUCED! Dutch Boy .... now $5.95 Hy-Klass now $4.08 Wallpaper Room Lots ... $2.00 Easy Pa.vment Loans , .. , E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phon* 551 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 1Q% Down For Non-Veterans fell before ordinary guns fired b» ordinary town guards recently, la already becoming a legend in Pa- hang slate. A play based on the slain Malay terrorist's career was staged as part of the town's welfare week programme. Government servants took the leading roles. Jut think, lor » .null earncif-mune} depoiil >M mm, arm secure u,,c ,>f these ,,ew ml >d ern two bedroom h.mea, n™ under ainiHruellon Man.v a rr rrmklni their «| M t^ a* c<im« while ,-ou ma> chouse. Beautiful!.? ,f«li,ied, jlurdllj built, .one nan plctur. win- downs. In new subdivision. Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. 1SC1 Wesl Main Phon* 4445 Won All, Ret! Terrorist Legend Now in Pahang ALOR STAR. Malaya — <lf,— Wan All. the communist terrorist lender who had boasted he could only be Killed with a "silver bullet" but Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosowbo SWIFT S PREMIUM I BRANDED BEEF W« Specialist in Fancy Meat* and Grace rin We Deliver Phon* 2043 of Parkins Spur* CRANE THE CCANF M£XfI CROUP FOR YOUR LOVELY NEW BATHROOM When you plan your n»w bathroom, remember thai Crane offers you distinctive beauty «nd (he economy (hat years of satisfying service will give. New, m()u crn •lyles...strong, dependable construction. Before yon decide, be sure (o se« (he many lovely new slyles here al "Pete", Th« Plumber's. "PETE" the PLUMBER 109 1st WATER is your Cheapest Commodity - - - Use if FREELY! Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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