The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on October 13, 1964 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1964
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Tuesday, October 13,1964 •FOREIGN* NEWS COMMENTARY By WILLIAM J. FOX United Press International Notes from the foreign news cables: Red Chins And United Nations: Red China will make its annual bid to win a seat in the United Nations when the General Assembly convenes in New York on Nov. 10: Some day it may make it. But not this . year. The battle to keep Peking out of the U.N. may be a lot closer than has been anticipated. But observers feel it still will fall short. It will be closer because the Red Chinese have been making rapid diplomatic headway among France's former colonies in Africa. The Congo Republic, whose capital is Brazzaville, and the Central African Republic bolh have established diplomatic ties with Peking. Senegal has cut its links with the Nationalist Chinese on Formosa.- And five otherjjAfrican nations — Cameroon, Gabon, Niger, Chad and Dahomey—are reported .considering Peking's diplomatic overtures. Cameroon is believed to be the key. If it goes over to the Communist Chinese, the others are expected to follow. If this happens, then Red China will he recognizedVbyv more nations in Africa than Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist regime. IT'S SIMPLE S • a • v. TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MONEY WITH (MIG You can see at a glance, at any time, just exactly where your money ha» been spent and how much remains in your account. The entries you make as you write your checks comprise an automatic, accurate, continuous record of every transaction and your balance! : That still won't be enough, for most o f the rest of the world still-backs Chiang. Britain And The MLF: There is growing informed speculation in London that Britain will have little choice but to join the American projected mixed-manned Polaris nuclear surface force, when the time comes. If the United States decides to go ahead with the MLF, as it is called, Britain will follow no matter which party wins this week's parliamentary selection. Only West Germany seems enthusiastic about such a force at this time. But the prospect of an Amer- carj-German nuclear arrangement of any kind is rated sufficiently alarming in London to prompt any British government to join up promptly—no matter with what misgivings. De Gaulle As Candidate: All indications reaching Paris are that President Charles de Gaulle has stood' up far better than expected to the rigors of his exhausting South American tour of 10 countries in 26 days. If he returns home by the end of this week in good physical shape, there will be no remaining doubts that heh will run for a second term in December, 1963. Romania As Mediator: Romanian Premier Ion' Maurer is winding up his second visit to Red China in seven months with new prestige for his country's independent line between Moscow and Peking in their bitter ideological fight. Observers . in Hong Kong — • the British hCina\ coast colony that serves as a diplomatic listening post on events inside the Communist mainland ' — feel Maurer has been trying to met- iate the fight between. the two Marxist giants and at the same time step up economic cooperation between Peking and Bucharest. Negro Held (Continued from page 1) a wooded area not far from the scene of the slaying. He denied any knowledge of Mrs. Meyer's death and said he'had been fishing and lost his pole. Barry (Continued from page 1) Conn. Humphrey's opposite number, Rep. William-E. Miller, planned to resume his campaign in Pennsylvania after a two-day rest to recuperate from a severe head cold. The New York .congressman was scheduled to speak at Scranton,. Wilkes-Barre, Reading and Philadelphia before flying to Richmond, Ind., to spend the night. LIVESTOCK Hogs 6,500; barrows and gilts opened 25 higher, later and closing fully 25 instances 50 higher; 1 and 2, 190-230, lb 16.2516.65; 30 head 16.70; 1 to 3, 190260 lb 15.75-16.35; sows steady to 25 higher; 1 to 3, 300-400 lb 13.50-14.25, few 14.35; 2 and 3, 400-550 lb 12.50-13.50, load 14.00. Cattle 1,800; calves 125; steers fully steady, heifers about steady; choice steers 24.50-25:50; load high choice and prime 25.75; high good and low choice 23.75-24.50;, good 21.5023.50; high good and choice heifers 22.00-23.00, few choice 23.25-24.00; good 19.50-22.00; cows steady; utility and commercial 11.00-12.00, few 12:50; bulls steady;. utility and commercial 14.00-16.00; few utility 16.50; vealers steady; good and choice 23.00-27.00; few choice 28.00. ', Sheep 600; wooled Iambs 50 lower; choice and prime. 20.0021.00; good and choice 18.0020.00. . Busy Clovers (Continued from page 3) Cathy Plumlee, Connie Achenbach, Donna Rump, Lou Ann Kendall, .Paris Fakes, Becky Rump, Rita Lou Miller, Cheryl Fakes, Suzanne Smith, Marcia Phifer, Angelia Whisman, Roberta Schweitzer and Ellen Schweitzer. ELKS STAG This Wed. Oct: 14 Baked Tenderloin and Oyster Dressing 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. All members urged to attend. RILLED BY BULL RICHMOND, Ind. (UPI)—Verlin Tubesing, 57, was found dead on his 31st wedding anniversary Monday night, apparently fatally attacked by a bull in a field on his farm. Relatives said Tubesing left his farmhouse to herd cattle and when he failed to return they searched and found him in a field. | One of the searchers said a j two-year-old bull in the field .tried to attack a tractor on I which he was riding while hunting for Tubesing. Dr. Ralph IDyer, Wayne County coroner, 'said an examination of the body I indicated the injuries Tubesing • suffered, including a crushed chgst, were inflicted by a bull. Besides his widow, Tubesing's survivors include a son, Roy, serving with the Air Force in Viet Nam. U.S. In Progress (Continued from page 1) times. (Kaminski said it was possible the space ship had been brought down for repairs and would be launched again in a few days.) In announcing the landing today Tass made no further mention of its interview Monday with Jean Coulombe, chairman of France's National Center for Space Research. Coulombe is visiting Leningrad. He had said one of the three cosmonauts might venture outside the craft in flight. For Moon Landing Such an experiment would be desirable before a moon landing. But the Sunrise cosmonauts might venture outside the craft in flight. For Moon Landing Such an experiment would be desirable before a moon landing. But the Sunrise cosmonauts wore no space suits. Apparently, there was no intent to have any of them leave the craft in orbit and drift weightlessly along with it in space. "Valuable material" of a scientific nature is the result of the journey, Moscow television said.' Monday night Soviet space scientists hailed the voyage of the Sunrise as a stepping-stone to moon travel. The Soviets kept secret two major pieces of information: The nature of the "powerful new" launching method and the size and weight of the space ship itself. • Tass said the figure, when released, would dwarf anything yet seen in the history of manned space flight—which began only VA years ago with Russian Yuri Gagarin's single orbit on April 12, 1961. Estimates Power Western observers estimated the rocket as up to 10 times more powerful than the one to be used in the American Gemini two-man space program. The new Soviet achievement put the United States further behind in the space race. Gemini will go into orbit in February at the earliest. James E. Webb, chief of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, conceded in Washington Monday that the United States is "in a period of catching up." But he said the ! American Saturn V rocket "is designed to overcome that lead." The Saturn is scheduled to blast off in two years. Webb said it could fling a 120-ton space- ship into orbit—about the size of a loaded freight car. Russian space ships are estimated at seven or eight tons— the. size of a medium truck. Sidelines (Continued from page 4) and a very busy one. A leader of district Babe Ruth ball in the summer, he is also studying for his masters degree, .teaching at Alexandria High School, coaching Alexandria Junior High football and basketball as well as doing his sports column for the Alex Times-Tribune. It is even more commendable then that Bob took time oiit from these assorted duties, and after traveling to Indianapolis to watch the Tipton - Cathedral game, he sat down and penned a note to Tipton coach John Moses congratulating him on the fine team he has assembled, telling him he was surprised at how strong Tipton actually, is and saying he believes it to be even stronger than last year's team. It takes a thorough gentleman as well as a mighty nice guy to do that and we're happy to have, a fellow like him as a scribe in the CIC. Changed Our Name? We know the Blue Devils have a pretty fair football team but the scribe on a neighboring paper a few miles to the north must have us confused with even higher ranked E fchart. Continually in his story last week on the Tipton - Elwood game he wrote "the Blue Blazers did this . . . and the Blazers did that" ... oh well, maybe he got hit on the sidelines that night like we did at Noblesville last year. AMERICAN ON TRIAL IN TURKEY A guard show* U.S farmer John Phntiou. 76. into the rlocK at his trial on charges ot "insulting the Turkish nation" in Izmir. Turkey. Photlou is from West Peabody. Masa. National Window WOMEN SEEK RIGHTS REPUBLIC OF. SAN MARINO (UPI) — The women of this tiny republic oh the Italian Peninsula, who recently JOHN FEIGHNER SAYS: OUR NATIONAL DEBT DOES AFFECT YOU! We're now paying 11 Cents of every tax dollar for INTEREST on the National Debt, yet my opponent again voted to raise the National Debt limit. Indiana sends more than "One Half Millon Dollars" every day to Washington as our share of this interest payment. Think of the schools we could build here in Indiana with "One Half Million Dollars" every day! FOR A FIGHTING CONGRESSMAN... ELECT JOHN R. FEIGHNER . Republican for U.S. Congress Paid for bf F«i|tmr For Cenpiu CommltlM, Marion, bid. . Robwt Austin, CUnaj Mfi W. Wrtwlm. StCj Cut PanUo, Taaas. INJURED ON TRACTOR JASPER, Ind. (UPI)—Henry T. Mosley, 33, Dale, was in critical condition today as a result of his second serious farm accident in nine months. Mosley was found pinned by both arms beneath an overturned farm tractor at a silage storage trench on his farm late Monday night, and neighbors estimated he was trapped eight hours before a wrecker removed the tractor and freed him. Last Jan. 13, Moslcy's hand was caught in a feed grinder for an hour and had to be freed with an acetylene torch. Since then he underwent several skin grafts and only recently gained normal use of the injured hand. Mosley was taken to Welborn Baptist Hospital in Evansville where efforts were made to restore blood circulation in his arms. Mosley was found when his wife, Ina, a Dale High School teacher, became concerned when he failed to return from the field. , TOPLESS SUITS EXPOSED LOURENCO MARQUES, Mozambique (UPI) — The newspaper Diario demanded today that white South African girls stop wearing topless bathing suits on the popular Polana beach. It urged authorities to arrest anyone wearing a non-conventional suit. won the right to vote, are now demanding the right to hold elected office. A women's group Tuesday petitioned the citizen's assembly to grant the request. DIANA Ends Tonight 2 Shows at 7 arid 9 p.m. Mar,on4~i? Davic Brando^ /^Niven Shirley Jones Bedtime Story" Opens Tomorrow 4 BIG DAYS ADULTS ONLY — NOT FOR CHILDREN — ADMISSION ADULTS , 75c JOSEPH E. LEViNE presents [HE GARPETHAGGERf First feature starts at 7:30 Wednesday and Thursday. Boxoffice closes at 9' p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday 2 Shows At 7:00 and 9:45 p.m. Special Matinee SATURDAY AT 2 P.M. ALL SEATS 25c "CATTLE KING" color Opens Sunday ALFRED HITCHCOCK'S / "MARNIE" color By LYLE WILSON United Press International The U.S. Supreme Court has jbeen asked by several unhappy parents to extend to white school children substantially the constitutional and other protection which Negro' children enjoy. The outcome, believe it or not, seems to be in some doubt. Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Balaban and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'Gottlieb of Brooklyn, N.Y., are seeking to restrain the New York City Board of Education from transferring their white children from their own neighborhood school to correct racial imbalance in a new junior high school. Most, of the facts­ pute. It appears to be more or less agreed that the new school was built to relieve shocking overcrowding in one or more nearby schools in which most of the children were Negro. Also substantially agreed is that the new school would have had mostly Negro students if that plan had been followed. Area Rezoned The school board, however, is alleged to have abandoned the plan to relieve overcrowding. Instead, the board rezoned the adjacent area greatly to increase the number of white students in the new school. Under the former zoning arrangement the new junior high school student body would have been 52 per cent Negro, 34 per cent Pnerto 'Rican and 14-per cent white:-The new zoning will provide a student body 35.2 per cent Negro, 33.6 per cent Puerto Rican and 31.2 per cent white. The board concedes that racial considerations were a factor in the rezoning. The outraged parents assert that the white children were zoned into the school on the bass of frace, exclusively. They contend that school assignments based on race are illegal, even though it be the white race. They protest abandonment of the neighborhood school concept. They assert that their children have been zoned into a slum area where the juvenile delinquency rate in the vicinity of the new school is 150 per 1,000. In the neighborhood in which the white children live the rate is 8.6 per 1,000. The parent's brief to the court asserts that': "They object to the assignment of their children to a school in a slum to satisfy a political compromise, brought bout by pressure on the Board of Education, solely because their children are white." Negroes Exert Pressure The pressure comes from Negroes who have conducted massive strikes against the school system. Negroes are a large and influential political minority in New York City. Local officials flout them at their peril. The white parents have been unable to establish such political muscle. So they went to court. They lost in New York state courts. They not only assert their constitutional rights under" the 14th Amendment but, cite, too, the Civil Rights Act passed this year. That act asserts that: "Desegregation shall not mean the assignment of students to public schools in order to overcome racial imbalance." Lawyers will argue the point of course. But to any layman it would appear that the Board of Education has done exactly what the civil rights bill said it should not do. If the Supreme Court chooses to go along with Congress, the white parents surely must win. If the court chooses to ignore or to repeal that part of the Civil Rights Act above noted, it can do so. The Congress as now constituted is just about powerless against the Supreme Court. IKE PRAISES BARRY GETTYSBURG, Pa. (UPI) — Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower Monday night praised Republican presidential nominee Sen. Barry M. Goldwater as "an honest man, a man of integrity and character and dedicated to this nation." Eisenhower said "you may disagree with some of the things he said in the past, but you must remember for a long time he was a free-wheeling senator who could not be called to account. , "But now he is trying for the greatest political job in the world. There is nothing flip, there is nothing impulsive in any drop of blood in his body today." CHANGE TO ZIP CODE WASHINGTON (UPI)—Army and Air Force Post Office addresses overseas, known familiarly as . APO numbers, are going to shift to the zip code system on Jan. 1. The Pantagon said Monday that the change, affecting the addresses of more than 1 millon servicemen • and dependents abroad, will "speed routing and sorting of mail with a resultant reduction of delivery time." A similar system wijl be adopted for the Navy's Fleet Post Office addresses, FPO numbers, later. Kern's Fish Fry Armory, 5 to 8 p.m. Oct. 24, 1964 Sponsored by Tip Toppers Square, Dance Club Adult $1.00 Child 50c IN HOLLYWOOD - By VERNON -SCOTT " HOLLYWOOD (UPI)—Charlton H e s t o n was gradually sneaking up on the 20th ' Century,- one picture at a time. But now he is backsliding toward antiquity once again. The big guy with the classic features exploded to stardom in "The Ten Commandments", an epic in which he played Moses. He marched through time from B.C. to A.D. with "Ben-Hur", and' was showing real strides when he played the 11th Century "El Cid." Then he vaulted through centuries to star in the Civil War drama "Major Dundee." But evidently the heady atmosphere of recent centuries, the soft living, gave the actor nosebleeds—possibly the bends because he's done an about face and is heading for the cenozoic era. HesTon tumbled all the way back to the 16th Century to play Michelangelo in "T h e Agony and the Ecstasy" earlier this year. Now he is preparing to plunge clear to the 11th Century again to play a mercenary knight in "The Warlord." Finally, Charlton will be seen as John the Baptist • in "T h e Greatest Story Ever Told", which takes him back to B.C. where his; career, began. "The characters I play seldom have time for girls," Heston said.'"If I'm not leading the Jews, out of Egypt or besieging Valencia I seem to be baptizing someone. I've played*' Moses, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Michelangelo and other *great men of history and fiction."; Because his face appears as if it might have been hewn from ancient granite,, Heston is pre-ordaned to go through life playing larger-than-life roles. They fit him as snugly as caori pants on Brigitte Bardot. PALMER HOLDS LEAD DUNEDIN, Fla. (UPI) — Arnold Palmer stll is the leader on the official PGA money list with a total of $110,743.37 according to the latest figures. Jack Nicklaus remains in second place with $107,717.83 followed by Billy Caspar with $79,019.74. BUY U. S. SAVINGS BONDS STARTS THURSDAY OCT. f 5 AMERICA'S GREATEST DRUG STORE EYENT NDI S S A. §55*?, CARNEY'S DRUG STORE ATTENTION!!! SHAVER O REMINGTON • SCHICK • SUNBEAM • RONSON• NORELCO OCT. 17, ONLY FACTORY TRAINED 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. COMPLETE MOTOR TONE-UP & SHARPENING OF HEAD *2°° HERE'S WHAT WE'LL DO Y We'll sharpen your cutting head . . '. a dull shaving head does not mean a new head, it may mean a thorough sharpening (ob. 2 We'll clean, oil and adjust your shaver to assure you of top performance. FRISZ CIGAR STORE 129 E. JEFFERSON" TIPTON

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