Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1908
Page 4
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..1 Xke lOIil r IE61STEI ••atond at Jo^n, KanW PostoOlce. as I Seeoiiil-Claai.MB AdTMtlBlnc Hates Ukde Matjter. Known AppUcaUpn. i on I 8DBSCBIPTI0N BATES^ . Ji Cmlvt in Iota, Gas City, Lanxoi' Tllle or LaHarpe, .>ne Week., 10 cenu Jne Month.% ..........44 cents One Year..;.... »6.00 • By XalL Oaif Tear Inside coiinty..13.00 K M Tear ontside donnty..$1.00 fl^ree ^Months, In a'dvance:...... $1.00 'One Montb. In advance 44 / [ Telephone: , fiaslneBs Office -, - - - - . 18 Editorial Room - - - > - - 222 vmUlAL fiJ^EB, cixxi m BAS' ; ^ SET; • • •j THE REAL DISTINCTION. ; Just because botlx the I Republican . and Democratic pjatformsl have sc-c- iions for a rev sion of the itarjff it by 310 means follows that so | far us the tariff is' conc4 ;rned it doesut make •any difference wliich party succeeils In : November. The Democratic platform promises 1 a revision wliicli will give us a revenue tar^iff without any regjard to prottjction while the Repiib- llcain platform ijromises a strict adherence to its; established policy bl protection. The Democratic party has alwayii, mVlntalncd that what Is nceileil lii make this country prosporons Is a good market in which to buy. if Has JHOemod to think that It' people coultl only get what they were olili>;eil to buy cheap enough it <li(| not uuik<- any dirfcrence what they had U) taUo for the tiilUBS they wanleil to si -ll. jTho Republican party has taken exactly the opposite view, (t has held jtbat It made little i difference how anuct) the i)eOple have to jiay for the things they buy they would be pros- perpiis if they could p:et the risht kind ! of prices for the things they- sell. Thatj is the fundamental distinction between the two i)arties on the tariff question. Get it \ firmly Uxod in your mind theu figure out wiijch you do the most of, buying or selling, and then you will know which policy suits yon best. •Wien the Democrats were in IKJW- er in 1893 they fixed up a tariff law which did exactly what they have always Insisted a tariff; law ishonld <io. that is It made this country, a splen- A\A market in which to buy. You {Hcould l^uy horses and jcattle and hops and corn and wheat for nest to nothing; biit you couldn't sell atiything lor love nor money. Did ,|t rei^ult in general prosperity? Well, hardly. And'it Is not likely the same jijolicy. >vouId succeed if it iihoul dhe tried now. Every inan business sells so much more than hei buys that It makes practically no difference what he pays for the things he gets.^ He will get rich it he gets a good enough price for the things he sells, and therefore can afford tolpay a few dollars more f|Or a siii^ of cjothes. provided he can get a few cents more on the bushel for bis \Vheat j or a_ few more dollars on the hundrpd for his hogs becatise he only speijids $.^(> or ^Iwi for clothes while |he soils a thon- aand or two thousand dollars worth of wheat or hogs. ! Do not make theiiui.stake, >f belicv- >Ing that a Democratlij tariff revision will: stimulate business Just ns well as a Republican revision. It tu-ver haa^donc 4t and It never will. THE IQLt VKXLY REOISTEK, MOyPAT ETEiXlNC. SEPTjEMBER 11. 1908. The Biggest Suit Seas@i> for Years T HAT 'S the verdict handed down by the leading j^arment manufacturers all over the east. Long jackets are the cause for the demand for suits, and as this is to be a suit season, wouldn't it be a wise plan to select yours now? Cool evenings ca' I for comfortable wreps. We are showfag an el«^ant line of snapp}!- up-to>date suits that range from $10.00 to $37.50—and ^here's one for you. 1 W.W Mi:i;TS. .\r\v Hells in f:ii'<v I 'lninn p.'itlirii.-. in ciiIiHS |>i'i<'i- illTl-l IMKSKS. .\i w .Viiveltics ill I'aiK.^ riir.-i r .;c4s. ;i!li.i;iit<>r <-iiili jmr.-fs .... UfLi! .Mligator l<-:ither . :iiid 3ined. ai :f(j.">(N .fs ..->o. »1"3 ..H> vKH,i\(;s. l-'amy Xci Vi-iliim.>; In tin- h crilrirs, IS inclics wide, priced yani to' .\.\X IJna'ily (iiirriiri .\nl<i Vii in i;in. lirnwn and l>lin'. jirict^ adini; it per ling.< (ici- KA\< V >Kt h\Vi:VK <;ii<l i;i!di.^ v>i;h knniT.d ends. I im-Ii'--^ liMm. iiri<<- fiicli 'ZTH' I'I MI 'lili^il f null wide, kiiirtlcd frii'"i-. .'In inches hmi;. pi ice'<;i(li ..lUc l -"aiic\ Ilraid<'(| liili .VcckMIiidh'.-. kii-iivil ciid-^^. inches Ion:;. |ii Ic i'u\f tlili liMMi' .\ick (iinllis. I (Jiiue ends. I'V inclie.s ,<iii;:. inice .-. Sidi:il llii!"' lliidl'-.-. :•,>; iiulics lonu-. h"'av.v lrin;;f ends, j.rici'. ii> W :T-li >^ti .i -k Ciillars «ilb tic ailaclifd in \vbi!i. and cidcus. jirii-e t^C l-'i'iic-v : I' .Stuck Cidlav.- lU wliilf .ind (D I IMS willi ribbon 11 iiiiiiiiii:;. inic • • .•:!! h '..... oOo Hack Siik 'i'as.-cls and l 'i-nd.iiii~ for irimniinu purposes, price lOc*. l.Tf' Virr >KKI»I.K MOItK. A bj:; shi|i|iie;il of Fancy .\rl .Venl.'e \V<ek MI:-! rvre'ived Siawpid Iialid- t-el 1 tnv. el ami si^iiT p Herns. I'ii'ed ;i -i.lo Vtii<' \V;il .i<be;,n Kriilniiidei y si itiifi d .-e.iils. -i;:e ii '.i!';. in ii;uiir,il liner:. I-Iice . Sl.{i(» riil -iH Tut..-. !\_'i n.i iii;il i-tAu;- liii- e!i. n^!:!.' ul:i\ 'Vv-' .<liailt'>. nf blue. |.n<. e:i<h ( Wliile :ii :'l III.•ell Cniiiiianoii Cuni: Lre.'ii i.- piieed .-i; .\ari!: wlii'i' l (*l-;iiid \7H' I'-ni; ii >• wis. iu bim.-li rAi.(r>i i'o)Vi>Ki:. S.iua Keriii.ii 'rajnini I'mvib r. Ia|i;i'ie..,. •r.-iiifiiiii. iilulih -ceiih |»r :ee fit-;- IiifX -1 ManTd by E. Brod«rsonii Ida, Ks. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PANICS.. Ona of th*" things w lich Democralic ; epellbinders of this campaign are -filing as a swcxit morsel ijnder th"ir tongues Is the panl<* of ;last year. .JAh. ha!" they say to;: the Republican - party; "you needn't -talk about our" .'panic any more; you have liad oin- of your own." ; Btit you will notice; tliat tliey vrry ^ carefully refrain froin any coiuiiari- , son; of these two panics.' They do not pomparethe pricc^ of horscK and cattle and hogs and i\heat and corn •- as they appear In every daily jiaper now^ with the prices received for these same things bejtweeii is;i3 and 3897. They do not spt-ak of the hundreds of bank failures of those years and match them witli a similar list - of this year. They ijo not institute comparisons between I the number of men; Idle khen and now, nor the number of factories closed dow {n. nor tt ^e ntunber of mills silenj;. They dp ii6t even i compare the condition of the funds In the National Tre^sui-.v. nor the per capita, of mbney in circitlH- tion. nor the deposits in the savings banks, nor the bankj clearings, nor the business of thel railroads,— nor anything! else: Tiiey think that a panic Is a they' change that tng iilepnblican ai vtave fully, answered that were ever: made against the Deiu- 1 "o* "l <M'y that he is as nincl. ocrptlc party asi a result ofltheir oWn ! ken as everybody knows lie was liiit leinporarily ai;d which barel.v halls the nioini'iU'iiin of a nation's traile. The iiauie of '!•:! meant tiat people were asking themselves wbe- thr'r ili<'y -i-oiild have enough to eat and wear. The 'panic of r .mi meant that people Were asking iheniselvi^s wliellicr they could: afford to liny an aiitoniobile or wliether tliey would : ave HI ride a whibr lonucr in the oM toil buggy. Tlle p( Ople IliaV lislell III I he |)e;n. nciatic spellbinders am! iiiav lb. night le.^^sly applaud them in tbe ent liusiasin of tile minute Init wben they settle iliiwn to tbink (lie tblim ibrouuii they- will conclude that it is beih -r ni .rninl the risk of six months of tiaiiic in 11' years of Heiuiblican adirfiiiii.^lration than to take the;- chan e cif si.x nioiitiis of ;;ood times in fojir yejus of Di -niocra'.ic administration. A Cool, Deli &lhtrui Smoke CHANGE THE RULES i lootball nji |.lcrs SUuU \CH I .'C:.'. DialioiK Fiirnard l'a «e* Ihis i *• IJccn .Miidilicd. $1000.00 Civen for any suk^tance in-^ jurious to health found ia food lesultiog itom the lue of ilioPPED 500 FEET .\iid]^VIieti lla>cbt >ll Fell troin Wu'-ii- iimtoii .Miinuini-nt ('lm«>. Slreel : I Hiiuhl II. f'l \> bicli I TAFTS KELIGION. t A Consi>itent Christian with No Spot • in:;.- er tin- :iii> nminiilte, eiii .•.(ill •.^\\^ if ^tW 11 il! •'"i'l .-.Hf ill tour licM <r'\\ I he asm • d old ;i-gs lihe been wrong for .Mr. Kryan biniseif lias were right and if j ^^.j^ the coiiMiry siill needed it would uo* r~ j^^ .M". Kryan have been asking for ill' jj .Mr. Hryan is a pi-rfecily e|..;;ant genl'.eujan. lint wiial great ineasuii- has- he advocated whicli tiiis country lias adopted. What has become of ] his • iiaramounl" i.ssue? it was fre coinage in ].s:ifl. and that must liav )iig for .Mr. biniseif 1 lioiipi-il it. If it were right and ! I .trbt't:;:fil. 1'.^ play lo |<ai(!i ,1 bull ilroiui'-d li.".t Man;. \:\ \:\.\\\ ba i ni.'de ilii up! iM liidif a b:i.-'el«;i't il'<i)i)i^et i the iii|i ill Waobinutoii 111.mi,- ami fnil'cl Cbarbt.s Siii'ei. |,:ieU of tlie Wiisliiiigtvii b.iNeball riiiii. acei,'iji|,||.^bcd Ibi.. fliiiriie biin- iiiid lo try i!iiii"'ii lini>-s belfin oi lii.s lijinds on lie- ba;l. bin the eeiiili wa.> lli.•^ lucky trial IMU' I lie ilie spbere liriiiiy in lii.-, mil. Tbe d wliii-li bad gatliereil 10 witneh.- xliibitiun went wild with eiiiliu-i- ilid ilie plucky catcher was clu er- l-aJM and a;:aiii. |cli siars as Charlie Henneii fif li:.- (elKjil team, wlio iaior li:'.d bo'li anipiitaied: Hhriber wbo was with "bicayo While So.\ under fapltilii 'ii: l^iui Hinies. Cliarlie Siiyd'C. Kvereit and KiiHc.i::e are atiKiii;; • i,f ibe pla.ver.^ wbo have tailed e hi: 1 ei sir. iee-l- •! is e.^linialed ilia: the ball v.iis Upon Hi."? Record of Private Con-}' duct and Public Service. Til ilis| 'ue nf iii ;es ;i. IIS will b ^b ••l ^ll 1 II •! li- a -il .iil as si^Ml !i> a-i |>"Sr -iiiIe j :inl. us s.i;. Ilia; Mr T:il' is :i lueiiilier el ; \c till' riiitaii.iii clinr'b. rii:if wa.s '•liiin II nf bi< parent-', MIM I b" ji i.>; never sep.irated liliiisiir freiii it. His wile, biiw'evcr, is all i;iil>"iip:iliiii. an.l, be worsbiiis ninri' nfteu lie.<ii)c jiep in lu«r .'iMiiitr f'Hii liall uiinli Ieii:l.:ill ei:Miii-i:i<i.-. all . I i- lie <i'u:ill> |ia\e belli ;,|l\iliu.-.l'. iiiitiu. 1'.'^ arrlveil. llle ;iU !Hi ;i! (••rMji'lciU! > aboiii tlie W<i|k« ill . 111. .-•de . .. I 'I 111- '. I :ii I If - eiiiriii ii lienie Mi-diiii lli.-iii ;ii liiii • iil llie;i • - II. • I itiii:; :1 e I lie.- I alll'-l' i ~ I rje- 1 !!fs e.f lb.- "i-'ii; I i> ' 111 I:; •'j -.^iiir- li:ivi; lieeii iii.iii::.'i i -' :i:i;itl-.f l.eelier tjic iillicK:: . : |i I^Calumet' Baking!^ Piwder I the } •« II 'I'll I iburib. Ml ; 1 VI Mb 111 el .. 'I lie i-ii'ii.i:( •eialei' !':> a i cb.-iiiui •. bav •\e 1.1 '•11 III !;. •11 I'lei •••.i.i-ii !•> I.lie-ii. 1),,. .eler.'e l.ii'if-. Ibe ri-.-mi- '' TI . Illilillte., |,e- le ir.> l-\|.ll,l!!lie PiVe riinriiie>; .-if(1 upi'er ilii... nmilirafilia, if • irli,;..- ; _ t.i^ i III ;iii|.e;ir 111.'. JKiH ..<>i 1 111.Mil- lir.s .i-e.ii leii 'ill p'.n a.^ Ii^..- >'.< v.-i le. fj-.. ITeei ihe. ^.iiii.- \ !i V. i:.iiie -in rhe (.tt.-ri'i . ,ii' Mi lieeii 111.lib' in Ibe till j lire '.ward l';i..- wbieji ums i-:ii!f.e sniiie irni: Tbc-e are Ibe facts, wliieli are utter- ! bl ly iiiid iibsiiliitely iiiiiiiipiirtaii!. Tbe .'ii'iNaih'riiie iii:i!Ier of :i niiiu's re!i::iiiii ba-; iin riglr- I'''-" ' •• fill place in .•onsiibTali.iii nf bis (itn.-.s..; |; liir till" |)residenev. Ibe eiiiisliliitiuii ,.. , ' • 1 •iiii> ;ire ,1-1, 1 iif till' iialbm. nrdaiiiiij :inil e..;i:ib||siied . |„..„..]:lr. "Ill S«'eure tb«' blessings «.f liberty t»j;,l|;,.^ 1 ';der • iiirsi'lves and our |».isleri!y," c\|(re<s!y | cMied b.."'!i< pl.-H e.s till' ver.v siii'gesiinn iif siii-li j ever in ca: tbi.ii;;lit outside the pale of patriiillsiu. |cliid.s dsipi; No words can tie el.arer ib .-iii tbe.»e|'*"' frniii iiiir lounlrv'.s fiindanieut.-il law. i I be |i.-ii:iit. i « :i 1 1\ is mad iiiYi ;:ui I .-iiK 11 ll.l llle this .vear.' It was iinper.alism .n li ;t,,.„.i;j„„ „„. „f ,.••„-. iv..- per an:>tba. mu .^t also have b- en wrong. .,^.„^.„ j,. ,^„„i,.,, ,.„,,i,,v Othcrwis.- wl.y has .Mr. IJr.van 'ir--l.-„ j^,,,,.,, ,,j,„ ,.„,i,.,vi:.,i i,u, ped It-' He IS not saying an.vth?n|:-j^j M , j,^.,^ ,„ „„. ihis year ai.out li.e dan.uers ot niili-,^^.^^ j,,,^. ,„ „„. tary despotism. Jle must have '>';cn ;^.^,,_| „,,^.,, ,i„. ,,_.^,„,^,. mistaken W I K.'II he declared in lli'iii ; that we must change onr J'hilipiiine just seem to' l>"'i<'.'>' «r 'he Republic would; be lost. ;^ _ panicand when j-'^Ir. Bryan was jnst as po.^iiive'in I'.""" ;.^^.|^,. one! has come^ dur.iand l!"iG that the welfare of the conn- i ^j.^^jj! administration they'"'.''' "I'-'Pcnded "pon the success of th<' red lall trie attacks! D^'mofrat'c party as he is now. Is ir 1 ; illieii lOlill then? panic I 1 But surely>.the people are not sio! simple and so gullible las to ibe dcceiv- 1 M by such clatter, the truth is ai ^d ! i :.\p. its liave figured ii out thai all ^verJ^body knows it, fihat a|" the vei'y ! tli<' losses suffered by deiHi .iitois in l .a •s(eps| \Uv.v. worst period of the panic of! 1907 biis ^l-' failed banks since Kansas became a ««BS conditions were better in this .State would not exceed l-25tli of 1 pe- country than they wore atj the very cent of the total (^eposits. That being '\-^^f. l)est periods during all of the panic true Isift it rather ti small matter. bf'1893, 1894, 1 1895 a|id 1896. EJverj'- »Von wjjlch to build a miiional Issue?!,,,.,, icouid ,. • li..",. •"St- ' lit; tjii they) (M'KK.VTION <»N W. .V. .KMIVStlN.. liU.vr .lil ^dyi knows that If tlie fariiiers have gotten prices during the " l^mocratlc administration nji 'hlch '~i »eeived> even, in th «f worat of last ytaw'r .'telHspsslon th^y , iwpuld ihavo id; with wiiich lie e-,!ciies in tbe pi'in>iiip -.iiii';'.'-. .\n iiie';; of ili- al wldc'i tbelrill was li.i'.eilig ir SI ruck bis giove i.aii be vaiiied lilC lelliMind Ol Ml" bl!!.^ be '1.1 tlic-e ball? .-nuck tbe pave- aller ilii;:;ping .'le" fi ••' ilny 1 led fully .'(» feet. :li.:i;il ; ml 11' e. ^-^ilal| :i j U nil llle I nil- . I.\ *. I itil fi'iKii ilie spe<.;;,i,,j-s'i ^iMil I M* • yaliie will be piiielir'ai- I llle unal 1.-. in I •ill?. Tlie ai;ei :i:i- j ii!!ow.-: s for funis, e.vo-j.i inn- j nrwaid p.iss. may be di - • iiffi-iided side. Tills, bii-.v wfiere lb'- petiaily in- lifii .1!ion. ild'-.s not s:ive i !i.i"l '1-1 .1 liiiw:.i-l in Kielieij li.lil. e.\cejil t|\,| ill'- niirmiiis or rrn.,; - 11 . ; !iii.-idei I il b;ainL ne. RULE THE ROOMERS KiMld .Viuniui Kuilduitr. icnce; Kas . t^epl. 11 - The bi.^i are now being lalcii li.v ihe I, .\ssix iiltiiin (;f the lliiversiiy i;f K|lns.a.- lor Hie i-oiisn'iction 'ii ilnniii: iiiiiiding. fur ilie exein- ise of Ibe .-Miimi'.t .AssiH -iatiou. l|s.-ociatii>n by the largest vole in f ioiy lias adopled a itsolniioii 'o ffecl. Tile alumni loom and < ft the general secretary, room .\ .i "ia /er hall is.itmdi-iin.iie le.r eds of the asscciai;on. Warn thoaiAttheiMelTes fairly jrolling in. ^ - vaaltiL 'jTbi^^ akd 'panic!.! tiiprftliia vast guir bet wtjen ' ji|«flcsirtd <*v :ii«te, fohryeark which '^^sAMi^'hMiii^ durihffall that time wbere the new building will be Tlic Kanwih Siiprjeiiic Justice Kallied ;<(i!isi|)^uct"d i» in.: Known. Alihouuh . ,11 is 1 .lohnsoji. ioHmp Will l.|»st Mchl. Topeka. Sepl. M—W. A <'hief justice of the supreme court of j being .Kasus. was.operatied uiion at Siormojit near durl|ig'all|that]tlme'hospltal yesterday morning by l)r (\ i " '" oat of,pro-;.\.. McGuiie for ah abscess of the kid my brings I neys. .ludge Johnson was doing well Thci |ke:y to be builrou tiie universliy .s there is a posslbil.ily <.f its built on some convenient place he university. busli nterlast night, but the aiendiug physician City fliiurday night. F. J. Oyler, can- 1 ..,.1.1 .v.. _-,...<. _» .1.., .iJ- .>i.<-.J state senator, and C. H. itioni and said that the resuH of. the operation didaU |iealIj^|)Ut^! few; will not be known for twenty-fotir Apt, t indicate-for lodge, were the or(Ci^.or forty-eight hours. , atoni. ' Democratic. Rally. Democrats had a rally at (Jas ".N'o leltgiiilis test ever sliall I M- re- ipiireil as a ipialitii atimi to any nlliee • •r pnlille mist nmler the lulled .*<lates." The iiiinn'rniis ipierb-s a I t .Mr. •Paft's religiiiiis IM -Iief sl .iiw s slinpl .v tbe e.Meiil fi> wbiib bis eiieiuies ba ve :;iiiu' to rmise siiiue prejudlee agarast bbii. Since tlu 've was.'li" spnl upon liis w-lmle eleaii re .'<iri| of pr 'v .-iii. inniliiit ai!<l ' \\\,.-:, lii-. public senrlee tn w !ij.-h ihey eoiiM | -leK h; d. o;j|y |i<i |lii to Tafl's ilelrinieiit tb-y ilisplnv- Uide vw,o tfei-j IN I tbejr w illiiijiiess le desiend l" iny 1 -b;ii: I deptli'of petty, '•'-••.vanlly iiti'iiip;ilii" iittui'k tliiit iiiigbi iln liini harm. — riilladfiivbia Nertb .\niei-ii-nn. •Union Labor Vote. i '-iii. i|; Hon. William II. Miiilianan l<> one nf ii -Ms on the H the leadiii:: iiiiinii nien nf ueslera Ne\.- Mib -:.illy tcnich Vork anil in l!t<»7 was tb^ liiniM -nui i While the ! wai.l p:iss. r t'ljuii bejn:; jiiii oir nf ibeihaiisaN rntier<>ily Faculty lla-^ Made ; 1 )1 (;(iterii Slii<ii|'iit.s in fur l >ai :iii~ iln- I'ail tni-i l.anrciirc. Ibe 111--, lit ba:! i^> ;!iy j and Ihe "niiin:; placed: L 1 w ; enee. Kas.. 1 I. 'Ibire is injrisdieiii 'ii if ilie 'niiipire ! in 1,. a ninini aiiinn^- lie- roDiiaR;^ e Tbe fitld jailL -e is ai-j I IIH.M-S in Lawrence ihjs fall. Tin- I'ni keeper. , jvei 'siiy nf Kaii-a.-i faenliy has drawn is j ,ip eitiii ravis whicli ail pi-r.soiis wbo 1' j re;:i rnnn .s lo stil(f<'iirs tuu .sl sign, if ;iliey w:i ;ii tlieir niuiiis to appear, nn the aii |irovel li.-r. Hovj, and girls an aiteii'ii In t'le follow ii:i: niaiiiier: j n„t m !,.. u.ken a.^ roomers in the .rwaid pa.- is l*-_-a !l\ J .'loii-e Wlien- --'ii l .s an- allnw.-'i the nia :i ii' 'In- p:tsser : ;l ,e n.-e <,t ihc iiarlor caller* iir- not brtii leuafiy iiiiic!i"d ii!to lie aTowell to rein :iii! u-.n-r ::i ;i -jd I', lee-iver Ibe l.iili iin-j lii:r ;ii i,-.-;,.-!;, Other rub-s re.:;,t; dl li ,i.> beej: loiidied i.y an «ipp "!i-jthe conduct of tbe rooni -ii^ an iii- Al;-". if :i forward pass i., thus | ,.!,ided in ihi-cor.i; ac fs. M! i !;e I '.i .ini.. e-.ii;? mil hijn. luiiibjed. and l''^i<lieil ' ottered for rent.have b .eii iKnnitii 1 ••• anitjiir piiixir <•! lie- piis.sera side ' i,y a <-(.tiiniit.!ee apiioinied i.> n,,. I^K- iitore lie- ball has imici.eil an oppon-inity. :'i:),!.. .Il ; end le- 1! ind i: 11 niiide lini \ The iicire of a fnilenied game 11. lie |.— 1. Ill Hide.- 10 di ^;riii;;i|i.-l llimii ;i.:i> nil't r pos.-^ible .-coies Ibe iwlc lej.irdln.:: ;!ie fnr'vard p.i.s.--| MADECANTRELlstCK Ii»l.\ llK.MOCIt.VT IHI) SOT LIKE Itl HKAK LINCOLN EULOGIZED. LER CHANUTE BANQUET HALL IlK KV:«a:Kl» H) I»K KXtTSED Xf- lYM FIVK MIM TKS TALK. \ His |!liics.> Was .Net Fancied—ColJ l^ett Made K'cmarks That Aroused lala )Iaii. .Sill h i.iik a.-, thai makes me sick" -aid ..lid;;.' Caairell nf lola on arising ;ii :iili|i--s ihe ciiaiiiiie Hiyan clijb at i:s lu.'enir-' ia.-i tii.-;bi. .Uidge Cantrel! i-efeii-i i| til a s|i.-ecb made by Col. S. G. I-c: oi ii::s cjrv. wbii-li had .iust been, iiiiii-iciie 1 ''ol ^ini'. Iseii discussed na- 'i'.iil jiii'.ilie.-- on a broad plane. He laid a iriliiite ii, .Mimhaiii Lincoln and e Caiitrcil Tenncijsee Itch ins •|"b"ndillC Ui >i .sev ,-;i. .hid.- i.~ froiii Teniit SM-e. .-;.tnie lieii|.ie ha-.e iini 1,1,111,1 In think ml; "i" l.inenln \.-i. .liidL-e (".iniiell seJ' '" be among llie nnnibi r. IL 's i .'iK'-s was no fancied indi:i |Ki- sitinii. eiiiier .Xfier talking alout .•r.e niimites. he railed for ti gla.s* or waier. and. after drinking it. askcii ti> lie ixnis.-d beraii .se he was nol well." •iinir .;li to talk longer, lie lelt tlie ' iiiiiii in.'oiir! l .-eii liail ahcady gone, lie Weill niit iniinedialel .v after jthe Ini 1 ? enainieiii nn folottcrs mill>.•.,- - . Til idii.t , liajiiiciicd Willie ifhtv lull W .is iuv;-;:iiiL; the .inival of tiic nial'.i- 'if Hie iv|-:,::i.,; lluflioil. nf Ibis ii<\. .\i^ llud^nii was inili of. ibe riiy lie li.ii:,! imi arrive uhlii ' the pliiu came i'l Tb - plin was Itlte. and it was In o iiierk before Mr. li'^d- siiii airiviil r.> iliai lime the attehd- aiH e l;;jil ilwiiid'ejd in aliimt two score, lie s|,(iKe ior ba |f an bnur. Tile club "siai:;,!!' tl;.- earlier iiart nf the evening by <;ilii!ii; on sjieakers liresfiil for exteliiiMTalieniis remarks. • •(liuiiei Iseit was the first one inuo- diicod. The rnk.'iiel has always r.ak- ea ,an aciive iiitere.-l in political | affairs, ami lie iiiade an excellent iart- (liess. : III- said that .\braham I^incoln. in bis i >pjiiion. wa.s raised up by Divine i 'rnvidence to jireserve tbe L"ni«ri In the hour of ihe, natiim's |>eril. He iuoied Lincoln's "saying that one ire- suit of'-iiie war had beei' the crea- iina <:f great corporations, and !the dial Kiiiaiicipator's prediction that Ibis WDiild bring a peril more to! be le -ired than w.-ir—that these corixira- 'inns wo'iibl gniw in wealth and ppw- • r im 'i! they arr'>'-aitMl to themselves rbe right 10 dit.taie .uoverumeut. i ' This iKreiliciinn came true, the Gol- 'inel said, and i.heii it was that Divine I'rovideiici' raised another man —^Theo dnre Roosevelt— lo ]ilace this realj Is- ^lle before tbe iieojile. instead of giving ilieiii i straw to thresh over, 1 as . itber leaders had done. ; i be ieve t hat i Theodore Roosevelt has i!n;,e ibe rniiiiir.v greater servico ban aiiy.otlier iiian, living or dead. Ueiii!l.:ir ;i 'n or Deniorrat." bo said. "It !- line ibai wlu !'l be teaches is what l >cti;i'cr-.icy lias often preached. oi;e ]i:iii| aMellllnii in it fhcll. ft WaS iioi iii.iil Tlieiuli le Koostivelt took, up Ilies- -is .-iie.--. liial lliey ceased to ' lie- rniiie I iciiiocrii>u- l.iiiai Icisiii. and tle- vel'iped ililn sialc .-nialisbtp.'" , Tile t.'nbinel tlls <-u .-.sed th<.' tariff i|'!'-.-iioii and 'be b .i.iik deposit guar- inty is ;iie e:;i !'...raiel ,v Of the tariff, • lie said Mil' ••' b ,.d bad its uso in iiiihis 'ries nf the couii- w.-i<^ Miiiii:-. and need- iiiii, that iinw file time' 11 <|'v iin /iimiger need I \y\A' ibes .-bould Ibe l.|,,!e;-l!nu lb I r\ \\\\* t' I 111 ,.,! ii.i.itlir i-eue tt l; 11 .':.!'l. ai'd I. -, • il dinvn III lile balln. i !ie a'uneil tb:.» Unnld have ib •:.t !:ii >f- deposit issue. !;i;e private citizen utile luolcctiou which IS reipiiird ii.v Ihc eoverniuent Itself -Hint ih" feder.!' slate, coiinty, city .:r dl--iriri asked fm sui'-|y from the banks wherein jle-y deposit their fiiiids. anil liiai the principle was r:.;;i! —(.•hiiiiii'e Tribune. FLEE! El) AT FAIR. Kurliugtoii Boy Separated Fniiu His •| eii:. •III. I (' on iippi.iK-iii.-. b.ill r-iball .!:ii m the oppoti- ide where ii wa- lirsi d. a;! ii in iIi.- air tor a ilitvers »,f the defensive -e thr-ir ;:ai'd.-! or 111 :ns .\cept to liieiil out lletetofore their have li.;en |;ii niii- form rules. go\eilii!-g hi.ardtin: .;nil>ey ia i ^awrencc. CHARGED WITH BOOTLEGGING. '"Inf Ihe wav ill] order lo get ti:e ball la>ers (if the ^ide III I (who are 0 igibie to re- 1 may use tbe hands and Fred Denton, an lola Boy. Under Ar. rest. candidate for assenililyman In <'b:iii j tfttnina <'Minty. Thli* is what be has n ''''' "'"' say of the etTort of .Mr. ilninpers turn tbe Ulxir vote over to Mr. Ilr.vnn : isheiuseUes "I :iiii a iiiiinn l.'ilMir man. :iii<i I want ling llie pass, to sny further that im man ean r,.|rry I ceive the iia .-s| may Use the hands and j Fr.ed De:;'."". for about six montts the labor vote into the I>em ><-ri|l'r Jainis as in ^•a^e of plaxers going down |a resident of lola. Is in'ciist'ody of Ih ramp. I know Imw union l „|i .,r men ^""' "'"''^ !' -N'el'her side j police awaiting trial on a <bar^e.of feel In tbisei.v. and tbr.^. f.uirtbs nf '""^ • l-]*''^^;'^'' •'"'W or - tackle anbootlegging. Denton s aUe^^d ottet^se opponent who has the ball lis said to have taken place during the them will .stand by the Ue ,Milili .an pinullv. in ase a forward pa=s is j Allen countv fair. It is charged that l«rty l«N,| only In thai way bav j louch d outside of these pro-j he sold whiskey to two parties and they the assuraii... of fmednni from ; visions named ibove. the i«enalty shall ;the police have the statement |of the Ihe buwiivss di.stHrbaiiie that .Mr. Rry |be that the ba I will go lo the oppen- nil prouilsrs fnr at lenxt four years If jents at the spotfrom which the pass he can I M- eleele«I. We workiiigmen can't,earn wam-s if stnteftuien are put In offi(>> disturb buslneas aiitf make troible"! was made. Time ,ls to taken out during enforcement of I enalty for Incompleted forwardlpasa. I parties and tbe whiskey to pro re the charge. j Denton's hearing has been slet for next SaturdaY in police court, the ab- seocoi of iWlniesBeti and tae business of tbetcity: ittomer iaJdoUce oourt The lito miiute interipifBiqn , bi^ JwUtiqy. ssiim^^ I i:;;i i-::;":.' ruiblican.) Tbe old uai 1: .-tnaraiiug the uii- .siii -bi.-t leated Iron;; 'iicir money had a ;nnii ratr at ihe roiiiify rair Wediies- \:'.y .ifii; 11(11)11 ;iiid tbe sharks" in hiiii;-' nf !• t ink in enough to give iluin :i i;n'id v.e-k'.':• wagi's even shoit'ld ihey iln 111) iiinri^bu.-iiiess this week Mi .'rss ibey h.ui to pay too much for I;.- iirivi'em. and Ibe fair offiCen; say hi.; nn liieiises were issued aiithoriz- ii 'L- .cn illeLMl mjiiie.s or gambling ibviee-. ibi^ will e| w.i.- liciiied almost di -1 !.•(-•:.. .fiiih nf ilie'^rau'l stand aiid lid a lu.-liin:.' business until about Wednesiiay al'ernoon when ii V. slinot dowti. One yniim; man of IT .ii .i ^nts a loss of $c.s .'.o and there w.p-.f a nuniiier '>f oibers who lost, .slims langing I IMII; two bits up to abi.m that, aniniitn' The lu'I who lost the ^i ;s wa .s 111'- f-na .of a widowed iiid'.lier an-i the lnf,s will be felt very keenly. Tbe 1; line, wa .s finally closed under ibi- order i;Ji sniiie xif the as- .-oiiaiinn ollict is. (nit 110 arrest.s.have lil-.-n IlM'le. I r LET THE Golden West lUind Go list your farm or businessi foi^ sale or exchange, with Its cooperative agencies, in all i>arts of the country. | Office. lUlH C. Mwilsou. lola, luiiittib i

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