Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 14, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1908
Page 2
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it ' >XE08II8 DnqUtESTPllil n limify lir ai BUm Stitw lEatoMiilied 1869. ** StitirflaiiU ^ i I—- ilMCNity limit Ink iiillnCi. Entertaining Friends. .Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Edgerton are oiitertaininp Mrs. W. C. Tuthlll and her daughter Ruth and Amy of Moravia. X. Y. V • For Visiting Gtris. .Mrs. C. E. Edgerton is: entertaining a few young girls informally this afternoon iu greeting to Misses iRutb and Amy TufbiH of Moravia. N. Y.. who are her house guests. • • • Mr». Mason III. yjrs. J. .M. Mason. 201 South aniore street who has been ill for several weeks, is improving and her friends will be glad to know that her early recovery is expected. All County Schools Open. I2very rural school in Allen county is in session today. Many of the country districts u|>ened their tenn* last .Monday but for several today was the opening day. A successful year i.-5 promised for the Allen county schooLs. For Miss Thayer. .Miss Blanche Tlinmp><'ou eulertain- informally at dinner DU Saturday for .Miss Mayim- Thayer who was a gu«'si of .Miss Edna Nigh. iifO;<^o o ooooooooodoo o :0 VatBk yonr wife and jou niil O discerer that !—- O e Mrs. 0 ooo oooooppooooQo Ch«erful jcircle. Mhi. C. M, Cole will be hostesi of this Cheerful Circle on Wednesday af- t«rnoon. . | . s «i * Altruistic Club. TJieiB win be a business meet lug of! the Altruistic club tomorrow evening at the Presbyterian church. * + * i ; Working Society.. The Mdles" Working Socieix of the Jlrei: Freebyterian ihurch will meet on Tuesday afterno<^n. T|he hour of three o'clock has been named. j- . *.+ !+ ; : I Missionary 'Meeting. There will be a program meet in:; of the Presbyterian Missionary society on Thursday at half past two o'clock. . ; I , . * + * To Guthrie^ HisB !01ive Fronk left this morniiig for 6n ^rie, Oklahoma. .• I • • V * Home From Kentucky. . G. T. Talbert and Miss Marion •liOls Talbert have returned from a twplmiinths' visit with relatives iu Kentucky. •> • • In Ottawa. Ray West and daughter are in Ottawa, the guests of Mrs. Wests ' parebuii Mr. and" Mrs. L.. W. Aldrtch. ! I *** i •. ; I Line Party. ; There was a theater party in compli inent t^ M>ss Helen MouUon on Sat- tirday evening. 1 i I * * • In Kansas City. Miss Hallie Irving is in KUIIKHK C|ty wliere she will have a class in tb'o city Bchools this term. . • * + i .Miss Moulton Returns. M|SB jHelen Mnuliun of l''oi't Kcoii rntu iie^i hohie last evmiitig' Hri«r ii vUlf with MiH»i Mury Noi'ilinip. * •¥ <¥ \ Dtlla Alpha Club. Mi'N. Ai 'lliitr WlllluiiiNitii, tl'."J Hmiiti W «l |iuliiitr«t)l, will Hnl«riHlii the l>«l (n, A1|imi rlilh or llic II»|IIINI I'IIIIII'II levtintiiN with Nil liiriii'iiiiii, pitny. i • + + - 1 1 : Ltagut toolitl. Thb ISpworlh I^<UR<I« tit iht* HliM M. Bt. ohui 'ch will hiivft It Kocliit to- tOOrraW;oventiiK HI the hoiuK nfJMr, aifdlMM. J. 19. Powell. All InvlitilioM III 9St(tl)di*d In Mil inemDeiH of | Die loagjlio and their frlondn. - • • Birth. Wr. And Mrs. .lohn HeiiileiMiu liave announcled the birth of a diuighter eairlif today. * + • • i Aid Society Meeting. The Aid society of the First Hap- t*st Bhurph will meet on the approaching. WiSdnesday In the church par- Ion. : The annual election of officers wilLhe a feature of the afteriioou. + * * Guild Meeting. The Woman's Guild of; St. Timothy's chnrch will iiave their first meeting to begin the fall season licxt .•week. It is tJie custom for the;Guild to Vave ^ bas^r and se^ve meals on :#lfecul occasions dnring the winter ^aitd-jslml|ar events may be arranged 'jtfter thei business of the Guild has beeh finished for the year. ! * * * 'Mr. Hottenatein Here. Mr. Archie Hottenstein, who formerly lived In lola, who \iaB lately spent several months ni Qjvlafaoma. is ajguest of Mr. Bert-Fitzgerald. < .1 Visiting Mrs. Heller.' IC^B- 93 .1 fleller is entertaining Mrs. W. C. Gable of Petrolia and -Mr. iSarl Sight of Kansas City for a j few days. * + •:•• ' j MK and Mrs. Cole Here. ! MrJ an4 .Mrs. J. W. Cole of Chan- ute,l.returped home today after a few dar|t'i Tistt with their daughter,' Mrs. at, Mr. and Mrs. Cole Loyalty liegets loyally with all fair minded |iciiplf VVt» Itave always striven to be loyal lt» the l>esl interests «)f our pal rims, and we arc receiving fiesh evidence daily, iif the puldic's appreciation of our polio. You should join the contented throng, if you have not already done so. ami call up the fote LBUfttiry W2 Mr. and Mrs. Harris Home. |ili Mr. and .Mrs. H. L. Har-is and .MissjcluJ Muriel J^arris have remrried from St.; offer the hospilalily of Ifda and the ix)uis where lliey spent a few days.jmauK comfortable I.«>ines with the as- jplans will \»- completed -o tha women of the community may Mrs. .Harris and little daiigli ler arej suriJncc- of many kindly expressions returning from Penii.sylvaiiid wliirofof jjiiprccialiim Irom all who will be they have speiii si-veral mouths. • heroi . • •:• Mrs. McKee Home. , ^ Visiting Sister. .Mis. K. .1. -McKee has nliiriicd j .Mrs. P. X. .Mooie of Eureka is vis fioiii Walla Walla. Wasliington. whore jtin.|, her sister. .Mrs. H. L. Regan, H slio has .siaiit two months with rela- North State Street, lives. . . .J. * * -J j Missionary Meeting. To Baldwin. Mrs. E. C. Remsberg will be host .Miss TKO:- l,owil»-rniiJk left today jess !of the .Missionary-society of t|e for Baldwin,'where slie will eiiinii a( iRffoniied church on Thursday aft Uaker university. jlnoon. .1 Lawn Party. - Return From Lincoln. Kdna Duncan charmingly en- .\iiss .Mary Remsberg will return tertaiiied a eoteric of. friends on j tonight from r ..lncoln . Nebraska, Saturday eveiiin..' in farewell to Miss I where she has been for the past week Trean Ixjwdermilk. The lawn andj ' ^. ... ... liorches. wore dotted with ciairs andj : Return to K. U. hammocks and lighting was from Jap-| jijr. Fred .Aspinnll who has si)ent lanleriis. During the evening the ^ the summer in lola, will leave on resume his guests ami hostess assisted with an • Thu|isday for ijiwrence to rc impromptu musicale. Refreshments ' worl'kin Kansas rnlverslty. To Washburn. .MJKs Uiiliy lleller ami Miss liar- Nonnii ill hhli'i', l|i-|en Hliilili, l.ou iiinl Alfit liiiiicitii; M«'MhrH IIiiiviN lli«|l«>i', wen- servi'd after amusements of games. These frli-nds wei^e presi-nl: .MIsacH Trean Lowdermilk. UnrhHnt Fry, Cora Kli'in. Ulciinor Royd, Fhir- iiii I .NU-Millen leave tomorrow for To I'lice lledell, llutlie .McMllleii, Velrua enroll at Wnshhurn college. 8|ee|i(.r, ,Mne Smilli. I.l//ie Res.'ller, | .;. •• '' Family Dinner Party, Mr. mid, .MiM. \V. I). I'oti ifnti-rluln fiiiiNer I'eek, |ioii iiiid ilitiiiiilii Miw- ,.,| ), ,i(iiip of relntlvoM Ml dinner yew- deiiiillk, Kill/, KllllHii, Wiildo I'lifr tei.l^O ftir .Mr. iiinl MIN, II. I.. McNeil. iii|iii, W r l)evMv\ ini'l .Ml. Niiil ,Mi.« '|'|iei»,t< KUeniM weie preNeiil; Mr. and I'MwiHil lliinhlii« ,Mr«i l(. H ,\H|ilnHll, .Mr. and .MrH, 11. •!• + 1., ,M.'\..||. Ml, and MIH, Heri McNeil, OoloB to Port Scott. .Mr. Wiill .McNeil nnd Mr. Finl AH iMl« l.enlei l»ili|lllll III KllllxliH ('ll\. |ihllt|l «lut l« VIHIIIIIU ,MIM, A . II. Ciimpliell.I .;. returned from • • • a visit In '/FiJint y ojfi > rlsltl ulllV" lo I'm I ,^('iiii )iiiiiiii'iiiw Id \IMII f-lei'nl!.. •:• • •:• Oet Elk's Hall. 'I'llONe ttln» Iiave cnarKe cif llle III'. iiinceiiiiMifK fjir the f 'liili Coiiventlmi whlrh will he held here In Dtilolier Iff griiiliiiilly <f)mpletliig the details which will make the seRRlniis plqas- uni and profliabl<\ Tie Elks Cluh has grant <Ml a iMMitlon for the use of the club i-ooms on the evening of the twenty.flrsl and at that time there will li)> u musicale to eiiiertaiii the visiting women. The music committee of which .Mr.-:. O. T. IJiGraiige is chairman i.s at work and a number of ladies are assisting Mrs. A. H. Camp- beir in work^ to seciirf^ promises of conveniences necessar\'' to make the social side of the conx'entlon a sue- cesi-. .Mrs. \V. D. Wolfe, president of the district is corresponding with prospective contril/Utors to the two days program -who an' residents of other towns. With the time which Miss Leii Home. .MJHN TreMHU l,ee luiH relumed from nil ixteiided VIHII with relallven In IIIIIMIIK and Indiana. • •:• To Serve Meals. On the approachink Tliiirsday two of the city's organlbations will serve meals to the public. The Christian Rid iHoclety will serve lioth dinner and supper and have rented the vacant rooik) adjoiuiiig the Shannon store for thisL purpose. The W. C. T. V. will sclet'rt a lo.^atlon and serve iimchcs andl'ice cream to those who may be visitlon? in tie city for the day. It is prolmble that thot.e who will have chaiTge of the woik for each organization will eiijov a large patronage. * * * To Wichita. Jliss .Mayme Thayer of IJIwral. who spent the week end with .Miss VMnti Xigh and other friends left today for Wichita where she will be the guest of Wiends before returning to her intervenes before the guests arrive home in Liberal. You Can't be too Carefi|l Wifh Your Eyes If your ejes trouble you—DON'*|* DBLAY—have them examined at once. Tfae proper kind of eye ^ahses worn now may save you from no end of fain aiid inconvenience in later years. Let our Graduate Optician EJamine Them Today. >otlrc. Kuiglits of Pythias will ptii on .second rank work tonight. Goo<l time for hose wlio come. F. K tXJRREST. Chaiice.l .ir Cmndri W. S. T110.MPSON. K. of R. S. ooobooooooooooooo o o a Y. W. r. A. >«teN o o o 000000000 0,0 000000 .liinior gymnasium class meets this afterniHm to organise at •"> o'clock. Urst evening class tonight at T::!0. High sciiool students class tnmor- rnw afterm>on at l:SO. Tue.Mla.v evening c'ass at T.r.H Those whi> are Interestwl iu litis deimrtuient are iiivile4l to visit the gyninasitmi during any of the classes and learn alKuit the work. Snecial attention will he given to Ihe work for children in Jl(e junior class. With the arrival of a'new piano last week at the association nxnus. and |he sxmnasium apiKiraius this mornitig. iliincs IK-^III to liNik like Imsiness. I Caller."? are weictime at Ihe rooms. •-•"1'.2 South Washington street, at all times, and the secretary's record fif visitors during .\ugusl certainly shows that the pi mde of lola intend to keep iidvit^cd of Y. W. <:, \ i!ap|ieniug.s. Cin WELCOMES THE E-C GIRL .She »ict!< AiNint the Plea»anl of Distribnting Heal Money in .Many 1 • Ilonieii. lOLA BEAUTIFUL IF— Janitor McPhee on the Court- House , Clock. "If ivery citizen in lola should l>e as eager to have tne papers and trash removed from his yard as be is to have the lights in the court house clock turned on. this would be the most beautirul town in the state." .said .lanitor McPhee of the coiiil house this morning. "^•During the summer." continued MT. McPhee. 'the city electrician turns on the light in tlie tower about T:::i» or S eignt o'clock, As fall comes on It gets dark earliei^ and the hands of the clocks cannot be seen shortly after supper or until the lights are on about 7:30. Every evenliis: my phone keeps ringing with inquiries as to why the lights are not on in the- tower. 1 guess the electrician will have to turn on ttie lights earlier from now on." t I j» W. O. U. H\\ (.*« T« TOI'h'KA. Xallonal Kuruiiiiiiueiil Wiintcd al kaiLsHK ru|illuL Topoka NiHiids an excelleni eliinict 10 gel lhi> llnxl liitlloliiil etli'Mlilplnell of the iiiilfoi'iiiKd iiiiik lit the 1\;iiii|ini'i of (he Worhl, luconllim in .V II Wnlff 11 piotnliieiil iiietiilHT ami olllcer o (tie ordi<r, ulio liiiK ie!'enti.« ii'tiitned ft'OIII the IIIIIK elicampliii'iit. wlilrli WIIH held Ihe lliHl id Ihlx llliuilll nil Al- otia iMland. near Deiroli. .MIrli .Mr Wolff K (ale>« tliiit the ninleit for tin l!m!l eticamiuilellt lies lielMceli Tiipeki and Omaha. .More than .'•.pnu iinl ''oniied iiieniliers of'the order were In '•amii at the enciimiinieni |iisi lie'il. ' "If the Cotlimer<ial eliili will get •ftiT ilil> and we can lie sure of being able to fiirnisli the tents that «ill 1 )1' re (|iilred for the encamimient. we ran gel this." .said .Mr. Wolff la.'-i night—Capital. (Jrocery stores crowded, grocers and their clerks ijusier than ever before: crisp, new one dollar bil!s being distributed ihrougMmt the city. Tiiat. in brief, tells the Mory of the first day's visit of the IrM'.Girl. She is really lieie.—a living, happy, busy young woman She came to town, jiist like all the announcements in ihis imper said she would, beautifully dressed in the colors of the nut ion and "with lots of money to give away." She is giving it away. too. Al S o'clock Ihis morning she left her hotel and drove through tlie city. During the morning slie stopped ai many grocery stores and convinced proprietors and patrons alike that ilie K-C Girl Is not a myth, existing only :u newspapers and posters, but a real girL full of enthusiusm in her rather extraordinary .work. ICverywhere the E-C Girl found the grocery stores crowded, in these stores hundreds saw the l-M' girl and for all she had a smile and a pleasant greeting. The news that the l-M" Girl was here caused a big rusli to the •iiore.<. Everybody is buying E-C Corn Flakc.>. Grocers report unprecedented iiati'onage and their clerks are busy fliling the E-r orders. .\fter her drive this morning th E-C t;irl ca'led at many homes in various parts of town, leaving a dol lar bill in every home where she call «-d and foiintl E-f Corn Flakes. It is really remarkable h«>w lew homes there arc in Iida t«>day without iKickuge of E-C Corn Flakes in thi (lantry. Today and for several days the E-C Girl will cimtinue making her calls at homes in all parts t\i the city The E-r Girl was resting at mnni when a representative of The Register saw her. "You have a beanlifiil wide-awake city, and I am delighted with my reception here." she said. The way she said Jt left no possibility of doubt tha -she meant it. "Yes. I am very pleas<'d." she con tinned. "EverylMxly is so pleasant :ujd courteous. '•| have ca-lled at a great many homes already, and you would he sur lirised to know how many dolljir liill.~ I have given away. And I'm hardly started yd. ' "D yon know what Ti 'f'ases me more than anything else We:i. it's the fact that everyl)ody I meet, not just some of the peo|i!e. Imt all Ihe people, lell Mie F-C Corn Flakes is the most de licioiis cereal food tbe.v have ever tasted. They say there isn't any titijer flaked food that compares with it. And :hey are right." ; ( THE WHEAT YlfLO WAMTED' ~mtmomUammouB WJVXTED—Girl for general housework. Xo washing or ironing. .Mrs. J. W. Gfiffey. \ W.\.\TKD—lUiod iiiilch cow at a bar gain. .M. K. .lones. Ul:.' South Ohio. W.A..\TEl)—To rent or t! room house. cl^)se in. moilern. Address IS. G.. this office. .WAXTKD—Housekeeper for smajl family living in country. Imiiiire this offlce. i Was Itally liuy. Sunday schoid rally day SIMAICI-S were held at the Baptist church .ves terday. There were 1!U meniliers present. Ijjst ye:ir there was but ITS ^bowing a good gain. Dickerson's orchestra furnished special music while Prof Herrv. Ihe physical director of the Y. .M. <". A., made a short luii appropriate adilress. A (t«Mo.(';iurrh-H«nd. A "(k»-to-Church-Hand" was orgaii- Ired among the young people of the Haptiot church yesterday. There were fill.v-one children at; the morning ser- vice.i wlilch shows the good effect of the band. 30 WERE CONVERTED Best Meeting Yesterday at Trinity Church Since Revivals Began.— 16 Accessions. The revival at the Trinity .Methodist church Is far reaching in its results. Yesterday was by far the greatest day of the meeting, for tliere were thirty conversions and sixteen accessions to the church. The meeting has been running for^ two weeks and will continue all th~ week with services each evenlni promptljr at «.. ' An are lovitad. Secretary Smiley Says it Will be Seventy-one Bushels in Kansas This Year. Topeka. Setp. t4.—^The wheat yieli In Kansas for 190.S has be»>n given out l)y E. .1. Smiley, secretary of th< Kan.-ias grain dealers, and according lo him it siiows that the total bushels yielded this year is Tl.lil.l.u:!:!. Barber niuiity comes Urst with u.'.i.s.l.'iir. bush elh and Klafford ' coiml.v second wltl ;i,"CL'.!i|u. AH II) tlu' averag'' nam l»er of bUMhelii per acre .the repori leveaU Ihe,fact that lo'^j bimhel). cov erM the >|e|d N4>mHhu coiini) IUIM Ihe hiitiefii averiitte ylehl itttVi, and MiiiHliall Hccond with Ut%. The total wheat aerenge In ii.7ll,:!)Hi, itnrioii cOiiiit.t cottieH llrMi In IIIIM c-laHx MIIII :,'(t.'i,7fi:t Hcrej. . Him r nexi wlih 'J'.'ii. 11* I. With the exeepllon of llle Menlern third of Ihe Htate and Ihe extrenu southeaMlern the wheal hiirvested was of good (|ttalliy, bill owing to conlln lied rains iliiring .Inly and the fore part of AiigiiKt, a very larte propor tlon of the wheat Is of Inferior fpial Ity being bleached and sprouted. HAS nviL K>ni\p:K. President .Mrhol« H»s Em|>ln.ud K. A. r. Instructor. .Manhattan. Kas.. Sept. H.—President Nichols has just returned from the east on for the agricultural college, and acting on authority of the l>oard of regents employed as professor of civil engineering • Prof. !>. E.Ctmrad. of l>>high I'niversity.' BelTJ- 'ehem. Penn. Professor Conrad is an loiva man and has l>een engaged In bolli practical engineering and in cfd- iege work for several year.-t and brings to his new work large experience and wide training. .Much attention will be given b.\- Ihis new department to road making, drainage for southeastern Kansas and irrigation for southeastern Kaiisas, three most practical phases of engineering work as relating to the industries of Kansas. Llent. Cos in To|teka. I.ieuleiiant Colonel Cox of the Salvation Army and her secretary. Major YiKler. will lie in Toi>eka on September I ft and I'll. On Saturday nigiit. Septenilier l!». she will lecture, at the .Auditorium concerning her trip through the Holy Ijitid. This lecture will be illustrated by .stereoptlcgn views. One hundred and twenty-five views will be shown. Captain Clad Hamilton will preside at the lecture.— Capital. S. Beattie, the veterinary, is ex [/(iecUng his brother. John Beattie .i In I0I4 Friday for a short vialL. Mr. Beajttle comes from Seaforth, OnUrtb. Th<i brothers have not aee.q each aX^ br |>ut opoft or twice'In thirteen yvirs the, meetlof will be « han^. one. PERSONS WANTING boy or .girl td work for board while attending school appiv at lola Business College. Pbime 195.' WANTED TO BUY—Four br five acres, improved or itinimpTOvcd. close to good town. Address ^V. E. K., 702 South Washington, iloia, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—$ $ % »5d.0O per week and over can be made selliiig New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores, County FVirs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of s:imples. charges prepaid; for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. mi SAlE'MlmomUmmmouM yon SALE OR E.\CHANGE—A sood clean hardware slock, ou'y stock in town of alH>ut M<fii. in .Mien county, doing a gtaid busiiiess. Want t(> sell for cash, tir on easy iwyr.rents: mighi exchange.' for good smooth land io -Mien. Woodstni. Neosho. Wilson. I.a- bette or adjoining counties, .\dilress. .Vlleii, County liiveMment Go.. Lvtig- iim. Kansas. bX)R S.\LiS—One engine, lioilei and pump: one se; .-iictr! burrs, one'corn -sheller. 7"7. South Washington.' l-i llarpc. Kans. FOR SALE—Short Horn Imli two years old. very geu'lc .1. V. Iloweil. For .^ale. 'One good .Mason & .Muiniin orc.un. high top. walnut ca»e. ten stops, ivory keys, very fancy. ?2:;.«<<; down. |:!.iti) per month. If yoii wish this Instrument, act at once. .lOIIN V. ROBFRTS I'lAND llOISi:. One fine Story & Clark or!;an. walnut case, high top. nickle plated liar, eleven strips, tone round and full. Only |:;i'.iio. ^."i .no dtjwu $:;' month. This extraordinary value will mean nuick sale. Come .11 once.—.Tohn V. Roberts' Piano House. FOR SALi:—One registered O. jl. C. m le hog. Waller Crowell. R. K. 1. !ola. ! FOR S.VLK—Small rooming liou,-<e III bargain if taken this week Cheap rent, nione I '.'i'..'.. TOR SALF—Phonograiih and. records for sali> cheap; Ills .North Cottonwood. Business Dfrectofy* DR. MI|.DBED CCBTIS i'hysiclan and Snrgeon. Office over Bu-roll's Drug Store Officje Phone 554. Residence 2jl4 E. Jackson Phone r,69. i • • • dRS. REID & BEID, Physicians and Surgeons. X-Ray and Electrical Appliances Eye, Ear, i Nose and ThroaL Offlce Phone 357; Rea. 396. • • • DK.j McMJLLEX, Special attention given to the, treatment of all Chrouic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232.; Office over Burrell's Drug Store! West Madison. ' » * Phone 687. i Res. 70Li DR^ O. I.. COX, Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Pitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bids. Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 \ DR. R.|o. CHRISTIAN Physician and Sanre«a Rooms 7 inA S. Evans Bldg. i F. U. MARTCr, Surgery and DlECasea ot | * Women. i • Office and Residence Phone 576 • Office 71 North Jeffersoa. - • *! . . ^ • JEWELRS. n. F. Pancoaist, old reJiable Jeweler. ItO East Street. Lodge Dffectofy KMGIITS LK)dge No. 43 night at K. ofj thers invited. OF PYTHIAS^Neoshe meets every Monday P. Hall. Visiting b|ro- W. S-. Thompson, EJ 'p. Chris Ritter. Kj. of R. and S. KMGHTS i OF MACCABEES^- Knights of Maccabees of the Wolrld •fleets in K. P. Ilali, second a!nd fourth Saturday nighb ot each i^onth. | 'J. W. Postwait, ciommander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. " ' '- FOR SALI;:- r;ood rubber tired r..r..| wiigoii. |iii|iilrii 411:1 .Vorth Flisi hiipri FOR Fine llprlKhl plaMo. 11 re'liilije lltiiki'. •seven titid oiie'lliUd >« Ia \eH, Itimtoii f;ill lioiiiil, full nuinu'doh. Id-uiilur price .t ;;.'.ii •>" (mi i|itl<'k itiile pi ten |:';:M''. I loon down lil.n'i per inonih, - Voui oppoitiinii> to nit iiti exuelleiii pliitio III II low llgnre Don't let II piiH>i.-. .loliit V. ltollell^'| Phiito llouiie. Vi. O. W.—qamp No. 101 meets U K. of P. Hall ejverv Friday night W. T. Steele, C. C, A. !I. Davis, Clerk yisltors cordially Invited. • |! M. W. A.-^The M.' W. A.: Lodcd meets every Fjjiday night In M. ^.lA- brothers Invited. F. G. W, A. Cpwan. Clerk. ilillOltH.-^lniii Camjp NHighboM, meets nwp- md and .fuuriii Tuoxdnys, of we Hull, Visiting Collleld. V C,. I ROVAI, >KI No. Royal month. 'Mr*. .Mm. Mary lJu Rerordor. y. A. Wsiener, oraelf ton. 413 wrost 8tr««i. FOR SALE—GotMl horse. In<|ulrc at noR N'orth First. fOR Ran' MlmomUmmmoum I'OR RK.Vi'-—.\ good 7, room bouse t .'tOS East .Neosho. Iiii|uire brsl door west or a! this office. HLVIKR.NA l-'rateriial ,Urotll ni.cond and foil! month In ^. O. irieraberH cordtHJ derson, presidei tary. iiitoTi(iittnooi ).-i. erhnod No, 340 moatji nh ThuTKduy of each U. W. null. VlNltlnji My Invliod. W. II. Anit; Goldu Elam. seer*' TOR RE.\T—Three room Ul'.* South Third. Imiuire of .Mrs. .lohn Smith on premises. FOR RENT—Room on West Mad.- son formerly occupied by Jones' tailor shopJ C. Li. Whitaker. LOST mmdlFOURO LOST—Pair of nosij glasses belween Brcckenridge and Douglass or .North Chestnut. Finder leave here. Libera! reward. IXiST —Between corner Biukexc Ai Madison and Neosho river, mild chain and locket containing baby's picture. Finder leave at Register office. i£e- ward. fOREXOHAMeE WELL LMPROVED SIXTY near good town in Vern(ui t'o. .Mo., for exchange for Iota property, (irace K Arnold, old court house. .Mr. .SroU Home. (*oligres;-fman t'lias F. Scott iciirn- ed this afterniMJii front Chicago where he was called to consult with some of the ^managers of the jRepiibllcan Na- iunaJ Caui|taign. .Mr.j Scott has l>een invlt^ by the Naiional Committee to ipakq Bpe«ches in ueverui of the states of the l^nlon and miiy devat<« MHUC time. that woirk liefopo the caiuiwign LOW COLONIST RATES TO ^ CALIFORNf A OLD MEXICO THE NORTHWEST i AND BRITISH COLOMBIA VIA O.Ni Sept. 1st Ask for i SALE. i6 0ct.3lst iC. P. 11 liiioriuariou. f

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