Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 14, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1908
Page 1
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i The Rej^lster Ham .th^ Largemt Clrp^atlon in AUen County of A«ry Nevfmpaper Published In the Couaty. VOLIME X. MJIBKK I'TT. SIX PAGES. HHiA, KA>SAS. SEPTEMBER II. ia«s.-MOM)AV EVEMM.'. TROLLEY TFKJII.VAl, TOttW S(;K>K , OF SEKIKS OF BlIMiLAKIKS. SEVEN STORES WERE ROBBED FOI l| LOCAL MIMSTEKS l\ .STATE \VIJ»E KEVIVALS. WlTil ONE IN (JAS .MAKES EUiUT I.\ A .M(;HT. Proitertr Valiii'll at AIMIIII ^l .'iO —Djininir*' lo Buildings and (• KegiMtT—.No riiif to ThiiMi'S. arfli www and Mrs. (M-rlriid.r Barton Art- ill llic .MoM-inr.ll. LOflTfeRS IN LAHARPE iOLANS WILL Hp MLIAMS CASE] ON OPEN AT HUMB0LD1|DEATH .MAKTIIA niLLIAM.S 0> TKIAL FOB IMIKBEK OF in I) st ipio. THE JURY EASILY SECURED H.v wa> iir Viuviim I he iiioijiotonv of the criiiiiiiji! caloniliir. iliicv lieved to' 111' .\llpn ^'lumtv taliMii high .carnival ai Cas Viiy aifd Ui Harpe early Sunday iiiornin!;. • ! , store liein^ robbod at iho liininir litv and seyon ai ilu- latu -r. or course, stuli a vcntiiif a.s tin- <)in> luduigod I in would nm !)«> <-<un|iti'ii' without roiri'sluupnis, so ilu> tliiovos regaled ihoinselves on strawberry ii-e .cream aiid acciiniiKinyin.:r dolii-;u!ios. Waters aiid Oaiiforth. La llarjir druggists, fnrni.-iliod tlie rolrf.i;linionts. though not wiitinsily and willingly. The .stftro burglarized in (Ms was the hardware estaliiislmicnt of C. I'. Laniberton. Kniran'oo to tlio building was gained by bieakin;; out a vyindow pane in the roar of ilii' storeL Tin- burglars tlu'inselv-<»,s 'by \\w discovery thai ,tliey eonid work the combination to the safe and iliey suc- ieeeded in goiting away with $S7'in cash and; a. sum auuuinting to about |1.=> in checks. ; - It was alKJin Ocloek Sunday uioni- ingwhcn John Foster, a reFl:iurau(er of Gas City, heard a sound like the crashing of glass but thinking that the ' sound was made liy a baser in a nearby shop. Sir. Foster iiaid no heed. The burglary iwas not discovered until morning. \ The Koblrers in La Han"'* In La llarjie. the thieves began op- eraiion.s, it seems reriain. in the furniture, store of .Mnriin and Sou., They gained eiitrance|to the store b .v tearing the screen off a rear window and forcing a window "P.: This they did with a chisel and hauinier, taken frpm a pliimbing wagon belonging t< Kphler and company, harawaro luoi- chants, ai^d which had been left staiuf ing at tli ,e" rear of Uie store. : The - thieves secured twenty rents from a little drawer iu a rol 'er top desk and took.with khem two or tlirei' suit eas- (BS. The tliieves'iuade linitf exit by unlocking a iVar door. Tbiy left il oprn Entranc*] to .\. tl. Iliixis hardware .store was (t ;i!';. for the crooks. Here a rear window had bi -cn l<-ii uiifa^^ieued The thieves took sevt-ral pocket knives . Several piiirs of seissois, a pick find a few pennies. : With the pick secured at the llines" hjirdware store tliA' itibln it. eiVccted - 4lU cnlraoee Into The Malcolm dry gtiods store. I'nieriug ilucuigb a rear wjndow. Tliey Miuisbed a tin- new rajsli register, secjiriiig .«i:.'"'l iu;iMsl). but overlooking JI larKi- sum Which was in oljicr cotiupai tUHMiis of the 'cg- iBter. Oi^i! of the pari.\ of iiMiiiT.i. u;is In need iH footwcjir so be selected a pair of Malcolurs be.-l :inil put Ibetii oil. iaklng car*', however, to leaVM ;i.i' dlsnirds Iwliepe the > ciuld not be found The n< Xl scene of operation.'} w;is the H. .Myers store.: Kiitrau <e wa? •gained in'i the usual way. thnnmb a rear window.- Hut a lout line of can- 'ned coodrf liarred fr<-<- passage and the looters wfere content to pass this store by: light;-. Again, in the" rear of ih-, Kickett shoe stort. a window w;'s tVini'id which proved eaby for the buiglars. It forced unj and the thieve^ seciirtHl a small amount in jieunies tola is to be well represented amour. the ministers who are to assist Hev. Sliolen p\"">- '•' Miederwolf in the slate-.wido evangelistic movement which be.uian the lirsi of this month. .-Viuong tho.-e rroin lola who are engaged to help in the meeting.-;, are Itev. It. II. Klloti. pastor of the Christian church: Kev O. (i. .Misamore. pastorof the" F. It. church: Uev. C. t\ Clampitl and Kev. sibe-I.N. 1.. Vezle. .Mrs. Gertrude ItjuKui of held JMoran. is oiie of the singers. September first marked the begin- uiijg of the Kansas forwjud movenu-ul for evangelistic work, during which it is idauned to eotiduct a systematic evaugeistic eiiiupaign that will cover the entire stale, from the snuill couii- tty c(uumunities to the largest cities of the slate. iPhe mtivnmeiit isjnterue U4Uniuational and i)1ans fin- it have been under way for months. TJie slate head(iiiar,ters are in Topeka. at IIS West ICighth street, from which (dace Uev. W. R. .McKlroy. field secretary. •Mil largely direct the work in the -uialler idaoes and help coiic«;ntrate he liands df evangelists in the larger i >laces successive y reacned by tne -amtiaign. Kev. Williaiii K. Hiedcr- «olf is ;it the he:id,of tht> nioveniem. uid he Is now l:i Clay Center, where he will spe:id the month of Septctiilier conducting evangelistic meetings and •spreading the niovenienl over that ler- ritor.v. Orfgi;ially it'was planned to lie:;in •he moveniem iu the nortiieast p;irt of he state, and from there to gradually jrogress over the entire state. Owing !«: the fact that the meetings in the ijfrious places are largely in the hanas of local pastors, especially in ihe smaller places, this plan could •liil!.'- adhered to. The campaign is r.xpeeted to continue until .lune ;'.u. l !m <t. by which time the state will have been cnvereil. Mr. Miederwolf will lie in the tielil I'.l of the lime, taking par; iu coji- 'iuctiug the meeliug.^ as well a.-; di- l -pctin.g the wcu'k. lie will siniid ii;e II.'sent mouth in Clay Center. October iu Newton. November ia Hiawatha, lie 'ember in Independence, etc.. He wii" work mostly in the larger towns, while 6ibers will look afier ihe smaller places. .\ small n .iUiiier «u trained evaiigclis's from other states v.ll' issi .-il ilillie liioveuielli. bu! 'I i-; pl .ui ie ,l lo eariy tl. ilircuirli rbieili liy lieaiis of Kai'^.is iiiint '-tei;;ii ,l 'imri li lieu. 'J 'be i:ice |.iioii 111 tile line. ra ;eiji Ha> 11 a series of uieetii-.^.s \vhi >li .Mr. ilied •rwoll ciHidiictcd in .leweil, .lewe!; •"iiiiiy. ,1 ye:ir ago. From .lewcU tiie lUiVi 'iiieiil spread lo- M:inkalo. Itutr i.ik and the (tber towns iinrll tlii' eii- ili- cotltllr.N bad been ;-overed atld It'll (lUVi'-il were .-.eciin -d in the oiie l.l-Mll.' 1',"' iiiiueii .1 e tiietiiims have luen held iir llie s -;ite .M Ireipt'111 illlervals i:i ilitlerelll pbii e.-^. Iiiil tie- ii|i-:! was tiiieelved Of liuidiiiiiim a ;.|\ stetii :il ie •aiueaisu so that iiii eotii "r of the f-f rl * ^'•^.tlIld be <iveri«iotied.. tOLI Hunj mil KEI» \Vt»MA.\ jLAIMS kILLI.X; iWAS l> SELF.I»EFE>SE. CAMPAIGN STARTS THE.RE WITH MR. SCOTT AS ORATOR. Big Crowd Expected.—"Uncle Joe" To Pass Throunh lola Day After Tomorrow. IS SIX PA(JES. rBicB /iiiro CKHTS. N A WRECK HAVE A OSE PEILSU.Si BEAB AMI MA.> V TAFT H ,\.\TS HI H HlOCh Ttl HEI.I' MAV I»l»| FKOM njIKIES. FIX THE OATES. Colored IVopli- Are in Alleiid- —Scipio Was Slalilied on Ma> :.lh La^l. Tltij jury which will hear the ovi- deiicej in the 'of the stal«- vs. .Marthi Williams colored charged with the nkurder. of her sweetheart. Bud Scipiij Avas .secured this morning at 11 o 'clock after which the introduction < 1" evidence began. Si'lpio was stabbed to death on iht evening of .May ."itli last, at the .lack- son 1 oarding house on CainplH<Il street in Davis addition. Scipio and the V illianiR •woman w<'.re living to- gethci there and. following a quarrel over linother woman, to whom .Mrs. \Villia|us says Scipio was turning his at tent on. she stalihed her iiarainiiiir with ai butcher knife. The|' state is attempting to prove that ill a fit of jealousy the Williaiit.'> woman killed Sciiiio. The defendant claimtj that the killing was in self- ilefeiis •. .\ftc/ being stabbed Sdpio rail u|| the Santa 'Fe tracks iu the directi^in of a doctor's ofBce for about lUii yards, where he fell exhausted from loss of blood. An ambulance carried him to the undertaker's room where li.s wounds were dressed. On his wa: to the hos|iital he expiretl. Sciiii was a man with a hi.^torv. He h :i(j been in trouble at CofTcyville a nuii!| er of limes and once led a raci- riiit which cr »>afed considerahle xeitenLeiit through southern Kansas. No on<| claimed his body after his death a,'id it was shijiped to the medical depl rtnieut of Kansas .liniver.^ity. .\f 111? heariiig Mrs. Williams was bonnd j )ver to the September term and IteSiig uniildo to raise bond since b ed iu t she loo preliuM soniewli .carbeil The Ke|Mibticaii caii'ieaign at lluiii' boUlt will mieii there tomorrow night with an adtirvss by Congressman Chas. .F. Scott. Th" issues of the present campaign will be the tteme of Mr. Scotis address. I'ractically eve:-y candidate for county olllces on the Ilepiiblicaii ticket will b.- on the phitform with Mr. Scott. MMIIO of whom may give short talks. The u'cetinc is called for 7::;u o'clock hi Mumbo'dt's heaiiiiful ir-ity- i)ark. The lluiKboldt band, which, by the wa.v. is one of the best mtisical or--ani7..i- tions of its kind in the state, will dis- P<-nse 4(atriotic airs during the rally. .\ big crowd is e.\pected to be in ali<-n:lalice. The roads are iu excellent (-oiidition so that il is expected t:at many fariin-rs from the south Iiart of the county will driv.> in to hear the address. A big delegation will go d<iwn from lola. There-was some talk today of making ail effort to get Siieaker "Tncle -loe" Cannon lo give :i shorf "ri^r end" speech when he ^)assed through here Wednesday to Indep '^iidence. where a great ra'Iy. in which "Mr. Cannon Is to be the eentr;tl ligiire. will be held, but it was b -ariied today that the Speal -i 'f Would likely no through here on the early morniug train and not on the as was .hoped, hence the n-alter was dio |i[ied. L. L. Xorllt- ru|). chairman of the county central con>niitt'-e and t;. 1.. (lard, the secre- tjiry. hi -ld a conference this tnornin:: hut as iiotriiug, deliitife could be learned as to wh.-n Mr. Caunoii would no tliroui:h here, ileciiled to take no further steps towarit having him address au lola andience. TRAINS I it' THAT LS WHERE ]IuhlI£S*OFPOIC- •. i ;\ • H • E>TS WOULD Pirt HIM. ;! COLLISION r""""" '^'"rt "^-''^'^ |A CONFERENCE AT\ SARATOGA - Bollej Wunis Boox-icit lo E.\rl»> TKAI\ WAS AT .VIA- I I TIO\ >VIIE\ STKdK. Ciiicinnaii. O. Seiu. Il.-V,i!liam 11. 'iafi's first! caiiipaiguing tour willl .e- Tni>nl}-ci::ht Were lii.iun-d Uho Are S'"" Wednesday. Seiitemtier:;:! if the •andidale"s present desires in the luat- Expirtwl to BeroHT—At Morey Hor.|iitaL Cliicai;<>. Se|i I I - -t )i;e uomati was K.\KMIE.»i SEE DEFEAT EVEX IF HE IS HE.XOMlXAl'li:©. ikn iu jail. 'When she appear-! SLEPT FIVE DAYS le court room for trial todiivi"""-''.'''' ""' . led murh diffenuit than at the Awakcn.inoita.y Fn.iii Lone Sleep ary. Then, her clothes were :it shabby. Today she was |in bright blue dress ami a new /i\c PHUFS i;t> ir. Slighl liirn:a.»e Sh«iwn l.a«.l Mick • »v ,iii »r to Clioice Ore .Mined. '•V^laters and Danforth. druggists, were the recipients of the ne.xt call. It seems evident that the first thing the looters did in fnis store was to seek the !ice cream frceker and refresh' themselves. Ai 'rer partaking • of a liberal quantity, ths thieves itas-J- ed to the jewelry case' and ill an ef- fprt to breik the glass succeeded only ' In jarring: down a watch case which was suspetided from the holder >vith- in the case*. This was noticed by Mr. Denforth ?».ben he entered the store " early Sunday morninc: and was! the firsl| inkling that anyone had that thei« had been a burglary. ^Ir. Danforth's discovery led to an invcstlea- tion and the further disco\ery that seven stores had been roblted. The looters secured about 4<J cent)? in cash ; in the drug store. , In tie store of .]. K. Sifiitit | Hie looters partook of a liiuch |)f cheese and crackers and since , thjere iwas »7.5fi in file cash drawer, the thieves thought it a w;lse idea to t;lko the ainoant with them. In!all the, pro|ierty and money taken i|il} reach about $ir.U. j whllni of couree there was some damage to the Btore^ and cash registers. | • I Bloodhound on We' Tra'il. As; soon^as the burglaries) were discovered, th^ iinerchants liandedjto- srether and Aedded to send fbrj a blood hound.! reBponse to a itelephone caU, J.jW. Denny, of Benedict, Kas., - irri^edi on the afternoon iSinU | Pe train!' with b s man-bunting hpuiad. "Hie - doK talje^ ^take the:trail'^theit at Pas or LaHi frf^ and aft^ a sbbrt time the tn^i wa g ^andoMiQI^ Th^ sea^ • jC0 ^ttoia «a 'Oti;pac^. ' Calena. Kas.. Sept. I I.—Tlie past week in th« Kaiisas-.Mis.-oitri zinc and iead mining ilisirict was marked b.i another sli.iiht increase iu the prioe if best grades of the' fornier mineral. For the first time in months the iirice reached .*4'J per ton a :;id a bulk of the >rodiicijon found ready sale on a basis ::f 5:;" |(i- irui of i 'M per cent ore. ^'iiiie eli(,-ict* lots of ore sc>ld on a !»asls |iiice as lii.i :li as $;JT..1(i. and •vhi'e there was au advance in price of •iecoiid :.'.'ades. the buyers were care- ru! to keeti the price within the $40 iuiit. The marked coniiietition and •-.onserpiPin. advance ,iu price is attrib- ii'ied largely lo jhe advent cf a new ')uyer in the ilisjrict. In direct contrasi with the zinc mar ket there was a slump in the price of lead "re. Tin? l>e.-:t grades of this mineral sold at froi; $.">S to %'•<•'< per :ou. ranging to a lowi r liiiitre for sec- jlid 'grades or probabjy a bulk of lite district's o:itpui. . i hat tii ^iiatch. :i gift from .Mrs. .\rli« Healoull and [her relatives. AVliib Mrs. llejiton was in Jail awaiting bond for apptjiiriince for trial fi>r the murder of 1 i-r ^livnrriHl liitsbaiul. Cliitt Heat(111. the AVil'iams'woman did IHT laundry wni'k ami was so ne:it and <-are ful that! Mrs. Heaton and her friends liresi'nt<;'d her the dress she wore today. s»s a reward for the interest she Inoli; in her unties. .Mrs. jWilliams's iiiisbaiid Is said to be in t}»e peiiiieiniary in Tex-.ts for steallii-.ii When jl he casi- w.-is called this iiinrtiiiiy: tlieiil' was a good crowd pi-eaeiit. mostly ^colored people, many ol wlom wi-ie wiliu-sses. Tip- (irst Wll- fe-s caliMi was .Mrs. V.. .lackson. SIM li:iil c!i:!i|(:e of the house where Si-liiio met his di.-atlt. The state is hoping tr> iirovejj.T (lart of their case on her tesiimony but her answers were sonn>- whai imieriulte and wei-e given rcluc. laiitly. {She .•lentined lln- big l.utc)- er kulfej which was presented her by Deputy (.'oiinty Attorney Ap' as t^io one ownjjil jby Sciido. During; her te.stim,-j:i-.- .\Ir.-=. .lackson :Tiid slie|;|i(ard .Maitba say after ilir killing tJiat she wishcfi sh- 'bad .Mary tori;"' relerriug to a girl iu the house to whom she thought .Scipio paid too ill ch attenthui. This at einoon Chief dates went oi; the slaud. .Mr. Cates arre.-i(>d ili» Williaiiis {wi man after the kiliiiis; l|f lestilied as o Martha leilitis him that she had kill''d Scipio following a qiiiir- rel. Mr.llOiler in cross exaniifiaiior atteiiipted| the wtuui Scipio be her. bu; th< ify. lie: s; .she wished ; Kaiin Cila tiji get the chief to say that told liitu that !fhe ki lerl 'all^e he was goiu:; to kill THE SAILORS .AR^ SATISFIED. Letters Commendina jthe Service Received From Meniln the Fleet. Washlufilon. Sept.' 11.—rtespousive to t!e invitations sent out by naval reyriilting ollcers tu sailors on tho big batt'e ship fleet to tell frankly >vhether the writer believes the navy has been heljiful to nun.' several Interesting replleji. have been received. The followtii.r p.ossage from a letter r-otu an enlisted man on tho Ohio is an example of comments made: . "We have spent shillings iu Tr'- idad, milrets ID Rio. p esoa in the StrMts of Magellan, sols in Peru and dollars in Sfexico in a manner- t^at has made thp natives of those conn- tries look upon the American blue­ jackets as persons of wealth, which they are when you compare their wages with those of the Milisted men of any otfa«r navy in the world." chief declined to >o tfs- id the iirlsorier t'dd Iilin he -had !;oi .Mary t'-o." k. a dair.;h:er of .Mrs .lackson. iji-elil on ihe stand afti-r .Mr. t;ate> waii <»xciised. She did ii':t sec the stabbtiig bill Sci|iio runniiiJi from the bousPji 1^)1 the railroad. Her evidence wa.^ not imiioriaiit to the ca.-e iu direct ex;|iniination. The accu:^ed v.iunau siis; stolidly li: her chair din ring the hearing of the eviilcnce ui ptirently nninjere;'eti in the procee'diiiigs. The ca.-rj will probably go tfJ Oiejiiiy late thi.-: eveiii:;;; or tomornKv iiicriiti!,:;. i —Coiidilion "Serious. -•^aiiua. Ka- Sepl 11 —.\ller .-.'i rp- :iig live and oi.e-baif d -i .-.s the tifiieii- ve.u-'iid daugliler of .\1 ..Newall. a farmer livinii iierir I'aiiiar. awakened yesterday. She fell asleep followiu;; an attack of tio.-e bleed. Her ctuidi- ti'ei is ^eri ^:lI.-. but ;-he \ - e\ti>'<led le recover. FOUND SMOLDERING FIRE. E. .W. Arnold Home Saved by,Timely Discovery. Mis K.' W Ariiol I. of soj Soiitli W:i:diiiigtoii loiiiid a smoldi-riiis fire 111 a closet 111 the bouse about •.'::!it o'(-locU vi -sterday afti-ruoon which, had it not been llsi-overed in time. Iiiighl have resulted disastrously tp the home. .MIS. .Arnold had scented siMok" for f.vo tir tlirii- hours priHious lo the i|i^.(-iivery. In pasHiiii; the closet she ;.aw tl" -iiiioke i.ssniiiir fnuii the door. The fl.illies were (jiiiekly <xtiii'.-iijse|id. .Mr. aiirj .Mrs. .\ruold wen- idanniiii; to |e ;ive for a lrl |i In the (-ouiitry and li;id not .Mrs. ,\riio|il .seen tiif smoke ilie house mi::lii have been burned ni the ;;roiitid. The cir- i;;in of the lire is iiiiUnown. ter areolisserved. .ilr. Taft today indicated that he ^WKuld much like, to lalk with .National Chainuan Hitch• «M-k. after .Mr. llilchciM -k has confer- it-d \\\ Cb:u "2 .!;;.v .M<)iida< w :;h 'Senator I'iM.n and the western managers con iiLsiantiy killed and live persons so ce ;-iiiig the proposed itinerary .Mr seriously iujnrfd that their death is Hitchcock will doubtless bp asked rr expeclcd at .\Iot-ey hospital, and tweu- -oiue to Ctncinnati on liis?e!uru east, ty-eighl other jpassenget-s .were more The arrangement to. nave tbe Na- or les:. scrioiispy iiijiired in a wreck tional League of KepuMican clubs hold at Chesterton, i Indiana, on the Ijike i ra!ly in Cinciiiati Sei;rcmlnr I'L' wa.s. Shore and .Michigan Sonihern railroad made known to .ludi-e Taft >es :erday s|ioi -lly after iiildnight last night. .\ '>y ^^Ij-. C«irys by wire The chief yi -skibiirban train from Cliica;;ii« crashed itaSf reached his home in l -mcaster i<ltt> Ihe rear Of a special ixciirsimi -atiirdiy iiight. He will ;:o to Co- tj-ain bound tor lndiaiia|:olis| over the iunibiis today and reiiiru here .Monday Ijake Krie Western, while ilie exciir- :iight or Tuesday. .sjon train" was standing at the station. -.-Vfter the meeting of the llwA. ii is Three women and two men were ser- :e.i;ard;d as not unlikely that .Mr. raft itiuslv injured and the unconscious .v ill accept the invitation he has re- wvie iiroimhi to the ho.-pital here cm ccivi-d from the Kentucky Hanker.-" .Vs a special train and their death is prob- -i-cia:ion. and address iheiu a! Lex- able. • :.;:to:i < ii the" l':;rd. .Ait. Taft ha.; e .x;.Mrs. Ksiher Hacox. of Chicago, was t '"c -reil ;• desire t(> speak in Teinifs- kijled and her daughter. .\nna. is one -ee. ai:d it .is-pointed out here that iie ofj the injured. ivjond the Kentucky trip lo .\a.-l.\i !e and Chattanooga, and from he;.- no to St. Ijmis and Cit\. PRICES GOING UP :^ " ' ^" .ludge and .Mrs.Taft ar^ended Christ ciiurcli yesterday and list^eiied to ser- Moiiev Market \s Strong—Stork> llnte couducie;l by Kev. .Mr. Kuowl- Shown Stiniulatinir EITM-I. ...e pastor. The remainder of the day was spent by' the candidate at the N.w York. Sept. I I.—Last week 's '=f ''f'* hrotlier. Charles l>. Patt. oiM'rations iu the stock market shtiwcd J''' "'"i "' '"^ olhees iu the the still stimiilalin:; elTect of the rc- Siutou hotel. dundant conditinji if the nionev mark- AiMioininlieuts to .see .liidrJie Talt tins et by a further rise iu prices in the "t'ck have been made by Senator ^ tir:jt few da vs. The sharp reaction fratie of LMassachtiseits and Ke!>ie-i j,, uhich amnwipaiiied the small flurry seniative Theodore K IVurion if Cbve j^.^^^ til the call niouify market of the !at- laud, ter; part of the week was a strikiu; lesitiiiion.\ to ihej important part |ilay- wnK IJe Fonnd A Candidate to Take H Js/Place ban- ' Forresl/'N'ow./ •' // :J Siiiatoga, .N. Y.. Sept. li.—tie opeil in^ hours of today foiind the anti- lltithes forces ready to; ifenew a dog- :;pdj tight to acccniiplish the'gxMrernpr's. tiefiiat. The convention was]called to , ordir at three p. m. andj delegates ar-', rjvipg on the early train^ found-a dif-: ficiri situation awaiting; soliltlon. The moi'c enthusiastic advocates of the gi>vernor's renoniination admitted that; the deleaates opposed to him could: easiiy defeat him if united upon any; othc r candidate. The search for such r a c: ndidate tsvxed the resources of the : opp<isition throughout yesterday; but was admitted fruitless: M.iny delegates opposed to Hugbes sincerely believe thql. the governor even if nominated, will lie defeated at ;lie polU and sonic of the ponfnts are ur.gitig that to ((bliterate. hini the i >nlls send hii^i to the feated candidates. bitterest op- . jthe beat way " politically would be to concede him the nomination and at limbo of de-. It IS NOT GLANDERS- Vefujrinary Learn.s I^tinitely Tbat iHscHM- Antony Her»e»i Is -Swamp FtT SEES SONS DROWN Faliier Ua« Within Short liislaiire of ChMdrin in Itiicr When Heath Came, Cannon lo Start - l:ide;:en<leiice...Sepi. II.—.Next Wc-d- edjin the speculative position by the nesday. Seiitetnber li;. the natiuu^il lie- j.-r the luone.v nijirket. Tiie aliiin Miblican campaign in' wi;l da:;ice of funds which cmild be pro- I formally be opened here by Hon. . os- ciired «in call .11 1 |«r cent or under «-'pl" 'J- Cannon, speaker of the house coijsiitiiied a strous altractiiui for the "f representatives. One of the largest lalvini; on ofstoek holtIin:;s. and the crowds ever gathered fc :r any occasion marking up of prices. The o |>era:ions iu -southern Kansas i .s i -xpected to at- to Ibis I till have been fi;i ;ikly ascribed 'end the lUeeting and to hear the to a iiiiiited cir<-le of verv wealthy speaker. capii.-risis. Willi the follcwiugof strict There wil. be a cele.iuation lasting Iv iirole:.sjiiii :i.l opi-rators who trade In all ila> and I'Veiiini;. .\t I o 'clock there and (Mil of the market in the wake of wjll be a ting |>araile. ujih four brass su;;li a uioveiiieiit'. • bands in tine. There will be a uuiulier 'ritere has been .ceneral acreeinenl of speaker^ other than Speaker Caii- iiiitutg comtuisslou houses that the "<iii. among them .1. L Itrlstow. W. K. •.;eneral public was taking small part Stiibbs and I*. I*. Campbell. The meet:a the (-iirreiil a<-tjvity in ihi* market, lag Is lieing wlrlely advertised, ami it Till- iiifereiu-e from this ^condition is e\pi cied t.'iat one or monvovertlow woii'd lie that the active dealings on nieeiiims will be necessary Itr the even tin- Sio «-k exchange were not effecting iai; f.wiur.; lo the tai -t that only .">.<ifMl. ai..Y widesitreail tlistribuijon of slock.-;, can be crowded iiiio ilie aiiditorluiii Tbir- is ei |u;il aureemetit oti the wlii-ic the st>eakiug will be held, tuber hand that substantial holder.-^ of M'anls |{oo^e^^lt lo Speak, .-.tocks have .shown little disposition to Topeka. K;)s.. S .iif I l .--Ch :iii iu;jn iiiarki : their boliliiii;!. In tpite of Uie iiolley h"|i '!s lo I*i e .^idi -tit l {oo .-e- atti.iclive level to which jirices M !t f 'lr a firw sp '-ii-bi-s in Kansas this \v.\\>' been lifted li> the siif>iiuer's risf. < . iip:>i -.;;i. Whether b.- will be able to The readjustment of (iric. s was ,; lid biui i|.' iincert :iiti. It bus been jiiNfiliiil ill lite miiufs of its (U 'lmot- ititiiii.'ted :o ilf i;ei>ii'>ii'-.i!i iii:iu ;igerV ers by the low Interest for ni'Uiey com- h> ICooseveii would likely take pared with the leturn i-.n .securities ;:.»• siiinip for T.-tft in Otrtob .T. If tbi.-; and by the revi \.i: in business activity. !i .'.(>iietis then Dolley wi i Insist on Hie That the money condition was outrun- tre.-;ideni coming to Kansas.^ In the nt as a past no iiiesideiii has ever caiiipalA-.- at Moran U; S. Iteaitie. the veteiriijary, has de; |l (ieriniiely that the dijsease among bor.-4.s in the vicinity of Moran is not- slanders but swamp feverl Last week . .Mr. |Beaitie and Sheriff Bfjllinger were called to Moran t>y wordl that gland­ ers was prevalent amoi^ horses there; I'ntil he could ascerta;iu| absolutely. .Mr. ; Heat tie isolated the,, horses al- fected. Saturday, with tl^ sheriff, he m.ide a second visit and after ai careful investigation decided that the dis- eiisei was sw.imp fever. The fanners, in f;(ct all horse owner?. In and.about Vloran are much relieved sjiico they have! learned that glanders is not In their community. A POULTRY F. O. Coburn Teils of the" Great Growth Iri the Industry ii> Kansas. aiiig fbe business iiii|iroveme toinor- ;i.iri!ian the over the Kansas situatitui wiUi tuem and arrange f<ir a big list of national sj.eak Sioiix <ii.\. la. Sept II.—Within be- viev. of the iraiitic f-irlwr who vvas ii-:liiiig Iu their le-t-iie it- a row bo-it. It -se Des.Meiileii. aued 1-. ;::id Willie !)^-^.MelI!(•:• aged IS. wen- drowui.-i in he Sittix I;ivev twi. miles stuiili ef \e-ler(lav. The >oiinuej- boy li;id •4titteu be.ioiid his deplh and the brofh r swam lo his assistance. A SU The Fame CCESS IN ENGLAND. I of ,the Song. ••In OM Mis- soliri," Spreads Afar. A. R. S'lniley and F^lwanl J. Hoer- iiig, coinpoiin'-r and author/of the song. Vln Old :>Ussourl." this afternoon received word that their song had been recelveid with great favor in London. Eng.. being sung by Miss Desmond, an' actress of much fame and ability. Mibs Desmond complimented the soiii^ writers highly and said that she given a pi of her foH sent Mr. etbering some | verses with an order Viss Etien; lid ask tbat i the song be on the musical program icoming play. She also Iset music. mdls a eohsI|i of Miss Uw notedjlBbi^ ii^ km" WA.NTKD— Clean lOtlou jags at thi? ifTice. THE WKATIIEP^ T0RE4TENIN6 THE WEATHEB. far KaosM: nurtlr; elMiy Blind Horse Ran Off- blind horse driven by .Maney frs for tlie Stai:e. He wants Tall. sure. „ ran awav on the north siile Rjiosevelt. if po.s-ibie. and C.overnor of t' e sfprare- this afternoon, throw-. Hughes. Senator Mc vcridge and Seiia- iiig the driver out and breaking a ,or Dolliver and any other big guns shaft when the animal ran into a mail hat can be sparid tir the western cir- Woof box and teleidione pole near the Iola|cuii. Iauiidr.%. The driver was unhurt. FIRST BLOOD FOR W. C. T. U, THROWS COIN AWAY Manager of Parsons, Kas.. Theatre Fined $30 and Costs. Farsons. Ka.s.. Sept. i::.—(Sjieeial.) The- E. C. Girl Vi«:its lola Today.— The first trial of the cases against Scatters $1 Bills Over" Tov»n. Lytic theatre for viol.ilfng the Siinilsy closing law resulted t.odav in The I-:. C. Cirl .started her work i,„v,j Spencer, manager of the L\ ric of .listributin..; one dollar bills this theiure. being found guiltv in police n.orning. Driving around in a ct»r- p„„r( „,„| jj,,,.,, ;„„| eosts. The! riage-accompanied by a representa- ^.^^ appealed to the district' live of the company t.hey made a fine f.o„rt ajipiaraiice. , , ^ , There ar.|- t went v-thr .e more of Tils method of the Lgg-O-fcee Co. s .^^j.^ ca .ses i.endini; and the members i:. not only unKpie but a very liberal y 17,,,.,.,;,^.. ,ha, if ,1 ,0 way; of adverlislnu'. Instead of tack- theatre rituk tomorrow night twelve ing ?iirsigns piitiing out samples, and „u,re cotnplaims will be ma.Ie and speihling ihousi|nds of dollars in ,y,,,t „r„sec.iMons will he ha.l against magazine advertising they are local- ,heat.-r peo-.Ie everv Sundav that r/li-.;.- this same amount of money thev show .and ! are givin-.. it to the people In ^he case todav o.xupied the entire honi..-s where the E C. glr calls and ^ay in trying and ;wlt> twelve cases findH L. C. com Flakes, -yes, it is j,„:, „„,^ uood money sai.1 one woinan as she ,ried at the end o? the week the po- held„pthehra,,dnew$1.00biUtothe jj ^e court will he ^iehind 311 cases 1 gblj to see If ,t was genuine. --It Is t^e docket. The theater peojde sav the |.asies. money I ever made." ^^^^ Sunday nieht . J «l »n.r ,l ^rl ,f '^r" the W.iC. T. C. declare that 12 ?i Trl : J mistaking her ^^rests will be made everv Sunday uheivone sees her. ^,^^4 ,hat dhey show. ft„,„. T -.i -i.. Nearly 20(l business men have sign- Tbe MaJ ^SrUtStrl" will opeu to- ^ ^c'Tu1ta\Te"U\1^^^^^ company Tbeie has In high class comic opeta. g^^f. people Uir^ten to retaliaJ ur is said tr. |>e a good ope. cpnsli^. }be arrest of busbi<^ tallate by men ;t>BSineaa| Topeka. Sepl. II.—"ProBtoble Poul- tjy" t.'; the title of the quarterly,re- liiirt of the Kansas board of agrlciil- liin-: issued yesterd^iy. In this re-* book of 322 pages. F. D. Oo- biinii secretary of the board, tells about poultry raising in Kansas. In tiie rejiort thei;e arp descriptions and Illustrations-of fowls most'generally raised in America, with'directions for their! breeding, maintenancei aiid pro- ntable manaeement.. The |)bok -discusses poiiltr>- matters with espedjal reference to Kansas. In the introduction !to the report Mr. Cobum says: •'From its nature the poultry industry will find its greatest scope in; the areas presenting the most.favor-' able jconditions. and nobe has natnr-' al advantages superior to | those of Kansias. Here the grains and other desir ible foods, mcludin? alfalfa, are abundantly and Economically raised; mild winters and "early hatching seasons greatly lessen,,the «osi of rearing and housing, and its .excellent traaisportation facilities render; the state especially adapted for poultry's prnfitaiyie' production on an unlimited scale. ; . \ 'T^at these advantages are votor ing to be appreciated, and- appreciat- fl more and mbrej is apparen^^ and its pbpiilarity is annually, increasing siibstlantial contributions to the states wealth. Aside from i producing Sjtock kept over, and therpoaltry and * ggs used ^in-the'homes, the value ol the' surplus of these commodities marketed in I<|an8as amounts tn millions of dollars each year. Ia UuiV it was worth 110.300^082.1 Omitting and Jbay, ho Icrop of the itate would reach ' more ' thau about half that flgtore.'* OIL TANKS STRUCK LiKbtjnini; Caaiied iLom of «SS ,MO la Olenn Po |r ^|eM; Today. Tu sa,| OWa., Ise|«t;^14.4-Li^tnitae] This raohiiug s^mA-two thirftr-flfei thouii and barrel • oiytSBlca- owned >b]rf the Frairie Oil andJG^j companyi^InF the ( lenn pool (Al fiald.%a2id the'taiOH and wntentii wer^lf^i^^tnireid-^w***' loss if--twenty-f No^i^^dif If

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