Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 12, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 8
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V THEY FDOL A NEGBOES T\kRN FROM lEXTK.l. IIA TO ESC.ITE lYXCHIXO. OOOOOOOOOOOOOiOOOO o- o o vDnrnoNAL SHOUT STOIMKS. C o i! . o iOOOOOOOOOOCOOiOdOO :!;«! \Uf. :.od a I'itlxen When Aufrcied l.j- Losses Mil Kaifs—Takw l<» S(.iucii. ,1 i -—_ $100 lo the Orphans;| Tho cmiiuy ooiuniissioiu'isi nt ti.<' Fosbioij- wlilcli elosoil l.isi cvoiiiiiK . niado an appropriiUion of $1 |ii lo U\o Orphan^; ln>nn' lo hi- i-.aid 5ii $2'> a qiiartor. Tin- homo, in foii.~i<it^ratioii of lh<! appropriation, is to caro for any paiipor childnii s<.iit llicin. iroo of fharge. j y ^jj^jl Scticca. Uas.. ii^i'i. yz. -.nui and DolHc JolinSK'M. Uliuril.-.:-. v, io Sencf-a <tir !y nimi <"iiMi ;.iIia V> vol Oil liavins bi-fiL Hplji during iii ^liU lid iinl <•!" : plMci- Ml |Hi \ fii; i IM ii- III - iiig lync-lictl. •[•ii 'V^iirmci 's !ia <i betting on tlic r;^^es";!^ (."euir.ilia and iosit. They altacllfidi a l'«y wiiL':! Sam Murphy, a wljiic spi^ctaior. came to his rescue. Tile! iiugr<>>s then fataily stabbed Murphy and beat him after be had fallen. Aii adgry raol) gathered ropes were secured! and there were cries of "tiynch them: Hang thoni."" The negroes were taken out. of town by a round-about way whilo the mob, ignorant of the fact, surrounded tlie Centralla jnil during ilie niglii. I Pay Transportation i Th«^ poiinty coiiimis.-ioni yesterday to ' pay tho trans'imrtation of Rnberi IJruco lUumli to state l!Os>i)iial at AViu!ii'l.l and IIH- ijraiisp(H- lalion of \}olla Hill, an cjiillplio. tn till' siatf lio.spital at Parsons, (First Piiblished Septembrr m. 1:MI.S.) SllERJfF*S S.VLK. The Stale of, Allen Cnunt.v. S.S. In the District ("ourt. Thirty-Seventh Judicial restrict. Sitting in and for Allen County. State of Kansa.-;. The Northnip National Hank, a onr- poration. Plaintiff, vs. Geo. .1. Mfans and Anna J>. Means. Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued by the Clerk of thp ThJvty-Seventn Judicial District Court, in and for .M- len County, State of Kansas, in t;ie ^bove entitled cause, and lo nie directed and delivered. I will on Oriolicr 12th. A. D.. .190S. at 10 oVlotk a. in. of said day. i\t Uie south door of the court house in the' City or lola. .Mien County. State of. Klinsas. offer for sale and sell to the highest bUlder. for cash 'in hand, the following described real I estate. 10-wit: l.otj .\"o. I"ivi> (.M. HlocK !.N'o. Two <;;». in 15r <Kiklyii Park Addition to Thc -City of lola. Allen t'ounty. Kansas, according lo the recorded lllat thereof. Said lands and teneiui'iiis will be sold wiihont appraisenieiif in satisfy .said Order of Sale. C. b. UOLl.INtJBK. Sheriff of Allen County." Kansas. Uy. A. L. UaATRlGHT. fiider SIiprilT. 9-10-J7-24-il-!;. WhtMow Case 1« Trial Jutise Koust this iiflernooii nil<-d the motion of the defen.- Whitlow perjjury case lo tpij^ the eas»^ is now ready for ir tpuiber lOlb. The luotion "i was suhrtrittoil yesterday. UtiK Cliy Upera House Slid. The tJas (iiy oiier.i liuisse as lu'en siiM itnili-r a juilgnieui si-, ired liv lire .\etiia iliiililiiig and Liia I people .•igaiii.-;! W'ni. >M. .Siuilli and ili. |':"ceiver l-\ \V. .{•''reven. is fo make liis final report on or before ihe iSs'h. Tlie judgment in ihe c;ise was alioiii .?2litfl. pver- in the sli. .ind a I Sep- <iunsli TOMEET AUTOISTS l»lu Club Preiiares to Welrnuie Con- leslnnts in Stiir Kudurtiuce Kun. \T (^rst Published August 24. 190S.) JiOTICE OFj FINAL SETTLEMENT, le State of'Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said ^pOUDty. InJ the matter of the estate John Heider, deceased. , ^rf^tors and ail other per^^ons in- in the aforesaid estate are iptified.that I shall apply to Oounty .T ^tting at the courC house, in Coun(y-of Allen, State of Kansas, ioB tki».8th day of October, A. B. 1908, jfDr a full and final settlement of said estate. liBS. CHRISTNA HEIDER, [Administratrix ot the estate of John Helder. deceased. | • 8-24-31-7-14 (iellintr Hespenite. i 'Poe!— "l lefi a liiile ifif mine wiih you called I would Live I'or- ever.' •• I Literary Kditor—•Weil, iei ^ nie lel! you that v<;u wnn'i if you leave any more imeins here '--liosionj; Traii- scHpt. . 1; f' .\rt .Vppreriatinn. j Cnder a "sketchy Utile ilii g." exhibited hy Jones, there bangs j printed card which bear the \vord .4: "Do not uiMcb with canes or jnilirel- las." • • .\n appreciative sniaU hoy :•( |ied the following postscript: j ' • Take .\ Axe."—San l"ranciS |^o Star. To linlld Alialfu .Mill. { Two Carneii men announce that they will build an alfalfa miliJ They looking at machinery and investigating other mills over the state. They expect the mill to be inj| operation all wintei-. Baptist Delegates Kelurul. The delegates to the .Moupd City Raptist convention hold at Moran returned last evening. The following were among those who attended: Uev. W. H. Garfield. Mrs. J. R. Criglejr. Mrs. .\'. A. Decke.v, .Mrs. IJeuran'ce. .1 $163 is the Valuation. \\ The afipraisers appointed li some time ago to appraise some school property at Mildred reported a ^otjal valuation of $165. ' 1,^ COURT OPENS MONDA The Ma.-tha Williams Murdeiri Trial is the thirst. .-I . , P«r Oe iMist imdi qBfc*est results, fey flic Be^tetor's.n^t COIWBB. ^ ' • The regular September court will coiivene Monday, ease to be tried is that of th vs. Martha Wiliiabs. who la with the murder of her RW( Bud Scipto, She is claiming The trial of the case ably not consume more than oilb dtr. The exveuiive coininillee of the |iil;i .\ufii club met la.*-! night :iliil disciis >ed plans for the eniertaininent of the motorists ill the ,Kalis;is Ciiy Sli.r eii- diiiaiice run cup coiilesi. The iiu -i>i- iiig was held in tlie ollice of Dr. P. S. .Mitchell. It was decidi-d to have a large key made and when e ;;ciin from the lola club meiMs the visitors iit Yates ('enter, the leader of ilie <-iqiie>taiits will lie pieseute<l (he l;ey wliicli i:- to In taken as the key to the ci :y. Tile lola .Auto c-lub willjiavi* Mtiive- nirs made, the de.-igu :iud kind iim yet being detennined. The lola I'on- laiid Ceiiienl conip.-iny will fiiViiisli souvenir paper iveiglils and iliese will lie given out lo the visitors. Ir is al.--'!) the iiiteniiou to ask the fUiOSter I'lllb to meet the visililig :ill- toist.^ at wime point in iho city, yet lo ')•' designated, form a line and niarc-!i IO ilie couri house park. Light re- fre...hineiits will be provided and llie evening will be siwiii in an inl'ortn:il way. visiting various points of interest about Ihe <-it.v. If tlK're are ;iiiy laiKu's accompanying ilie conle:.iaiiis arrangenieuis will be made for their entertainment later. . The suggestion that ilie DiKisier club participate in the march fnini llie p6int of the motorists entry lo the city to the |iark is understood to be favored by the club aud iliis will donlitless he a lea lure of the lecep- tiou of the visitors. The committee will meet again In a "few days and complete .•irrangeiiients for the reception of Mi.- iii.iiorists. .Vboiit r .OO are e.xpecteil. TO CUT OUT FRATSJA SHAM BAHLE 1 Kniisns IniverNiiy llii«i I{cfu»e«l l< Boys Knroll I'util Thrj .\lmi doncil .>MK 'ieCie>;. Lawii'iice. S.-pt. U' .\l inei lieM li.>, the Pbi Sii;.^ ami D.-li- two hiuli scliiiol fraiiriilties. ih.- lifis di -cided IO ili-IJ:IIII1. In HI in' lli>' iwii (•Il;iplei's uiU he i:!;.>iliv". move was made in accordance the decjsiiiii made hy ;)!e lio:ird of] edil cation at its in.-fiiti.g Tiie.-.di !y iirr Till' hoard al t!i :ii tliur i /i 'il the si !|ierii:!i iiilc'i iiiiil ih<> principal of the lliull sellOnl • III .-Uilld liV ;tlii- riiJini; wliiel' -v::. ::;::•!•• J-i.-ij Lil How Veteran?: of Twentieth Kansas Celebrated the Events of the Late War. Tlie T <»peka Sjaii- .Toiirnal prints this descripMen of ilie sham battle V lli.'b was a f »'alllre of .the Twelllietll K.'tiisas Iteiiiiinn: The sham battle of .Marliao. -liven by the veterans of the Tweniictb Kansas was the feature auiactiou of the afternoon. It was late wren actual aiiilior-; lioslilifie.q began. ."i ::;o. instead of A '•'clock, the hour set for Ihe call of lime, but most of tlie crowd stai<! for the !i:;ht anyway. Illg: Ihe lleill . nil riiis kvilh h'.pijm am' v.hieh vii: ^^lill s-C'id •riiiiii-- «ir U\'„ liii:ii' M -liinil fial 111- lieiiieil enroliliielll Till- ae'iiiii lakci! iiv il aiark .'i :i di-ci'liil vieimv for lin- - aiiiiiDl ilie... It shnw;: lli.i: tin- s lliii.iiii.^ in Kaas.-is li.-m- ilu- :i <i'.« forbid the e>.i.-^Ieln fiats ill llie SCIKM) frais all over ih^ n ciejisiz" tills law :i!nl II \\',.<. i :i mailer of liiiie enl:l tit.- hii-ii fr:il.'; ill Kan.-.IS .-IIKI nil 'i -i ^lai he eiiiirely aiinli^hi-il. of hi'.'li iiKdJi The Tweiiiietb. iiiide:- coniinaiid of r .y iliis iiiiiiDL, Miidiii!.- iefu .>^iiK In' !=«'aptain Clad Haniilioii. Captain \V. eoiiMily wiiii (be re!;tii:.|i<iii.; ciiMif'fti-i S. Alliri.!;ht. IJeitteuaut. L. McDow(11 «•!! ami Colonel Dob P'amlers. with 'apt.s. r -'raiik Franks. \V. P.. .McCor- i:ir^ N-v. .\llierf KrnuPe and Lieiiienanls i (i!fl Tf.ilil ;ii>d C. 11. Haldormaii in com- •iiiil i:':iiii! fif the cjinipanies. took up a |in• 111 sitinii ill the northwest corner of the .-sjliiii.! fiiinrier stretch. T:</' Filipino relM -ls. ii!:-. The ^ii';!i :- IIIIIIM1 | miller coramaiiil <if James Hazeii. • stale hav c-?,i, e io|were intrenched on the banks of Shun jonly l ^aiiiinga cre»k. liLol j ' The coininander of the Ttvoutietli «:il Isi -iit out a scoiuing party to locate the eneniy an.l tlie laiter 's «iiitposis opeiied a brisk fire on the lioys in kahki. The scouting party returtied iicer the lire and retired on the main Iiody 1 iif in good or.'ler. The Twentieth bat- ih;.-;iterv. con.^isting of two field piee-es. I'i'ainl a inacHne gun. ouicklv xvent into riactiiiii and bepan shelling the enemy's |liiositifln. . lull without noticeable ef- • fect. The Filipinos kept up a steady ymi i-ifl.> fire, .eo there was nothiiig for it bit " Jiiit a char--e oil the eii-my"s position •h'."! The vei< i-ans of the Fighting Twen I Kii!:lish Chnrrhi-I .Marri<-. I Loudon. Sept. I".—\V:ii';:!iu Spt Chiirchil!. piesideiii i.r ilie Iii.;'i trade. w:is marii.'d in litis ciiy afieiuoiin to ('ieiiu'niii'c. dai;gii;ifr Ihe l.iie Sir ll.iiiy .\Ioii!:i:::i I! .1 Hravc .Man. "I surpri-^ed '•> lie .ir ••'••.<i wrote the jokes li.r iln- n.ii!>- Oi ••Didn't think I had the ulniliy Oh. it w;isn'l ihe aSiililv I om--^ ed. bill your ctiiiia:;c ' ioil-ihelh with .jovous shouts formed an (open skirmish line of battle and ad- Get To the fact that it is the. Conetant Advertiser who occupies a front seat on the nowadays. TrtJe, the man who tise may go alongl doinsr a fair businep; few that enter his e« tablishment with tiie throngfl that visit the .'tore of his neighbp - who spends hundreds of dollars a year in advertising. A good ad. in a good mediuni will [van of progress Idoes not adver- but compare the vanced on the creek.; It wa.s a great treat to see the iKjys in kahki cover the distance, between their position and the woods that fringed the banks of the creek. They advanced rapidly, but with craft and judgment. Even to the iinpracticeil evf this wa.<! a lino of \'etorans and noi -niilitia going into [action. V The Kansans plunged into the W<KHIS- and there was no doubt that the enemy gave away before them wit!- a precijiitancy that might he calli-.l a rout. The. retiring rebels burned the brid .ge • behind them a« they crossed the creek, but this wa.=» uoiiiiiig at all in the way of a check for the hoys who hill swam the riv- ir.s and lipyous of the Philippines •inil they (liunged Heht in and went across with a rush. ' .About eighty of the in .Hiirgc -nts were eaotured in the grove beyond the creek. The twentieth camped night on the south bank of ihe creek and after supper n >arche(I on Malolos. the capital of the province. They would have tak- . eii the capital right had they not stopped a! Hamilton 's hall to sing: "A .Hot Time in the CM Town." 1 While that part of the battle tak- I inir place on the banks of the creek ami in the eroves he .vond was out- jOf view of the spectators, yet this arrangement was n'^ccssary In order to f.Tithfiillv carry out the plan of the . battle of Marliao. In speaking of the Pghi ye :-;terdav one of the Twentieth boys said: "It as near the real thing as was |>ossible to get it. When we chased across the lot.after those fellows yesterday and entered that frince of trees on the bank of the creek and saw that paper bridge burning and smalled the powder smoke and heard the rifle fre from the wood the creek, the Oiing kind-a got ;lii the. blood and reminded us in a [dozen ways of the old scrap over in 'the i.slands. Say. it was a good inii- laiion all right, and tlie hoys enjo.vcd It bully. That fellow Walter Arnold, wlio drew up the technical plans of . the battle of the Marliao fight was . sure on to his job. He had it down pal and gave us a touch of the old limes that ma<Ie a fellow homteick tor the small and feel of a Filipino swamp once'mare and a sure enough brush with a bunch of tl\e little brown devils across the Paciflci." PROSECUTE FIRM»S{ENEMIES. Chirago .Storkholders ' iBTdfiti ^tinar Failure of Booth Company. ing for your business than the.sign over your door. do more talk- RKGI<?TF.R, of course. iAlleii County, For best and quickest results—THK It has the largest circulation of any medium in and more people read its -Want and Display Advertising than that in all the other papers of the county combined. Telephone IS, a courteous solicitor will call for yonr ads. CliicajJo Sept. 12.—The prosecution of certain persons alleged to hrfre caused the downfall of A. Booth & Co.. is threatened by indignant stockholders. according to reports current • today. Receiver, Chalmer and others Iw -ho are overhaUlin.g the books of the j firm are endeavorin.g fo ascertain who t was responsible for the issuance of a 1 misleading statement on which Jteavy ; loans were obtained from the banks. It was learned today that ten Chicago [banks instead of four, as was at first ; reported, hold notes of Booth & Co. - Funeral for Mrs. Daniels. ^ Funeral service for the late Mrs. Theodore Daniels of Gas City. was. held at the family home in;Gas this afternoon. Interment wa* made in the lola cemetery: $S.;63^ Total Bnis. The total bills allowed by the commissioners at the sessim which closed last evening reached S3.763.63. Of Ibis unonBt$706 was for ihe primary eleettoarezgentes. \ ' \

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