The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana on September 9, 1951 · Page 47
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana · Page 47

Shreveport, Louisiana
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Sunday, September 9, 1951
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dDfin aimdl (Ba Mews , Hill and Hoggton Formations New-Dual Gas-Distillate Producer Is Completed in Claiborne Parish By DENNIS COXXELIi Time Oil Editor A new dual gas-distillate producer has been completed in Claiborne parish's Athens field. It is Skelly Oil company's C M. Bowen No. 1 , section 23-20-7, which is flowing from the Hill and Hosston formations. From perforations between 6,132 and 5,142 feet in the Hill, th well yielded 53,000,000 cubic feet of gas and 10.38 barrels f dlstillat per day. The Hosston, perforated be--"n 6,286 and 6308 feet, pro-uuced 13,500,000 cubic feet of gas and 18.Z3 barrels of distillate dally. Bottomed at 8,041 feet, the well had BH-lnch producing string set to 6,732 feet. The Sentell No. 1, Butler John-ion Service corporation's rank wildcat In section 35-19-14 of Caddo parish, has been completed as a Cotton Valley discovery. Perforations were made between 8,322 and 8.344 feet. No gauge, however, will be available until after an official test some time next week. Gas and distillate production had been indicated in a drillstem test earlier this week of the Bodcaw sand In the Cotton Vallev between and 8,348 feet. Total depth is H.350 feet with S'i-ineh casing set on bottom. The completion of the well will probably result in a new field for Caddo parish to be called either Cash Point or Gold Point. In the new oil area of Lincoln parish's Hico-Knowles gas-distillate' field. V. C. Feazel Interests and! the Southwest Gas Producing company have completed a fifth producer. It is the T. L. James No. 1, section 30-20-3. The well unofficially Is reported to be flowincf JH't barrels of 2fi-gravity oil per day frrtm the new Woodruff artd. Perforations were made between 4,012 and 4,930 feet. First abandonment for the new oil-producing area is Lion Oil company's Harnett No. 1, section 24-20-4. It was plugged and abandoned as a dry hole at 5,019 feet. Skelly Oil company has spotted new test, the J. T. Wurstbaugh No. 1, in Bossier parish as a southwest diagonal offset to its Pettit discovery in section 19-10-10 of Webster parish, the E. L. Stewart No. L The well will be drilled to the Pettit. It is located in section 25-19-11. Other new locations In the Shreveport conservation district ate: Texas company's Guy and Richardson Nos. 40 and 27, both in section 1-20-10 in section 28-21-15 in Caddo's Pine Island; Morris and Kendrick's- State of Louisiana No. 3, section 14-22-lrt in Caddo's Vivian field; Zaeh Brooks Drilling company's Delaney No. 1, section 20-23-7 in Claiborne parish's East Haynesville field; Lawrence Potter's Potter Jenkins No.t 1, section 35-12-11 in De.Soto parish's Bull Bayou field; Southwest Natural Producing company's Thigpen-Iter-old No. 1. section 7-17-15 in Caddo's Greenwood field; Caddo Oil company's Muslnw Nos. F-39 and F-37, both In section 5-20-15 in Caddo's Pine Island field; and Estee. Production company's Gamm No. 1. section 24-21-15 in Caddo s Pine Island field. Tn the Monroe conservation district, the Saline lake field of Catahoula parish has been extended a mile to the southeast with the completion of Hunt Oil company et al's wildcat in section 7-4-5, the Louisiana Delta Hardwood kumber company No. 41. The well, on an official state test, Is credited with an initial production of 91 barrels pumping from perforations between 5,930 and 5,934 feet in the Wilcox. Total depth was 6.019 feet with seven-Inch casing set at 6,012 feet. Two other fair producers also were completed in the Monroe dis trict. They are Hunt Oil company ! et al s Louisiana Delta Hardwood Lumber company No. 49, section 22-4S in Catahoula's South Larto Lake field, 124 barrels of oil daily, and Midstates Oil corporation's li-cata No. 1, section 17-7-10 in Con- 201 Ataoat 0ivf IN STOCK FALK COUPLINGS Power Drilling Rig FOR SALE AT UNHEARD OF BARGAIN ACCOUNT BAD HEALTH 2700 feet 41 drill pipe, tubescoped and in Al shape. 1 Brewster VO 180 Draw works powered with 210 HP Wauk motor, starting motor complete rated (4500 ft.) drilled to 5600 ft. easily. 1 6x12 oil well late model with 145 Wauk motor complete suction, rubber stab. Or 6x16 Gardner Denver with 225 HP LeRoi, suction, rubber stab. 1171 roller bearing rotary. 1 light plant powered by Int. U4 motor. 1 water pump powered by Int. U4 motor. 14' 45 ft. drill hose. 138 ft. A square kelly. 1 6' oil well swirel. 1 1400 ft. 1 drill line. 1 crown block. 1 traveling block.- 1 pr. 4' elev. 1 pr. 6' elev. 1 pr. 8' elev. 1 weight indicator tool poosher model new stand pipe complete connection, lots items too numerous to mention, hand toots. RIG READY TO DRILL. EVERY ITEM IN GOCD WORKING SHAPE AS OF NOW. PRSCE $22,500 CONTACT MOSE BROWNING, VIVIAN, LA. PHONE 5130 N A cordia's Vldalla field, 130 barrels of oil dally. ' Bienville Atlantic Refining companvs H. C. Cook No. 1 wildcat In a21-16-9, is drilling at 6,578 feet ... in Ada, S36-18-8, Carter Oil companys Dorothy Woodard No. 2 Is drilling at 5,925 feet . . . Carters R. E. Woodard No. 2, 826-18-8 in Ada, Is testing perforations between 7,557 and 7,503 feet. Bossier llalbouty and Sorelle are preparing to spud their Adams Estate No. 1 In S24-15-11. The well Is a wildcat ... In Bellevue, S22-19-11, Bailey Balken Is testing his Wick-ett No. 1 at 2,800 feet . . . Bayou State Oil corporations Buckelew Nos. 45,46, and 47, all In S16-19-11 in Bellevue, had been completed for two, four, and four barrels of oil per day, respectively . . . the Lodwick Lumber company No. 1, operated by Horton Pipe and Supply company et al has been plugged and abandoned at 445 feet . . . in North Carterville, Stano-lind Oil and Gas companys Nebo Oil company No. 1, sl5-23-12, Is coring at 6,148 feet . . . Klnsey and Kinsey's and Kinsey No. 1, S30-22-11 in South Sarepta, is testing at 9,812 feet. Caddo In Pine Island, s28-21-15, Brooks and Lee's Solly No. 11 Is drilling at 1,410 feet . . . Caddo Oil com- panv'a Muslow Nos. F-32, F-33, F-34, arid F-44. all In s5-20-15, have been completed for 15, 10, 15, 20, and 20 barrels of oil per day, respectively . . . Conway, Markham, and Lee's Muslow Nos. 92 and 93, both in s3 1-21-1 5, have been completed for 10 and 35 barrels of oil daily . . . the Gamm No. 3, operated by Estee Producing company et al in S24-21-15, is pumping 23 barrels of oil and 10 barrels of salt water per day from a total depth of 1,548 feet . . . the Gamm No. 4, also operated in the same section by Estee, is pumping 10 barrels of oil per dav . . . Bill Gary's Loyd Napier No. 2, S4-20-15, is pumping 25 barrels of oil daily . . . Juan and Davis' Hobbs No. 6, S22-21-15, is testing at 996 feet . . . in sO-20-15, Midfield Oil company's Muslow No. A-14, 66-20-15, Is pumping with no - gauge after having drilled 2,240 feet . . . Plymouth Oil company's Thigpen-Herold No. 6, s 12-1 7-1 6, is pumping no gauge also. Total depth Is 3,815 feet .... . Stanolind Oil and Gas company has completed its Fred Wappler No. A-7, s20-17-10 in Waskom, for 30 .barrels of oil per day from the Mooiingsport. Claiborne Hollyfield and McKarland's II. A. Fowler et al No.. L wildcat In S34-21-4, has been plugged and abandoned as drv at 9,115 feet . . . in Athens, S2-19-7, Skelly Oil company's Gessner No. C-l has been dually completed from the Pettit and Glovd as a gas distillate well . . . Joe B. White's Smith Unit No. 1. si 8-23-8 In Haynesville, Is coring at 10,135 feet ... in s21-23-7of East Haynesville, Hunt Oil company's A. O. Goodwin et al No. 1 has been dually completed . . . Zach Brooks Drilling company et al have plugged and abandoned their Crump. Sale, and Scott No. 1, s9-23- 7 in East Haynesville, at a total depth of 5,410 fe'et ... in Homer, s10-2l-8, Continental Oil company's K. K. Gladnev No. 1 is drilling black shale atR,220 feet. DeSoto D. M. Snow's wildcat in S25-11-13, the R. B. Peak No. 1, is waiting on rig . . . in Grogan, S25-11-11, James T. M'Calman et al's N. B. Boone No. 1 has been plugged and abandoned as dry at 2,910 feet . . . Scooter's Drilling Service's Nabors Nos. W-8 and B-ll, both in s32-13-11 in Naborton, have, respectively, been completed for 15 barrels of oil per dav and tested at 2,462 feet. T.tnroln In S28-20-3 in Hico-Knowles, Ar- kansas-Louisiana Gas company's C. C. Barham No. 1 is drilling sand and shale at 8,665 feet . . . W. C. Feazel et al's Cooper No; 2-A, S25-20-4 in Hico-Knowles, was com pleted for 162 barrels of oil per day from the new Woodruff sand . . . Murphy corporation's Peterson No. 1, "s24-20-4 in the same field, is drilling shale and lime at 3,435 feet . . . Arkansas-Louisiana Gas company is moving In rig on its John P. Graham No. 1, sl-18-3 in North Ruston ... in Simsboro, s3-17-4. Murphy corporation's Sher-rard No. 1 is coring at 6.737 feet . . Southwest Gas Producing company et al's J. Franklin No. 1, ;sl0-19-2 in Unlonville, is drilling jid and shale at 7,010 feet. i N'atchltoces 1 In Grogan, s30-ll-10, R. P. Bf kin et al's W. L. Boon No. 1 has been completed for 45 barrels of oil daily from a depth , of 2,832 feet.. ' Red River Kenilworth Oil corporation has plugged and abandoned its wildcat In 826-13-8, the Long Bell Petroleum company No. 1, at 3.500 feet . . . in Bull Bayou, sS-12-10, J. R. Beth-ard et al are Installing pump to test their W. L. Townend Fee No. 1. Well la at a depth of 2,750 feet S. W. Nlx Is testing with very little results at his Jinks Carter Estate No. 1, al3-12-ll In Bull Bayou. Depth Is 2,825 feet. . Sabine Skelly Oil company's Frost-Sabine No. 1, wildcat In Bl6-9-14,'is drilling at 7,287 feet ... In Zwolle, s7-7-10, California-Texas Production company's E. E. Smith et al No. 1 is preparing for a completion attempt. Depth of the well la 2,635 feet. Webster Skelly Oil company'a K. L. Stewart No. 1. wildcat in al9-19-10, is flowing nofflclally 65 barrels of oil per hour. Total depth of well was 7,780 feet ... In North Shon-aloo, slO-23-10, Hunt Oil company's Roy Kllpatrick et al No. 1 is coring at 5,791 feet ... the Philip Holley No. 1, operated by the Atlantic Refining company in 826-18- 9 In Sibley, is coring at 4,70 feet.' Avoyelles j Gulf Refining company's wildcat j in S26-4-4, the Ben J. Altheimer Estate et al No. 5, Is drilling at 8,006 feet. J Catahoula A. W. Baird company has plugged and abandoned its wildcat j in s.32-6-7, the Luna, Calhoun, and Cady No. 1, at 6,706 feet ... in Pool Lake, S15-8-7, Pan-American Southern corporation et al's A. B. Gillis Heirs No. 1, has been completed at 5,232 feet and is waiting on gauge. Concordia The J. H. Anderson No. 1, wildcat operated by H. L. Hunt et al In sl6-6-7, has been plugged and abandoned at 6,500 feet . . . another abandoned wildcat is H. L. Hunt et al's Fisher Lumber corporation No. E-3, S14-7-8, which was plugged after being drilled to 6,772 feet . . Justiss Mears Oil company has plugged and abandoned the J. D. Donnelly No. 1, wildcat In S16-6-7, at a depth of 6,121 feet ... in Deer Park, S48-5-9, the Carter Oil company Is coring at 6.074 feet in the Clyde Graham No. 2. Grant Tn Tullos Urania, S24-10-1, M. E. Waldron company"s Urania Lumber company No. 8, has been completed for 13 barrels of oil per day from a total depth of 1,580 feet . . . The Nebo Oil company No. 196. s.34-7-3 in West Catahoula, has been completed for 40 barrels of oil per day. Final depth was 4,282 feet. Madison Sun Oil company et al are squeeze testing their J. P. Mahony No. C-l, 'wildcat in s30-17-10, at 3,910 feet. Morehouse In Beekman field, S6-22-6, Justiss Mears Oil company et al's J. F. Albright No. 1 is drilling at 3,106 feet. Ouachita Southern Carbon company has plugged and abandoned its Louisiana Delta No. B-l. $16-19-5 In Monroe, at a depth of 5.013 feet. Richland In Big Creek, s3-l 6-7, Stanolind Oil and Gas company's Delta Lumber company No. 29 Is running Schlumberger at 2,848 feet. Union In Downsville, si 0-19-1. Phillips Petroleum company's Roberts No. 1 has been completed for 351 bar rels of oil. Total depth of the well was 7,575 feet. PAD Approves 2 Pipeline Projects Ponca City, Okla., Sept. 8 (Spe cial) Continental Pipeline com pany has received approval from the Petroleum Administration for Defense for two pipeline projects in the Southwest, aggregating an expenditure of $7,900,000, and con st ruction will get under way, soon. Wi, L. Kygar, president, announced todav. One of the projects, scheduled to cost So.900,000, Is a 12-inch line that will extent approximately 225 miles from Y ichita Falls, Texas, to Ponca City, Okla., carrying crude from Montague. Clay, Throckmor ton, Archer, Wichita, and Young counties in the Wichita Falls area to Continental Oil company's refin ery1 at Ponca Citv. The line will have an initial daily capacity of 40.000 barrels. . The other Continental Pipeline project is an 8-inch 100-mile line extending from- the Rlncon field In Starr county, In the southern tip of Texas, by way of McAllen to Port Isabel, near the mouth of the Rio Grande river. This line, cost ing $2,000,000, will have a capacity of 17,000 barrels daily and wiil move crude oil from the Rlncon area to Port Isabel. In addition. stabilized distillate from a cycling piani near MCAiien and crude oil from the McAllen area will be carried to Port Isabel for Taylor- aiayiair company. Kice Institute Is a 50 per cent partner with Continental pipeline company in the construction of the Rincon line. Next to England. India Is the , best customer of East African j colonies, recent surveys show. trading textiles, tobacco and steel goods for Uganda cotton, Kenya wattle extract and Tanganyika sisai. NEW OIL MAPS. Ua-to-Dote Land Ownerships Dixie Field Map $5 Downsville Field Map $5 Lease Owners Expiration Dates South Sarepta Map $5 Hico-Knowles Map $5 Caddo-Pine Island Map $6 Write, Wire or Phone WALTER E. WYLIEt Int. Oil Map PuHlsher 3301 Milan St. Phone 3-4113 Jennings Festive Air Is Evident at Jubilee Site Jennings, Sept. 8 (Special). With the celebration of Louisiana s Golden Oil Jubilee only days In the future, the city of Jennings is taking on a f estiva air. - Early-riser have aeen gaily dec orated floats being movea aown the street to storage places In an effort to keep them from public view 'until the opening of the Jubi lee Sept. 21, when they will be presented In a mile-long parade. ' A. working replica of the first productive oil well In the etat has been tested and is ready for actual drilling work at 10 a. m. Friday. Sept. 21. to start tha Jubilee on ita three-day activities. Electricians, deoorators, carpenters, and technicians of all kinds are busy with their responsibilities for the three big days. Bulldog stadium, where the Jennings high school football team will be in the spotlight , hortly. Is being used for rehearsals of "The Golden Road." . a pageant to be presented Sept. 21 and 22. Rehearsals are being held In private, to keep the pageant as much of a surprise as possible. The Stanolind recycling plant south of Jennings has been put In perfect condition, and arrangements made for tours of the plant to be conducted under the guidance of competent Stanolind employes. At Lake Arthur, Superior Oil company workmen are preparing their big marine yard for inspection by thousands of visitors, who will be seeing their first marine drilling and operating equipment. Preparations for nightly fireworks displays r-d the Sept. 22 boat races also are in progress, hut the work at present centers at the superior yard. Venezuelan Conference Due to Open Country's Oil Output Brings Recognition Washington, Sept. 8 (U.R). The International Petroleum conference which -meets at Caracas tomorrow will bring new recognition to Vene zuela as the first oil exporting and second oil producing country of the world. Officials here pointed out that Venezuelan petroleum production, now around 1,700,000 barrels daily, weighs heavily in the world equation of oil supply and demand, and Ts a vital factor in the security of all free nations. The conference at Caracas, according to official sources, will relate primarily to the history, development, and achievements of the Venezuelan industry. Twenty-seven governments and several hundred industrial representatives were invited to attend." The United States official delega tion will consist of Secretary of the Interior Oscar Chapman, Bruce K. Brown, deputy petroleum administrator for defense, and C. Strib-ling Snodgrass, assistant ' deputy petroleum administrator for defense. The United Press learned offi cially that the United States delegation does not plan to conduct negotiations while in Caracas. But the visit occurs shortly before hear ings of the United States tariff com mission and Interdepartmental pom- mittee on trade agreements which may lead to modification of United States commercial policies affect ing the petroleum commerce of this country. The conference In Caracas will afford the widest opportunity for exchange of technical information and will help to guide the opinion of participants concerning the Iran crisis and ita implications to West em Hemisphere countries. Venezuelan production alone Is now about equal to tne entire Middle Eastern oil production, and the officials responsible for U. S. defense would be glad to see an expansion of production there as well as In other Latin American producing areas. Venezuelan crude petroleum production in 1950 was 546,783,-000 barrels, compared with. 657,374,000 In the entire Middle East. The latter figure included 242,475,000 barrels In Iran. . The United States is importing petroleum or products at a rate of about 900,000 barrels daily, with Venezuela by far the most important supplier. ' ". Even before the defense program created a heavy new demand, the United States had moved from its former position as a net" exporter (exporta exceeding imports) of petroleum and products to that of a net importer, with total Imports exceeding exports. " Thus a atrateglcal interest ' has reinforced the already great . reciprocal interests of commerce, industry, and Investment in the welfare of Venezuelan industry. Experts now believe that the crude petroleum production of Iran, If long interrupted, will be approximately compensated by larger production in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and possibly some other Middle Eastern sources. But the great optimism which prevailed during the last decade concerning Middle Eastern total expansion has been tempered by current political and strategical situations in that area. Interest in Latin American and Far Eastern oil reserves Is therefore reactivated. Officials here would be pleased if the Caracas conference should encourage a more active development policy In other Latin American republics as well as Venezuela. They point out that only Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Mexico in that area are now significant as international exporters of petroleum. Some of the republics are spenvl- ing huge sums for importation of petroleum and coal without having exnausi-a me pofioiuues oi ais- covering and developing domestic oil field. Fourteen Drill Permits Are Issued in Ark. El Dorado Ark., Sept. 8 (Special) The Arkansas Oil ana Gas commission issued 14 permits to drill and seven to plug and abandon during the past week. Nine of the new locations are in Union county. The list: ' ; ' ' : Roberts Petroleum, Inc., drill Duke A No. 1, NW SW SK 14-18s-13w, Union, Urbana, 3,600 feet: J. B. Warmack, et al, drill Atkins Unit No. 1, 960 feet east, and 190 feet south NWc NE NW 20-14S-21w, Nevada, Willisville. 1,200 feet; Arkansas Western Gas company, drill R. S. Lessley No. 1. 1,120 feet north and west of center 14-10n-28w, Franklin, Lone Elm, 4,000 feet. Caddo Oil company. Inc., drill Goldman No. S, SW NW SW 7-18s-12w, Union. Sandy Bend, 3,350 feet; Herbert Herff and Joaeph Lewla. drill J. W. Moon No. 1, SW SW NW 4-16s-17w, Bear Creek, 4,100 feet; C. N. Wlslnger et al, drill C S. Cranston No. 1, SW NE SE 19-17s-14w, Union, East field, 3,000 feet. Curtis A. Klnard. drill Goods No. 1, SE NW NW -17a-18Tr, Union, Rainbow, 8,600 feet; J. D. Reynolds company, drill Reynolda D No. 2, SW EW 27. 15s-15w, Ouachita, Smackover, 2,700 feet; Beckham, Inc., at al, drill H. O. Murphey No. 1, C SE NW SE 33-16s-16w, Union,, Lisbon, 2,200 feet. Pan-Am Southern corporation, drill Ezzell No. B-l, C SW NW SE 18-17s-14w, Union, East, 3,600 feet; Curtis Kinard, drill Bishop No. A-l, SE NE SE 14-18s-17w, Union, East Schuler, 7,700 feet. j Austin E. Stewart, Monzingo No. 1, 660 feet south and 661 feet east of NWc NE SW 22-15s-24w, Lafayette. 7,500 feet; Moon Exploration company. Griffin No. 1, 330 feet north and west of SEc 28-5n-9w, Lonoke, 4,000 feet; Pan-Am Southern corporation, drill Ezzell No. 2, c NE SW NE 13-17s-15w, Union, East field, 3,500 feet. Sherrod and Apperson, plug Hat-tie Alston No. 1, 35-10n-28w, Franklin; Placid Oil company, plug T. F. Klttrell No. 1, 27-16s-26w, Miller; Curtis-Tow Oils Inc., plug Southern Kraft No. 1, 35-3s-llw, Jefferson. C. N. Wisinger, et al, plug Wood No. 1, 34-15s-15w, Ouachita; Curtis A. Kinard, plug Burns No. 3, 13-18s-17w, Union; Stanolind Oil and Gas company, plug Pine Woods Lumber company No. 2, 10-20s-22w, Columbia; R a n n e y Exploration company, plug Urbana Lumber company No. 1, 16-19s-13w, Union. Crude Oil Stocks Decrease Slightly Wasington, Sept. 8, (JP). Crude oil stocks for the week ended Sept. 1 totaled 252,158,000 barrels, a decrease of 99,000 from the preced ing weeK. x . The Bureau of Mines said Texas crude oil stocks totaled 120,963,000 barrels, an increase of 701,000 bar rels for the week. Stocks for other principal oil producing states and El Dorado District East Field Yields New Glen Rose Oil Producer El Dorado, Ark., Sept. 8 The Glen Rose formation in the El Dorado oil district's old East field yielded another good producer this week while a nearby test at the same level was chalked up as a dry hole. Alphin, Keever, and Pesses made the successful completion in the Allen No. 2. NE SE SE 18-17s-14w, when the well flowed at the rate of 306 barrels of 27-gravity oil and about 50 barrels of salt water per day through a 2164th-Inch choke in a 12-hour test. Perforation were made at 2,897-2,901 feet. The Allen is an east offset to the. pool opener, the Allen No. 1, which was drilled by C. J. Saulsbury and .Sons. Alphin, et al. staked a location for a south offset to the Saulsbury some time ago, but operations were postponed . when a lawsuit was filed contesting ownership of the lease. About a half-mile southeast of the new producer, J. D. Reynolds company abandoned as dry the Reynolds-Draper Lumber company No. NE NW 20-17s-14w after drilling to 3,060 feet. Vi . There are three other operations in the field, located . about three miles northeast of the El Dorado Citv limits and lnan area where we'll completed around. 2,000 feet some 20 years ago are still pro ducing. Pan-Am Southern corporation Is running Schlumberger test at 2.975 feet orr the Ezzell No. B-l in SW NW SE 18-17s-14w, a northwest diagonal offset to a good producer the company brougnt in last weeK Pan-Am is drilling below 2,550 feet on the Ezzell No. 2, NE SW NE 13-17a-15w, on the west edge of the field. C. N. Wisinger, et al, have staked location for the C S. Crane- ton No. 1, SW NE SE 19-17s-14w, a half-mile southwest of th Reyn olds dry hole. A dry hole also Waa chalked up In the Bear Creek field only a half- mile from production. It is the Louis Werner Saw Mill No. 2, drilled by Herbert Herff and Joseph Lewis in NW SE 9-16s-17w. The test was abandoned after drilling to 6,414 feet. Location has been staked by this partnership for the J. W. Moon No. 1, SW SW NW 4-16s-17w, a 4,100- foot Travis Peak try to offset wildcat on the north edge of the Bear Creek field, the Southern company No. B-l, drilled by Me Alester Fuel company in NW NW SW of the same section. McAlester is reported installing pumping unit on the well completed at 3,780-89 feet. ... . . . . . Herbert Herff Is below 2,845 feet on the Bank of Mount Holly No. 1, NE NE SE 6-16s-17w,"a wildcat try a mile west of the Southern company location. Another pood nrndiippr bas been ; ; f tnaled bv Curtis Kinard. lndepend- nt producer. In the East Schuler field of southwest union. It is the 'Calloway No. L SE SE NW 13-lSa- v V --v : j : ' : -r f r I I I;- 1 ' V: j v , i' . 4 '' - '"- .ft iu M. CR08WELL orter lo l ake Fart In Discussion Shreveport man has been in vited dlscuae one of the technical paper which will be delivered at the sixth annual Petroleum Me chanical Engineering conference to be held Sept. 24-26 in Tulaa He is A. M. Croawell, project engi neer for Gulf southern contractors on the 1,000-mile expansion pro gram of United Gas Pipeline com pany. , , -, ' The conference will be conducted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, which estab lishes codes and standards for all construction design and materials used in the petroleum, chemical, and electric power Industries. - Croswell, who has been a welding consultant on pipeline construction projects for many years, will participate In the conference discussion of the development of metal arc eleo-trodes for special welding applications. The paper was written by J. J. Chyle and R. J. Keller, of the Welding Research Laboratory of A. O. Smith corporation, Milwaukee, Wis. Croswell is a native of Louisiana, but was raised in Texas. He at tended Texas A. and M. college and Louisiana State university, and served as welding engineer for Stone and Webster, M. WV Kellogg company, and several other large construction firms before moving to Shreveport in 1947, He was chief engineer for Su perior Iron Works for two years prior to joining Gulf Southern Con tractors. The latter is a group of major contractors, headed by Bob Thomas, of Forth Worth. the change from the . previous week: Kansas, 11,002,000 barrels, a de crease of 66,0000; Louisiana, 14, 645,000, an Increase of 362,000; Oklahoma, 27,418,000, a decrease of 77,000; and California, 30,357,000, a decrease of 88,000. 17w. In an Initial test th well flowed at the rate of 112 , barrels of 48-gravlty oil per day, 10 per cent of which was salt water, through open hole at 7,643-47 feet. Tubing pressure registered 1,800 pounds on the ll64th-inch choke. This operator Is drilling below 3,000 feet on his Burns No. A-l in SW SW NE of the same section, and has spotted the Burn No. B-l in NW NW SE of section 13 and the Bishop No. A-l in SE NE SE of section 14. Schlumberger crew ar running test at 7.697 feet on Pan-Am Southern corporation' Cottrell No. 2, NE NE XME Z3-18S-1W, HSl Schuler. Atlantic Refining com pany is moving in a work-over rig on the W. E. Mason No. 2, NW SE SW 13-18s-17w, where completion was attempted In the Jones and at 7,560 feet. Ahnnt mil mithwest of Pan- Am's Cottrell, El Dorado Drilling company is coring at 3,200 feet on the J. A. Taylor ko. i, b nw an 23-18s-17w, a proposed 4,200-foot wildcat. Rumor have been going the rounds this week that a major oil company is planning a deep wild cat test in ectlon 7-18s-16w, which joins the East Schuler field on the northwest. Three wildcat in widely Mat tered areas are at various stages. Murphy corporation i reported waiting on pumping unit for the Robertson No. A-l m SK nuj 33- 18s-14w, southeast of El Dorado, Tests were made around 3,850 feet but the well is "tight" and no in formation has been released. On the northeast rim of Union, McAlester Fuel company is drilling below 8,480 feet on th W. H. Harry, Jr., No. A-l, NW NE 82- 16s-12w. G. H. Vaughn Production company'a C E. Smith No. 1, wildcat in NE NE 28-17-18w, i drilling blow 0,416 ft Slated depth is 8,000 feet, deepest project in Union county at this time. On the north edge of th Lisbon field, Beckham, Inc., et al have staked location for. the H. O. Murphey No. 1, C SE NW SE 33-16S- I6w. caddo uu company is oeiow 2,100 on the Goldman No. 1, NE NW SW 7-18s-12w, Sandy Bend, and has spotted the Goldman No. 3 in SE NE SE of the -same section. Curtis Kinard has derrick up and is moving in rig on the Goode No, 1 in SE NW NW -17s-13w. Rain bow field. In the nearby Urbana field, Robert Petroleum, Inc, is testing the Winn No. A-34, Winn B No. K-3, and Winn B No. K-2, all in 14-18s-13w, and is drilling around 2,780 feet on the Duke A No. I In NW SW SE of -the same section. 5 OWNERS OWNERSHIP MAP LAKE BIST1NEAU Price, $3 - GLOBE MAP CO. :o..'g 3-143 W tn un iii nnm Shrevep &B63rattttt3(atSSS Sunday, teptembar f, T5T IPAD Meetings Increase in Tubular Supplies Is Expected By EDWARD JAMDC301T Of The Time Waahlagto Staff Washington, Sept 8 (Special). Positive Steps to Inert the amount of tubular, goods available to oil and natural gas drillers and to correct some Inequities which daylcpsd in tne aistriDution: or tnesei goods are expected ; to result from a series of neetings held this past week? by the Pe troleum Administration for Defense. ?'.-V :: f 'U:;V; ,.f .'. , " - -" ( rrom at. long-range tand-polnt, probably the moat Important of tha conferencea waa that conducted with executives of the major ateel companies by lYank A. Watta, director f the 1AD division on materials. Watta aaked tha steel companies to atep up aa rapidly a poaslble their production of tubular food and casing pipe, and waa given ourance that the Industry would do what it can under present restrictions to increase this produc tion as aoon aa possible. PAD offi cials would like to authorise enough tubular goods in i.1952 to permit the drllllnsT of a auostanuauy in creased number of oil and natural gas wells, but cay that thla is im- poaslble until tne axeei companies boost their over-all output of tubular goods. No official figure has been fixed by PAD aa yet on the number of new weua it wouia iiko w drilled in the continental United Spates next year, but some officials have expressed, the hope that the number could do raised to ou.uuu. It is estimated that the total this year will almost reach the original goal or 43,zuu Watta also urged the ateel companies to produce from expanded facilities more pip of 5-lnch di ameter. He pointed out that many drillers todav are using aeven-lnch pipe where 5-inch pipe would be satisfactory. This meana a loss of footage in favor of tonnage. : On the more immediate mate-. , rials front, agreement was reached between PAD official . and the representatives of 14 oil and gas associations, called.: to Washington for a conference by Deputy Petroleum Administrator Bruce Brown, for a revision of standards for the allocation of oil country tubular goods. " The two-day meeting was held behind closed doors, but both PAD officials and association representa tives reported the meeting as "har monious" and almost certain to re sult in benefits to oil and gas drillers and producers. Just what changes will be made in the present allocation program remained uncertain, Put officials definitely promised to adopt some, if not all, of the recommendations submitted by the association of f 1 cials It is anticipated that some change will hi made in the bas period upon which drillers get them- tubu lar allocations..' It Is also expected that PAD will allow In the future drillers Who drill 11 wells or less a year to get their tubular goods from the 13 field warehouses which were aet up originally by the PAD Just to aupply atrictly wildcat drill er J. Ed Warren, of Midland, ? resident of the Independent etroleum Association of America, said that he felt the meeting had been productive and that small independent produc-era especially will benefit by being able to get more and quicker tubular good in th future. The third of the eerie of meet ings was held with officials of the oil field supply companlea which have been operating the 13 field warehouse from which 5 per cent of the oil Industry's steel allotment ha been directly distributed in the shape of tubular goods, casing pipe, and other materials. Th officials were told that PAD will probably double the amount of materials located at each of the supply base, or a total of 10 per cent of the overall aupply. s At the same time the possibility of Increasing the number of these field supply bases was discussed (although no definite decision was reached on thia question), k was reported. ', t'. Several of th most imnortant report ever made by th National Petroleum council are expected to be submitted when th council ar expected to be submitted when meet here again on Oct. 31. Chairman Walter S. Halla-nan, in-calling the next meeting, said that he anticipate report of special committee on oil and gas availability; a proposed million barrel expansion in output of petroleum prod- l!i I! fr f: I ) u W '.!0 TH1SKXVTP0RT T1."T 47 : ; ucta; and the oouneira flBdats ' of aosta for producing alally aynrhetlc fuek. Thla latter report la a add ful to the fire la 3w m2j uMreaeinf eouroversy rai tarv of Interior Chapman' f4V 000, 0,000 synthetic fuel which, has already brought twa ejngreMional committee lata tha investigation, aa well aa demand by individual member of eongr for mora thorough information mn th project before permitting it get under way. In fact, tha com mittees have told Chapman to hold up action at least until the NFC report 1 -ady. , Decision Io on Land Claim Washington, Sept. S UP). Deci sion on efforts to claim all-rich submerged land with SO-year-old land acrlp may be delayed until coagres adjourns, th .interior department said today. ;. , Th scrip was issued by tha government for national aervice principally to veterans of th nation' early wan. It gave each soldier the right to claim a tract of public land. . Mastin L. Whit, Interior depart ment solicitor, told a reporter to day that th department probably will await congressional action an pending legislation before deciding on th claim. The legislation would give title to the submerged oil lands to the coastal states. This would remove it from th category of federally owned land v the type that may be claimed -fc the scrip. Largest holder of th : scrip Is E. L. Cord, Los Angeles, former automobile manufacturer, who claims 1,932 acres of submerged land adjoining production oil wells off the Louisiana coast. His claims nave Deen penaing since xto. 1951. . . Cord has told reporters h put 31,000,000 into hi scrip project, and estimated that th acreage ha seeks contains $10,000,000 in recoverable oil. Other source have es timated th productive capacity of the acreage at more than 8100,- 000,000. Representative Willi (D-La) ha asked Secretary of th Interior Chapman to deny-tha Cord land applications, which he described as most fantastic plan", to take over all producing oil well off the Louisiana coast, , , , ... , - , Hamilton to Talk At IOCC Meeting 1L B. Hamilton, Chrevaport dis trict manager for tha state conservation department, will address th secondary recovery advisory committee of th Interstate ell compact commission tomorrow at tha opening session of its two-day meeting in Fort Worth, Texas. , The subject of Hamilton's talk will be th effect of watcrfloodlng in in outnw8i moon ana Eei-levue fields, esneclallv In rerards to the Tokio sand In the latter field. He will show that th two projects have been highly successful by presenting figures as to tha amount of additional oil rtoovarad from th old fields after tha In jection of water. mnnnnnnnnnrjj g TRI-STATE g n Oil Tool Go. n n 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 HEVIFOT, HtOHWAY C9 Now NUNS 9mm 4, Sswlf Oy MAONOUA, ACL UPAYtTft, IK n n n n n n n n n RENTAL TOOLS AND SERVICE! CUTTINO ,PKHtN9 SQUtZZINO ATOCS43 WBU TCfTtN FORMATION AN CASTO : PHONI 4423 0 0 I&0000000nm3 II IU ID ft I : I : I ! Delayed

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