Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 12, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 7
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1 1\ F you don't ku:: E-C Girl is United States. w all about it, bn iier grand find out NOW. The sensational tour of the in thousands ol homes where she COJSN f She is distributing One Dollar Bills find: {roasteel\ Be sure and luive a lx)x «f pantry wheu she calls. Show- say to her what your grocer te will give you a crisp, uew one E-C Coru Flakes in youi; icr the opened package and Is vou to say. Then she iollar bill. ASK YOUR fSROCEH For a sirinted slip, «yitli full instrt otions how to get 1 the money, when you buy your E-C C orn Flakes Today. ,seht T HERE is no trick, no secret about this is nothing to lie concealed. We have with dollar bills to distribute among the! want to put a bo.\ of E-C Corn Flakes into ev^ •We kiiozi' that if you eat K-C Corn Flakes or v.'ith any o/Jwr flaked com food. Because E-C flaked com, sweet with the delicious, natural fla to a crisp and golden brown. No artificial fiavorinj^ is used in E-C. It's tte AIl-American Footl. At your grocei'sj lo cents. £ai Corn FlaHes—and Watch for the extraordinary event. There the K-C Girl to this city people simply because wc ry home. i yoi! will never be satisfied l^orn Flakes is the improved or of the grain and toasted EGG-0-8EE GEHEAL COMPAlilYy CHICAGO. Largest •anuffaoturera cf Flaked Cereal Feeds In the Werld. New^ of (he County PLEA.SA >r YALLKY airs. \Vi W. B. MtKinii.'> iD.ik nuie Frldakr.'. lill.I.. I A O Iliii til <'h;<- II<-!iii:tii i-.'iit; !!• il: fruni MlKROUri TiK'S.'.iV \vh. n- s'lf 1'.-. ii a|>«nrilnR u coni'i^ <«i W.-.-K> wiih I MT toiu«« tolloi. J, S. HnWkills S |M -M |"II,1M. lil r««palrln>: his i;i>:ii<- im,! ;>ri>i'fn> .\K>h MiilitKumi i,\ all.I f.itiiiK t-- • turned «o Ih.'ii- IhuH'" :it Sih.M- l.-iif WwlnOKiKiy .ifltT sjii r,,liii.'; t.-u ol a-as (li:*mis.««»<| ami all'store* • 111 till- :ift «Tnoons of Wediif's- 1(1 Thiirsrtay to give cvorynrif! i> dfsirrtt :i <hanrii» to visit in.^! ETTKR THAX S at hl« inoth^riii r.niii.iiiia Its I ;i nlCf oft until i>I:iw"s. bQrm''K. TI K'V |i|it mi peaches whlli' tli|'r«'. E. Ballot aiiil f.iuiih am* of Lo^iin lownsiiii In Cofreyrfllc from S:itur.!.t> Tuesday, visitisiit rt 'iativ.- , frIendR. Ed. aiiif Ralph KIl:-^ ai.' <lri;!in;,- a water well oti fh«> Mciitia", ol.l .loiiii- nlaco South of Pini;a tliis u Elllses anil B-ahms who w. ;;t to California will back Inr-- in ilulr old homes Septenil/t-r IStli Pearl Beahm ?ot a coniili' of ;iiis of Franii Statler la^t Tu'Uday. Arcii MontfOmer?' snit tliree. Kva Osborn one and Mat B-'^ahm eicht .an.! Mr Burtch took C. all he had to ^par. \\-liifhl u-il! I M» elevated. Sch .•l<..>-ill dMV fa.;- HfeTTKR THAX SPANKIXG. Spaiikinp does not cure children of j Jiml-wjptfing. There Is a constitutional oaiise'(for thi.x trouble. Mrs. M. Summeisj: B4i\ W. South Bond. Iiid.. vklUi -fnd jfioH to an> tnother her successful l»(jm.' treatm^-nt. with full instruo- iluns,;i S^iid n?i tnoney. but write her i.iil.i^tif >our «hildr<»n trouble you in j thi< it ly non't Idatni* the rhlld. th* ph.iiu)i-s ar" It can't help it. Thl« tr.»:if!Ki<'tit also runts adults and aped Iioonl||-. iroiiliVd with urine difficulties THEY ARE OF VALUE. CONVERTED FALLS NEOSHO FALLS POST 'GtVEs; ir") TO BOOSTERS. Says Tti*y dre a Jotly Crowd.- Mi i. Alexjitder Hamilton Won j Priie. i And jjudae Cory Secures Such Vol- ai...: K ^.i \.l I u lien from the Public Library. tii :|i!'' a \ j--it .'I'lill !•'!. Scott Trihimi-isay OI o- . o MOKAX. . O The AsrrcHUura! fiiir i.i..v'i-.I i.. l>.- .n huge success as all wjio alteiicU-d will bear witness, ou wv .iii.-iiak publican day. W. K. K< i.iib- llcan canditiaie fur .umi-ri:«-. a!id Judge FouPt. weie lilt- spj-akir.. ' II H' Democratic Candida:.* loi r^'.iv.-riioi and for state senrtt<ir simlit? un Tliiirs day. Den^ocratic daj. Th.» exliiiilt.* were said to be the lies' cw-r -iioun in Alien county. .\ deltviii'.inn of rho [oia BooMers were in i-vidcnco iioth days, perhapsj the larjrest Inuicli I K- I II;; here Wedne.sda.v. Tliev wpre arc»iii|)anied the first day ^)y the W. O W l .an<l The Kistnore band wa- «inipiovid b.v the fair aKB<)clation and i<i»;. iln-r with the ball team brouplit a crowd from ElKmi>re. ictsniore .ind Mnran t.layed ImlljMjtli days .\ sii-aiu im-iry- Ko>riiund ^riivilii'd amuMMui'n: for ilif children and nltoaetlier. a jri-rn' a! jonid time was enjoyed by all .V dance; Was Kiven >ii .Miudi lu hall \Veda«iRlu.% n.lftht. The M.Iv, & T. mjide aii exit-..trip belwtie'i ti6la and .Vttn'iin on fair-.^s -Ui actrnmnindate the viyiiorii. WorklMgan un the new Kaiy deK tbe last o( laat week. As, far a« cai h# leBrqad-^lit'Cdltn ^nsldtiks will b« Til. N.'o -slui lall of ili.- !»;.' St-'tlir Kritl .'iv ii>oi ; \\ ;:r<.iii:il a:vt in itiOUi;ii til 1 lit at:.l th' still.> until th hriRhl aiVi! thf fo.: •art 1 .lut n-.-ni TftiTI as cr tii-..!''|jl!nc fnuM-liav.'. Thcri- i^ \c. .^k pa-:s<s. liiif what is Iit=<iiiah! in <-ontac( witl^ •ts i.rolil.>ni. H I ' has ju.-t int th.' adjutant g.^noral o •iinnip valuahli' works bear(nc ofii"ld • V a . 1 f! sa^ Wa- fo I'lfi pafii iutai( 1 ><•.:.. IT cini P .V-t '.ly; 1. N'.. (in»v loi: rta- 1... '! till- air ;'ti .V | |.rosii»-i -t - wiTi" I • Mill rans-' iiilt' vani .-^li -it T^< lol.i Boost. T- Mti! Word ihi 'v u.iitlil; lie- with us Fri .l5\ stronK I- V-' was at a liitih i.iK'h .\tan\ i p.- r. Corv. for a lone tlini- a; l>'-vianc\ C M- of th." iibrirv lioaM isn't .ij tim-s .(U.siion was fnit -Wn! "'•*'.,.-,„ n of th.- Civil War. but li- h.i.^j «•<'""• ••• Wh. i, ti... moriiiiu' train on i •'• " ' .-.t an int.rrst in tlie w»r as any''h'^ Snnia K- .am.^ in it b-.i:!;. .' ' hard-; Boosti-rs and our town b.'in.l \ias 11:-. :.• j''"^ .Tndn.'i'" w.l.nnu- tii.* Ji>l[> rronil, ir took | tini.- to (iiiiv. 11 111 v.d 1 "' i;nuii!t^i !.:ri -)n| r.oft li\e to bl«'s» th>Mr hosiiiial; at tii..' I tKiards iiviay. Kinslks" oijinnection with th^ ••' Jnii 'l»o sani- will Jie turut-' Milili- lilirary, Opt- vol con nlar |is of worth, •ral's r.-porf It is t from 1 some! '"" T > "f ^,.<'ur-I and bi-<ntu to (lIllV . Roosi.-r«'- a'i til-' -.! t:!. •.1,1 -It thai ar K.inl I'Iay-<l Th.-r.'-n b.- a Hor Tim.- in iti.-! f!^in-i"ri i!i -V of .lt^fd Town T..::is ,'(:t. • TI:.- band ac-js-ltitr at .•on' t!i.- HiMist .-rs nintriilntt-.I { -xor-llpnt inn-ii- for th" ocrasioi.' and Kar:i .-.l th.- la>'inv' jrratitud.- ..f our emiuni:--. a.I- boys and oi tli- oIi! s. itl.-rs" i.'.aiia?' to ni .^lit a- fi.r tli-ir kiml l .is-,;-! rivil 1 ov< r in.- ill I'- ill havine to do' with tho Kan=a<« •'•i'^-'- "ntf-rtainors. I tits, j Th'-n- i> Init om- other i .Viid ri;;lit h.-ro It I> jvolui*." in town, and it owmd t«).in<'ntion thf pro.sp.^roiis city of Col b \y. R. Bid.11.^. If ciiiitains tlx' name i »ny and its sp!.-ndid band. .\. imni- i.r .•\!jrv nan »ho i'iill <t .-l in tho sor- Ui-c of fulony' ritizt-ns and their ban.I v!i-- ifn th s state: t.-l's whr>n hf ><•«- cani.' ov.r on tli<- aftcrniHin train .iii.; ilst (*«i: whlii h.' was proinof.'d: ifjh.' inade a >aluablM addition to th.- al- happpned o seciiro nronioiion: w!ji..|i r. ady lanr- cmwd of vir.itors T •• h.' Wis in th.^ .hosi>ItaI. wlipn he \ins f'olony ban.I .l.-s.-rvf-s sp.?fia! iii»-niioii ro Iii<''od to th.- ranks if this occtiri*e1. for tin- too.l*- furni-Ii.d and e-n ••.'••l Irwv 'llN whon \\^ was tnnsf'iff d.. ib 'tnanh d.-portufni \ihil.' '.i.j.- ri.!- Tiii> hook *-as Ions sincp boon out of ony and its band havr> alwavs tr.-at- print and its volumes seom to l»c i|i-,'.-.l us n.i:.-!ihorly and th.^ p.-onl- of It is invaluable to iiol-'Ni-osho Fall-! aiijin-iriati- th.' fa.-r. Th'' 'diersi o' Kansas and their descend-, of th'- la .'t day of lii.- m.—i arts.', The other hooks are "History Inpf was larpelv aiictnenf.-d of thj. Third Fourth. El-ihte.inth airival of th. fo'on; .Vinei -.-nth Reclments," "Historv ot.tiun and tin ir spl/^ndbl hand, th.' I anfias Soldiers In the War With; Aft.^r dinn 'T th<- \>:'.ri-^ t Snail I- Th.-s.' hooks wero shiniH 'd, j^.; o! airs, w*-r.- awai-.l»>d. ono to th. from iToniTka vcstordav. .Iiids.- Cory old.-st lad;. .-iitl..r an..' on.- t .i th- oM- hnd ulii' a Idt of trouble In Hnally ,.st Bentleiiiaii s .ttl.T within th.' four s«.cttt||n)r these voiuines. especlal'v ooiiniies. th.> IlUt named, and thev wllljnd."-.|, .^,r^ Al-tander llninilion ..f Vai.n Drovifj n valuable addition lo thi- li- Center rf-elved on.' Inff^nded for the torartl i oldest lady settler, •^•rs. Hamilton i Is the daughter of O-nernl .lohn R It Is lUllr D«r. i Scott from r><>s ^foliiofi Iowa, and To jorrow 1 H Rallv Dav HI the Ran- came to this coiintn- with her father ttf' rihur'-h. The tl|ne of thi' Sunday in |S|S. C.^neral Scott wa.T authoriz-l rSo <l classes uir |h« «hort<'ned t>»id ed by the Rovemment to mo%-e the' •Wdr«ss will M «lTen by Prof Sac and For Indians from Iowa to I i: ;!;.| jtitli-.l t.. I!.'. I Aft«i ;l. an,.r..."':.-vr.- oil" by Toni ••andidai... U\ f-r • (."lia.-. 1. 11 !!••• I II of t;.- :::tii j-i..-«-rli.-.- and w>-ll Mr. rafks an.l his aiitli'-n. was \.-ry j W.\. n h»- i: was ttR..- to'd to "no l.v ih- d-b-ua tw.i ro^K- on than to Thus rli).»<-d ill.- of th Ml.-n. And iiiar.- thf i> tin- O '.asloij Dr. Perry Be nbrslcal dlreV^tpr of the V, M. Kansas. Ten years later at the age This talk to I children of the nf fourteen she became Mra. Ilamll- U tijlMnpip 'br'' trdgbt; housesand^ sebool wUl b« fWcs at 9:15. |loa. Twelv* cbUdreo uxd fortythroe Topeka. S for each o I hospitals, roeitdatlon |na1 Bttp «rlntcnd toA est Ever fdr Constipation. ;^ridigestion and Dyspepsra PREPARED ONLY BY J. H. WAGNER COMPANY. FORT MADISON. K Cuanlntccd Under Food and Drvur» Act — - — - f (••)iif--r--!il • tii -r rhair .Mr Christy Unefit and h.alth of in-ati..- liai -.-ntA,; t l«^«. for \ ti'iUti ^har tI':-A U- Kli^-n !•% a'.. ...i fi-.-s!i air:' Tbe r.-viva! a' ! 111" Was "It is a!is. iiit>-!> .-ss .-i.:;a! « ON TIN IK AVtVniKK t ^FKK. Triniti> < hnnh RithaN Will \ot f-:iiii.- to t[:is I'liiintry ati.l j.I.'nf.t 1 r..nt.-sts w.-r.- fib.I Ciirisiv was not a i! ritnt- for th.- r.-a.-on lit: th.^ In.Iians for. the , of lii.-. r- .-id>!!<-.' .\ t.'ii"'-.- wa- s--!. .-t.-d to • f w..rk !i>, witii tii-ir t hnnh Ritl^aN Uill ^ l «»s«. for the I' It.' Ti i;:;i M. thodi.-<t rliiiiih siill n.atinii.- draw large haruls." .-aid Ii'' -"Tb.r-- is iin t... i:';r .^..-Atr- and a! (.r.-.'i:i r!..- j.a.-tor doe:^ . x..-r.'is.- rlian farniint: .\ :ar-j.- I.IT , n.-ii .-i -r-ru i.. think ..f ilosini;. - S. T tlie <-.-n: i.fitli-- iniaatf.-. t-.iulil do tarm in<-t-:i:is wi:! in a:' [..'•nhabiMry ron- work. )\"hv not t!i.i!i .-,tabn.-i: a t.ii.' lii.u-j..: another w.-.k. Thirty-three fiirni a?j.'a«!i in-tiiiitt..ii iiiad :.r.<-:- i!:.- ba\.- far hf-tii ivi-ainu-d or con- .-S' .-.>n.i:'-iiiai an.I ..;al;hfii; .-in- v.-r;-d ;tr Mv-a'lar b^.-idc- soiii.- thirty I 'loyni-iit ' .\t tli.» saiii.- isni^- tht- iiro- ar it..- .--^.L-fiiay >rhoi-.i spr>- farm • oubl h.^ iis>-.! at an.l i!i.-> li.-fi.b-.l , Ml- I'ari-'. Ma; .I-- .i nets ..f i.h>- farm . oul.l if ns.-.! at *'<••• -•^'inday niorainir Thfi pas- .,.iair. '•!:.' insritutioii Hi-; i^ar.U-'ds :,n.l t.i'i n-r a:;.I :'•••(>[•:>• r-.-tl. \r.t\.- -i.n-.erhlnic -.j pi-iuiinn^ hit,'. b.-»-n i-ir.'! shoul.! t.- inrtiiitrnii-.1 .it ovr «iii. h i.i i-jiu.- •:' iid'Jr-rs.'s W.T.- i;i> -11. • a.'h institution " j >lLrS-'n'. star.- s-rint.-r an.! | .- _ . _ ..L — rjr-. l.ctio:.. and th-- ..r!'-^ GRANTED STOUT REQUEST. H. Al.i of I.'Sa. .-atidiitar.-I - j lorraiji- tii»k-i JudR*" The Commissioners Grantbd His Pctijlud: ia! .!i-tri.t IV.ih' tion Yesterdayj. ••J.- str.ctl.i. n.>ii-i)oliii<*a! ; rj iv?-d bv ihi-,nce. I T'l ^H -tition of .Mr St - Ii .li.: -ui! is r--niinlsc.-nt his Ian.I soutlieast of C.asj ji.^l-1 th.- att'-niion of ^ ff-rr.-d tlo th.- iJilIarp.- s<- (roni >tart to finish. H.- was crantii.l by t^ •-asins; In his annecidofi-s. • la-.t o -v -nine. .Mr. Stout iti-.! that h<- wo'dil ipiit as applicat ion! to' th.- county for the liall name he was.d.-nt Mrsj Fun.=»ton state,' loll" His r.-ply was that in inakJns'the appli^atioik .Mr .' winild raili^'r qtiif wh.-ti roH to so had suit uil t.i iiave t^lty t;raii.s- •.f«-il district, eolnmt-.-.ionpr« first made s:ip.»rint.^n. ^> t.'iat ' Ptott! o on an.I h- told to fjait. was just a.s far. from on th»- flft»-enth annual mft -t as tli.. oth^r and for this bl. sfttlers" association of denb ^l the j application. |-s .lii. Cofr.>y an.! Woodson mis.-Ion^rs i .\tr. Stout .sa loiinties wii^hqut a slnelo incident to land waji nearer •h- school in th •a ^uri. anil »-nJoyra«-iif of Harp«» < Utrlct than to f:is Cli> on .lh'i«i I pofnt srant.'d.: his nppi MAKE FARMERS OF INSANE. pital ShiiuKd Have Some Larid. P th ieves Each State Has-' l''Amnii>«loiier<> Adjoarn. The i-oiiunls».loner» adj»urii<l >venlne .iinti; SeptMtnher i'.ird. they wlli-dUpose of u nuniher la nn- . 12—.\ \.(m acre farm lerH coojsblQred at this m4i he thre« state Insane most important will !>«• thiJi of ilf .'<p- s Is the Wgent recora- idlcaltorl. of the Cockerl!! »melt.-r.« at le by Dr. M. U Porrr. Oas Clt:^ to be set! outsipe the clt.v ot tbe- Pano&s lasane ^Uiauit .V? 'bi» Sii:i.lay s.-i..:i.; In ri; t. inor- n.v. thf pastor wi-I! !:i\.- .ii. iKn-irated l.-.-tiir.- !.' th.- 1 laidtVr.. a-.l a. II a. in and > [. a. t 'le ..^»-rvii-.^- wil! I..' evan- i?.-\cra! j :i »iu:.« r .i ar*- to be r.-<'fivi'il iiiTo ;;>.; cti .ir .h ti.morrr.w. .St-rvices this .•venin-^ at invited. chiKd Ijoii;. rftsin sill"to II'.' <-<iiti I Ihtt ;i • and wa« cation 1 .1st w hen etiiig Tl.f WAK£FI£LD'S WAKEFIELD'S WAKEFIELD'S Blackberry Balsam While it is a quick and positlye etiire for Diarrhoea. Dysentery and Cholera infantttan. it Is imlike other reniedies Ip. that it is harmless and does not coiistipa^.' In 6S years thoasands of lives of meii. women and babies, have been saved bjr bavins Wakefield's Blackberry Palaiun in the house ready for sudden itucks. Full tin bottlsi 35 centji Ayarjirban. •

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