Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 12, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 6
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-1 ^SM^jT $ 1.50 Attraction at. Popular Prices. Retervtd Seats Now on Sale. Phone 215 WILL OPEf^ ON MONDAY, SEPIX^^ : • ma Hi* OLIVIA COMIC OPERA C( I4th JMpANY ALargeCbonis MagAifioent Costmnes Giova ONE SOUD WEEK OP MUSC, MEUWY AND COMEDY ni's Orchestra i ) t 1 1 ' .! i 1*1 THE PRIZE ESSAY On Sabject "Whr tlip Kopniilirau i'liV. ty Should be Xovembor with an Illusory promise of Immunity trom law. Yet It passed the Pure Pood Law and the Employers' Liability law. secured equal accomodations on railroads, aided, agriculture, cri »aied the Civi: Service, established Free Rural .Mail dell 'ver .v. reduced forelKH postage world power in the last two administrations, \VIlliam U. Taft taught the world our capacity and us his own. In all constructive legislation for :.'0 years Jamea S. Hherman has been a leader. In the records of the Republican candidates as well as in the The following was awarded Jl.'iO by tb» Republican Conip-ci^ <\iminii- tee as the beat article MibniittiMi on th« subject "Wiiy jho Kejiublioun I'tir- ty Should be Succosstul in Xnvoinboi. and was written by Fr.injj HonJrick, of New Yoric City; I.—The Paiiy of L'\|iuu<itoii. The Rcpubllcnn party foiiiult'd URpn the principle 'that this novoni- • mem was estnb Ishi^d to (irotpot for all times the rights :tnil opporivitiitUs • of every individual (i-cn\ ai)iIdsmont. That principle It :h.n5 snoriMJiully maintained. Throuijh tlio Clvi; wjir •f and increased pon^lo«<». Continuing platform are written the story of the naturnli.v mar)(ed-oi^t progress, it will keep Its pledges of Tariff readjustments. Currency Reform and develop- aicai (\t the .Merchnnt Marine, and niulte the I'tilted Stales the tlnaucial ovnti\> a* It i\as made it the iinkistrlal cent 10 of the world. Ill—The tontrm^tlve Party—U OnranlieM the National WIIL nation's progress and the reliance of the future. , A Democratic President or a Democratic House would turn back those pages: thereafter Bryanisin would record "Destruction." This the Republican Senate could not prevent. Under Tnft and Sherman and a Republican Cougre.os the ifreat progress of la the pvolutiou by which party gov-.the past will be held and,the greater of the future will be as- prog res s surt>d. B,kSKET BALL >16HT. ^'raiiifui has become the e.\ira-co(nsti- itidoual method of sociirlaK responsibility to the people.; the kepubllcan I'rxny has become their tradiiloni^I representative and the Democratic Partv ''.l'.l !..ff' ,. .f_^"".""!!f °.,t"!.i,! : Demccratic Houses and the Democrat- •ii.-:a;:ii;! :hj life current ; were committed team and Nelson's team. The former tbe ,-0 a gcore of 54 to 26. The lineup , . ,^,,.i„. .pause of iii.erty: the idea of and i-cints scored were as follows: ;.o a. ..),\ ! Uberty and rnion" (.xuanded fur the H Osborne ..... F W. Osborne . r.steo cf the .National weaiih.;,5,.,^ ,j„,p reality of the ^m- Mason . . F . h>s nve3i:s;aiea .i.iiiynn ic.«iu..=, ^^^.^^^.^ ^j^,;^,, , surveyed soi s. waterways.] j„ jg-g ^.^^ committed to a A. Nelson G. .. inciudlnl; the Panama Canal. Irrigattjd specie basis: specie was at once until jones G deserts conserved watersheds, an^djj^go „o ,o„g ^P sought, and govern- Smith V.'.V.".'.'.'.'.. husbanded the public lands, protect-^^^^^ ^.^^t ^ premium at the ing American labor by resiilatinK ini- 'reduced rate of interest. In 1896 biis- Sub. ColDy L. Nelson A. Helgele ... Means .. Metcalf migration and by taking at tjie Custom House, to pay .American ta.xes. foreign capital's advantage from low wages, it has preserved to L\nierican industries the home market of eighty millions pf the world's greatest consumers and so laid the surest basis for American competition, in foreign markets.! Uniting capital and labor, thus, in a common prosperity and com mon source fif increased reward. It has created opportunities, improved (HtndttlOQB of employmem, bvovigUt about a higher standi)rd of llvlat:. and more widespread dli^trlbutioa of the wealth and well-being, and made e.\- panslon moral as well ns material. Intrusted with Insular posse.tslons, ll has biHiught them jirace and i>ro- gresl and provided for the e.\tenMioit aitd protection of .American trade, tor the Natloiial defease, and t<ir the lioa- orable discharge of tlit. re*pon8lblll- tlts of wprld BreHia(».'«f: .MiilaiHlalaK psace at homo with A M-'^ I SH aailoir; and Among thorn. It hn:'. tthoii Aiaert- iness men were again committed to confidenco; before a single statute was enacted prosperity set in and in ten years bank deposits almost trebled—a permanent gain which the recent panic, a "state of mind" now com- plete'y dispelled, scarcely touched. In 190G business was committed to fair methods: without compulsion violations largely ceased. The KepubUcaa I'ariy, at each period, sounded the public conscience, felt the .N'atlonal jmlse, framed Its polioies in re.sponse. and realized In law the doiu^naat American Idea. Its constructive past assures its constructive future, it is today as It always has been. "The Party fit to Govern." IV.-The Party of .Statcomen. The \mny ;of itintesiunnshlp. It hat b.-ea the traialuK \ie.lool of statesmen naC li:> pnllcleu have been forged In the heiii of public dlsciisMlon, tempered In the dollberailon and ohuped In ih<> eontllft of auia.v trained mlndx, can rights fttid AmeiU^n oporiuaitle^ I .»«»»wa at.d llniilly vvrouttht for the n»w roenuliig ihi'Jiaithoai thr aiitloa .aaJ thnuiBhoHi ihn woiltt, 11.—The Pari} of Pro«ii»N tiud Proii|(t>rllj. PromloliiB prourcr.* iiad inopi'i'liy, It hitK been pnlKlcallv H I IICIIV . li hiii* never had n cnndUliiie of p -xtilon, prfjudtce, or clns!', not a iiliiiioiia of notation, schpine of ippmUailon. program of scuttle, or docfrlap of desjiair. It has never lent Itself to a demand for revolution, to be followed by rra<tlon ahd retrogression, it has sloud 'llrm : for evolution by constant, steady aad enduring progress. Finding trusts, giant-horn, flourishing under sui>poser conflict of State and Nationa' law, the double prchibitloii of existence sei'ving c V leveioimient. it has never. In an attempt to acatroy tri|sts. withdrawn In S:»:e or Nation.; jthe prctectlcn cf law f.-cm property,' but has thrcurh Executive investigation and resort to the courts, resolved the co-fl'.ci wh:(h had silenced law and given trusts existence. U- h-s rever proposed to advance " v.oikincmen and .American •f = hy banishtne American in! ' "-uilding up those of other : • Tned to insult lal>or (•iMi "ifv'ii tti 'ifnre. DoialnHtliiK H H i«putberi throuRb principle*, ii ni«- r .io. uiilt.v in (ioveraiaent: Its Htnun- I 'litoi psMtlHiinH have autde the Ki'oat- >-M eoairiliuiloaf" i <i ,\atloan; proaress. The roHit'i of U H leaderH I K the national toll hoaor of public HPIV I CO. v.— Tad ntid .Htiernmn Conntruc- live CaiidldiileH—A ronslmc. tlve Platform. Ropabllcanlsm stands today for progressive policies In safe hands. By solving the constructive problems of OUR TEUPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have the summer dust cleaned out of carpets. We are busy, but your order wlM receive prompt and careful- attention. Phone us today. lOLA RUG FACTORY Pboae SI*. Field goals—Root 15. H. Osborne 8. Mason 1, Jones 1, A. Nelson 1. L. Nelson 6. A. Heigele 2, \V. Osborne 2, Metcalf 1. Free throws—Root 2. A. Nelson 1. Referee—Berry A "GO-TO-CHmCH-BAXD." To Be Oreaniied at the Baptist Church tomorrow. The Sunday school department of the Bapti^st church will organize a 'Go toiChurch-Band" tomorrow. The purpose of the organization is to induce the young people to become regular church {^ers. A medal is offered to those who attend church thirty Sundays In the year. Cards ar« kept on which church attendance is noted. iilNBREDS ATTCNDED COXCERT. The W. 0. W. Bana Plwised Anollifr Large tialherlng. Th«' \V. (), W. baud roijcert \vn\ held but niBht nt the Moiitheasi corner of the si)unre! and WAM attended by hundreds of p<>(>pte. The concert wn* up to the usual hich standard. During he nummer ihe bnnil boys have made .;rrai Improvements nnd their servlses ire HouKbi for nearly every public cvini. TO PLAY OFF THE TIE. Parsons' Colored Team to Play the Go> Devils. An Interesting ball game is expected at Electric park tomorrow when the lola Go-Devils and the Parsons In* vlndbles will meet. The two teams are the fatest colored aggregations In the state. They have pla.ved two games this summer, each winning a contest, hence the battle tomorrow will be bard fought as it decides the championship. Johnson or Wright will pitch for lola. A number of colored fans are expected to accompany the Parsons team here. BOLLINGER TO MORAN. Sheriff Called There This Afternoon on Official Business. NOTICE OF BECEITEB'S SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned. Receiver ot the property and effects of The Webster Refining Company, a corporation with Its principal place of business at Humboldt. Allen County. Kansas, will, on the 2Stb day of September, 190S, at 2 p'clock p. m.. at the South front door of the Court House at Tola. Allen' County. Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder for cash In hand, the following described property, to-wlt: The Refining plant of^the said The Webster Refining CompanV which \n- etudes blocks Nineteen (Iff). Twej-ty (20). Thirty-three (33). and Thlrtt- four (34) of West Hnmboldt Addition to the City of Humboldt. Allen County, Kansas, being all one tract of land; together with all buildings, structures or other improvements, tanks, tank cars, tank wagon, pipes, pipe lines, machinery, tools, office furniture, supplies other than raw or manufactured material on hand: for manufacture ot sale, and all other apparatus or property being or forming a part of the said refining plabt and used lb connection therewith; together with a certain pipe line connecting said Refinery with certain oil and gas leases tn tne vicinity of Humboldt. Kansas. Said sale to be beid pursuant to the order of the District Court of Allen County. Kansas, made In an action therein; pending wherein Tie North- iip National Bank, a corporation. Is I ilntlff and The Webster Refining ciMopany, a corporation, is defendant, being civil action No. 8134, on June ZCth. 1908; which order Is on file In the said cause and to which reference Is made for further Information con- cemihg the t6rma of said sale. Dated this 3rd day of July, 190S. G. R. GARD. Receiver, Approved: OSCAR FOUST, Judge. 7-1-11-18-25-1-8-15-22-5:9-5-12-19-26 NEWS OF LA HARPE .MH.S. L\MBERT A.XD .>Ill.S. tJATKS WERE THROWN FROM Bri^l^Y. WAS PAINFULLY IN THEY WERE TIIROW.N lU^WS V VERY .STEEP F..MB.\XK.M«NT. URED Mr. and Mrs. Morris Patton Lirft To. day for Their Xew Home in terprlse—Personals. En. are urged to follow the example of thousands of their sisters aiid take Cardui. Cardui is a non- ndiieral^ non|-intoxicating medicine for women. It is for sick, weak ladies, with sick female organs. CARD Ul Sheriff C, O. Bollinger Went to Moran this afternoon in answer to a call from that place. The message did J <.ot state what he was wanted for but he thought it was concerning the epidemic among the horses in that vicinity. Mr. = Bollinger was in Humboldt and Cottaife Grove yesterday on . ofllclal business. ^ . HEARD RAILWAY PLAX.S. It WIU Help You JSI It is a ecinuine, curative medicine, that build^ up the female system and r,elieves femile pain. . ) Mrs. M. A. St. Clair, of Eskdale, W. Va., writes S: "Before taking Cardui, I had given up all hope o^j getting well, I had suffered for 3 years with mf left .6ide and was confined to my bed, so I took Cardui,!, andiiow Carduijhais about cured my female trouble.'* AT j ALL DBtTG STOBES Ottawa BosiuesK en Met R. C. Raiv ^ lings Last Mgbl. Ottawa, Kas., Sept. ll'.—There were a dozen or llfteeu oltlzenn present at the interurltan railway meetiuc which was held In the offices of I'nderwood & I'nderwood last evening. R. C. RawUngs was preHeni and explained the plan in detail. The first thing to be accomplished I K the for- itiatlun of the Sterling Triisl Co., which Is to finance the enterprUe. .Mr. Rawlings did not ask for KiibKcrlp- ttouH but stated that all who wibh stock might secure It of W. S. Pallls. Enough stock can be Rold in Kansas City to put the enterprise through but It Is thought best to sell stock along the route of the railroad and In this way Interest more people in It. Mr. Rawlings returned to Kansas City this morning. I Mr. Rawlings was here two da.vs on this.trip. He felt tha,t he put in tt^ time , to good advantage, for he not ;Only interested a number of Ottawans U Q Uie Sterling Trust company, but h^ learned that Ottawa business men generally are vdry friendly to his enterprise and that his projected interurban railroad will be received In the most friendly fashion here. (First Published Sept. 12. 190S.) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR WIDOW'S ALLOTMENT. State of Kansas, county of Allen,, ss. In the Probate Court of Allen County Kansas. In the matter ot the estate of Carl deceased. Delia .M, Ohifest. petitioner, v» MlnbvOhlfest, executrix of the •»stat of Carl Ohifeat. deceased; John J Ohlfest; Otto Ohlfest; Albert Ohlfent Bmma Hoop«M-, formerly Rmnia Oltl (est; liYank Davis; Mablo Davia; CnrI RondKilt: H«iiry Roruhalt; Katharlh Heali'y. fitriiterly Kathnrlne lloniholt Kniha(iu«> Uxoder. formerly Ki\lhnrlite Ohlfest; Abble Uugle, formerly AbbI OhlfoMt; Charles Ohlfesl; John dtl fosi; Aunn Gibson, formerly Anna Oh'feHi; Mary .McDonald, formerly .Mary Ohlfest: .Margaret .Myers, for merly Margaret Ohlens; Carl Ohlens Hans Ohlens; Anna Knrvniek; lElsa bea Karvalek: and the children of Wapkao Pelper, whose names are un known, their unknown heirs, deviseuH administrators, executors and truF. tees; and Minnie Ohlfest. helrn at law of Carl Ohlfest, decea.<;ed,i Defend ante. Notice of Application for : Widow's Allotment. You and each of you are hereby notfled: That I did on the 29tii day of June 190S, apply to the Probate Court of Allen County, Kansas, to set off„and allot to me in fee simple, one-half in value of all the real estate in which my late husband. Carl Ohlfest. deceased, had a legal or equitable Interest at the time of his death and not necessary for the payment of debts and that said Probate Court did on the 12th day of September, 1908, order and appoint as commissioners to maike such allotment H. L. Hen dcrsbn, J. A. Robinson. J. C. Woodin And the said Court at the same time, further ordered that such allot roent be made by said Commissioners on the 30th day of September. 1908. and that such commissioners make a report thereof to this said Court on or before the 6th day of October, 1908. ami that notice of this proceedings be given to you and each of you and ail parties interested therein by publishing a notice thereof In The lola Daily Register, aj dally newspaper of gii'ieral circulation In Allen County. Kansas, for threj' consecutive Wf<-l5» bifore the 2Sih day of September. 1908. DKI.LA .M. OHLPRST- Petitioner. Attest: J. n. Smith, Probate Judge C. L. Evans and lOwlng. Card ftjOard, Attomexrt for the Petitlolner. 9-121li -Wi I Was a .Success. The social given Thursday evening by the Epworth League ot the Methodist Episcopal church in honoi of the college students who leave soon for school was a decided success. The large number of young people who were present report an exceptionally good time. ' COIRT IN' SESSION. Several .lllnor Matters Were; I)Li. District court wad in session {for a while this morning jand severaii matters disposed of. The case of jE. D. Kramer vs. W. O. Lenhart. a suit over an alleged fraudulent conveyanctj, was continued for the term. ! Tn the case of the state vs. jLu O. Beck, who is charged with Illegal prac tice. the state asked leave to file an amended petition by substltutloik and elimination. The action of Jesse VanCuren brought against W. J. Price for damages was continued for the term. In Honor of Miss Smith A party was given last evenjing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in honor of Miss May Smith who soon for St. Louis to attend ^chool. The evening was spent with music and games. Leave Today. . Mr. and Mrs. Morris Patton left today for Enterprise, Kas.. wher^ they will make their future home. Mr. Patton has purchased the Enterprise Push : goes to talce iiossessiou. Sine.- \Ii and Mrs. Patton hav «f lived her- ••A>>} have made numerous f!rlends wh <t •! tliat they are lo lea wl.-sli ll 1 success. bert and the one^ -year-old chlld..of Earl Gates were tbrow^n fromithenfig gy down the steep eiiibankment. Mra. Ciates .who carried the babyj h«ld'It closely In her anna, and saved It from serious injur.v. However, in the ffU *he was terribly bruiseil about th» bixly and face. .Mrs. I.,amt>ert WliB I hi own on her neck an'd - thOUldtrs and quite (lalnfullv hurt. PoritiMtlly neither were seriously Injured, Will Sertc aionw. The i_HiUes' Aid ot the ;Methodist KplsiH^pal church of this cltiy at thWr meeting Thursday afternoota decldftd to serve dinner both days of the Farmer's Exhibit October 7th and 8th- The building formerly occnplH by the Hickett shoe store has be^ rtafed and will he used as a dining: fiftU. Entertained for Rev. BMihAli. Miii;. Fred Mack entertained a'jMiKy of friends on Tuesday evenidg III tSttl pliment to her brother. Reverend I. tt. Benham. and two daughters ot. L& Harpe. who haVe been visiting In Ene. Mrs. .Mack's other guests were MtimA Mrs. iW. R. Willis, Mr. and Mrt. B, C. DeOairmo, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Sllfofi, Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Pllson, Mr.ithd Mrs. J. O. Toust, and Mrs. D. B. Jplth- op Refreshments were served^ It the close of the evening.—Erie Record.' A. A. Brown, ot La Harpe; Is faloY- Ing Into the property at 502 CottOh- woodl street.-^fimporla Qfttette. e but FRATERNITY RINOS. Woodmen of the World. ,.Modern Woodmen of America and Odd Kellow Emblem Rings ou sale now. .\sk to see then). They are beauties. Waters k llgnforlh.. Drtigs nnd Jewelry. .Mrs, Hamilton Huri. Mrri. R. H. llanilltun WAX bad Jured yesiorday nluMii the fnee I liiK thrown fi'«>ni a iMiKuy. Hh driving when the horSK berniue lenud nt an i«uiomiiblle siandli the curb near her home lb the part of the city. In the fall sh badly bruised and cut nbuul the Her Injuries, however, ate not sidercd serious. The shafts and board of the buggy were broken. Iny hewn It rl«h- » by |touih facA con- dnsh will .May I'se Lumber Yard. The Karmer'.t Exhibit which held in this city October 7 and! May be held in the lumber Goodman and DIckerson. Dickerson are j^ianniug to move' if they move from here in time yards will be used for the dlspl .vaM Goodman be 8th. of & and heir V. Thrown Over Steep Embankment. Mrs. Lambert and Mrs. E. E. Gate.<i narrowly escaped serious injury {last evening when they wer^ thrown ^rom a buggy down a steep embaninnent near the bridge crossing Elm creek, south of the city. They were returning from a visit in the country when Just as they went to pass overj the brjdge their buggy was ui>set. jThe occupants. Mrs. Gates and .Mrs. Lam- PersonaK E. J. Bondy and Dr. Halm were In Moran yesterday. Lewijs Burford left today for .L4#- rence< Kas., where he will attend, school this winter.- J. y, Howell was in Bronsofa y*«- terday buying horses. . W. is. Bowman returned yistal'diy from Moran where he has been^p^ business. ^ K toclchart, John Thomas and Wit-' lis Pekit left today for Califomlii itMH they Win iiiako their future htm*. John W. Cuppett and daii(ht«f M Ulade 8 F^rm, West Virginia, are tho guests of John Rhodes and fatnily. Miss Anna Haines and Mral Bviuta werft In .Mcran yesjerday. Mr.j and >^ra, Harry Swlaber ot Stark; are here visiting. Mri^. Loyd. of Kansas City, la her* visitng tt the F*rmfr r*ald«nee. (jna>le In Toiieka, T<i|<ekn, whose guest Wedncidsy was |lrlgHdter.Gnnernl Fred«rlok II. l-'iiimiiin. will oniei-tatii anolhcir Kih* mt* iiinn of note Inutght In th» t <|r* snii of Hlshop W. A. Quayle, r«e<nU]r niipoltilled to the MMhodlsl bIsHobIb Of Oklohbma. who will stop here jhiK eningion his way from Chlcagti to RM ftiturej hnttio in Oklahoma City illti will he the guest of honor ot a rttifp- tlou !it the rtrsl Methodist churih. There; will be a short program! tactiid ing att address of welcome by Governor lloch and.a response by Blabop Quayle and the reception will follow. A general invitation Is extended ftOd It is hoped that a representative company of Toppka people will take this opportunity tn do honor to onejot the most distinguished inen whomi Kan-' sas has produced. : Bishop Quayle spent his boyhood in Auburn nelar.To- peka. was a student at Baker t^nltilliv slty and afterwards Its president. He is one of the foremost pulpit drhtora in this country, and a brilliant I^- ture on literary and j ethical smje^ The reception will begin at ^8 o'elik^. Bishop Quayle will be the gtiesi bf the Rev. Dr. F. N. Lynch at th^ilfeth- odist parsonage tonight and will leaVe tomorrow for Oklahoma.—Topekit Journal. ' THOS. H. BOWLUS, Preslde'nt J. F.'SCOTT, Oathfaf, ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,0(io.00 A. W, OIRBCTO'RS --^-m '. Beck. L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton. W. J. Evana. J. O. RM M M-' W. L. Bartlea, Thos. H. Bowlus. ~ ^ oKAm OM jui utmpSAM fomr^ WEgM8U£OUROWH •AFETY DEPPWT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 TO |S >tR ViXlt IKTERBST P>^ID ON TIME DIPOIITt. K Is^hejoy of thib house|iol (i :t(ft' without it no happiness can 6e complete. Atigels sfiflle^tt an^ commend the mH anid aspirations of thflfr' bending ovet the int mother must pflss isi . feelthi The ordeal through which the cApwniiu,iiio>»'i» she looks forwarJwith dread tb the HpyC ^^^if-. th> S'^ of motherhood. Every woman shoiild knqw that tij6 da of chUd-birth can be avoided f>y Jhfe uf^ •otliir 't renders pliable all the parts, assisting nature in its work. By its aid thousands oF women have passed tfiis ,-1-

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