The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, JULY 22, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) .COURIER NEWS PAGE mn U. S. Facing Crisis In Germany Potsdam Plan The Faces Prospect Of Early Failure | Americans on Scene Sec Need for Action Now, or Trouble Later »V I.VI.K C. WILSON nilod i> rt .vj st:lff Correspondem F1WNKFURT, , July 22. (UP> — program o( rchnblll- •InUon of Germany is on the bitter . bring of failure. f'nince and Russia arc strangling tile I'otscliim agreement. This ills. Patch will n ttcnipt lo relale how that might cost '.he American taxpayers a Jot of money or worse. Our officials here are agreed that, now is the moment, of opportunity . to i>rms; Gurmnny back into tin society of .sell-.iui>jjniiing, democru ;'' tic. ppaci'ful nations. That, was the Potsdam objective If It, falls to work and no siibsti lute is [omul for 11 the Unite States will have lost the peace. Prance, by ihe veto, blocks tti economic and political unificn'.lo of Germany. France demands '.hu the nhineland. the Ruhr and lit Saar valley be separated from post war Germany. Until the other powers agree France, refuses to permit the Potsdam agreement to lunc- tion. Now comes the soviet union with a program of violation of the Pots_ Scientists Plan to Study Dual Personality CHICAGO, July 22. (UPt— \Vii- 1 disclose del alls of the Degnnii slay- am Helrens, 17-year-old college ling as well as the murders of e*c- tttdont who lias admitted three lay lugs, including the kidnnp-kill- ng of little Suzanne Dcgnim, was cportod today U> have expressed villin^ness to coo|>eiate with sc!cn- Ists In a 'study of his bizarre cUml personality. Hcircns was expected to be^iu iictaltng a detailed confession <:f lie crimes today or tomorrow. Taking of the confession will require two or three days, and n roinplt'te LrnnscrlpL is not anticipated he- fore the end of the week. Meanwhile, State's Attorney William J. Tuony was expected to before the grant! jury this week to ask Indictments against the youth for the three murders. Under a "deal" between defense attorneys and state's attorneys office, Helrens is expected lo Blytheville Guardsmen Win Citations Wave Frances Brown ami Mrs. sephlne Ross lit return for a ree- ommemlullun of life Imprisonment, •nther than [he electric chtitr. If the deal goes through, Helrein reportedly has agreed to place himself under study uv psychiatrists interested In learning the workings of his mind. The youth's background Is n fic- tlon-llke one of two personalities — "good self" In which he was n dutiful son, brlulit student and •«•- tlent church-Boer, and 11 "bad self." In which lie was a thief and a killer and lo which he gave the name "George Murmans." Helrens himself apparently roc- ogni/.cd the existence of his dual personality, similar to the celebrated fictional examples of Or. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Mayor of Hot Springs Resents Criticism of Spa's Healing Waters _ dam agreement. Russia proposes a ,, I nounccd niter receiving notice of centralization of government In u qualifications from Regimejital postwar Germany whereas she, Headquarters In Little Rock, agreed at Potsdam to "deccntrali- | Th n, nation of tlie political structure and the development of local responsibility." Has Winning Ways Tim pn'st. and future months of HOT SPRINGS. Ark., July 20. <UI>>—You can call Hot Springs a "wide open city" and place. the blame scpiarely on Mayor Leo Walter L. Lutes, Harry I,.' Miles' McLnughlln, but you can't libel Hie and Louis Hedge of Blylhevillc's curative powers of tlie Spa's liol Company K, Arkansas State Guard, water and yet by with it. qualified as expert rlllemen at, the In a radio address last night, recent encampment at Camp Rob- the mayor- brushed off an at'ack inson, Little Rock, Capt. O. W. Cop- upon himself In a recent Saturday pcdge, commanding officer, has an- Lake Searched For Body of Fisherman HOT KI'lilNCiS, Ark.. July 22 tUlM — Odldals resumed theli seuivh this nionitiiB for the litHl) Of Klivmul l.o-.very who with hlf wile, v dav two Iniiil'iiB The eo They wei Mrs. llou vcrn. ulu boat nft The boat wer,. i „ ml The bmly n. was drowned yesler- nlli's below the lloyers Lnke Catherine*, pip was Irom Malvern. fishing wilh Mr. t( id Trluiblo, also of Mali '1'rlmble fell from thi. nil attack of asthma •us overlumi'd as oflorls to rescue Trimble, of Mrs, Lowciy was recovered lust, night. War Criminals )enied New Trial Counsel for 27 Japs Presented Motion Before Tribunal TOKYO. July 22. [U!>>—The Fur Kaxt. International Military Tn- buiinl rejected today « defense motion, to drclnre a new trlHl for VI linn Jnpuiws»- war criminal suspects becHUse n new American justice was sealed on Die bench. MBJ. Oen. Myron Grimier was sworn In this uUernnon after Kir William Webb, pieslilenl of Hu' court. Announced tliat a mnjurlty of the tribunal Imd approved Unit he be sealed. Cramer flld not pnr- llclpnlv In .the decision. • The defcniw had Insisted thul a new tribunal Blimlkl be appointed Ui hear uiiullier trial on Krounds tliore was no provision In the tribunal charter for Cramer's np- polntmoiH* Testimony In (he trial Itself wns at a snail's imce n; Chinese aen. Chin Tch-Cluui. vice minister of mllilnry operations, nnmcd former Japiincsu Gen. icenjl Dolluira. a de- feiidnnl, 113 the Instigator or Jup- anese uBKli-aslon In Norili China. Thl« Br«t rellcvl Hot rec > i,« rllable. nervous twMnki— wh *» ll .45 Vt to the functional 'mWdli-Nte'ptllod }t pccullM to women. All diuiOOTM. -S Henil Courier News Want Ada. Evening Post article as being "immaterial" but lie termed stule- inent-i ridiculing the curative prop- delay more than likely \vill provide ^^'jiisin \vitli an irrcsLslable optior- ^jfnity to diff in where slie occupies Germany and either maintain herself there by force or leave only after the area is irrevocably communistic. The economic unification of Germany. blocked so far by France, is important lo American taxpayers. Only by unification can Germany Those qualifying as sharpshooters In the range firing were Douglas Morris. Captain Coppedge, Wilford Morris, Cullen Dixon. Johnny Lindenny, Bennie E. Hcssie, T. W. Jeffries and Jolin Drycans. Marksmen were Lynn Krcch, J. C. Poteet, Jimmy Jones. Harry Weedman. Benjamin Prichard. Eu- Ijcne Hensen, Charles Ashby, Herman Storey, J. W. Williamson, Harold Jarrett. Rosco Crafton. John Halter, Samuel Clark, Charles Lit- light industries and economy for export develop her her general trade. Without export trade she cannot feed herself. In desperation. Secretary of State James P. Byrnes has offered to join the American to any zones in an all of the effort to stait Ger- dam agreement work." Pollock named Sept. 1. a bit more :han a month from now. as the deadline for making some kind ot economic arrangements among the itLsJi, (American, Russian and French zones Into which German} now is divided. inany to\va]-d self-support. Orcut Britain probably will take us up en that. So long as France persists in her veto the United Stated must continue lo pour $150.000.000 to S200,- OMJ.OOO a year into the Americai •'< t ? to help support its population — or pull out and permit the late ci:.'my to stew in his own juices. Despite '.he muiti-r.illHr.n doilar yAii.erlcan con:ributlwis the Atuor- P ican zone is hungry. ' I ale a Mill days rations at one meal and I know. In winter, its people are cold, increasingly, they are despondent. The whole objective or German rehabilitation is being blocked by the French refusal to permit Germany to resume economic unity. On Ihe surface at least Russia has gone along with the Potsdam agreement until very recently. But Russian policy in Germany is obscure. Whether Russia would sabotage the Potsdam agreement if France were not doing co for its own purposes is a matter for speculation. Some oj .our officinY believe Russia intends to remain in Germany—or to establish the Soviet idea there forever. Some of our olficials believe the Russians will leave in time. Gen. Joseph T. McNarney Is Ihe herni man over here—a four-star oflicer who chooses his words carc- .tully. ^ Lenders are Pessimistic W "Here is the basic thing," he said. "You can't teach democracy to hungry men. The great questions now are the disposition of the, Ruhr. Rbineland and Saar Valley, until those are settled I personally believe we will make no progress." ( Dr. James K. Pollock, on 'c?ve from the University o r . Michigan, is the director of regional government's coordinating office. He is more pessimistic than McNamey. ••The situation Is going from bad lo worse in Germany." he said. "There lias been no effort to force Ihe French to help make th? Pols- Falling that, Potsdam plan Pollock believes th for economic unit; will have to be scrapped for somt new approach to Gertnnn problems. Lt. Gen. Lucius Clay Is McNarney's deputy in charge of the Ofllce of Military Government, clav couli Hock that then was a Sept. I deadline coming up. He suid that as stocks of materia on hand in the American zone are exhausted the area would come to, rest on an economic dead center. le and Gaston Allmon. Waller Lutes got a IT! score out )f a possible 200; Harry L. Lutes, .73. and Louis Hedge. 172. Sharpshooters ranged from 170 .o ICO. listed according to score; lltd marksmen, from 155 to 130, dso listed according to score. House Democratic U'ader John W. McC'ortnack of Massachusetts, told the Mead Committee, holding hearing In Washington, thai there was "no foundation" for tcstlmonj by n former secretary In the office of n munitions combine no\\ being investiBnU-'d. that his offle had called or been called by th company. McCormack apiieare before the committee at his ow request lo deny charger, of th secretary made In a previous testimony. (NEA Telcpboto). erties of the mineral water a! "cause for city-wide Indignation.' The mayor charged his political opposition with responsibility foi the article, writlcn by Collie Small Guaranteed Ice Cold WATERMELON Crispy Cold Fruits and Vegetables FIREWORKS —for— FREE DELIVERY I'hmie :i!)f)2 CARTER'S GRO. & MKT. N. Highway 61 SERVING YOU- THROUGH SCIENCE CONCRETE .BLOCK ES.ROM arc readily available now lor farm n n <l commercial building. Our block nrc made lo A. S. T. M. and Federal specifications. Oo nol accent inferior blocks. Call us. 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AH tlie way through, it's a quality U.S. Uoynll This great new fire is available now in many passenger car si'/.cs.* Sec it today at your U.S. Tire Dealer's — find mil how soon you can be riding on rayon-built U.S. Royals! '1'rcscnt (lorcrnmtnt regulations restrict nil ra^-on conslriiclion to KIZCS 6:50 and l<irgcr. Langslon-Wrolen Co. Soles — BUICK — Service U. S. TIRES Phone 553 Blytheville, Arkansas MOHILGAS J»O1IWl«ra>iri>ilMri»rfBHfIT"fTT TOMORROW Tuesday, July 23 Hear Dr. T. 5. STAPLES DKAN of HKNIWIX C()],I,IC(;E Speaking on What's the Record? Over Radio Station KLCN-11:00 a.m. and Ilic Arkansas Network At 8:00 p.m., Monday, July 22 ANNOUNCEMENT The Cotton Belt Nation »1 Farm Loan Ass'n The Chickasawbn Dis. Nlaional Farm Loan Ats'n The Osceola National Farm Loan Association Announce Ihe election of Mr. ,1o« K. Martin of Hates- ville, Arkiinsns as their jtiint Secretary-Treasurer to Biifeoert Mr. Marcus Williinns, who linn recently ac- i-c|)lcil employment \vilh (lie Purm Credit Adniini.stni- (ion as I,and H;mk Appraiser. During the time Mr. Williams survcii in the Nnvy, the associations hav«? liei'ii without a full time secretary-treasurer. Mr. Marlin WIIK reared on a farm in Independence County im<l is a ^raihiate of Arkansas College of linlesville. lie has recently heen diwhar^ed from the Army alter serving in (he Air Force as a navi; p;ator In I lie Knro|iean theater of Derations. Anyunc interested in securing funds with which to purchase farm land, refinance indebtedness, make Improvements, r repairs or for fr^neral «Kriciiltnrat imrimscs, should see Mr.. Martin. He will he in Hlythe- ville each Monday inul 'IHinrsil ay from 10 A.M. till 2 I'.iM. nl the office nf the I'lanlers I'roduction Credit Association in Ihe (ilcncoc Hotel Ituildin^. Me will be In (he association's office in Osceola each Tuesday ind Saturday. l''or more than ;i (|uavter of a century, these nssocia- lions have rendered service to the farmers of Mlsais- >i|)|ii (,'outily by makiii^ l«'wl«ral Land Ibmk Ixmns. During most of this lime these loans were made when no other lontj tijne loan was available nnd at lower inleiTst rates Ihiin were obtainable elsewhere. This service is .still available and may be depended upon ilurinjj hurd limes us well as during K«od times. COTTON BELT NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASS'N CHICKASAWBA Dis. National Farm Loan A«$'n OSCEOLA NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASS'N Making and Servicing Federal Land Hank Loans The Loan ICspecially (leared to Meet farmers Needs' Central Office Osceola, Arkansas You' Like Our Special 8-Hour Cleaning Service Geared to Meet Your Emergencies SummerfiiH e with Its Soil, Sweat and Grime Is Hard on Your Clothes! So protect your Summer clothes with more frequent HUDSON cleaning. 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