The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 13, 1971 · Page 36
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 36

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1971
Page 36
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Delay Trial of Disorder Charges CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) U.S. District Court Judge William K. Thomas has enjoined a lower court from trying 25 persons indicted in the disorders at Kent State University in May 1970 in which four students were killed. Judge Thomas ruled Friday that Portage County Common Pleas Court in Ravenna must wait until after appeals in the case have been completed. The injunction will stand until the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on two appeals from earlier Thomas decisions. Twenty-three of those indicted by a special state grand jury last October have been arrested. The first of the trials was to start Monday at Ravenna. Charges ranged from first-degree riot to interfering withj firemen. i Recovers Rare Coin HOUSTON, Tex. (AP)-Tommy G i e b e 1 absentmindedly dropped a rare 1910 Victory Nickel valued at $35 into the pay phone slot. The phone company told him that his chances of "ever seeing that nickel again are slim and none. But we'll see what we can do." What they could, they did. They found his rare nickel and returned it to him. Your Health Problems Power Mower Can Toss Out Shrapnel Hutchinson Churches S2nd in a series on Hutchinson churches and pastors. Universalist-Unitarian Church (no pastor at moment) An ecclesiastical history of Hutchinson can be found in the story of the Universalist Church (merged in 1962 with the Unitarian church). The Universalist Church had Hutchinson leaders and the intelligentsia ! as members. And the ministers left a strong heritage on the city. The new church was dedicated Dec. 31,1967. The church has been inactive this summer but a new minister is coming in for part time duties. He is Rev. H. Paul Osborne, Wichita diocese, who has been pastor here previously. The Universalist Church of early day Hutchinson brou'ght experiences of those days. There were many Universalist churches in Kansas in the early days, established by New Englanders who settled in the state. Then came the hoppers and blizzards and drouths and hot winds, all of which either drove the members back to their homes or they joined other churches. 1 Universal ministers have been: Revs. C. H. Rogers (one of the post popular of all ministers in Hutchinson), Francis Brant,.James Falkoner, James Houghton, Henry Ledyard, Argil Houser, Albert Bell, Donald McMillen. Early day members Included: The J. W. Sponslors, The A. A. RcuHdeges. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hirst, Capt. E. A. Smith, Mrs. Lydla Underwood, Mrs. Henrietta Brlggs-Wall, The Fontrons, the Lelghtys. Judge Bibbs and family, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hartman, Mrs. Nellie Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Caskey and family, Judge W. H. Baker and Arthur William Smith and his wife, Lenora. 0H1M —&~Son$ FUNERAL HOME NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS IK OAKft Of 1* GOLDEN MM 134 East Sherman, Hutchinson MEMOEF? DY INVITATION o By DOCOTOR MEDICUS Q. Will you discuss again the matter of injuries from power lawn mowers? A. Although the power mowing season is about over, serious injuries continue. A generation past, with shoulder and leg power the only driving force, a wire in the mower blades was merely an annoyance — and one which the operator tried hard to avoid. Now an encounter with pieces, of wire may well lend the character of a military infiltration course to one's front lawn. The fire power may not equal the Vietnam skirmishes, but the projectiles may be just as lethal. With the thousands of rpm's of modern power mowers, steel wire and metal structures are^ as butter, and their shattered pieces can develop the speed of a rifle bullet Doctors or a mortar shell fragment. Children are the most common victims the drs. ans. whether bystanders, passengers on riding mowers or operators of the machine, the power of which exceeds childhood understanding. In addition to injuries from thrown projectiles, by standers playing in the area of power mowing operations some times fall or slip in front of on coming blades. Death has resulted from such accidents and major amputations of arms or feet are common results. Riding passengers can also suffer amputations, as feet drag unnoticed in danger areas. The temptation to clear debris from the region of the blades Is a common hazard when young children are charged with operating a power mower, and fingers The Answer Frigidaire! 1-18 laundry pair has Permanent Press Care Permanent Press Care on both washer and dryer. Gentle agitation with cool-down rinses. Controlled Flowing Heat with automatic cool-down period. Together they help prevent Exclusive wrinkles—save ironing. Jet Circle Spray Frigidaire Skinny Mini. Fits almost anywhere. (Only 2 feet wide) Installs almost anywhere. Where the wash Is—kitchen, uath, nursery...anywhere you can get adequate wiring, plumbing and venting. Family-Size. Washes and dries family, size loads—at the same time or Independently. Permanent Press Care. In both Washer & Dryer. Helps no-iron clothes keep their promise. Dacron dryer lint screen. Fine mesh removes lint particles. Easy to reach (or cleaning. 2-Speed Washer. Regular plus Delicate settings for the fabric flexibility a family washer must have. Model LC-2 laundry Confer 339 95 Ex. First & Washington 662-2353 may then be discarded along with the trash. So when it comes time to "do" the power mowing, keep spectators clear, especially the younger ones. Respect the whirring blades for the power they possess and keep digits—fingers and toes—at a healthy distance. Clear all foreign matter—especially pieces of metal—from grass before starting. A few such precautions may keep a peaceful bucolic scene from becoming one of grisly tragedy. FANTASTIC CASE OF THE WEEK. Who Pulled His Chain? Small children are known to investigate new objects by the sense of taste. So mothers must be constantly alert to he possibilities of merchandise of all descriptions finding its way into youngsters' throats. Kids are quick, and can surprise you with what they can get "down." A two-year-old boy was treated recently at a New York hospital after he was found to be turning slightly blue from time to time. There was no apparent difficulty in breathing, but the parent related that the child, had swal­ lowed a "pull chain" from a light fixture. X-rays revealed the entire chain, seven inches long, lying partly within the main windpipe and dangling partially into each lung. By use of a bronchoscope, the object was retrieved without difficulty and the child recovered well. The amazing part of this case was how such a long, flexible object could be maneuvered past the vocal cords of a small child, apparently with one fell "whoop", and cause no more obstruction of the airway than it did. (The Reno County Medical Society wet comes questions from readers. Please send your questions In a sealed envelope to The Hutchinson News, care of Dr, Medicus, Box 191. Hutchinson, Kan. Your letters will be forwarded urv opened to the Medical Society. Personal replies are not possible). FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Don't keep worrying whether your false teeth are going to come loose at the wrong time. For more security and more comfort. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. FASTEETH holds false teeth firmer longer. Makes eating easier. It's not acid. No gooey, pasty, gummy taste. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See your dentist regularly. Get FASTEETH at all drug counters. Hutchinson News*- Monday, Sept. 13, 1971 Page 12 We can help you help the Invalid FOLDING ATTRACTIVE WHEEL CHAIRS • Tilt-Eze Trays • Hospital Gowns • Foam Slant Pillows • Blanket Supports • Patient Lifters • Canes - Walkers • Bathtub Safety Aids • Artificial Lambs Wool Bed Pads Phone MO 2-2375 RENTAL SALES-SERVICE 615 N. Main The lovely new Fall Fashions Need the Very Best Of Care ... And we can give them the very best cleaning. They will stay looking just like II new! Try Us! "Don't Get Nervous, We Have Fast Service" CLEANERS & LAUNDRY 3 Locations to Serve You • 721 E. 4th • 13th & Main • 5th & Adams BANKAMdRlCARD. U'i'tPmf./ir.i GREAT MEAT BUYS SAFEWAY Hormel Link Sausage Meat Entrees Sliced Beef Liver Whole Fryer Legs FROM SAFEWAY DISCOUNT Fritter Qu««n Littl. 12-ei. # Q C SfuUrt Pkg. OT 2 i M.39 Alwayi Freth GOV'T. Inipcctttf tt .69< *.59< Fryer Breasts Sliced Bacon Sliced Bacon Skinless Wieners Got'r. Rib. Attache.' Wil.on'. Corn Country Red.* 1 3 Is. V«. r .«k ' * fkf, At MM *.59< *U9 49' Boneless Ham Canned Ham Sliced Bologna Tender Mod* Whole or Half Safewoy Fully Cooked .vM.39 3£„*2.99 3 JEM .00 Beef Swiss Ctaxlr USDA CM " aieaK RounJ Ban. DOC Pork Shoulder Steak Pure Pork Sausage Cooked Perch Fillets c °^.' Frozen Fish Seml- BonelcM Cudahr Bor V *.69« *.49« i .79« Sticks c S* t - ^73« LOW LOW DISCOUNT PRICE! USDA CHOICE BEEF , ROLLED, TIED, CHUCK BONELESS POT ROAST c LOW LOW DISCOUNT MEAT PRICES! lb. Safeway Pickle, Mac, Olive, Bologna, Salami Lunch Meat Sliced Bacon Boneless Ham Large Bologna Beef Chuck Steak Swift's Premium or Armour's Star Wilson's Savory Cooked Whole, Half or End 3»»'1.00 69' 99* 49' 69 c Sterling Brand By the Piece lb. USDA Choice Blade Cuts LOW LOW DISCOUNT PRICES! Musselman's A Real Bargain Scotch Treat A Marvelous Flavor Highway Brand 8 12-oz. Can 16-er. ,$1 Applesauce Orange Juice Pork & Beans Enriched Flour V7gs 5 White Paper Plates Safeway Corn Flakes ;;39 c SAFEWAY W^^f!^,:" DISCOUNT U*tfS$$0^^^ PRICE! lb. Bag 5 s 1.00 39' 1.00 ||c GROUND BEEF] Safeway Brand Flavor Holding Pack , Brocade Pkg. of | 9 Inch ISO lb. V* Sliced into 9 toll First and Center Chops PORK LOIN c lb. 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PURE VEGETABLE CRISCO SHORTENING 3 Pound Can 89"

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