The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 28, 1996 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1996
Page 17
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THE SALINA JOURNAL Almanac SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1996 B7 HOROSCOPES ; JOYCE ! JILLSON i Creators Syndicate Inc. • ARIES (March 21-April 19). Your intuition is ',', right on. Make an overture to an attractive co-worker '',and get a favorable response. Your ideas are •'•whimsical and exciting. Set the example for family "members who feud at the drop of a hat. ' n • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). Get more ,i [information before taking the plunge. Pay thought to ; Jhe future. You easily catch the eye of a Gemini or :;;Aries, but you must decide quickly what to do with their attention or the moment will be gone. A friend is generous. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Catch up with yourself before beginning a new chapter. Friends from afar make themselves heard. Enhance your appearance and you'll look and feel great. You'll have a blast with a Cancer or Aries. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). You're sure to find a bargain if you shop today. Look for ways to get to the bottom of a fear once and for all. You see through people's words today and decipher their true meaning. ,. * Keep everything uncluttered. ;;: • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). It's better to work with 11 another person or a small group. You're on a roll, so ! I'.embrace your ambitious nature. Life begins to J | measure up to your fantasies. You can learn who is infriend and who is foe. Relax with lots of music. ;:; • TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (September 28). YOU «'have built a solid base for yourself; now, don't be I!'afraid to claim your success. Present your creative )-side In interviews over the next few months and employers will be excited about the potential of working with you. Your best signs for love are Cancer and Pisces. Enlist the aid of a relative and a business idea can make money by late November. 3 • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). It's OK to give up on .people you never could count on. Something you've worried about turns out fine. Rather than procrastinating, begin todayl Laughter is infectious, so let it ring. Take a chance on one you've been "eyeing. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Chalk this up as a day "to remember by embarking in a journey or event -outdoors. An evening with your lover refreshes you. An intriguing stranger grabs your attention. Be very "honest with yourself. a • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). The generation "gap seems nonexistent. You see things in a "sympathetic light. ^A blossoming relationship puts spring in your step. Try a new recipe or restaurant when entertaining. A Taurus is thinking about you. • SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Express yourself verbally, and you'll be glad you did. Re- ^stablishing contact with an old mate brings new loye. Be firm with .demands at work for desired ,,results. Resolve to change. - • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You have second thoughts about a flailing relationship, but you can breathe new life into it if you still care. Relaxing at home helps you to gain composure. Sort through junk mail to intercept a wonderful bonus. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Others sense your openness, so expect attention. Intellectual conversations teach you a life lesson. Quiet time is good for reflection. An adversary is gone - or possibly was never really an adversary in the first place. , • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). You have great compassion. Don't allow loved ones to giggle and poke fun. Sign a document to speed up a lengthy process. You see yourself mirrored in a partner. Give -- someone a second chance. HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line Category 7827 Salina today WEATHER Kansas today 73 HIGH 50 LOW Today, warmer and mostly sunny. The high 73. Northwest wind 10 to 20 mph. Tonight, mostly clear. The low 50. 7:18 p.m. Today's Sunset 7:24 a.m. Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast • TODAY: Warmer and mostly sunny. Highs in the 70s, except near 80 northwest. • TONIGHT: Mostly clear. Lows from the mid-40s northwest to the mid-50s south central. • SUNDAY: Warm. Partly cloudy northeast and mostly sunny elsewhere. Highs from 75 to 85. • MONDAY: Dry through the period. Lows 45 to 55. Highs 80 to 85 southwest to 75 to 80 elsewhere. • TUESDAY: Dry through the period. Lows 45 to 55. Highs 80 to 85 southwest to 75 to 80 elsewhere. Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record /Year High 64 78 101/1911 Low 44 53 32/1903 • High and low to 6p.m PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. None September to date 4.44 Average September 3.51 Year to date 29.39 Average year through September 24.43 Average year 28.95 DAILY WEATHER • Call COMMUNITY line M Category 9494 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol \\\ Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow 60s 90s FRONTS: COLD WARM STATIONARY Pressure H L EE3 E3 LSI HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville Belolt Chanute Concordia Dodge City Emporia Garden City Goodland Hutchinson Lawrence Manhattan Plttsburg Russell Topeka Wichita HI 62 61 63 61 58 63 57 56 62 62 63 61 61 63 62 LO PREC 38 .38 48 37 • ••-. 40 46 37 32 45 47 43 47 36 46 48 Anchorage Atlanta- .•• Boston Chicago Dallas-R Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 43 75 71 61 79 69 70 86 86 71 72 67 91 95 70 LO 35 68 55 47 45 38 41 58 64 61 40 38 72 68 55 OTLK Cldy Rain Cldy Cldy Clr Clr Clr Clr Clr Cldy Clr Cldy Cldy Clr Clr PEOPLE Naomi swears she'll eat LONDON — This time, Naomi Campbell swears, she will turn up for the occasional bite to eat. The supermodel appeared Thursday at the opening of London's Fashion Cafe, a theme restaurant she owns with fellow catwalkers Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Christy Turlington. CAMPBELL "There's a corner spot CAMPBELL that I can call my table," she said. "I can have my meetings there." Yeah, right. When the first Fashion Cafe opened last year in New York's Rockefeller Center, there were similar pledges, but nary a noticeable nosh. The opening in a crowded, noisy Piccadilly Circus locale was timed to coincide with London Fashion Week. Turlington wore a black satin gown, Campbell was in figure-hugging gray and Schiffer all in white with flared pants. Macpherson was unable to make it. Angelou adds music to poems WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The next time Maya Angelou recites her best-known poem in public, she'll have some serious musical accompaniment. A new symphonic piece, "Since Dawn (A Tone Poem for Narrator, Chorus and Orchestra based on Maya Angelou's 'On the Pulse of Morning')" premieres tonight at Wake Forest University chapel. Angelou, 67, will be the narrator, with the Winston-Salem Piedmont Triad Symphony performing the music written by Dan Locklair, the university's composer-in-residence. Angelou has been a poet, author, dancer, actress, playwright, civil rights activist and educator for more than four decades. But some Americans got their first exposure to her work when she read the poem at President Clinton's inauguration in 1992. Kennedys can't elude photogs NEW YORK — John F. Kennedy Jr. and his bride gave the tabloids the slip during the wedding, but the photographers tracked down the honeymooners in Turkey. Rumor had it Kennedy and his bride, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, had secluded themselves on a yacht. But the Globe said it found the lovebirds in Istanbul and plans to run 15 pictures of them next week. The Kennedys reportedly stayed at a luxury hotel jammed with soccer fans who were too worked up over a big game to notice them. From Wire Service Reports ANGELOU MOVIES * Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent * Prlmetlme & Seniors $3.50 Other Times $5.50 INDEPENDENCE DAY PG13 (*1:30-*4:15)-9:35 Central • 2 hours 20 min. FIRST KID PG ** (•1:45-*4:30)-7:15-9:20 i" Central • 1 hour 41 min. ;;FLY AWAY HOME PG (•1:35-*4:20)-7:05-9:25 Central • 1 hour 47 min. FIRST WIVES CLUB PG > ** (*1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:30 Central • 1 hour 43 min. TIN CUP R *** (*1:30-'4:15)-7:00-9:30 Mid-State • 2 hours 10 min. LAST MAN STANDING R * (•1:35-*4:20)-7:05-9:25 Mid-State • 1 hour 42 min. EXTREME MEASURES R *** (•2:00-*4:30)-7:00-9:30 Sunset • 1 hour 57 min. ALASKA PG *** ('2:05-'4:35)-7:05-9:25 Sunset • 1 hour 50 min. T ADVICE A teen's lament makes would-be moms think twice ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. Dear Ann Landers: I am 81 and have read your column for many years. I think you and the rest of the country are missing the point when you try to tell young girls not to get pregnant. They think it's cool. You should suggest that they spend one week living with an unmarried teen-ager and her child. Let them try taking care of the child's feeding and diapers and waking up in the middle of the night. It would be a learning experience. Teen-agers don't pay much attention to what you say, but seeing is believing. — Ben in Mayfield Heights, Ohio Dear Ben: Something I printed a few years ago says it better than anything I could come up with. Here it is: Teenage Lament by Nancy Curtis The new morality — and freedom. From classes — what a drag! From Mom and Dad — always arguing. From homework — senseless hours. From discipline — useless. From church — a bore. I'm my own woman now. Made so by one decision. One hour of love and pleasure. Free now to look at my cheerleading sweater hanging in the closet. My books and basketball schedule resting on the shelf. My material for a prom formal — never made — as it sits amid the remnants of the fabric left over from my maternity tops. My medals from band and choir, forsaken in the clutter of a jewelry box. My friends passing by my window, Laughing over the gossip column in the school paper And giggling over who will be the next to experience The new morality — and freedom. For cleaning — what a drag! For him — always arguing. For ironing — senseless hours. For dishes — useless. For cooking — a bore. For sex — a hangup. Oh God, if you are there, Please let someone take this crying baby off my hands And let my feet dance once more. I am so old. And I was never young. Dear Ann Landers: Several months ago, you printed a nurse's essay about failed suicides. At the time, I was at a very low point in my life due to chemotherapy treatments that didn't seem to be working. I was miserable and contemplating suicide. After reading that letter in your column, I realized that a suicide attempt might not be successful and I might be left in a vegetative state, a terrible burden to my family. That thought, plus my two grandchildren, kept me alive. Ultimately, the chemotherapy did take effect, and I'm going to have several more years of a good life. Thank you for printing that letter, Ann. I hope a lot of people benefited from reading it. I certainly did. — Glad to Be Alive and Still Kicking in Illinois Dear Glad: You've proved a point well worth repeating. People who are depressed need to know it will get better. The fog will lift. The sun will shine again. Gem of the Day: Most creative alibi of the week: "Honestly, officer, I was only trying to get up enough speed so I could coast to the gas station up the road." TV TONIGHT Best bets - • 8 p.m. — "Coach," ABC, Salina cable channels 9 & 10. Season ...premiere, • 8 p.m. — "Early Edition," CBS, Salina cable channels 5 & 12. r.Series premiere. An ordinary man copes with the responsibilities of deceiving the next day's news on |his doorstep each morning. This episode: Gary plays the horses. • • 8p.m. —"Married... With Children," Fox, Salina cable channels 4 & 7. Season premiere. • 8:30 p.m. — "Common Law," "9:30 p.m., ABC, Salina cable channels 9 & 10. Series premiere. ''A lawyer is torn between his prestigious career and his blue- 'collar roots. This episode: John's "friend is jailed. ' • 8:30 p.m. — "Love and Marriage," Fox, Salina cable channels 4 & 7. Series premiere. The Nardinis envy and admire their more fortunate neighbors, the Beggs. • 10:30 p.m. — "Saturday Night Live," NBC, Salina cable channels ( 3 & 13. Season premiere. Host: Tom Hanks with Tom Petty & the —Heartbreakers. Nat King Cole 68393 Dark Skies 5577 O Medicine Woman 11409 Dotsero - Second Set 37409 a Cops 30515 Cops 56041 a Second Noah 45637 Second Noah 66935 Medicine Woman 51003 m CD 7:00 7:30 Lawrence Welk Show 77041 lops 74935 |CopS 90461 .awrence Welk Show 22577 Dark Skies 405935 8:00 8:30 Pretender 4225 Married 83683 Love-Marriage Early Edition 20157 9:00 9:30 Austin City Limits 64577 Music 21461 Profiler 4461 Extra 13409 Walker, Texas Ranger 38333 10:00 News 35515 SNL 14393 10:30 'Diner" 58157 Mad TV 16596 News 3630549 Deep Space 9 High School Football Topeka High at Salina South, 836480 Married 16935 Love-Marriage News 46751 All Creatures 31225 Coach 65225 Coach 4393 Common Law Common 3428 Early Edition 60751 Pretender 414683 News 53886 Job 60225 Mad TV Movie * *» "Take a Letter, Darling" (1942) 34312 Relativity 95041 Relativity 62119 Walker, Texas Ranger 80515 Profiler 401119 Movie "Sorcerer" (CC) Cont'd Movie "Police Academy" (1984) 1710190 |Prlmellme Movie Cont'd Movie "The Great Outdoors" (1988) 2608157 Movie "Poison Ivy II: Lily" (1996) Alyssa Milano. (CC) 287751 Movie * *s "The Prophecy" (1995) (CC) 1325190 News 3746916 Roseanne News 8859515 News 8844683 News 568003 SNL 548409 Baywatch Gunsmoke ** "Mike's Murder" 2895022 Blues Family Reunion 51846886 Movie "Soldier Boyz" (1995) (CC) 302409 Movie "Village of the Damned" 4087683 Movie "Braveheart" (1995) A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England. 948732 Hookers atthe Point 875770 Movie "While You Were Sleeping" 3708138 Roger Gorman Presents 2683206 News 945003 [Sports Sal. |Larry King Weekend 779913 World Today 379157 College Football: Ore. at Ariz. St. or Ore. SI. at Calif. 4927461 Father Murphy 8267515 [Palmerstown U.S.A. 8243935 Movie * *H "Rio Diablo" (1993) Kenny Rogers. 289119 Color 2888732 Color 6889003 Family Showcase 8263799 862732 6637409 91158041 Women Red Shoe Sports Tonight (CC) 129634 Miami Vice 7232577 Door 5462206 Center Street Movie * * * "Rough Night In Jericho" (1967) 470670 Movie "McConnell" Cont'd WENN 337935 Movie "Son of Fury" (1942) 1544954 "McConnell Stry" 38463916 Opry 788751 My So-Called Life 725567 KathyS Mo Show 1911374 m College Football 6992428 College Football Kansas at Utah. (Live) 7354225 Movie "Rambo III" (CC) Cont'd ED Heat of Night 882041 Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Montreal Expos. (Live) (CC) 145683 Movie "Little Big Man" (1970) 863577 7:00 7:30 Opry 411577 8:00 8:30 Statler Bros. 875751 CMA Preview 895! MTV Jams Countdown 420175 A-List 3884428 Lewis 3863935 lollege Football: Pac-10 Game •• Teams TBA 636634 9:00 | 9:30 Opry 945119 Singled Out Dream On Real World Road Rules Dream On Press Box 849461 lollege Football Texas at Virginia. (Live) (CC) 976515 Scoreboard 10:00 TompWnsSq. Tick 9781886 10:30 Opry 954867 Ren & Stlmpy PBA Bowling 819480 Sportscenter(CC)873312 Pacific Blue 674729 Weird Science Weird Science "Round Trip" 300916 Movie ** "Silent Rage" (1982) Chuck Morris. 879577 1960 World Series 24103577 I Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle M&M 6975770 Sports Chall. Movie "Death Ring" 141206 Major League Baseball Chicago White Sox at Minnesota Twins. (Live) 509848 Movie **» "Passion and Paradise" (1989) Cont'd America After Hours 8460157 Rivera Live 8446577 Charles Grodin 8459041 Movie * * * * "The Maltese Falcon" (1941) 5592480 Movie * * * s "Murder, My Sweet" (1945) 7963683 Would You Believe H? 412225 Psychic Powers (R) 498645 Operation 891799 Secret of Alex Space Cases Biography This Week 407393 Investigative Reports 416041 Human Experience 877119 ANThat 986225 Pete & Pete Hit List 657577 Traders 125503 Sports Edge Fant. Baseball News 576003 897428 Elayne Booster 975080 Tim Russert Gerry Spence Justice Files 418409 Fangsl 411596 Chrome Dreams 880683 Operation 883770 Lucy 771480 Lucy and Desi 747119 Happy Days American Film Institute Salute to Clint Eastwood 426428 Comlcview 409867 Sabado Gigante Internaclonal 787916 Movie "A Killing Affair" Cont'd Rocky-Bullwln [Underdog Models Inc. 598175 Roger Ramjet [George-Jungle Stern 395190 Stern 837751 Talk Soup 243008 Paid 559461 Benson 'Travesuras Sup" 94848 Bugs & Daffy 1948428 2 Stupid Dogs S PBS, Bunker Hill NBC, Wichita O Fox, Wlchita-Salina 0 CBS, Topeka O Access 6, Salina S Fox, Kansas City PBS, Wichita Q ABC, Kansas City Q) ABC, Wichita ID Prevue 19 CBS, Wichita ID NBC, Kansas City 03 Encore |Q Disney I Weather Channel I Clnemax I Starz I Education Access I Government Access I HBO I Showtime fflCNN 2) Headline News ffl C-Span S3 Home Shopping Network SJQVC BDf/x 00 Faith & Values B8 Family Channel EB Prime Sports Network EQ WON, Chicago ID American Movie Classics 3D ESPN EB Cable Health Club IB Nashville Network E3 ESPN2 EQ Lifetime EEJ Country Music TV 09 USA Network GB C-Span 2 IB MTV CD TNT 00 CNBC fB VH1 03 WTBS, Atlanta 09 Court TV 63 Comedy Central QQ Prime Sports Showcase 09 MSNBC TVI Discovery The Learning Channel Mind Extension Nickelodeon Arts & Entertainment BET S3 Unlvlslon GBKTOSalina Marketplace SB El Q0 Cartoon Network S Food Channel Newsport 10-69 Request

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