Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 12, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 3
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' lisWSDAY FBOS JOPLIX. 60f| ONE $25.00 PRIZE SGHOQLI EXBOLLMENT THIS TEAE IS LABOER THAN LAST. iTbese Wlio HaTf Been Work In:; V\\ a I Lecture, Courso AtrHlii This Year ; \ Aftlioiiiired Tlint II Wm Re u Go. i. I Got $25. . The' members of "the local Are department] who attendeil the South- iwestelni Firemen's association meet- 'Ing at .oplln. Mo., returned yester- ^ly, afternoon. AlthouKh thoy did not Icotlipete, tor any prizes they wore atirirded |25 for the team coniiUR the lonfest Ulstanee t.» the meeting. 3ryan Club Tonight. The B'ynn club will nn'.a in nick's ball this ovenlnR. 1\ .1. Oyler and' Chas. H. Apt. of lola will .speak. It Larger Than 1907. The Enrollment of the t-iiy sclionl fills ypkr l8 larger than last, li now Is 465, which Is several more iliaii list year at-,this time. Thf enioU- ment byj bulldlnRs follows; .South Itoildlngjse: north hulldiuK. ^OS: Con- ereto;, 21.. Before all of tJie pupils at Concv-io conld bei seated It was nece.ssary to CQiilp the })Ulidlng: with' more seats. . " Hay.Rack Ride. The members of the Choral Club of this cltyj went to Humboldt la,?i evening to attend the band concert. 'V9^en tliey reached there they found tti ^re.was no concert. However, they •aytheylenjoyed the ride. I Is a Go. It is now practically nssurod that the, Gas jClty people will have another lecture course this winter. TI IOKO "Who haye been promotiuK r.ueh a <M>urse this year aunouneod yfsifr- day tliat|they had recelv,'d .s!ifli<;ie?it encouragement to insure (he Kuc .?ess of a good" course. K Sdenca bai tM%t tons beyond tta AboteslmfleatBtcmentotscriptifte. But it has Uimnlniited that »tatei>wiit and given It a meaning ever broadening with the increasing breidth of knowledge. When^ntiia blood Is rbad" or. Itapore it is not'alotu the .body which suit^ throng dUcase.' The brain -la also clouded. Hb!> mind abd jadgement ara 1 n evil deed or Impure y traced to the curing, pimples, blotebea, eruptions and other cutaneous aijections, as eczema, tetter, or salt-rhcu^, btves and other manifestations of impure blood. ® ® ® 1.9 (s> ' • In the cure of scro. ulous swellings, enlarged glands, open bating ulcers, ur old 6ores, the "Golden M^lcal DIkcovery "has performed the most n arvelous cures. In rases off old sores, otj open eating ulcers. It is well to apply t^ the 0(>en'sores Dr. Pierce's Ail-Headng! Salve, which possesses wonderful hJaling potency nben used as an appllcatii^n to the sores In conjunction with the Uitk of "Golden .Medical Discovery " as a bl «|bd cleansing constitutional treatment! If your druggist don't happen to have the "All-Healing Salve" in st<H 'k, youU-an easily procure It by Inclosing flfty-foiir cents In postage stamps to Dr. R. V. Ifiercc. ti<a .Main St., Buffalo, N. v., and ill wtll come lu you by return post. Most druggists keep it us well as the ".Gulden Medical Discovery* ® ® ® (S> :® ® You can't afford uljaccept liny medicine of loil .-TKiicn cfimitnmXmx as a substiicto for "Golden Medical ni .<covery," which Is a medicino OP having a complete ;owN coMPosmojj, list of Ingrt'dicnts In same l«»ing attfstt^d Dr. Pierce's ri .>a plain Entjllsli on ita tvjttle-wrapp«'r, the |is correct nnd<^r oatli. i.".nt relk-t.<< reeniate and invigorate stonjacL. liver and bowel:L anxious that . tho eliurch ami frici j innnibers of ili< ds attend. .l> .\ew Torfc Invalid's Dream Brins* About BU I'nnsaal reremMDj. New York. .Sept. li'.—In order to propitiate the waters and thus bring health to an ill woman, a ceremony at iince peculiar and solemn was performed .vesterdaj by three Italian women and two m(>n In the waten^t of the bay off the Battery. Inra .Mania, who was aceomplisheil by her mother and father, one other woman and an uncle. h:^d dreamed that if she blessed the water she, who had het >n III for two years would recover her health. Kii-.;nKlnK :> boatman, thp five put off into the Ijay. I^'ive hundred feet toward the slion- of Governor's Island the lioar was allowed to drift and one (if ihf wometj drew from a |>ocket rt bottle of Witter and part of a beef in-art. chopppd fine. With the water from the bottle'.<;he sprinkled the heart ;ind .'Jcjiiiered itriine of the pieces in the t)fl>. Thf» liottii- was then pas.sed to the ill woman, who took it and sprinkled .st.nie on ilie lieaii. which she ate, castitiK some also upon ibe water. This ceremony was rcj)eate<i by the •ilher.s of the party, -iftf^r which they •ill lalsed, their ever and muttered a luajer. Several IliiUaus on the pier were i<i*>.>tioiii'd rt'Kardlm; tin- «'ereniony, ':ui iiotit> i-oiilil be fi'iiind who bad fV •X siiu in- heard of it before. The '.•iilitT i .i' :iie Kil'l said, through an lu- •i rprelir. thai the riit- hail been per- fonned III please bis daughter, who iiail dieaiutd that it would cure lipr of at'i nial::dy. SHUT OFF MONDAY Campbell, pastor. North End Church, itible scr.ooi at|^ '^•A',. Closes at lii:55. Morning sir .inon at II. Subject, "Prayf^r a WorUins Forci» in the I.ilt* of Paul." .lu lior .MeetiUK :« \ounB People 's biayer-meeting at 7:4.'i. Bveiiing ser lion at Srl.'i. Prayer meeting on Thiirsd.Tv •••venin«r^ iu tni' ieiMUff room, i .All an- cordi-illv welcome to tli»-sf ; sfi vlc<-s. W, .\. l.»»c))er. pastor. j Personals, llisd rt.eves of ( llelinipunt.-i in (lUs and Water .Senire llasle Ye to the City Clerk tVhile Vet Then- Is Time. Clerks in tbi' offlcc nf Charles K. WVndorff. city cV-rki wi-re busy todaj tuakiiiR out a list of deiinqueni consumers ill the Kas, elfciilcal and water deparlinenis, and .Monday the gas In- .-:pccior will lif.eln tb<' work of cutting off all patrons who liave not paid tlieir l>ill.'< Tor public Utility .Sfrvice. •|:ii' list of dflitii|ueiiis contaiu .••ev- iT .tl hundied names. Many of these, liowi'.f-r, ari' peoplf who have lufrely iiigli'Clnl lo call at 111!' offlfi' of the c.Tk and pay and ihi-y will probably Methodist Episcooal Church. yesterday visit in^ j leave soon for Kai ^JFas City, where lie iiiaki' ii to thp oflicp and .seciir»» ii rf>- !)ierrvval<^ was Kere'ceipi In-fore tin- inspt-eior gets lo th»»m. fisends. He 'will I ! expects to get work. Services at'the'Methodist Eplsropal I w. R. Treadle church ,ifext Sunday as follows: Sun-'re-inir from an at<! day sclitJol at 10; C. D. Eakln. sup- is .said to be inini] erintendenl. Mrs. i'.en'a Anderson, tion has been quit^ superintendent of .lunlor department. .\. n. RerasberR ieturned yesterday' Preaching at 11. meeting at 12. from Preston. .\ri|i... where he has - C. D. li^ken leader, .lunlor League been on a buslnesf , at 3. Mjrs. D. M. Campbell and .Mr.s. several davs. ••' C. D : Kaken. superintendents. Ep- William Livings worth League at 7. Ray Ourley, pres- hut formerly of tl V IdenL Preachiue "at 8. We are very yesterday afternoo ' Mi ho has -been suf- principal of the Cas City si-)iool.s. re- |ick of pneumonia ports that ihp enrolliiu-nt of ib.- Cher- livine. His conci- ryvale schools, rif wliich he is now seHous. i principal. Is \S>1\. Ramsey .Makes Report. ) Superintendent Itamsey, fonijerly .Ur. Srnll at Richmend. visit for the past Coagressmau Cba.<:. I'. Scott and, Private secretary. H. V. Ciilley. left jon of Corfeyvillo ibis uuirniu}? for Iticbinond. rranklin city, was here roiinty. where Mr. Scott is to address on business. a (lul .lic meptitig. Cfr^ii*, Ida, TomigM im mmm ihb mtmgaai iM9f Dress Oood^, SUks snd MHUnsry All on aimgamy mi Spmolml PHamm: Smm wimlow Mmplmjm Thk Mew Gmmim Arm Bmglnnlag to ItSove. RlchardsOn^^ eiiuin iiKi II f ^1. uu raci D M» Op*a >t I.M u>« r- tieketo Mdi Bosfbcred reserled seats wOl lie on sale show day at i. W. Calfey * Ron'r Jmrtfry mf o( Sgaire, at eudi flit kime price chajged In Uif regalir ticket wigons on the »haw grmiMU. NEEDMOREOFFCERS I General Funeton Says Thii Department in His Ai^nual Report. Washington, SepL 12.—Inl his annual' report to the war department. General Frederick Funston. dommander of -the department of California ex- pi^esses the hope that the war department will .succeed in jits efforts to obtain an ailditional number of of- flcnrs to take the place of those on detached duty from their organizations, lie adds that that Is the vital question affecting greatly the olile- lenrv of the army. "The beneficial results aitlclpated from recent legi.qtaiion inert ^slng thie pay of t!-.e army," says Oeieral Funston, "are already becoming apparent Comn.iny commanders report that a much larger proportion of I desirable men are re-enlistiiu: than was formerly the case and tliat former soldiers are rettirning to the ser,Vice The feeling akin to hopelessness that has hung over the army sinceJthe close of active operation in the Fhilippines has given away to the better spirit, and as a result of greater content- megt there is an increased i iterest in tlie i»f>rformance of duty, apd conse quently In elBciency." k to War IT WAS TAG DAY \ K. r. ¥AX TO OXFORD. Keorae Patnani l.< the Second Rhodes Scholar Pron Ijiwreace. Kansa.-; City. Sept. (ieorpe E. Puimm of Ottawa, who] is the latest C»-cil Rhules .scholar from' was in Kansas Cifyla.^i ni^hi on his way lo Now York. He will sail for fr^iigl.ind on Sepiembrr I'U to enter O.xfoid universii.v. .Mr. Putnam is the second Rhoiles scholar from the Cniver.^iiy of Kan.aas Karl W. .Murray, assi.stnnt pryfe.ssor of ' •>i'-i, fini.<«hed his Oxford ««ir.«e In l!»07. , , Putnam, who is only 21 years old. was graduated from the ITnifrersiiy of Kansas with the class of I (aft7. before going to Ijwrence he attended the Ottawa university at Ottawa. Kas.. for two years. During his four years in !h.^ two Kansas schools |lip never faile.l iu a .subject or received a Krade iK -low 00 per cent. j From Kansas Putnam went to Yale, having .secured a fellowship.: He wa.s zraniPd » ma.ster'.^ degree there last ,Mjn«'. Putnam's father i? tin- owner of a ranch near Ottawa, Kas. George has l>een working with his father during his >'acaiIon this summer. Tie schoN •inblp to Oxford pay.i $I,r.ftO annually for •« nerlod of three .vear.-. Putnam expects to follow out his polijiical science at 0.vford. FIVE PER CENT l>KVTH RATE. .Wocli SicknF .<i.H Amone: Old Soldiers at Hodge City Home. Topeka. Sept. 12.—The i average death rate at ih»» state soldielrs' home at Dotlge City diiriui: the iNist yejir Was ."i per cent, acciirdinp to the an- jniial re]H>rt of Conimatidant S. II. Thoma.s. The i>opulaiiiui of tiiie home I K .*.<»!» aii .l twenty-live ftersAns died during the year. Of these, eighteen Were soldler.s. six were wive: of soldiers or widows and one wa -t a son of a soldier. That disease is rapidly cree ling up«>n the Mildiers is evldence«l by the fact iliat (he physician i>f the hoite made more than ."..otxi calls during he year. That is |>erlia|>s three times ;ts many calls as n ph.vslcian of a ciuiiiiry town with .'itMi nopulatliut would n ake. It cost the slate $l6t*. per aipUa to maintain the home and $171 |>er capita to maintain the Moth«;i Bickerdyke home, an rtdjttnct of the soldiors home, where army nurses aoi widows are kept. On account of i>e inch'nsin ; attendance at the hime the com nandant asks for lieavier appi«prialic ns next year. lie want.'i Kl.OrtO for nainten- ance. increas'? H .^MJU; $S|.O«0 for an in- fbuilding freight and transportation, crease of II .OOO; $10,000 for repairs :$2.0IM for new fiii|nlshlng8 for the cotUges: $10,i»ft«l for an electric light plant: $6i>0 tor a resident chaplain: $2,600 for nurses an in- ciyaae of $1,400 an.i $900 t«(r an as- sl.otant physician. ' AnnnaL Benefit for lola . Home on Today. Orphan's Were you '•tagged" today? If not. you ought to have been. This was the annual "tag day" for the lola Orphan's Home—their way of raising funds to help care for the parentless little ones in the home. Tah day is a simple hut effective proposition. The lag is only tJ shipping tag with this inscription: • -- » OR I'll A.\"s HOME. But it nK^ans. if yon are wearing one that you have coniribuied your mile to a mighty worthy cause and you have a right to feel the sweet con- sciusoess of havinc helped one of the klndlieKt charities in the world. All dey long, delegations representing the Home made the rounds of the business district, "tagging" whomsoever met and stores, offices, pedestrians anywhere, were not exempt. If could not be estimated this after noon how much the proceeds of this tag day would amount to. but the people are rr.memherin); the homelCoS little ones generously and the day will yield, doubile.a.s. quite ji .sum. Bartlesvllle Roasts Hayden. Some time ago Tom Hayden. who o»'ned the tola baseball teaih in the O. K. league became quite incena- . d hecniise a Parsoiis paper referred to him as a "tinhorn sport." Mr. Ilay- d'-n will probably not !«• pl«-aseii when he reads the following from the Rar- i|r'.svill<» Kxamlner relative - to the closing games of the O. K. league: It is hinted that Tulsa money pur- cha.sed t^c. whiski-y that produced' a driink for the Bartlesville players. While that is not sportsman-like it Is no more than could l»e expected. .\gain. with hut nine Bartlesville men in uniform yesterday. John Ratirwine. .acting as a representative of Hayden. would not allow^ Ross Speck to play iu left field for the; locals, c'aiming that be had not heretofore played with the local team. At the time the game was six to four in favor of ttc visitors. Does any person suppose for an instant that McDaniel would have acted similarly, under like cin^umstances? He v.'ould have allowed the man lo go in and never questioned the propriety of the act hut not so with Hayden'3 bunch. Baseball Is a sport for the fair-minded public, those liking fair play and an even chance for ail. rhc bringing up of a technicality and playine: a petty, un- sportsman-like and baby tactfcs shows that the city of lot air is well represented by "T. C. Hayden. or at least John Sanrwine. his understudy. 1 Marry Newton to PcabMy. Harry Newton left day before yei :erd«y for Peabody where pe wll] kake charge of. an electric liglit plani Mr. ^fewtoIi until recently ha I a hbty atore on Kortb UlUtwi street Reports to Bradstreet's in New York is Improving in the West. \ New York. Sept.i 12.—Bradstreet's says today: The advance of the fall season and the notable enlargement of the mov<;ment of cereals and cot ton to market .at goo«l prices have mad*' for a further moderate expansion In jobbioK and retail trade and collections. This Is especially marked In Western. Paciflc coast and Sou thorn centers, hut itie point Is made that a great many si>ctlons have done better relatively than large industrial cities in the matter of n'tall trade, osalbly liecause of warm weather or the reduced purcha4ing power of city workers and xhe hl^h prices paid for (arm products. Induatrics too. have shown some luproTement. .notable in this respect being coal ami lumber interests. Au increase also is reported in blast furnace capacity, and (there is mort* doing at the paper mills. In the textile tradea little chan^^c is noted, and while the fall demand for dry coods,- millinery and kindired lines has im> proved, the consensus of reports Is that buying Is frequent rather than heavy, and con .ser ^tism rules purchasing. tANSING WANTS \% state Prison Town Wants to be City of the Third Class Now. r I.>anslbg Sept. 11.—The fifth attempt to incorporate Lansing into a city df the third is meeting with opptt- siiion and J[his with the fact that th.e p.'o-incon>ni^ation faction believes that it is gainink deserters from the anti- corporation! ranks will delay the firing of the petition. :The opposition prophesies high taxes, and the warmest of ttie opposition candidly admit that if they did not see increased taxes in incorporation they would favor the movement. Dr. .1. T. Faulknor. who is circulating one of the petitions, expressed bis opinion that the advantages to be derived from incorporation would more than counterbalance the raise in taxes. Dr. Faulkner said yesterday: i Taxing Tonganoxie. Easton and Linwood as a basis, in my case—they give a specific Rlustratlon—the Increase in taxes would be $3.S0. Now I pay $50 a year for coal. Lighting and beating my house would cost me not to exceed $15 a year If I used gaf. and incorporation makes this a-possibility. Mr. Springer,. superintendent of the Ijcavenworth Li.aht £ Heating, company, has said that he would plp^ gas to T.,ansing if he could yet a fraH- ichisc. The money I would save on gas in the first year would pay my a4- ditional taxes for over seven yeafi." rO¥FORTIXG WOtojt. Xany an lala HonselUild WiU FM TheJD !»«. To have the pains land aches af al bad back removed: to be entirely tt^j from annoying, dangcirods nrtnafy iBs' orders is enough to make any kidfi»y sniferer grateful. To tell bow this, great change can be brought atttm^, will prove comforting words to hod- dreds of lola readers. Mrs. Eliza Giliiban. of 814 North Washington street. lola. Kas.. safs: I bad kklney trouble for some time before I was aware of !L It steidily grew worse nntil I went to Colorad6 Springs to get relief. A staort. tloie.afr ler I returned the trouble came.back. I had such spells with my back, that I con id not arise from a chair wifhottt help, and it was impossible for me .to go up stairs. My feet and ankles swelled l>adly and the secretions from Ibe Ifidneys were very much disordered, I heard so favor of Doan's^ Kidney Pills tha!t 1 n.sM them, with fKA result that for a long time I was ooA- paratively free from my old tcotibles. At last throiigh doing some, overly hard work the difficulties rettrrnetl. but not for long for I at once pfoeored Doan's Kidney Pills at Chas. B. Spen- TRADE IS^BOOMIHGgsl ^£?~iSii'^ #st in.<;tance. During ib^ time that has since elapsed my back has not troubled me. there has been no Indications of swelling m my feet, or ankles, and the secretions from the kidnevs 'have given no sign of disorder." I-Tor sale by all dealers. Price 30 "lents. Foater-.Milburn Co.. Buffalo. .Vew York. .<io'e agents for the United Stafeit. Remember the name—Doan's—and •ake no other. Tni4 «H for Allea foanty Land. Lk B. Keifer. who has run a clothing store in Channte for the past nlhe- teen years, traded fits stock for a 2S7 acre tract of land liorth of Humboldt and some land neariCridley this week le consideration was 115.000. Had .<lUter In Ft. Seett. Mrs. Niu .Manter of this city, ye.<!. terday morning received a lelegrhm from Gas City announcing the death by suicide of her sister. Mrs. Theodore Danlel.s. Thursday uight about ten o'clock. She left on the morning train for Gas Cil.v. The remains were ^hrought tbroiiKh this city last night on bpeir way to .Vevada, where interment pwll take place today. Mrs. Mebzer was greatly shocked ai the news of her sister's death In such a manAer. The sister had visited here on a num- lier of occasions, and was iiuite well known in this city.—Pt. Scott Reinib- lican. • Xo Need to .Vpotegisew "Are you the editor of this sheetr* demanded the irrate visitor. •I'm the editoryof this paper." fe- plied the other. ' • "Weil. I'm 'Boss CrockiL' In yfinr noliticai screed you liken me to Bill Tweed. Tou-want to.Brint «n.apq]acy!* "What's the use? Tweed's'dead awl an apology wouldn't do him any gbbd." —Philadelphia Pres& .

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