The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1946 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 19
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Iseellaneous. ^ «8 ; Specials - valUM s-f 297 8-m-ti now «orr Jnunemateideiiv^rjv- reach-ini and .Hardwarei JOiS Chester-A.TOIUB -m at«r. i . . PIONEER. MBBCANTILB---Company , n» Jas to branch «ore;at--l024 Baker street! .East Ba-ker*fiela.:phonr<-«84r hardwire ~^«* ""boy-accessorre,, plumbinl "c! WE w^L iw-ipfe^a/ssrifl M -always ws^-will condition for you. ! us tor your has needs. • ' • „ ' Kern, Bag Service • ___ .Phone 3-3283' Bakerafield 129 CONCRETE blocks.^ 4x12, 6x12. Sxl2 cesspool blpclra, rouhd. corners; delivery •erne* available} Sllletfs. 1300 S atreV? Phone S-1838,-J'reaWence 2-OS11. J3i ONLY, the .VACOLITE hearing aid elve. you an adjuEtabIe,hear!«fir,.control thSt !a continuously variable. " Clement Herihey 1735 Center Bfrert, Phone 2-0571 ll-rS w«-Usually Hava the • - Hard-ta-Get. . Mower* - • • „ Screen Wire ' =Pressura Cookem Ironing Boards and Pads _ Gas Jleatmic. Stoves Electric-Heaters _ Fuel Oil Heaters Oil CooK Stoves and Ranses ' Built-in Ironing Boards -^Waterproof Covers for Boats s • Tents and-Tarpaulins, all sizes Chrome .Faucets " •Bath Tub . , Built-in Sbpe Racks Electric Light Fixtures Electric Wire,-12, 11, 10, 8, 6 . Drop Cord Fluorescent Fixtures -.Soil Fipa and Fittings Beach'in. Boxes ' , Soda Fountains • '-Electric Water fountains Radios Scales '- ftleat SHcers Clothes Wringers Electric Sander*'and Electric Waxers for Bent * Ross,Hardware & Restaurant Supple • 1322 Twentieth Phone 3-03S1 - ' 11-7-tf AVAILABLE . NOW—David White tran- iilt, small levels, rods, architectural and engineering -supplies.. - Robinson Blueprint Phohe 7-7834 - Sixteenth and N Streets ONE 2-rovr potato digger; one 1-row potato digger; one bay rake, 12-foot; one Killefer disci one Avery disc: one Bucyrus Erie winch, new. Call Mr. Burns. McFarland. 8-F-65: 8-29-tf . IMPROVED 12xl2-foot utility - houses with weather-resisting waterproof Cello-Siding. Easy to assemble. Price complete only $310. See them on display at the ,Sears Boebuck Farm Store on K Street Back of Main Store i - ll-2S-tf Dairymen Attention! SAVE on efficient labor saving Farm- Master milkers. Two single units complete with electric motor, vacuum pump and stall cocks, priced as low as $139 complete, at Sears. Roebuck Farm Store on'KTStrect, Back of Main Store ».-".' - ll-28-lf BEATERS, 'bathroom gas heaters, gas floor furnaces, 'oil burning heaters and Baa water heaters. US Sumner street. 129 INCINERATORS-, barbecue pits, fire department approved. See display at 115 Sumner street. ' 153 CHRISTMAS trees, Just arrived, 2600 to pick fiom. Beautiful silver tips and white firs, all sizes. Wholesale orders filled. Phone 2-9655, See at Fourteenth and Chester, -- , 123 DAIR/ST fertilizer, mechanically pulverized, for lawns, flowers, gardens, approximately Z-yard load, $6; 75c per eack, or $25 Urge dump truck load." Phono 2-4027. Rusk ' Dairy. Free delivery.. 137 Par Sale~--&|lscef!ah@ous IMPORTED Jbracelets. tins, 'rings. l!nl_. tapestries Genuine .leather -and olligato bjss and wallets. -Also antiques.' Open evenlnes and Sundays', - Tou will' (ire this convlenlent, for flhrlstmaa shopping "F ??Jf m r? r Hoase . at fhe-'BaKersfleld jnn, IXQl Onion avehue, , " " I2i TWO-BUP.JfiSR butane hotplates,, Jiorwate) immersion heater, countless uses; 60 fee extension cord, male and female conneo .'tiona. Frle* Trailer Sales, off-31 High way af Fierce Roafl. Phone 2-89frg. 12 TRAILER TIRES—We have used 6.00x16 «-p]y military trres ia'stoek that-are ides for all typeset uses, vegetable trailers cattle, cotton, ec. Priced to »ell, ,»4.95 Terms it desired* Boyaton "—• " and O streets to - S7.9S. Brothers. Eighteenth Phone 5--S97S. WHEELS AND RIMS—we have the est stock of wheels and 'rims in Bakers field. Do -yoo need tractor rims or rims for the mpwer-or planter?- We have thra in „ stock. . Alto r all ' size truck -wheels Boynton Brothers, Eighteenth and O streets. Phone '5-5S78. ' > ^ 11-.19-11 DAIRY Jertilizer-for lawn and garden. $5 load. 75o sack. 2-S03L Free delivery. Pbon - -, 147 Washing Machines' Repaired NEW white 1 wringer-rolU for al!-makes Prompt plekutt and delivery. Phone 3-149S Central Hardware and Appliance Company t Twenty-first and Union Formerly -Wood's'Electric Shop -~ - ll-2l-tf BAKERSFIELD Rubber Stamp Company. 1808 "Eye." Phone 8-SlOS. ' Rubber stamps made locally; pad, inks, dates, numbering machine, etc. Prompt service. . - - 6-22-tf LADIES—I am handling Sheba , Ann frocks, have many styles to chooae from. Large sizes a specialty. • Phona 2-8397 or call at 1611 Baker. ' .15 ONE single horse trailer, $125. two 8.25x20 truck tires and wheels. $100. SOS Mount Vernon. 11-26-tf WARDS All-Steel Hammermills— have big- mill features, Etrensth and capacity — yet are priced lowj Grind up to 9000 pounds ear -corn per hoar with 2 to 3-pIow tractors! Swinging hammers, self- allBnmg bearings. See them NO"W! Price from $125.83. 2526 Chester . Ward's Farm Store Phone 7-7871 11-28-tf HOG SCALDER—75-gaIlon cooker pot: $24.95 Wards Farm Store. -526 Chester. Phone 7-7871. - 11-28-tJ LO-LOAD WAGON— We have just received another caribad of the popular Tvagon equipped with 6.00x16, $179.50. Wards Farm Store Z526 Cheater Phone 7-7S71 11-28-lf VIGORO Fertilizer 100-lb. bag, S4.00 Peat Moss 5 cubic feet, $2.76 White Clover Lawn Seed Ib 51.40 Onion Sets - Ib. 29c <S-lnch CellOBlaas ft. 39c Waids Farm Store 2526 Chester , Phone 7-7871 ll-2S-tf ELECTRIC meter sockets, electric multi- breakers, sink cabinets, '54-inch; chrome sink mixing faucets, 500-gallon tank, suitable for water. Egland Lumber Company. 2101 Edison Highway. Phone 9-9825 J , . lla BLOCK .machine for sale or rept. Metal foundation forms for rent. Phone 2-1103. 635 Watts Dlive. 117 Fruit Trees WE HAVE 50 varieties of duality bare- root fruit trees ready to plant, from 65c up. Also shade trees and shrubs. Extia large sizes available *n most varieties. Kt-auter -Nursery: eOl Eighteenth, Bakersfield 12-5-M Christmas Suggestions BEAUTIFUL Vitrious ohina vases, pitchers, flower dishes and pots. Camelia, gardenias, red-berried shrubs, fruit and shade trees, flowering trees and shrubs: roses and bulbs. In fact everything for the 1'ard. Krautec Nursery 501 Eighteenth, Bakersfield« t2-3-tf CHRISTMAS gifts- that are distinctively .different in imported silver, aadc and turquoise jewelry. Leather bags from Mexico. Alligator bags from the Islands. Lovely handmade linens and tapestries. Beautiful display o^ early American glassware and some collectors' items in antiques. Open evenings- and Sundays The Summer House, at the, Bakersfield Inn. 1101 Union avenue. 325 'WE HAVE Just what YOU need for a stationary engine; »4-cylmdor. 1800 r. p. m., IS-h. p. w model 'with chiome nickel block, counter balanced crank shaft; nice only $3S9.' Now on"displny at the 1 Sears .Roebuck Farm Store ' on K Street Back of Main Store 11-28-tf FOR SALE—All-kinds of crates, wood and ' paper; wooden and metal barrels: furniture to be repaired; 4ars and joss,' bottles and- cans- scrap lumber, mortor boxes; ^ barb-wire, and car wheels, doois. fenders and hub caju>. City- diimp- 116 "Last" Call—Christmas Cards ,TOU "WILL Ilk" our-s>lectlon. eW have the cacds 'here and ivillrimprint them to suit you. Bakersfield Printing Company. 511 East Nineteenth street. Phone Christmas Trees •Washington Douglas Firs ~~ Mount Shasta White Pines - Siount Shasta Silver Tips 50c per foot and up See these trees before you buy at , Weaver's Hardware^and Garden Supplies 2709 Alta Vista Drive—La Cresla No Parkins Problems BEAUTIFUL hand-crocheted purses. Woodrow. Phone 2-1335. 60S 115 r'Surplus Pipe 4-Inch steel pipe. 4" cast iron ells 4x4 cast iron tres. . 4\2 cast non. tecs. , . 4t3 'cast Jron bushings. 4" cast iron plugs. 4"-Closet ijends. 4x3 leea. !ij,H rast iron .ells. &x"A bushings. War Surplus. Ur Sumner Street HAT,'OATS, by-the bale or ton. 425 Terrace Wa-y. 11' LOCAL Christmas trees, 3 to 1* leet. 2116 East California. -' "' .32 AUTOMATIC pistol. Will sell or exchange-for .25 automatic. Phone 2-421L FOR SALE—Refrigerator and public address system. Must sell. See at 3n3i .Tewett avonue. ~ - 115 BLUE FOX stroller, % length: wrv eood condition. Appraised at $350. Will sell for $225. .Phone 6-6079. ' "•' WAX'S navy blue suit,, size 37; trouseis, 31-32. $10. 501 El Prado Drive. Phone 4-4644. . -- - _li£ FOR child's Christmas, handcraft rocking horse, new and sturdy, ,$7; alsi cioouet set, doll.'cheap. 2327 Dracenai Phone 2-8114. • : ' 1 STBFL clothesline polei. $11 and tip. Phone 2-4594. 205 Washington. Oildalg. l'-!a FOR SALE—Lightweight small dbfk bo.»"t. holds 4 persons, choice of 2 motors, Johnson S'-'v h. p.,'or Evlnrude 5 i. p., PIH-P »35 W. Rusk. IIP Plymouth^ UT FOR SALE—To be, msved. Bood 4-ioom /house, Xiivinfi room, dining; icom, bed; v room, kitchen and bath. Phone 2-87.5. - BOY'S SOIT; plavtltally ne\v t K)XO 6. extra, pants anil miscellatteoiis; child's car, be- Einni>r*a skates; lady's coat, size is>. Phone 3-0013. • -", ; . • For Sale ONE K'A-inch South Bend toolroom lathe; one IH-ton srbor pr?ss; one set kenvay cutUiiB broaches; one. set expanding arbors: bronze stock: many oihe> rooit,. •401 East Kineteenth'"street between s and' 5. ^ { " ] . ^^ 9 CHILD'S Sineer sewing machine m sood condition. Priced SS. Phone 2-.9-2. FOR SALE—tilrra - all-wool handmade led jacket..,Mexican boy and Birl on back.ii •worn ont-e. Make nice Christmas gift. Phone .3-1872. „__!!£] FOH UNIQUE Christmas gifts, w* have beautiful !!and=too!ed leaiher CJOds.^ ru»cs, bIJKplds, -'key olders. bHts and others. CairH. R. Neueent, i-. 9011 for personal showing In yi»ur home. FOR SALE—One 200 amp. heavy duty Wilson portable welding machine, like new. mounted on trailer, with 160 feet of new cable. See at llittan repair shop, two blocks east »f Baker street on Knotts street. 119 PULVERIZED lawn and garden fertilizer, two yards, $5; 75 cents sack. Top soil and oil sand. Free delivery. Phone 3-4S13. J. A. Klanch. H3 Diamond and Jewelry Repairing Expert workmanship Insured. Prompt service. We have lots of p'ltmum and small diamonds to sell. Special designing on made to order-work. Get cur figures last. E. J. McEvoy. Bakersfieid Diamond Expert SIS HaberTeldo Building Phone 6-5397 2-20-tf FEED—Panamin laying mash for those scarce eggs. City delivery, pantile- Phone 8-8581. Pioneer Mer- 10-5-tf OLIVE wood for Bale, 12, 16, 24-inch lengths, at ranch. Frnitvale avenue. Arrangements can Phone 2-7405. be made for delivery. 119 Floor Furnaces 25.000 BTU Hat, 45,000 BTU flat and dual, 60..000 flat and 55,000 .dual In stock for immediate installation. See these on display at Capital Sales and Service _ 119 Sumner _ 10-24-tf "FOWLER" electric water heaters, 30, 40, 50. 60 and 80-gallon capacity; 20-yeur guarantee: low cost operation. Call 6-5SS1. Weill's Service Department. 11-19-tf SEAT COVERS — Beautiful leatherette trimmed seat covers for most makes and models of automobiles. Front floor mats. Expert upholstery cleaning. Chefs Clean- Ing Service, Wilslnre Station. Twenty- fhst and Q streets. Phone 5-5364. 131 PROMPT delivery on our new line of kitchen ca'binets, corner cupboards, snack Bars. Phone 3-1843 or call at King-Marshall Lumber Company, 1414 L street. Bakers- fieid, Calif. ' 149 DPHOLSTERING and mattress making by expert workman. All work guaranteed. Free estimates. Ed'a Mattress Shop 1875& East California avenue. Phone 2-0305. 117 McNaul's—Exloalve Floor Coverings 316 Kentucky Street. Phone 5-5S97 Metal trim of all kinds for dralnboarfis. tables and counters. tlleboard. Also metal trim for 10-29-tt Sewing Machines Repaired by* authorized Smgei agency, we also teicb sewing. Singer Sewing Machine Company. 1629 Nineteenth. Phone 2-2431. 6-8-tf Refrigeration. • PERFECOLD reach-in refrigerator, condensing units. walk-In. reach-In boxes, refrlseratlpn coils. 12 cubic font home freezers. Kelvlnator electric water coolers, immediate delivery. Monthly serv- Ive on all commercial units. United Refrigeration Sales and Service. 509 East Nineteenth street. Phone 3-0038. 9-26-tr AN ACCEPTABLE gift for all ages, A magazine subscription. Call Laura. Robln- son Agency. 2-3339. 11-26-tf Diamonds WEDDING sets in platinum and 14-carat Bold. SS4.60 up. -Wedding rings. $10 to $650. Some set -with three row baguette diamonds, ^ Loose stones We offer the finest of blue-white, perfect gem's In sizes fiom small onus to 1"« carats, monrted to suit in platinum or gold, and at a (treat savings' to lou. Come up and see us sometime. On the third floor of the ITaberftlde building. Earl McEyoy } l l?iil HOOVER vacuum cleaner, parts and service. We pick up and deliver. Phone 5-5851. WeiU'a Service Department. ll-191tf For Sale—Miscellaneous _ 170S Qulrtcy FOR 4 SAL-&—One Mods!' .. - tipnal tractor, with bulldozen Kenf Co,urity Equipment Company.'615 East Klncleeriti -gtrget. - -Phon'e 3-9611. ' Houses-tO'Slov<e_ J";^ -' $2250 TAKES tMa 2-hfi<Jroara'Hbnse»*;fWon*! , last long at this-lop pricet y-j^Ztf?-' Beautiful 2-bedroQnuliorne, finest-construe tion. Will move'Illrelt toat, *rJy^S7» WouWbe irorth 38730 on lot IH"BatCTafteld Xovely 2-hedroom l?ome, .ttudcied," sided, ,.al iirjrtof nna i»nnf ! rSr^lw Sl&ftn Xi ^ . T,- 3." 11 . '"33. r, one roof.' Only J4500-V' 1 .- J Eunice C. Enselkff*' , ZOS-r&IaaisomVTaft-T-- T« ..tractor" good',con .. itlon,. butane equipped, good rubbers Cal -97:S8. . - -'.^ „. -j^'JUllS ' lady's "3-Rlece, black quit; onel2 jfrray suit.-both new*?alza.-J.t-'' £a tween'g'and'8 p. m.. phone .a-iHrJtV FOR SAI/E—^Tractor, new; Case VAC model J13CO. Can deliver. Box 3167 : I*ae*Ejne - Calif. -Phone 2692. - -« - ' ' '• "r - *!"1I8 "-' Jmrnedfate'Belivery'V','r* 1 ^'J Farm and'Industrial Tractorfi\'V~^ Minneapolis Mollne Model NTX> four-whee; drive, S.00x20 tiri'3,~10<sbeeds forward,-11 draw bar horsepower ;"-wJll pull like crawler tractor. .Also 30-Cat, orchard type~tractor. JL P. McCaffrey, Inc.. iCImball ".TJSlOs JEast iTwenty-afth .street, Los Angeles .Calif. ~ -' - ;• x.Wll* eqiilpment, ! 12-gallon-j3curii; swam generator, and sterllizlns-'ooxes. All practically jiew., Pbone 8-S597." 1 - els' El Tejon; ' - • • -"-' " FOR • SALE — Gentleman's one-carat* -diamond ring. Price ?39P. Address Box L-13?, " ' ' ' The Callfornian. -'-i; ,115 FOR SAEE—Christmas trees:- also cedar- post, two 6x6,20-foot posts. - -Phone 2-3G29. 308 Beafdsley. .„ " t 115 FOR" SALE—Four vetietton- bllaarf,' "46 Inches lone. ^Phone 3-4477. i •' n ;' MOTOROLA car radio. .V-S-60 Ford block. . two 1 1936, 1939 -Ford wheels. Tejon. Oildale. f - '" ' 619 r El 115 ON'E formal cape, one blU8, .16; one baby- carriage. Phone 2-0422. 115 - Savaee War Surplus, . MUST SE1,L at Once — Hundreds of.chestB.- tool boxes, carpenter's tool boxes,; field desks and packing ' boxes. These chests and boxes ure various sizes; including SO large steel' chests suitable for garages. M&cellaneous scrap lumber boxes. Chester. "115" FOR SALE—Two-room house, screened-ln porch, all modern, to- be moved, Bexlanfl DriveT in> Garden Acres. ,- "140 115 FOR SALE—Popcorn' and peanut, machine. Oildale Frosted Food 'Locker. 217 Itoberts Lane. ' . , us FOR SALE—Thjee-row potato ' planter, u-sed one Benson, -t950. ' Pn'one ^Shatter KS4. Clyde Bell. moved. ^ Two-room house to be 123 FOR SALE—Concrete blocks. 7000 6-inch blocks, $60 thousand; SOOO 8-inch blocks, S70 a thousand. For'Information, phone 3 r ,33lO. Brown and Lincoln streets. East Bakersfield. -« , ^ 11' PRESSURE cooker, 25-quart, National pre-war, 525. In perfect, conditionT also 16x16 army tents and tarps, Corner North Ches-^ tcr and Francia, Highland Park, . 115 FOR SALE—Two strings genuine pearls, never been worn, S50 and J60, "Phone 2-7881. • . - 117 FOR SAIgg—Child's rocking horse, good as new. See at 521 "Woodrow avenue, Oildale. 115 (or sale by owner, 2.4S carats, white. Call at 1717 Chester between 1 and 2 p. m. any day except Mondays. TWO broccoli machines and brand new broccoli boxes. Also large eiliaust fan. !Phone 2-5735. _ - 12^1X-tf , , Var Surplus^ ^Sinks. 24x30xS, galvanized $\T.50"™'x .Toilets, Chemicals, complete SS7,50 < Tuba, 66x30x18, galvanized*?14r50 r Sledses. SI.50 " - " Picks, 9.7c - " J \ Vise. 6-Inrh with pipe jaws $23.50 • Heater Stove Pipe; 4-inrh black, per 2-foot joint, "loc -Roof Vent. 6-m"h galvanized $4.75 AVar Sutplus. 115 Sumner Street 117 SJL4LL. Bas circulating heater, 30x52-inch baby crib, linoleum. Stroller fur ^oat, evening diess. all excellent condition. Call 4-4718. - . 115 FOR SALE—15 tons good grade alfalfa' hay. One mile south ' of Greeley School on Nord Road. Phone 2-S070. - 117 FOR SALE—"Wedding ring set, diamond and ruby setting, original price ?175, sell for S60. Phone 3-1018. 115 •War Surplus Plow Shares, $1.50 Cultivator Disc. $1.50 _, - Sweeps,- GOc "\Vater Troughs. 6Cx30sl8, 16-sauee Galvanized, S14.50 ,, Tool or Feed Boxes, 72x36x32, $i-plywoo<l Watei proof canvass covered, S19.50 Gaihage Cans, 32-gallon, $5.^5 Galvanized S-gallon ,cans with spout, $1-95 Towels—Cannon, hand, 19& Wa c Surplus. 115 Sumner Strper 11T rOR;SALE—^About two cortfs of Tiinbrella flreplacB"woQd. 312 Lincoln avenue, Oildale. Call 2-3390. . - "-117 FOR SALE—1SS1 (R) 'Ttoireis triple "plate silverware in tarnish-proof case. - 2103 Truxtun avenue, after 4 p. in. ^ motor, 3 horsepower, 220 volt,' 3-phase. Also plclcle and mustard- barrels. Phone 8-8S21. . US FOR SALE — Caterpillar D-1?!000 V-S dlesel engine. First class condition. Mounted on skids -with twin disc clutch. - Price $5000. Phone 2-3419. ,m •"OR SAL13—2000 Christmas treos. %vhole- saie and it»t.iil; reabdnaijle pru-e to schools and ehuiehes. Alia Visia and Nilfs slrpeS. ~ - -' - 123 Christmas Trees?1.50 to $2.50—Your Choice 1031 Nineteenth Stieet -, - -117 TWO ladles' suits, black, and brown, -size 20. Phone i-1107. ' 117 R'E SUGGEST >ou give the Ideal ^Glft fh(s Christmas. A IMtlsburgh. plate mirror. A fine selection of fiamed and Venetian <ype mirrois in all.sizes at,TV. P. 'Fililer and Company. .Xew location—Nineteenth and 0 sU'eets. ' ''125 ONE gray fur coat, worn threVTTines; one blue twill 3-piece suit, both sire 16: Fairhaven Tin Her Park. M mile south, of -LoCf- land Brothers Pine Tard. " > Hi NEUTRAL brown broadtail fur "coat. Size" 12. $75. Phone 2-6606. 'L'H COAT, gray'muskiat, in. eood condition an<) late style. Need caih.'llufct sell cheap. Make offer. 1608*4 Oregon. 121 FOR SALE—Gas Tieater and boy's bow and arrow set. Phone ."-0820; 121 GOLF Clubs—Seven irona anil'two woods. $25. Not new, but BootI make ana , right for beginners. Bat- Included. 3000 Linden. > " r 117 TWO Ma>taga with sasolfne hiotor, new- one "completely rebuilt! electric" XIaytas for immediate delhery. Bill Pfelffer, Maytag Shop. 147 Francis." Phone 6-6177. - - _ 11T 537 WTH1TD tractor, 1942 motor. ~ air. Brownie, good nibber. 4Vill sell cheap. 8 t'mon. , 325 OKE la-gallon butane tank wi'th regulator and, tubing. 30S Lincoln ccreet. Oildale. Phone 2-2557. • - , irr 1 'OR "SALp—Lawn mower, Stfl; Bulova -\vrist watch, S20. new 6.00X16 tire. $12, S21 H street.. - » ' '», ,- WHITE 'Teddy Bear coat,-size IS. "-$10,. Phone 2-5132.>" «...:, '. 'OR SALE: — Electric train? "Can- be seen at 718 "Eye;' street after 5:30 i -?117' 'AILOR-MADE tuxedo 4,-uit." cosnpli&e "with., shirts, very high quality and like new, about sb«? SS. - Call evenings tir all ?daT- Satunlay and Sunday. Phone 6-6693. J -117 -- .-^.. .^ = j*v.T^^ ^.«.« £ . - „ Radios, Musical Instruments f-~- "- . . •,-JtaryK' Call-6-6678 ^ players - U*t\JJ4K&la.jnf^ •«MJWIUijtfclV^.^«S*t^'5*S'*^ . t«a service dn-a-lLpopjflar mafc^tra , t phonographs. Immediate service.* We pick •up "and deliver.rxCa- .ice JPepartment;-'' PAS. higbeEt .cash ^rtc«/-for >our -Pbnne'S-STO.n;,,;' a.-. "; '^-2- -A-CT.ENXIOK radiomen, ffar^salei arT cost J - - . JHaflto -.City .Slodel anij.*e ••.ouuiw -^xjivj ,-*»*UUKT* ow*«—-v*!^ Lu^nr o.iiu *• TJB •-.tester: Radio -City ? Mode* 'SS5-A vol . meter; HicJeofc .siijrnal E generator; ^Slode. ' 19XD Meisncr-analyiist. See'AUto Vajet Company.' Twenty-fifth-. and^Cheater. 115 FOR BALE—Plaua.jin Jrobd condition, rea Ednable. Phone 3-271b'. , 115 • •" , ~ r ' --''Raftlo^Repaira -* -, Quick., expert service, <ta all .makes. Large stock ot parti. We pick ,np and deliver. '-% • •""'I. , Buck.Radto - "- , • V, J'llS wasn!ngtoB''Avenue,"' OliSale s * Phono ,Jac1cTDatllak,, ,. - , Radio' Servjoej --3-* •"•' .-Trr, 5,, <2S6fl Chester Avenue . *" " '*-~~ - f '. ' ' 6-1-tf ' ' c,-~ , Ehcpert Repairing -c ^Accordions,"violln».-goirar» and all stringed •^.Instruments.- -;,,' •-•• C ,"^4, , "• ,F -, i Baldwin Piano 'XJlstrjljatom-- ".•--' -*-«•.• 1513 Seventeenth Street» 8-18-tf ONE* eoM-ilnlshed* eornet, juu=-iirew,- ^ia. 307 Roberts, Lacel rEffime 2-1569. ,-" us j. and -electric-;Phllco'" pdrtab'le % radio i*or sale cheap, wlth.'oejir batteries. • Phone-g-628S. -1.710 JBlanch street, -t ill -FOR SALE — Emerson 'sortable» ndio itt ^excellent- condltion.-i ; 6S94. . 325 ' ' .' Washington strett. Oildale. 115 TIADIO console, 10-tube. J all-wave, very good condition. S49.35.-J"hone 2-4906. 116 FOR'SALE—-Practically new cornet horn. gold finish. Phone 3-3915. i 117 FOR , SALE-^B-flat -Corner' saxopSbne. practfeally new. 1720 Baker jstreet.-Phone - 6-6383. 11' nice Mendelssohn piano', upright, mahogany caser -Phone 2-7S90. 62 1 ! Cheater avenue^ . -- v * ~ 115 -A. LASTING Christmas, sift for $25, , membership In our accordion'band -with. jirivate" lessons and free use ol a real *ac=ordjon. in your own lome. For fur- -ther information, call Toon's Studios. 825-Chester. Open-every, night until 3 J. TO. Phone 3-0345. 123 i"OR SALE—Victrola, perfect, 'Condition. Pjiced for quick sale. PhopB 2-5453; It9 PIANO for "sale. " Second houso across from Lament golngisouth. Phone 2-3083. ill FOR SAJPE 5 —Portable radio, 3 momha old. new batteries. ,72215 Wilshlre street. Call .between 3 a- m. and S-30'p. m, ' I1T ONE Phonola. and five records; like newi Phone 2-0672. 8Q7-Niie8. i ' NEW 5-tube Transltone^radio, table model one new turntable record-player. • Lincoln'. Oildale. , Phone 2-2557. 108 117 FOIL SALE—Bently piano, good condition, t-! OG •OhnT.a t-TtrtJl r ~ ' $125. Phone 2-7104. FOR SALE — Elkhart alto saxophone, $83. " Call 3-0229. 119 FOR SALE—Amplifier,' almost new-.- Call "at.,119 "Beardsley"avenue., cabin F.- PIANOifor sale. In good condition, would make someone a' nice Christmas present. If interested, phone ,2-3731. . FOR quick sale, upright piano, in excellent condition, reasonably pried. Ideal C'hrist- rnas present. Phone 3-0344. 117 EINRICH-ROTH violin, good condition, with bow. Priced low for quick sale. S43. See at 190S "Verde, or phone 8-S87S. 117 ONE table model Zenith radio, good con- dltlon. ,$25. • 806 Grant Drive." SLIGHTLY used Leedy drum set, J135. 711 Tosemite --Drive, Oildale. •- — 11$ • Cameras' and Photography PHOTOGRAPHS, copied., ..'Prompt service. Towne Phofo" Supply, formerly-Edward's Exchange. - ifist Muffatt's, Photo Shop, .Tart. .2-14-tf FILM Is available. Let'us fix lip that old camera today. Free estimates." Towne PBoto Supply, formerly Edward's Camera Exchange. Miss Muffett's Shop. Taft 2-14-tf FILM and projectors for rent News, cartoons, travelogues. Towne Photo Supply, formerly.Edward's Camera Exchange. -. - , , * - - 9-7-tf 'FOR SALE—8 mm. Keystone camera, -with ever-ready case, lik« new. phone ^4-4203, or 1641 Elm street. " -i " •" ' l'T5 FOR SALE—Brand new kodak" refIPX. with case, flash gun. lense hood, flash bulbs and films. $155. cash. Phone 2-7754^ ~ . Call alter 6 p. m. - >•• 115 FOR SALE—Camera, uses 122V io!e film. Will make a. , fine , Christmas ' present. Pbone 2-4570 a.ftc» -1 p. m. 317 EJCELL movie projecfdr, 16 ram.,- with 300 feet of film, new, used three times. Total .cost $32..6(l. Price" $20. Phone 2-0019, 211 Oleander. I-1I3I. movie camcia, carrying case, like new. Phone 2=7873. ' -' Attention," ^lovis Fans NEW 100-foot 16-min. film cans. Phone 2-IS66 » 6-00 "Eye"- 117 Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAY""CASH for typewriters, adding machines, checkwriters and cash - registers. Lynch Typewriter^ Company, 1650 Chester averiUe. ' -* 7-27-tf FOR SALE—Two rolltop desks, filing cabinets and offlce*equit>ment. 1411 Chester avenue. 1 " Phone i-S330. FOR SALE—iReraingston SUndaid note- less typewriter. Good First street after 7 p. condition. 2315 Fruits and Vegetables TOY'S Top tree-ripened-navel oranges on sals now at packing-house. ,Extra fancy gift pack for- Christmas in quarter, haU "and full boxes. Place your order now. We^shiP them for you. Dnve^ Edlion Highway to^Bryan Smith packing house, see sign, turn left across railroad trnrk. drup 600 yards. Phone 3-101.6; evenings 2-S007. - ' ' 14S FOR SALE—Soft shell -pecans. . Drury's Ranch. Phone 2-710&. 125 TO THE Housewife-^For quality potatoes, always^ look for-the 10-pound-green open mesh bag- at your grocer's. 155 Poultry and Livestock JS5, STEERS,"200"' Jjejfens,- all .dehorned;' 135 tows, rAll- good. nnalitjL.Herefords, ,ii.fsm«U» Beck^-yhone «86,. TJptotu "" GtTERNSET-JERSE"E cow» and' ':altalfa faay t i'185. Phone 3-2S^ Poultry and Livestock , SALTS—Nice'gentle S«,-ycar"-oW black mare; also Cocker Spaniel puppies, Slo., - Mrs. "-W. JUeb. Route J, Box 6s*. Phone ?2-2«49. - • . ,' -• IIS RABBITS and-hutches for sale, lumbns. • _ 503 Co«. "115 FOR , SALE—-Registered Guernsey- fcow; fresh In February; Tested for T. B. and 'Banes, ^Exceptionally line milk and. Tifsb in butterlat test. Phone S-40S3. - HT A Ru'w more turkeys left. -Will take orders for Chrlfltraaa aelivers'. Phone 2-S003. -> \, 117 FOR SALE—Red fryers. 923 Thirty-fifth street. Phone S-857S. 1 -117 BANTAMS for- sale. Black Cochin, buf£ Cochin, Cornish and; Seabrfght. '14'" far ^$15."or your choice'for $1.50 each, Fure,bred stock; £315 Pacific. Pbone 2-41721 - " , ' IIS BABY CHICKS^-New Hampshire Beds and Wbita Leghorns. Jackson's Hatchery, Boats 3; Eos 7T6-J, Hanford, Calif. < ~ ~ 151 FAHJIJUA.BTER baby cbicks. fine quality chicks ln r the. breed >;ou' want." Price only J1JJO per hundred. Also a. complete line , of poultry equipment end supplies. _ Sears. Roebuck^ Farm Storu " , on K. Street, Back of Main Store ' , '' tl-28-tf cbolce Redp, 2 to. 4 pounds ^-a 43c pound. Tburber's Frj-ei Farm. 214 mifcs east ot Bakerslield- lyptus Drive. Phone i-076.7. 3062 Euca- 11,-SO-tf Rabbit Supplies. Feed; Pulvarized Rabbit Fertilizer. Wanted—Rabbits. Fryers and Skins _ Rabbit Pnxlucers Association 2934 Potomac Phona 3-4657 123 REGISTERED Duroc and Spotted Poland China boars; also fop bred, gilts.- A. H. Karpe, Tbone «-9770, evenings 2-2598. U-19-tf CHOICE bucHs and does, fryer rabbits. one electric brooder, table grapes., out of the bags, they are perfect. lOc per -pound, Brinr container. Phone 2-6621. 620 Barlow street. , 119 Started Chicks. 20c-25c Each •' Aluthe Feed ?ou Want Baby Chicks _. Day-Old Chicks. ISo each Local Egg and Hatchery Store No. 1 814 Eighth Street . Phone 8-8430 or 7-702S 2-27-tf RIVERVIEW HATCHERT—Baby chicks available, feed supplies and .remedies; - fryers and roasters. 215 Roberts Lane. Phpae 2-3395. - 11-14-tf FOR SALE—Saws with .litters, also feeder shoals from 90. to 140 pounds. Rayi .Ranch, second houte west of Desert Inn. , 115 FOR SALE — Battery raided Red fryers. live or dressed. 2800 Citrus Drive. Phone - ' 3-18 C. 115 FOR SALE—Nice 3-3915. Red fryers. PJinne 117 RINGNECK pheasants for your holiday dinner. All our birds are specially fed and guaranteed. Western Phone 2-0124. Games Farms. WANTED TO BUY- Phone 2-3022. -All kinds of livestock. 141 BULL service. $3 on place. $6 delivered. ' Webb's 2-7776. . Corral. „ 2800 Edison. Phone 125 FOR SALE—One^ team work mules, approximately 1100 pounds each. Gumanteed to 'work single or double. Also good set, of barneys.. One white saddle gelding, • 4 years old. Phone 2-347S. 115- WANTED—All kinds of poultry, seesa, ducks* and rabbits. Cits Poultry, 1221 Twentieth street. Phone 2-S214. . 317 NICE broad-breasted bronze turkeys, alive or dressed, L. H. Miller, 1315 Sterling , . . Road. Phone 3-3025. - 125 j- L " i - "Special ,, TOCNG 'hens, per 16,, SSc A "H, 1 - 4 to * Pouud3 'di-ess and draw, no extra cbarse. Kern Street Phone 2--4S8 One Blook;1Vest of-JBast BSkersdeld JK" T-I Post Of firs '' '-'• Braflford Poullry Market ^ .PBDJGREBD Cocker puppies. 6 weeks old. eposit.wffl hold untn Christmas eve. X'ORi SALE—Warbler canary hens, cinna- ,^non cr yellow, some crested; Pbone .3-2558. 124 ..Wilson. Oildale. . 115 PEDIGREED Roller canaries, males $10; females S3. Pfcfe your Christmas birds • now.' WiH deliver Christmas eve. Edna -Kelllher,-182t Truxton. us puppj? Best child's doe. pure- a bred English BalL 116 "West Belle. Biv- " THOROCGHBRED Cockers. led and black. ' J2Sf each.. Sma.ll dcposit.wlll hold until "deliver!-,- Christinas eve. f Pbone 4-4210. 117 REGISTERED Pekinese puppy. 3 months . ctd.' for saifc 1509-A Kentucky. 117 FOR, • SALE—Pew left, whits Pekincene -puppiesf'- 6 '..-weeks old, your pick, J-ss. Phone,-2-40^5. 117 CKRIST1IAS Special — Green parakeets for sate,-~$,8 pair. Phone 2-7369 or SOTO SJry- Bne Boulevard. , __ 11 TOR.,,'SALE—Roller canaries, birdseed. "cases.! bird supplies ana gifts, i The j Leneva Shop. 12ft Chester avenue. 121 FOR SALE — Pedigreed German Roller canaries. , Beautiful orantre and jelkm stnsers, $S^and up; females, $3. 1S25S Risteenlh street. ' 115 $%t efteRl Catifomfen Thursday, December 12,1946 PEDIGREED Roller canaries, .beautiful color- and. song, Jfor particular people. $10 op.." Hcusa cages with stands and breeding.. cages. Phone 2-2017; third Chouse-west of Green Acres store on Rose- date Highway, 137 FOR SALE—Haggerty's Rock-a-Bye My Nicky. 1 months, registered Boston Terrier, dark seal, beautifully marked, strong head. - Will hold until Christmas, $100. " Phone" 3-2834. 115 REGISTERED Cocker Spaniel puppies. 6 weeks old. Two registered stud dogs for service. Phone 9-9274. 121 CHRISTMAS GIFTS — Beautiful canao singers and hens; slnsers, S9; hens. $;. Delivered Christmas eve. Also parakeets Phone 3-3766 or 614 Sterling Road. 115 FOR SALE—Fantail pigeons, mated pairs and ,young stock. See Donald Votb, 140 Tulare avenue. Shatter. Phone Shaffr 338. -. - H3 AT STUD—Beautiful gray sable Pekingese sire of two champions and show -\vinnei .s Wasco.'phone 4003. 119 FOB.-protection, plus affection, get a pedi- gree'd Great Dane. We have some 6- months-old,beauties at 410 Roberts Lane. REGISTERED Boston Terrier, male, whose value has been established by •« toping firtt prize and "best of breed" at dog show. "ja offered for $100. ' Go to Fresno and pay'$200 for same dog. Phone 2-8713. FOR SALE—Canary birds, sincers. $S- hens, $2.50*' 1003 Height stieeu Phone 2-3602. UT FOR SALE—Pure bred Cocker Spaniel pups with papers; 2 months old; brown and •white; females, $J5; males, $35. C.ill at 3329T street. H9 FOR SALE—Beautiful white and sable and •white Collie puppies. Route 3. Box 224. Castro Lane, U mile below Ming Road. - 117 COCKER SPANIEL, female dog, for sale; three months old, J15. Ihone 2-653!). 117 FOR SALE—Beautiful black Cocker Spaniel -male puppy, 5 months old, sued by She- waiter's Black Jet of Kern, registered A, K. C., $SS. Phone 2-5453. 119 "BAT r TLEWAGON" READY—Among new armored monsters bcins delivered to tbe United States army is this new tank-type buttle- wagqu, developed by Chrysler Corporation. The TO-ton -it-hide can be made,, ready for action in five minutes by backing up and rumminc; its spade trail into the ground to resist recoil, "it's itifturod with eight inch rifle, through whose 35-foot, nine-inch barrel a 2iO-pounrt shell)',can-*e hurled 27 miles. The rifle is interchangeable \\ilh a 10-iiijii Jiowitzer which shoots 300-pound shell 20 mik-s. BLOND male Cocker Spaniel, registered A. Iv. C. Call 3-1850 after 0 p. m DAT-OLD chicks. $16j per hundred. Call 2-4.182. F. A. Karpe Hatcheryr 3331 Pioneer Drive. Still have plenty of turkej* 113 HAVE a few grain-fed turkeys left. Will take orders now for Christmas. Also fat hens. Phone 3-2615. 402 Terrace Way. ' 117 WANTED—Horses to board. Private stalls and patios. "We furnish the hay. $55 per month. 402 Terrace Way. Phorre ONE milk poat for sale, giving a gallon of rhilte a day." Can be seen any time. 114 Olive street, 'raft. 117 FOK SALE—One team work, mares, weight 1600 pounds each, 7 years old; also 2-vear- old colt. Martin Gross, Route 3, Box 309, .Bakersfield. 118 WANTED to buy. rabbit fryers, roasting rabbits and rabbit pelts, all the time. 800 Mies. Phone 2-3822. 117 BARRED ROCKS, "White Leghorn fryers. 206" McCord. 113 BAT MARE, sentle ridinK horse, $100: also huggy, $35. Phone.2-6311. 117 FOR SALE—Two beautiful heifers, one Guernsey and one Holstein, -will be fresh January 7. 203 Roberts Lane. 117 THREE thoroughbred mares, all with foal. To foal in February and March"; also f beautiful thoroughbred vearlini? fillv, ready to break. Write for breeding and price. Must si>U because of poor health. C. E._Parkinson, 317 Llerly avenue, T;ift - 119 EIGHT rabbits and hutches for sale, 1927 South ^1. 1-ji, COHNIPH CROPS fiyrrs, 3« and 4 Ibs.. 4oc Ib. Pho.le S-8S977 117 QOEDPISH—Buy them for Christmas •Bowls complete -with'fish, snails, pebbles and greens. Choice of fan tails, straight tails^and telescope eyes. 2605 Park "Way 119 REGISTERED Cocker Spaniel puppiev aired, by Champion Judge Bobby. Will make lovely Christmas gifts. Phmie -.-5696. ii« For Exchange—Miscellaneous WILL trade good late model car for cquitv in home or as down payment on home". -Carlson. Phone 4-4914 "between 7 9 p.-m. and 11 Legal Notices NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOK PERMIT AS AUTOMOBILE BKALEK NOTICE IS HEREBY G1VEX that FOS-TER BEATON. ANDREW DEATON and JtOXROE DEATON", doing- busings tnOn the narne'of DEATON & POXS, have made application,to the Council of the City at Bakersfieid -for a permit to do busmp-s as automobile dealer in the City or Bah- ersfieTa. Any and all persons having any Knowledge or Information as to why suih a 'permit should not be uranted to the applicants are beieby notified to piesent such-reasons in writing <o the City Cieik ?o,~r- or , before th e 2( >th day of January, . ,'•' v 'i oli whK ' h a '"4 application shall be heard by the Council oE the City of Bakersfield. Further particulars concerning said applicants may be obtained from the application on file in the office of the City Manager, Dated, this -3rd day ot Deccmher. 19-16 „ . V. VAN" RIPER City J.anaeer of the City o£ Bakersfield, . California. Dec. 5, IS, 19. NOTICE TO CONTBACXOKS m accordance with plans and specifications ss Ski Conditions Fair to Poor Snow conditions in the Shirley Meadows and Mount I'inos areas are expected to range from poor to fair this week end, according to reports reaching here today. Prora^ the Shirley Meadow-Greenhorn mountain-area, comes reports that there is about six. incites of snow, ranging to as much as a'foot in various places. The road is open, but chains are needed. Tro.spcct is for cold and clear weather. From Jlount I'inos, reports indicate thpre is about four inches of snow at the summit, not suitable for*skiiti{r, as it. is very icy. Tem- peraturts on top of the- mountain is 42 degnjes, but is expected to reach 50 by niidafternoon. There is no snow at the lower ski hut, hut both the upper and i lower huts will be open to the public this''week end. There is no new snow, and chains are not needed, the report included. r,,n^ 0tt T?. - ? £ ivc ? Hi' 1 "?^ th ,? t " nder thp Provisions o£ the Labor Coa> of Call- SS^F^^S^Ja^^^^ rt ^^^» pany._Twent,etb and "Eye." Oranges 'KEE-BIPENED- oranges are ready now - Ifl-Sf Classification BricK'jaytr" __ ...... Building; Labor ..... at Schertz Oranee Ranch. Order your fancy Christmas pack now for bhippins any place. Also fresh oranges for juice and eating,' Come out en&t on) Edison High-way to V^eert Patch -Road, turn left acioss the railroad track, come north to j -r,,..,, -IT-~,.I-- „„ second cro-sroad and Schertz sign, then 1 aon ^O'^rb- turn right to the nest sign. S< hertz Orange Ranch P)ione 3-2221 or 2-4337 ', ______ '. ______ $2.0u ^_ ™J "JI! l'l5 7.....L.. 1 65 X>ay S Carpet and Linoleum Carpenters Cement Finishers Electric \Vorkeis „ ~ 2.00 149 COMBINATION-fancy and extra fancy -TToshington Belicious apples, $4,75 box. Whelden's , Market No. "i, 2125 Union avpnue. ., " ," 11-23-tf Give Apples Tins Tear rH, Attention! 'HE Washington Apple Service .you make ic a box of Delicious apples, reasonable and very ^f (ne Christmas sent, for the entire family. ••> are-distributors of" Washington's-Best highland grown apples and pears- ' "- }ne blocto oft Golden Slate- High 23U U st-t-eet, Bahe>sfMd,-Shono 2-77S1. k .-. ' Special j- . - i C-G"fade Wj-shinSton' ^Deliciooe; any size, wrapped^and packed, i4-lb."n~et bos, 5S.-75. - -' , - 125 CHRISTMAS, cards. locally imprinted with your name. Nice selection, prompt service. I FOR Personal and commercial. Phone 2-33Ti2. 1S31 Late street. " 121 CROCHETED Christmas, gifts.- apronsj. hand-crocheted, all colors., AlsQ other sifts. SeasonaT>le. 1S27 .West. Cah-forma avetxue. Phone 3-Q613. -- ".^ s " SALE^One 20-sauge Wlncheate? pump gim with; hhclls. excclieht CHHISTMAS CARDS, da luxe assortment. DO. 25 or 21 for $1.25. printing extra. Phone 2-J1513. Allen Freeman. Printing, 2233 Corto street. Will call with samples. 11? WASHING machine " U-horsepo^er ANacO folding camera. $13;-eic<.tric Jron. S3. I'hone 4-4M3. ; ; . ,, .. FOR SALE—Lady's prewar rliiuiB boot^, like new. Shoe size 6. J25. 2»lo Fir&t Bll'PCt. 1 BARLEY HAY—75 bales, 128 ton. Call 2-1044 after 5 1 p.- m. ' COUNTER _SCALK, 30-lb." self-computine. Phorre ^-6898 or 2632 Caller street. 111 2-6937, . alft (American Flyer), Thone 'A1niiTtfa.11erJ1oaa-.ot firewood. jS^.yUH chubby, 'like new. size 16. Hake excellent gift., Bhone.' 3-0376. 2205 Iven- xcellent gift., tucky. THE NEW'.J'owea'l'xarien..tractor.' Just •wliat you' have -been waiting lor. A. A. „ Hopkins, .dealer," 2SIT K ,£treet. Ph»n8 2-6792. ' ' J -" , 1I3 - Christmas Trea Bargains " Smaller'.quantities. Varietv of 7—^- Kineteenln and O Sheets,_One BIock-Kast I/ADTC'S blackV-wolf -fur 'Jacket for tale. ' Ferftct co"rldrtlon."'Si2e^H. n'cry reaMn- able. Phone' S-4002-- or call at —J-a Brundase. -Jla-ne.'- ~ J . HYDRAUWC scraper; with at J300: ah-o. motor scooter, *outh Chester avenue, . '- • ^ electric motors "repaired^ rewound, ex- "changod. Phone 3-3498. Central Hairt- ware & Appliance Company. Twent}--£lrtt and- Union avenue. _ 11-SS-H FOR SALE — Bepinner's tricycl^, Seirs hand racer anU sturdy hobby horse, very good condition. Priced reasonable. NorwalK Son, ice Station, 320 Chester. _ 115 , like. new, SS5. Phone 8-3153. -,KIvarvfew- Kurnsture Company, 143 North Chester," in Blwrvlew. - *. » » - , 11" rBOPANB tank -aad resulator .for, 1 sale. 70S Curtis Drive. - -119 FOR SALE — Pair" Sliver .Tip. "Fox furs. Phone 3-3S36. _ 114 .V washing machine; 6-eubie foot Frip-idaire: 7-<iuart Pleasure cooler, newt 5-Plece McKlnley aluminainwa-re: two ror and glass Heywood WAkefielcl ta"hles^ 2405 Terrace Wa?-. ,. 117. FOR SALE—Two bedrolISj new; one spring- cot; one electric fixture; one phonograph; one home dehydrator; two hook^shel-v-es. 1024 Pacific street- rhone 4-<493. ii~ JTOR SALE—Lady's , brown,.,tailored' suit, size IS, price S2S, also one wlne,-rolored housecoat, satin, i Eoofl' as new, size IS, price t8- Phpae 2-3CIJ4. *~ " 115 ONE PORTABLE walk-in Jce-lKKc. approximately, SxIOi Uotor and unit comptefely overhauled. Contact "\V v .Astqn, San Ml- sue!. a»-n-<. ; m TOrR-ROOH roodertu-to be moved.. Phone 7-7X35X - - H9 CHILD'S ^ TOTS^-Electvio tram, doll house, stove, -high chair, table and chairs. Ironing hoard, etc. Phone 9-3237. . * FOR SALE—Ten sacks iardwali plasler. Vfaone S-23X4. ' 119 2 r 7fl 43. hay for sale, f2 bale. Phone ' MAX'S -17-jewel Bold Waliham irrjst ivatch; lady's \vlute gold Elgin ttauh; lady's almost npw" Chicago shoe roller -skaff. size -I. Phone 3-4041. B 5^0. *« I IK GOOD Condition—Shoe roller skates for only $10. Phone ,3-1570. * 117 Radios, Musical Instruments i?EW~^?lintLTT?E^~~Splln^r~Ha^ms^^ are acain able to deliver the world famous Wurlitser spinet pianos rat .prices lo%ver than jou ,would expecu tlmmcaiate delivery or a Email deposit will hold-^tbe' - piano of ,yonr choice for* Christmas ide^ livery. Terms -to 1 'suit" a£l;J inces.J,Toort*9 Music , Studios. ^25 i Chester^- Phoiifr 3-0345. * ~~ ' •* ,-f S- EXCEPTIONALLY Sovely ,Erana"-p?ano, best ia~ knoxvn- make., ' strnment. with unusua _ Well cared for. -AVuIl -unertt approval ,of' any expert as to condition. Ahont -£5 new, owners will take ' A' musician In- l depth _ of ^"tonei 1 ' , Box 37S-C. The Calif ornlnn 117 T ~ ' Visit Our' Used J , RADIO department for bargains Iji.cohsoTe- and table model TaoMos,,. AH , radios ,jcom- pletely reconditioned and fully guaranteed." " .Liberal allowance tor. -"your 1 old. radios Terms. ' , "*' 1 = v " , V > _, " .„ ""* , Poston Radio Co. 2812 Chester~a.venue "_ - B PIANOS .WANTED—Highest ca»S"-pric«s paid for^new and used, pianos. -.S hone 8-S8S1. - . l-S6-tf iPEdAL-i-Three,days. Extra-fancy Roman Beauty- apples. S3.S5 box, Porto RIno yams; juice oranges.".^ dozen '45c or $'-' box. Last chance fo»- mountain apples, Eli's Market. F-ruitvale, 'Bosedale way. ~ - ~ r ' . lit NAVEL oranKes, $1 box; yams, SI lus, potatoes.'J1.50 per 100.--South Chester^ south of Drive-In theater. 117 NAVEL oranges. 69(1 feet east of jPairfax ofn Pioneer Drive. Please' bring containers. Phone 2-6211. *•-> , 117 large, *oft, "-shell pecans '•fo/ sale, 4So Ib: "Also pefcnu m?ats. h%K l poBn<J or-pounrl. Phone. 2-0^535;' SSO-'Brundaee NAVEL oranges, 4-t/a box.' ^Ptipno £-4104 r^ 4(i7 Olidale Drive. IIS GRAPEFRUIT for" sale, J1.59^apd ?2 lug. Bring containers. 3S4 Oregon atrggt. Poultry and Livestock FOR SALE— -Gentle" 5-3 ear-old jnaro Saddle. "Phone 2-7123. _', •; ,' and K3 . -Hodmen ^ —Structuial , —Ornamental Lather—Metal _ lliUwrlghts Plasterers Plasterers' Tender Painters (Brush; Plumbers and Pipefitters Roofer—Composition Hoofer—Slate and Tile. __ ] 65 Sheet iletal Workers.. " for contract, LegaMIolidays and Overtime Time and one-half Time and one-half ^ Time and one-half Double Time Time and one-half Double Time Tune and one-half Double Time Double Time Double Time Dculjrre Time Tune and one-half Double Time Double Time Double Time Time and one-half Time and one-half Time and one-half Time and one-half rs (i^.fH)l -nor /Tfiv- Legal Notices "««rfWWW^WWWi>^rt*wS«^w«^ ,_ 2JOTICE TO CREDITORS :Xo. 932S In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Kern. ', In thel'rnatter of the estate o£ SbSAN" H. GOOI'E, deceased. Notice j,is hereby given by the undersigned A'.' S. GOODE. Administrator xvnh will ann^pred of the estate of Susan -H, GooJ», deceased, to the creditors of. and all persons havine claims against the said deceased, 'to present them wilh the necessary vouchers within six months after the first, publication of the notice, to said Administrator at tfia law office ot HARVEr. JOHNSTON. BAKER & PAL.MHR, 359 Haberfehte Buiidmff, in the city of SaKprsfteld, Kern county, Cttli- foinia. -which said atfia. the undersigned selects a<Sfa place of business fn all matters ronnectedjWith said estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, with'n Fix monlhs.after 'the first publication of this notice In • the ofrrce of the clerk of the Superior Court ot the State of California, in and for the County of Kern. Dated and first published Xovcmber H. 191C., A. B. GOODE, Administrator witb^Tvill annexed of thp estate lof Su?an TT, Goode. ' dff'ased. HARVEST, JOHNSTON, BAKER 4 PALMEIC- 350 Habsrfelde Bak-, ersfMd, -'Calif., attorneys for Admin-! istrator. ^ I Nov. 14. 21. IS: Dec. t,~12. j Threat to Heaith Because tuberculosis is cmo of the st'threats-to community health today, everyone should hru-k tiio efforts being niadr- in tin- community to control the dtspas-n. Dr. AVillinm Buss, county health officers, said today in prnisinpr the \\nrk of tho Korn County Tuberculosis and llo.ilth As^ sociation. At the same time. r>rr Buss urged generous support of tho 1S40 Christmas Heal sfilo now bosp.K c'onrlncteil to raiso -funds for the association's 3947 program. "Tuborculosia is a dis-.-ase Mne.ifi from person to person," he s;iicl. "OC all diseases of this typo, it takes the highest toll of lives. Jt is ihi^ RI palest disease killer of persons iietvveen the ages of 13 and '^~i, the .M-aro when young- men and women arc- hniUUuc,' their homes and prep.iruiK for ami entering, upon careers in i he business and" profes-hma! vorld. "The death of so many ut tlicir young people. In the 'pi-line of H;> is not only a tragedy for their (nuillifM, but it is also a great 00011011110 w.ihtf. "The Kern County Tuherctiins-fs and.Health Association is ensaKcd in a campaign to pi event the sprcnti of tuberculosis by ppreadinR inform,i- tion about the disease and how it can be controlled to all groups within the community and by providing special services to the community to further control. The association has also taken on work in heart disease and rheumatic fover. Heart disease takes more lives Jn the United States than any 2 ' other disease. Josie Bishop Brings Desert Hc% to City Mrs. Josie Bihhop, \\flI-Knnwn radium 'queen of Moja\> made hf>x- annual "visit to B<iker*LivM armed with desert holly that --ho disfuljutcfl to f.nored friends. This >ear Php included fragrant grout.wood in thf; bundles of holly. Desert holly.-is white with small red OBITUARY NOTICES Foremen in the %arious crafts at the rate of two dollars ($5.00) cer dav re than tbe journeyman's scalf. _ - J | Ko labor shall be paid a wage that is Jess than one dollar fifteen cents (Jl.loj Overtime shall he paid for the hoars worked in ext-ess of the working dav anu lor time worked on Sundays and,the seven (7) holidays which are to-w't-' - ' GRAT - GHLDIXG,. vary* fine looking. Standard bred and reetstercd;;,.Broke •^rivlns--ar.a ^j-iauis;, "-harness an .. ,cart, if-desired." Call ^-4502." "& r ,ii7 3S9- COCKERELS^ wftt 3TVVO horses for sale, one' green Ixrolie aad -one- .not broker one eafldle^. and bridle* ..$150. .One raneLsputri cni^airfai " . blocfc east^ori ,~2-*05» after 4 p. .Vistff :^ Phone -a IT TGRKESS for sale. Erocie broad-breasted. vS months 1 old/corn, fed." Ordjey now^for » Christmas. Phone 2-S272. 'FnSfsell's Place on Oato street. ,- '< ",- _ 0 ""'->-- f!23 FOR SAXE—Tvro, HolstenxJieifersc'' spring ralves: one--sow-with ttve"pig»;'JiEe'rJarEe , BOW to ,f*rrow'' in weak; .one."shoal.' Will -sell rpaswiahle. BerfSalsbur}-, 1 Route 3. ,/Ji mils east of Pumpkin^ Center 1 .oc Taft a-Hichtvay. • , v - .; "^ r UT - SALE — Ou ,*ey.cow secon'1-talf 3er- SlM;-_T-week-oW boll iSOO 'E ~ DYE, MftT MABIAX—Rosary for May „„„„.„ ^...uo Marion.'Dye. 49, -who died at her home 1.775 ' . Si Time and one-half Wednesday, will be held today. 7.30 p m.. 'at chapel o£ Doughty-Calhoun- O'ilearsu -with the Reverend Fuh'*r AVUliarh! JiaeLoughlihi officiating. Serv- ites will be held Friday, 0 a. m . St. Francis! r Church. ivith. Jnte-rmerit at Catholic section of Union Cemeteri. Sh*» is survived l>y her husband. Bail O»o>-Be D>e. 1(12 East Sixth street, and four siiters ^In Czechoslovakia. HEXDEKfiOV. BBENT BUSSEI.T.B—Fu- n°ral services for Brent Bus-selle Henderson. -45^ who died 'VV'«dn»*day. will be held at Pasadena later this week Local airaiieetnents were ma<ie by Paine & Son Funeral Home.. HENNJG. MRtNIE—The bodv ot II nnle Hennigr,' of Delano, who d.*d Tut-iday, has beea sent by the Dejanii Mortuary to St. Louis for funeral servU-ea and interment ilrs. Henuig. 82, a nafve of German K, died at the home of h>r brother,' Arthur P. TIennlsv at 101 So'Jth Olenwood Ftreet, -whfre ghe ma<le hpr home, i Other relatives reside in llifi- eourS. •wage rates, travel and subsistence rates,-ariri shall inoiudo"an>- 0 iricreases ln"h'ls f-VTKR-i-CEORO.E DAVID — Funeral T-s ' - " ' services, for George David Lasler. S3, -who died at his home Wedniydaj, are pending at Dougbty-Calboun-O'Meaia. He la survived by a widow. Mra. Ltla ilay I.aster. 2222 Xil^a street; parent?. Mr. and: Mrs, George A. Laster. B.ikeis- f:e!d: a.daughter. Sirs. Virginia Powers, Saker«f]feld ^, three grandchildren; a brother." Robert C. Laster, Bakeisfieid; Mrs. Katberhie Gilstrap. Fresno. He •was a inerober of Sunflower Lodge No. 86. F. k A. II., Wichita, Kan. IO.JICA, riMOTEA—Funeral Bervi«-ts for Timotea Mojica. 67, who died at her hnme 'Wednesday, will be held Fruiay* 9.3CJ a. .m.i at Our Lady of Guaclalupe Church, A with, the Reverend Father STi- vano B«o.uedano officiating. Intermpnt will be 'n Union Cemetery. Rosary v.ill b* said Itoday at S p. m. at the Hopsnn ^iortuar!-', She is survived 1 by her hus- bnnd. Burulio Mojica. 2220 B«-rgcr rtteel; BIX sons. Phillip. George. Pablo. CVmpnt. Georga ft asd Mike JloJSca, nil o£ Bak- ersfield'M arid four daughter. Mr&. AmaHe Braso, Calver City; JSrs. Mary Padihla, j Jf-st-ico: 'illrs. Julia Yaldivia. ioa An- 28 grandchildren and 2 Ersit-srand- •-Year's Day, Decoration. 'Day, "juiy 7Foiirfn/LaI>'c7r~r>ky7 'AiTrTistice" Day ! Ti5ank.»sivm£c Day and Christmas. " Union rules f«r subsistence,-tram portatlon and travel time as they relate to ' the various trades shall be included in the-bid. , The.* Contractor shall keep^ Wmself informed^ as to any changes In the above wo 50 It Jbhall be mandatory upon the Contractor to -whom the contract Is a-wardpd I and upon any sub-contractor under hirq, to pay not less than the taid spec-ified I rates to all laborers, workmen and meehanlcs~employed by them in the execution • ot the contract and shall forteit as a. penalty to said County, ten dollars for eich > laborer, workman or mechanic employed, for each calendar day, or portion > thereof, such laborer, workman or mechanic is paid less than the above st'pu- i lated' rates for any work done under this contract, by him or by any tub-eon- I tracior under him. > , . - - i A certified check or bidder's bond irirfhe amount of T«n per cent ( 10^) of the amount of the bid Is to be tumished with the bid; payable to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern as «vjd?rice of good faith, and that the bidder if successful, will pnter into a. contract satisfactory to said Board, and in addition thereto will furnish surety bond therefor in the amount of fifty percent i (50%)'of the bid covering: labor and material; and one hundred per eenf'(lUOC) ' of the bid covering faithfu!j>erfGrmance, according 1 to law. The Board reserves the right to reject any,-aiid.«ll bids or alternate bids deemed not advantageous to the Board, and to waive any irregularity in any Wd received. r Dated at Bakersfield, California, this 9th>day,of December. 1946 R. J. VEOX, County Clerk and ex-Officio Clerk of the Board of Supervisors Dec. 12-23, incl. ' NORMAX, 1'HIi.TP C—un.-nr*.,, r \:<-es are pending at the Paj-no & Son J'unerol Home for Philln <;. Xnrtrjn, rdnc'l nil driller, who died.-'Wcdtipjiday at lllrniinRr ham Hospiiai. Van Nujw. Mr. Norman!, a nntive stt East Eenil. N. C., wj>s a. member nf. Harold .Brown Post. V, F. TV., »ud the Bakersfiolcl 1'OKt. Ameriryn I.fKtoi. as -.veill as the yartkinvilic, K. 'C.. I.O(lB!>, F.. & A. if. Ho ia eur- vivcd by a daughter, Juno Norntaii. Monticello, Fla., a sistsr, lira. Mj-rl Reese. Bluntsville. .led...and a nephew, Gorreli Norniah of::lj&kersfie]<l. 'NCXKZ. ROSA—Gravesids Eprvirs-a far llnsa Kunez. 9j. who dicr! at l.os An- Ki'lzx TJpceniber #, ivera to h^i hnf'l today ' at 10 a. in., in lZni"ti C'ln-^iy \\uh the I-tcn-'-rend Father J^iKaio B.ioufd.niu offtciatmc., -a.ij oun-fl'Mj&ra waa in charpe of ilie 31 raij^'Tonntii, ITU-SON, ETTA MAE—Funprr.I I-FI-.K^^ for Etta Ma« WlKon. 6:. 413 JJI Trjnn Bir--et, wall lie held at i! p. ni. Friday in Payn« &. Son Chapel wth th« ilp\*»r- end ^V. R. Wfreaflan.l nlf! latino Jnlvr- ment will folloiv In Gm'itla-Hn Mfnv; 1'ark. Mr°. "Wilson. «bo d.wl AVcilnoi- day at a local ho*p'tal, is sjrwvc'd by her husbanrl, James fi. wn^r-n, a brother, Joe (iJoodwin and a sister. Mrg. Tc-nneR- see Hogue ot Missouri. 'ITic-re are-nlso four nephews and thr^o n!e ( -.e?- THE RIGHT WAY^O WRITE,LETTERS -B\ei>-booy -writesletters and yet-cottniless numbers of people do not even know bo«>i to 'address an envelope corrictly v jjjach'o't this fs due to rarriessneas, but rnast of ir Is due'to'alack of knowleflse of?the snb.ieet. The>faady Xetter "\Vriter '.^1^ fulLo* compact information,"Indexed^and,handy for Reference- The correct , form of any bind of correspondence carfbe^-foiincLln a minute or two. ' Covers the~genersi rule's of: diction, i?nncCE3tlon, grammar, correct »tylei« of addrena. s proper salutat.ons and closrrjgs Jncindes more than 1<K> sample letter forms in ,'iS pases. And it's only 15 cents, postpaid.' "~. i. -0S9 Coujibn- " The jBakersfieM CaUfornia-rt JnformatSon J3nrca-D, 3L6 r "Eye" Street', N, £,.-Washington's, D. a , ,, I enclose herewith 15^ cents In. colrt'Coarefnlly -wrapped in paper> for a copy of " the hoojket, the Handy^ Letter .Wrirer, ». ' T , "• " . Street or Rural Route,. {ilailto —State_ CHAPEL Distinctive^Funerai Service -at Moderate Cost Phone 7-7881 Chester Avenue at Thirteenth j. cJ Flicfcinger, Frask Digier ^DAY_and NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE UNION CEMETERY (A Kon-Erofit Corporation) Complete Burial as Low as $50 (Perpetual Care Grave Included) • Cemetery Space as Low as $20 Phone 7-7185 JANZEN FUNERAL HOME Slmlter, CniSfornla Phone Shatter 703

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