Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 12, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1908
Page 2
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' " - i . -kn Ii|irtiyfirtl( Bili^StatM establlghek I86P. » Aii-G ^f MHt lut U ADM Ct. Assets $1,200, ooooooooooooooooo o o O Watch joor wifp and you will O 0 >diRfornr Ibat O Q O 9 o 00000000000 0 90000 For Mrt. A. V. Lodj^. • Mrs. E. Gabriel ontphalnod a com pany of ladles on last Salurda,V !ifi»T n6on In compll.nont \o hor <thueht <*r. Mrs. A. V. haigi' of lola. Th«' party Was composed nf old sclioolmaii- 1 and trlAnds of Mrs. I .odpo. an) ilu> after noon wa;; dclltshifully s |ii>iit in rooall- Inft 'old llnle^i an(4 ewnts. At r. nV'ock Mrs. irahrlrl. asslsic.i liy II.T liitio KHtndilaugliter. .\larRar <>t l.odpc. .sorv- llghl r»^fr»'shinfiits. Thi' snfst < in-, clud^ Mrs. J. T. Oolfs, Mrs. {;tH)rso Coston. .Mr*. \V. P. Wliurton. .Mn-.. • Skdie Anderson. Mrs. t\ C. Dtitton. Mr«. Wlnnlfred Neill. Mrs. K. H. Gr^ne of Aberdeen. Washinpton. Mtss Anna Denni.<:on, Miss .Mattie Alien. .Miss VerU Wright, Miss Cora and Miss Etta Tom.—Erie n »>Por .1. • + + Dinner Party. ^Mr. aiid Mrs. Frwl Oerhitz pn^liily entertained a group of friends at six o'clock dinner last evening. The table was seti for tfn and the docora- tlhns .were Jbunches of yellow daisies ' aH^nged Joosely with their leave.-? aiid other green. The menu was in several courses with decorative .serv- Jdg. ; * * • L Tor Miss Willis. 1 M 4 ES Abhie O'Donnell of Leavenworth ts a .!uest of Miss Willi.';. eliai>- ehme of .Thistio IlallL .Miss OT>on nel Is returnlns from a visit in Neodesha. . + •!• • - In Kansas City. Mr. fJeorpe' LonRalifr I'as .tjoni Kansas City for a brief stay. Tl\eb(xvels.clebnses acts lyon u\e systeiJ^eWectuoUy ossists one |n overciniing habitual |ous1^{ji\iaa pe\iuano\\tly. To ^ot its Oene|icial|ej^ects buy tKe Genuine. Manujactilircdi ^ tho GALff^DRNIA FioSxiiiipGo. SOLD BT LEADING DRUSCISrS -SO« i>««nTU day. Th"! hostesse.s were members of th<' Tup .sday el::h jwhish diirins thr years of it.s orKani::^tion has sixi'i. .souif deligbtfiiT'parli^ts and llii- .span- ions homo nf Mr.s. 1<". J. Horton. on Siintli Elm .street was u.sed for the .lay. .\I\i-v a very pl .^asant anil informal hour Ilie dining room w:is to Mr. Hestwood III. .^rT. Otis Hestwood has gone to Wichita where he will spend .some tifne at the home of his parents. Mr. Hestwood is! nuile 111 lint those who at**- attending him are hopt -fiii of an early .oonvaleseenre. . .> .J. I Y. P. C. U. Social. The United Untheren chure' wn: op »Tied for a very ideasnnt soelal laHt eyenlng. MemberH of the Y. I'. C. 1'. WPK' the hofclK and hosteHSiH and their fiieslH were others of iln! con Krjegatlon and friends rtf .the church. TJi* feature of the evetiliiK WOK thr aiiriea of coiitesta wttch' createif miinh merrlnjirni. A iiiiinher of tin gljeRtK were nilven jieanuts which were obJPClH III ft rolliuK coniexl. l'rize .<4 Inlthlu and other nniUHcmeiiin went to Minn Pearl Sirks. . MIKS Milje AdamH. Mfn. N. Ki .mone. 0. W. A laum and Pl^ank Waltei After the siielal hour the refri'ShmilniK were pi-rved. i V + + f Mrt. IVan Ar^dale III. ' . Mrs. L. R.jVan .'.rsdal.'. liL'i .N;,.,III nireet. Is ipille ill. •!• •> * To Pardons. Miss j Floreitoe Mitchell left to lay tor Parsons to .siieud the winter. 1 + * •5- For Margaret Lodge. Mrs. K. Gabriel entertained a party jOf Utile folks for her granddaugh­ ter'-.Mlsa Margaret IJndge of lo 'a. last Priday afternoon. Games were en- Joyed until 4; o'clock when light refreshments wore served. The quests were Helen Gpepsel, Marian Hill. Flor ence Payne, iof Topeka. l .iiclle. Baker. Stella DUiion. Grace Foxworthy, Doktthy Nelll and Margaret Lodge.— Krie Record. i ;••«•*. I Fori Mrs. MeNeit. >Irs. H. L.i McNeil who is leaving on j the approaching Monday for California to resiije, was tonor guest at a jfeiy-ihappjlj afternoon tea yesler- oprned and a niefiii courses. Till- lahl''' w ranged for ten and t: fully iMlilt lioquets O ai iniiTvals among tl: fern leaves. The ehi Mc.N'eil was a Iieaufi vir spoon bearing tl day." Among ( were .Mrs. F. E. Smi Xorthrup. Mrs, C. B.i II. W. Bwing. Mrs. C Harry Sleeper. Mrs. (' Mrs. .lohu Fonsi and* Neil ••• •!• Executive M There is a sr.islon or tin- icnipcraiicc o I lie count V in |>iogres| W. i;-. T.' V. h.ld.pii from l.'c utiidus of \^iiran. I,;ill:irin'. lias Cliv, lid:i nuil lliiiyibotili :iri' pi enl. i <• •> Attend .National Convention. .Miss '/.lu- Alc'iixiui ;is lo a t as leli .ntc from till' locjil Y yociciy to national convent ion ui l»- li> Id in Ht 'iivi'r ejirly I i N 'o'i'i-nilicr To Serve Lunches. Tin- W. <•. T. r. Is 1^ s"-rvi' IUUCII.H and ice cream to the pidilii- on lenilter 17 .;. ^. In Yates C«i Mi-i. I. ('. Mnn»;.'r i-, cr for the week end. was served in is eh'gantly ar- re were tasie- wbite ilahlias garnitures of I 's gift to Mrs. illy caryid sil- • word '••TucH- ho were pre<-"nt 1. .Mrs. D. P. Siiencir. .Mrs. I". .Scolt. .Mrs. ('. .Aiishi-riiian. Irs. II. 1.. Mc eting. if exi -eulivi ganl/ailon;: of today at ihi l<'r:i. fidiciis Visited Cement .Miss Mary N'orthrni| xcttrslon to the ci-m Hassetl today to enter Miss Moulton. pter. ! in Vales t'l 11' Factory. ^ arranged an (jut fiiciory al ain her T 6IIADUATE OPTICIAN i RYBS TESTED FRBB Glasses Satlafi FitjbBd li aod UP ClBaniiiteed Fe aiM M. K. & T. lupcctain. ; Miss Northrup Entertained. Mis.s .Mary Norihrup gave a dinner liartv last evening iiic reeling to her guest, .Miss Helen Moiiltnn of Fort .'•coit. The taMe was spread wit', a cloth of Cliiny lace an I there a reiiterpelce of roses ii id ca.rnation.v pinlc and white amoii : the ;irettlly garnished dinner sei^vli e. .Miss Northrup's hospitality was extended to: Misses Helen Moilll )u. -GenruJe Holmes, .Mary Hllles, Hertha Swigart, Ethel Hortoii, Elizabethi ^uer, Gladys Xorthrun. Floience Wi lenbnru, of Si. Louis, Messrs Harvey Toward. Waldo foffmah. Phil Stover. Jay Hunt and Lorid^ Northrup. ^. W. C. T,> U. Mpeting The local W. C- T. " ceptionally busy meei afternoon at tie Eost. rooms. The installat was the first work ^f and p'edges from all to assume executive wA'rk at the head of departments, escentliiy the presl dcnt-tu-be, .Mrs. E. S. li^riiold Were received. .Mrs. R. B. I St(iy«nson is now the corresponding spcreltary, Mrs; Eva Jefferkon, recording ..|ecretary and Mrs. Alice Newmaajti^ 'ditlon to officers the following vice-presidents have been cbo.sen for the iseveral churche.s: Pn-shyn-rian. Mr.s. C. .A. Kinne; Hiiilders' ('."«pel, Mrs. A. I. n«'ain; United Breihern, .Mr.s. .1. Keim: Baiitist. .Mrs. A. Wll liamsan: Christian, Mrs. \\. M. Williamson: Trinity. .Mis. .\. K. Varn<>r: Methodist, .Mrs. K. Tt. Ki vs. The inniith of Oetobe- will In- an e »|K 'c- ialyy busy time in that there will be a siaic convention at Pittsburg and the vl>'if of a natiimnl lecturer to I.ila. Mrs Willi ringer a lennrer will be here lui October fifieeiiih and six- teonih .Mrs. Wintrluger ts a leni . peraiu-*' worker of reimie and the the union will probably arrange at least one s.>mi'iiu!-.'kic meeting • at which .she will appear. Ip connooiion with the -plans for the state convention Mrs. Keys and .Mrs. .\rnol I wen- elected to n^iresent the local union. The reports of delegates to ihe second district convention at Kansas City will be heard at the next meeting of Ihe union. ••. .". Farewell Party. Mi.-is Mae Smith of IjiHarpe was hostess of a coterie of friends last evening in farewell before leaving for Forest Park. St. Iritis. Out door games interspersed with music ent« mined the guests and Ices and cakes were served. These yoiini peopl from lola were there: Mis.>es Blanche Thoii'pson, Edna Duncan, Lou Dun can, Alice MeCall, Elsa Pepper, .Alfa Duncan, tlmce Thompson. Ola Prey er, Truman TIHIUIIISOU juid Mr. Mayes. + * TO Missouri. .Mr. and .Mrs. C iur.-nce T. Sinil and chililren have gone l<'» Siraiisbiiry Mo., for a two weeks visit. •J. For Charter Member. To enterlaiii charter members o the organixatlon ladies of the W. R ('. gave a Slipper and informal reception at the home of Mrs. Mary Chal lotte on East .Madi.son street dasi 'venini'. There was an elaborati menu for a large number of guest an I in resiionse to a brief^'speech by the l «ixsi master, .}. E. 'Meiider.son .••everal toasts were given. The lion r.r guests were: .Mr.s. W. II. Ilool .Mr.i. I .l/zle Mankins. Mr.s. .1. W. I )e aplnin. .Mrs. II. M. Mill, r an.t Mr J. E. Henilerson. •:• •:• < From Kansas City. ,Mr. and .Mrs. S. Henley, .sit.'. ,Souil Waliini SI reel, are ••niertainiiiK Miss Susie CiimhiiiigH. of KauHftH City. •;• Home from Coffeyvllle.. .Mr and .Mrs. .1. O. Mundls have n lUtlied froiii II visit In Coffeyvllle. 3fpttaoaLst We call this llally hurch. The jpastor, J preach in the mornin The subject for the mnrning hour Is "After Ihe vacation, tl Ihe evening the subject is "Jesus ine rnchanging One," and be evangelistic. The Sunday School ('barrlu Day for ihe .M. .Ma.son will and evening. en what?" In he service will and Kpworih Lrf^agiie as usual louchjing lime. The Junior league will mee at .1 p. m. and be re-organized for wirk. We irust ihi-re will be a gootl aiipndance at this service as we wish to legin work under favorable cireiimstaaces. The Deaconess will be on hands to help. We would like to iirg- all who liav a desire to unite with us to he on band anil ready ai .servlce.s. The doorr. of the cbnrrh will be openned boih morning and evening. Presbyterian rhiirch. Kirsi riiurcb—The pa..lor.-ICev. S. H. rliischer. will pi each al the morning •'ervicf. al II o'.-liicl;.'on llle sillijccl i,C rbe Kaiiir-conf|uering l^hnrc;i,': and ai ihe K II. 111. servic*; on "'I'tie L.'iv/ of Uev ifii.e." This is the first in u Fcries on the last of the Ten C'>r.imaiidmeiils. They will be timely aiid luactical. Sabbath s-hool at ft:t.'. a. m. -jnil ih • '• E. meetiug at 7 p. m. I.iiile Uiiilder.s" Chaiiel—Mrs. i:. >ne.-. supi. The Hoy's Sabliath schi.o: .'it p. ni Tne regular si-hijol at ~ p. tn. Preaching at A ji. iii. j Evening service at 7 p.i m Ha.-isert Cbapi !--\Vlllianj Havi.- .sn- periniendeni. Sabbath scliiiid ai T, p. in Pit si Churrh «f ( hriil. .<<rlenlis(. Sunday schmd ai lit a. in Church .erviie ai II a. in .s'ul.Jcci. Sub.-'iaiice • j iiiceiliir \\ ildni-•d;iy .<! S |>. in. .Service, held ill tlirlst au .Scieiici hall :;i no V:;!^'! Jackson. The ball is lued a.'- a reading room fri ^ni '.' to t p 111. each Week day. Tlio pi invited lu the >^crv vi<ii the reading room.' Mi:S K.M.MA E. ADAMS I Idle i> Corel 's and to rM'r Church. ler to P' V. held au ex- jliig yesterday ilack.son street lion of officers the afternoon hose who are linnnle i.<n«tl Polsonril. The shocking news went over town I'ttesday evening that Itoiiiilc Uivell Ihe daugbii'r of .Mr. and .Mrs. 1, l.ov- el!, bud been (loisoned and was, d>ini; Mrs. Lovell iiiieiie .l a call of gr.ipe luil- thal had been put up in a I in can ic ll.sed 'fur the I 'Vellillg nie:il. bll n Investigation, roum; that li had •i|)ollud ."ind lup -ciune coroihMl with a biflk green .scum. .Vol kiiowint: Ihc coiidition of the can. Il<innie rai .'iid (he Mil slight y and slipping a spoon tinder, iiariook of ii<^ contents. She tasied a hiiler taste ai the. lime bin UoMght i.r.lhing more of ii until a short time after when she was ii|i •iiairs dressing to |.re|.are for a walk, when she became suddenly ill and wai^ found by her mot her. who heard her moaning, to be in a daiigeriiuis coiidl- lion and unable to tell what; the matter was. Dr. Uraden was immediately tni for and sncct'eded in removing Ihe liiiisonous stuflT from her siom.ich ind thus saved her life. Tbiii exiH -rience hboiiid be a warning to everyone that ihey sliohid always examine the contents of ever.v- tlilng befitre they take it.—KIsmore i.e.ide'^. —.\i fresh car of White Uiaf Flour is heli (ig unloaded today. C. L. fowan his the exclusive agency for this leading bran-' '»''• vicleifc. I Sent Off the Bond*. jThe improvement bonds, having been duly signed, were sent yesterday by .City Clerk C. E. W'endorff to Si )itzer..& Co., of Toledo, O., who bought them. . >ewh)' la Indiana. O. E. Nfwhy is in Marion, ind., to iniipc.^i some pipe which the ciij bought there some lime ago. Pos«ibly 6 :000 feet will be bought If the pipe (uiM. in adt ia good cbndit^. St. Timothy's Episcopal^ There will be .services and .sermon tomorrow morning at II o'rilo~k. Subject of sermon, Th« Lesson of the Penny. 1 There will ))e special inii.Sic for the offertory. Siindav school at Holy Communion at T:3ft.' All are cordiallv Invited. REV. J. D. KRTTMMI D. D Baotist Church. W. II. Garfield, pastor. Sunday school 9:tr» a. in. This is to be Rally Day lor our school. Morning .service 11:"0. pennon. "Shall We Co Forward?' n. V. p. TT 7:00. "vening service at .'1:0(1. Sermon, ".Tesus and the Blind Man." WAMTED' ^MiaomUmmmoua WANTED—Wliite girl for general house w.irk. Iniiuire .Mrs. W. E. Kerr. Wheeler lleighi.f or phone i:;i'.s. W.V.NTED—Ciiod milch cow at a bar gain. .M. E. Jone.';, m:; South Ohio. M 'ANTED-To rent 5 or G rof.m bouse, close in.i modern .Vddiess H. <;., this office. ; Biisiniess Dttcctory. WANTED—Housekeeper for small family living in leountry. Imiuire this office. PERSONS W.iXTING boy or girl to work fi -.r board While aitending V.ehoo: apply af Ir.I.-i Hiirinev -.s i".ollei?e t 'U'<tie 4!*:. I I WANTED TO ! Hliy-Four «r five . acrfjs. improved'or iioliJip.-<,veil, close J, to g;ood town. Addres.=» \V. K. K., 7u-', SouUi Washington, lulu, Kas. ! 1>R. MILDRED CURTIS • f faysiclaii and Snrgeon. • • Office over Bu'rell's Drug Store • • Oifice Phone 554. • • Residence 2H E. Jackson • • Phone .'.6S..- • DRS. REID St REID, • • Pbjsiclans and Sdrgeons. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appllancea. • ' Eye, Ear, N'ose.and Throat. • • Office Phone :j57: Ree. 39«. * SALESMEN &| AGENTS—$ % $ $50.«il per week and over can be made sellins .\'ew Campaign | .Novelties from iiow until election. Sells to Stores, County Fair.s, Picnics and Private FamilieE. Complete line of; samples, charges prepaid tor .Sue. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave.. Chicago, FOR SAL£iMI*omlUMmou» FOt: SAUC OR •KXCIIA.NGi:-A goiMl cleau bardivare stuck, on'y SUM-K in t«>wn of Mlioul -IIMI , in .Allen county, doiug a gooti business. Want to sell^ for ca^b. or on easy i>ayi,<riil:;: luigbl; exchange, for goo«l SIOLM^III laud il« \llen, WiMJd.-on. .\e.,slui. \Vil.-t)n. l.a- li^ito «ir adjt^ining C«HIUIM'S \ddres-. Allen fi.uni.i Investment i\>. l.on-; on. Kansas. DK. McliaLEN. • Special attention given to the * treatment of all Chronic Dlseaa- * cs and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over Burrell's Drug Stora • West .Madison. • • • • l-tlU S\LK-One engine. Hoiler and puili|>: i)ne set steel Inirrs. <ine corn sbelUr. 7"7 South XVasbiniiton. Ui llarim. Kaiir. FOR SALE—Short Horn luill iwo year.s old, \ery gentle. J. V. ilowe'i. Phoi.e eS7. Ret. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Pitted. • Office A. u. II. W.:Bldg. • « Omc .vTel. 10S3. Night Tel. <0« • • DR. R. D. CHRISTUM * l >hr «irlan and Sarfcaa * Rouuia 7' and S. l^ans Bldg. * • For Sale, One giwd .Ma.sou & Mamliii organ, high top, walnut case, ten stops. Ivory keys, very fancy. $2.1. IHI: $."..00 down. %?,M jier monih. If you wish this In- rumenl. act at once. JOHN V. ROBERTS PI.ANO ][IOl'SE. F. II. JIARTI5, • Surgery and Diseaaei of • Women. • Office and Residence Phone S7« * Office 7 North Jeffersoa. • • • • • • • JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. 110 E:ast Street. One fine Story & Clark orgau, walnut case, high top, nickle plated bar. eleven stops, lone round and full, t^n- ly $32 .00. $.'1.00 down jri.Oil per month. This extraordinary valUK \\ill mean <iulck sale. Come at once.—John V. I^oberts" Piano TOR SALE OF E.\Cll.ANGE—Cid. r .press and several oak cider barrels. The Christian Church. If„r fruit iveget.ibles or bay. W. L. Bible .school at 10:00. Subject of Alll.son, 402 .Snuih M'alnui .street. Itda. (;e sermon at 1I:IM1, The .Act and,Kj,s. The .Motive. Subject of the sermon Lodge Dbectofy KNIGHTS OF PTtHIlS^NeoalM Liodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P.^ Hall. VlslUng brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, K C. Chris Hitter. K. of R. and S. at .S:iio, The Christian neliginn. Y.-P. S. C. E. meeting at f.:T,i\ The .singing is led by .a large and w<dl con- diicied chorus. All are'ly In- vlied to worship with ii.s. R. H. ELLETT. Mini«iei FOR SALE—One registered O. I f. male fiogj Walter Crowell. U. R. \. lola. .Second Raptist Church. Sunday schwd at 10 a. m. Preaching ai ll:l."> a. in Serin >n Freedom From Sin." Ilaii>i/.ini.- In I'Ini erei-k :ii 2 p in It. Y. I' r. at 7 p. m Prc.'icbing ai >^:ln p m Si rtuiui The llesi Babe." Yiiii ;i'e tnin hese seivii'c>». 'le on llnie J W, GORDON. P .I licariilv invu; I'leaie lenieml li.i' Apt Hasn't Resinned. Tbeie las been a Ti'iiort onl I 'le I reel for the nasi fi »w day:« I 'o ili ffect that C. 11. Apt bad. or liilei.d il lo. resign the office of ilepuly conn y aliorney and thai W. D. ('<.t>i •^•"nld be his silc-essnr .Mr. Peterson said today that there was nothing In till' re|iort. W. D. Co |ie was s«>en «'»d he stated that he was now depely •oiinty attorney In that le wa< giving ttention to any new matters that an bron.hi into the county attorney's of ce aeil be-eby giving .Mr. .Apt more time for othe business. He said M^ Apt was not going to resign f^o far .-is •• knew. SIX YEAR OLD BOV IN COURT. Took noor Locks fro mEmpty Hfomes to Play With. Claude Davis, the six year old son of Ed. Davis, of Gas Cilv. was arj-aign ed in juvenile court this momins. Complaint bad been made that the boy, will- others of his age. had ink en parts of door locks from a nil iiber of empty bnildings in Gas Citv. It Riipltosred the boy. since he is of very tender years, took the articles n ol«v with. However, it develops that aome^of the older boys may — taken brass and iron from buildings In Gas and disposii| them to junk dealers. Young will be In charge ' of the ju court. A brother of the yourjgsior was in Juvenile court about alytar ago for truancy. have nipty z of t>nvis enl'e TredwaT Is Appointed. Hon. J. T. Tredway was appi^iuicd county truancy officer i>y the commn;- sloners last evening. His annoinjmeit was recoiamendied by the.counts snp- erintendent. MK Tredway H'«ld tins office last rear land proved >vfry| elTc- ient officer. FOR S.VLE—Small roominf: lioiisi |at bargain it taken this week. ("Iierip , rent. Phone I2i ;."i. FOR SALE—Phonograjdi and lec- .irUs for sale cheap; ::is North loiton- wooil. KMGUTS OF MACCIBBES^ Knights of Maccabees of the. World meets in K. P. Hall,.second and fonrtli Saturday nighta ot each month. J. W. Postwalt. commander: R. B. Porter, record keeper. _ W7<L W.—Camp No. 101 meeU la K. of P. Hall every Friday night: W. T. Steele, C.iC. A. H. Davis. Clerk Visitor.^ coVdlally Invited. M. W. A,.-TUe M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A; , Hall. Visiting brothers-invited. F. 0. ' Cortleld. C. W. A. Cowan, Clerk. 1 ROY.VL SEKlliBORS^loia Camp I'OR SALE-Cood rubber lired road wa«ou. Iii<|iilre tua .North Kir.-^l ^;lreer. FOR .SALE Fine iipilKhl pianii. a reliable inaki-, Heveii anil one -tliird *»• laves, Boston fall board, full swing music ilesk. Regular price $,1.'.u ni>. Our i|iilck sale lu'lcc $2:i.snii: liii .On diun $Onit per month Your o|iportunlly to get an excelletii piano at a low figure. Don't let it pass—John V. Rohert-.' Piano House FOU SALE-Cood horse, it r .Oi; North First, Ini |Ulre No. ::C5. Royal .Neighbors, meeta second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, Mrs, ]•'. A. Wagner, oracla. .Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Street Recorder. FRAIEH.M.IL HitOTHERflOOD^ Fraterital Krotberhood No. 3<0 meeta stcond nnJ fourth Thursday of aach month In >, O V. W. IIBU. Visltint members cordially invited. W. H.- AB- dersoQ, praddeui; Qolda Blam, aacM* tarv. fORRem 'MlaomUmmmoum FOR RENT—Three r.Mmi bouse 212 South Third, liniuir.- vl .Mr.s. John Smith on. premi.-'es. FOR RENT—Room on West Madison formerly occupied by Jones' tailor shoji. C I4. Whiiaker. LOS7 mad ^Otm IJOST —Pair of nose glasses between Hreckenridge and or Noith Chcstuiit. Finder leave here. Liberal reward. LOST—Il-tween corner *i Madi.son and Neo.sho river, gold chain and lucket containing baby's idcture. Finder leave at Register office. Reward. fOR MXOHAMOE WELL IMPROVED SIXTY near good town In Vernon Co.. Mo., for exchange for lola property! Grace E. Arnold, old court house. The Editor's Dii^,. "Thouglji I'd drop in an' give ye a bit o' news," said the visitor. •alHuit. one 'Of yonr subscribers.'' •yes?" queried the country editor. "Y'es. My old Uncle Henry Todd passed in his .checks today." "Indeed? Well .Jr .be pa.ssed any ID thfs direction ft Bash'F' reached us yei. although it was due years ago."—Phil adelpbia Preaa." , TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXfCO THE NORTHWEST AND . BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON .^ALE Sept. UttaiOct.31st Ask for Fall lafonBatlov. C. P. Hale. Agt,

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