Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 11, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 6
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i • *• : ' — -1 - I-; ANOTHER BODY SECOITB BODY !U]fEARTHED AT MONARCH CEirEiT CO. DAJT. , ^Uet Bole ID Urad—Foand r <«ar Feet From.Ot^er Dddf—>d i Body of White Man. h . ; ; The Humboldt Herpld says: An- j oUier body was found at the site, of : .the dam tof the Monarch Portland Ce- 1" inent company Wednesday inorttlnK i and the workmen are ]|)eginning to ox- pect an entire grave y ^rd bcfpre tliey ftoteh their job. This second body inu found about four feet from tlK> tJaciB where thje flrst body was discovered. It was *lj<inK flat on Its back and only, a couple of china buttons Were found wjth U, Mar \ln Barrack- nian made 4he discovery. A hole in the Bkuli' Just over one ear iudlciitnd _ that the man had been!shot. ' nThere were severalj Imdies of Indians camped down tliere during the war. General Bluntjiiad a regiment sear here and theyi camped at tlic HjlK -insB. Besides this there were many . itiprders near .Humboldt and the en- tlire country was fllied with thieves who sometimes wore tlic uniform of either side to hide their ac- tlbns. iMyhew Stewart said that in a cave not far from there the bodies of several men were found at one time who had been killed and secreted there. He thinks the bodies found were men of that class. A Snre-enoiigh Knocker, i J. Cl Goodwin, of Reidsville, K. C. fnrs; "Bucklen's i Arnica Salve is a sure-enough, knocker for ulcers. A iHtd one came on my leg last summer, Unt; that yonderful sarye knockea it ' out in a few rounds. Not even a scar remained." Guaranteed for piles, sores MriiB, etc. 2oc at all druggists. • \ \ — : : \ SCOTT AND TH^ LIQUOR BILL. in| Favor of Stopping Interstate Shipments, Says the .Kansas Representative. ' ^ The Kansas: City Times contains th4 fol'owing: | Osawatomie, Kans., Sept. 10.—At th^ meeting of the Miam^ county Sunday school convention here, September 4, a resolution was adopted favoring a national law providing that al- cptqllc and Intoxicating liquor ship- pec {from one state to ^nother shall. . imi nediately upon crossing the bound- ry. hecome subject to the laws of the Bta:e into which it is coitsigned. The resilution condemned Uje action of . Sjpiftker Cannon "for.-using his power to hold In the judiciary committee the] ititerstate liquor ahjpment bill." nbi pledged the m«>mber(f of the ron- v^njtion to support for C^nsroas such men as would vote for this moasuro aadj support for Speaker i a man wlm would allow it to bft vote«| upon. Tin* nominees for CouKroas from Hie Second district, Reprosentn ^iv" filiarlos SOoit and Bernard J. Sh<M|ldiin, ri'celv ed Icopies of the resolution with re queiits that they state thWr nttltmit'. Representative Scott replied as follows In a letter to the hev. O. C. Bronston: "I wish to say that long bofora 1 bo tame a member of Congress I advocated this legislation through my newspaper, and since hoi iling a seat in the House of Representatives I have lost no opportunity to urge its passage. I have not only gone before the icommKtee on judiciary at pui>lic hearings and argued' for a favorable report upon the bill, but I Jiave talked with the members: of the! committee indtvidtially urging such {action, jand bavb spoken to influential members outside the: comraJittee endeavoring to linpress npon them the importance of this lei^slationl As a result of these cqnversatiqh^ and arguments became jconvinced that th^ chairman of fAe'^JudicIary cotamltteei, John J. Jmldns iof Wisconsin, wap more responsible lian anyone else .for tlie failure of the conuiittee tq report the l |"one 's Spices aije noi mejrely pure; they are the finest of the cum pare. Carefiil sel^tion and improved methods of grinding ^om- Wne to produced unusually highl seaaoning: value. In OANHON MAMO ybtt 1^ ture of the fine btop- •tiie* tut bulk (piece, thijaugli cxpoi uie and poor sdeotioii, (uoill r lack. They are put jiip in alr-tigfal packages, always retain- I lag mgintl strength. -to I m EH 11, 4notber Big Purchase and Greater Bdr<(aiDS than Ever at 117-119 West street Iota, Kor{i«d& i ^S. A. Jones, Manager New ^oods arriving daily. Get in on the good thmgs. We seii them for le^s NOTICE TO rARMER^t Your produce is liiB same as cash with us in any deparlmenl of our big store. Buy Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing or Groceries. Read on: EXI>|:R.S . ' I s gciing jit .i.tOp .;. ..»r I7?2C Itlc sale at! ."iSc worth ^1.00 lany you;can. .VEX'S SrSPEXD, Men's "."ic Suspenders gc ti Men's .">0c Suspenders gojlng :ii ...:50«' Men's 20c Suspenders gtjfng at ..:.|."ic* itC do7 ,ou Men's Cotton hjuse worili for 'J')V, on sjilc at pcrlpair Men's l>5c Hose at . Men's 15c Hose at , ME.\'.S SIIIKT|I, Men's .'lOc and UOc Worii Shirts g<i- ing at •2h0 .Men's $1.00 Shirts oiji Men's fancy dress shirls.j to $1.2.5, on §ale at ME.\'.S Ol-ERALlLS. Men's Overalls as good as buy for 90c and' $1 on sale at 7.'»c Men's $1.00 Ki Ki Pants oii sale at ;."ic One Lot of* Men's Bib O'ferals going . at I '-... -l .'ic MEN'S CAPS.' Any Cap in the housei nt factory prices. Try us and see. \ . .HEX'S SHOE.i Men's $4.00 Blucher sty lb $2.9.-» Men's $4.00 patent leather, all styles In lace and buttons .Ji I2.7.'» Men's $4.00 Gun Metal, in sizes 6 to !l *2.7."i Men's Vici Kid in all stylas and sl-'es. worth $4..50. $4.00. uoin -ji '^'2.2'> "EN'S I'«\TS .\:e.:'s l'::its •> rr h ' • • s'.\'.e tit .... . .\'e r= " V < ! ^: •••1 • 1 V $1.00 jiair 01 niisci - < ' .MEX'S rXDEK".>Ej\l{. 5(.i0 Men"s l-"'aucy Utidersl'iit^. worth •Mic ,lo 75c. on sale at |L 85c Men's 25c underwear on iule at 20c MEN'S (ITK BlTIHiN-S. .\ .•>0o sot ol' i-ulT hiiitiius ^ .'.jOr A nr .c ^I 't t)l cuff bullous :t lltf .MEN'S IIELIS. .Men's -5c and ;;5c Heits. .ufjiiug at I.'H" .MEN'S (I.OTIIIXt.'. In the following you will lind Ihf srculcst liartnthis unynhrre on earlh. The nuiil order house.*: are u thing of the past in any line that BKK.'IIT & <'0.. hate for von must remember we sell it for less. Me do it. .\lon"s all wool spr^e .«nitsti sizes :;r. to 10. worih $15.0(1. on sjtle ai. yn-n'fi all «<»ol imported worst<>d in coUirs.'sizes :!5 u) 4ii. wurih $1.".. going at *IO.WI .lust a fpw .<iiir.s in Vifi^t colors Wfirih up to $18 ,011, going ai ..sfft.tlO AW pure wool Worsted siiils wnrlh $1 .1)1* to $12.5i>. o!i .salp at *.S.«» Black clay wor.sled .suits- tliat soil pvprywhere for $IO.O (i. at !?7w(» Men's $S.O0 Suits going ai $."i.<M» Men 's all wool Taney worsfpd.s. sizes ."IT to 40. were $18.00. now ..:?|(UM» .MEN'S IIAT.S, .Men's $."..00 llat.s going Ji' i ?2.50 .Men';; |4.tlo Ifaf.s going» Men's $'.'...'>0 Hat.s going ai #1.75 .^1.25 .#l..'i» $2.75 $2.15 .Men's $2.10 Hats *oliig at Men's $3.00 Hats solng at Men's $2.0n Hals going ut .MEN'S WORK SHOE.S. .Men's Tan E k Skin, worth now Men's Tan KIk Yellowstone "prrb 00 nov,' "r •= "'ever Rip Work Shoes, wonh •• • Ti -irw !*1.75 p 's rci:cre.--.< .ind Plow SPCPS. — «•> 11(1 .,o-:\- :?1 .I5 "KN'S (IXFORDS. .\'en's (iaient bution Oxford.-^, wortli M.'io at !5'2.5a .\'eirfc WliiU' t:inras O.vfords. worili. Sl.r.o. now b5c MEN'S TIES. MPII'.-, Ti».-. I'iins a' 25c .Mm'^ 2.'ii- 'I'lts ui 15c Ml'\-S FVNtY VESTS. Men's $2 .'rtt Ae=ts going at ip2 .00 .^le;^'s $2.00 Ve.*rs going .il sSl-MI ..Men's $150 Ve.*ts going :ii ,.^:|.tHI ox: I,\I>IES' t.i.oVI S. I.a «lii 's' l)l :u!; •-ill, :;;';'V s. !t;-:,ir! iPUglll. wiirlli i!.-'i'\> i ;>r'- ?! "•. here ai i- l..:HliPs',$I.iMi L'Inv.s (.1, >u:-- :.• • l >adies'' r .'ip .-ilk shi^j' ••i-;-. iinins id /. l«iii 'n'!-' -'."c .-iii rt L ''ii\!—. -I-', pair , L.\niKS' <).\l M!>i»<. Ladips' pHit ;i :i <•.;!,..- -v-, uoinu :H ^ . J..-idie.s' ;;pii';ir.p I '.-i -n: <<• • $:ro(» i . . L.vniEs* r'.N 14X1 iii.'ii- ItllSKKlli fa!f. s;ii.<>i| : worth $:: III! ... Mitrk. C'<i(T'-<' <<.!<ii-<J| $:!.00 Ladies' t;iiii M-'.iI Iroiii 4 TO wnrtli ;I..-idip.>' I'atiiit $:! 25. now . . f)l«l l .:iii!p^' i\iiiii!' S! l ;..v I.\»»li:>' JMfv; I-Tdi.:- '•'«• Kii-.- r !•• L .^||:l-^• .'•.<• i.i-- l:<. l«ulie:^' 1 .P 11'. ! v;iii:s' Minns. .Fii;:l rp »i -i\ 'iI :i ! .1 aie (ai- aiuivp riii. at $t" Ml 'am! ! • •"> • ,L^idie.s' :::,: voiips on ;•' I.;iil;i's" $s.(iti vl..:: ; • ; Ladies' $7"'t l.;nl>es' r .VniFA' iM.fl •' !T. •2.0<) .-i.m .•.1 i: • r •.' • i •.•I.-"' I \1MES' SI ITS. !.:::!:.• • f'.::.:> i\>'Ui> i:i-,(y 1.: (,;ri!f- OTII. :-.i;ii^. Ml l ;ri u::. ?!IO .IM( i.\!>li;s" !10 >iK sri'lMUJTKIiS. \i<::- <hii (••• ( f i .ailifs Hi ••• .-;,ii>- p.ii'i r.-. -•ijiii:; at il(c ninj>i{K>'s snoFs. 1 -iij liji, 'I 'v .^1 • 1111 -•!•().--.-; nti .-ia!'- a: ^!.!!0 ( "I 'al: pa':- ?'.:.M' i <iu saip at rl .75 I liil'iii I. .i -J.L 'r' liop.-. ini hall- at s;l..V» • '(Ir-:. •! ifJ.'iii <t:<i.s oa S;J 1 P S1J50 ( aiii;:'-ii'.i i?! .-anp- on .^^alp :i' #1 .25 I !.:r;'a'::> inr riiibirrn's Srliiiol I'sv tur riiibirrn's and \\i-.\r. t'..- ;;!.";pi' >i'-". tiiP Ui! lull- fill- :> !iiii S .'MiiiI;: ::;i -v u.ii!.T '• 4 • . .tfh . wo: •', .'„• ».!• ' 1- 11. .. . l-i.Til'::. 'r,'|.|T-: 2 for .5r • au'l . '•'.!>:•• 5e . - . .'C 1, .O .I . HIP • l.'llirli <i: 111. ladies 1.3di.!. Ladipr-" ' itiiT :it , . l.iiil.-i." S-'' ill-' at . 1" - ! I .U.H .V K. i.U •• > r .'..HI •Ij ••• , (.!• 'il If .'ti . . I:N(!..;•' til." 1 • ; .1 . ; i M 1 .ill ..•V 11, 1,1, •..-.1 i • ' • ' n.i ..11 1 1'- HIP t v 'l .'.tOS. ' ; •'; ' *'i • 1. : >.l 5<;«;'.•> s iismf, SlIOKS. : •. 1 : •.. ;.. • i ^ f . . . -T 1. J • ;( • ' ; ( .• . .. . ... :•: j ?K2!» ijii'; - '<! H ; 'A../ili •., • M S'l >En FAIL IHJFSS (iOODS. i larip;-' l>r<.->~ Cooiis. strictly all, vvi.f,; aai! faiuy .^ti i|ip>. vvurth T-"vc; on | :^:f'f at 50« i F .i .'K-y .SPI-J;!.- ill ii;ii'-s and piain. | Till I itichp.- wid't-. worth up to VI r.ii. r.;oiii!: at. u yari! ..... Thnnsnnds p ><Ti da'. Ill* 'New Tliintrs roMiinir «;|{0( EKY ITEMS. foffpe goiii.;; at ..I 'l ruiTee ;:i)iiig at _• .1 I"I :1 TPP •j.ii'.n'^ at L'••• t'l.fipp ^iiiiipr a* j.. i:. ..i;.i 'J 'n liiilk Coffpp jjfiiiig ai..'.Uc S<i\l'. s I 'lir . Si !l-: Hi,a;i lor . 'l ri:'p.' :^^i.i:i going at. . I'p:;r .'-'•laii .coiiitr at 2:.c ..20c ..15c ?25c ,.8c lier box.. 8c <;!•• I •Mr:'- .Miiiiivi^ .Soaji aOing at ..8c .4c 4c 4c . le I .. .• r -<i .iii ::oi;i;; al r:-.ii> .S '<-i;i .!:oiri .i.' ;ir I':,:!ir. S(. Ml ilOUVS at I : .1 S'.aji ^(tUi:.r .ir ....... i'.\iiiN(; jMnn >Ei:. i' :.'<• .'ati.-i f?o:ii~ ai ..... i. i' c.ia.s gOUiJi at ...... I';; uniit L ':"p rans goiiiLT al j.. . I "rMuiip -i 1 > panj; .g (^lll.^• at ... Caiiiiip' I"'- <-ans going at ... Tpi Kipp !'>!• cans jjoias^ at I .YF. i .-vV!-> I.yp yoing at T;. ii .-'' l.yp aoinu a: i;a-4'.-- Lyp going ai ...I.. Tiip alii.vp anil 'tlioiir-:.iiiil<; of other il?! iralri;; lill our gruppcv department >• itii aiixii.r..^ liuypi-s .Ml plioiip orders :! r..i,n.- iiiiiiiii .t attPiiiioii anil de- U\Sli'lM; \MJ S« 01 IMNI." .StKR ;;iii. .\.. Moip at 1 Ie ;'. I ri .Wili ; V : \\\'- O'1'i..ik T.a .11 . J. ;;....4e I'.ipi Ami ' ,. .Sc i".iii;ra; Seonniii; l*ii>M|pr . ' 8r .20c .12c 2«c 12c . .Sf ..MC . .7e ..8e bill; and he having reci'ml im-n il<'- feated for renomination. la ply s I understand on areoiint m ; a< ion In this mutter. 1 fpel ceriain the vay IS cleared for a favorable repor in the nest Congre.<s. if not in the fom- irig short session, npon this most important measnre. 1 .shonM rertiij tily refuse to supjiort' for Speaker a Hnii who will 09! allow the hill to bp voted upon at the earliest pniciiciible moment." p K Ilualnp 'jiK CoUesorltUa record of {)» •ears of mircnli!. -"rw-emplojnMiilt bareau forKtw^jJ- Bteii. Write for l >eai«l- fnUf iUivtrated cataloc W d college paper, Tbe Kerlew. They «re FEEi:. Addt^, -44 Ma«. Street, Layrence, K .aik HUMBOLDT'S FAIR. A Bib Time Planned for September 24th and 25th. • I CONCERT IS TONIGHT! lOLA STKTB BKNK lb. W. O. »V. Hand Mill <.'ive I'm-riiii ; :il Ihe S<iiilli«te«l i'orni-r ol tin- Sijiiure. 1... 'Ii-,.- ila'.i- 1.1' ;lip WpiVi! rpr;.N 'i.* till- Wooiliiicii lit I.I hand lus:-. hiPli rhailgi'il iaiK •lay niglitji. .Soiiip rinsi- ai ;o .r REV. PULLIAM TO BOULDER Official Corifirmation of the Transfer Received Yesterday. 10 •n'l Waii vtill ibe season's rush to haVe your -'heatini ^stnTe set up and connect- now; and avoid unnec- We- cak take _ raiuount of th 1 4o it light. s kind The Chanute Sun says: Rev. I. B. Pulliaui, of this city has received official confirmation that lie has beeu transferred by Bishop ; Ic- Dowell to the Colorado confereiif-e He exchanges with Rev. Dr. F. | A Chaffee of that conference, wlio \ as served the Christ church, Denver, past year. Rev. Pulliam has been appointedjjto Bonlder, First church, an appointmmt of equal grade with Channte. Bou|d er is a city of 12,000 population, tpe seat of the state university of Colorado and the famous Colorado-Te^bs Chaiitauqua. Rev. Pulliam says makes the change fAr the sake of fljif; climate, which tbe lieaitlv of iiis falm ily demands. He has been twenty years assot ated with Kansas Methodism, holdiji his flrst apiwintment at lilypes In Grant county, in ISSS. He is clostjiy associated- with the leading men the denomination and regrets ve; much to sever this close irelationsh as he does also to leave Channel where he has such a host of frleniip and where he is serving his secoi pastorate.. He expects to supp'y th pulpit September 13ih and 20ih aij reach Ms new field for the 27th. Dr. Chaffee, who succeeds Rev. Pu iam Is one of the strong men of h conference. KELSO GETS BIG COXTBACT. Estimates on PsTlnir at rsnev Drair I'p by Thorpe £ Houeh. John Kelso is now • a fuV. fledge pontr-?etor List night the C^ne council awarded him the contract put in a big paving contract, the toti^ amount Involved being $39,000. Ther}^ Were nearly a dozen bids submitte< but the council chose to give the coi tract Try to Air. Kelso. The estimated t.v. were tlrawn up by Thorpe & Hough q this cl Mr. contr:lcts montns. Kelso ias had several smaller iu lola iu the paijt few 8 Want Id. la Hub ScigiW Tlio Hlinboldt Herald say.?: The conuniltpe for tiie big e.b 'hra- tion is plauninir a good tinn> for iv eryone and a big crowd is pxi >ppted to be herp on Spplenihor 2lt !i .iinl 25thL ItjWill be a stock show. ;igricii|iiiral fair and old settlers' reunion. Thursday and Friday. September 241h and <l'ip^' "f thp i:..o -ipr r.iii. In- \\•..•.^• 25th, a big jiaradp, good .<4peaking. 'h'- cori <-i..i.~ wa- ilia' .-^. I;M fiup siock. fruit and veKetables. .1 itiKht frota Friday pvtuinu.- hipau- good old fashioned time. .Ml fhp ^^a-" ihoii ;:lii inorp ppojil • IVM lodges are invited to lake part and coumry wo'ild aiipud. Tlip \:..\\\. 1 helpj .pvpr. did not work ^siiPPP-.-fii!^ . i.i There will he all kinds of amuse- a eiiaiigp was made, raents and a detailed program will 'I'hp piograni lor ilip ioiip,ii be out in a few da.vs. Following is will bp lield on the .>^oiithwesi a partial list of the prizes to he given of the siiuare follows: awaffT j In the parade V I Best farm team, first $5 :RPCond $2.50. Best driving tpam. first $5: serond $2.50. Best lady horseback rider, first $.*>: second $2 ..".i». Best single drivpr. first $5: spcon.i $2 .50. ' l...argest number of any lodge in line, first $10; second $5. ( Best decorated turnout, single or try the Kesrlslcr's IVnnt Colunin. double, first $10; second $.i. Funni«».st turnout, single or double, first $10: second, $.">. Largest family in attendance, first $5.00. Best spring colt, first $5: second $2:50. Best yearling cold, first $5; spcond $2 .50. Best mule colt, under one ypar. first $5; second $2 .5n. Largest pnini >kii). first $2; second »1.00. Best twenty ears of corn, first $2: second $1. Best peck of apples, first $2r second $1 t. \. mil;'. 11.!.F. ! ^, \\. 1:5 ( K. Il •: !•;-: v^;^.1| (••11 IP : 1.—.March. ' Typpw/itpr Ciii^' 2.—Overture. .Anieriea I'or.-vf . :;.—.March. "Tlie Chevalipr." 1^ 4.—SereTiaile, "Sweet Drpaiii- ' 5.—.March. Itoyal Poteniaip t 'l. —Waltz. "Inspiration." . 7 —Two-step. • W'pddiim: t'akp " >>.—Overture. ."Ipdipy. S'-lppiioi. •.•.—.March. "Paik " ' \' III.— .M.nreh. •T. fl. C.' }' . • I For Ihe licsf and i(uu-ke>t re-uli-!' ;»;r<i tor"-, : 1.. ;: f:o:-.:.!.\ S. V.-. k. .1. \. I;..' 1:, • e. ' r;'>'i!'ir;. Ii! •:.-.;-< r. f,u, f..,i • 1:, M'.-. : )!. »'.;..„ :,. \\. iiNTi:i;isi i'wi» ON iniF IM:I"USITS Sij'elv llcpiiv-t \\\>\i-^ J|iir rii;i. J. H. CAMPBELL, Cashier. J.. (', RUBLXSOX', A4s't Cashier. Stockholders. I.. E. Hor^ile. A. W. Heck. Frank Riddle. 11. IJ. iipnderson, i. .\. RoIiiiiKon, I.. I.. Ponsler, Geo. v.. Nicholson, • : I.. C. Robinson, L. i\. Itobinsbu, 11. T- Evans, John T. Watklns, Frank Wo<i<l, J. H. CanjpbilL .•N<»MERS.\rLT IN AI TO. iRinslinc Bros. I'res«nt ThrilUr Paral»ze"« Puldlc. i..:;.i Pill : !i..i: 1;:, < • ' lavil''; .:t. \^ i and . I li :r r -.t-ron.- Ill ^'.-.'.f v.'.: • •? •,'< 'r'Ncr fill hat -a Best loaf of broad, $1. Best cake, $1. Rest! can of peaches. $1. Best Best ! li.- 1 ••..•!: • 1; < :•. an- There at last has beon !.;oir.:l!! •\.-:iv. under IIIP canvas of I{i^^,•.'itl^ itii.'' n ! World's Crpaiest Show.-> an a<-; wii.-.. I for nifer in the I 'ai p ••• danger and for iiervp thai pa >.-p~ nn- ilersianiilng. e.-^tablishps a iipw rpii .'il_ ii; Ihrilllng exploits. 1 l>a IIPIIP Hochp, a yoiiii,; K ..H !i j woman, sputpd in a liPivvy aui>«iu"!ir. jilungps down a slepp .'lUil . SIPI:.!. I ruck, is imrli-d high 111 ti.r l.y it.. ! I iipl l<-i'i)iinatioii of the trapk in .'u i ^•'f'''' .iif.\*ard iiirve. Ii-ajis a r.ii\> <il l.i fcpt iliiriu!; wliU'li lliP 111 leiri ^p ar' iill.-lt «'s two comiili'ip .•^oiiipi .-au;'- .-. aiigiits on a sprin .K piatlniiii dreadful liiipael. Il is the fii-M tiinp'iii llip hi-:..iv .1 this fcort of cireii.- spn^atifiiis ili.-it • i' er a bicycle or an aiiToiiuii.i!.- ua iri;i- ai'- .''i! ; T:'. . II-- 1,..., V, c :ia-. wi^ii - ... .. i:< V/ an. I -• IMtiLiP :har 1 i->rin.- :i_. • pro-;vcl.-- rliis .'•pri- ; T .1, • .•.:i:i-fap'Ton tlia;; (•'.'.\ ' • •' • '.<••> iif 11 :'i.- ip'l.-. I." il. ••ia i.'ti'! 'Iin .i' 1 .1',, I Pf^OSPCRIT'*' STRUCK TOWN • 'at: 11 n can of pears, $!. can of apples. $1. Best can of rherries, $1. I.arKest; sweet potato, $1. 'Largest Irish potato, $I. And there are a number of other prizes ^o be given away which are i achieved a doublp soinpi^auli ui 1 not made out yet. The.v will be.oninr. fxscription of ih- ait deiip tip ' ' •'<i nr"pra"i.s iste-. Rnnd concert, '.lowers of En;:ii?h. It is a uri. f nm- Tlio rp'^n'.ittpo ifi haj .,1 at worV and ment of e.xqufsite suspensp \-ir..h- '•' • >-r-|p T,Vr.»T- of an ^MSpments on es the heart and whitt-ns tbp >•: i*'"' •• ' 'if- t>"c-vopo TTie celphration ervts are drawn to the sna:>ji.i:^ ,' r- j .rM .,n ton-n ip.i Rnvone dc- V^^inl. Thp relief of Ilip aiiiliPin-p «l,i.'i siring concessions or wtshin*^ to know the act is finished m sadty is p\in> ; /••.I ar-n T p Wakefield, ed in .shouts of applaii-e. IIIP pla'''c^ii- secretary of the committee. lot hands and wavinf. ot" bsiidkPiphp 1 A feat ire of the celebration will be Tl-e daneor of the act l.^ to '"ihlic s(iles. T^'. S. Palm<*r has do-!a!l t.eholdrrs. As the ear mat.-: if^*, . hav- frigiiKi'' leap into space a iia>;.<iv ;->f ' inevitable The first turn, i- I'l'" i II :iU:[ nated bis services and anyone ine stock for sale can bring it to town ' ;TPenis and have the advantage of a larga made, but this only mtea.sifies ihp in-- prowd in selling it. Alt who have !.euse. Fcr the fraction of KM ootu. Stock they wish. to sell are asked to the automobile apparently pan^ipsm take advantage of this opportunity, air as tliough summoning all itHwier- B. N. "Wtett has donated the me of gy for the final revolution. This for the old; Hnmboldt Horse Co. bam for the audience Is the crlitcal rn ^mAiit sale jtorpbses. , ... I ;,•••>. V ar;ii !•• put ill will .!). wil! ei tllO^.Vi 'land many avert their eyes, death to jnot sidtcd. H p .it I ii .i;,i:.i .ii; •ri!-; II. l»" -liPVIl, ni *C ,'.,r» lfIHHOVtr^*Pllts . Hianlipliit. !.;;• :r: : 'i;:'!!' r;'P rr>i'- 4 '.!ii t 1 . v;..-rii n.-p lia- r T,.,' II. ::• .!• .:i»t lia:: \ 11 ir---'\ '.'u- ••.'•op .ivl • • V • . • p'.'. l.'l' fr.iiu • 11. Iiv ^1.1 1.1 11 :i!<;-:.1 iiv.-r lill- ; 1 • s'';in\. !!•• !,o!.f.- i.i.l •..i.>\.-! p. • t ii),.r,.. • I tp. 1-.' U.- (I 'lLau-p il ' ! '1 111 rut. -.1 Hi .a • 1..1 i.-iini .;. ••, •• • ronV.. i 1 .r.i.r rli. ••. i.;...- I ., 1. P :•!' '! .• l.i'i.ii iP" .•••1' ^ ,Mi;. 1.. r. ,.;, t il .\p.l IU::; k nl" p.; i ! ii-p i.l! t.")!*' iiiiiil i !i \: »«••.•'-:. l/pl if •li.-- 1,11.111.I .- aiitl !•; .if o.'i ••• II 1 -1 v.- |ii -i' .111 III., r. t 111' tUi-: 11- VI w> <-!; T !;p Pr .!'.ii>:>.ii> wii! foiir ^A-i lieht.s. Two of thpiii in th.-. oni.v. The othpr two her he in 'tiio freight room or iling roonj. whero was j to CALIFORNIA Arizona and New Mexico Ivvery tl.ny ii:riiif» Srpteiuber atiil October yoti cau btty one-way Colonist tickets to California and iu- termetliate polnt.-^ at abont half the / usual f.ire';. I 'a.portionallv low rate: to t)ie .Vorth West .md Mexico THROUGH TOURIST SLEEPER to San Fra: (i'^co via San An'onio antl KI Paso leaves St. Lonis on Tuesdays ol earh week on tht- • Katy Flyer" ' 1 Set" Katy Agent., or Write Me for Pardcul&rs W. S. ST. GEORGE General Passenger Agent. M. K. <i& T. RY. Woinwright Bldg.. Louis. Mo. ' 1 - i 7 iy^ a Want Aa. in Mhe Be ^gm ^t^ I 1 ..V«'!l..-JtafciW'.*i3.

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