Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 5
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i know from practical l-xiierloncc tlial it is Imrd to save, but it can be done. Jiid llio ((Illy way r.> .!<) it is u> kc.p a written account of your Income and yo lir i>xi)i'iiilittiri>s. 'hie man with a salarv ^)' $UiO ii monlli can savi- more, by kecpliiK accounis;- Uiatk ttio man who Uns $JilO a month and who doeii not kuow how he spfiJ^s Ills moiH'v. | Tlif bo.v Ki 'tiitm a salai'v of |10 a wi .k laii prolllably keep aocouiils; a cash li'ook if no nior«-. Tlx^lmsiiii'ss man wiilnmt buoUs is donmi'il to rapid failure. The same Is true Kil thi- salaried liiaii; f:ti |liire. In his caso, meaning failtiiv to save. ' If at the <'nU "f HM - >'-Jir lii'- ^.ul.tried inau has nothing saved, his y^ar has be«in a failurt- i , i Taks R"Od ai!vii'«>—<)|iiii aii aooounr with the State Savings Bank lota, Kaasam Open from 7 to h p. ra. Saturdays and Pay Nights 1^ lOLiV ICElAND COLD STOOGE CO. r lamtfacturers^ WboIe4al« UMI Retail Dealers^ CRYSTALICE A^d Distilled Water KrM CoM Storage Kmir far FRANK RIDDLE. |Mgr.| Thorpe & flotigta | \ J' \ Gontnctors, Euirlurers, Siirrejors. Pully equll'ped for all kinds of BUirveylng. estimating, jiatent drawing, tjlue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, .and (arm drainage. )ffllce .Over "Famous.' EVaws Bros. P^ntm, Mimtlonmfy, Of/a " Bfaitlr Beolts j >alm»m Sehool M-^mltmm Off lam «Hppi/M Where quality !• main conild- •ratlon we buy tiia beat. Wbare dein&nds will Jastify, wa-carry all (ft del and prlcaa. . ftaat> IMe Iqiara, lali. Kaaa. Santa Fe COLONiST K.iTE .s{ CaliiomlM, Arliona, Ktc. UHIIJ . uulil October 31, 190S. i^tMlO from r privlli'C .•scursioni. Tioki'ts Uberal stopuv. spnally tiimliioi »Ml| acepted in itmri; luent of I'nllniaii Jola. Kus. IVr- iia ii:«y- lii t-lisiir t ^i*'**p»'^'s ratrt. aud car. .\i> belter \iny of l>t'('i|iiiiu!; acquainted with tlje. (iiTat iiiu !li \ve >i. where sma'l f.-iriiifi yi<'!d a fujnpct.-iu'.'. than by tnivellns ov.-, iln> S.|iita l'.l^et tne send .Vcii smiie llii.r.iMire about I 'alifornia. Vri /i'i '.a. • TI\v i: i;;.\i.sio\. .\k'"!>'. i- lola. Kansa< Short Stories 1 lo r 1 Ida Happenings —Dr. J. R. Pepper. DcnUst Plione 16i tt'. -i. Henderson in rherrjTi''*'» [ .1. F; Tniltt of toppky. state com' mauder or tho A '.itiolial Annuity r.oclation ami hi? deinify, \V. A. Heii do:son oi lola. .irrivert this afternoon to attend a meeting of the lodge tqj- iiifilii I'ive m:omb.^rs will be Inltiatp ed. The inltiatiir.v servico.e wi!l lie fil lowed liy a lianqnei —Therryvale Rij- linbli(";in. 1 , —H. .M. runnlugbam, 8 per ceiij money. To und Fnim Pitt.Oturc. (Jeurjie Adams of lolii. Is In the citj vi.-^itiip with K. \V. C'ole.s iind famil of -IJ.-. West Sixth street. " • * .Mr ("iiftVird Miioheil-Bushev is a guest <« her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. .\. .\ Mi!oli,l-\ ell, ill liila.—Piltsburj; Headlight. NotUe. Ur Chastain has retiirn.'d and wl now be found in his otiice durini; reij u'ar liusinesi; hours. .\. K. I.anyon hnited. j .\. K. 1/inyini has received an iini- ta.ioii to the Priests,of I'allas hall ijt Kansas City and it is on exhibition it the .\atlonal bank, on his desk. Tlilr- invitation is a souvenir, in the shaiio of a liaiiilsonie mantel clock in a handsomely carved rosewood liody. Iii- Ktt 'ad of fi.srure? on the face the Icitejjs cii'niaiiied in •"Kansas City. Mo." ai-e used and on the face are the wonts •Piiesis of I'aliap. ••—Pittslmri; Hea<i- iialil —Six per cent ir.o.ney: no commlB- '••lon: no delay.—Smith & Travl.s. ' .Maxiu in I'arsons. Ilev. and Mr.s. .1. .M. .Mason retijrijt- fil tliis ninniin;; to their home ai lol" Tliey arrived here yesterday afte luif'ii to attend ilii- weddiiiti'of Mii^ lira 'ee Clurk and ilev. .Mason perforr. •e <l the ccrenionv. —Pa'soiis Sun. ! • 1 - Dr-i. Lntlirop, Osteopaths, Phono itil (lire if! Inde|ieudt>ni-r. jj • Major 1". .M. Pratt ani: Ur. I'ure .jf loia w.iit 111 liidi -in'nde '.ice ihi.-s after noon toatti 'iid a class initiation aui ba .'iiiui-: <it !he \\ . t). '.V. todue there »»> IUf;liT l>r «".'r<' will deliver an tii lilt-- nil liii' frail iii-il ft -aiure-. nf tl!>| iiiiier •-ll !er!> va .i- Ijcput'!!! an \V. pay lln- hit:1ie.-t prices ('oni }f auil .-ee us befiiie \on sell junk — .Misiee: III a \iiii:t !(l. .lohn line A- Co. ij r.«jiU IVneiN. , K.i.i:.. •|"al; ll 'iilie .^\vi I't Hoiti jK..;<, Hi. - a'ul Svvei! Utart I.'.ILI - .la Water, the Our Wav kind.!! Fryer Bros. WHOLESOME GROCERIES i ' : f Our ^Kjck of (.'.roccrieK and Meats are sold on the inti-rits trf their hijjli t-iandanl as to tiual- Ity. They are pure. wli(jles<ime and always ca,!! lie' relied ni>o,n. Try u .sack of .N"i». 7 I'loiir. per .sack ,*li30 ja|ian. Imperial or (liiniiow- deir Tea. per pound -I'K' The hesi in town for ilie inone.v. B^ryer Br0s. i Pbonea S08.S0I. :U«re Married llcre. Jr^ Sliawver announeeil I :'!-.'-;u.'- iu llie <'il> last ."^atiirdav lb ami Ml;.- \!m:i Irwin had Im :t iriaue ai lo!a during la i'.'i;,.. »•;!.•- SD .'ueWliat of a ^il I lie «->)iuiniiiiity The bride !>-i t<{ Will. Iiwiii and a \oui |piiilii> and ie..,iK-cted I; la !ai ;iej cii e.f of fii .-inis. The 4;rixiJi is ilie .uil\ >ii:i .,1" .1. II. Sliawver ai^ wile aJid is a >oiMm man of iiidu.-'ir and hoj .oi- wiili ibe .--ieeni of tli ;|.rii;^. f Ml'leil 1 we.k i pi ise ti ja daiiu) Ne ^ -r-r a' Booster—^ome IndiistnA' River Cat ;at Our Way. The Jenry Has aa "Itinerary." JRev. J. b. BotKin Is tbe first Kaukas' canilidaje this year to publish an "Ulnetary." i This Is where Mr. notkin's long service as a .presiding elder came In ' handv.—Kansxs City elder Star. —Mei-chanf? Lunch at Our Way. I Xo New Jail Talk. So far In the deliberations of this sesFlonj of the Ixiard of commis .«!loners! tiothlnM; has lieen said relative to a new ja I. There was some talk a few weeks iigo of havin.s; the new jail prop opiilon voted on this fait. -luiilut on h»»hiir "V. .S." nour. Itiir Gas. Well nx-uneMdaj. A bii gas well was brought in for the Miinnrch PorOand Ccmonl company oil the .Mniilsbnry farm southeast of-town W 'ediieKday. The well Is the first uiie drilled for the comiiany and is ovcrl twelve million feet in caiwity. —Humiioldt Herald. —Always time to eat at Our Wa.v. ' r. n. Melntyre Here. Mr. and .Mrs. L'. R. .Meliifyre left this afternoon for lola. .Mr. and .Mrs. -Mclntyie Just arrived from Arkadel- phla, .Airkan.=!as, where Ihey were recently married. Hoth are well known here.—rhaniiie Sun. -r-nefore buying your fall and winter millinery, see my elegant line.— Mrs, Pefl.v. ]OS!A E. .Madison. Midgets Lost Two. Springfield tost two games yester- d0y to Webb City. They wer«> unable to hit the opposing pitchers. Kiinkle, Ellis. Tamer Gray,,and Jlike Grady, i usually heavy hit tors, failed to get a swat In two games:playpd- Look—Here. One of the finest modern home'; in tola for sale at a sacrifice. New brick house of ten looniE. two grates, fine lawn, plenty .''Jiade. east front, good barn .-jtid cistern, on paved street and car line. This property is worth t.'j.flOO. : We have the excln.sive ."sale of this place, and will offer it for the next davs at S .^.iiOO. - WHITAKRR * nON.VKM. " Broke His Arm. Ed Allen of the Huxster grocery on South street is suffering from a broken arm which resulted from his b-ing thrown from a buggy at Huraltoldt Sunday. The team he was driving Jiimpeij, precipitating • him to the ground; The arm is fractured nt tie elbow. I . ' Btaa cli«*rlul|y^9!Vta «ja all woH —Fresh Oysters—Our Wav. ; Rennick to the. Farm. Dr. C. W. Rennick, who has bern pr-icticlng In West Hartlesville, left yesterday for western Kansas. He intends to try his luck at farming.— Hartlesville Knterprise. —Dr. P. E. TTanith, Dentist. Phone Si About Corn Record. Farmers In Kansas are tnlkiiifi about raising lOii bushels of corn ti> the acre this year. O.sborne county holds the silk flag for this job. It was captun^d iu ISSa when Wilson Swank, on Tw |in creek, raised l .^t-Sn bushels txf corn on a ten-acre field, or an av- •-rage of ms bushels to the acre. Grain men say that corn will sell for 75 cents a bushel b .v the first of next year.—K. C. Journal. i —.\nto Gamge and Repair Shop for nil kinds of repairing. .\ntonioliUc liver J. Phone SOT. .Was False Alarm. A report reached Chanute yesterday that another shootin? scraiie had occurred in this county. Chuiiute jia- pers called up The Register for particulars and were surpris«'d when th'^\- learned that nothini; startling !ia (l lijiiioeiii'd. Til'- soii.-ce of their information, tlii-;.. said, was reliable. - Oyster-! \n,i.- stvie a! Oiir-Way. Cull »ertson Optimistic. R.\. II. (• t'lirierisiiii. fii ;iuerly Iiastoj of the Presbyterian c!!in;eh here, but now president «»f Kmporia eoKetie. anticipates a larger enrollment this year than usual. After High School Fr.its. Til-' otliCM-s of the l.awreiice Uith vcInH»t are niaHui: str.-niio.iis efforts to put the f .-ats out of business this venr. They ar.' askins '. »ery pupil when lie enrolls as to wiejber «>r not li«- liel»<nss to huy s.-cret eoll .-i;.- M>- eletj With Funston Today. Tli.' Allen t'.mnty Horticiiliural so ei.fv Is meeting today vvitli Hon. E. H. Ftinston at his farm file mibs north j>f Iwl.'i have iheadjf O PENINCi thiB Oood Clothes season such a fin^ line of goods as we for you. Is like cutftiiga fine, la^ mj^B-^ everything: in It is good, and there 's lenough for all of us. Hart, Schjaffiler (& Mcirx have made for us this season clothes we have offered our fi lends. There lare a lot of new fabrics, and the ne v colors arc a^ varr ied and attractive as ever. E rowns- are! ag^iln a notable feature; greens and olive shades tare very the best fot of fine stripes andJplalds in an almbst en'tf- promlnent: they're woven in and other attractive patterns less variety. Ts'ew models and new kinks in style; new ideas in patch pockets, buttqjned flaps andjl that sort of thing; you'll find just what suits you. Drop in and look at some of them. Let us show you what a fine suit you can get for $15.00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50, $?5.00 This store is the home of Hart,5Ghafiner & larx clothes Headquarters for John B. Stetson end Imperial Hats. Your Fall Hat is here for you. IS^ LarsestClo| Uns < Store in Anea Comity. Other stores «t» Wiclut>a, PtCXsinirs and Wevptsr. Mil •1 I ; 1 ' NO MORE HUMBOLDT CONCERTS. ''>• 111 lior Humbjidt Band k-»ys ClOSi Conceit-; ' for Season. (Herald.) Last hrlda.v evening close,j ihe band concerts for the .season. Tiie siiliscriptlon list f<-II off SD mut-U Hat the band did not feel justified in ear- rying on the concerts. The siiliscrip­ tlon list started out with io'i a ino !rit>.. In July it fell down to |^i) and In .Mti: list It was about' the same. It cost more than that to pay the expenses and the collectors did not try to rai.-e the September funds. The concerts have been very j.op ular during the season. Lari ;;e crowd.s came down from lola and Chanuto and from the country and tie- j art; was filled each evening. Tlicy would have b.-en st<)ppe<l in a fe-.v weeks liy the cold weather atiyway, but every one is s«)rry to have them doa- now. ed ii> bolil I he kind ever ai- •h I»r. i>arkerV aie,...!i.: ;-'t ;ii ii .!s hr«.ii;;;h! 'u ilie i <i ,-ul <am;v !..t l4>-i fi/ii:i ::ii.|.itetl ili^ act; 'a; ef i|i«- i ;ai !Oiial . e .iniji -.•\e .al .T.;!!. .\fiei coii.-iiilei.n^ s-. yeral i'..i::i >i<.i <r!eb.-atiim, the f i- Tiiiliar i "::-io!iinu. the .ramp ib -iSd-d .,;ii !i 1:1 b'li 'i 'iit with a .-.-ii.-^ <.f aj- •.lI•e^.-.(- \.\ ;ironiii:»-nl o ^rH •ial^ fi ili.- • •i -.K V 1; i-- iioa pani ..'%.( i- li;ilhv:ing of th' d ii! Chanute. Jne whieh will he .leffer.-^on Day dinner of the cl'ili held last «p:ill?. The t'ha lia> a menil><-r-bi.'> t';taliae a lh <iu ...a!id ;!i!d .ieli .;;'lions iiiinil-er t .f .'."11 ur more ar-.- ex- f;.)ni the .-urrnnnding biJues in I. li);:i. H|inibi ''..ii, tlar- (•etrnlia;. Fn J;ii!:a. r.e :i- I'-'.i'iK- .-lie) K.i:i!o:i baye ali sii;- iiii. M- iiit.-nr :;i -i ei] ar -ciiiMli - en- •> nii lival !::-vaii amp if 11 ; It;. :iel ' '-i 1 hill-:". . lilt. : ;;i. il dASKET BALL TONIGHT. LUCK OF FIRST BABY Wagner William Nortoh, Mildreds First Born. Has Stocks and Bonds For Its Rattle. I I01 .A w «»«»i»Mi;\ 10 «;o. Will Attend Ktent nl fhanul*'. Iliiiiiir- Ing »r. Barker. \ liln W <i .idiiiali li.'iixiiie: i> ti in- held at Chanute on September '••^ih. the o<-casbin iM-iiiK to hounr l>r. .1 W Marker of that city who wa> n-eenT;\ elected head physician lu" ihe urdei tin- state of Kansas. «;. \\ .\d.i.ii-,ii this city is on the pro;:r .-tia Tile Chaniiie Se.n -n.-: in.- >: ^ i;f a social fiiiKiii'ii ia rei-<.i:jii:ii <'ii I 'l ciiiiiiiiiii ;iii> Kiiieaid Ml^paich Oysters. Way. i S. A. Kills Iteinrns. S. .\. Ellis, of lola, returntd yesteij day. afie.r spending the evening wit his cousins. Ur. 0. H. Ellis and H. 1 Eili.-. siijpped iitf on li'isway to Pho< nix, .MJz.jiia, from a trip in the eas Dr. Elli.s returned today and his fan ily will return tomorrow.—Hiimbob||t Her;,ld : —Frank S. Healtle. V. S, Phone 13i>. VUlt*-*! at Vales I'enler. IS Ollle and Zelina Vun.Meetir and Esper Jackson of Kansij.-? ,veie visiting their uncle at {d r. and .Mis. John tiieeii. a lYates Center .News -.FilkK^rald StoriK* and Tmnaf^r II, llousrliold and piano roovlii#| laryeitt aud bent store room in Uie tl\]f. — It—Our Way .S'.da Water. Harnish Leaves Today. Rev. IJ. C. Harnish. who recently resigned ^as pastor of th<- Reformed church^ leavt's today for Iowa to at- ternl the Synod after wl.i«-h he will go on to Tfartford. Conn., where he will ent4r a theolo'iical school. '^OOO'OOOOOOOOOO DO o p o iO Keen \ti»r on jour hns- O lO bind. He !•« cnintr to- O O O O O O O ooooooooooooooooo Flllinn Hole Rapidly. The hole at t,he southwest corner of the court hoiise square Is being rapidly filled. The city Is fiirnishing the ^Irt nt lenus agreed upon with tlu> coninilssloners. VKIt i 'h*!.. Mar. Clttis. and WlUlani Clark, of Fort :?c<>ti. lire spending the day with Chns Mny. They nre enroute to Ualdwin to entaj* Dakar unlrer^lty Tun iii.;bl ; iin i;.-. .liurj:- iii .:ht : i:.> ad when- t'^l^ 111 chat i-.-jd lll.-«>!e enougij plnyo;s were pK-sent. The City Sia;- sttvs: It tuiist h>- a nicf thin.- ii> !i.- lii- first baby in- a ii>-w tcun an.! .< life with a tistiiil of stocks an. I i .fh'ls That was the gouii lornin.- of Waiiner William N'orton, who was ini-ti .\us- H^t ".I. in MiMred. a -c-eii.e;-!" town ill AVen cotinry. Kansas. Mildred Wagner, after v\ iioni tti.- inv .a rta> iiiined, ;;avi' l::e babv a s'-M SIIMHII, and .1. W. Wa.aner, of Ka:.s :ts Ciiy. after whom tiie baby wa- naii .e .l iruv.- ilie child a solii} siiv.-r enii tise inaiiager of the-i-,-ia< iii pl .tiit Mi! dred was so sraiittev! .-i. tn- SWT- I-ill population in th.- litt!.- lii .ii IH- ga -.-e till- iiitat;t ,-! nt : . ! r ^ red Slock in the coa-.iiany. The residents of the t.nxn are i o". pndicting 'an unusual aui;ruiiiatinn FOB-EXt Well ImproredilOl iicre Catm near Westplains, '>fi6. Value . $2.=i00. For veil. locateid 40-aeTe farm in Kansas. | :! ' -» Good'Mill proper^ Ipropertjr; residence and 3 aci^ea land, la I: I inols. yaliie $6000. \ For fann of ei^ual value io^Eaiis. or Okla. A fine dwelline^and' 140 acMW iu high cuItlTatlon. ladjolidiis good town. In HIssptirL' For rental property 1 In Isood atze town. i ii ' • J. T. MILES. lOLAi SAS. Room 10, Old CeaH HoaM. •I t Public! is Invited to \yitne.*s Games in Y. M. C. A. Building. t will be IhK basket '•'•>!'',',( M-ttlet^.: but il is iii't U !ilil---W tt;al t ilie Y M. C. Ai Th.- luib'ie is ^taXty will lie liicky if U gets ;.. ttitmss the i ;;aine, fr>-e of rubber dolL Friday nia:ht is an open . t iho Y. .M. C. A. each week an.l ,5,.y -| |||-|.K\Hr .i:i.KK I'Ri: V« IIKU. iiis.^ion is charp'd. except it.gj 1 team from out of the city is j Itef. kni>wle <i Til. n a small admission is' lt«» last night, an effort ^.i -l Jo organilte a che?t-^ club, ; .>t in Ii!. < liur> i.-viv.<! a! l.:iNt lela \;. Ills lie!.-. .1 j IU- iitiniMii; T! :y ! riK'. ;'.!«<'i;! i» !i j lur. e l .eell \ erv .i I ha.- preach, d ••v.-: \ > ' l-lst tw .i. an>l R. V II- -hmond. pr.aih. I i:! u la?: nit:ht ".i- -i.i :»{-.-t aiul iu-.i f.i' :-|. sei -V!.-.- I"., iv.-;-. .<iet 1 \ I-:.. -,..1 r: <'\< • S 'lU'.- il" i -i:.- Ibeih. 11. he • ur. i\. rt.-.i A! will, ttrr.v MONDAY, SEP. 14 \MTII THE Olympiia Comic ' hi-> iii^elini; .'11.1 !b.- p ;.>i. I I..- i-v. - ii 30-PEOPLEr-30 A I \i:i .K I IIOIll s »AI;MKI( I:M H .imAMS tlKtlilESritA O.NE .S»»< WE •:liere have le-:i . »• .veiM-1:.- .v-r 1... hi tin.- w.-.-K. ..: .1- iti-. .-.-r' 1- -J. .! i rtie wh.ile c.iciiiiin.: I i,^ t.i:i:::-- :.; 1 •i \T i-'i.aier r--.-'!;'- >.-t • I 'r!ii' p:l ^I.•t•. Kii-.wi.-- w i.'. jii -aeli auain li.i-;>;l'; .-V -"'ir :(l tile l .e«iiiiiinc :.» (•ijl.ji-i i i:r,r ir- • ,! 1..- the 1. kl .lar.l s,-- •. :<-. |!:>.l!i;it > at N \1' 'in:'-.! ! : I'hej Take the KiukN Out. ! ; I hav.- useil 1>. Kiim'> .\ew I.if,- li' . for nr.'.ny i .-ic:.- .iii. rac-i.iii Th-;- tak.- ih. K;MI.~ im; i>l it.imaeb, livei i bie.v.-!.- wirlii.nt I'.i -i- < ;• fi -;<-;ii .a,' .-.i>.. .\ (1 l;-,,«n. uf f-.-! Vl. l.tiai Milt, . il : t.lfto.-\ .n ill! drug-.sti.r .'-i ..".i- OOOQO .OOOOO «b O O O O o i f" O H. C. WEABi; O Wirfelta. Sjuiiis. O \VK.STER> lAXDS JtiSAICCHBS O For Siale or Tride. ' -0 O ja.OOIan Acre, lip. - C \ o, 'I i-: • .;- /•' « OOOOOOOOOOOOOO O O <l -I- -„' MAtlAZINESiAXD PBRI<H>ICAIS • TO y\i • J. Ei Heaimeii w bo deals wlt:h the' pat^shera aB4 famishes themi at the lowest prtca possible. .- i'h..n.- 414 N. Baekey* Rcneral Goatraelar. Flagstone and jCement Stdewalka aodl Cnrblof a Spectiittir. Office Il'^gMt mS*^ 1I0>. JOHN TRXSCIS TS TOW^< • ^\ , ; > • - i .\>ell known , Dcen Creek Clttseai Warmly CJreeted 1^ Frienis. . Hon. John F|-ancls caiiie down from hi- farm at De^r Creek^ wa* wut-mly greetejd by ! bis'many;- i lola frien.Is. TodaT was tbc^jfirst time in three years that Mr. Francis baa been a hie lo come tjo lola, lUifi iMalth ibairi Uiz been such as to prevent hiQ from making the; trip. Ula fiends were gratified to learn that belianow mi .'.tronger than he has bcj^n tor'i time. Mr. Franciar wa8\once ^ , treasurer and jalso sdnreA in'tbe'Ieg-j Ulature. t»\ n .VK>l"V S t ;K(MM». J. Ilr)uii iu r>dainbn>. Ohio. ledllU Music - Melody $l..'.« AltrartUin at Pitpular t^rim U Phone int I 'ari". l> ...'^••I'l I I - U ,l : Iti . ^ ^I 'l .iui» r »-U :h.- naiiVe >'ari wf bi.-l i 111 f tippo'neiit r -!ii'n!> :i.lter fivt> ^/I'Uirk this moruiiii: Il«- »;«< we'l on |ilr. way ti> t 'oMIIl till:!. hnvSeVer. I 'l • f'ie he awoke and i\as to!d h<f *tvas In the ctiitip of tb^ encniy. F «r the li<.'>t and qulekot roultti try the Itttglbter 'ti Wnat C;olumtt. | IIOKACE SMl'^U TO H^TE CHIBCS: To Look After Colored Snnday Selool Work in C<|ui^. i, iioract Smli*. tb^Well known ocfl-; or.>d man. wai a«le<«edj iat tbo recent- Aileii county jSundMJ achool ooimii> Hon ai Gas City to act !as «uperinten-> dent of the colored f^rkiatho^tin -'l ly Mr. Smtti haa M dent uf tM.SindayiiMAboK^ M. K. church 1 ere foi men mri «W his selection llo fiat* ^dharta ot Hhk colored work (jftblt MoMyin a wise ona, ..v'**-!-'--!.-. --^

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