The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1946 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 15
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V .ii^?—"-' 1 "•" ? ' $ ~S '"•"- " * '. -~^F* r * ^'^'Wj 5 'v.-i/ Si*'. vjGroif .'wme of the Bak. ersfleld Indians, is, scheduled to receive a thorough soing over this f£ f5°??rky a ^« )m niittee appointed fcy Ihe Kern.County Board of Supervisors. The -committee, -Appointed last Monday, was-charged', with looking into the possibility of improving the flaying -and .dressing conditions at the establishment . ,. Members of,-the. committee include Supervisor teo - G. Pauly, Parks •Superintendent Percy Branson and Acting ' Building: Director Harold _Bowhay. The committee-is expected to make known its findings and recommendations at the^next meeting of the board, which meets every Monday'. .. - . ' The .supervisors have been approached, in effect, by two professional ball'clubs, the Seattle-Rainier!! of the Coast -League and Bakersfield Indians of, the California League. " f , The Indians play their home league games at ,, the .park > throughout the. summer,- while the P,ainiers intend' to hold spring training here In 1847 and 1948. Principal needs at the park are moving of the-light poles off the playing field; additional geatinsr ca- Pa^aJy. more lockers and improved dressing rooms, better sanitary facilities and parking lot oiling. Branson has estimated It will take approximately $15,000 to- put the park in adequate condition. Members of the BakersfieM In- aians association will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the Hay building, It was learned today. Snider's in Gage Over Bells La Cresta and" Sniders Cyclery basketball teams scored 'triumph's Wednesday night in games played on the East Bakersfield High School gymnasium floor .La Cresta played a practice tilt Tvith Trinity Methodist team of the Church League, and came out on the long end of a 37-to-14.score. Center Rogers was high-point man for the winners. , In a regularly scheduled Industrial League game, Snider's beat Bell Club, 45 to 18. Center Souza was high point man for the winners, while Daoutin, Bell ,Club forward, scored six lor his'team. Tonight Starr & Ransom plays J. C. Penney and Vincent Cyclery plays Eagles in the Industr^l League. • LA CRESTA . TRINITY METHODIST Jo ft pf tp'| - fa it pf to " " Phillips, t 2145 Tatsnno. t IxKb. f HosPrs, 0 KoeUer. g Cabrera, g . •VnlilcA f Prnicli. f Murray, c 2236 3117 '4 ! 4 10 0010 2004 0000 1002 3026 1002 0000 Hcnrr, f 0 0 1 0 It. Kishey, c 1 1 2 Thome, s Patter, g Stelrn. t Prower, o 11 Sommiryer.g 0 - 0 Totals 11 i 11 37 SNIDER'S fn ft uf tp 2014 0 Barrett, t Souza. a Stone, c 501 310 : n o 4 2206 JtalLf 1022 -An.solab'rfl,f 3 0 1 C Stunr, i; 2206 SlipJIh'mer.g 0 0 S 0 Grntroii, f 1022 llunchey, I S 1 0 5 s." 1 0 0 3 2 0 5 3 /, "t" on o o . , Boono, i! 0 0 I) 0 Souls 4 C 15 14 BELL CLUB* fa ft pf tp Dacutln. f Johnson, f 3 0 a 2 0 3 .4 Haln}irldse.o 2 1 2 B Zuerchcr, g Zuercbcr, s ETSKS. I SpanRler, g il liter, f AVimmer, t Hayes, o Webber, g Bra>, g Board, i 0111 0020 1 2 2 2 :; o o o o Totsla ' 20 6 '8 48 Totals 001 (I 0 0 n 0010 8 2 IE 18 TBOPHY WINNER—Army nosed out Kotre-Dame when their unde-- feated football team.won the August" V, Lambert trophy. Representing Army and receiving the award nre Colonel Andy Gustafsoi, center, baclcfield .coach, and Brigadier General Gerald 'J. Higgins,, riKlit, West Point commandant. Henry L. Lambert, left, presented " the trophy in Xew York. Jack Frost Lays Plans for 1947 Junior College Football Season With the 1946 season in tlie history hooks less than two weeks, Bakersfield Junior. College football coach Jack Frost today already was making plans for next year. Pie announced today that spring football practice for the Renegades will begin May 1 and continue throughout the month. "~ \ l^-actices will be held from 7 to 9 o'clock each evening under tlie Griffith Field lights, Pistol Club Plans Shoot Here Sunday Kern County Pistol Club members vrill hold a shoot on Sunday at 10 n. m. on tlie Sheriff's pistol rangfe at Kern County Park, it was an- nour.ced- today by Don Kimball. TSventa include ,22 caliber for in- I <Vi victuals over the national course, cf-nter-fire over Iho national course with .any center-fire pistol qualified for use inline event; and center-fire tram match over the Camp Perry cousre. Anyone wishing to compete in the ' events'or look on as spectators are j cordially invited, Kimball said. Coffee and donuts will be sert'ed. BASKETBALL ' Bucknell 38, Penn State 3*. Lehiffh 40, Scranton '25. Pennsylvania 63. Swarthmore 34. Princeton 59, Rider S6. Vermont 61. Tale 5S. Cora«U SO. NiBEara 4», Broolilsii Collece 49. Xew York Maritime Atademy (Port Schuylqr) 48. " • Syracuse .73, Boston University 46. Fbiiihain 64, lona 51. Wes>t Virginia 76. Carnegie Tech 37. Columbia 67, Kings Point 34. Illinois 73. Msvcruetta 40. Kansus 42. Idaho 58.^ Hurray (Ky.) 49, Texas Assies 46., Tulane 63. Housfon 45. .Vlabama 76, cjrais Kietd 2C. TCorth Carolina 44, High Point 41. • .Howatcl Payne 51, Stephen P. Ausnn 40. - Washington State SO, Jsngnatn Younc 4a. Idaho Southern Branch '31. Montana. Koimal IS. - f TRUCKERS! Ah idle truck pays « d,vl- | 11.00x20. •• . So, he said. Graduation will affect the Renegade squad little, with Center Russ Kniffen and Halfback Jim Heady and Tom Cul!(}n the only prominont members of tlie 1946 team who have exhausted their " junior college eligibility. Prospects Are Gooff* 1 * Although it is impossible to determine how many of thig year's stars will return to B. J. C. for the 1917 season, the prospects are good that the Renegades will field another powerful eleven. Sucli stars as Bob Blalock, Barney Prowell, Myron Knapp, Charley Sar- er, Kay Aguirre, Don Beaver, Wilbur Sites, Bob McCormick and many others will be eligible to wear again the maroon and white if they return to school here. In addition, Frost expects players from the two Buk- ersfield high schools and possibly the strong Delano High team. Although they dropped three games in the course of a thorny 10- cdntest schedule, this year's liene- •ades were outstanding" both on of- >nse and defense, according to sta- :istics released today. Completed 113 Passes The team rolled up a total of 3414 •ards from scrimmage for- an aver- gc per game gain of more than S41 , •ards. Of this total, 1711B of the yards were gained 6n the ground, 1688 passing. Far behind was the total gain of the combined opposition, with 1159 yards advanced on running plays and T17 in the air for a total of 1S76, or 1S7.6 average. Bakersfield compelled 113 passes m 228 attempts for a good .495 average, while allowing- only 52 connections in 161 opponents' tosses, a .323 percentage. The Renegades finished fifth in the Metropolitan Conference, behind Compton, Santa Monica, Long Beach and L. A. C. C., k but were the highest scoring team in the league .with ITT points in 7 games. On the indiivdual side of the picture, Blalock, Sarver, Aguirre and Beaver were the stars of the Renegade offense. Blalock paced off a net total of 6S9 yards in 115 carries for an aver-age gain of 5.8. Highest average per try belonged to Sarver, who plied up 28 net yards in 13 carries for an average of 14.7. " .In the aerial offensive, Aguirre accounted for S54 yards by complet- • ing 6G passes in 10S attempts for an ! average of .611, a phenomenal fig- ' ure. Leading receiver of passes was Beaver, an end, who snagged 26 aerials to advance the ball 368 yards The statistics: „ B. J. C. Tanis Rained running.. JOT' Yards Io«t running _... j-ig Xet yards :unmnB !Z.'ZTl7;s lards Rained IU&SIHK 168S Total net >ar<la gained . .._""s4]4 First downs, 'unjiins' 75 First downs, penalties"™™ 7 TotqJ frst dovvns.. . .„„ 335 P.t^Fe. 1 ! attemmert . ..~1_"" ^bs Pusses completed [^' T7>j Pa.vses mlsrcepieri ]»-".7.T.L...! Xinnber of jiunts Average leiiffth t>£ jmius~....~ Fuml>ic.s „,. .. " Fumbles lo;?t ...... ' "™..'i!I...l Number at pena!tiea.Il"~.Z"~ Yards penalized Conversions "™ Krauser-Ramosin Team-Tag^Victory Karol Krauser antl Gorilla Ramos supplier! the capacity crowd -«f wrestling fans with plenty to yell about Wednesday night at Strelich Stadium as they teamed against Xanjo Singh and Morris .Shapiro to win two out of three-falls. Krauser and Ramos gave the pair a real working over as the "fans hollered their approval while Singh and Shapiro attempted-to rough up their opponents. Krauser with a series of knees to the chin of Shapiro.-pinned him with a body press in 6:17. Singh came back to even up matters 12:20 later when he choked Krauser on the ropes and then applied "a body press. Thp third" tall went "to .Krauser and Ramos when Krauser ended up' by fighting both Singh and Shapiro in the ring at the 'same time and more than holding his own. ~ He pinned Singh in 5:20 'for the final tall and the match. George Dusette and Tommy J-3ilan put on a real wrestling match with it ending in a 45 minute draw. Each man ,held one fa'l on- the other, Dusette winning the first and Kilan the ^second fall." • * - • In the opener' Mike Nazarian dropped a colorful match to "Jvarl Gray. Gray won the first fall in 12:20, while Xazarian 'evened .matters in 10:28, with the end coming' as Gray won the third fall fn 4:20. .Added color was prominent when Xazarian became engaged in a fight with Announcer Lloyd Miller. ' .' ENLISTS'" ' - "'/ The enlistment of a former Bakersfield High School basketball and soccer star in the army was announced today by the local recruitiijg office. The enlistee is James- ic. Pair, IS, of 2214 Berkeley street. He enlisted- to learn th.e gunsmithing trade, he told recruiters. ' -I, *i-l' -,. -f. 1 I • ^ J - ' *i ll^< *5 K_~ *'f University rneatfe * , ,4J U 7* 1.. "" "* * '<•.,.*• Sustain "Action ;Y n by !Stu3ehVs * ^ - "-- *--"- -> BERKELEY, Dec.- ^Vpckhorst waso- out of .a,-", job — at'i .leas't .tenaporarily^tod.a'y; 1 " -firmed' as' football coach at the ..TJniyersfty of ^California by ,a • student' .committee whose . action was , sustained' by the I ^president's of f ice.- J"with~j regrets." >' /Wiekhorst, a 'former- K?igai- AeaT-' demy;-' All; American" and" "assistant 'cqach at iowa from 1927 until' 193V when 'he became' line, coach atfcali- fprnia, asked " the "Associated Stir- "VISHCOB -HER&-EsW-""Sheely,-' neir- general .manager of the" Seattle Rainiers .baseball team of the dents', executive committee",fo .meet i Pacific Coast-League, has been •wif'h 'liim t/irtat*- 'Tf»»»ciiTViali1ir trt cof _ ! 1iAi*0 An co\~rtt»nl rtf*/*' T*^u>A->ifIT- with 'him _today, presuinably to settle the;JIriancial % side pf" his' tliree- year contract "which, .has two more' years to run.. ' . _- ' v -" ^-Pending'the outcome of that meet- "ing," Wickhorst had nothing* to say other than- that he has ncTymriie-' •diate planstior. the .future. ' He denied, reports from Lansing that "he has-an offer tb^coach at Michigan State. - , ",' ^.~. i Assistants to Go -' .Dismissed, with- "YVickhorst were his three* assistants, Irv Uteritz. Vic Bottari and Larry'Lutz. JThe action stemmed from a petition submitted three weeks ago "and signed by 2600 liere on jevrral occasions recently preparing for holding of spring training at Sam Lynn'Park nest year. Taft Cagers Open Seasorum Friday' TAFT,'Dec. 12.—Taft J. C. Cagers tt'iU open their 1946-47 season Friday trous 1946 season: . ; , The student executive committee, which' has the power to hire and fire coaches with presidential approval, delayed action 'two weeks ago and again last week~ But yesterday, in a quiet, 45-jninute Cession, it rated. 7 "to 1 to oust "Wiekhorst and his 'staff. An hour later Dr, Monroe B.. Deutsch, university provost, issued a statement for President Hoberf Gordon Sproul. 30 Under- Consideration "I shall concur in the 'decision reached," the stateriient said. "Ton" may be sure this is "done with the greatest regret, for Mr. Wiekhorst is a man who has shown himself a* gentleman and has loyally served on .the coaching staff for a considerable number of years. "And yet when a coaching staff is" clearly indicated no longer ,to •tilt. Coalinga in past years a member of the Central'California Junior College Conference isn't playing as a league member this year but instead is performing- as- a free-lance unit. The Cougars, who have been practicing the last two weeks under the dire'rtioa" of Coach Li.«le Bresslin, have what appears to be the makings of only "a"fall" ball T.lub. As a unit, the squad lacks height, and there are no individual stars oil the roster. • •> . ; ~ Bi-esslin hopes to develop a team of clever ball' handlers, who will perform as a unit, both offensively and defensively. The squad to date has consisted of approximately 30 players, iome of j BaJlunln, f whom have never played school has-1 Datlf1 ' c ketball before. • . I Saturday the Taff High Wildcat Cite gg&tgfelb California!! Thursday, December 12, 1946 J 5 Shooting:, "with, rifle-like accuracy, " GiifeDates id Teams rASADE*STA, Dec. 12. (URl_Col- leges in the Pacific -Coast Confer- the Bakersfield" Junior College Rene-; ence today showed a strong prefer- gades-overwhelmed the Eagles'Ibas- ence for Big Xine teams in schedul- ketball,,team, -55-23, in a practice ing" intersectional football games next year. With the P. C. C. and Big Xme already-welded with their Rose Bowl closed-shop, five coast teams will invade the midwest to tackle Big Xine game Wednesday night in the F street basketball arena, "•The-'Industrial, League quintet, made up of former'East Bakersfield High.' SJchoql,; athletes, was never in the".gaine after tjae. first minute and j opponents, trailed,"*J.l-0, "before scoring lor the — " " /Irsj-jHrne; '*"teenVgarie teoach "Chris Chrtsten- sen-wasn't satisfied with his team's .sho,TCing J _aespite the lop-sided score ' Washington will travel to Minnesota, ^U. C. L.-A. to >\ T orthwesiprn, Stanford to - Michigan, U. S. C. to Qhio State and California to Wisconsin. - Ko Big Xine team will be entertained on the, coast—until New and sent them through a short workout after the game.,,- j Year's Day; L,ocal grid fans hoped The game was a warmup for the i the 1048 .Rose Bawl game wouldn't official'opener of the Renegade 1946-, be simply" a rematch between a 47^season*Saturday night, when the coast and,Western Conference team laysee 'team i treks south to play Glendale College's strong squad. The 'outclassed Eagles must have wondered if the Renegade sharpshooters ever were going to miss as the schoolboys sank shots from all angles with unerring accuracy. --Everett ''Tiger" Tungate, Renegade guard, flipped in 14 points to lead the scorers, but he had to share the spotlight with Forwards Buddy Jones and Lawrence Ruby and Guard Don Beaver, who also wpre pouring in shots from all over the court to account for 24 points among them.- Charley Sarver,,who was expected to start at guard for the Renegades, saw no action until the final minutes of play, when he appeared wearing two knee braces and { tity -of tape on his right ankle. He still is suffering from football injuries. The.jrame itself was no contest. The RSnegades ran up a 25-2 lead before the Eagles could score their first, field goal, left the floor at half time with a 25-4 advantage, and came 1 back after the intermission to continue the scoring parade. RENEGADES , , EAGLES which met earlier in the season. CnI ; PIays Xavy Other intersectional games next year pit California, versus Navy, V. S. C. versus Xotve Dame, Oregon State versus Xebraska, Oregon versus Texas and^ "U. C. L, A. versus Iowa. AH except the Beavei-Coin- husker tilt will "be played on the coast. , Both "Washington and U. S, C. have scheduled games with .opponents not yet announced, and several other schools have open dates •that may be filled later. ' ' Idaho tnd Montana, soundly trounced every time they played one of their big brothers in the conference, are still on the 1947 schedule despite' reports they would be invited to leave tho conference. Montana had tried to got into the Big Seven but was turned down. Rule .Changes Discussed Xest year Idaho has five dates with other P. C. C. teams while- Montana has three. I T . S. C., U. C. L. A. and Washington, who founct that fans stay home in droves whenever they schedule one of the weak sisters, were successful in keeping both off their schedule next .year. FootOhU practice will not open earlier than September 1 next year, the conference officials decreed. Befo're the meeting broke up, coaches of the 10 sclwols drew up four recommendations for rules changes which will be presented to the National Coaches-- Association. Blade Cagers Play in Wasco Carnival Their originally scheduled basketball games with Exeter Friday night canceled, East Bakersfield High School's cagers will not play before Saturday night's Wasco carnival. Gil Bishop, head basketball i/oaeh, announced arrangements had fallen through in trying to get another game Friday night. He also stated Frank Kern, first string- gaurd, will not be available to the Blades until after the first of- next >ear, •Kern suffered severely bruised ribs during the football season, ami a recurrence of the injury has sidelined him for a while. The BUulo mentor is expected to move Pat Martin into Kern's vacant spot. Jog? Jlrib: IB ft pf tp 4 I ~ Gooarifb, ! c°i'. f 113 •! 14 have the confidence of the football five ' which will have only five days sciuad or the stud6nt Uody,-it is in j Practice under it's belt, will invade the interest of both parties that | Wasco to take part in the Kern then: connection be severed." • ' j County Tourney, a round-robin" af- More than 30 persons were, under- fair, bringing together both Bakers- stood to be under consideration as j field tea'ms, "Wasco- and Taft. t Wickhorst's successor. He took I • On the home floor the ?ame evi over as head coach .last season after 1 ning, the Taft B and C squads, will three wartime years as a navy com- I play three games against Avenal 4 1 2 ' 0 2 101 000 101 100 Anderson, c 0 0 0 StegnUller. f 0' 0 1 Baldnin. g 1 I) 0 Sarver, e 100 I*n-K f 1 JkC'lean. t 1 W McWItr.o 2 SllBhrilc. £ 0 G.Mi-Wtcr.s 1 ~fj tt pf tp 2 0 Jlen.-Ie;. t Clavinn, n 2 '• 034 0 i Armistead. E 0 0 1 I) j 2 0 Totals H 55 Totals 8 J 9 23 mander. Hot Rod Described by LocaDriver "Take a Mercury -motor, add special carburetors, ignition, gears, rear end: put in special rings, and pistons reinforce your frame, running gear and chassis throughout, add a lot of engineering "know-how," and perhaps you will have a hot rod that will hold its own*on the local Speed. Bowl trader"" says "Spud Simkras, Bakersfield racer who -turned in s'ucb? a thrilling performance with"his No. 100 on" the local track last Sunday.' - Spud's 2STo. 100 is "strictly -a. local job,, designed, t made and- assembled by him and his friends in Bakersfield.-. His-car is not._only" as fast as any appearing here from the south, but has all the safety."- features which the -California Roadster Association insists upon and, passes*. official inspection- with "flying colors. ' "Wlille hot rod races provide speed and excitement for race fans,". Spud explains, ",'both driver and cars have" to' measure tip to certain .safety standards and they should not be confused with the hot rods that cause police and highway patrol -officers so much trouble." *• Bakersfield's other roadster pilot, ! George Raich, as well as Spud, will appear at. the local .track Sunday. Church League Cage Teams Play Tonight "After'an'evening of rest. Church 1-eague -basketball teams swing back into action tonight on the Kast Baker'sfield High School gymnasium floor. . , f .Scheduled to play tonight, first ^game starting at 7:15 o'clock, Latter Day Saints will face First Christian, while Mountain View Methodist casaba, tossers clash with Congrega- presented by Everman of National j tiona>l at 8:30 o'clock. Assemblies, was 'en-joyed'by Shatter!"" There' is "no admission charge to High students Tuesday afternogn. [any-of-the .church league tilt?. High. The local B team, which is. blessed with a fine group of pros-j pects, will tackle the Avenal Varsity' in- addition to the visitors regular B club. : ., The preliminary C game'that night will open the series at 6:30 o'clock. , LIQOD AIR SHATTER, Dec. 12.—A demonstration of the wonders of liquid air, Opp. 1467 30S 115-1 717 1ST. 6 58 IS 1! K 41 So.G 15 54 3S.9 J 33 ; Total points _ "..,', Srore by quarters: TSeneKades 5S Opponents _ ic Klmnine Plujer ' trh \IT 177 59 Pacing Player , 10s St. John Bob J.',n(.h Bl.ilock Cook Cullen Beaver ninlocH Sarver He.ifly -^ Ruby __ Ross Widell Fote ..„.._'.—_'. 13 9 prt. .611 .520 .500 ;500 yds. 3CS. :i3 234 173 1S5 Rectal Soreness Get Relief New lasy Way —Sit In Comfort jProlannan is n Quick, dependable reliever of itchinr,-painful rectal soreness—symptoms which may also accompany files and hemorrhoids. Brings sootainff aense of comfort open contact, forms protecting film over sore area, helps destroy infectious Senns, aids Nature heal «p Taw. broken tissues. No oil—no grease to stain cloth- ins. Sold on money back Eanrantee.Be sure to set this modern relief today...ask for ^ PROLARMQN .<4 At Owl-Sontag Kexall Drug Stores KERN COUNTY TOOL AND SUPPLY COMPANY 1101 Nineteenth Street Across From Greyhound Bus Station w _„. Small Deposit Holds "Any Hem Until Christmas TRICYCLES $3.95 to $24.95 (Ball Bearing Heavy Rubber Tires) DOLL BUGGIES $7.50 to $13*95 (Blue, Red, Gray) f ' - POOL TABLES $6.95 to $19.95 SCOOTERS $1.95 to $1995 (All Ages?Miniature • SEWING MACHINES ;(They All $£95 Sew) ........ O ,;- Little Tots IRONS and BOARD, each ELECTRIC ELECTRIC TOASTERS . 1 (Stainless)- > Automatic Electric Irons (Popular „ .' $"V95 Makes) . ..£ . . •',,. Electric Kitchen CLOCKS.. $6.95 Bed Lamps $3.95 " (All Colors). ", .' CAftNISTER SETS 54 39 (4-piece) .-."...- A WARDROBE BAGS : (Elasti _ „ ?/|95 Glass) ...... *» Tree Stands, Tree Lights, Fishing Poles and Reels, Toy Guns, Bow and Arrow Sets," Hobby Horses, Baseballs and Gloves, .Wheelbarrows, ~ Carts,. Flashlights, . Pocket Knives and Hundreds of Other Gifts. >•. ' ':<; , "'' 24' wk!. ... long at d«it*d, l«niion> of tf." • Manufacturers and farmers have" found the""Quonset 24" the answer to their widelyi, varied needs. For'this flexible, all-steel structure ii readily adaptable to many uses . . . vehicle shelter, implement shed, repair shop, animal shelter, loading dock and many others. Durable, 6re- resistant, impervious to rot and rodents. Call or write us today for details. 650 "QUOHSETS": ARg PRQD1UCTS OR GREAT LAK.ES; ALL STEEL ... EASY TO ERECT "Quonset" 24x24 ft. (576 sq, ft.) With, two solid end walls and open front. , ' '' • Immediate Delivery " ,' - : 'V ,- *! • f j , '"i : For Each Additional 12-ft. Section .... $250 Available for front enclosure—12x8-foot sliding metal doors or solid mental panels. Moderately priced. BAKERSFIELD SANDSTONE BRICK COMPANY Eighteenth and Sonora Streets * Bakersfield Phone 5-5724 ^ — ONLY A FEW MORE SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL CHRIST^AS^ ,, for the Latest Fashions in -'<"''".., MEN'S SUITS and SLACKS 'See MARTINA SMART CLOTHES *" 1923 L Street Bakersfield - TRIED HARDWARE FOR HARD TO GET ITEMS Across the Street From Food City Parking Lot 1408 Eighteenth Steet Phone 2-6370 SHIPMENT OF BRAND NEW 1946 NASH MOTORS Can Be Installed in Nash Cars 1937 Models through 1942 Models. $ 285 ( Prices $< From and up Installed BRAND NEW FACTORY MOTORS Guaranteed Fast Guaranteed Service on All Makes of Cars. Get Real Prewar Service at Kitchen and Hod ''•'-""''•Motor Co. Twenty-third and H Streets . ",. .. PHONE 8-8688" Autoette Electric Cruiseabout Your transportation problem can be ea«ily solved by owning an Autoette. It can be driven by nn inexperienced driver as there is no,shifting of gears to you. Just turn the key and it's ready to start. Will Accommodate Two People .. . Requires Small Parking Space Aufoettes Come in Blue. Ked and 'Groy . . . Heady for Immediate Delivery . ,. An Ideal Gift for tbe Entire Family for Christmas. Showroom at 103 Roberts Lane » (Known as Ihe OW Fresno Highway) . Open From 9 A. M. to 4:30 P. M. BILL RICKEY, Owner MILO MAIZE WANTED Dealers in Fertilizers, Seeds, Feeds, Insecticides international Fertilizer and Feed Company 1016 East Brundage Lane Bakersfield Post Office Box 62 Phone 7-7508 Planning on Building? ' Let Us Help You We Plan aid-Draw Anything to Suit Tour Needs We '"Will Help-lou Get • a Priority Engineering Services an'd Chemical Consultants 90* Bmndage^Uae Pfione 7-7370 Bakersfeld, California - Arizona Flagstone Rock: Building Material for Patios, Grils, Fireplaces and Building Fronts Distributors and Dealers WANTED Venture Flagstone Co. 11231/2 Echo Park Avenue Los Angeles 26 Phone Mutual 7969

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