Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 11, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 3
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THB IOi.A BAUT BECBSTBB.- FBIPAT BypBIC.^ SATURDAY i . of New LSEPT. 13, pa. m ONE DAY ONLY Second Great S i $1.25 «llHS sjile ol ci^isp 1 —Uiijcl wcjlijivo iiK';liule second shi pijitut at mu Sallirday luoriiiiiR nnd 0 o'clock. A yard, on values,! special for one dayi i:vv Silk .>5 |s one that should interest ^ihe Indies of lola immensely. Tlic .nsisorluiiMil cijir .s(slj.s of every new shade—canard, tau[B, greens, dark red. browns and bine • • • - iHn this sale our best $1.25 black Kliarantccd Taffeta. We secured this zh less'than their real worth, and ll esc beautiful sUks will now come to you in th:^ same underi^riccd manner. Not a yird of the ajisortment wil^ be sold until 9 o'clock iipment only, 95 cents none will be resetved for any one. j| All will be given an even chance to seciuc choicL-oi the seljection.! Thcie silks, i> bought and ioUl in the regular way at regular prices, wduld rost you M .25 per yarjd. Pick .is yon will— j 'psc your best judgment Saturday at 9Sc SEE WINDOW DISPLAY pressious like these—' "there is soraclhing so! favor. • Kx- Our Dress Goods Suction and Millicery Dejjartmcnt aie raccliiig «filh much the prettiest and most np-to-date lir ; of Dress Gilods we have seen" and new and chic about RIchanison's nillincry. FINAL CLEAN-UP ON SU^ftMIgK MILLINERY Kor Satiirday and price up to $2 75 for 48c. Monday all of our best Hats in I.ot for <)Sc. I.ot 2 —Hals running in NEWS OF HARP5^N'S ^ - ^ mm mm U3 East Maais&h LAHARPE |»IA>Y I..V II vi{ri :ii 'i :«)iM .i: v' TKNi) KH .Moii .v> FAi'i! Yi ;yn :i«i» w. jii.-liiiir llu' l<i>s (HI ihi'i lilt ^AY IT WAS VERY MiM.i.VM ( vi»v jMi .j.- sn TiiK n. r. < iii'i.'i n utM I't-rxiHiils. I'. C, l):u)l'i!li iiiimii'if yi i .ii-i •!;(> Iri.illi /)i;i\fr. <\i!ii, >\|i'rf (n- li is in ni lur II).' !| I: i .-i;V<l.ll Wv.k.-. Mr,-. I'M r,:\U:- .mil- Ah \ !}|:i>,; Well- llic Xii • Wliilf'ri ill rtnnr\ ' '"'i'' mJil. <1 !'>\vii GOOD v .l.nliy I-:. I.. Kih. .1 „. U'lislj 111 ,ii |,i, li'.iiii- III ilr:. I \K Ai .111. I 1 1 1 rt« . Ill I 'lli Ml Ml.- Jllf lull i|i.,>iii.- < JCIIIMIP l'-:iniliiiil riiiiil|i-il \i , liimi JCvci'lNiiir S |iiii (iV-. Hin-i' jll, |{. « riiNC of llns ( ill, iiii.l An- :i,^l.^„ In iln- IIU.T.M <I I i -i mill'!' Iiii|inivi'il. JERRY AND BARNEV SPOKE. iiu llfiiic. of ltartli-%\illi'. .Vrr to i I .•i!;ilii'. KM> . Ill I I IMi'-i.iii li .i 1. T. I .ll'IIMl I :ii;it Ciilu . [iliiiriil'.i 'ill li.- li;i.. |..i li- Alti'iiilcil .>liiriiii KiiirJ yv .ui} { M, iitiiiio iKiijiif Jit'i'jiiiili liii- 'Alordli ("air .v<wr".";i.i;.. .A fi -it at thrift i Willi.(Irovv iHiTii lure luilir.v: ii.irr\ .lijlHO KKIM IM.K A>S AI Slansliiir^. I.'jc Kiii;i s. Willi; ni Hml- .-W!. Ml}):!-' r,i,n,':]. Miiyn .S. 'I. ( <;r <H 'n. .l;i.- U Vern MiMris(!:i. Kuli!-. I'likij JJowel'i. lliiUoijili i".-li:i'i Uo^- ncy, CUiud'' l-' Wind: lips. Elt;ie Mini Urjr.i III iS'i' p• riii'i- II' ;l- i . Til.- !llll.-:ic '. <-nn'. ll Kill. : i-niiir. ' 11 ill ii • t!i.' SI < ijilrs L'llll |i ' ;i .uiKii jMi's''! .-iili-r.-ij i-'lJintj .-liiiiii Mr • I I Mr, TO PRODUCE PUY OLYMPIA OPERA CO. WILL STAGE WORK OF LOCAL WRITERS. OF GAS CITY JI. LlVLMiSTOSE ELECTED A DI- KECTUIt UF FtKEJIE!(*S^ ASSO. I The Cjcmocratic Candidates Aided by the W. O. W. Band. r. vi. V. •iii> ill I'lr.V- Knalp'.i-. liimjtiiiL'ii AclMi-l* larriril oiij ciiniiiti. yV.W WMA. I'ArKItt. This week i-'.-ii-ivi-'l rolls ol wall paiier <.'i:-<:r( fidin fii< which w (J'.n II <ini-l.;iir (1 pricf. -IH 'JiiUifiil i.iittPTiis ;itj and :> emit'. "L'->h 'vm DVPI; •\VATKI;S & liNNI 'Oiri Dru^^ Williuni C;ic Slato I'toliiliili I he Mcrhiitli^' «;vcniim! im "I i'l ili l-'iee.' .Slate i|irc».>c <r (ill Fn'«'." >. 1 I lUlSi'lli II r.diiiii. V, il: I 'lo;'.-i;iiii til ri-_-iil;ii <•.. 7. Cim-inn.-i.-i. O.. Si -ii Ii •r;;i IIUJKI " wnrk nl lin- tiiich as ihi- (:ttninii;iikutii>;i iUl> ciiiiiii.v 1)1 i:;iiiiz;iiii»iis. !|(i anil fniiu ilm n:iiiiiii;i! <i ;|iiil falls frdin C"Jiiri:in ;i; i p ;|liil fiifinls <on.-tiniii-il ilic in ihf Jteiinlilicun caiKlidaif i'«li| AMIIIK. il) riii- -1!- :n.ii.i;-:n. S.ii var- iniilii if^-' 1;^!am <>> W. (>. W. >hc i«>|iiilar 1 organization, drfw a cood last iiinlil to Iwiir Jcny Hot- Di-niorratlc ranilliptt' lor KOV- and Uarmy ' Sht-iidiin. Dtnio- fiiniliilato (or conKrct-s from liond ilistrlcf, ailvoraii- I UP iiriii- of tlu'ir parly. The liaml h<- a.^in;: atmut half |iast si .'vcn (V- nul nalinniil airs soon IIP-VV crowd. Wlwii »li<.' spi>a!<iii^ lii-- irrc was p«<rliaps U .'ili pvopli' hnt till' rrowd ilwlndli-d ily .iii -rori- lh(< (iraiors tInisliiMt why ilic IViiiopraik; tlrkot 1 .1. rliTlvd this fall. .SJiiTJdan' wa.s ilif first siii-al,- I I- was liitrodiK'Oil hy (*. II. .Xp'. ^Iii'riil:in ihi -voti'd some llnir in inlnsi/^lnK IJH - l)<'ii\«'r I'latronn Init , H.i- a iplansi" Killowins Us iinpassion- , fil ••fort was. licit viTv pfncral. Ili.-i • iil'iTi iifrs tj) .Mr. Hryan aroii.sci] r'i))i- sid .i r: !iii- oinhiisiasin atnohK tlio n ^ni- ti(rat> Jiow»-'Vor. <<l .Mr. rtntkfn iiiadi.' proparation Tor an • Mill li'd and lorcili",- addrcs.s hy shi'd i I. in;; liis c-nai. n<'f'kii''. cnffs and col- i;ir li^ilit at th- opi-iiiiw. Hi' spent a «ood pari of ihi» tlnif in i -ndfavorlni;; to »-onviiic<- his Ufav- rs that The lU- ' I iildij-aii party was oi>posf >i| to tli'> ; f:iiar?jnt.v law. .Mr. Mitkiii ramc hru IS MEETING AT JOPUN, MO. L^ULMK WESTERN STARTED A>^< OTilElt BL04-K OF .\0. I. a »«} R«rk i*>irly to llamlwldt This Eirning—IVrsoaal!!. Popula^r Singing. Organlxation Opens Majestic Theater on Next Monday Evening.—Have Famous Or^ chestra. "A Scotch-Irish Yaakt'p." a comedy with titnair. the. »>ook and iVrics liy W. T. Siullpy. a R<>Kistcr rei»rter. the j lunitlc h:- Gdwonl .T. HoerlnR. a ICuro- )i(>an c-fliii|M>£i>r. who rame to .\mprioR for health and n>or<-atlon and who is at prcsiMit niakinR hia home in lola. -'will ln« giviMi tiH Iniilal prodiiL -tion in,-., „ , ^ ........ the nvw M .TjPKilc thoaire next woolilT''*'•^''"'^"^ 11""*! «lul» Form the famous Olympiu Oliora Co. j with a cast of wi :l i <nnwn principals ami a Inrfse chorus of prptty Rlrla with woll trained volcos. Tlii> annoiiiiccmont of the production of th«- work of local writers, h.v a conipotfiit company will natnrally Ojoiisi- conslilfrahli' intprest. slnw thf anthor and r'omi>ns<>r arc well known tliroiiKh tl <>{r work in this riiy. .Mr. Hoi -rin;: has written many siiccf.ssfiil productions, notably the oratorio. "The ReveL-itlon." and thntiKh this is his tlrst effort in musical .comedy, conipfient eritics; who have heard the music declare it to 111- a most creilitahle work. There are fourteen musical Uininhers. all of theni| tuneful and catchy, yet wholly differ;Mit from the set style usually found in the musical niehn served in tlie inusiral eoni»'d»' of today. In the Bon;;» with a. toiiclr of si -ntiinent. ".A Sonu Kroin the Heart." and "Wlien A|>|i«InU>d .Mail Parrk-r. |. -S. .M., Bickncll wuji yesterday a|>- iHiintcd as mail carrier to succeed .loifieph! Wakctieid who was forced to retlire because of an injury which ne rei;eived in a runaway several weeks ag^». The duty iif carrier is 10 carry the niail to and (rum the depots. O. A. Tarr has been performiu.i; lemporurily L'rcrtintr Barn. C. K. .Mcltride is erecting a barn on his pro"perty south of ihe city. It is to be mfjdern in every rcs|>cct. Um^ Tonleht. The niriiir>irs of-ihe Uas {'ily Chnrat club will attend Hie band concert at riijiid Smilr.s" are dosiin.d to'become!""""'"'««< ""^ '•^'•'"n': '"'^ <•'"" "ill distinct snccesse.s if the prophecy of,/"'"' I'ayrack |wrtj. qualirn^d musical critics i.-; to lie tak j rUrr Wan Cu as a lorecast. in numberK.l „..„. fcl"**/"^ Hfy Map. Mr.;; has phe„ to the musical I^iv.iiKstone of this city was from spealj cisis Moraii wh 'Tf l.le was the fv at the Di-mpiratic day at the fair ther • hiif exer- 'air ther|. iiovi 'Itios ill iii '.M -polateil anil |Hipiilar soncs. ".\nia/Inc .Maxi**'' is pronounced one of the Ii <-Kt march saniu ever written, while •The Princess of the riain.s" tnk<-s raii7\ with the nioit pop is 'ar of songs with a western settini;. Thore are more than half a dozen others whiPli are in keepin-i wIHi thr Work mentioned above nn<X will 'iirove as jiopiilar. bi 'voml a doubt. .Mr. Hoer- iiip; |-as completed orchestrations for the musical program and will have till- asslMance of tiiovani's famous Italian orchestra, the new Majestic lioii .se orchestra, iji the sone accoiu- paniments. overtures and incidental •niisic. • Tin- iiwiiu ami i'.rics for "A Sctrtch- Iri^h YHI(I:<-<-'" Mritt «'ii by .Mr. Smil»-y, have met with the approval 'tf competent critics and are said to be n meritorious iiroductioii. .lohn Haven .s. wi 'll known in tin- itiiulrical wnrli) as formerly leailiiig teiior sup- IKirliiiu .Miss Aliei- Xidlson. said afte' loidilni: over tin- lyrics: "Thf lyrics for llii-' i-oiin dv an- as cood as any I lia.r i\i r v< .11 ' .\o fra-lala about, iliiMii. Tlie> aif scdiil —a clever lit lU- story i ^i each, vi-i catchy and en- icriaiiiiim." Tiie play ' i-^ ••rlsp. KI'<MI eo.iin'dy iliron ;:lioiit with jnsi a dash of snili ii 'i-nl to »:!»-<• ii flavor. It carries a filmy plot wii'.i cdniiiiiiiiy iimiiKli tr keep !'«• audience InriTi-sted in the story a.< xv <'ll' a.- the niiisic. The dates f<ir next wi-i "U havi- not lii 'i-ii di 'tiniti -ly il '>cii|i -d upon, but the r-omedy is in rehi'-arsal and . an an- iKiitiici-iiieiii of till- dates <'an, proiiably be made tomorrow. Thi- 111 « .Maj 'Stii- llu-atrr under the mana .!;enieiit of .1. K. Faltys will open next .Monday night with tin- Olympia tipi-ra comany in one of thi -ir own standard hills. b<U a selection out of thi- i '.Mensive reporloin- of the company, for thr opening nigi t. lias not lieen mad«-. .loplin, .Mo..-Seiit. lU.—These ofli-.:crt of the Soiithweslern Firemen's association were elected this afternoon: , W. II.iHolmes. Pittsburg. Kas.. pres Ident; Frank B. I..Ofnnis. CarterviPe. Mo!, vice president: Peter H. McC'arty St. Ivmis. secretary: .\aron A. Houghton, .loplin. treasurer, and K. L. Itur- ger. of Pillsburg. Kas.. i^ispector general The new directors of the association are: From .Missouri—J. F. Chandler. Joplin: .lohn .M. Sherw;ood, X'eosho: .lames Taylor. Webb City; Charles Tanner, farterville: D. IJ . Dunleavy. Pierce Cit.v. From Kansas—^X. It, Chattel, (iaiena:: Kinnie Iiiincan. Weir City: I., tlray. Scanimon: Walter Ri»el. Par.sons: L. I..ivingston. Gas City. From .Xrkan.-^is—F. O. Cuffey. Fay- eiieville; E. H. Howard. Ilentonville. Another Klork Started. .\nolher lri>ck of the JPrime West ern iipelter company smelter niimhci' one was started yesterday momins The smeller is now ruiiiiiug ihrei' blocks and em|do>ing ar»i>ui i-lKlity- tivtf men. Fersonalo. ' .!. I.. Tliouipson. piisliiiasler al .Maxton. Kas.. is here visiting hi.s parent.-'. .V. lirown Is performing the diiiie.- cf citv marshal diiriag the absence of William Vaughn. "Mrs. Carrie Carver rclnrned ti» her home in Hartford yesterday after several days visit here with relatives. Xich Kohl is reported on the sick list. .Mr. and .Mrs. F. 1. Ollinger. of Caiiey. Kas... are the guests of relatives here this w^ek. LOST—M'jtween corner Hiickeye t .Madisoii and .Veosho river, gold chain and locket containing babyV picture Finder leave al Register office, lie- ward. dy is i>i >iiii pi'i'.-.ili.' Cliii '-M .iji •|;iMii'aviir s the M. 1'. eluif.h and is saii speaker <it f large crowd i; even in j:. iil.jidir.iM" . i:x;ii iiiil III ng 111.' s'ppal; at i',1 -11 i!'.'.^ .~M.-d lii) l( nt (in- >jiirS'l> I'f 1 111 lie .1 .ilit .i-. A ! villi 111. l\aHi><l f«i ftnwi. The aiiin l'i'|iiii :;iir.j 'i> .Mr lit'a. lirnki- d 'lW 11 Imir iiii I Ills cliy Wedni 'Mlay I'Vinhu nec<-ssai 'y for one of iln- jiar 111 town and ;ii'l i^ v^iz. M> piill hi'itj wln'ii' li|ii \ liml; ifn- < The iintrhiiii'• NMJs ii -|i.iiiii and lakrll in lulu. 1..^;. Ill j! iiiirili I'I.J Il wa - > III ISMIK ilii' pan > r ii.i loi.i >!•: ifiday ,\ftcr Thirtj-nine Vears. \fli-r ibiio nini' vears :\}^<- OiN (Jiiard. nis. .•till! ."^ .Mali-niii. I 'l I'ily. two M'liiH 'liliaiis and • liniii Mr. nix and nii'i;r, .Mi:. l.:iii <a:-i hire viiOlili:.: ; \ I'Isli im .Marniatdi,!, .li.liiii Kolili'i. I 'l 'ii' Wi;liiv. .Iiilin Man and Sfih llardin.!: Iifi, .w sicrda •. for riiJoiilinvn whi'ie thi>y will spend, the rejiiair.dcr of this wiirk on ilie banks of tlie .M.irniatiip rfver fi^liin;;. W. H. Crnse to Mar^y. At liidcpiMideiico. ilii' ((iiiiny .--•.il ffj Moulgomeiy foniity, uiarri}*;;«' !i<'Mi;-« for the of W. K. Ciii.-i> "li this city and Anna W. Heiii" of 15a:- -j tiesvilje wf-r* ISSIK .1 .Mr. Crii.>il h well .•ijnd favi |ir;ih /y known lien-. iMissJ ifeiue' wy;; fo.-a'ierlv a diiB.smakf'r ii this city.. 'A ij-ijcil .Son, Mrtf, II. \. tVOiipy, who 1i;is ii<-rn fill guest (d her .-iiiij. Dr M. Iv Colopy. am wife fin- tlie jjast nioutli. left this af ternoon ,for lier home In LiaHariH,- Kas. She.wa.s accomp;;!!£ed by hei| son. Q. W. Colop.v. who ha|> been hertj for a few da.vs.—(.•I:i-iryvale Itepnb Hcan. I :] A(tJa«fce4,tIieLos0. -r You like toasted corn flakes, do you? Well, you don't know how good toasted corn flakes can be unless vou eat [.Tbasteiti The E-G process of steam - cojoking retains and eirphasizes in E-C Corn Flakes all the natural flavor of the corn, and ihe E-C toasting process makes every flakt dainty and crisp, the most delicious morsel of corn food anyone ever tasted. You'll say so, too. No artificial flavoring is used in E-G At Tour Grocer's, 10 Cents. Egg:-0-See ^ereaf (pompany, CHICAGO JOY! RELIEF AT LAST NO MORE WILL "HENRY, HOOK MY DRESS." DISTURB HUBBY. Victim of Wife's "Button in Back' Garmient to Be Released From; His Thraldom. FOR A FREE COUR^ BROTHERHOOD OF M. E. CHURCH i ' ' ' ! PLAN WINTER ENTERTAINMENT. Banquet to be Held Soon.—Oflfceraf •I for the Year Elected Last ., A Night. A free eutortainmcnt course .wHl^; be presented this fall and winter, b'r the Brotherhood of the M. E-Vd .\t the meeting of the brotherb "Henry: Henry Kfght at, this minute yon are reading your Sunday morning paper. "Henry." : Oh. Henry": haven't yon any ears?"; That's vOnr wife's voice. It is just a trifle shrill "Auto Kills Five." 'Urown l.:>ut- pitches .yiathew.son." "Haines Fears Asylum." "Taft Hooln is Urnwla:;." in- the vhetuiM '• thut catch yoitr oye as >oii look over the psiper. "Henry, come here tki-s minute:"' This Is a cnKSKa:;:!. Yot: ?a:: no lon.uer ignore It. Yon know what is in store for you and you mutter softr ly to yourself as -yon prepare to obey. You have 5ot to hook np your wife 's dress. Hooe Proves Unfounded. "Whaicha want?" yoti rtjar. in the hope that you might be mistaken. "Come here and hook. my dress up. the back." "f can't hook if, Go across the hall and let .Mrs. Reynolds hook it."' you suggest, knowjn'^ that is what your wife does when" .voii are not at home. "t^'hat:" com_es the astonished cr.v. of .«onr better half. "You know that' .Mrs. Reynolds has a honse full ofj coitjpanv. I would be ashamed to be i This Idea of Prof, Blackmar of K «n- last night it was decided dcflnttely-^ to have a series of musical numbers lectures durini: the winter. • Th? ; numbers will all be high class, year the church' had a similar cour which wa .H highly appreciated by tit'emliera of the church and O^clf friends. ij I: A ban(|net Is liein.- planned by th9 brotherhood for the near futlin» bUC 'Sy. the details have not yet bech coin|rfeti- The otHcers of the brotherhood were elected last hifsht. They arO; as follows: President, J. M. Chu^ celior: vice presidents. E. W. Myler,". .1. E. Powell. C. C. CcCarty, R. T^r Ijinp: secretary. Dwight McCarty; treasurer. B. Heigele. and chapIshiL R. \V. See. These officers will be inf stalled in the very near future. MARRIAGE SCHOOLS IS Ia7v as you are. Come here and ":ook it or I won't RO a step to the i;anu: with you this afti'rnoon." I not to shave rieht now. By .love, it's I'-' o'clock and I got fo hurry and sas Unlversary to Aid Cupid; —New Course of Stiidy. Topeka. Sept. lf>. —^"The time Is comiiifr when a course preparatory to; niyself. Wliy don'l: ynti Bet a j matrimony will be offered in bur pnV.. dress that buttons ilown the froiJt.jUc schools In which young mea aii%,;5 t/)oks .lust as well and then you could •iiitton it yourself. Just like a woman. .\lways got to get something to worry women will be taught some iinitortaatj matters relative to marriage." Prof. F. H. Blackmar. head of a man. Drat the luck, anyhow." is|department of sociology In the-tjniT' yoiir growling reply. ! versify of Kansas, made this stat^^ Hen- a suspicious sniffle comes; nient here tonight in an addrcM ' from the other room. You are just fore the superintendents ofy KalU^BlS about to resume your easv chair, but charitable institutions. Prof- tMs sniffle pierces you. Yon pretend mar believes such- a coarse wonltfi*! not to hear It and rustle the paper far toward improving Americans mighlily. Three sniffles In succession. "I'll hook It. Come on out here." you call out. fcelloc how mean yon are when vou think what a nice breakfast the "little girl" got you and how .oleasi'd she wa-s when you praised her tasty wav of "getting things nji." Sigh Settles Matter. Four sniffles, followed by a fliitter- iiig .sigh. Yon lejip up jind spring for the other room. Then .von kias her and tell how much vou rare for her and start to "hook." The "inner row" of hooks and ••yes prove easy and you lielude yourself into thinking that yon have a snap. Your wife wiggles and twists trying to help ami then .von start on row No. 2. Tie first "eye" Is not to be found. You flnallv find It and lose the "ho<ik." The second ''hook" splits your thumb nair and .vou say something which your wife bears In stony isilence. Finally yon set four "hook.t" and "eye*:' together and stop to mop yonr i >er8plr |n;; brow. i Fifteen minutes have passed; and yon have seven "liookrt" connected. If yon.ever get money enough you wUl hire your wife a mald| right away, you can bet on that. By [the time yon hare finished hooking the dress you could go out and kill the janitor with pleasure. ^ut deliverance is at hand. Cheer rp! A.Brooklyn genius.has invented a devico which carries all "hooks" and 'eyes" on a narrow steel band and a nation and he believes it''the expedient remedy for unhapiqr. riagcs. Those who heard'the remarked that the teacheiJB In coiirse probably would be worked on time for there would be a large.'4 roUment In the classes to learii to pursijade Ciipld to shopt »trL_^_ and at the right person at the Hgili time. , i - i. Prof. Blackmar advocates a atirlc|^>' physical and mental examiiiatlon.'ot ^j all api>llcants for raarr (as» UcenH^'f persons afflicted with paimoaaiTfdir ^l mental diseases should not be allQt|r«'| eil to marry, he said. Careful Hon is believed by the superlntoul,^^ eiits of the hospital for insane penal institutions and by ProC Blkclr-| mar to be necessary to prevent increase in insanity, epilepsy wid^| crime. LOOKED AT SMELTERS.- The CommlBsioners Not Ready to t^**!! cide. However. t; The commissioners went to Gasf; City this morning to look at thft| Cockerill smelter," the owners: ol< which have asked that it be set oatf side the city limits. Thie commisiiiifti^; ers said this morning: that there we , several questions tbey.wished to ^ii;.^^ sider before deciding the case. Tfie^;^ will likely reach p. decision 1 )efore this . session closes. RiiaifaiB Prssivs»W Contractor GilfUlan has nearly ctaB^;> ^ . ^ . ^ , . pleted the wi >rk of laying the one movement books np the whole I^Q the East Vail street improveme .dress. By menns of a pulley arrange- and that thorbughfere will be ,roent yonr wife can pull a cord and jor tralQc in: a few days. As' .unhoofc or hook her dress in a sec-'^treet Is one of the principal Bni . ^ ' .V .. streets:of tha,oity, the trarelllrr I Find out where they sf II one andanAtlie'ivoik oflaylng thVi go and buy it at once.^alina Joqr- crete and iaVtimfat. was |nii' ^ i much as posaililo In ord^rnot? , - , [inue (he bloepouie lofaaei-| '

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