The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1944
Page 6
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SIX J3LYTIIEV1U ,K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS MONDA1', AUGUST 28, 10-14 . Cherokee Giani On Mai Program Meets Jack Moody; Champion of Mexico Also On Card Here THE CAKI) DOUBLE-MAIN EVENT Chief Siunooke (310) vs. Jack Moody (240), and Tuffy Truesdale (190) vs. Johnny Carlin (198) Time: 90-mlnufcs time limit each, two test falls of three Scene: American Legion arena, Second Street. .-'.». Chief Saunooke, a titanic 340- pound full blooded Chciokce Indian chieftain, hiM'.Tuffy Truesdalc, colorful and dynamic light-heavyweight champion of Mexico, make their Blythevllle debut tonight as Promoter Mike Meroney presents his weekly wrestling program at the American Legion arena on Nortl Second Street; starting at 8:30. Shelving the popular tag mntchc for the Wment, Promoter Merone has booked two individual mntchc Jor his show tonight, each having an hpur-and-half time limit, two best falls out of three getting the nod as the winner. Chief Holds Interest Chief Saunookc, one of the biggest and most powerful men lu the wrestling game today, meets Jack Moody, former Southwestern of Memphis star football linesman who weighs n mere 240, In the upper half ol the double-star bill. Johnny Carlin, the compact-huill Swede who'made his first local appearance last week, supplies the test, for Truesdale in the Initial match ' of the piomislng evening thnl should provide color galore, power, action, and entei taimneiil in wholesale lots before the final fall has been recorded. The local Impiessario and Legion officials expect n complete sell-out for this show. Advance ticket sales have been unusually brisk and indications point to, the "standing room only" sign being posted even before the gicat program gets under way. Fan's me mgcd to be on hand early to avoid congestion nt the gale. DOPE BUCKET BX j. r. RIKND GIVES ADDED INFORMATION Ever since the rumor that Marshall niackard had received serious wounds during the fighting In France got started I have made every effort to get it straight, right or wrong. Wlieic It. got started- no one seems to know, but. from the Information Ills mother, Mrs. Well Blackard, received last week In a letler written In neat, steady long hand, there Is every Indication that the rumor Is foundlcss. The big cx- Chlck griridcr and scout master told her .that he was all In one piece and mentioned that he look a walk witli Captain Gene Bradley, former local lawyer. That statement alone would tend to discredit the report that he had lost a leg; the legible, stcndy band that he sill was In possession of his arms. Yesterday I received a letter from , Captain Bradley and he makes no hlnl that Marshall had been seriously injured. It follows: 74th Gen. Hospital APO 508, % PM, N. Y. City August 21, 10U England. Dear J. P. (Dope Bucket): Have been receiving my copy o Hie Blythevllle Courier as rcgula as the mal] service permits and must confess your "Dope Bucket greatest Intcres those kind wolds creates . the (Thnnks [or chnml) READS PAPKIl CI.OSKIA' However, the local and stale po lltlcnl news these past weeks hav not slipped my eye, The editor would be surprised to know, I'm sure, that we fellows over here and other parts of the world, not only rend every news item, but every ad, legal publication, etc. In fact, this war Is developing some of the very best proof readers. I am now well Into my third year of army life with grcal expec- Contrasting Matches Likely Two sharply contrasting matches are In store for the customers. The Truesdale-Carlln affair should develop into a highly skilled, yet fast moving Interspersed with ample /Ire- works and the usual amount of showmanship and ring color. Never a champion, Carlin lias met some of the best the game has ever produced. His greatest match, and one of the greatest on record In the ring's packed history, was several years ago when he battled Champion Jack Reynolds for two hours 40 minutes. The monumental classic held at Louisville, Ky., and drew a recbrd $18,000 gate, went down In nonc the record books as one of the best n r<l. of all times. Tha fact that Reyn- olos, long a kingpin among the welters, was the winner Is beside the point and shrinks Into insighlfl cance before the clever grappling exhibition. .Truesdale will have age In his fa vor, He is a lew years-younge than' his adversary, but gives awa several pounds in weight, to sa nothing of some years of valuabl experience. He Is said to be very fast and.clever. The' fact that he Is champion of Mexico carries great significance. May Revive Tackle Some 100 pounds lighter, Moody may be forced to bring into play some of the tricks employed on the gridiron to down the huge Indian. Jack, who was quite a rough young man with the Lynx, has not forgotten how to block find tackle since trading the moleskins for wrestling trunks and probably will use plenty of both before the anticipated rough match is terminated. Moody also Is due to do some head squeezing with 'his famed headlock, patterned along the lines of that used so successfully by the great Strangler Lewis, one of the world's greatest of all times. Big, powerful and unusually fast and agile for his bulk, Sannooke's pet habit is to batter his foe to the mat, step back a few feet then take a running jump and land with full . force on his victim. And victim It is when he lands broadside. He seldom misses. They seldom survive. tations that another won't pass ere long we resume the status of "hon- ast-to-gooilness civilians". Ever since T have been in the army I have been looking forward to clay running Into someone from Blylhcvillc, Been In and through 7 different slates and three foreign ountrlcs these past years and up ntil several weeks ago I had nol et seen anyone from home. 1 can'1 ;ivc the exact dctlc for security •casoris, hut not long ago someone cut me word to hurry over lo a cer- ain captain's office. I dashed ovci and as usual in good ol' Soulhen ashlon expecting some roiillni matter but changed my pace sonic vhat when I saw standing then lone other I linn Marshall Black ird. • ' MEETS MARSHAL!) BLACKARD I thought for a moment I wn dreaming, as I had Just finlshe reading Captain Ace Pncketl's let tcr to you about him and Marsha' imlng over on the same ship, Mar- lall was In oil the first Invasion: aves nnd met a German 88 shell ico to face. How he ever came ut all In one piece I don't know nyway, he Is all patched up am ,'IH be In perfect condition before ong. However, I've asked him so inny questions about what has aken place back In lllythcvllle It my take some little bit for him o recover for exhaustion In an- wcrhig them. Remember Gene Baltics 1 ? If not, 'in sure you must have met him. lo lived-nt Joiiesljoro and traveled or Loose Wiles, then for Nnsh DniR Co., out of Jonesboru before ic joined up back In !041, Guy was killed In France (luring the ilrsl few clays of U. lie was Staff Sergeant Bradley, Recording to the official War Department notice. There live .several around close from back home—Bud Wilson; Howard Mayes, Jack Flnlcy Robinson, the Tipton Boys, and so miiny more you have mentioned In your column, but not one have I had the pleasure to run across. HAS NAKKOW KSCAI'K Was In London not long ago and had the pleasure to study a Huz?i- Douib rather close. Too close, In fact, after I discovered part of my room missing. No, they didn't need a "writ of unlawful detainer" to get me to move lo other quarters. (I know where you can find seven flights of stair cases, all smoothed out. Will enjoy practicing civil, Inn once again. This procedure In military conrtmnrtinls is entile stuff in smpnrlson. However, 1 do get lo ipear for the defense ever so of- n In a General Courtmartial and icrc you do gi't lo expound a bit. Can't tell you what my official itie.s arc but I do get to see plcn- of different spots. Yours truly, Gene. I was rather surprised lo learn ml Gcuc did not get into some ranch of the Air Corps. Ho has een 'Interested in flying for some me, ami wiis quite at home In the ockpll, having logged many hours his own ship and those of oth- ts. While actively flying here Gene wncd the first plane the Portcr- lelrt company turned out and couh lake the little job cut up. I have lawn with him many, many times n fact, the first lime 1 ever wen' 1 nlo n spin was with him. It wa: Fliers Advance In Tournament Parnell's Pitching And Timely Hitting Beats Greenville GREENVILLE. Miss., Aug. 28- It's Maxwell Field, Alabama, next stop for Hie rampaging Blytlicvlllc Army Air Field Filers! Paced by the brilliant pitching 01 Mel Parncll, clever young southpaw ace, hacked by some clutch hitting, by his males, the Blythevlltc Filer easily defeated the Greenville Army Air Field Bombers, 8-1, here Snlur day nml moved Into the sejiil-flnal of Die Eastern Flying Training Com niand Litllc World Series Tourna nicnt. The semi-finals arc scheduled fo Maxwell Field, Sunday and Mo: day, Sept. 3 and 4, climaxing th most important event of the cur rent baseball season. i'arnell In Form I'arncll was in superb pitchin form. He held the hard hittii Bombers to only live hits, all con ing in three separate Innings'. Wh lie fanned only three, smallest nun her recorded In his two years wit .lie Filers, he easily was the inn tcr. He had them hitting into tl dirt or Inlo the air all afternoo ilece. Tlicy were: Danny LaOrutta, Inkers, Mc.Wliorler, Slan Wlolko, id Panic)!. Vlckers and McWhor- :r wllli triples, supplied the most St. Louis . Hew York Detroit . Boston Cleveland AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. 70 54 65 50 05 67 ower. For the first three Innings Parell set the homelings down sans a . . . . It. Wilson, Greenville third base- P" '""'clpnla 60 i an and cleanup hitter, broke thcjy j!,, ,' „ icll In the fourth. His double fol- iwas w.'rin'w*'•"!'"">•' owing COUCH'S single in the sixth NAflONAL LEAOU 89 -arnell cased up hi the,eighth af- pL Lb0 "l cr his mates had salted the game Cincinnati- •"" m way for good with a four-run New York '' '"' 66 plurgc and granted two successive ch| ca g 0 51 66 58 60 6G 61 ills. But he retired the next three n order, as well In the ninlh. The Pliers scored first in the Ihird, )are's single driving In Sproul. Vlck- ers' single counled LaOrutta in the ourlh, Danny .showed his thanks )y sending in Dares the next Inning with a timely hingle. Holding Hie .cant 3-1 margin going into the eighth the Fliers got busy and sewed I up wllh singles by LaOrutta, Wlotko, Tiny Davis, a lilt batsman, and McWhortcr's three bagger. Parnell counted the final run In Ihe nlnlh for good measure lo null down his 10th win of Ihe season. Score by Innings: n, H. E, Blythevllle . 001 110 041—8 12 0 Greenville .. 000 001 000—1 5 0 Parncll and Dialek; Stockdale McConnick and Benjamin. hlladelplila oslon . rooklyn Baseball Standings SOUTHERN LEAGUE ' W. L. participating In a speed test an Uniform inspection at Little Roc High School stadium. President Gordon R.. Campbe and Vice President W. A. "Scrappj Moore will be ui charge of t! neeting. quite n thrilling experience, one hall never forget. Even allcr iad (lull luking instruction Gen offered lo give me some more Urn ;p as to solo me. Bui I never go around to accepting the generous kind Ills contemporaries classed hit as a promising young lawyer an predicted a bright future for lili in the law profession. BEAT THE fiootho. roltovo heat mai mul liclp prevent it ivit Mcxsium, tho uuollimi, medicated powder. H|)rin Itlo this (XHjliiiri, comfort ing, well uvor lietit irritate i -« liLIII «Wn. Costs iilllo. . I 1 1 Hi '." Inrgcr Biics. AH Hi inip in larger mica. Ail Hi family will liko Mcxsntm, New Orleans Mobile . ... Little Rock . Birmingham Chattanooga handling seven assists himself. Bert I Nashville . ...'...: 37 Dares, second baseman, had four 1 * .'!:"... „; mid Shortstop Max V.ckeis con- [ trlbulcd three. The Blythevllle outfield had only three chances l>c- twccn them. Mack McWhorter, sensational first baseman, was kept busy with 17 chances, all but one being putouls. The Piters maltreated the twj Greenville pitching aces, Gene StockdalC and his successor, John McCormiek, property of the New ork Yankees, for an even dozen fctlcs and connected when they ouiilcd the most. Starting with tlic ili'd inning, the visiting Arkansas utfit scored in every franie thcre- fler, except Ihe seventh and eighth. Five Share' llilthifr Five Filers shared In the hitting polllghl with a couple of safeties 10 10 34 22 27 32 25 31 22 31 22 32 20 37 WORRY,woRBY,WORRY 1k* HEADACHE! Il'a bad enough to worry, without Buffering from bead- ache, too. T&ko Carudine lo relieve the pain Bnil BOoUlo nerves upset by the pain. Cfip- uditie fa liquid — no waiting for It to dkeolve, before or after taking. Use only u di. rcctcd. IQc. SQc, COc. 49 06 4G 48 10 40 73 Pet. .505 ,531 .533 .532 .476 .472 '.423 Pet. .748 .598 .578 .459 .443 .407 .402 40 77 ' .374 Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN I.KAGUK Memphis 4-0, Nashville 3-3, Ilrs nmc 11 innings, second game 13 inings. Little Uock 5-7, Mobile 2-G. CJiattanooga 4-10, Dlnnlugliain -G. New Orleans 4-5, Atlanta 0-2. AMERICAN IjKMiVK New York 4-4, Washington 2-5. Detroit 5-2, St. Louis 3-17. Boston 8-7, Philadelphia 5-2. Cleveland 4-1, Chicago 3-0. NATIONAL LKAGUK Cincinnati at Chicago, rain. New York 8-4, Brooklyn 1-2. Philadelphia 8-4, Boston 5-5. Pittsburgh 14-1, St. Louis 0-1, second game called end of 10th, darkness. loday s oames SOUTHERN. I.KAUUK Mobile at Memphis. Atlanta at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Nashville al Little Rock. AMERICAN' I.KAGUK Boston at New York. (Only game scheduled). NATIONAL f.UAGUK Pittsburgh at Chicago. From where I sit .../>// Joe Marsh Recipe for a Perfect Marriage Cincinnati at SI. Louis. (Only games scheduled). SATURDAY NIGHT'S RESULTS. SUUTIIURN I.KAGUli Atlanta 6, New Orleans 4. Chaltanaoga 5, Birmingham 0. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 10, Washington 3. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS liox Office Opens 8—Show Starts a( 8:15. SATUKDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens I .' , Show Starts 1:15 1 Deo and Jane Cuppers celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last Saturday. Having so many friends, it seemed like half the town stopped in that evening to pay their'respects. Little Ida Mortal lironglif a home-made poem to read, calicd Xovo Enduring. Bcrl Chililois fiddled "Silver Threads Among the Cold." Will Dmlloy nimlc a speech and proposed a toast. And as I watched that toast- Dec with his glass of beer, Jane with her buttermilk-I thought to myself: There's a recipe for happy marringc. Two folks with different tnstcs-no doubt an honest fault or two-who through the years have learned to live in tolerance and under- slanding. From where I sit, Bee and Jane are a mighty tr«od example (o young married people ol today-an example of how moderation, tolerance and understanding can .build lasting happiness and solid homes. ® 1944 BREWINP INDUSTIH f OUHDHTION . flRKfiHSftS COMMITTEE I. HUCB (VHARTON State Director 402 PYRflMID BLDG. LIITlf BOCK CAPUDINE WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Aug. 28, 8:30 p. m. Lowwt Admission of »nj Wratllnf Ann* tn America. Adults, 36c, Tax 9c—Total, 45o. Reserved Scats, 12o, Tax 3c—To Ul, 15o. Children's Beats 12o. Tax So, Total, ISo. Reserved Seats On. Sale at the Legion Arena Erery Monday from fi p. m. on. '•• . ':f'i DOUBLE MAIN EVENT CHIEF SAUNOOKE Airti-BreaWown" Club Football Officials Will Meet Sept. 9th LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 28 (U.P.) — The Arkansas Football Official's Association will hold its annual pow-wow at Little Rock Sept. 0. Coaches and school officials of the Arkansas High School Conference nlso.will meet at the same time. The grid officials are going to cpend most ot the time discussing rules, and taking rules examinations. Later in the day the arbiters will have to prove their wind by BEFORE THIS WAR ISOVER, there may be only two kinds of people in J\mcticn ... 1. Ihoia who can >till gel to work in automobiles, 2. Ihote who are forced lo walk. If you want to be in the fortunate group who will still be riding to work in automobiles, join Gulf's "Anti-BrcnkoWn" Club today. How do you do it? Just come in for Gu/f's Protective Maintenance Planl This plan was conceived by experts in car cnre. Gulf developed it because car maintenance is a most important civilian job. Protective Mamfencwce P/cr/ &^* $&*>»>"* nfl BVH^ , . O i. the Sl& kw . _ ^n.icct ever thought A SYNTHETIC TB^ GOOD! NEW U.S.ROYAL Last Time Today IN BONDAGE' with ;iil 1'alrick, Gcrtruilc, Mlcliac! * Tula Hirell KKO News ' Short: "Halfway to Heaven" Tuesday & Wednesday FOLLOW THE LEADER";! willi The East Side Kids It ICO News & Comedy CHSCKASAW! West Main Near 2lsl Bt/!> Sat Blarls 12:45; Snn. starts 1:4.': | Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Bon. Last Time Today "SHEPHERD OF THE OZARKS" with The Weaver Hros. & Elvira Universal News Comedy Tuesday Only BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For the Price of 1 "HALFWAY TO SHANGHAI" .'•: with Hervey & Kent Smith . Selected Shorts Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. RU Matinees \ Saturday & Sunday > Best Washed Air : Cooling System j Last Time Today 1 "PASSAGE TO i MARSEILLE" j with ! Humphrey Bogarl Fox News & Short Tuesday |J "HER PRIMITIVE MAN'f ' with Louise Albritton and Bob Paige SEIIIAL and SHORT, Even tire men had their fingers crossed when they were faced with the job of building tires entirely from the new government synthetic rubber GR-S. Many' said it couldn't be done. But it was done! And in record time! Today, the new U.S. Royal DeLuxe synthetic tire, when driven at wartime speeds and given the kind of care any good tire deserves is doing a job so good that it's doss to pre-war performance— and improvements are still being made. When you are eligible for new tires, remember, the new U.S. Royal DeLuxe synthetic tires are good tires! VENTILATED! Tho open. spaced tread design and deep-cut Bhoulders allow coohng air to circula [o freely drnwing heat n\vay from tho body of the tire. This is vitally important in synthetic tires. I ; J TIRES ARE SCARCE First call on lircs must go to our fighting forces. The rest of us liave tho job of making our present tires last right on through the war if possible. Keep speeds down. Keep air pros- Euro up. Recap in time! WHY BE FAT Get slimmer • without exercise You may l«c pound s a nd have a tnore slender, graceful ficure. No exercising. NolaxaLives. Isodrugs. With this AYDS plan'you don't Cut out any meals, rtarchts. po- tatoc», moats or butler, you tira- j*y.cut Item down UB easier when you enjoy delicious (vita- rain fortified) AY DS before meals. Absolutely harmless. tn clinical ttili c&idutted by medical doctor*, mote th&n 1M pcrf oni loit H to 15 Ibi. trcr- botof AYDS.SQday supply boly ' , Pbon« , , , teetretulti.Pbon* FJBEY BROS. DRUG STORES A* ,. Gasolinepwet$ the attack-^. Vent waste a drop/ IT'S cord is bathed in a specially compounded solution that locks the cords firmly into layers of synthetic rubber cushion. Safety Bonding means extra miles of safe ecrvice* IT'S MILEAGE-TESTED! In the laboratory and on tho road, U.S. Royal DeLuxo synthetic tires arc mileage -tested, proving over a-ul over again thnt "U.i=."r;T!he;ic tr. :j .are food tires t BUY WHERE YOU S£E THE U. S. TIRE SIGN This is lliesignof a local, independent business built on experience, knowledge, skiUcd ecrvico and products of quality. U. S. TIRES DISTRIBUTED BY LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Bdy. (opposite Post Office) Phone 553 Open 7:30 Show Starti 7:45 Monday Night ONE SHOW ONLY 'Cover Girl' with Itila Hay worth it Gene Fiir&mount. News Comedy Tuesday PAL NITE The Racket Man' with Tom Neal, Jeanne Dates & Hugh Dcaumont Selected Shorts

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