Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 11, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 2
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F. JuiKOBTHBUP, Tle«*^li«h. ]>.JMO]nHBlIP, Tmi6LA ibi<TlM .i^1 lifNit«7iir:ii Statiilliuu MELTCr FBOITX, Airt 1869. |bik li Aflii Ci. Assets $1,200, USE • MoOMLL PATTERNS lOr.and I5c TIIK moCAlL Onlj or. Sales ra Groififing Mor^Popuiar £aoh Week, ^ore Peopie aro^A^fending Them, 23 Ptecem irisi OB SalB at. ; See our east window for display of Dress Gooils in Saturday's and Monday's sale worth up to Toe per yard. SPECIALS colored choice at Wo Ifull stand- 60 pieces fas, school giugbams ^••^ •••••! 30bO yards best! ardicalicot'.<i ur yard . Bp Ghildren '8 heavy ril>l)cd school hose, nindi with double ikncti and duuMc heel and toe, pair .tSo Over200HoyA Mitw We are showijng Wearing apparel, preat deal ol couipl We will offer o these two days ou|c of our newest models in Ladies' strc(t skijli*, in blue.Urowji and black. .S&»33 EXTRA SPECIAL Saturday and. Monday we will sell jH) yards of regular 7ic and 8c Outing Flannels, splendid patterns, 10 yards for. .. . Sulim muaSkirtm on Saie (be very latest in Ladii-s jf)ur suits are causing a linentary coninieni, they will appeal to yon i^'k l)cin)T out of the ordi nary. ! Ladies' suits in all the shades in thh most approved styles, priced at from s )2,60 lo S39 SPSGiALS For Salur«lay and Monday we will offer one lot of t4 00 and $fi.O<) tailored .sl<jrts in Mohair, Panamas and fancy inixtuiei. Sal** price each $lm98 Anotlur lot that fold up to 57.00 your choice at t -^hi 'e Altruistic club of tlie[ Ftrst sbytetlan cUurch will hav > their t' business meeting of tlib year the approaching Tuesday I 'jvpning tlie Presbj'terian chiircli. :l' + • . Miss Arnold Improving PrJends of Miss Grace Arhcld will Ie." interested In l;nowing that .she is flowly tapro\*ing. Miss Arnold ^as leeh critically 111 for the p.njsr tlwo -ireeks. ! A A ;cra^ usefuUigifts. one with ttfc com- ipliUients of the entertaining \ociety. Th«{; cool, spacious parlors were comfortably' tilled with guests and there were numerous boquets of tea roses fresh from the garden of the- hostess to decorate table and mantles and effectively trim the refreshment service in the dining room where tea was .w_it wjill pay the.ladies of li>li ti) iil- I jnd the Fliohards6n sillc sale lidiiini - riow. • - . , • •; Return From Springs. Mrs. W. Cook atid Jlr. Claud'> Cook hive returned to tola after a simmer a: Eldorado Springs. Mo. Mrs Cook nid her son are] expecting to spend tlie winter In loja and their many filends will be,glad to know tli|iit s!;<> Is greaUy improvecf In health. * • + Aid Society Meeting. The usual meeting of the Aiii soci etf iof the: United Bretheron church WW held yp.sfprdaj-. The afternoon wis spent with needlework. * + * —Richardsons for n final <'l<'tiii up oUer. All of their-preiiy siininu'r mil- II iery at two prices. 4S anil i 'So. * •> 4. Y. W. C. A. "Shower." One of the pleasant inforn al af- filrs of the week was the social at tie YL W '.i C. A. rooms last exenlng. Theipjurpose of the event was to give tie Imembers an opportunity to con- tlbule small and inexpensive pjifts to tie fuml^ings of the headqilarters alid also' spend a' happy evening lo- stetber. Gtrls of the Tennis clifb pre- siQed at the punch table and assisted the sobial committee in wolconi- "lite the visitflrs. The piano whipli the as^ciation decided to purchas» was delivered ,10 the headquarters early nun- vhirc in) Jhe° evening because of tl^e ap- pi baching festivities and the, conimit- tes was fhus enabled to have ajn ii'n- pi imptu program of music as a p^rt of the diversions. The meml)er^ apd they will live. * Home From Kansas City. Mr.s. n. P. Northriip and |jlis3 (Jl.iil.vs Noriliruii ri'tunictl yt-st-tiday frtim a lirii-f visit in Kansas City. , SnninuW .Millinery only two tirjjcps ts<- ftichardsiin's. * • • Return From Colorado. -Airs. rt. S. Aspinall and .Mrs. U^j. D . Port will ri'ttirn tonight from Co ora ro where they have spent tlif past fi'w wfoUsJ V * * . For Mrs. Richardson. Mrs. II. A- Hichardson. presidoiijt of thc..\i>l society of the First C^rl.<|itian [church, was hotior guest at-a jj 'ery .happy iiarty yesterday afterpoon at Jibe lionie of Mrs. .Tames Newman in WhPt 'er Hoights. The (lay wasj! the anniv'TSar?- of the birth or^tlje ^uesi • of honor and in moniory of tlVo occasion Mr.s. Richardson wa.? given llsev ti eir friends made the occasion a tlilk fost with the prospective pleasuires and work of the association as the topic and niinilod informally. )) Miss Seyle, who is in Charge of it\e headquarters has requested that those who expect to enroll in physical iiul- tiire classes observe the scheijule closely ami report at the exact h^ur on Monday. There will be two ,'.on .Monday afternoon and ipne i class in the evening so that the I will lie especially busy and wil| Jri 'Mlity begin the association stm i * * * , To Emporia. .Miss Emma Hyde left today for porin to begin her work in the poriii high school. * + j -< Miss Wheatley Here. I,Pearl Wltentley of Huinl lis :i uuest of lola friends. • • • Moomey Rayle, Miirrleil on Thursday at the honij K <>v. find .^^s. .1. M. Mason, of city, .Miss HCtthol Mooniey. of (ins (j! ami Mr. .1. Raylc of I/iwrence. and Mrs. Kayle left toiiay for OUR TELEPHONE etn headed by a fife and drum corps marelicd. upon the scpne and were readyjto greet their former command- erl\ An orchestra of forty pieces sU- tianed on the third floor played a Bplenpid musical programme through- otit the reception and when the "bat- tl^hijimn of the Twentieth." a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight, was played, the men of the Twentieth gr|eetcd It with rousing cheers. In [the line with General Funston w^rft Governor and Mrs. Hoch. General and Mrs. Wilder S. Metcalf, Ma- ijof and Mrs. Alrardo M. Fuller. Mr. Robert Pierce and Mr. A. B. Poole of the (^ommercial club. Mrs. Pierce and MI -S.) Poole. Assisting were Captain Clad [Hamilton. Captain and Mrs. Wm. S.j Albright. Miss Anna Hoch, Miss AJ^nj^ Ruder. Miss Isabel Smith, Miss Floyd Robenson, Miss Permclla Cnr- tis. Miss Josephine I>ynch, Miss Edna IferbBt. Miss Helen Sharltt, Miss Maude Grimes. Miss Hazel Howe and MI .S8 Fay Quinton. The rotunda was gaily decorated with flags of many of I tie Kansas regiments, borrowed from the State Histi^cal sqciety. w(jrp| exhibited. Mrs. J. Barkely of Sain Francisco, known as tlie mother of I the regiment, on account of the , kindifess shown the members of the |Tweiitieth while they were' in camp ln|thb Presidio and Upon their return from: the Islands, was an honored glli-Sl: ; \ • • • Miss Moulton Here. Miss Helen Moulton of Fort Scott arriveil today to l>e the gnest of .Miss .Mary' Northriip. ! • • * Lieut, and Mrs. Mitchell Leave, l.iitut. and Mrs. Burton .Mitchell left ye$t»>^rdav for their home in Buffalo. .V ;Y.| SPARKS FROM CNGINE. is constantly ringin.g-tliese davs. Sep- tamlier. you know, is the time to have the siininier dust cleaned out of ca pets. , , , ^ , We are liusv. Init vonr order wi' served at five oclock to end a very,,.^,^^1,.^ , ,..,,p,.„, ,„„.,„(,.„ informal and pleasailt af ernoon. As, p^„„^ „^ the guests were leaving the assisting! hostesses. Mrs. Chris Snyder and 1 ^ay iiv ICS Em Cm old f of his ity Mr. aw Dmmonds In baying a diamond y t^krity of diamond merch> VI rions pcants of a good diamond >na tcs a31 risk In a purchase of HI on getting full money's jou are largely dependent upon the | in nt. nnless you are well versed on tbi Our reputatioii iti this lire elimi this character. You can always de|en« woiith. When you want a diamond, tc^lu? -1 lOLA RUG FACTORY Fbone •>!#. Mrs. .lames McMurray distributed favors of roses and the forty friends who were iiresent expressed sincerely their appreciation of the charming hospitality of the hostess. their year's work the Kclipse Chi! O O O O.O OOOOOOOOOOOO i ..j,,.^. j„„e,_. ,a..,t evening. The af O Watch .Tour wife and .von will O discover that ® fair was arranged by subscription niid ° though the guest list was coin'par n . . Oi'^vley small those who were presei|it Q . • O '^''^"•Vfd a happy evening and a di"^ Q ? lightfiil program of dances to music nnnf. nnnnnnnn">n'\nn Plaved by Dickeraon's orchestra. It 8.-= OOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOO probable that the club wiU .irrau.!*e "a series of fortnichtiv dances when Visit Fred Apt. ^.ool weather comes but the affair Mr. John I.oucks of Parsons, is a ,ast evening was arranged thus early gue.m of Fred Apt for a few days. ,„ the season in compliment to those «!. ,.T ''• * ^^^^ absent during the winter. Observe Woman s Day. Among those present were Misses Ti:e .Md society of the United Bie- jjaymj, Anderson, .losephlne Riddle the-en chinch will have charge of the (^^a Klein. Ruby Heller. Blanch, service* there on Sunday. September SpKslon.s. Marv Northrup. Ethel I lor 27 The occasion is \\omans i\^y. ton, C.vixWlf^yf Ta.vlor. Bess Hamil whicli is observed throughout the Un- ,„„ p^g^l .Wnieatlev. .lennle Doggett. ited States on the t ate above uati.ed. Alberta Mnnson. Rose Weith. Messr.^ A i.rogram of muisltr -will be prepar-'j^^n i^voca. Otto Hough. Guy Pees, ed and also several literary numbers, coorgo I.ongakcr. Phil Stover. Dr. • *• *•* .lames Reid, I.«ralne Northrup, Wablo f">f ? S"f"*l u . Coffman. Cl.iude Wright. Henrv Fleak Mr. and Mrs. P. ,T. Oyler have hml 5,.,,,, ^,,13 f^,^,^ cottoy. Ro.njn Coffey, as their guest the ptist few days. D. „oward. D. Botkin, Democratic candidate for ... governor. .Mr. and Mrs. Oyler and their visitor liave enjoyed an ac- Informal Evening, quaintancc of fifteen years and this Kullowlng the reeepiion at the visit was csi>ecially jdeasant for this state house General Funston. General reason. B. .1. Sheridan of Paoln is .-ind Mrs. Wilder S. Metcalf. Major also their guest. ,an«i Mrs. A. M. Fuller and Captain * 4« 'Clad Hamilton were entertain«-d in Mrs. Hilscher. Coming. formally by Mr. and Mrs. .Tames P. Mr.s. .S. S. Hifcicher and children are Rowley and Floyd Robeson at expected to arrive on a late afternoon their house, S2fi Monroe street. Tie train from a visit in Illinois and Wis- other guests were .Miss Isabel Sniitli. cousin. Miss Florence .Tohnstone. Mr. William * <• Trembler of Kansas City. Kas.. Mr Little Gleaners. .John Waters. Mr. David Ijikin and Miss Hagle Watson .will be hostess Mr. .leroino .lohnstone.—.lournal. of the Little Gleaners club tomorrow, . . + 4. + afternoon for their regular meeting.; _jhe RIeliardsoi. Dry O.HMIS store ^ jj. iiliviif..'; y<Mi to visit their ilress uoods —The Richardson Dry Go<»ds Store rse-tion. Cliieagos I.esf .line, for you t.-. offer their entire line of $1.2.'> sllK.'i <.-f.|,.p| fnmi. tomorrow, one nay only, for: .O.'.c. j • <• • * * • Mrs. Detwiler Home. For General Funston. The Topeka State .Toumal's society Mrs. J. S. Detwiler hasj returned column contains these paragraphs from Canada, where she Ijas spent concerning the reception for General the summer "with her parent^. 1 Funston which was given during th * *> [reunion of the Twentieth Kansas af Visit Relatives. Toneka: .Mrs. Lester Dulin of Kansas City' The nublic j-eception at the state is here the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. house Wednesdav evening for Brig- H. Campbell and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. adier General j Frederick H. Funston. Campbell. , Topeka's distinguished guest who was * * + I 111 town for thp reunion of his former Miss Jeliffe Home. iregiment. the Twentieth Kansas, was Miss l^na Jollffe returned today the most Important event of the week from a two weeks' ontlnsr near Den- «oclnlty and a' large company incliid- rer, Colo. .ing members ^f the Twentieth, their * • * families and ; riends and ninnv oth- Mr«. Turner Home. _ era availed themselves of the oppor- Mrs. J, S. Turner has returned froa tunlty to meet the most famous lierc Minnesota, where she spent several of the Spanish-American war. The weeks with her sister. , reception was held in the rotunla oi * + -e the capital on the Hrst floor ami half Ecll!»se Dance. an honr before the arrival of General As a farewell to the college folk Punstion and otfaar niembera of the re Who wlU leave In a few dayv (or miviQc partjr a detail of the TwenU- Roof; of a House BeinQ Moved Dy Sproule Brothers Damaged By Blaze, Simrks of lire from a trad ion engine'! with which Sproule Brothers. iiolise movers, were moving from GnsjClty to a lot belonging to .1. G. IliitcJier.. west of the ,Santa Fe tracks oil; West street. Igiitte.d the roof of th^ tiuilding this morning and for a while, it look»' though the striic- tuni I would be consumed by the flames which sjiread rapidly. . Tip lire company, which responded to In .'il alann. saved the building from deitbictlon by the use of chemicals. Thje! damage will amount to about $20. Another fire, more serious in results^ occurred this morning when a larjge barn on the premises of C. E. I.ayman. living at the north end of Cottonwood street, was burned to the griiund. The loss Is estimated at $600 Thje -bar ncontalned. besides various agricultural implements, about 15 toils i of hay. There was no insurance.! Several horses were in the barn but were-gotten out by Mr. Layman. Tlie origin of the fire Is unknown. WANTED—To rent 5 or fi room house, close in. modern, .\ddress It G., this office. WANTED—Housekeeper tor small family living in auiniry. Inquire this ofllce. PERSONS WANTING boy or girl to work.for board while attending school apply at lola Husiness College. Phone 49.-.. WANTED TO BUY—Four or five acres. Improved or nnltnproved, close to good town. .Xddress W. E. K., 702 South Washingtol), lola, Kas. S-A^UESMEN & AGENT-S—$$?$.-.0.<)0 per week and over can lie made selling New Cairpalgn Novel ties from now until election. Sells to Stores. County Fairs, Picnics and Private Kaniilie.s. Complete line of samples, charges (ire- paid for 00c. Order today. CHICAGO .NOVELTY CO.. CO Wabash Av.e., Chicago. Business Ditectotfm FOR SALe^HUBOBntufous FOR SAM: OR EXCliANC.K-A ao«id clean hardware stock, only >(i>fk in town of almiit 4l)ii, in Allen iniiiiiy. doing a gond Itu.-iiiiess. Want in .-e!l lor cash, iir on i»ny»ienfK; iiii.:;lii e.vrhailge. ftir K'""! sliliidtli l;ilid ill \lleli, Wiio<l.-«ili. .Neosho. \Vil>OM. Li- het'le or jidjiiliiiiig euiilitles .\ddre>.' \lli-n I'liiiiiiy lii\«--iiineni t'"i; lull. Kiilirus. I 'Oli .S.\I.E OlH- I'li^-.ilK'. I'liilrl Mill! pilltip: one ! I'l ••\fi'\ lillllh:. line I'll! II sheller. 7o7 .'sniiih \\ii--liiio'><jii, I..1 llarpe. Kaiis \^ I'Ol: SALK-Shiul Horn l/iill iv... years nUI. very ueiitle. .1 .V.I llKweil FOR S.M.K CIIKAI' -Ci-Cail. Iial.y walker. hi.=li fhair. nursery chair, ga.s heater, stand t;i'>!e. 4-fi)iil window shade and small ones, nirtain pole.•^. cot. iiialtiiig. suit ease, lied stead and gold fish, .'ii:: .Neiislio. Phone r.T.'.. TO FOR.H A CUB. Bougla .>i I'onnty ltr|>alilirnns .Vn Wur^ing Earnestly. I.awrence. Kas.. Sejit. !1.—A Taft- Stnhlis-Mristow ciuli is to lie formed among the Repubiicans of lX»iiglas county to arouse enthusiasm for the campaign this fall. .\ meeting ba.-: l)een called by the county central coni- niittce for Friday night, .in the new club'rooms over Sinclair's office at 704 Massachusetts street, when the new or ganization will be" perfected. The meet ing Friday night wili be an informal one and according ti) present iilans no bi.g sneaker. from outside will be se.-'ured for the occasion, so that tin einire evening may be given over to he formutiun of the club. The managers hope to eni'oll - hundreds of names in the club as active workers for the Republican candidates this fall. It.VLBWIN .VIILSHII' TliKltK. War lialliHin >VIII .Ipprar iu SI. .lo>.eph TourunDieul. St. .loseph. .Mo.. Sept. 11.—Captain Italdwin's diri.gible war balloon arrived here today and will be seen in ; rials! during the military tourney in whith five thousand federal troop.s will participate, during the week of .September 21st. THROW PiJLlCE OIT OK H VLI.. . I'nrions .Vayor's Crusade Airalnst -jKcll}" I'wil SutYer <i a Reverse. Parsons, Kas., Sept. II.—in a niix- |ii a local iMiol hall last evening threje sju'cial policemen were thrown out iby players, whom the (lolicenien were trying to arrest on the <-harge of playing "Kelly" pool. .Mayor .VIose.- has Just ap|>ointed three special ixi- licej to rid the town of this game on the;groiind that it promotes ganilKing.- oificer Dye. a. regular policeman, refiiscd lo take a hatul in the arrests and^ was iinmediateiy discharged l>y the mayor. Mayor .Moses lias just tin- isluid closing the point drug stores. Thej \V. C. T. r. is after the Sunday theaters and now the iiia.v<ir is goin.c; to t^nforce the law on pool halls. LEARN AUCTIONEERING And make from $10 to $30 per day. We teacjh you Auctioneerinfr In four weeks' time so you can step at once Into one of the best paying ocupations in the lani^ and that without capital. We on!y reqiiire one-half of tuition down, the othejr after you have lieconie a sue- eessiful Auctlonrer. 1908 Illustrated paiailogue now ready. Next term Augbst 3. mIs SOURI auction SCHOOi. Trmtan, .Vo. W. ti. Carpenter. Pres.. Box D. It. For .Sale. One good Mu^on .t .Mam!in organ, high lop. walnut ease, ten stops, ivor.x keys, very fancy, $2:;.0ft; $.'i.o<) down. $0.00 per month. If yon wish this In- strunieut. act at once. .lOHN V. RO^tKRTS PIANO HOUSE. One toe Story & Clark organ, walnut case, high top, nickle plated bar. eleven stops, tone round and full. Only $.:'.2.00. $.".00 down $:;.tlO per month. This extraordinary value will mean quick sale. Come at once.—.John V. Roberts' Piano House. FOR SALE OF EXCHANGE—Cider and several oak cider barrels, for fruit, vegetaldes or hay. W. 1. Allisim. »0i' South Wiilinif str.-et. lola. Kas. IXJR .SAl.i:—One rcuisteied (). i. C. inafe hog. Walter froivell. W. it. !. tola. FOR S.\LK—Small rooming hou>e at bargain if taken this week. Cheap rent. Phone 1-tiri. FOR SALE—Phonograph and rec- )rds for sale cheap; IMS North Cottonwood. FOR SALE^-Gopd rubber tired road wagon. Inquire lO'it North Firm street. DR. .MILDRED CURTIS • • Fuysician and Surgeon. i * • Office over Hu-rell's Drug Store.! • • Office Phone 554. ! • • Residence 214 E. Jackson • • I'hone 569. • DBS. REID & BEID. • • Pbysiciaug and Sargeoni. * • X-Ray and Electrical Appliances. • • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • • Office Phone 357; Res. 398. • DK. McMILLEN, • Special attention given to the • treatment of all Chronic Diseas- • es and DiseaseS'Ot Children. * Telephones: Office 32, Res. 232. • Office over liurrell's Drug Stor* • West Madison. • Phone GS7. Res. 701. UR. O. COX, Kye. Ear, Nose and Throat. Sliectacies Properly Pitted, i tiffiee A. O. U. W. Bidg. Ottlc» Tel. 10.H3. Night Tel. 40S DH. it. 0. CIIRISTIA!! rhfttirlan and Morgeoa Rooms 7 and it.; Evans Bldg. F. II. MARTnr, Surgery and DUeases Ot Women.) Office and Residence Phone 578 Office 7 North Jefferson. . JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, 110 East Street. Lodge DirectbrjT KMGUTS OF PTTHIA8.r-Ne6sli« Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. S. Thompson, B.'C. Chris Rltter. K. of R. and S: KNIGHTS OF JIACCABEES<- Knlghts of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Satiirday nights of each month. J. W. PostWait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. O. W.— Camp No. 101 meets, to K. of P. Hail every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis, Clerk' Visitors cordially invited. ' . M, W. A.-The M. W. ^ Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. a Coffield, V. C, W. A. Cowan. Clerk. ' ROYAL NEIGIIBORS^Iola Camp No, 365. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of ^eadi month. Mrsi. F. A. Wagner, ordielai Mrs. .Mary Hutton; 413 West Streejt, Recorder. - FOR SALE—Bay mare. !> years olil. weight ir.Oti. Phone 10.".—". tlas. W. II. IVttlL FOR SALE—Four room house witli an acre lot. «>n Sonth Keiitiick.v, Will sell for cash or payments. lni|iiire i>02 South Kentucky. FOR SALE—Fine ni>right jiiano. a reliable make, seven and one-third octaves. It6.<;ton fill! board, full swing music desk. Ri»gular price $::.".n.0O. Onr quick sale price $2 :' $10 .t»ii down $G.O0 per raonthi Your oiqiortuiiiiy to get an excellent ptano at a low iigure. Don't let it pass.—John V. Rotjerts" Piano HcJuse. FRATER.>AL BROTHERHOOD:— Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursday ot each month In A. O. IT. W. Hall. VJslUng members cordially lavlted. W. H. An^ derson. president; Golda Elam, wtct^* tary. , • FOR SALI->-(iood horse. Inquire at 506 North Firs;. FOR REtnm kUmoBUmmmous TOR RENT—Seven room hou>e. modern. C. W. .Misstnaii. .'lol South FOR RENT—Three ro<mi house ill South Third. Ini |Uire of .Mis. John Smith on; premises. FOR RE.NT—Ro<.m' on West -Madison formerly occupied bv Jones' tailor shop. C. iu Whitaker. LOST amd FOUMO .LOST—Between lola and Piqua. one auto pump and jack.' also one pair ot nearly rjew overalls. Finder will please leave at this office and receive pay for tlieir trouble. LX3ST—Pair of nose glasses between Breckenrl^ge and Douglitss or .North Chestnut. Fliider leave here. Litieral reward. FOR KXOHAROE \^T3LL IMPROVED SIXTY near gocid towjijln Vernon Co.. .Mo., for exchange foH Io!a property. . Grace E Arnold, oltl court house. LOW RAT£S TO qALirORNIA OLD MEX160 THE NORTHWEST AND . ,/ BRITISH COLUMBIA VIA ON SALE Sept. 1st to [Oct. 31st A .Hh (or Fnll InformatioB.

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