Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 11, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1908
Page 1
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i i The Reylmter Hi^m the Larpmmt GIreulmilon In Allen Gouniy o/ Jkny Newmpmper Publlmhed In the Gounly, -1- SIX PAO?:S. lOLA, KAXSAS, SEPTEMBER II. IJMIs.—FRIDAY EVEMXO. SIX PAGES. PBICS TWfi INDED HER LIFE NEW] LEGAL POINT LIST OF TEACHERS MRS. TIIEOnORi: nVMFl.S. W <.AS CITY. «AS l»KSPO\I>E>T. SHE DRANK CARBOLIC ACID HAD TIIREATEM:n SEVERAl TIMES TO ^K\l» IT Al.I.." Ildily Sliiiiiii'il to NCUKIII MO.. TIIN Mornlnc: I'or Itiiilnl ->ii| S|HTitli' Kcii«iiMi for Siiicl^i'. Willlimi :i wiuil ivi' iif hiT (li icrniiiiJiiiiiii to I'IKI ln' Jifc. Mrs. L Kzif liiinii'ls. will- nf ThliHhm- niui- 1«> «, a ^iiii'ltiTiiiMii. ill'I Soiiili MrUca slrc'et. Cijis City, jmt licr iv('-y(>;ir-<>l(l son, Jesse, to lied, reluriuxl In her own rm>ir. diiink ilie eajliDlic aciil eontained in a iwn minoj Imiile and I'ell over npon lier lied in tjif. Il was ahdiil In:-:!" last DanieKs. tiis daimliter SU younR sen. who were sii liack ijordi of tlie lionie li from a l)ed mom. as ilion.:: were in disue:-..«.. .Marv niiilii wlien ry and a ina. on ilie eard moans !i somj om !)aniels ran lo the'lied room and found: ner nioilier lyin.^ upon ilie bed. her sliioes rhff enijiiy iinisson liotne lyini; IT and liesidr her. The-nirl inadi' an arienipi to raise her mother's h^.id jiiid tlie ljo<ly rollei; to tlic floor. '; Krantfeally .-hoiiiiim for lier atlier. the girl lan on; oi" liie roi ni. .V '.slcian was hnrriedly called, but life had been exiinei for some linie before \iH arrived.' . ^Irs. Daniels had lived n loi;i and Has for about five years, l-'or a inne after her arrival in loia she stayed with a brother and wiie. .Mr. ami .\Ir.r William Withers, who livi» on We-: street. She had lost her hr.^i hnsi;and. Mr. Vols, thronsh his death Willi eon- ported !o an(l| .Mrs jiespojldenl limes to fiiimption. and later marriecj a man liv the nanle <ii' Damn r. 'riio cmuHe din not live Jiapiiil.x and .Mis. t.iiiiier secured a divorce, .\bonr oi e alter her ilivorce from Da.iimjr. she u married to Thejidoi.- Dani< ^ No serious Ini -adi is r have orcnrred beiwcen .Mr DjiJiieLs, ilwn.cli. she was and hud llireaiened se \tra 'l kill herself. Mary. .Mrs. D.iniii.s" dannlner. Kijevv thai her mother bad 1 u.M. SOIKC <iaj hoiii- acid and. was I'IMIIII!: III.II i-lii would coinniii ;ii'i<|e li snlit i.lia: je.'^terday. .Mrs. iLmiel.-; loldj.Maiv iliai she w»nihl <!!:il; IMIIMIH an'd j-nd liei life. ..\fi, r ih.r. Ml- ;)ani |i 'ls| ihe'liciil, .^aviii;; ibai she w mled ii i" kill bedbim-. .Mi's. , iMll 'i Is l.;i-.e.- ;liree eliiill 'i"! .Mary \'"ls l'.. Il:n i v »V<.\;-, II .iiu! ^.lesse. Imeil ' Sle- vxa- ai "i(M 1" '\ir- Old. The body was vhiiipei! o .\'i \.el.' Mo., this alleinoo.'i fur Im i' a --Iii'i; service liein:; lie:<l .1! I he l ;i The children IMI ..1 !«•, le, tieichboiand I'lieiid-- itnii! oilni .ii- ranR<'menis ate nunle Mrs. Daniels l< fl no no;. uMnu a reasi )n lor IIIM- action, and i niii'ib- nlod to despondi !ie\ No in»|n» was held, the t'aci lalld tlMnne;|ol d'.lll heiuK'so ovideil!. Must a Will be Probated to Make! Provisions Valid and Operative What to he one of • interestiuK litigations will ever known in this county laried toda.v. Thi.s inornin};".! app.-ared before Probate .JijjdKe his iSSl. the ov<^T a was sse MllliM- Stnitii nsliiiiK him for the will ofl brother F. Miller, who ilied in Vft"-:- searchiiij si -veral hours tlie Alls fonml. It was also discov (hat the will liiid not been prol>;i it had only been proven thai the \ er of the will was dead. :\\\ Sn a<Me irnci of land in •onnly was In this will ;;i\en lo wife of the deceased ilurlnj; her 'Inie and tlien it "Nvas to uo to a yi 'ally, Mary Itichnioml. v.linm IIUVN-sifii'l raised rriuti childhood bni never '-i |iad adopted. Till' point raised in)W is wlie •'-.Is will Is now voiil because it had been probated. In case tha 's V(dd would the .SO acre farm involved j;o to .Mr. .lesse .Miller or to he nian who has lived on it callinit il » Its Iwlll red jted. alibis llhe iife h.'r nifiver il SCIKM TEAnn\(; FORCE OF RIRAL LS OF COINTY AN\or\(EI». ARE ONLY 13 NEW TEACHERS <Or\TY SI PERI\TK.M»ENT ANTIC IPATES VERY SiCCESSFri, YEAR. PIT KANSAS IN FRONT. i'riif. TciiEyck Calls .t|ii-||iitr !<• Plan I'or Nutioimi Corn Sliuw^ lis own hy virtue of adverse poss foil. Althonch legal steps have not 1 taken as yet it will he ni'cessary the conns to decide the ownershii BOARD GUT IT DOWN "3ill for Election Exoenses Ov^r- $100. Reduced ss- 'en for The conimissioni rs cut down M'-v ral items in the bi'l pre.^ented at iliis •^ossion of the board for primary Ction costs. The total of the I lis Tiresr-nteij ;ii ilii.s se.<;sion reac! cl Wh>-n t'e bo.-ird :rot thro --h chopplii-. the bill looked like .STiii; !t I'lie it'-ii's cm liown were for rent or everal roams in which the voting took )dace and the exiienses of sijnie >f the .Setion officials. ADJOURN UNTIL 23RD. HAVE A TAG DAY Board of Directors of Orpha^ns' Home ^as Plan for Enlarging the ! Treasury. Tornorrow a large corps and young women wili be a|i the. interest of the Oridiaijs" I Tow. The .board of directors has (|ecidi-d t<i have a "ta? day"'and sell 'he tags to people of the cornmiiniiy. | The prn- ceed^ will be added to thfr fund :io defray the general e.xponsifs of the home aj»d It is expected thai the pub- The -as- cars liberally. of girls work in lie will respond sistants will he. in the st,reet and ask the iiassengers there to contribute to the day's proceeds. S25,000 FIRE LOSS S|»onlanroii>> iCoiiiltiiHlIoM Ca|i>«'d hi 4'ol«r»d<i S|irliii;M Chnrrli |iit«Tiur Wn>rl.ed. | Fire Colorndo SpiiiiKt;. Colo.. Sikpi .\ liponlaltt<llU^ coniliu-tion ft! ruljH >-c( lire to the I'IIKI de church ItiilhlliiK thu niornlirn tfrlot of ihc edillce wa.s WH (lire Ilie lire eoiilit lie ilieel. InitH In cmiimiicil n'l !:.'.<.iimi Hev. H. Wllcii* lorniet-n Wlh CiM, Ix ihe l-inti.!. U • i >.! oil I'd tbiidlsl Tlie 111 CK.d be .•ll 111! dollar,-III Kali OIL CAN EXPLODEO MIHH I,lii<1i>1r»iii LhliiK >'»'u|r Siiltiiii Futiill) Miirui-il-OIIK iiiliir<'d. Callna, lias.. Sejii. II—Wiiile MIKS BUiel Undstroiii was kindling lir< witli oi! in a cook slove at A^ sarin, lif- teen intleR south of here las night u <san of oil exploded, scatf erl ig burn- .ing oil over her clothing an[d fatally ster and .'lnjtirlng|hej. inotber were temptfng lo rescue h^r. Her brother.^s severely burndd In at They Will Then Pass on the Sme Ca«!e. After <'i';tio-:iii;r of sev'-'ra' mi •natters ibis nfte-nooii. t)ie comiii •• will adioiirn until ibe I'llrd '•i'* tlnu- tie matter of the anpl '•II oi' tb'- ('.").-l."rilI smelter :ii < T'itv to be s>'t outside t!i<' cil^' lin v.ill l.f p ;issi 'd .iiiioli. Tb^' <iiH'lter 1 li!:ililiei| lo .;isk tb;it a lieariirr of case be colli iiiiit'd bill •if Ilie iniiiiitoti of till iolirn for- sf\. lal liavs r>'i|ii<?f All Ihc Run- .Schools Will R<- in Scs. xloii li> \i'\l .MOIIIIH.V -Mini) Opcncil ThN I.air lior ilss- iA. ••>:is Ms ad If •1 iiX^i' I CI da V iiiion li-:ir;i|>i'" lioaid lo « il lilnbl i .l- TRAINS COLLIDED Wreck on Nfw York Elev.itetl Caufied One Death and Many Injuries. \ew York Sei!t II i:.-.>i-i;.' li; 'iior. a iiioiiirmaii. ',il!.'.I. .jiid •'lo.i! I \\ e't! V e imssellUe! jninTeil 11 •! r. ar iie'- collision of two ele^j.'lt- •'1 'i.tiiis on Mvrile a Venn.'. HriioKi |i n. 'o,!;.v \\\ !,be aid nl ladders Ibe flr.'- •ii-ii can i.'it; inaiiv passi'ii '.;i -i s to jibe ^11-. I I MORE WHITLOW WITNESSES Several ACd<»d to Li't to Testifylj in P«^riurv Case. The s'ate Ibis inernin:: asked 1 •n fit.' an nuiendeu i'<'tition in Wf iilow perinrv easel bv siihstitnlj|nff •he iiP'oo of Carl Pete'son insteai loliii !5 :i'ii|i. nnd a'sn inlorsinc seih.-r- •il ad liiional iinnies on the infortjia- 'ioii a^ wifnesses. It; sei 'nis tlinj •iii.sT.'ikr was maile wliereby it miifht br' infeft'd that John Sanp flve he was fdie oiiDty attorney and not .Mr. Peterfi^n. The case is to be be»td Septeml A ino.'ioi! lo oiinsh filed bv liofendant wa< taken nnil<-r adv melii li\ the court. 'cr hV AERO SYSTEM HEKE lolii Men Will Install .Modern \U \m I'or IloHsc CIcaninir. \'. company lif lola men. hcailed Tii ;i'iie Kiin-^ion. • wi:i slmrilv ins :he '.Xero" s\-tem and is the null inodeiii lor the kind oi work. The •.^l-io" Vacnuiii ontlll reinii\| Inst dill, sand, ^lii, lini. moths, nn vermin, c.c. from carpets, ri Iphid.^h ry, ilr.ipi-i Ic.-^. ttaii>». ceiliii woiidwiirk, i-ii- bv a s'.roim siiciion, eiirr.xiiiu il Nwiiilx and sl|eiiil.\ aw i.\ 'hninell .lalU ile>!'.-.ned cleanljiiJ •onls, bose .Hid pipir. into ail til •|llll(^ - 'I'lie cleiuilnc oilllll ix liioimlil fi^ I llOIlM' III llll« 'llllll' lllllt hlllls llv' M 'lllelii-e Id llle bollKCW Ife The ielli;l]jli 1^ ^<|||U|| lllllt <i line of -null! liiJM- I iliiiiimli 111!' iioiii III windi>v\ <>l a |ool|i- I'm r 'iNllll.' I'll |iel» illii<l ruin, Ilie cirpel elralljlIU tool |H lllllichi 'll )o Il ml III liie h ^ire, I) Mlive In npri i >i| ill IliP handle. Ibe nil N nilckrd ihionLli Ilie clelllllniSlool III) llic rule iir>Kiv to nevelll N-cubic feet jier lilllinle. My pi UH lii>: III" loiil rapidly (iver the ciii|i<l or iiiK. ilic ilnst !.« Mulckly niid thijlr- • IIIKII1>| drawn away Ihroitxh tlii li< to the tanks hi the wagon ^vliinUn lalsiii;^ a panicle of it inio ihoalr. iUs .Mrs. I-:. I> Allslolt. of Cus Cit.v, w lo has lieen al» the liedsldo of herl fa h er who has been very 111 in Topeica ; ir pime time, this morning sent a in s- Bage to her husband that ber fatl ?r jwas sinking fast, and was expclci !d to live but a shorti while longer. Mr. Allsfott went to Topeka this aft|r i MIS. .MJIIIIIO Fiinslon. county super- intetidenl, mda.v iiiiiuumced the complete list of teachi'is for the rural schools of .-Mien .county. .Mrs. Fiins- ton is well pleased with Ihij insli'nct- (MS and aniicipales a very successful yejir. There me only i:! of Ji total of almost mo who are now teachers in the count.V. Kv(fv rural school in .Xllen county wili be open lii'xt .Monday. .\ great many opened last Monday. Tin- following is the list of t.^ach- ers: •. - Cenev.-i .Vo. I Klleu .Sniitli. Ceneva—.M<'rtie Hillbee. Carlyle—Daisy Hrainard. Di 'er Creek—Ciirrie Flook. Wise—f)ra Smith. N. .Maple Crove—.-\nna K<-tlieringi!| <'arpenter—Ile.ssie Lamb. Ilorvilli'—Nellie Owin,2s. Uock Cieek—llattie etile. I'nion—Uiiiiy Christy. ' , Xeosho Valley—Knie irollsdain Star Valley—Xellie Drollinger. .McCarley—il-:inia Snyder. .\llen Center—I.ola Keilly. Kast I'nion—Klsie Lyon, fiakiand Marunerite Skidmore. Celltnil ,\veniie—Ivy Hayless. Onion Creek—'Mae .McWilliams. DWitt —.Minnie Ruder. Prairie Center—Olive Pornher.'-h. O-aai- Valley lllanche fliHenwiiier. itid l-:isiiinri'—Theion M. Cox. Waiinesbnrg—Segrid K. Moren. ( iinpv - -.losephine Freeman. ('Ill l -:iMiiore --FIorence IJrighily. C.-iit.-i- (irove-—rVicia (Jennell. ?liriii'.; Valley—KImina Smith. \\ ilwiiod—.Mar.. K. Holmes. . I-Iiitif pi isi—Villi' Feilieringlll. .••lalem— Mina Cain, .led .lo l .iicy naptist. S .Vajde <;rove-.\dilie Siith.'riaiitl I Ileij.lale— Josephine <!ollon. rrairie D .fll -^D.-lla Keiicis. ly.-^ci i :t Valley- l-:tliel Wix*on W 'allili; drove Mab |e llolniei^ I'taiiiond--Coia lloberVs. Kocklow - Alta Aid. V. iii.ui.-- Ml. I 'l -asaiit- l.ina llnnl.'r. iM.rlim: .m Odeii.s.--T:v;« Lang. iela>-lt\ .uid I'lairle \'i>'\\ Ora Card I'leusani Valley—Mrs. Mrynn. I'elridia - l.i.l/e Coiidiiight, Iva Cat.! Niid Klizabelh Wheeler. I.ilie-tv -Idella Uaniuan. K .Maple «;i>»ve—Ktutna .lohnson l.ii iirancc- lle |,-n Smith. Cheirv Crove-.lohn W. Mark <r. Prairie Mali- .lohn IJ. Means. Stony Point—Kuiina Tennis. Cditace -C.rovi'—Ina Maxwell. Pethel—Cli.n.=. Thomas. Fair Lawn —Frnna Coiighlin. Bessie Hoeming. » Prairie Cnion—Myrtle Carpenter. Montevale—.\nna L. Oeijhane. Olive riraneh--Creorgia Broinihton. floM'-n Valley—JIarv McHinUfy. Pb-asaiit Prairie—Lillian I'erkiiis l-^iii view—Pearl Harner. LaCrande- Jeanne Varner. Ci -nter VtilU-y — C ,eo. K. lloach. Relfry—.Meribeil, Ater, .''ky Rocket — Liidwi-. Ijirson. Prairie Rose—R. H. Collev. Indepi-ndi'iice—Coldie Mecnin. .Klsnioie—^Ir. Frein-ii. Chas. Hra b-n. I.nia Marks. Piirdetla Wood. Spring liraiicli—Mamie Snodgrass. Kast Liberty—Jessie .lelTries. Olive nrnden. Fairview—J. .\L Lindsey. .Moiine—John V. Powell. Silver Leaf—Marry Dennis. Itisjing' Star—Minnie Talley. Waiverly—Maude Talley. fliaint—Sadie Lawry. I.etinna lliiby (Jallagher. .Moran—J W. Brown. Hatlie Maii- pii). .\dah Wright. Cenie <:ray. Ktli.-I .M^Arthttr. .Vellie Caldwell. f'avonbnru--("has Wright. Carrie l.oiig. Carrie isample, Chester Huff .Manhattan. Seiii, |j—Prof. A. .M TenK.\ck of the .\gricultural college has sent out to corn-breeders, coiii- mercial clubs, millers and srain dealers the followin.g letier: ••»;« 111 lemen; The members of (he Kansas <-nrnmission of tlie Xaiional Corn exposition to be held at Omaha .\'eb.. Di 'Cember ln-lti. appoinied by (iovernor H'och. will meet during ihc llnlchiusoii lair, on Thursday. S 'ep- leniber 17, at p. m.. ai the .\grl- ;'illlural I'ollege e\liibitlon boolli In jilie crop exposition building. -1. C Miiiineli'. reiitesenliii:; the .Nalionul Corn expiisiiion. «iil be present and more fully explain ilie plans :ind pur poses of the exposiiion. Yon are in viied to atleiid and bring others with Mill wliiCare iiitei.sied In this great iialional e .vposiiioii. Oiln-i >ii!ie> a'n making ureal preii.iiin ion r . this i|\- posiiioii. Let lis .-^ee iliai KaiiMi.-: takes a ft mil seal." DISEASE IS FATAL "S\V\MP FKVKR" nVFFLKS Till: VKTKRINVRIKS I\ K\NS\S. IN-porlol \ Report 0 >'lic!als. ill Moran lo Stale: Vcs. \ l-:vei- have Vwaiiip" I 'l -Vei" No. Tli; !'s ii -.;ti'. Doti 'i it. It's a lii '.iiid :ii -\v di-'-.isi- peiiiliai lo borses. .Hid ilsiiallv liila-. ••.Swamp fevi -i" has bei-ii ta^;iii--; ;in;o:!:4 tie' lior.->'s of .\l- ii -n ciiiiniy tor ihe past week> and it is becomiiii; pn-vab-nt iliioimh- oiii till* state. The disease is ni .'i contagions, the vcierin .iiie? -::y. tiioiiiiii a iiiiniber of anim .-ii- MM-.H to become f ^fficled at the same liiie-. Tlie ia :i -st ipid<-nii<- of swamp lever in .\llea county came to iln- aiteniion of Dr. !•• S. I'.'e-.nti.- and Sheriff- C i). l-ltolliif-e, vi-.-ii -i -ila\ SherilT Ho liii'.;i 'r wis aiivi ed ih.:' a di- lM-.i>:\'il III it- "laiiM-! •. was anion-- lite i.< id of lior^fs lie- l.-auiii-,' to .\. \Ve .-,-i. :• iai ?ii --r livitis .^.ii.lii i .f \!o ;,iii !:i (nit:pali.V Willi Dr. iie.iiiii-. le- diix.' to .\Ioiau ;o invc-~ti- ;;a.e .\li<-:- an e\aiilin,'ilinti i-i.-il aniinai I'l. I'.e-i.i till- di.-e i->- •-vamp f'-v.-r.". il V lioi ;.-.iioiis tiiid ipiai .inline w.i- mi -i ;-ar.'.. 'We i-all liv lien di-j-a- (i -vii • for file u.-iiii of ;i III I Il i»- lii-»v di.-.-a-f .itui oa.- i ill' ii-tilii'iii fl lie iiijpili an al- P<oiioiiii.'i-d li.l that iliai no •-waiiip r name - belk-w wtfTei. .ill llV* Ml.- i-a diaiino*- tli. Til 11 a ll 'I lie di l-l-f i .iii!fi .-t- it.-e!l ri iiipiiiiiil. i,f ll iie»j a lii'.^li fi -\i -i, ilii- aiii iia' In -i- l!i-h r.ipnlK and n-iialv -ind-: iiiiiil ill i.ii> I't- i 11 iiir, !• ban Ii'III. i ;.!oiii ;b .-ibtiia' Ho lin:;el. \ lia» 1. ell- a i.-;.-i' I.l till- e."»- ii--i.'itbn to ibe >i.|i.- M ••• iaii en I i \peil In ai hi.-.I I) .-oi .ii Inie-. •,!;(.-11 III liaili! .Ml Ibe ! : .-i s>tnp- lom. liie disea-e i.-; ai'ini.s! alwa.v- I'al- al Tlw baffling diM-ii-.^. i I- now ra'.:iiig liiroiiphoui >oiii;i..i- Kan-^.is and in Nebraska"MARCONI IS BUSY all- ill elf.iri 1 IN .101 THE MOONLIGHT TO VOTE ON N R.WI.K AND MI.S.S Ki»NA MOOMKY IIAVK NOVKl. MARRIAJiK. ST0OD UP IN THE BUGGY BARNES LAW TO BE SUBMITTED IN BOURBON COUNTY. ! Wlllll.i: Ri:v. J. M. MVSON PRtl- NOlCNCFO Til KM MAN \NI» WIFE. l.efl Todaj Ojcr Saiila Fc for Law- ijcncc Where (•room lliis (.ood Position in llrnir Store. ".Nre you K-v .1 M .Mason." ; dressed yoiniK man last in o'clock !is lie steppcil aid a night from hallows in front of ihe pastor who Lestahllshing the le^jility of the law- i-losing the .M. K. church door be- liini after holding' a niecting [IS sir. I ani. What can I do for marry me. ' .-tr.-iighi for­ ma n. .Vow in front of well 11 hoi the ; was hind ther •. "V you "Well I want yi.n lo .-aid the yoiitm man iii a w;ir<i matter-of-fact way. ••.A 1 right. I am your wheie is She'.'" "Why. She is down her. the larsonage waiting for ns." c-on- iiimd the prospectivi> grooni." Thi •• nin.;h for preliiuinaries. The two iiK'H .Sft .inii at once for the parson- iKi-.. the conversation toiK -liing upon the lisiory of the gtooin. his ainnl- lions and hopes. Wh.-n the.- arrivi-d ll ll e parsona .ue the luinisrer saw :i Iniguv drawn up in fronl of ibe bouse In II e vehicle was a preti> girl wbil.- a yoiilig couple stood near ii. "Willi you come in"."' a.sked the min- when he reached ihe xv .-iik iead- > the hoiis^. we want lo be married cnii said ihe grooni. light, thai suits me." replied lastor cahnly. aMh «iii :;h soniewhai i.sed. The groom handed him icense., The mini-'-:' lotiked it !ind remarked nnio himself "O Hinges on Supreme Court Decision.}— If Legally Passed. No Vote to be T.-iken. JCIM.-E W. ir ..TH0»PSOX DECIDES i I : AliAIX.ST SPECtiL.iTOKS. ABOLISH MUCH LITIGATION Til"' Ftr .Scott Repnidicnn says: .At a nieeiing of the board of coiiii commissi(mer.-< ye.sK-rday il wan ibr cided lo again, sutunii the. Iiariies high SCh(M>l hill to Ihe volets fif the coillll ty at the regular election to he lu'Id in November. This action was brought tibont by the possibility of the law as now in force her.-, b.-lm: declared il li-::al on nccoiinl of not having hei-n properly pa.sse.l. if ,-i decision shoiinl be received from the suiirenic court before the election, no made to get a vol.' rm if they should hold that al as "jireviotisly passed. ffori will be fill' law. and it is not leg- tire ipiesiion St I ing her* •A lb*, r siirp Ihe over " «; '»\iill or .ion stand up in ih- carriage n main sealed?"' he initiiin-d \\ >• will stand lip. ' came iln- !a- conb answer <-liarai i.-ri^:ie of liie yonn ; man. Th'y stood np—the'e two >oiing p.'iipe -there in Ihe nii ::i :ilii;lii. the uroorii :ind his .::entW ii;aii iri.-nd with iincciUeretl head-, whi.- i li lioun.< •ed I belli pa.-i.;r pro- i w it- Tini\<- awa.\. Hull -.^11 tail each iir^lii lo the Wireless Inventor Will Perfect Ser vice Between Stations Atlantic. BOTH IN CHICAGO Tflft Will be Ihe WAtarway* Con- .ventloh On October 7 unit Mr. Bryan Thcr* October Ninth. ' c.liieiiinati, i». Sepi n -IVndliiK Ihe arriiiiHeinetii b.\ ihe Uepuhlleaii imilonal coiniiilitei. of iho ijelnllH of Jiid^e Tiifi'H liiiendeil trip throiKkli the "Country. tlii.i plnnn for the Cliicjn- iiHtt cnnipiilun w liehiK lield in nhey- ance lint two nppointihnniH for del- Vgntiotm to VIKII the candidatt^ here have been made. Sep(onilM«r d" nnd -2. The one thing settled lilKiiit the traveling campaign Is the mndldnte will be In ChicuKo Octol)er 7, Ahcre he will address the l..akn.s-totlii'-<lnlf Deep Water Asiiioeintlon at the Audi- torhim. Mr. Ui^yan has accei>ted an invitation to address ihe n.<;sociation on October a. WANTED—Cl«au i-otton rags at tbia office. .New Vi .rk. I".—Cl.-glilmo -Marconi, the \\ire|i--s inventor, was a pas- si-iiuer on tie.- Ciiaar.l liin-r Caronia. «!iicii tirrivi-d here loday froin Liverpool. Of lb.' obj.-.-l of ills visit her.' !.e s.-ii.l: I •'One thin;; we want to do is to complete ;|iii| I,. ;•{.•(-! ill., service- b.'twceu C.inada :ini| the o'her side. We want to ci-t a big station nearer' to New Vofk. What we in»<-i;d to do is to |»er- <•-i-t; the siation at Ctipe Coil for the • ceiviuK of tratis-.Xtlantic- niessng.'S •here.'" Man-oni savs ilie'Ca;i.- Cod won; wi'l I..- ciimplet. .1 b,\ Christmas Then his aii.-ntion will b.- giv- ••n III \\lre|.^.; work on the Pacific >iili' of ib<- colliIt'i-iit. 'Dur iiii.-niion i to'••stablish a sia lion 111 Sun Frata'isco lo opeiale li. Hawaii." I 1- .,!!,! •and from lb.-|.- w.- will op.-ra ;i' to Vi «la " ELECT THE OFFICERS Tnciillelh luinsuo CliosC llfiiiN nl lop*kH Vi'slerdii) KMMSIOII l.rfl \ri »liTilH). Ti pekn. Kis Se|.i 111. Ibe Tweii- ileili Kiitifas K'.ulm.-ut. In «tnuip in Topi ka ,vi.>ierdax In ninth aiinnal re nnio 1. held a l•ll^il|es^ mciitiig nnd seleiled iie« i.lllii-f. Colonel K. C Llllll' was chosen piewid.'iit. (Jeoriic .Swajl/, secreiaiy. and .1 L Puduell. Ireasiirei. Saliiiu was i.-ieclcd JIS the next cily for the holding: of the leiiiiion. hni Ihe dale was not named. (ieneral Funsion returned lo I.#av- enworfh j-esterda.v. The sham battle was siven at the flair grounds j'^ster- day afternoon before a big crowd. For (inick KfUto-B«i|litcr Vtatt. man a* 11 iliony over i.'ie-. d: Idiislling bud.- and |ii'.i. Meiidiii- a kind '..1111 .i .-i.ii Th<-}.-.ioiiui tta-.lollII ^\ lta >i.' form r!.v ol i;a- l .iii now 01 l.a»ri-net- wlllle lb - ln.iii.- W .I. >I:-> Kitaa .Mo'i- in > . i.!i. of »;a -i i":i.' • pop'ibir \oiin.g udi-- T'lis all- nil. I 11 ili. \ nmk tbc Uiit ;h l.iaind Simla l-"e passenger lo '..•iW (en.-e tth.-re ,\|r l;a\le hii.- ;i food |ii -ill ;'ui in Dr. .McColloeb'- iL ut; -tot.- The b.- I -is!.- Uii:;. .Ml ill tl v\ hi 1 Mi^ .1.1 in»^ i-\ en Ke :k-oi. :ii--li p.-i ;i ^w.i \ouim peop!.- w fill \\ ittii'>>..'d -iitiion.v w.-ie Mi-- l-.Mi.-l .Miioin.-> of the bridt. a'l.l Mr i :vrt.-i Kp lioib of Cii.x. Kayl.' was I'lrni'-i-.v .-niplovi-d .\l <-Colioi-h- drii-.; suin- in Cas. !• b.' lieiMUR' il.-iiliied with .\liioiney. ilieii. f; i.'n.i-'iiip ciiiuil!!- iu Ihe mooniy;.:lii r.iari i .e;.- .ii>i uii. \ . .\lason. who \^\>K\\JH\ the young . said today that\ the scene last was a new one -tn his long ex- ne.- in performing I'-.-remonies, of whether or not il should be made to apiily in this county woiibl also be settled. The last session of tie- legislature passeil an amendin .'.'ii to the law. saying that in all counties where it is not effective, the bill intisf lie voted on again this fiill. and that where it receives a majority of the votes of li.os.e voting on th.- p "0|rfisition. if is l <"4ally pass.'d. Tiiis. am.'iidinent nnide obligatory on IIK- part of the coinn'issioners to i>la.-e it on ih.> ballot vvli.-r." the |;iw is 1101 now in eff.'ct. Tin- question wtis (-onsider..-d bv th.-ni y.-slerday .as lo whether by piii- tiii -4 it m\ the ballot to .-'.gain be vot- • •d oil would iiot IK' i -ipiivab-nt to de- larie.' il ill.-gal. and tliey decided that it would not. The board was iinaniinous in its vote to put it to a vote asain. two of them wanting to be sure t"e law is again ))asseil in case th.' old one should be declared illegal, the third w:infing it par to a vo:«- in order that it may be defeat- I. County .-\tlorii.'y Caldwell advi.s- ed that in case it is atrain put to a vote and failed to pass, it woiild have no <-ff.'et on tin- 'aw as it is ninv in provid''d .lii -iu'- Koiist of .M!.-n <-oniitv r .-vi 'r.srd tie- siipr.-nie , onrt ami th.' law decIavM leirni a'; Opinions iliffer ur.-at^ly as legality of the pr.-sent law. niaiiy coi:- lendii.L'' that it is l.'gat wbil.- oth.-rs sav t!at it is not. .In.lg.- Foii>t b.-ld iliai ill.- law wa.-^i-l.-.;al. wbil.- A'loi- ii .-y C-iii ral .lai-K>on has nib.I that it was properlv l>as^•.!.l if ii i.-i -.-iv.-d a nia.iorlty ot llios.- votin, on the law The iiu.'siion is op.- .'if :L -r .ai innMirl aiie.- ill Kalistis. a-; 1-.v.-nty liv.- coiia- ii--.s ar.' .-H.-eliil ill the -aipo manner. .>f tie- forlv-tw.) \x !i .-r.- ili.- law is now ill .ft.,I. Til.- iii'po-Ian.-.- o' iJi.- law will cause lb.- s>i |ir.|ii'- i -.iiir! ;.> Jea" it al i'-- lirsl i >pp.i :i 'iiiit\. an.I a d>- eision is .'\pect .-i| fi'oiii iheiii • aih in \o\.-niber. OFf iSKLV WTI.I. PREVENT MAJnP SriTS OVF J K KASfS .U LAXDS. ' Test Case Inrolres .Mortfage ^ Glreo in isH.s-Fornit'r lola Man on Ilfnrli. .Tndge William H,; Thompson, otttte. Thirty-second Judicial district today decidetl that mortgage specutetOWl', cannot buy up old and forgotten; mort*' gages given twenty years ae» in tiie boom days and force new settlecs who hold titles under, sheriff {sales,' etc.. to p.xy these mortgftiges or get off the land. More than half the-litigation in Western Kansas coiiatlea is over these mortgages.. The title; of the case is Vanhill and Hnffiaiaii v.<!. Frank Ces.sna et al. The original mortgagfi was given in. eighteen ei2ht.v-eight and bore twelve per cent interest. . i . -7 The .liidgo AVIllIam Thompson referred to formerly lived In lola. but Is now .1 resident of Garden City. AIRSHIP IN WAR. Aeroplane Flights Made by Wrights Suggest Plan to Department Officials. Washington. SepL 11.—^The two? aeroplane flights made by ' Orvillo Wright at Fort :Myer yesterday, wliJcH broke all records for distance^ and time have aroused tljie officers of the navy to action. Secretary Sfetcalf was one of the most enthnsiasUci spectators present and assistant secretary- of the ^Hvy Xewbeirry has-been following the Fort Myer tests dbsely. Lieutenant Oeorge Sweet of the bn- reati of eqiiinment has been detailed to observe th* _the Na-.y. S| passed, jaske,! if (ho „ to thej .-keroplnne In " jipplicalion of b:'anch of the CthlMITTKK .MKKTS TONHMIT. loisis III Arrange for the Kuti'riain- incnt of Kansas Cityans. ^ A III.'.'ting of a coniiniite.' of th"' lola .\iii.i club is to b.- b.'ld toni',4ht in lb - ollice of \)r. I' S Mitchell, el.air man jof the .-omn:i:i..'. I ne object iof the ijieetlnc is lo prepai.' lor tciiainnieni of the 1 motorists Kaiisji-' City Star eiidniance tcoi. \ Thi- motori'^ts abon: the 1)11- iii Ihe run c<in- .•,00 l-of hemj will be here, it is schtnliiied.:on :he cKeuitm of September I!', remaining t\\-v night aiid'iesiinunc ihe run io K;insas Cily i;ii the nex: morning. Thf ciiinmlit.e i> ci-mixised nl ... Travi-. I'oii-br. N'-wton and MiKii.-r • y' SIFIfOI ATKH IN \unl POT CIO PVTCII. Fire >iun Tiii 's to K\tini.Miish and Is OM-rmmr hrijfiwiiml. tikia . S.-pi 11 -Sfhis .Sioini •>;.' \i-ais old. was •.•\(-i(-iime |i> 'icil iiiid smoke Itom u (lie in a pit- lilio li.ili-ll lllllt died befoi t- |||. roilld make an oiiicix tor h .dp . lie Kliirli'd '0 lli^' ll.'ld I'll tei-,d rill ihe lioMX He pasx-iil o\ I r tl loiiiin piileb llwil hnd ^le.'li uiuli'heil. lllllt II 1.1 -nptiu .i 'tt dli'p pelt ifonie xpilllis llolil III-' pipe In ii.iinil: lo evtlnuiilsh ihc MH' ip. win. iivi*lciiini- and fell In the lire rteiwiii. horii In Inilluiia In IS'.*:. lie waM inakliiK IIIH hniiie «lih "*' liai!kl"\ itne fun. !i \init in William KaHicrn Kani- Ii.j. siirvlveit hlin. RAIN CAN SAVE LAND. RepoUt Say That This it Only Saiva- tibn for Property in Canada— I Swept by Fire. Foi't Williamson. Ont.. Sept. IL— Repohs from White Fish Valley and Ihe region about Silver mountain are conta ning nothing bnt the most dis- oonraiing news regarding the forest flres. Jotani McNee, a provincial land {iispe:tor' states that nothing )>jit la ijlrenching fain can;save the settle- meQtf from) total deftmcfion. ON THE WEST COAST Vllantif Pultlcship Fleet lias Itearbed Al.liaiiv. Austr.ilia —l.3(NI .Mi|c-s / From .MellMMirnr. .\lb .-iiiy. West .Vns.ralia. Friday. Sept. II—.\rter a I .:;uii -ini!? voy .i -c from .MellMiiirne the .-•\nieri <-ai! battb- ships dropjH-d anclic.r ai 7 OI-IIK-I-; this iiiorning off King"s I'.iinl. at the entrance to I'riiicess Itoyal hai 'bor. in King Oeorge's sound. .Creat crowd? witnessed the <'oniing iif the lleei. the siyhling of which tr .iiii ilrt-aksea island was repoitcii i-i-y .-ra: lioiiis before. Fine w «ather exp .-'-ieni-i d during the flip from .Mi-llMiiirne from which ii .iil the Meet sailed on Salnr- day nii.rnlng. The ships encoun:er <Kl smooth .-eas and fair winds and the time of the men w:.-s ?argely taken-up iir routine diills and exercises. .\s answer to a witeless niessa".;e at welcome. si-!ii to ih.- fleer bv J. .Moor.'. Ihc premier of West .\i :.-!ra- lia. ICear .Admiral S'lerri di,-p.u.'lied the foliowinu by wirele.-s from the Connect lent: "Premier of We-t Aiislralia: t)n b.luilf of till- otllceis and nn-n-of the I 'nii.'d Stales il .-i -i I thank .^on and the people of Western .Xiistntlla for Hour i .-i'dlal •jreeiinys SI'KltlCY "' SONDAY WAS ANGRY Pnltllciitlon of Ills Siriiiohs Pn^enlrd Ilie Ftnnuell»l SniushtHi Ihe I'orMis. ChlcaBfi, .*«e |ii II c\|priifi'iitilonHl bit e \\u\\ an icvanuellst. llllly" Sntnlav, ball phiyer bin relented the piih- ititoi'i of a book of hlH nernii Ishing Ooinpany of ilainiu tn!« liy II Hid. Ind byldaKhiiiK liii" the Htereot.vpliiK reKun of the piibllKhIng hoiiw uiid difstroy-- Ing the plaies with a big mallet. M the conclusion of hi.-< perf«»rmance he liriike dowii and wept. Sunday wa.-* incensed because copies of the luMik had been ivnblished wiih- luit his pernilsiflon. It had been his in tention to gather his sermons and have them published himself. THE WE.iTlIER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair • tonight and Saturday it o^t tuiarh change Ii teapenitare. Fort Jfyer tests for cretary Metcalf was [ivy intended to bny an the haginning of i the aeroiiatitles to' that, service. i 3 li TAMMANY TO MOVE Loral ion of liii* Hall no Lonxw JhiN' llrlenlly Centml-^M'III Bo CkiniCWl ' 1» Fii'ty-nlnth aiml Broadmy. . N.-w York. Sept.! 11—In Iho nw fniiiie. nccordiug to present ' plMia. Tainmany hall will move up tOWIt— 10 the tieighliorhnod of t?nlumbu8 C|r^ e!.' al Fifty-ninth Hireet and Broad* wa> lb.' churacier of the neighborhood ironnd the old headquarters is ctaanc^ i:i^ and the members complain that Iw lotation is not centriil enough and that •I is not sufliciently modern^ Daniel < I". c<K-halan.4 the n^w grand sachem, has received u number of olfers foir the property, which is la a-good locatlOK for business , purposes. With. Tam-; many gone from Foiirteenth ^reet; the not far disiafit Bowiery will 'feel ivery ' lonely. Possible "a inew: Bowery | will" deveiope in ithe up-town district.1 STAYATUWEREKCE '^1 itiifialo BilPx Big Show 1?ni-8»«i4 Winter jat Donglas i Conn^ • TtfwB. • . ' ' • Uiwrence. Sept. 11.—Mr: John: Tough, of Wi S. Tough's Sons, owners, of Pismarck igrove. who h^ icharga-oC! the feeding i >f cattle in tne fra3iaIti|lor. the I'nion Pacific at this piaoe. Jtiinc-"'.-.v.|| fion Ciiy and Ellis, retiicned ye^Cei- day from Grand Island. Xefar. Setriaral days a'gt> he left here,for Oniaha^ and fnim the day ot'hia arrirali until his departure from iQnu(4' land on .Monday. h» has ring with Col. AVllUam ItitU caiirerntng winter at (wttr% Mr Tough offered jhimlh* uafr.'ot. lilsmarrk grove., wil(h &\ ItM. adVlSt*. uKeii.- l>ealde» nBreviii]( to ,bu||M ftU "tkc V irrtcit* iiecfiiwiry lolttlia Mr» OCfMll cars. Col. Cwly a<^pta^.Ilti^.;Toa|)t'«. ofler, hut Imfnr^ U ()»tr iMlipt^t'«jM«-- live Ihe ngrt>i>mvnt liitiit |MV« Ul%«9li i«<ni of miitfril Kto«l(M(ltrJ»« -H«flltO«A fiirc the nhnw hMH wlAtvrtd'la Mftdiiqa v Himtre (lii|'d«UM. N»w <YorH Olty, lUHh If uirntmeiunniA hav* not ;alrmi^ ' I n perfceird by th« Mlt («rit pMpl»r to wrntei' iti ihlit pliido Jber« ti; so inrMlon hut that ih»y wlU -WIBI^ . here, Oil. (iody carrtM 100'm«o. [b^. Nideii 2Q0 haad of hor««» ilid ifcir*f. quircA over too cam t<>.tmusport thtir nhow frimi place to pllkCft.L > NO MORE CASKS. Kimbrell Haa: lnforn|ad QraM iury That ProajMirttoii laJBndad. [ Ivansas. City. Sopij "lli^Prdaecntor Isaac Kimbr^i Int«inned tli» crkod..,^ Jury today thit:, neither liie 9oii^^^^ depnties wJU iHroii^ea^; any more day cases. Tli^ " by Jtidge crnsade ai dgat or lace^ls tUs

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