The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 17, 1947
Page 5
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HACK JBLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, .JUNE 17, Store Moves Deal's' Paint 'Store, operated by Jimmy Deal and Kemp Whlsenlnint, has moyeij to a new location nt 109 East Maiii. The store was formerly located at 104 South First. ' A wedding isn't "official" nmoiii! the Bmhmaiis o! Imliix until perfumed rice lias W'en thrown on the bride and groom. The "Comforts oi Home" stunning bathroom • is ;i comfort :tii(l convoimmcc A as well. Rather tlian S'ou a moderate-cost plach up I he old, ICT. us comploU'ly bathroom plan tin meet your needs. "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 The Trend is to Blend... « Mr Blniti r«*oa» r ... Wj—^ Soufh's Lumber Supply Growing Drastic Increases Moy Become No. 1 Economic Problem as Prices Fall By iimtm:nT ciirsjuiti; nllra I'n'ss Stuff (.'Hrri'siHiiiilo ATLANTA, (ill., June 17 (Ul'> Avullnlilc .supplies of lumber i»'u I'npidly liicri'ii.sinj; In lliu .South. ru»l industry sources |»eili<:tcil toiliiy Hint the UiiiiU'i' business nuir turn hilo n numlii'r one economic iii'o li'm iinU».s t!<iwmim>nt <jnulrol:i u removed. The u. K. nepai'lincnl of Agriculture snkl SonllKTii mills tinil UHIIIMT rancenU'ntlim yards had 2l(i,4a'.!,(IW) more bcanl fui;t "1 lumber at thi end of March lluin on Jaminry 31. The bottom dropped out "f tin low ttr:«U> Uimliiir market hi (i(">r- gin suvural weeks HBO, find d-teeir of mills closed lemiiornvlly ;n 'In face of a price ilt'op from $!HJ it $5U n Uiousaiid reel. lietnll prices in Columbia, f>. C have dropped front $lbO a Iliuu .sand met six months nfio to iii-onix $<JS, and one lecidhii; dealer then said "Ihc prici-.s are so low, den lei- arc not .selling aoy more than l iiey have to It costs more to brl * Uiu lumber nut of tlic woods than yon can ^et for it." Reports troin Illi'mliitfliiiin, Ala.. were thai lumber buyers aren't lak- ini; just anylhint; they can find in the yards now Common grades are do.Mi about 31) per cent Ironl pro- vioiiK levels, a United I'rt'.ss survey showed. "The people are bcylniilii<i lo exercise their privilege of demai>>.n,; just what they ordered instead of taking what they can yet," a spokesman sale.. Honshu; const] lie! ion til Hlnmns- ham dropped oif a month ago and there were no predictions that H would , return to previous levels nn- lil — as one spokesman pul it — "the theorists In Washington let supply and demand take care of itself." The price of building supplies In North Carolina Is (town from 110 to 40 per cent below the cost oj a tow months ago anil a number of lumber companies are reported Inundating current supplies without buying more standing timber. Sumo. North Carolina dealers sail! I hey feared that unless goveriinn'Mt, restrictions on tlie industry arc ?used. "the bottom will drop out «f tills business." They said there IMS been a sharp drop in demand and that an overall decrease of 1!> - ier cent ill building costs is anticipated THE HOME OF THE MONTH directed toward them also are used. Many' Hungarian peasants live U>|on diets cimsisling mainly of sour with success, I he more than a hundred years °^' I milk. The -kltihen i s the source of a Brent der.l of unnecessary heat. Ovens of most modern cook staves art \vell insulated with mineral wool so they do not heat up Hie, kitchen, but there is no way to control the heat generated by top- of-the-stcve cooking. Hence, iut weather meals should lie plannsJ wild minimum preparation on top ol the stove. Door;; ]e:ulint: 'mm the kitchen lo living, cpiarter- should he ke])t clo:;- when the :;tove is being ns£'l :iiul r\'.-tric liulit.s used sparini-lv. Read Conrii'i' News Waul Ads. FOR R8AL -" L Jiq [_ ^lij" by Die (Uuil |>nr|Mn; fnrni ft-nti; of upon. H u-a:-i (IcsiKi CA1, UUlLDKfl Mrs. Anno al»nut, -nonm v.-ill juir- to wluni culled iicd fur PUACTI- , CfuciiKO fi, til., l»y bards I'askin, Lo\v*'11, M;IHS M niul in it ;;lu' li:is inn>r- imnilc'd tin: tiling's lluil innliL* a woni'mi's ilvoain lu>nso. I lor kilcliofi is us nioilpni :IH a. pliip'i'i [jnllc'V — si j'oamlhu'tl coin- jiU-lcly. It leads into the fnmily louiiK*: v.'hii, 1 ]) is made for dining itiformally, and lalor us<id for card ^atnpK, ptuilyinj^, etc. "I w;int a roaring liro in llu> sUmr (irtiphurc in whiLor, ;ind buili-in tabiuuts for \villi \.\\ . .. more _ . ... omn v.-illi jilaniuiir. It \vitl liroplai'e huilt hack lo bac'k •>. ono in I IK; loun^ rc-om. H slxjiilil a l^o nave a picture win- <ln\v and ho ll L' J .shupci!, \vilh ilu; (lining end Fi'p;'.ratcd !»y cither :i carlai:>, slkUiM 1 , door, built iti ]>;u a- [K-t or (lower box. Slid in ab:n st-paraie laundry and ,^, "Tiny dowMi-tair.s puwiler _ is a must; so is a Kucst Hose I :ind vcsiilmlo." Bathroom is depart- inrnlixrHl, and compk-tn \vitli Iniiit- in;;. Slorat;^ \v:ills and Uuill-in.-? are found in evci'y nook and corner. Working jilrsus for this »ro not a\ - aifal>]i i , })til yniiv Iniilflrr ur atvhiteol can ihi| fur you. « f e » n •»-Home Coo/ In Summer Listed Tile liomnnr.ker;;' annilrtl .stl'tl^-| ,lc to kcci! tlii'ir lionsi's i.'innforL- ibli- Uii-uii't;)) I In- suniniw is iis)- roru-hiii^ raptiUy, Within ainjthei iuoitli, tnu.s'. Anu-rii-iii] fiintilit':; \i'ni cijUi lo spend sloepU'Ss niiilits «:ul ilinin^ diiytinu 1 i'.anis u.s snmnier eLirln':; U.s full status. thcio is slill 'itnc to i!o int,' :ll:Qill it and there :u~o stfl' s wliicli c:in l:i' takon t'J - Mlmmrr cniiifdi'f vvittifiut t deal of rxp-'Nsl'. Hnt Still & Young Motor Co. Phone 3.170 Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Wvlheville. Ark. 112 Wa'mti St. PITTSBURGH PAINT VALUES YOU CANT BEAT/ No matter what kind of paint you need Your Pittsburgh Dealer is the place for you to come! Pittsburgh Paints will give you best - looking, longest lasting and most economical results. Here you'll also find a wide assortment of all the materials needed for cleaning and painting your house. For House Finishes That Lastl Due Pilljbur K l>'> Sun-Pioof Two.-^ Coat House Pmnt. Primer seals thoroughly. Finishing Gallon $5.45 Wallhidefor Quick Painting Cumains "Vitoliteil O//s" which pcnelrale sufficiently to mnkc a firm sur. face bond but remain elastic and flexible. ilicV-drying, waih- ablel Gallor $ 5 - 66 GET YOUR FREE BOOKLET! COLOR DYNAMICS... enery t> coor it - ranacmc n t a I hit rcnr vv eiier K>" , pr o- niole beoUh. comfort and liappi- nt^s Gel your FREE cojiy of "COLOR DYNAMICS" IIMC — Waterspar Enamel Easy to put on woodwork or furniture. Adds beauty and life. Dries in o luirryl Rc».M marring and clrftni easily. Quart : $2.10 Florhide for Floors A lumber r.onrco in Little Uock, Avk.. predicts a KCiiLTal rtwTcasc .'f 15 to 20 per rent, in all lumber ',n't- crs before the '"'Hi "f thr year. Dncs thts moan n general drcre.»-'-.* In tin? of home ron.structin:i.' , , - . The huUislrv snvs n'> • )>l Mnich :il t--o]iipar«l with int. Muuisui sio.s. n,). .M:J.S4H.Oi)l) b-.ui'd fcol on UrnU They j)olnl out lh:u lumber coats sinuH lUun in the for tlu- hncr perioil. Thr liitnljc'r llyure.s wc_rc aunnu'.i- 1 - od by Uir Ctinunrrco L^ri):irtniont'-i Ci'iisiis uuivnii. which nlsn slii-wc; | Hint siwks 011 lianil in tin; Mississippi Counly Lumber Co. 1801 ^Vesf Main St. Phone 445 are a relatively price of a dvvcllhir One of Ihe bis Hems is labor. Hrlck Is still expensive and hard lo get. The .same ^nes for plumbing fixtures, screen wire. hard wood product.-., trimming and rockwool for insulation. Plaster e.r.d cement supplies; are improving On January 31, mills and eoncen- I (ration yards o( Alabama, Florida. Georgia, Mississippi, North Carn- I Una. South Carolina and Tennes^e." 1 , I had i;t'll,H21.00n hoard feet of lumber on hand, where as, on M:iv:h 111 I his iiecimmlation had gro'.vn to l.fidO.SUt.OOO board feet, accordin;! lo a jioveinmcnt survey. Only Tennessee. registered a slight decrease Dream Kitchen ... *• ~ v.-. 1 An Electrical Reality! h'j Whcn^you have that electric kitchen installed, call en us tor. complete and reliable wiring. Our guaranteed workmanship is your assurance lht\t no future tro.ible will 'occur . . . that your unit will give you efficiency and trouble free service! i< CHARLIE'S liu- nation as a \vhoJr. 'i'lic uxtinn- ! tl a i'<- n null ill ion \v:is ^Ui,525,(iK} ! board ffrl aliovr tllat of J.uiua''V tl. Stocks :il niillK anil yards i:i U) e Smilh nn Minvli 31. by stairs, ami nM" o[ Jailllai'v :il follnvv: Alal>ania. January 31, 31'.!.r>3.i.ilon Imanl feet, and .\tnivli HI. :<SS,2ni.t''OU Kloriiin, •Kt.OOl.iiOfl and l>;i'..- non: ocoruia. a77.B29.nnu and niv (Ml).CnO: Mvois.sippi. 30^.SaJ.O[ll) null :ii;:!,2ol).(inO: Ntn-tli Camlinn. 1S7.- osa.floo anil Ifl7,ou;.n00: smith Cnro- liiiii, l.W.Su'li.flOO and Iffi.Otil.llDft: arvl Trnuosscp. SD.TKi.Oim and an.5»l,no?. St»ii llcul rt-ni'lrjilion The fii'.sf [ii(»ve U 1'» .... [ov.r-hich l:iyrr of iiis-il:ilion above tlh 1 to;: fli:oi' n-;;V:i!i; uiuJ Lo fill tlie walis with in.sulathi^ matt-rial This will make the hoi^e us tnuca n s ':"> clrj^rees cooler on liottc t rtjiys bctMUsr il nMnnis heal ]•••>»- rtr:itir.ti ilirorrih wp.Jl.s and roof. ••' The aviT.t'-i' house CMU bn c:nn- 1'Ie.lely msulaleci hi U^s than l'- 1 ' i ditys bv b'.ijv/in^ I iiV'purof niit wnol into Hie w;il:s and (>!hn; i" p/cessibU' ^M.u-t? ;ind applyin;; l>:n 1 of the nK'.leru i in aveas where | ppatc will avcoinmcdate a \vnri;-1 innii. COM of thi. 1 ; material is - (1 , i-r than bttfoce the war ami; i agnail-; ; :i'-'s for itself in fuel suv- j ings \viihin three hentiiur stvisnr.s, laccionluu: to the Construction Hr| search B nr.ui o! Mew Yiirk. cleai 1 I iin: JifUM- for bniUlin-j; iiiforinatinn. Olhcr ^lesiMirrs 'If windows are opened ciuriu^ the nif-ht so cnol air t-,m fill thr hCtisc ;n:tl t iion ke:;! c;O=;of! IbrtiueJimit Ihr- day. the insulation \vil! h'-'.p retain nuich of (he coolness , i ^ admit I ctl. >had."s .should he kep I t! r.i wi i and a 11 u's cross - voiHilaied. On 1 uittest days, adt'tti'inai iv ness can b.^ provided l:y a:i c trie f:in eii'dilriLins; air :';ras : hirt'.e ^nvl of ire. Danninvti .sh Innv; in (X':'Lip:ed rr,o:ns \\itti a fA:i Use it on floors and steps or wood or uiclLi]. Also suitable for worn linolcmn. Quick-tiryinif. tough clastic. $1.55 See Our Complete Line of Quality Wallpaper Waterspar Floor Varnish F.!l-ilryii>K and durable finish to ^f;sr n "^: J.Ll^h^MV Ea»y to apply . . . <i w!l^[ Quart $1 -85 HU HARDWARE 213 W. Main PAHY Phone 2015|b ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North Pint Phone 2993 STURDY NATIONAL WINDOW GUARDS The te iturdy and deptndabto National V/indow Guards will lacp v our horno t«cure every tecond of tKe night and ddy. They Actu&lly beautify your rtome vVJo furnishing a itrcng bariicr jgdtnst p^owl- crl or burglcrs . . . yet -src ceonomlcjlly priced to f!l your budget. Phone loday And lei us give y° u *^ FIRESTONE 207 W. Main Phone 210 Foam Clean —with— The Now Scicnlilir F ami Upholstery 90c GtsSloti 2.1Q Mininiixc ymir rii^ininj; wiUi niiiiilc.'s. fj\-| Iryiiijj. iKiii-inniiiinnaMo KIN'A l-'dAM. Dcol's Paint Sto?e "•J'mir \Va!lp;iin'!- Riyln Contor" Now In Our \ t >\v Locution. 09 Kiist Main Plume 101 i i BUILD UP YOUR HEAT RESISTANCE BY DRINKING LOTS OF WATER i I-'in- cool rrliiMilinn o;i ::n( sultry ilnys, you'll find nolliin"; so successful a.-i pleitt.s of wafer . . . the only re;il lliirsi [|iienchor. Il's (he way In ijet (he mosl out o summer on.joyniont. Nowhere is there to lie found ;i frcslier. purer supply of water than that furnish i-cl (o Hie people of Ulylheville. Your whirr supply is kepi fresh, pure and plfliti fill 21 hours a day hy people wild know (he rosponsibilily aiul tieccssily of safe jjuaidini; pulilii 1 heiilth. BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO.

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