Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 6
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6 FLANS; OF : P;iOSPECTCS TELIIXO OF K lOLA.COFFEYVlLLE ROAD Ol|T. 1 SHOWS ESTiMATEli RECEIRTS T)HK POPl'LATION IJ I ESTIMATED AT 1^ PEOPLE PER MIL Line to BP Bnllt In Sections—JIo^- tbv Monry to Bnlld Is to Br Raisrd. iCopies of - tho .prospornis otl the Sterling Trust company which tolls of tl^ Interstate Railway & Power fconi- I pany's lines from Kansas City to Coff eyvillc via Tola, wore received at roff- ej;ville a coup'e of days aRo. part of the informatiinn conjtain- Bi in the prospectus follows: Kanijas City will, ho the headquarters, with a downtown central paj=sen- igtr station. Afore than two ybars' •work has been done on the project ni H TTiarlv <;ion.nnn stipnt in making !nTM !m!r.nry s'irvpys. ohtainin^ rights |nf wayl franohise>?. and expertinj^ the rnit" The cnnntry adiacent to |van•^.a J ntv is admitted by railway leVtc who have carefully examinejd it. 0 b'' laj ^st tinnminiod ter'*itor\' T! t>.o T'rifed States' for the p^ofldable opF-ration of electric railway.s. ; Ei^pert ^nplneers from the fienpral 'F'ectric (jiotnpanv and Westiinshonse 'Eleetrie <'o^par|y have corie over the, routje of thp pronosf^d railwnv in Kansas, have "jfiftcr. j ?Ti'1 -found no cnirineerinfrl dif- ficpltie? ' ! i|l To Be BMlIt In Sections. 1 jThe TCOPSas line wi'l he 2!12 rniles In l<^n!» and •will hn luiilt in.sections, thivlnc In nlaees of srr.'atest potiula- firisf. and afterward filling] the j ^he. Ttter<;tato T?r>Hw .Tv nm} P<|wer f^li 'i 'itirnjv PI '<r> r :i;-i !<nl!?od for ton •i^illinv jdolln'^ "nd wi!! ii <:uo ton tnill- •onr f.^r- I Ion dolinrs of r> n"r cfut thirty; iroljd hojuls. T''<- Ixit'i 'fj will lio o ''d ifor "JTIO en ^ P '^r cent hnsis HiljS ex '^eetoil ihnt a roodv sale wiljl l>o " " " " liV n1 Is hml M mates, the popalatloh, including that { per cent of the two Kansas Gltyt * makes a total of 1.200 population pei mile. This is higher than the aver age. There are also six colleges along tbe proposed route and these, it ' is said, will dp much to increase the business' of tho new road. The grand total of population along the line will be 629 ,998. The Freight Prospect By no means a small part of the new road's receipts will bo that of freight Here are some of tho est I mates of dally freight based upon thc(| production of southeastern Kansas: Twelve smelters smcllinB 69 pet cent of the zinc spelter In the world, or, 2.400 tons dally. Twenty-four brick plants producing 2.000.000 brick per day. , Eight cement plants produce 35.00C barrels per day. ' Other products per day along the line are 7.200 barrels of flour. 100 cat loads crude and refined oil from, the refineries. 100 carloads of glass and pottery. t The products of Coffeyville. Hum holdt. Chanutc. Independence and Cherryvale are estimated at ",500 cars per day of frei.^iht. not counting in bound freight ot any kind, nor grain, stock or produce. The i)assenger and fric^rht receipts of the two railroads at Independence combined are esti mated at $1..500.000 per year.: This is Inrrrcly duo to the big cometit plants there. The,"bank deposits per capita along! the line of the new road arc e.stimat-l ed at $97 per capital. Estimated Receipts. The;estimated receipts of the road are figured at $:!.50 per-capita peri year for tho city lines. Tho njall and, express r'eceipts per mile are estimated at l .'iOO while those from freight! are fixed at ?1.500 per mile. Law-; rence is the only town to got a city; line. The. circular •was issued bv 'W. G. THE lOLA DAILY REfilSTEB. THmWAY ETESWO . SEPTEMBER 10. IMS. Holt, chairman: WT. A. Ilnlo, G<'orgoj H. Bunting. C. A. Braley and R. C, Rawlings, all of Kansas Cit.v. / frttind for aiTfrct- i»nrtloii of them ; thr wr<5t. F;>st.->ri Investors are r<T^i'.^y vsltiitr 1>i "s \Mi^ on*in .K'q'o T!|o']0^[ 'iros whor.n-ff hllllt pwx'r''' r!"n«ia'To! h:"'-^ rciiirtio-' }v X>T!«ftt«« to investors T'<»' ev>n»>tvv rolnirtdins' Kai«'>'« P'tv: !< i\ vorit rrirjloTi (snot •••id i ">v >b!t«''d >>v anj lU' d'tsjtrlonf!. nrori'-'^'ssivo nrnl r'cU class of; neop'o. «o th>M tho natu'al advnn .ta :irj »s ,<«ro unsnn>ns<!od. i •";] I Pov'^r Frem Oas. ipns lij to form nn injpo-l.uit Ijoa- /tnT4 in S the n<nlnfonarc,-> nnd noweij of *Vo Mp""! in K«n««s, It Is nlanijiedj to hnild powpr hnnpoa of 2'^.ono hor""^ oojiver P!C^ in tho srns •hf>lt of K!»vi='>s an|(l frot^ that cas derive eloctricltv! Ch'e^yv^lo hse offoro-' q free site for jthe no -^pr T>l?it and otho- jindnCe-i w4nts. a^d one of the plants may (go thyp. qn tho "fiFt linos" of t \o tjol. ley srstem Inr'iw c<"^—-.sixtv fe^t If^ns witl fo'V' •?2 '5 hor«enowpr motors each —ii^e to ho nsod: on t^c i"tertirljan ' lirje^. forty-five foot cars with seven ty-fflye horse poT>-or rnotorS' will hp opteratedj whre the city cars will be t^enty-siT feet long atid hsve fortv hon!?e-poyrpr motors. Overhead • rail- •roKa crossings are planned except I in thfe ciUes' I ! Other Points in Plan, i • The Sterling Trust companv is to haive an jontion unon the entir«| issue of ten million of first mortgage hot^ds and will receive w^lth the bonds a b(>n- UR of eight million of stock in t^e TO id. Tbe company now has an arts igemerlt, it is announced, with |in enjitem bond house, to take |2.500.0f10 of the bonds at onco. thus enabling th"'nompaoy to bnlld tho Kansas Citly- TfpP|Va. tlie Chanutelola and tlu Cnrffljyville-Cherryva'e lines at onoe. W len those "are done |< IK said thjtt It wijl bo much easier to finance I ba ance. 'Pho company flBur^H tlint if citn cl<nr H .OOO.noi) 'In donlinir In low sltps along the rond witliln the no: thtfop years. Thin will bo dono 1„. IftSlnJ! out! new townstioR and Huburln. It Is ftlso ^ilnnned to sell oloclrlc llgl t ftnif, power. r <Iany an rO.MFOKTIXG lVORI ).*i. >Viil Find; I I »la llonsehold Them So. S iPH' iif 'Ibo ntOKt wn upihv the «orhpnny just \»»\ Won ttlohg thf Twelve of the to floTJ of ITj.'^.don or 400 Twonty-four interoHtliiK Tonljmi new clrculnr of;^the ed IH that of iiopu proponed n \vn» have a po| an nvernge of other towns 1 a Pjopulatinn of 1SS.400 or an average of 'ViiBO. Adding to this twelve one-half pifr cent <Sf the terminal.ifity. .•Which all roads figure In their est! ule. ula- ave and O ' LD GOLDEN Coffee is thoroughV aged— ripened: it has the color and the flavor that you like, so well, but none |.df the harsh taste oftenfoimd iin coffee. This I is avoided by die diorbus^ maturing of the beiiy, anid by our speoal method <x blendmg and loastins. •. oLdebLDEN^ COFFEE is disliscdy different from .x >liMis :Ki^ delicate aroma and faao^ Bf!mc vrill cham^ you. To h.ive the pains and aches of a ; 'i :id hack removed: to bo tyiiiroly froe' from annoying, ilangerotis-urin.'iry d!.s .">rders is enough to make any kidney , ^ullerer grateful. To tell liow thi.-* rreat change can |be l>i-oiii;nr afiou? will prove comforting w.ird.-! lo hun-j Ireds of li>!u renders. Mis. Kliza Gillihan. of North- Washinaton street. IO'M . Has., savs: 1 ' had kidney trouble for some time be-; '•TO I was aware of it li sreidllv •,vow wurse until 1 went to t'olornloi •^"rln;.;s to get roltef. .\ short time :>f-' •or I returned the trouble, came back. ' I had such si>oUs with juy baek that ' I could not arise from a chair without ' lie!p. and it was impossible for me to :o up .stairs. My foot and ankles swell- , ed badly and the secretions jfrom the | '<idneys were very much disordered. 1 | heard so inucli in favor of Doan's Kid- j •ley Pills that I used them, with the ; re<=ult that for a longitime I wn.^j roni- Tiarative'y free from my o'd :r "i )l>los, \t last through doing some oriy hard work the diflicultics r. -u'd, 'lut not for 'lonz for I at one.-- iirijc-iin'd Ooan's Kidney Pills at Chas. U. Snen- "er. & Co.'s drug store and they brought me the same prompt and pcs- •'ive relief thai 1 had obtained in the Irst instance. During the time thai has sinte elapsed my back has not tronlMod me. there has been no in- ilcations of .swelling in my -feet, or inkles, and the secretions from the kidneys have given no sign of disorder." For sale by all dealers. Price 30 cents, Foster-Milbnrn Co,, Buffalo, v'ew York. so"e agents for the United States. Tlemember the name—DoanV—and fake no other. Splendid Showing of $45,000 BUSINESS IN BOXCAR. Altoona Thinks That Missouri Pacific Might Furnish a Depot. It has been learned through a com pinint filed yesterday with the .Slat Itonrd of Railroad ComniisHionerM tliji the town of Altoona on tho MIHSOIUI Paclllo In Wilson couniy has no d< pot nnd hns lind none for years. ll<iw ever, no.previous comi>lulnt huH over l)o<'n received. The comjtlalnt rccilv ed by ttid litmrd Htntes that the noai est ( IIIMK (O a depot In Altoona Is box cur. II Is loo snialt lo acconiino dato any pnssentterH and In vond an bad wealber nlllio tho pasinMigers stand outsblo nnd wait on the Mlsson .rl Pacific trains. The town of A tooiiM does bet wot'u ftn.non and Ht'.iKiii worth of business with the Missouri Pacific every year nnd tho cilir.ons be lleve that they are entitled to some kind of a depot that will shelter them from the weather. Tl;e board has taken the matter up with the aftor neys for the road. Never beforej in our history have we been able to of^er for your selection at this time of the season such a large shovor- ing of Women's Fall Skirts. Choosing from a^stock like ours is easy and pleasant. There are so many models, so maiiy prices, and every one is a good value at the price, too. A great variety of materials in plain and fancy Worsteds arid Voiles. Styksj of course, Up-to^the-Minute AGENTS I OMEJ TER MONTHLY STYLE BOOK FREE I WE. ARE |[AGENTS| FORT«E , |ADIES(|OMEJOIIRNAL PATTERNS HONTnLY STYLE BOOK THEE 9' Miuii GOSSIP Divings of Ball Players Ulio .\re Well Knonu hi ioln. James Slack to lluve Sale. On Tnesda.v, September T2. eoni- njencing at 10 a. m.. James S'.uek will sell at public, sale on hi.« farm six and one-half miles west and two and one-half miles north' of lola. his hor.s- es. cattle, hogs and farm implemcnrs. Col. Chas. Bishop of this city is the auctioneer. MR. SICKLY SEIJ^S HIS FARM. Purchaser John tether Likes .\lleii Cuuntj-; Land. The Bedwell-Ray Really company of this city, closed a deal yesterday whereby County Treasurer M. F. Sickly sold his 1G6 acre farm two and one- half miles South, east of La Harpe to John Luther of Xew Berlin, Ills. Mr, Luther will take possession February 1st. 1909. r .Ir. Luther has-made an extended frip all over Kansas. Oklahoma and Missouri and says that he did not find a country that compared with Allen county. -Mr, Sickly settled on this farm twen ^y-eight years ago when it. was raw Arpirie liand; and ridded there .u: '" Thol(Ul^o^ (uToppkn. iclHT 'I'lioiiia.sun of llaiilrsvilli' 'due to report todJiy oi» Ininoniiw. je O-K. Ie;igne M (';l.-.on closed \yi-sliT- y and Thiiiiiai-oii Is now ilic pr'i|icr- \it To|iel[;i, Jle will llke -y In- •t •{ihlineo ill sonii- nailjo m-fnii- llii- li Is iiVf;..- Slalc Jiiiuriial. liii nt'\| .SOI mil nu( •lolniMMi ltrt)ke Keconj. i ^'al4i 'r ,liiliiivoii. ttfv "Id.-iJHi |iiii|"'iiy and lilhcim'i , t'lmii Inn. iiwii l^KitiiiT lit .lack llalia i% III. enrjii ciiuilial. Iiui l\t •i ^llul tluin out Jack ilalhi is pii.ui i .f ilj- i wiilitiiit a run in the three games. I panie fou.ilie n-uialndtr of tin- ^i '.:.-r):i j JoHi clu Hut wil sin Wnll- d .Ml'. .Mik I'll't'in'—!^l'i|v|i-i-. It is said Hud ' l>iiiil made a i.n.rd il|al pi,.li,.l,U 1ms' *'"''<-^- 'I' \V>' •r lii-cii (•.inalled Iti Iia .s.- I.iill.'Jnim j J"'"'"'*"'>=, f'/I" ••"''|'J.:'',"."' pHelifd ilwiM- (.traiKlii games in iis "' club as it was organized yosttnl.iy arojwiih tli'» 1< as follows: i ''i:y two d.i Catcher—Hn'<.h Kr"">e of (Jut hin'"s for tlit son, IMteher—.Sht Idim of Kniii Firs' r .a.-—"Dud" Rpsl-y City, .Seccmil B;!!;'^ I,n^•• homa City i Shortstop— i. o's 'iit. of lliiicliin:">ii ! Third' and <-a !ii ..iiii .lay Ai;' dri'ws. of Topcka. ] l.oft fi.dd - Kills of Si.rliiKli.M ia <;t>-r>evils aiiainst Witr .v.s , "Brownie"'"who |.iich- i Clianute Black I>iamond,-. >ox for lola Labor day. He w.Ts^ia ilir v.on his p.ntiif V ro Jola also woii iif W .'lil)' ilio Siiiida:, «an)<> liy a srtur TriliioK- r .-Mtt >r n .dd--'i!|"<-• lliirltiMi. oij Wlcblla. RItht fi.-ld—•» Snl>siituii- lnb< chiiison. .iial t?ii>iaii so I 'a.ith m i • Da-. Is of Topr Kaii;, ,,t;,.':t moi !. t- Si'.f .r of Hut 1 ,,,,1 wli..!f.,-i I iii>i<'<-.-i I lit" •.f I !.. 1 r \\"i<hiia' l .'j. ry U oenui In I«la vill lie r.!a I to kjio-v \V.:i\ '.<y: \] izirv- f <M - now b: vc In htiak "(Hit i'li:.' a id.v (•) • pi -;i .ii:(ii'iti I'l Hire- va-, fur lii.iliiiii', l .tlil 'on. CliOfntate I 'I'll-' d< lifioii:; iii".s id.' « i;li ••(in; I 'll-;", HI and arc al'solul.-y imr.- •nif, c -onlainiitK o;i:y itie |i".!l<'iits miarHiit.-cd iiaiici .n" Kurh I'l roiil |\icl\- |rt .. i .jf,. - , . . ..!H! .li . y ila.vs H>:aiii.-l ilnf .\,-\v Vork clnli not only'heal ilitt Hlphland. IS in ll.M'tlc oi':;anl/.atiiiii ~\Vi<-iiiia Ili-a"'>n I'liTi. r' !'-r l(n!.n. til. I i:i:v. Pi ri:c Forn;fi I.I.I \M lit iu :>VKi:. !>Kon "has it i>u"\ Hie -New York and Canlllloii lu-i'ded the sanies, it isn't often lliatia jiilcbcr's arm stand that smi of w.irk,—K. ('. .s. tlNon Won't; Retire. S; Ivestev OIKOM sayi lie is in>t ini; ij (iiiit l>a.seliall at tite end of tin; I pres-lit sea.«on despite the niiiior.s to; the ontrar.v. "I am Koin^ to rest npffrom lola. wh<-re ibis winter and :-:<-t hi vjood shape fori ne.\t season, and hope to bo able to I 'ay iUn ^ame of my life. I am not at niy Best now," This is the way Syl-. vesttl- denies the aiiesaiions wliieli arej no -A- fjeing circulated.r-j-State .loiiina!. Th ville and .\ig lis not fielding upj to bis usual He was iefi at home on-tne recent triii' made hy the l,<misvir.(! tvam un av-! coniil of tidiness, .lack if sick in Iicd at Louisville and is reported to have :i hi;;b fever. Too had for Jack has done splendid woik all season.—.Siate Journal. L-^ndl Ik t we on a ja.vj Sts te the era rd and his Uittiiig is woefully Too much money left to him at tne.together with his desire for | life, put >.'ig out of biisiaes -j. iJourual. Soni hodel A Bug Club Organised. of]the Carey; |ave organized th^ Bug club of estem association. The play' ^ik to report at the foolish fac- i:.v". I, It. iof Hi- ,\|. K. tiaii.sf.'iM Tlif ('ii:>iiiitc It. V. I. it. First .>l'rlio( urned}i.s n,-i !a ly Hi will <.<nie lo ceived loday whl'di indicat l"la Mini'jtcr MA\ < haunt I'. i.eaic FRUIT IN KANSAS I r«»p I* IJitler llian Kxpirls I're- <iii't(d - .\|)i»le> 11 Ti-r Lei't <>r t r.>j>. I'tiliiaiii, fiirmeriy pastor cli:.irc!i in mi.-; cii;., may. i to a cliiirel: in litiiver Tiil.nne says: Pii!!ia:n. pi'-^'or of Hi" ist cliiirch of this city. <ii The Trilii^ne h.-arns toiiay. i>- ti» be nansl'eired Tbt; pastor \\'i;rii W 'l 'l'l .iu I'. :•• >i f'.iiy oi Hi". ..late l .ii .ir.l i.f lioi lieu nm- aiil wtioj si'iiRC li. I.- reii'iiii.v. .\"•stiid...\ '^..ui '.l' .1 "liiiii i.M.i»'. sh.i'.si'i;; ll:.- !•» r.-.-ii-I i.ii; a ll..!) ,\Iiu-li will l>4' i;:l|i'l ill | K:'iiva... Ill - ,»e:ir. Ill i"i.|iii -i Indt-; <ai<' Hia; H .I' vaijun.- kinds ft fiiilih| V. ill .\ i. 1.1 as l .;lli'V» .- j .Npliles. II p.'l r.l.t • j r .'.M-h.'.' . it'. 11.T o lit. . tiiai..'-.. .",t p. 1 r. Ill ' Tlie repwrl .a..s; (ivui': in i!i< very favotal.le weaHiei oinlnneis'. ap-l (ilir.v sli.iw a j:aiii of '.' p-r <•.•»( f .ir i:ie :ta:e sine.' iiiir last icp...; was tiiatlo: pear.- Iiave iiiiprove'i II nei" ceii'.. r .a<Iies liavf ileclilled .'. 1 e.- ciin ami •,;ra;:es .s JIM.- ci -nt in iinalil.i. "The fifth conicressional disiriot li.i.f the best ;tiid mii .-t apple.- with Hio eijihtii a close srccinl. In iiears ili.>! lifth distriri ji?:a:ti li-.idi, -.vith 'the! liiird di .stviit .jiily ij;i..> inrliit liehind. j l:i pearlies'tlio eiijbih di.>triei is iiieau ; FOR EXni .AMiK. -Welt improve! 101 acre firm I near WV^tjilains, .Mo. Value I J -.'.'.'in. F..r well lf>r .iied -lo-a'-re f .iiM in KanPas. i ;.iip.) ^|il| pio (»rf .v proj.ertv. ;re :'id <np' and :! acre.-; land, in lillnois; Value Jt",o<n.i. Fm- farm •«/f i;i|iiul v.tluc In Kaiis. or Okhi. .V line dwelling and lin acres In high ciiliivation. adjj^lning good town ill .Mi,>»soii|i. For rental property in gori .l siz.- town. J. T. m\.y:s, uu..\. h\s. Rottni IH. (Ilii ("mirt ll»u»e. {0 90000 0 0000000000 lo O o 11. t. KM:. O O MIchila. han>as. O o V\I;STI;KN L.VMJS K R.\>( HES O O lA.r Sale or Trad.-. O O $;:/») an .Ncre. Tp. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on Hi a D.iiver churcli f llie I).;:iver chjirch. a.s • as.' in such tran.-'fers-. IChaiini^. Word-was re- j n a teie;irain it: is said, s that the with a gain of on-'y r.vo jn-r c -nt' ov. r till- iirsi disliicl. Willi gr ..|i ''i i';.- tjfih district is first and tlie Mi^li'l. second. ' . •'Tli'.ie are not many wormy a ;i |'i''- M\I;A/.I>KS .VM> I'KKHHHI.VLS TO .J. E. Henrfer^im •.vh.i .|.-;i!> witli tlie )iiil,l!.ili< IS :iiid r':i!ii;sh;-., thcni at :lie- I. nvp-t pric pt.S'iliile. i !'!i.i:ie i>-<. 411 X, Huckeye liii the s:aie, and IdiJer rot has ajfT.^ct- rrangenietiis |\ed but I'mv. Some corrcsi>oiident.s have j liiivc heui mane for the clianiiP. From jreinirted their ajiple crt'ii as the larg-j imiitiry anioni official memlicrs of the -.St and finest they have tver rown.; fieneral Contractor. clnirrli it. is lijarned that Kev-l/iitliam . Scab and hail,have damaged Hie fruit Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and ha'i advised tji-m that sacii ;« (liiMige j in some localities. _ Curbing a Specialty.' was in conteti^iilaiion and Hi:iJ an of-i. "The western ji :.ii <if the sixth ;inil ' Oifice 115 East Jackson Ate. cia! l.i.iTd III in a day <ir u\ liKiiier. Tr,'!i ..n- ^.rifereii.'' (|iie!iiiy mad'- nan.e of the be barned by notin f "U the to be a moii'l (ijne and a lietter p:iying Cbanute chir^ >-v.r SlBl'SN,W«M*M «r 0"i1r«, 2ie. Me.* one thati the new.-, i:f this ch a surprise to tj'h-.inuie. is. considered oi the South Kan now serving h! ftiii.!; would he call.-d i seventh di .=i |ricts have no fruir. a.-v it ' • lo oincially act In tne : was all killed !iy severe spring fronts fer.< 'it thi.s kind from I .All fruit ac<-Fcdifed to these di.-.tri>-ts to tiiicther are fre- i -is in the extrenie cistern counties." '[ by tlic Bish!)i >.4. The i . i nver minister could not jTt» t.'O I.NTO KE.ILTY BrSINES .SJ Fkone S»l. i be Tribune tl\is afie.- Deaver charge" is said ; VV. T. Clin.p, Uho Traded for Coffiimu Frojlierty. .Uvriu;r Here. The I V.'. T. Cline wiio recently traded Dr. [inge will come a.s onite | S. .\. Coffnian «if this city a larui near i Rev, Pu'.liani . tiage. Okia., is tiiday moving here! e of the strong men of ; where he will make his future home. j>as Conference and is s second year here, since-bis {returnl to Chanutc. Mr. Cline will engage In the real 'ta- tate business here. He has a number of years' experience in the business and will likely make' a success. r; for loi^

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