Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 5
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! I know from practical? cxitoriencf iliat It I N liarU to 'siave, but it lun be dou(i. and only way to do U is lo kcovi a » rlitcti account of your i<«coiue and jo'iir exi'enditurfs. The man wlUi a salary of $loO a uiouth cau save more, by ktijepiug accounjts. than the man who he spetids his money. has J200 a month and who does not kuoW how a cash •^he l)oy petting a aaliiiy of $1" a week can profitably ! y keel) acc<>iini.--; is truej book if no more. rile business man without books is doomed to rapid failure. Thtjisame of the salaried man: failure. In his case, meaning failure to savp. !•.'•' ^ l| >f at the end of tthc yoar the salaried man has nothing .^avcd. hijj year has beien a failure. i fake SOIH I advice—oi>i>u an account with the State Savings Bank Mm, kmammm Opeu from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nigh^k lOLA ICE AND STORApCCp. CRYSTAL IpE And Distilleai Woter Mstoeit. rbc >i« lit. | FRANK RIDDLE, Mgr. Thorpe & flossh i . • ' ContnrtoR*, Eng;inw«, Sorrejors. Fully equipped for all kinds of surveying, estimating, patent drawing, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Ofticc Orcr "Famous." Evans Bitok. fail "rr. , •JMk a—km Olfimm afmmttmm Wker* qnaltt; U mala eoaMt- •ntlon w« bnj tli* bMt |W1iar« denuindi wUl \WMT, ourr \\\ crtdaa ud prtOM. loin, Kas. tes. Perils. Tick*?ls on pay- rOLOMST R\TKk I'alifornfau Arbona, Ktc. [lady untfl October %\, 190S. «0.«0 frenf ' " " - Ubpral stopover prSvSle «6naUy conducted excursio accpteil in . tourist sleeperk metit of Pullman rat?, an! in chair c?r. No better way of be oming ac- .quainted with the Great Soulhwesr. where small farms yield a romprtencc. than by traveling over the Santa fc. Let me send you Home literature about California. Arisona. etc. W. E. RALSTONJ Agent. lolal Kansas. Fryer Bt| os. WHOLESOi GROCER! IE •S Our stock of Oroceiies Meats are sold o;i the [Deriis of tbeir high siandard as Jo quality. They ptire. »bolesonie and aJways can be reliicd upon. ^lour. per Guupow- .. 4Jr. Tr sack ry a sack of No. ' b .-••••I---Japan. Injiitcnal': «jr del Tea. per (Hiund .. The best in towu for tie money. I Shi Short Stori I lola Hap; —Dr. J. R. Pepper! DeatisL Fh rajinir Ip .\on. St tret CnmrniSAiuucr .1. S. sii.Xh that the delin<|uen(s in are iKiyins up rap dly since he iiounced that nrrc'sis would fi: case i>f further ilelay —R. H. CDaningluni, 6 pi;^ cent monej. .Vrr ilauUnir Dirt. The city lias several wauc>i)(> now liaulinc dirt i:o fill the ho! ^(^nthwost corner of the rnur s'liKirc I- - LBO a BooMer -^I .N'e08ho lUver Cat at 0ur 'Hbme I W. H. .VcTiare \V. H. .VlcCiure baa fetorned from a several months' trip Ohio. He attended .the National G. A. R. encampment at Toledo. Mr. McClMre had a tine timte. THg lOLA PAILT BEfllOTEB, THCBSDAIi KTgyPC, S^EMBEB l>. Way. i!> Rarfc. -r-Reiueniber the Will Pajwr stock at iiurrells Drug Store. I Inventy .Voto IMoir. VV. A. Dawson of west of the city is invenifng an automobi e plow. He has been workin? on the ntachine for some time an^ hopes to have it iicrfected for fal^ wheat plowiuf;. —Insist on kiTlnfr '^r. iS." nonr. Ku ;s a I'iano. The fliristian church has liituKhi a fliii> piano from the .II V. Kobens .Mii- sicj company. The piiuio will be used whlen the cantata is jgiven under the direction of A. 1.. . IJoiitrijsht 4-AIways time to eit at Our Way. R. \\, l(am<>Mjr takpi .Spin. I:t. W. Kamsay am hi.- famil> and Don Ashmuu left . tchistui Monday afternoon in the Rjini say While steamer, at 2:1."> for a litil • spin, and when they returned home, a little before e'even o'clock at nig it. they had vis- Itetl the following towns: llendena. iseverancc. Itiiithlaiid.' liiawaiha. Ilnr- fon, .Miiscotah and l.,ancas»er. Roland, who. aiiiomobite men sa>. is a wondfr with a^i anlohiobilf. ilmve the machine the entire trip without a Imb- ble.—Alcllison : Globe.| —Mcrchanff Lunch at Our Way. ne in. kValker )ir tax has an- ,llow iu bU;.y in the house .tlioat .Hr. and .Mr.«. ft. E. ltoltiu.'»<>ii. . .\. K. Robinson aiii| his wife, popular members of .1 theatrical conipaiiv whielt appeared al ijlie .Mrdome last summer, and wlm ;i e "sjn -mliii;: tlii.-. :^unimer resiins m A chison. celebrated rheir second w.-dliing a«inivrr.>.ary veslerduy. They are loinj: tight house keeping tin the sec<|iitd /lo «ir tit the house, formerly occupied l>.v .Mr. and Mrs. Charley l.inlcj' on .\ti -lii.-oii street.—-.Vtchfson t;i<) )e .vir. and Mrs. Robinson were mai ried Iiore while the> were playiiis a a =o<'aI theater They have since pla.ied in l<iia a nuni her of times and hive man* frienus in this communitv. j Notice. i I>r Chastain has returned and will now Ue found in hU office during regular business hours. j; .Hi*!. Arnold I> III. f .Mi^s Grace Arnold of ih«- jlirni of Arnold & Cojie. is ill with typhoid fever. She is Expected to recover without a long siege. li —Six per'cent tnoney; no cbmmls- sion; no delay.—Smith & Trari'a. Ladies Will Go Too. jj Several ladies, according to the Kan s;is City Star, will enter the aui;o long distance lace for the Star cuiJL lola Is In the list of towns through: which the aiJios will run. • —Drs. Latbrop, Osteopaths, Pbobe 4€S. To lolorado li» .tuto. i Or U. V Oresbach left je-jierJ-ty fur I 'olorado by aiito. He will be gone (i )r several weeks. —Soda,Water, the Our Way kind. flint l> What \\\' Will. .\i;eii county reports the itiMiiiii corn rinp. In that ca .•f.-ijit* s.hcMliI be «<•;: pieiiijrcd to ,\<at the th.'—Sallna .lournajl. ili.l tiller i- Allen — 0 .'..-'ters—Our Way. Keturnrd In lohi. I" (' NicholM'ti and ^hi.'dien returned .yesterday morning to their itiiue in lola after a pleasant visit iti his ciij.—Pittsburg Hcadlisht| —FItxiEcraM Stom^ and Ijnnsfer Co. Household and ptano aiorlngrt lanrent and bwl store room l« < M el^. rhonr 556. Mslted iu tola. .Mr.- Hannah Nicholson is sjxpected hiiin>' the last of the week from lola and Ha 'idwjH. Kas. where she hai? h >-ou speirtiins a few days. SHe spent •he srertier- part of the sunnier at points of :i!i!erest in CoIoiadOfJ—Pitts­ burg Headlight. jl —Oysters any style at Our-Wa.v. • I ut His Knre With .<«irli|r. *' Gammon, the. gas in!i;ppeTor. c'l? his knee with a sickle •while mowing his yard l^bor Da.v. He iijjable to be about but the injury ann<iiy.« him considerably. . jj —The big stock .of Wall Pa^fci and Room Mouldings at BnrrcU '4 drujg store. i —Frank S. BeatUej V. S. Phone isij. I.ouk Oul for i^osD« iherk. Look out fiH- the ipan with a bi>aii? check. He has op ^ifated .-ifcessfiiHy in two Kansas towiis ilii- week In one fif them Ktnpuria. he i -'iu .Elii $:::.'} worth of goods, giving a i ii -^ck on an .\tchi.<on banW fi >v The check proved worthless —.\uto Garntre and Repair Sliop for all kind<t of' repairtnsr. .iafoniohile livery. Thone RM. Ilini7> Open at ( hanuie. The roller skating rin;:s al Clia- !i.ti''> ar" to opeti toii;::h; .\ special lirojrrain i.- to be given. —We i>;iy the higlies: iirice- Come and. sec us before you sei: junk— '.".l ounces to a pcund John Doe & Co. Labeled Lemonade. The lemonade so'd at -Ringling's circus at Topejka Tuesday was labeled in accordanct* with the pure food law of the state and made as unattract Ive .18 possibI<- by coverings of mos <lulto nettlni; and other devices, besides numerous Mgna. brandini It counterfeit, but nt that it sola well. Mr*. Clark Came Home. .Mrs. I. T, Raker, of Lansing. .Mrs. Wilbur C'.arik of tola nn .1 Mrs. F. R. St rout, of .'pt. Jo .sflph. -Mo., have returned tx) their homes after n visit with .Mi-s. Ma ^^ou HUfI .1. V. Aronhalt and fapiily.—Chanutc Tribune. ]^HO£A Mocbaa.or Cbolm lELD'S _ Balsam While it is a! quick ind positivo cure for Diarrhoea. Diysentery and Cholera Infan­ tum, it does rtot cons^pate. In 62 years it has saved tne lives of thousands of mea women and babies. Accept only Wake- fisld's.. Full; sire bope 35c everywhere. (nt Artery on Gla^^.l' Little Edilb Stratton cnf aji artery In her wrist yesterday by falllbg on a tninbler .•'he was carrying. . j.\ ph.v- efcian was called andvStopi>«d the flow of b<<x>d. The accident occijkTed at the home of her grandpareniiB. C. C. .Mc-t.'arty and wife. ' j ' —It—Our Way Soda Water!: • I: J. Kodtrers I* 111.1; J .M. Rodgers. head of the M\y gad ^department. \s 111 He has been threat eni >d with imeumonia but Is iiilucb improved now. I —Our. O^&ters. Way. j| Mrsi. I'oveh Wants Di*ode«. Mrs: Ida Fouch has broufjht suit through her attorney. K. J. Wier. for divorce from John Fouch. Xon-aup- P9rt and cruelty are the Krotjadis upon which afae seeks the divorce. The Best Way To Keep Well In Sominer is to keep the bowels free and regular. Do this, land you reduce the dangeir of getting Dysentery, Cholera Mbrtnis. Fevers, Malaria, etc, to a minimum. DR. B. JATNEfS SANATIVE PILLS : i is the oldest, safeiit and best laxative, purgative aiid cathartic on the market. Its actioa is gentle and thorough—it never gripes. Perfectly suited to both adnltaand children. Sold by alt druggist*— two aise boxes, 2Sc and 10c. Jaya*'* Toaic ••nalftoi*— A splendid tonic for adulul and a safe wona-cure for children. Chanute Gets 17.000000 iGasser. The Chanute Tribune s ^avKl D. H. Fisher's good luck l.s still wjith him. His last well was the blggcsit gasser that he has brought i« yet. and th* biggest that has been found in the east field. The well pnwJuces. IT million cubic feet daily. It is on t!«' Al- wanl and i.<» th'^ fourth' ''n.- hr has put ilown on that tract. Tln^ well is the (iff.v-first in .M.- Fi>h<r''s hunch of producers. —r.i) 'o llurvVis dnis s»or«- for your wa:', paper and room mouldings. T^rrill in Chanute. Ira .V T 'TrilJ. the Oklahooi.i man who was sent to the penitentla'y for killing a man an>f who. since his re- base ha .<5 maintainetl hinuelf by lecturing on the streets and abusing all who had any pan in his affairs, was in Chan 'iie Satiinijiv. He s|>oke Sat- unlay afternoon and again Satunlay evenin-. .\ceording to Terrill's account. Gover^ior Hoch and other state officials are anarchists and ciars and Kansas is as t.-rrible a plae»i to live in as Hii.--sla This was onlv for The ben-^ftf of the crowd, however, Terrill evidently docsnf believe an.v thing of the kind, or he would be mort^ careful al)oui saying such things inside the "czar's" domains, especially; vheii there is so much room outside. He seems to be making a good tblng out of his sraft. and to make a good Hv> ins by the sweat of his jaw.—Chanttie Tribune. —I'efore bu>lng your fall and viin­ ter niillinerv. see nn e'eeanti line — Mrs Pcfly. 1«>S4 K. .Madison. To anH From Chanute.' Mrs. .lohn Hanson went to lola >es- terday tci visit her husband, who has charge* or tho switch engine for the Santa Fc railroad there. • • *0. B. Hudson has gone to lola on business. • • • Mfss Myrtle Blllbe returncii to loJa to<iay after a visit with Mrs W. W. Storv.—Chanute Tribune. . Looking for Location. .Mr. and .Mrs. .M. Ki Hnntcr of Sav onhurg. who have been the giicsfs of Robert Cunningham and family, have gone to lola for a visit. Mr. Hunter Is looking for a place to locate and likes the looks of Channte.—Chani:te Tribune. Officials to .Voran. William Gates chief of wllce. an'I .f. M. Collins, police judge, went to Moran today to visit, the fair and hear Candidate IJotkin deliver his address. Patrolman Gahej McAllister Is on desk duty during thej absence of the chlei. Mrs. Ella HawkliK«. of lola. Xakr« rropo>itloB to Srille With Leairaworth. .Mrs. Ella Hawkins, a C'-air* J ••x>t- man formerly of this city. ha» orrered to compromise her sui; f«»r persona- damages against Leavenworth city for S6.V.». Mrs- Hawkins fell in a detective sewer at Leavenworth about two years ago and sustaine<I some serious injuries. The leaven worth Time.- .-a.v ,\tforney J. T. O Keefe and T \V Bell offered to compromise the claim of Klla Hawkins against the city for injuries for $t>'.0 lasi night but the comml!>sioners were prevented from accepting by hic absence of .M.i.»or B W. Crane^r. to whom tlie claim had been referred 'with power f» act " This removed the claim i.e>";i({ recalling. The district «ourt reo-nth deeu!.-!! (bat Klla Hawkins had a calm ag.-.i:is« the city for Ssr.n. rt\y .Mti-.m.-:- Weu- dorff appiealed the derision, Th-:i flf plaintiffs at!olne^^ signilicl wirin;,- ncss to coiiMM<»ini.-e When the cutnniis.-Ji.iaiT.- • \plalii<-d that they conlil not ;t::i<<' ili<- eoiu- promi.>e .\ttorne> OKeel- inttniat-il that he would ask for ni'»i'' if hi-- p.''"t> osition was not a<c( pt.-d la^t niglr tlRTIS WAS \ JOI kKY tiM 1:. Senator Telb. r»npT»>nian Hurdock of Larly Karinir in Wichita. Wichita. Ka^ . Sept !• Curtis attended tlw rare^ le>vf day In company with f .itiK ;c,:i .Murdock. \ "This is- the flrst ttMie 1 lla^^ -.creud- c«I a horse race ii> Wichita ^iu ••• I>T 1." said the senator. ".Vt rli.-«r tiii;< i na.? a jockev and rode, i 11 a IM.-- lii-..- t have forgotten wh «^h <T I won tU> race, but I b»»lieve I di>l Senator Curtis was surpn-oii n' tjic magnitude of the fair I KT -- ami i\ pressed himself to that effc'-r II'' a \-\ remain heie toni 'inow. PILE SlFFKKtits: Ho Yi.a Know Tlioe Fart*: Tile cause of )iiie.i i- iiiT>". nai S«i;;gish circulation in \'m louf-r bowr) Pile- can't ;hoi lun'l l.> r>uiward treatment .\n. interna! ri'inedy i> u- -'ie'l ;o rine the t-iuse Send for our !>o<>k'>.-' ' llow \'\','^ Can be t'ured by Int.-iiuii .Mf.lic.iif " or talk with Chas R. Sp'-:irer & Co. who seiis l »r. I>e<>uhavdi V Hem-R.iid at $1 per IxHtle. and Kuaiiint '-i; I', cure. Or l^x.uhardt Co. Slatlon I! li' f- alo. N V. COUNTY BUYS ADDING MACHINE. It Was Given Trial of Four Months. Cost $375. 4 Th*" county ha.< boiiCT' th" Itu:- rouchs adding machine which htis been in the county clerk's oflice for four' months on trial. Th" machine cost $375. It has been carefu'ly test- cA by the county clerk's force and ha >i given good satisfaction.' .) I). Dii- Bols. a rt-prcsentatire of the company was here this morning to 'close up the deal. Look—Here. One of the finest modern hniiie- In lola for sa!e at a sacrifice. .Vew brick house of ten rooms, two grates, fine lawn, plenty shade, cast front, good barn and cisiern. on jwvcd street and car line This property (..^ worth v .'i .onn. Wo have the exclusive sale of this pace, and will offer fit for the xt ::o davs nt $:;.r,bo. WHITAKKR & HONNKLL Grows Hafr^ and we can' PROVE rai I D AN'DERINC is 10 the Katr what fresk akowcrsi oi niQ aivi tanshine are to \-cge<anoa. It' eocs right io tK<- tool*, invigorates and sttenjihens than. Its rxhiUrating. stirntlatiog and litc'prooucing properties cause ibc hair to grow aliuniiairtty tonf. lirrng and l>eaiili(tJ. .It St noce imparts • sparldiag brilliancy and vd- veiv softneas to tiie liair. and a (ew weeks* use WiH cause new hair to sproot alt over tke scalp. Lfse it eierr day for a short lime, niter tah:cfa two or tliree Jimes a week w^ be siifficuail to complete whatever (rowtli >ou liciirtc. A Uit i- 1 S- P«ul », i»i •wtifS I bcsaa mlai It»3'ler!oe mSr fiafr t: 1. aw »r belo* lar hi?*." A.i<»ker fnm. X'-i.rV. N. J. t lj»ve been n.:n= I>»34f rin» rftciilarlfl Whral Cr«t i-tartM to o>t<- XttXxM^txr llt- t\r lia:r.ii.>« t ti.>vetbc nxxtiM-aatUolhiair (U-l t!it':.:li»:f ••jyvne wouidwaatlobare." NOW at all druggisto in tbred sizes 25c. 50c azk^ $1.00 per bottle Danderine enjoys a greater ule ifaani any other one: preparation regardieMi of kindi or brajiJ. an<l, it has a nnvh greater sale ibao all of the o'hrr hair preparatioaa m the i*nr!<l combmetl. Cut Tha Out )ut^ CDCe To s-.ion heir quickly Oail<triM acu. Tr will jteod a large satn- ;ple free by rrtum mail to ai^yoae irlio scads this free coupon to the mm.m OUOEEIIE ca.. ^uso. UL. Kith their name aotl address an^ IQc in MtTcror stamps to payjpastage. HONOR BOYS IN BLUE Ki-replinn to tirneral Knn>»«n and rwenliilli Kun>a.s liiu-n in Topekia SUM'T T.VKES A\ APPEAL. The <'ninnil>«ioner> Will iM-ride the School Cajte. It wi 1 \>f ii|i to the coiint;. <fiiii1ui.-- --ioners to decide whether or tiot K V. Stout can hare his land which: i.-> located in tlki> Oas City school district transferred to l.,a Harpc. He want? the-'transfer made liecause he live.i nearer the \M Harpe .schoi>ls that the t'lHn City s."rjiools. Mrs. Funsion denie-l his application and he has taken a:i ppeal. ' , Contractor Kelso yesterday I .PU?;I excavating/ for the paving in the a!Ie> in the rear of the Cataract hoJel. Greatest In lola T 'K I H.V we art> ready to sli«»» you i -'ir complete line of >EW FALL S«I1T t.MI STIFF HATS; complete showing of every new style, shape and cftior. Stetson Kali Hats at .. Hawe's Kail Hais at ... Ujngley' Fall Hats at KIk Brand Kai: Hat^ at j!«:s..K) SKUXI sKJ.00 Voii ean i-ay five dollars for a hat and (><• no Iteticr satisfied than »lth .« HancK for three: CAeBaftlay ShieMs Clothing Ci -THE HOUSE OF QUAtrrT," 'fopekit. Sepr 1". —A [•••tepriotl tO t '.ein-ial Frederick Fiitisniii and the nij-!til>e:of thr Tw -iiT .i.'th^ reg iti'i ^tit wa^ gi\«-n it! th>- riiiunia of! !ht- -;;ttehi>u>'- ia.-t liiuh:. T.'ie regi- in( n* is holiiiu'.; a reiiiijoii in Topeka. the ninth anniial nieering <'f ch«.- men who -Aen? to ihe P'niiippine.r from' '^inr .as with Cutiston and were with hihi ii the campaign there .\bout 'K^-'iiJif th" up ui;>er..; i -t ihi^ r«".;iinfrnl ar)- in town aiidjtt.'iay 'h'-i wiL give a .-.ll.ini battle a: fli'' fair u;oi;rds. The 'lai'tle wtii iie ;< .et<^roducr.!-m of 'ir.e of^thf lights ::i ih"? islands. The rotunda was dernrated with flags and biiHiiiii: Ov<':- one arch was a iniipilio fla:: (•:!;>! 11 retl 'he regiment in haftle. Ov.-r ar.'iih^r arch til)' Ha:: that wt-v.: with th*- r»-g;iueot aij thf tiin" r wus in the inlands.' t)it:r 'he other arch'*.- were Jlfigs of. otjicr Katis.S 'i regim-n's 'Senorat Kgii^ilou and the receiving parf> sttnid fntjder the noith arch l.<;:ht refre.,h mtu's were s <'rvfHl. • Nearly all of the .stjite officers and hundreds of Tope-. JjMn-- iiassed l>«>fore the receiving line.! I F ^' the erowil Corieral Fitnston recog-| uiy«d many <\'A fiirjifi^. • j \ A>OTHElt fJROCEKV HEBE. Wiui. Keadicker I.* Shipping' a iVirbitH Stork Here. Kviltiant Keadicker fjda.v rlo.^eii a! d4ai wh'ereby ,1*- rriirics property in j flf" city and du- tor the J. H S^ii/. itock of cr"(eries in Wichita,! KJ.!- He has -ihU 'I '^'di it hf-re and willj oj'-n a stnf.- at Sli; South WHshing-j Kiti .-.treft. .Mr Schell will he jn charge> ui. the i:iocery li^i'intJss. iFELL UNDER ENGINE; LIVES. i TentJer Pa!»es Over Pred.ooia Man. Knocked Down on Track. JWichita. Ka^.. Sept. l<t—I.. Heath. n(| Fredonia. had a tuiraculoM.-j escape \ fr |>m death today Sevt ^ral hundred iMirsons at the Santa Fe " pas.seng«*r s^tion sa«r bitn knocked down by a saritch engine which was backing up. Kt- fell in the renter of She' track. The tender passed jover htm and the spec- t4tors were watching breathlessly, ex- Putins to see jfainTcome out in pieces i«b«ii luf sadd ^nlr sprang out from be- t|lye; wheela.! He was ua- I6th National telsti Intebfafe i;ndn5triai ExposHfoa and'Nrw .Mcxiro Territorial Vkfr ALL .\T Albuquerque. N. Ma \ ' SEP. 2d to OCT. 10 Come and see the prosperous. Sainta Fe Southwest—where all thf; way from Colorado ttr Call-' fofnia water is king. ~ The C S. tJovernment is now spt'nding millions of dollars to get a permanent water aupply for the semi-arid lands. Ir mean.? millions of acre»mad>i lillitblc and fit for t^pmes^. A national event, worth crosfr- ing a continent: to see. ForelgiC diplomats. Government offidalv- Irrigatjou experts and Captains.; of Industry'will attend. i' A great exposition of Southwest farms, ranches, mines and_ Industrie^. Indians, tooi ' and cowboysi-^V'. S. Cavalry. 1 .! Very low| round-trip rvtesffo.AI- bni|ner|i|ae vQI be nude for thin occasion. ' Attraetirif .«Ide-trlp<i to U. SJ. R6- clamatioa Projects aad Graa4 Csuiyoa of'ilriioaa. ; '.4 k [Santa Fel '1 r y^, E. RAJtSTOX. Agent. ; tola, Kaa^' Ask f^r Irrigation Booklet. Ft«|IireIs«Bte Topeka. Fred Neiboa left this mdralns^fqr iTopeka whjere h» will attend' tbe^ r-'^

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