Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 4
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*^ 1- TOE lOlt' Pilar BBOIgTOfc THPBSPjlt iii|llia.flEI!STEI . , it^idiw'Kaiuas, Postoffice, a* '«»n*-ClaM Matter. mdrittUMBS^Bates Made Known on *i -It" j AppUcatton. ,^ - rr^—^ -Oir SATE& A Pnrttr IB loll, Clas City, Lanjoa. r-"Sa J . ^Tflto or laHaipe. %e;.me k. 10 cenU f Mpn ,44 cents " r Oiie>T(Ja]^. «6.0o ! ByMaa. ';4nH!.jjear laalde coantr-*,..^ t2J)0 r.'me yrtu oatslde connix $4.00 ,Khraie M< nthiB, In adrande ..$1.00 i One Mdnjtlu In advance 44 finalness Xdltorlal Telepboneti. Office - 18 Room 222 k PIPER. CIIT OF B18> SE;t. CONVIOT CABOR ir^ GEORGIA. In th( i tales of the old line, slmenii pure ijte mocracy. the IX'uiocracy -which ca 3, still do exactly .is it pleases {toward free labor as has been illustratpc by the action of, the Gcor- gta leglali ture vrhich defeated a meas­ ure'inten led to put an Immediate Btop to 11 lie ^nvict lease system, •which bai rprevailed for many years "in that itite. Instead of passing this . bill a compromise \^as enacted vrhich looks t6 the ultimate abolishment of the systeia, but it postpones it for three yeais. ft is notorious that not only in G sorgia but in others of the - Southern states, where the convict lease System prevails, if gives rise to the meanest and cmelest kind of graft, tinder ttiis system convicts do not labor for the state as in all tho= northern states, but they nre leased to •Individuals at- a few cents a day to do anjj an dall kinds of work. This means the establishment of .."convicticampS:" surrounded by armed guards[ with the men compelled to Irfwr tinder whatever conditions, the contractor may see fit to permit, • living on iwhatever food he may be -•wllllne to supply. —and dying at a frightful T ;ate from overwork, under- food, crue| treatment and nnsanitan' snrronndings. It is a relic om Medieval Barbarism, and tlic fact that Georgia, in many respects one of the most preisfessive states ,of the south, refuses Ifojrthwlth to abolish it is a reproach i against'the good name of the istate ^hat will not soon be;wiped out! It ifl mighty hard" for the old line; .sonthjern Democracy to get rid of-ihe Idea that labor ought to be fastened xfith a ball and chain and driven with a blacksnake. • t ; THE PillNARY MUST STAND. It Is safe to say that ifithereiis any- .thingjat a]i|in the report that Greeley county Reiiublicans are igoing to insist i that jtAeIr candidate rfor the legislature shall vote for-Senator liong. Mr,' Long tiimself is not behind the moTemenit or responsible for it. If tBere wei |e no primary law and a candidate tor the legisl'atui^e in Greclcy eoonty hlal been ilomtnated as au issue thai he wot(ld 'vote for Lornr of coarse he! could not hpncyably dO anything else. But there js a jirimary iaw and i 'B plain provision is that the candidate who receives a major- lt.r of-th^ Wes cast |in the majority jrf the legislative districts is the nominee of the party for United States senator. He is" just as much entiUed, ^ereforej tjo the support in the legislature "Of a man who represents a county which at thej primarv voted strongly gainst him! as l:c is to the «ipport of members I whose counties mted foriliim. Sena,tor Long under stands this perfectly land there is no donbt > wjiaiever that he accepts in '=go6 dfaith the decf^ion of the primary and {.that i Tib member of the legisla- -tore brill-ic^t a votb for him with his i The dispatches state that Mr. Dobs, the Socialist candidate for President, Kundng So£hers ahd I lOver-burdened TTomcn In all .stations of life, whose vigor and vltaBty mayj have been nndermincd and .'Ibrolnn-down by over-work, exacting social dutiMJ the too freiinent bearing of cUIdrea, or other causes, will find in Dr. .nerd's Favorite Prescription the most potmt, fnTigorating restorative strength- v-ifTerererdeJclsed tor their special bcne- 8b VatsingifBOthftfs wllLfind it especial- :ly vslnaUelVsustainlng >helr strength winjlDd f t a ptlceie^kiivtTpl^^tbo tor baby's coming and rSbdficibg kOvely painle »r *Jt i ;«^°{n ^^rtaU'or ebndit em. ttain »ak women, who ,_,„_nuent headaches, back-r '^(L aramotr-adwn distress lo%v dowri ^In t&«baraien,or from painful or irreg- Cnlari Jaoathly periods,. gnawing or dls- Creased sjaoalion in stomach, diay oc version otTzetro -verBion or other < :BM »(ts«f woaaanly organs from .^l puts WuTwhetaier ttiey expcri* ;«uar or InUjr » few of the above sy: PiMsallUli'xeUefan&s permanent euro M_«-».^,. - -Ty and ffirly persistenUy' r*wit» Prescription, beamed nedfie lor woman's Ad pei^iar ailments is a ttctraet o( the cholooet na- 1 loots without a drop of malm-op. All its ingrcdi- plain'XaigUshonits bottle- -'^'^^^nderoath. Dr. fuflest invBStlga- iwingtibMiliwIll ^yaneed medical ftldPetebtlaehoolBof prao- Auto Coats Kubberized Coats are better than ever this season; better in ciuatity. style and fit and lower in price. Auto Coats, like iiicturc. in fancy stri|)es and plain colors, new sleeves, new collars, new pockets and altogether a very new coat; price Auii> or ftiliry ('oats, full ruhhrr- ized ill dark !>ui(ik<' rt>!<ir.-!. a coat well worih $7 .r .o-, siipciiil inlcc Buitterick Fa^^Iuons help ydu to decide on the Eityle of gar- menll you want. Price with tached, boo^ c^oupon at- piakingthe you 10c cost BIG SPECIAL CORSET SHOWING .Ni'iiiti. Kabo. Th<inips |ins Glove Fitting and I^aVictuiie C< rcets.' Prevailing styles call for :|iiecial corset styles and with an ev>r watchful eye we have planned .'ind i reparcd for one of the greatest Corset • seasons in the history of our businfs>l Call and get acf|iiainted with the be I equipped cor.sei depannieiit in si utheastern Kansas. SELF-ltEMli IX; CtHlSEfs. .Nemo Corset No. "11. tjfiple strip, made of extra <iuality baljiste. velvet irip suiiporters on extra vjide elastic band. Thi.-; Corset is .so jonstructed that it is impossible for jbones and steels to cut through. Price L . .jj5;{.0<) i«GUARANTEEDi •TOWDtRiONCER: i THAN AWnr OTHER: i aiRSET BECAUSE : jMWPLE STRIP/ AND STEELS rao«// yCUTTIHCTNllOaCH:/ .\eiini .\<i. :!'J<i i> a si>le .'•iiiiilar lo Ihi> above but willi flatening bark. ivice .S:J.<M) Kalxt CiTsets jii ail lilt- latest .-styles, prired at .I^Cr lit ^tlAH) Tlioiiij )r'>ii Ci'' l-'itliii.u t'<>rs(>ls in six of the leadiiifT styles, iirieed at SI AH). St .r >0 \yn $-^.(M> l,a Vieioire Cor .seis. laee in front. maUe of the very material and sivi- the best satisfarliiin of any straight from cor.-el made. Price .\tisses" Rubberized Storm Capes in fancy i stripes with liood attached, size i;. S. 10 and \2. :so chnd should l>e without one of thesp: worth $5.')0; specially priced at Itlai-k linbberized .M^jorceii. a Coat willioif .la equal, widje <-o!iar. deei> eiiffs. ^<'i'if,«ieed xoke. priee Our sp 'M -ia! fan An',' CiK <i. Iiill riil'I>''i-- i/ed. bTi'hor tiiiu 'M .-.I nillar. etilTs aini |.oek<-i!i a v;-.' •••'y^:^'., \\:'-": t^jicfial pric- «-i K-^iiT SEir-HEDODWi Read ithe Delineator It tells all about the new styles. 15c a copy. Per year, $1.00 Fii>-lii «in >ays no hip<, and knit top pftticoals go a I<i<ng vjx In making sr.ur- inentx lit neatly ov­ er the hips, tio sur­ plus fuWuss . front poorly titling prtti- vuiiU a }«n' wear knit <<•)>>. ha>o .99 tlirni i'lUd at right prices. IN OHM DRESS GOODS DEPARTMENT .lohiisoii's I'ercales in all colors, bine, grey. red. black and. wjiitc: price I)er yard { lOf' Skinners" Uuiiranleed Satin, ;!•• inches wide in black, whitj- and c<>l- ors, wear guaranteed. Skin jers" Sutiti yard dyed, making it the 'ichcsi finished fabric on the market.; Look for the niin:e on tlie selvage; Ij price per .vard ji.. .•Hl ..-»0 Opera Satin, all colors, ."i; itidios wide. Wear guaranteed; . price per .vard t /aiAW Skinners' Taffeta :!•: iiicli4 's wide., wear giiarant<-pd. Skinners" Taffeta is not "jiisi as good." but is bet tit than the best. Kancy Allover l,,;ices and Hands t>> match, allover priced at Jjil (o ij(;t..')() Hands priced at, yard .. .2J>C to (Mf iUack 'raffeta ::•"> inches widi!. a silk that cannot :b<! duplicated any place under ll .L '.'i per yard. S|)ecial price per .vard SI AM N'ew Uice lii'w , Ties and Collars in white and colors: jprice '.i.l .V.M» .lOC .Mone>bak Uliicl; Tafftta. M inches wide, wear snaranteed, detachalde selvage, we give you a written iiuai- aniee with every yard of Moneybak si k. Si>ecial price, yard Sl.tiO I'aiK-y Side Itaud^ Fleeced Waisiiit-^s. :'.7 inches wide in tan. blue aiid browji. price per yard ...' /.. .•>C' Have yoiir dress goods spici.^ed. Pii- ple.\ Siiotless Spofeer does the w..rk well, price, yard ItO ami ."jc Itiitlerick Pat..riii I"c and l.'.c. iioii,- hiuher. \V.- eaver bnttoii,- to tnatcli >'.ur i;ariii'.>iiis. Fancy Hair Goods .Itisi ieceived'a Iari;e shipment of hair -.Joods. Fancy naiuriil colored liair roils. :;<• to I 'T Ions, priced It . A.\D 40e Wire I'oiiipadors witli comb attached. i>rice -'- ...!3 .>C W'iiP Haiilighi crowns wirh combs attached, price 50C Wi.-e franje Poinpadors. covered w'liii liaHit'al citlored hair, .price lio^ F.acy Hack Con rbs with wing deco-.' j ration of brilliants, special price 7,">e Another e:q^ress order of Tinsel Nech GirldlU receiv- today, pricjj to Ioia,Pittsbuifg and Atchison Kansas Gatlirie> Oklahoma, and Carthage, Mo. ManTd by E. Broderson lola.Ks. A Cool, Delightful Smoke had a big audience at Kansas' Cjity thi> other day and that he spoke in a lot. of "explosive"" sentences wt-jjcli aroused the Rreatest enthusiasm. Tjhe sentences tefnrred to may have soiip.d- etl "explosive" as they were spokin, but as they appeaerd in cold type tn,!ey sounded simply silly. The trouble with .Mr. Uobs is ahat where he jfle- 1 Ne^s of (he County o—. c'ares that Socialism would solve our economic problems and make pv- erybody equally rich, he forgets to • jell us how it wiii do all things. j| If •he will drop, his "explosives" iQfm enough to enlighten us on this s ib ject some of these times, what ho say.^ will be listened to with a KtJDd deal more respectful attention tl hn anythiuj; he has yet uttered. I I .VEOSIlO VALLEY"!. I j Otto Hillbrandt is usiiij; hi.i engine to plow;with. ' Mrs. George Kryer of loin wjis out to C. I J . Arnold's place Wednesday,! Kansas City the first of the week, to visit her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Rube BaU-. Henry .lones canie run from town with \V. |J. IJoliii Satiirda.v. :int\ lat -iT attended the Jtaptist associatioir at .Marion' Preston's place. A fi -w farmers were sowing wheat the first of the week. This will become a •-•i-neral engag 'Muent by the last of the present week or tiie first of IK'Xt. .less and Frank Holin went to Car- Iota Sunday after nuon. after sevenil days" visit with relatives here. Tuesday eveuitu; ahottt sixty of ihi- yoiin;; ;ieople of the .\!. K. chiircii ;;aili ercd at the home of Kev. and .Mrs. .\'eal .lohiison and siirnri -ed Fred and l*er- tha liayless who leave in a few days: for Lawretice. T!ie Hayless •faiull .v bad been invited ti> siijiper at the par- .«!)iiaKe and shortly after sapjn r tin- yoiiiiu people ariiVed and coiiipleiely surprised them. The . .enin-.; .was spent in games and titii.-<!c and also re- frcslinietils were servi -d .Vt a late hour the yoiin;r people left for their luinies after bavin;: spen: ati etijtiy- .ible evening. I_ Kcv. Casii. of fnloRrown. was In |ltroiisoii Tiiesflay oti a bii.sine .ss visit. ', P.ftwern Keveuty -fivc and one htin- dred people from l!ron .s (>n attended the Old .Settlers Picnic at Itiioiitown I .Saturday Mrs. i Monl.sworthl -i.-t^r atsd tiiic"' catup oiit with Kev. .Moiilswortli 'o lb j chapel iS'inday' afternooil I .Mis.-;; .lack.^ou and .Vii|:> i.'-Ui lli.:;- • in*.; drove up to .\Iiirirf{i' .\ioiiday. I I .Mrs. iMimiie Ciiiiwood's nieces fro;ii i , I!rouso;n visited her Siidday. { •j Mr. Eit^slns is imildirr-' a new liiutij LEGALS' , , . Cene Conlla-ils oi Fort Scott, was where .Mr. Fryer and S. Woten are fervill<>. .Mo., a few day.s ago where in Iticinson .Monday .-iiakiim hands buildihgl a barn. ! ' i they will spend a couple of weeks vis-j with old friends The '^as well farthest w-est on C. itins friends. | ^liss .Mabelle Nesmiir "if F.:): Scu;t J. Prest«n"s placo that was just fln-| Rural mail route.Xo. l was supplied; wa.- here Sundav visiii:i^ !..-r friend, ished wits a failure, but the one now. by a substitute during .Mr. TerriUs; Ihlma (;i «>dii.». .Tcdrfc^vvroina&'s. peculiar UNIFORM ACCOUNTING' SYSTEM.' Topcka, Sept. l>t.—T.he state fcifx commission today };ave a hearing committees from the County Cler and County Treasurers" Assoclat on the question of adopting a unifi system of book keeping for handl taxes. The law requires the tar mission to establish a uniform syst The commission was too busy tlug the assessment started off rtftht this year to give consideration to he book keeping future. It will takt it : later. •"The new accounting system cLn- not be put in until a year from njxt October," said S. C. Crummer, m<|n- bcr of the commission, today. **T le new county treasurers go into ofi i& attiiat time. 'We couldn't well afft -A to make the change in the miiddle 9f the term. The .commission Jias pl^ ur |,ty of time to frame up a good STB- (tem; and.we wHl not hurry the mlt- i;t©r:'; •• ^ being brought In is quite promising. Ituss Smith's brother, w-hom he had not seeti for many, years. Came here from Chicago a week or two ago and will llk(|ly remain with him for some time. ab .M-nce the first part of the week. .1. S. Taylor and his little son Chal mers. Bp«'nt a cotiid.- of weeks with \ .Mrs F. .\. .I'-nnlnss Mr. Taylors parents in .MichiR .in !ri>- ! .Maiy i!lackinaii cently. •I; A number of the neighborhood at -JQ. tended the Primitive tion, hHid on J. .M. Baptist assoria- j Preston's farm • ©- BROXSOV. Friday and continued F. c. Ttayless was ! Saturday renting a his son. Fred, ami datijihter. Heriihii.j will leave Saturday for I-awreiice!* .Mrs. Seth Stewart .ind daughter. Iteta. of lola. were visitin;: .Mr. and S'inriay. line in from I'li- . iontriwn Sunday. She will .^:ay with j lier ^;niiidpaic«ils. .Mr .ind .Mi.-t. ".V. O Kane, and attend st bool here this . / I wi 'iinr. . Ol Mr. Smith bus pur< !i;ised T U. Web- ti I^iwrenre. Ka.f. j ^'<''"s beautiful residence in the north hciiise. H P with'l'atl and will, in a few weeks; move WESLEY CHAPEI- ^^^^ that began on over Sunday. N. M.i Burton's fplks spent Sunday on the west side. Mrs. Klink and her daughter. Mrs.; vkhere the ehildren will enter the Sta'te j ! McHeury. spent the day at M. P. Ja-.V'niversitv 'O • — O coby's Thursday. ! Mrs. .Marvel and son. Orln. left fori .Mr.s. Frank, Cramer, of Oklahoniu. it-win be remembered that rural r^wrcce. Tuesday. Orln will ei»lt;r! came In .Monday for a visit with her schools {will begin next Monda.v. It the state university this fall. i [sisters. .Mrs. J. It. Turner and Mrs. is hopedj that the poplls of our schools; Robert llowers and Jim Osborne : .\rthnr EViwards and friends. .Mrs. will be j-eadv to start the first day. ,were In Kansas Citv from Wednesdav t Cramer used to live here. • Jas. tpqlglazier. who now lives at uniH Monday on a business visit. ! -Mr. Isaac Is building an addition of Colorado I Springs, -was -amopg old: Three young ladies were baptized 4t i two rooms to their house, friends ] lere the flr^t part o< the week. , the Baptist church iSuaday mornihg. Mrs. John Young visited Mrs. Hardy He will make a short visit In St. Lou-:eighteen werei ittptized In the Un^iFriday. Is befor» be retnrns home; Istoneri^-er Sunday ;afterboon. J: Jtd»b Holt's bou ^tsoniB property t • Mr. ind Mrs. Dwi^t Pterri«.a in ftCtlorado tow i while on a trip borne from a fitw we^ visit^in Itfiia,reeen ly.Y . Irtulo, Sunday. , i . Hunteii-oune 4oiiji,fromI Elmor NIchoraand :iirife ralurlioaito. iFil.-.t f'liblithfd Scptetiiiier J». t ; SIII-KIFK'S S A L K. The State of Kansas. jAUeu Fonn'.y. initho IHsirict Court. Thirty-Seventh .ludicial Oi.strict. .Siitinj; in and for .Ml^n Cotinty. state of Kansas. The JCoithriii> .National Hank, a .-or- IKiratioti. Plaimitl'. vs. ^;e<>. .1. .\lfai.r-. and Ai::ia I.. .Means, l.'eljendants By virltie of an Order jof Sale issned by the; t;ierk of the •thirty-Sev-iii!• .hidicial Oisirict Court, in and y-r .\.- len Cciitniy State of Kansas, in above entitled cu'iFe. a!nd to n :i- d- re<-ied and delivered. I vj-jii on 0< t(i,-.f: \ix\\. A | It.. 1 'JO .S. at ntj ociock u of saiiijda.v. at the sotiiii door D: ;!;•• court Itiinise in the City! of l(>la. \V.:A Coiinty.i State of Kansas^ offer lo- .-,a:e and sell to the iiishesi bidder, tu; c:;.-': in band, the ftdlowiu^ jde.scnNni if;:! estate, to-wit: l.oi No. ^"I've i.'-i. l'.l <ici. Xo. Twji ili. ill Ur«iokliti i'atU Addition to !rhe City of loi .i .i .\ile« foim;'-. Kansas] .according to tiie recerdid plat thtjreof. Said lands find f n» aieii'; will bej scdd without a||prais-iiicli' to satisfy isaid Order of ^ .U-. . ! C O l|t)l.1.1Ni;Kit. iSieriH of .\!leii t OUiHy Kaa.^a »y. A. t. IJO.VrRlGHT. t"nd«r Shtii:/ .said I):.-.;r!rr c 'i :!;f. and that unless von ansiviT the smne on or before the :>t |i da.v of ()cioi..>r. laos. j'idgnienf. win be reniiered a.i;ainst yon. and each of yi>;i. ;is provided for in .said iictitiori," ex(li;dii:g you and each of you from any interest, tiile or escue in. or lien npoti the South Half, of tin- Norliiwest Quarter of Section i'::. Tciw -nship 2:?, ll;in.«e L"o. in .-X-len ("onnty. Kansas, ({iticting piaiiititfs ti'Ie and possession of, .said ab.ove drsei;.''eil laind perpetu- tilly enjoinitr -T yori :uid each of "}ou from seuiti:; <>: eiaiinini,'any right, tit'e. imeres or esta!" in or lien ut>on said iil >i)Ve d. s(;!).ed hind, or any itarl tliiirmf. and re!' aiiin .i? and canceling of reord a certiiiti lnort^a,ge given! by Fliisclie to said defendant! Willis C. l:radl >y. "r alKiut the first d.iy <i' Feliniri.'v. l.S^.-^. tJn secure the payni -u' of SPm .HO aiui interest to bc- ((iiii- due' thtif on. which mo^tgag•^ is lev.irded in liie otTjce of the Reirister • )i li'id .-i. of -Mien Coiinty. Kiinlsasj in i '.i .uk ""T."' a' pa^e 571. and also, releasing and canceling ot record a cer- ::u:i inort^a!;e. executed and delivered ! y one. .\nlon Flusche to said defehd- atit. Willis C Firadley,- oi /cir about the fii.-t day of FWbrnary. to seciirtt the payni'\'it of J |i>.'"», ivlitch morl- i ;at;e i.s reccrd-d in the office of the Kei:i,<!er of l>-'(i.-. of Allen Couijty. Kuusas. ill i>""k ' T." at page "t.\. .NOAH I.. }SOWM.\.V .\itoruey for Plaintiff. \;TeHl C. F APAMS. I 1 .1 fierk of the District Court. TO ORGANIZE A CHESS CLUB. to HaX Ma Hunten xcame don^ ,from 1 El Mrs. HlgKins Tisited. Wrs. .Franltlin Siolth Uoodky afternoon. - p | •' Jan J. R. TiiniCT Is ^biijlngfealTes. Mti and Mrs;%'81aigai attended s^r- T ]eeS|attbeCdii|pei: (First I'ublishcd August i'. i;'i'> » ^IBLIt'.VTIO.N -NOTICE. State of Kansas, .illen County, s=. In the iDistrlct Court. S. A.iTJiome. Plaintiff, vs. Willis C. i Bradleyj and Bernard Fresenberg, Defendant Itate of Kansas! to Willis C. and Bernard Fresenberg:, i ad eadi of yon ire hereby no- ,jtm have bean sued;by tlie plAintiff. mm vho has filled of tiio cleric lof • .\ chets club will be organized, at the y. M. C..- -A. tonigtt, Ereryjon^i » ho Id Interested iu the games is lilvjt- ed to attend. It is desired to orian- izo a club with a good mexnber^hip so that series of games with the club may be played. It is especially dtjsir- ed that some of the young men enter the class' that new players developed. After the club is in good working order, O. C- Brett, of Hitm- boidt. and other crack players, wia be chiUenged. After the organization itohigbt, a ninulier of games |rill Be played. ' ' I. - 1

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