Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 3
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^ OFLAHAiiE 1> THE FARMEK'S EXHIBIT. TO PUBLISH PREMIUM LIST r- LlHVI, TKNMS n.AYKltS E>TtK roiMV/roi K>.\J!I:M. Proti niid .Mr>. A. .1. UiiK.r l.vit TiU'- daj for EniiHtriii to AUrinl Kuii- ftal or Jlr>. i»ak«T*^ SUUr. ••yn%it:''>-'"l^-V-". Pelo tertaiu Int shown is to I Knt<rtiiiii iiolkiii. .liuy of ilu~ i> '""iay .-ii- ins; .1 1). Ii'itkiii. 1 •i:iin'<T.i:ir candidate .UKNOI iwr. I'his .vfiuni; .Mr. Iklkifl will .-poak ii: tirc! 'rest in I'lirnirr's Exliiltit. A!re]<(iy urirh iMrcr.-i is" licini: lin tl-.f Fainiti s ivxliihir w!;ich 1^ hoiii iii iliis t-tv dcuil'i'v M U and fttJi;. Tl>'^ i-.iisii;< iiii TI .i'lci crs alijko aio taikin:,'. i;. Th.- .-xhi,!!!! this ytlar i>iiii.-o> u. pr. -' vious <|{rorts. \V(i:cl I MS iifrn r.'k'civ''(l from jiirnii;.- and i. .-.iilrins Uma over (no cmiiny ir,a:;.i'>:!n^ i^iii in- tcntiotis of -I!'- ::;r-' ihch i'Vi)(iin"!.-= and conipciiiii:.r !!•' i'lix-'r.. A (oni- lUeto !i^! >ff jp; nil \«- ;,ti!i;is!it'i1 as sooU as ii \\,:< !••>• ,•• r.uiijM. .1 ' • The t'ol:<(Wi:iU .p.;ir,i; t.v's wcr. .ij.- lM»Inted; Advftri:siim-\\" i> Piii.; .1 (j Rnl)crt;(. i;r-<- \' iiiii.ii.i. Locaiio:'.—t^, T, iS \Ia'u-..;ii Prenl5lI^.l^—".I. K STui'ii S T <;lO'^i'. C. H. Ol.-'^n Ent.3:t3ihHi':;".- ii M> Iti'uaiil. Ajirit son. .lohii if" New II?-II9 West Street H. A. J ^e9, Manager Get ID on the good things. | We sell them for less . Your produce is the san^e as pash with us in any department of our^ \ big store. Buy Dry Goods, ShoesiGfathing or Gjfoceries^-^^^ iiiHur. - .1 \l Siiilih. H. H' • '•I' / / This price. , ^d ft ynw w Ml. rvj 'KK. week w rf<'>ivv.! <•( wall piper <i\vvr; ir.'iii lU.- i.u-tory. which ve r:in .>•':•'-i.'.'.li' rt--J.aj IkviiltUn! i:';'''r:i- a! r.. T. •ems ••l.i"ik •(•111 <i\.'v." A|V.\TKi;S l'\.\n>KTll On:^.- a:i.l ^,^•A<^'.vy. The l>etini: C<?\inty city local iv:i!r.- ri!l> (lU.. •i.- l^:^. •>i-';:i gqmes jwill I'f :!(• ••!>• '" Li Hat;." '•r''- ' |0:i vCo.l'x'^.lav • !•!-.• I '^iUijif- Hyaii;. . •:• ••• i:- T ' Thursdiay lii-b' 'i:.,..-. .i.f. a /Ddnaldl aiid Hy;uiiv>. il.M.'aifii I 'iu'.n'r '1;'..' !iH>^• ! M M,.r- Pr Albany sick a! Falh. r "l< 11!. Mo. wh.^-e bis taih' bis l^oiuo i:: 'l^a* > -v MK\*s srsi'E\nF.iis. MenV T.'ic Suspenders iioiii^ at ..Kir M.'irs .'>iio StisiH'nders iJiii a;...Stir .Miii't :.'>a' Susiie:iiler.s jrtii f;; a:..'.l.*>c MK>'S llOSK .jj ."i>i (lii/.oii .Men's-t'ohjiu H<|^o worth :'. for- iMi sale at per (lair .... "M- Mens Hose at ! IT 'tf .Men"s l.'-e Hose a .MEN'S SIIIHT>|| Shirts jio- Wr at :•»«• Lsal .Mens .".'I,- jilid i^'ic Workj • in;: ai I^.'.ii .Men'.-. Siuns on. .Mens fiuiiy ilvi::ss sliitts. isvctiih ${«'< to .<V.L'"'. on >ae at .. .||. . . ... "">«• MEN-S OVEKAl .|i .S. .Ml .'IS 0\rral.'s a.- .:;o<'d as yiny yoii hny for ;<i'c and $1 on jsa';.- ai I 'M- .Men s JI.i"! Ki Ki Palit.s o-'i s,ile ar T.> tine l.o- of .Men's Hih ()i|e;als at .'... I I> MEN-S ( Al'vi Aiiv <':tp ir, ill.' house prieiy. Try us and see MP '.S SHOE>^ .Mens JI'Mi niiu -her sty;;|- Mfii'.-. ?ti't' ilal>'!it leathej. in lai e ar.rl hnitnns fa< loi \ Stvlrs .Mrf'-- Mi'tai. iiii .-i/>'.- >'• -i. ' I ^I '.T.". M.-':i''s V;ri K;d ii'. all tryl-l- and sU>s w.>nh ;;oin«!at ...#i.-J'> MEN'S r ANTS' .M.-nV I'.uits \\oi;h $\x>" }" .M.n"> a.i «o..' \'.v,'.'> ;!M $4 (Ml -o •••• U.v. on ?ai All oil! .>-' i>ari? • on sa 51 i.iir of iron.-jrs on MEN'S INHEinVli r.ii.i .M.i.s I'antv Indors to T."'.-. o;i .-^a!e at y\r-\\~ :'.'.(• iiii'i<rwtar on MEN'S n EF HITfoNS. \ '.111- : of t'l'^' i"l"o;; : \ _•. .- t of ciifT I'.iT-ons MEN'S BELT .'ii •'.'.,• ati.l :J.''C Kelts. i otii'-i-s a.-k ai,..#i.;-'. , at .iifl.lMI -air a! ;:.r AK. ,:t.-.c ^a:.• ar ith- h>n\c a; !•"»«• .1fE>*.S ( LOTHIX;. Ill tlie fnllunini: jou will liud the i!rcutr!>t lian;ain> anywbrrr un rartb. TUr irtall ordiT lioiiw«i are a thlnir of the |ta>t in an; iiiir that HKK.HT A. VtK haw for jou iiiH >t n-nipmln-r we sell it for \\do it. .\|fn'5 all wfioi fvi-^f sii:t-.h siz»'s m 111 worth Jir. on s;ilf a' .f9JM .\Ieirs all Wool iinpiirli-ii wcirst'^1 suits in eolor.-.^ si/,<'* ;o t". worth Jl-'-. a: ' *IIMM» .Inst a lew -nits in Itulii colors uoiih 11(1 to $!.>>•">. ^otiit: at . .$9 .IM> .Ml pure ttooi wo;>iei| suits wortli $i I"' to fl.'.'.ii. nil suo' ar .*S .IM> I'iaek e!a> woI^!e(i .-nil.- that se'l ev.i-.ywliiM.' for $!'HMi. at i^r.i'l .\lt !r.- $^11" Suits ;;oin:: ;;t .#."»JM) .Men's all woo! fa!i<-> wio-ti-ds. siz- 1.- ;:: to lo, we:e wov. . IO.INI MEN'S HATS. .Ml n > $."-i'ii Ha;s snins at M.ii s $1 oil Hats .uoins at .Mi'ii's .".0 Ma's coinc at .Nli-u's $"J Hats troir.u at.... .Men's $;:iHi Hats poin:: at . . .Men'.- Hats ;;oiiis ai... MEN'S WHKK SHOES. .Mrn".- Tan IC k Skin. woiih IIOU .Men'- Tan. K.'k Y'';iow:.fon»- worth n<e.\ .M-ns .\fi,r Ii ;• \V..ik Slio.-. L'.'i. now .\1<.'H Cttn.:;!!—• and I'low , *l.7i . .11 .00 Calf •N orili $1.7.-. Shoe>. w o: th "ii. -a.-A :pl.|j MEN'S OXEtinits. .Mi'ii .- [Mieiit l.iii'on ()^forll^. AOI:!I $ I •»> at M-n- Whi'i- (.'anra- O.^fonl-. \\o::h now NTK; MEN'S TIES. .%!• :r~ I'e Tifs i;oiiiL- at . M>'.a -'•"•e Ties ::oi!;^ a' |.">r MEN'S I'ANt V VESTS. M.n.i Jl' -..I V.->.< ^oii.-.; :,- T^J .IIrt Men s JJ.iMi Ver!- :;oini- a: •^l.-'iO .M.ns Jl.rtO Ve.sts izoini; a; ^IMi L.VDIES* SILK (;U»VES. I-adies*' black silk .cloves. li;-iiu(ton leninh. worth elsewhere $l..'.i». on sale here at y^k- l.iidies' $1."" alovt's on r.ale at. . . WIr Ladies' ."rf'e silk short !enf;;h siovt-s. uoins at 19r Ladies' I'.'-c siiort jziovt-s. jcoiau at a pair |0r LADIES' OXFOItn .S. l«iilies' Haipp' S.-i^'-T Tie. woiiji coiuu «i U-idies' Renutiie I'alt-nt I'olt worth tZM'* EVIUES' TAN tlXEtUlHS. Kijs-ian I'ali'. .-ailor lie. a I -i/.f.-. worth |;:.<M» — iijt:, I'ark. I'offee eoiorvd Oxforils. worth .... $I.9i Ladies' (inn Meial sailor tie in sizes from 4 to ".. worth $2 7.-.. now ilJ^ i.«tdies' Patent Hlucher Ihiekle. worth j:'..-'.n. now .. iJiia Oiil l.,adies' Kuniforl shoes. w«>rtli $I.T.'.. now 151.1.1 l.AIMES' HOSE. J-;tdies' .V'e la< e hie hose Koins af l.adies' L'.-.e lace hose goiiiK a? I7'ir l.adies' I.".e lase ho.-e soinK at.. lOr EVIIIES' SklUTS. ./ii.-t leeeiveij a line of skirls that are far .ihove those offered elsewhere at Jl-..'^ii> and Ji'.'in. on .s;i!>- a! #10.W» Uiilies" Jli'.'lo skirt.- in paiianias and \oiI,s i>n .-all- at WJW l«i<l:.s JS'iit skii's soin--- at !MJ!-'I !_!•!!•>' $T "If skir's j:oin2 at.. . .*S.2."i I -H I I'S $t.iM» skMts noins at ifi.tM* Lidi-v-' J:: I'" skirl- ijoinc at 79r I. HUES' i-ErriftiArs. l-idi.' • JK")<t ("ilk I'ettieoats at . .*i .lKI l-nli.-' $•'•"<' Silk Pftttieo;its a^.^M..*!*' Uidi''-' S".'ii' lie iiherhlooni Skirts coin-.: at #5.00 l^idirs' IL'"1' llf.itl).tMiHin; Skirts in:: at HJi^t I.a<lies' l'e:iieo;i;s :.;ouij; at..7ir Uidies' Kitiioiui.-. woi'h ii|> to 91-'-. ou sale! at; ;7ir LA»IE$' SriTS. I^ailie?' tT^'ii) Suit's, fancy hroadcloih. suing at Brown's only ;.110.00 LAIUiCS' HOSE .SIPI'OKTEKS. A'oiir choice of any Ladies' llosje su;i- (forters. Roins at 19c t HILHRES'S SHOES. ("hildreii's sch >K >I shoes, sixes from U to » Children's %::.<»> shoes on sal.> at #l .9tl Children's J'.'.r.O shoes «>n sale at #1.75 Children's shoes on sale at $1.5.1 Children's J^.'xt shoes on .'»ale at #IJ« Children's ILT.I shoes on! sale )flJj .1 Bariniin« School !•>«• lor thildrruV and' W«ir.. Tablets for |K>nc-i! use. the larsr si/.e that -e!l elsewhere for .'. cents. Thur.- day, Kriday and Safiirday at 2 for .Ir ink It'e index; tablets and copy bof>ks on .-ale. at ;each rfC Knvelopes worth Oc per bunch guins 2 for i.... .ir Children's i:>r. Hose. SuUan brand piiiiK at lOr Children's I'.'ic Hose, no better made, for the money, on sale at ;.19c Children's 10c tchiwl Hose, the best wearing hose iu<- can buy. in nit.xed colors. soinR at - 6r DRKSS r.OOTiS for the school girl that se'l elsewhere for 1.1c. on sale here at lOr t vi.icos. »; .•.'i'( vards of (Calico, all standards, worth and tc. on sale at i>ei yd. •> BOV'.S SCHOOL SHt»E.S. Sizes tl4 to 44 rtoy's fJ.'i" shoes';; Hoy's Jl'.r.o sh«>e!j Koin? at. Itoy's t-.-'- sh•>.*^} ;:oinc at. ISoy's $2,011 shoe:3 soins at Hoy's $17.''. shoe^ :;oins at, HOYIS snrs. II..v".- Sihool Sijit.s that a:i\ worth $4 I'U ar" soin^ at #i.«4» * I5<»y".- Muster Hrtiw n Suits soinR herr- at . $1^ ..#IJJII ...#IJU ...#1.50 ,#1.30 #1.20 ;.1c Coffee going at J.. ;...Hje U)c poffee poing ^t. .;.83e-||| l.-.c Coffee goinsjiit. -'•>c Coffee Kolng-at... .It* lli.^aid 20c bulk; CofTee going at.ville-^ s bars Silk So^p tor. '.,..S5e, Trilby Soap going at ->;-^: Kig Four Soap tn'tae "t P*' ''•>'ii.»f*! Clyderine Mornins Soap going aU .8^:, Ta r Soap coing ait - .^U -4e^ Kairy Soap goins atl l-lc; I'iuijo Soap goiiis at Lav;: Soap gomS ai .;.Jt ;s i BAKIXe PUWDEB. j K. (f. 2:ic cans soing-ac iSDe' K. (. i-1c cans going at, .-llStj CaiUmot 2Rc cans going at -I2*ei; Calumet Mc cans going at ... Calitniet 10c cans going at ... Tea 10c cans goins at LYE- So|i<> Lye i I>wls going at . Red I Seal Lye goins at Eagle L>e goin^ at The above and thousands of otb«r bargains fill our grocerr d«(iartm^' with anxioMs buyers. All pbone orqer* • will receive prompt attention andf^da^' liveryV. '\ WASHI.Mi A.M> StOl'RIXO SOAR- Riib^ .N't» .More at .; Whiie Line Powder j al ..^.^.Itfi. Niiiti. OX^lock Tea |ai ^'j ^H Ton! .\nil I '-P^',-: Capital Scouring Powder .jfC: INEW FALL DRESS UOODS. [ I'incy Dress Goods.- strictly allj wonj and fancy stri «es., worth T5c; on | salej at 8*^' I'iney Serge in ktripcs and' plaii^; all v'wl. r.l inches wide, worth $1 a yard Tiiousands »f Xew TUB^L p»rry day. .Wtendiiis SMir'- Cnnrral. Prof; and i^Irs. A Uak'M- :.;! I; day for Euipicia. Ku^.. wh.^:.' !h-y will-at _ tend the rir.o:a: of }.!;>. n:!ker'.- sister jw^-.o ii-.i-i :.!.-; rr..-.naft.M- •'short iiine^fs. j I Holdinsr ( ,ii:fi> Meetinir. ThejOld Stviv ll-.:.::--. . • • . munity are ihi.- •.v:.r-;< I;-'':::.'- a f.^-... tneetiri? on the .M-.i:'!:-: Prt-^o;; :'a:rr: three aiKi or.c-h:.':( :i;;:cs city. aitendfid. I*er-»nal-. 1. E. L;;if".hck v-:ut::-\ from ii trit) t!::o.:_-;. .\.-f,rj.-k.i he has b-:ci'i ou :•;;! r Dan Moo;.h';.fi. i'...j; Clareiice r,^i..- w-;;: I'.,:- ; yesterday H. Sacu is ii.ij.r. p;--;:o ; to E^nid. Ok!a Jli-si Morris. .Vi-i-J.-!,,! v\,;guest fif frS'iiil- !> : • \V. jv Kai r:ii-.;'": '• \\''oc>da rd. Ok! -i . \>. i: • • • after proji. tt;. i;!'Mrs. ].<.'./.:r 'iV. ^ foe her !!on;.- ;:. <:.•, ' few diiys v.- • -.v :. .Mr. jan.i M I .\eo«iei-h.i. at' 'I •• hcie. I \ < undidulc lleUIn iier*-. .1 i| r«>;ki!i. Ii. II..1 . .. .; : for l;iliVoMior. r...- from iwiiill.ilil .mil .r i v i later jf'n .vbuviii tt'ii-!.- i i-v.: nddic.-js ..' •:!•!• M •i.i:: '., • • . • noon 'Mr v.- u... ••• ;.. i held I:; tii. - V M r ^ •..itM.n/ OF GAS Cin '.IISS EIINA MiKtMEV AND KJiYLE TO MAKKV T 0 NI(;HT, WELL KNOWN YOUNG PEOPLE ( HOi:\I I LIB IVIEL FOKM Vjl II VY HAI Iv PAHTYEKinAY EVENIjNIi. (.ha-. H. Apl III li-la Hill Vddn Bryan ( lub at the Meetiu'.r Sajjiir- da^ tMnimr—Personal*. Mi-';. Meiuney In Marrj. \i . .o I'll- l.;i>< rt-i:( .- IMiK-. Ml .Olio . i.t-;;ii.- < ; .„ :•. W, Ki':. • U'i' !o:-ii;i o' <;,i- I.;.-' - i .M -•. Ml.:;. Mi-- M 'K. U I. • • .':.iv I- .t. • .1 ••!•: K.'..'•.^ li \oiiii- j - • • i-ir\ Mr K.n ;. tor:i,i-' ;•. \: <•,.• ..fl; - dl ,1,; -.lo;. 11 : j .. v\ . .Mill.; » ll : <.<-rl,|- i lilt h.oa.i- ul till ^ iMir; l-.l.l Mir I. Moolli, V 1. no.. llM-i- I thi> A'-'k Tin ; it-, liu-ir h'jnie. i:. T .Ian..-., of \S":'<l;i-.i. fs hrrr o.i a li'i.-iiifss \isir. I. F Po--.r :>•(: ;.. .--.-Ida-. for li.iu!'.::i.-o:i .-t bu.-ir.t -.- IL .o:. a it^a! ^'-tatt- d>.;)i .\:!.':i Ko.-;er. ol Kaiisa.- t':t' i.- !:• ;c visitiiii; his parents I'.on S;->ikf i- IIIOM:!I: li-i-- : ..ui ni--.!i<"k. Kas. H>- joniif;;> lived !i.T»' bur nioved aw.i.> a ''•ar ii^o •^Tlie infant of .Mr and .Mi- Haiii-y .V'-wland i- lejioiti:'! a.- l.c:!i:: tiiiite seriously ii: .Mr. and .Xir?'. Ilant.-: n-tiirioid •••rday ._frrJiii Kaii-;)^> <'••> wb'-r.- i!.-. >i.!Vf-I;oii buMii- :ii'''J:- for iti'i: BIGGEST OF VOTES MR. SCOTT PREDICTS ALMOST UNANIMOUS VOTE FOR STUBBS. Bryan Enthuiasm is Becominq Weaker in Kansas all the While. Says Congressman. |S> the .1.- 1 - - iid .M:. .I.-.- of Uo: h. ''. ij\ •inn;; .\1: Hr.»aii Club ii. -leH. ^ .111 .iiii' • ' • Cha- H »i, ,. . r . ..k. I It" I »' »' Gem City Business College '.QUINCY. UL. -Annnal nttrwlmoce 1M». » K -ac t;..n>.Sta.Jrat» frwm —— maiur-.tT of ftat«'e...Occa- piea Its owa » II«,OOB sp«;l»ll» <le- Bi«W'!. and : t-uTUp'x-l- baudlcc. await cKr jrrs*»t»s.- Thor- 10119 oiurb i"<urse» in Staort. rp«writiDS. Bookkeeping Ac- paunpw I 'rj»€-«ic«, l'euman»filp and Mataenatic*. Wr.u- (<.r uur bvaatlfuljlloii- oSed oualo^ne rivtiur tall isfnrmatloo <re«. •I: > j D. «I^LM ^J >--,^'^irig *„l .*J • ni.n - . 11. (,i> on llajraik l!id< • ii-.i .1 ':.i\;\;K-k pai'^ f 1.1 V ••\.-;niii. .V 1 • \\ ..' :rav<• 'i. ;•• . a' > d:n-' 'o il-"i :">'ii: u . \ .if.-ji-i :>.o.-i • •.:.< rsio Ca-<-> "i Vppendlritij !'. :ii Cai !toii .uid .\ I. .\'lau: T,i rh.s r:t> -nfferili;: fimii die:;:- N'.-itiu-i tas'- is tiiiiti!;li -IT;OII-. i tii'ii Ml Ii-. 'M.!:i ia,.peii- ;o be i 'lit'- I'ei, Visited Par>tins. .. n.-fuiiier? ol iii.- Has <' ci ii;.- di'pa; tniHiiT. fwei%e i| «•» .'•1' in tht 'i:.^ s^-veral , Mo!i'la> tiiruule fiom tias ..lop iu w!iere they will attend loiiriiaineni which opeiied at Don't Wait •e this ii'ornini:. The io.i i Th'i^ tin;'' while b.-rc in 'til- h.-adiiiiarters wnere they i lioAii over the biiildin;; and 1 -A ; e .Mtei taint d by Chief Bu 0<-eu- iflsitUij; were ijther- lel and vi.:- ji niim- hours f ily to e 1 flre- Tliey .'eft on tlie liaty at till tie seasou'i^ lUcii lo.hav*- y.jut - foi Jop'in.—Parson.-; J->liJ|»e. heati Jg ^tove i^tt up anti tomitct-. j ed. Do it no^. and avoid unoc.-i v.',.tei .S";S .n.ed ho yes- e£Sar:r discomfort. We can tple ,,„„, Ottawa where he has ot a-lar;;t; amount of this kiti i , i„ . n vi-itju;: for the past sevej il days, of WOrk and do it right. j Mt and .Mrs. William liar and of 'Xeodesha. are visiting relativ s here this week. They will return Ho their home Saturday. , Mr. and Mrv. I.*'».i^ Marliii juf Nevada, are the guests of frieujp» here * A New ( heniisl. K;.>1 CiiiMi-l! ha:- -rZOt-.i- to l,:t. Ci'.\ a< ;.»-p* ,1 po.-iiou as luad i lu-niist lor th- Prinie \V/-sie:n siuelfrs at r'i^^iy „,,\.„1,,, „f y^,. Br.vans tiiat I^ac•^ Mrs l-'inm-l' and r^m. . ^ „.;,!.,„,f„r n ti ir.i t.irfu MerVe, will join .M: HiMie!; in a f-^l ^f.^^ lays and make Gas C!-> th-ir lt:;ur.-[^ iioiio-—l'ifis:i'ir:4 Headlicht iiiit SHE TI5Y SIUIIIE: r»rnirr l"la l«irl I 'IMI I, I 'II'INIMI Niirhl Bn'ore Iji^t. Io-j..Mi 1 oiu..- f 1 oiii Kistaoi. 'Mi.o' lIolMil'- l.o\.-'l daii;;li'. r o!' M: a:i.i .Ml-.;.-liri- l.o\.''' foi!ii.-!;\ re-;di-a:- toi.-. ii.ail-i an .iiT.nipt at siucide ui-.,h" .>|..i.. a-t lo rakiiii; p.jisoi: Mi-- :- •:. w .I I KIII: ^...V (.t;.-.-, U >fai- of .li;.- .i:i>l i- an ai.-oiui.',Ul-..Hl iiri-Kiaii Til. Uoj.l ;iia- .-oiii.- to Tin!;..;:-•••. - Ol ill.- .•n .-i-f iliut .\|; aud \1:> l.m.i' oiiji-rt to 1,-i ;;i w it|i I \<'\:::^ K -I'll.:'.' ii;.iii to.. aiiM'.'i Tli- -ouli:; ii'HIl ;i! ••:---i!on j- .1 -.;« :il i.-Iisaii .lad lono-- d ^inii > and :-'fl to lb-- Lox.-:' Iioii .• r- --ti!- howivi'i rh.i: 'he "'Ii.;; (...oil f u.i.'lt -o I... ;oi;.-t!l.-! tiio:-.. :a.«li [d;s- l.ovcl!'- ji,i:t'n;- 'hiiik .iiid! h.-:;i-.' tti'-ir .iiij-'i-ion I»r l'.rad( II was ••.i;'..-d in ;ind u-.-d Li -toina. h piiii.ji ui!'! .1: 'a.-: rt-p.or- -"at .•oi:.;; .HII} -u.Tt-;ii.;: li.j effr.'^s .Harlile In Town. Cfo W .Marole. tii.iiiamtiir .-i^ior of th.- K I St-oil Tribun*-. was in the cii.v HKJa.r on bii.-tine.-^s. Til' Kt. Slot' rt->pnbli(an sais; • I: is • vi'l'-nt that th<-r.. is far b-ss • nlh'i-ia.sni anion; the Bryan followers than .tht-r^. was a few weeks aKc>, ; in:: nominated for a third term was said Conpressman Charles F. :-cott. of lola. who spent last nisht , ;n titf eity. -It is also evidi-iit . that I .Mr Stiibbs is soins to sweep Kansas i and b«> elf-ett-fl by the [ars"sr inajori- ty a randiilati- for a stati- office hat lever r.'C'ivid. .Mr. Siubbs. it might i il.' -abl. is coini; to bo etfctod almost J iinauitnotisl;.- Tlies.- two things—th" !i-ei-.-as<- in tho ••nihitsia.-'m for Bryan aiul III.' movement town"d Stublni — an- th>- two most iiotleabb- thini;- in tr.' m'.sent eampatsn." .Mr. Scott Is .••nthu-ia-iie ovr the prour»'s- of rh.- R.-pnblican .•;liui'al-n. iiatioiwi; an.I stalo H>. -.'.-s :t great Mit.i:\ for .Mr T«ft ami th.- Ki-tmb iean ;iait.». at tlie end of the earn pai-,;ti au'i h»' fVp.'cis to s.-e Kaiisa^ »»•!! tip tovkxid thi- front in.states in Mo- Taft <->>Tuiiiti . .Vs To »ils own rare th'- i-onaressniaii has littb- |o ,-ay. other than that h«. I.« ronfblent of b»- III- ro-I.-el.d and t'at li*- will visit :ill til.' counties and m.'.'.t as niativ of til.- \ot.-rs a=ain this fall, as h.> can M.- Scott will return to Hoiirbon within th*In .additioo [ineefiuj: jcnuntv for a few .lates n<-xt tw.j ,jr thr.'.' weeks, to tht-.sf. h'- plans to ha\e a iier^ in Fort :*cott the last of |h'- cam- pjilan .Mr Scott will exchiin?- a w^-^k with Congressman Earnest ^f Pollard of the First. X«-braska, district Is to love children, and no home can 6e happy wJthout| them, yet the ordeal through which the e.xpectant mother must pas.s usiiaHy is so full of siifferinc and dread that she ioojks for— T r - ward to the hoiir with: apprehension. MoHier's' Frientif by its penetrating and soothing properties, allays nausea, nervousness, unpleasant feefii^s, and so prepares the system for the ordeal that she passes througiji the event with btit little suffering, as numbers have'"^ mmm-^^f-^aL^^ testified and said, "it is wprth Its weight in gold." FOR YOUK STOMACH'S 5t Evcr'for'Cbnstipafion, BV J. H. WAGNER , GuwutMdUadw Pood and Dnip A«t «f TkluaM* Inlon THEBKAsnEU) KIGULATOSOO L Atkau,Oiu wi;o h;i»- a distinguished <-onstituenf' in WjIIiant .1. Bryan and it is the in- t.-ntion to havi> .Mr. Pollard speak in the county seats of this district. The .Vebraskan is rated a.s one of the best *tnmp speakers in 'he House. .Mr. Sc»^tt and his .-«-cretary. M F. Ciilley. eame to Fort Sc-i>tt last night from Carland and w.-nt to Spring Hill t.bis morning, where ,Mr Scoit will speak at a fair totlay. Cliairinan Stupb-loti ha- r.-o-Ued wor.I that .1. I„ Bristow wilt come 10 Koiirbon county for (our or live speeches on Friday and Saturday of if'\; week. On.' of his addrehsea will b.' made in Fort S<-ott •' ro KETIKN OAVIIttFF Til KANSAS. I.'»iprn»r Folk Hnn«r> a RninKition in the KansB!> Pwlitiral ra >r. .Ifffeison City, M'V Sept " —(lov- ••rnor Kolk honoird yt^sterday the re- •luisition of tJovernor Hoch of Kansas for th'> return to tha' state of I. f. r>ayhofr. ex-siii»Tintendent of srhofils for Kan.s^s. He i- charged witli cniu- inal libel. Topeka. Sep:, r. _|, |^ Itayboff came to Topeka yesterday noon anij gave a Ixind of f.-.«>o, Dayhofl Is chaiged with liliei in the' district court here by .Mrs <;.(;. Biir- foii. IVniocrafic candidal- fi »r stale sii|»^rinfendent. While Davtioff was siiperintendeni of public Instruction Mrs. Hiirton . wrote srmie articles alleg Ing ihaf I >Hyhofi und menilters of tae state .school text J »ook commission were imder the intluenre of the .American Book cdinipany in letiiuj: ih» cour tracts for school iKXikj-. Shortly before the election Dayboff. In hU school pai>er, which he published at Hutchinson, printed an article wnich contained remarks derogatory to Mrs. Burton Shortly after the ejection a civil fsnit wa!> filed by Mrs. Burton a^aihiit Dayhoff. Mrs. Barton was Kiven a tudRment. DayholT teaiitied that the article he had printed c «me to hlip ibronith the ,niaIU. At the heariu>: ur the requisition before (^mentor Hoch il was charge«l that the only reason the Iturton's d'j.-ire<l to get Uayhoft back here was to com|>el him 10 te'I thi'j name of the w riter and to show whai connection tin- .\merican Book company had iu preparing and publishing th.' article KANSAS CITY .I08BERS BUSY. Crop Reaultit are SatUfactory to the Contmercial Interests. IS ASKiMG (;h «irnuiB ti^^\ti •t\ Bcwibliew VttMr. miU«e UM 4|MHMM;4 «.ir Topeka. K «..^'^S !^'l «;i;aSa'iTO« 7 m >|iry of the BapoUlaui atatoic^OH : mfitee today Iiauad th« .foMirlli|^ «Ih peal for fund!: ^ ; . Aiy, K \ery patrl(tic R«puli1k«i|;l9.Kui>~^„ sus iu omcoaitd oat {6t ofl|c0.tls:liil «>s- liy requested to .coutrlbotat.' --Kifc^i*^'» uiuwint he can atfoir^,.% expenses of ijhe praaaot-^. cainiHiign In IUIMHU)!.' .liv«c]( a wverei«u dtlica and to; rcsponsil >Ie,to the extutt ot and influence for th^ kiad- acter -of KOTer imeot ila nation. Unde • tW ai «L-_^-. less leadershii of TlieoiSM^ the Republka^' mrtjj:\lia»'a derful strides in.thkUdiiMl iMina. fide gtm rnmen |t. rb^'sii the people. an< I is soiv iliTlfie^.; a great state i^d n^tioosl.'ei which has foi lte.i' ' ' ' enactm^t pf «wa~ the '.Vew York. Sept. —OialWtclies to Duiih Review InillcJlte a lH>tti<r \n\i unw of re^ail tratle. ami preparationi fori fall and winter provides nion> aC'j [tivtty at Jobbing ,tnd whules.tlc houK-- es.j There Is a decided gain In thci iactive machinery at leading manufacj tuiting Industrie.s. but mercantile payi msrints .tre still irrcRtilar. Trade is active in St. ijouis. thej att»»ndance of buyers'twine lar^e and bii|;inpss is. most ^active in dry good^ and footwear, August building perj mils were almosc as large as a year ag^. and collections are fair. Retail traide at Kansas City is seasonable|,^__^.„.,_. .^„„ . wholesalers are busy filling ordcrSiOf the pnrpoa ^^bCJ for immediate ^hlpments and cro{i-ministratioa. fChisj results are satisftactory. Flour mills levei^^-jMitriikicjiri^ run full time. {{and aatlpdanidtit^. Business at Cpicago 'continues tp'it folhriirdL'. ^'wej ^f _ . sh^W steady though «low reenvpry ^ frlend.t • in iri|yft|ff _j^. confidence improving as new demands man bf'the I ^^^1iUe }i^^ int^rcase factor}- joutput and agricul-itee whatever ttnici ^alloB tufal conditions liiect sanguine antlcl-jconsistenfir nnkv pat ions. 31ercaniile collections artjlfund—aBy^^-— v^ry satisfactory.! I'as large an -•Retail trade is| reasonably quiet atipersoijallj-. Pokland. Ore„ bujt wholesale biisiuesji'celpt of i— is i gradually returning to normal of oar f Cipps are large aind shippers are pre-,'amounts-. pn-ing for a goodi; export trade. jfrom infiir liaports at San Francisco are onlyiT.*" hope for "Uiejeattlirlt ai^ut two-thirds |hose of a year agoj'appeal (roia-R^hi<< biift there is a g|>od outgo of barle.vtiover the stata. ' wrhile the now pricej In a large shipmcpt ^anjd cmnod fruit, lofi silver resulted tq the Orient. 4t<«isf«r Want Mm lout Aii. Brine R«^t.s Normal day tiire. L''

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