Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 2
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When you place ybttr *atch inlfelliia^Wbe^iiitfd or cleat rtffl ^n £|»ayB dei>end.on us tnrninK out a good job. \ Possessin •^b^dtrnt^nal facilities for certain kinds ot delic: delicate work. ''^^mitft£Bi^tS''«rodnce more than ordinary 5ati;>Iaciorir results. ^ ^jWtjJlUltmTJobi wrll dorir; you bad better entrust it to ns So /OlA, HANS ; Saato Fe ab* ^Ki i f. Wi atch'in^cctors. fi^i4la-'WHIlam». <rf-'^&fr 'freek v^aB solemnlzod last cv- :9iifaUC-itl^'tl>(> hun^ of ^If- and^ ^*'"- <>• :>;A!fPMrt«, 3081 North *N>urth strcot. -'-•-•'^^'-Slr daugHier. Grace, was RIV- irrlaso to Mr. KarucHt Will- IV olotio friends of the youii); I mjBiitbere of tho two f^mll- prtaent atid tho ccivmon.v -rtnoi^ by JiidRC J. B. SiwUh. i^jlo vmi prettily coaHinuvl In Ik ahd carflpd ro«fo». An«>r , aony a fruit sutuicr.waa sorv- 'f4 to tblsse'guests: Mr. nnil Mrs. J. ^ jL?: lari^sv Mrs. Jennie Martin. Mrs. Itt^a ^lUf of IHttsbMrg. Mrs. K. Pe- saes Flossie ' Harris. OIIVB i''Stella Karris. Cecil Martin. iMarUn, Fred Williams. Will' 11 HarHs and Joe Mirtln. . Vialtina Uncle. ' Mr. <i:has. Helsler. of ChicUashii. Ok- I 'libprna. 'is a guest of his uncle.,.Mr., i Philip H^gel^.. 1 I* * * For iMIss Fronk. . ilie Adams charmingly enter- f i tainftd U number,of lelrl friends last E| iin compliment to Miss Olive ik who will spend the winter out oi I The hostess provided sever- M ^^iEiI diversions ^for her guests mnslc.was a ver^i pleasant fea- ;jufer. a idellghtful evening at, 1^ uns* home the young ladies i the ,Our "Way for refresh-' mienis: Alnong those who attended were: MiS^ Olive FrbnK. Maude Ed- lZeaR.McGatre. Ida Kinman, I^n[ley, Mazie Koyes, Ethel Mc- Wyatljs. Lucy Huckin. leh Moore. ..Hazel . Cassel. Ora isbn. Osa Ewink and Mrs. l.cid- .Msis Adams had the assistance [rs.[!^ldloff. J^lss Bwing and RqbArtson Jn eiitertalnlng. ]| • + * , j|L«ft for Salt l^ke. M^. Ghiss. Ru^ell who has been a bouae^n i^mper of the Thistle club left y«8t irdi \f WT Salt lAke city where be 11111)0;united inonarrlage to .Miss Mab|lo Blxby. The most intimate frlenda of the sroom-to-tio have not Ba;tai^ tbe exact date of the wed-j " it IH bought to have I >|9t«l(l}|JUKk^ tltPir homo In lulu.; ' t 'Vl «'»\.»»lM Harris. . tOMt"'yfllof MwVl 'l4^ Mill' x\^,p\ :'N<*th 'Ijwiriih utioiM, rTe ii^dt'pandanoe. Mr: and Mrs. 3, C. Dallifi l*<ti lodiiv tor a ulifit'wttj) frtiinds in Indi'iifini ' oftiMt ,afi<]i frodoitia. t * • ilra'^ Club. M .m,'^ iwas a business and social UMiifig bf tbc Mothers' club of i*iA^i>.'.i4^>j^' 'chapel yesterday, the] p. talkcd'prcr worR for tlio ai»- pij, winter [and also social af- Visit Mrs. IMunger. .Mi-s. .Mice Cook Tesrow. ot I>uobl(| la ii ^;ul>^5t of .Mrs. L. C. Munger. • • * Dinner Party. .Mr. and .Mi's! KriMl Uorbiti havi> uskj (>(l I'rlt'uds for a small six o'clock dinj ncr tiunorrow evening. * * <! Visited at Moran. Mr. anil .Mrs. .M. K. Sickly wor^ iimoutf tlu> lolnns who npent the daj «t .Mornn y»>slordiiy. Thoy also vial Hod frlfud."* nour Lnllnr|)0. + * • Miss Fronk Home. .Mi.«.s Hntll«» Fronk rotuminl last ovj ening from a visit with frlcnUs it| Western Kansas. ' I .> .> 4. Y. P. C. U. Social.' .\ninng tho informal affairs iri church circles during this week is a social to be given tomorrow evening by yoimg peoiilc of the United Bretb cren churcJi. The social committee is] arranging; the details. < + + Visit Mr. and Mrs. Palmer. Mr. and .Mrs. J. W. Overby of Pitts burg, are tho guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Palmer. I •> * •> I To 4-larden College/ .Miss Ix)is Benuott h-ft today [iir| .Mexico. .M«).. where she will cnicr Harden College. • • • ' j Sewing Club. .Miss Cora Klein was hostess of her SewfTig club yesterday afternoon for an infrvmal party. Miss Easa Pepper who leaves next week for Forest Pirli was a guest. Miss .Tosephinc Uiddlo will enter.lain the club next week. •}• • * Hear Delegates Rep>rts. .\n'Important feature of the W. C T. U. lueeiing on Friday TTIU be the! reports of delegates who attended the| Second District eonventlop at Kan sas City, the corpa.of officers whicl^' was n'ccufly elected will .he Install «». . • <«mr Enroll at Conasrvatory. MI^H Hllxabotli Hoijer who- attend (>tt horeitn Arn'lomy nl KanHns City inr two yearw will niicnd tho Kansai t'liy coipiNvutory, IIIIH year. Mls| Honor will Ntudy \ounl and InNlrii nionlal inuttlc. ctucuilon and dramull^ ai'l, •:• -> * Horns Tomorrow. •MiK, fliiu. Heoir and ln-r ehll mo «|il b.o III lioino tnniorinw froiil Ijiwri'iici'. whoro they hnvi' H|ii>nt a few da)H wllh friends while feluri liiK ft'oin iin onllns In KHIUH Part Colorado. : * + + MliS Smith to EnterUln. .MIKK .M(I> 8mlth of I^HnriM.* wll onterlnlii ;i few frlenda tomorrow cv[ enliig in farewell before going to Forjj est Park to l)egin a year of study. Now Neck Ruches^ The new fuTTlgck ruchesj t^at'wltf appear later in the Paris streets are already worn l^ere on a cold day. The}- are altogether charming—tight, tetralgbt bands Of fu^ that Jtist fit the 1 i neck, and fasten at one side nnder ^^i. ribbon bows with Ions ends.' They are •' ~ topped by tulle ruches that usually in^^tcb the fur. AH the latest sleeves |arc long, straight and close ^Uttlng.^ Often they are cut off below the elbow, to finish with a lace mitten sleeve that points over the lingers. Except for evening gowns, the phort sleeve. either for the house or sti^et. baa quite yaalshed. but in th^.se days of quick changes a discarded fashion may reappear at any moment. All must regret the short «l<^eves: they are exceedingly pretty, lei ding an aspect of youth particularly alluring. K is only the high price of long gloves that reconciles the This womiuii flfjrs tliat aiok women sK«ild »4w^ fall to try 00000900000600000 ^ ADDITIONAL SHORT STOBIES, ^ O, ' , ' o o00000000ooooeoPC To Sell a Lot October 10th. An order of sale^ was secured from the court this | morning in the case of the Northrup .Vational Bank vs. Geo. and. Hannah | Means wbereby lot 6, block 2. in Brooklyn additton to this city will be sold October lOtb. Says it is a Hiohway. Judge E. X. Wert, of Humboldt, was before the commissioners .this morning In the Interest of a client who claims that he has been paying! taxes on a public highway for several years and wants the property off the tax rolls. feiiilnlne world to their abolition.-• jj^^p^^^ ^U^j T Vogue. • •> * 06000000000000000 O Keep your eye on your husband. He ID gohig to Mra. A, Gregotr, of 2353 T.awrenoe St., Denver, (JoL, writes to Mrs. Pinkham: '*! was practically an invalid for six yedrs. on account of female troubles. I underwent an operation by the doctor's advice, but in a few monthsl I wa; woi7« than before. A friend ad* Vised Lydia E. Pinkbam's Vegetable Compound and it restored me to perfect health, such as I have not enjoyed in nUny years. Any. woman suffering as I did with backache. bearing'doWn . . pains, and periodic palns.shou1d not fail . , , »^^'[|t<» IHnkham's Vegeublo friends. ^USB Thajcr fonnorly lived compound." here and hab a wide circle of fricudsl—_ „V„ mm^m^ m^m^mm ....^u.^ and' acquaintances who are glad: to. FACTS.FOR SICK WOINEN. meet her. 00000000000000000 ^ * * Miss Thayer Here. .Miss Mayme Thayer of Liberal, this state. Is here to s|>cnd a few weeks with Miss 1^ aTBills! Entertainlnfl Playmates. .Miss Alice Smiley, daughter of .Mr. and MVS. W. T. Smiley Is cntoitnin- livi; a few jdaymntcs today. * + + To Kansas City. •Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Mundis have gone to Kansas Clly for a few days' visit. ] • • * Y Society. Tho meeting of the Y society which will be held totnorrow evening will be especially imiwrtant In that business of Importance to the society will be transacted. * * •:• Mrs. Hind eHome. Mrs. H. K. Hinde and small son returned yesterday from Coffoyrjili- where they were guests of relatives. T + • Home From Garnett .Mr. and Mr.s. D. A. McDanlels re- tnrncii (his afternoon from a visit with relatives and friends in Gurnott. * 4. + MPS. Bushey Returns. Mrs. Clifford Mltclicll-Busliey lias returned to her home In Pittsburg, after a visit with her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. A. N. Mitchell. * + +1 Visit In' Illinois. MVS. A. P. Charles left at noon today for ah extended .visit in Knox- vlllc. Illinois. Mrs. Cuarlcts will en- Joy a visit with relaltlves and also attend a reunion of students of her Alma Mater. Baing University. * * • From-Kansas City. .Mrs. A. Lloyd and little niece, of Kansas Clt.v. are here visiting at the homo of Mrs. Lloyd's niece,' Mrs. W. T. Smiley. 405 South Buckeye. Mm. Whittakar Home. Mrs. 1 ^1. A. \N'%lttBkor has returned fntin an oxieiirtvd stay in Colorndo, Mrs. Whlttakor nan also boon Iho gtiohi of KnuiiBM Clly friends while en route homo. For thirty vetra lydia E, rink ham's VefBtablfl Compound, made from roota atid berha, has been tU« atandaFd remedy for female ilR audbasptkaitiTcly cured tbousandsof 'women who have been troubled vnOx displacements, inflammation, ulcert. tion, fibroid ttimors, irregularities, periodio pains, backache, that bear- tnf-doiwn feeling; flatulency^ indigea- tJon ,dizzine.ssornerTm» prostration. \yhy dont you try it t V MrSt Pinkham InTites all aldk women to wrttn her for adTlce. She ^has {raided thousands to health. AddnsSf Lynn, Maaa. —Mrs. A. .M. lUch has opened uji a Home Bakery at 112 East .lackson. Leave your orders for pies and cakes. Serenaded Newly Weds. Ernest W. Williams and Grace A. Harris were married at the residence of the bride on North Fourth street by Probate Judge .1. B. Smith last night. The young people were serenaded by friends armed with horns, cooking utensils, etc.. MILLSPAUGH HOME He Preached at Canterbury and St. Martin 's While There.—Enjoyed Trip. ^ Topcka. Si -iit. 10.—lit. Kev. Krank It. .Millspangli, bishop of the diocese (if Kansas, returned yesterday inom ing from England, where, he spent :! months of tbc past summer. "I was simply delighted witli my trip abroad and with the results of the various meetings «>«ich I there attended and iiarticiiiated in." said .Mlilspaugh. "England is very beautiful country, particularly in summer. But it seems very good to me to get back to Kansas. After, all there is no place quite so near my heart, nor quite so dear to me as Kansas, i am very glad to .2ct back home." Bishop .Millsiiangh lias filled tho piil pit at St. Timothy's church here. Kegloter Want Ads. Brlntr lte>ult». PORK PRICES UP WON FIRST MONEY Nly H k (• Won i'arlna Kare at .Slnle Fair In Topics. Hiy H Si C. H iiacer belongitiK 10 Bhophcrd and Chahi.: Coffcyvillc. Ka.. Hiid an animal which was In the money at the races ut the Allen County I'Vlr. l««ik down llrtt money in the 'i-.W't imec at the slate fair in Tojicka. When the Utile pacer ••anie down the home stretch In the icad;^ the owners adarly went wild. Chain struck Shepherd a blow that almost fractured a rib. but Shepherd will recover. The Coffcyvllle Journal sa^s: W. H. Shepherd and George Chain are home from To|»cka where they attended the Kansas State fair and where their Iiorse. Sly S & C. won first money in the L'::;-' pace. !!e made it In 2:12?4. There were five starters in the race out of sixteen entries. Tae flrst money was ^.^OO which they brought home with them as the best money their animal ever won for them Both .Mr. Shepherd and .Mr. Chain Fere somewhat elated over the victory of their horse and their, nmny friends entered into the Joy wllli them, is the horse Is a Coffcyvllle product. "George and I were sitting there watching the race." said Mr. Shepherd, "and when George Saw Sly was going lo win jftrst money he hit me a lick across (be back that has nearly laid me out ever since. But I wilt get over It I guess. George certainly felt '^ood over the race." HUNT BUND TIGERS Fhanareatleal AssoeiattoBs Trgrd ta Assist hi Keeplag tke Lid on la Dry Seetfaas. Hot Springs. Ark.{ 8e|it. 10.—Phar- tnaceut|cal associations throughout the ooQUtry are called on In resolutions adopted by the Amrelcan Phanuaceii-i Ileal 'Avcodatlon to co-operate'*wltlt tbe local authorities In "dry" sectionj of the *onntry Inr the ~<tlsonrery and KUUisument of "blind tiger di-Uf} ii ^bres." / Sevan Cants Paid for Hoga at Kansas City Yards Yattarday—Corn Advance tha Cause. KaiiHan Clly. .Mo.. Sept. Hi.- The priro of iKirk will IM< highor tlu- next Mix tnontliM than for any time Minre Kebrunrj. tmi7. Chidco hogs at Ihir slock yanls sold yesterday ul seven cents a |>ound. Dealers say this price will l )t; iiighor. The high |)rlce of corn is tesponslble for f hi- advance In prices. The- prevailing prices last fall and winter ranged from three cents to fon^ cents a |)Oiind. Prices did no! begin to recovi-r until last .March. A stoady iucreaso ha.s' prevailed since. Ill I .SS1 the hoK market reached the lowest lovfl. Prices ranged' froAi two atid a fourth to two and a half a pound. The highest price, a hundred |)onnds. w -as reached In tho summer of \WrZ. At that time, however, corn was not as high as at present. cents J«-I7%! Habitual lure auw be£iMddall/aiS|M«M4wtlli IMHaire onJ aotla iMSflanttke tMtiMr. A Note of Appreciation. .VowspaiMT men as a rule ar<' not very lucky but two who went from tola to Monin yesterday in the ))er- sons of A. P. Harris of The Record and the Manager of The Register have ever}' reason today lo feel that the hooilou Is broken. Shortly before the noon hour they accepted an Invitation to dine with Mr. and- Mrs. Clark Thomas in com|iany with Mr. and .Mrs. W. T. Watson. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank 1., Travis. Mr. and .Mrs. John Utiry and Mr. A. W. Beck. The; dis tingulsbed company Into which the nowsiiaper men were thrown was cnQUgh to disturb their natural Jcqui- Ilbrinm but the extremely rare tfor newspaper men) ; sight of a big platter full of fried chicken and a lot of other delicacies which were strangers made the occasion one Which will never be forgotten. The shock, however, did not extend to the appetite and justice was done to the most ex ceilent dinner prepared nnder the careful direction of Mrs. Thomas. 00000000000000000 O O O n 'alrh' your wife and yon will O O discoTcrthat O O O O O o o ooooooooooooooopo G. W. Adams Home. G. W .Adams, district deputy tor the Modem Woodmen, was in the city yesterday afternoon on his way to his home in lola from Halliwcll. where he attended a Woodmen picnic—Chanute Tribune. Visiting in PitUburg. .Mrs. .M. Cummings. of lola. and her sister-lo-laa-. Mrs. E. Williamson, who have been the guests of Mrs. W. B. Gross, left this afternoon for Pitts burg.—Chantue Tribune. KIdary Is Free. .luhu Kidney, the young iiiaii who wa» reeenll.V Uned- for drunkenness ind whrt had several bottles of whiskey wheii arretted, completed the seii- lonce iuiiHixed by the police judgii this 'iioriiInK and WHS . releiii^od fi-Mii the Hi root* gang I'eivlcn. ''-Itoiipoiiiilblo eoniilo \MMilit iil(i< homo lo euro fitr, for rotii. durinK owner'*. utiMrnco. AddrocH .1. <). ihiK ol1l(;e. W..VNTBD—Honaelceelier for small family, living in countrj. Inquire this bfBc^yj ^ PERSONS WA.NT1.\GJ boy or girl to work for lioard while attending school apply at lola Business College. Phone 495. i , ; ..J / • WANTED—Clean cotton rags at this ofBce. I WANTED TO BUY-^Pour or five acres, improved or unimproved, close to good town. Addresd^W. E. K.. 702 Soutti Washington. loia. Kas. SALESSIEN & AGE .NirS— $ $ $ $50.00 per week and over can be made selling New Campaign Kovelliies from.,now until election. Sells to Stores. County Pairs. Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for 50c. Order today. CHICAGO SOVEL"ry CO.,' so Wabasb Ave., Cbicago.) tikmmona One good Matron & .Muintin nrgau. high tupj walnut case, (en stups. ivor.v key .s, vej-y fancy. irj.tiO: J5.oo down. t::.OU per muntb. If yi u wish this tu- ftrunient. act at fuice. JOHN X. ROBERTS MANU ilOtSK Ouc tine Story & Clikrk organ, xval- uut case^ high top. iilckic plated bar, eleven stops, tone roord and full. Only |3l'.t>0^ $.~>.00 down sb.OO per month. This extjraordinary value will mean quick sale. Come at louce.-John V. Roberts' Piano House. FOR S.VLE—One regi.-.tertHl O. I. C. male hog. Walter CrUcII. K. It. I. lola. FOR SALE—Small ioomin^ house at bargain if taken this week. Cheaii rent. Phone 126-'.. j VX}R SALE—Phonoglraph and rec- jrds lor sale cheaD; 318 North Cottonwood. I FOR SALE—Good rujljber tired road wagon. Inquire 403 North First streeL FOR SALE—Bay mare. 9 years old. weight l^iOO. Phone l65—2. Gas. W. H. Pettit- POR SALE—Four rqom house with an acre lot. on South ^eutucky. Will «ell for ^Ubh or paytnents. Inquire .^02 South Kentucky, j FOR SALE—Fine upright piano, a reliable niakc, seven aijd one-third octaves. Boston fall board, fnll swing music deidt. Regular price $350.00. Our quick sale price $2,18.00: $10.00 down $6.00 per 'Uiuntb. Youi opportunity to jet an excellent piano it a low figure. Don 't letj It pass.—Jo in V. Itoberis' Piano lloiue. FOR SALIi!—Good korao. Inquire Kt 506 Korth First. Br. Cure at Indepeudenrr. .Major F. .M. Pratt, of Chrrr.\VMl and Dr. C. Ii. Core., of loin.' fwo very prominent iiirmberN <;r the W^HKlmen of the World, will be in this Hiy Thurs day night lo take iiart in the iniila lion of another large class Into the local order. These two lodge men spend much of their time for the good of this great order.—Indeiiendcnce Star. Peterson in Moran. Count.v Attome.v Peterson went to .Moran this afternoon to attend the fair and hear Candidate Botkin speak. James Dunfee" Released. James Dupfee. who some time ago was given a $30 fine in itolicc court for drunkenness, was paroled last night from custody on condition that ho refrain from the use of liquor in the future. There will l»e a meeting of the Hor- tlonltural society tomorrow I Friday) at the residence of E. H. Fiinston. five miles north of lola. Picnic dinner. Bring samples of fruit. E\crybody Invited. To Initiate Two. The Eagles will hold their regular meeting tonight. Two candidates are to be inlUated during the session. Two Children Very III. Two dilldren in the family of N. J. Butcher OB South Whlnut street, are vcfy ill with tonsllitls. Returned From Coffeyviile. Mrs. Capt. Hubbard K. Hlndo and little son. who: have been visiting with her byotbers and sister. Dn Kurtz. Bart and Ml48 LouUie Kiirt«| returned to her hoine in tola Wed­ nesday.—Coffcyvllle journal. ih- I RfaHrtlag Car HerA. The 1 Ingllng Bros., advertising car iniber three passed through thp city day e iroute to lola. Tlic car will be relumed here tomorrow and rebill this town for the 18tb. on which date 10 circis shows here.—CI^Mnute Snnj BcfbtM! ira >r^ JMirrBemOto; Wrth First. mUmmaom 10)11 llKNT>~Thra« tiuoiu bouse 212 South Third. Inquire Smith oil premises. FOR. HENT—Room 4on formerly occupied «hpp. CjL. Whitakcr. of .MrH. John m Weat .Madi- lny Jones' tailor LOST-^Bc'twccn lola and PIqita. one auto pump and Jack, also one pair of nearly how overalls} Finder will please leave at this ofKce and receive pay for their trouble. [ LOST-4Betweeh confer Buckeye, & .Madison hnd Neosho rlfer. gold chain and Ificket containing ]liaby"'s picture. ^^nde^ leave at Register office. Re- DR. HILDBED tiUBTIS 1 • FijslcIaB and Surgeon. Office over Bo<7«ir8 Drug Store Office Phone 654. Residence 214 E. Jackson Phone 569. • • • • • • • • DBS. BEID * BEID, • Physicians and Sorscaaa. '* • X-Ray and Electrical Appliancea. * Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat. " Office Phone 357; Res. 396. • DB. ^ciMlLIiEIft • Special attention given to the * treatment of ;all Chronic Dlseas- * es and Diseases of ChUdren. • Telephones; Offlca 32, Res. 233. • Office over Burrell's Drug Store * West Madison.' • Phono 687. Raa, 701. • DB. 0. JUCOX, • Eye. Ear. Nose and Throat. • Spectacles Properly Fitted. * Offlco A. O. U. W. BIdg. * Office Tel. 1083. Night Tel. 406 DB. B. 0. CHBISTUH Physician aad Sargeea Rooms 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. • • • • • r. H. MABTIir, Surgery and Diseases ot Women. Office and Resilience Fbone 676 Office 7 North Jefferson. • • • JBWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable leweler, 1X0 East ^Street - . Lodge DitectoiT KKIGHTS OF FFTHIAS^eosha Lodge No. 43 meets evory'ttcmday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting ibro> there invited. W. S. Thompstm. B. fl. Chris fUtter. K. of R. and EL • »• KMGHTS OF , MACGABEESt- tCnlgbts of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and toortb Saturday nights bt eatdi month. J. W. Postwalt. commander: R. B. Porter. record keeper. . W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meets la K. of P. Hall every Friday night W. T, Steele. C. C. A. II. Davis, Clark Visitors cordially invltad. J, M. W. A.-Tbe M. W. A. Lodge meats evory Friday qight In M, W. A. Hall. Visiting broihers Invltad. P. a Cofflold. V C. W. A. Cowan. CUrlt. "BDYAI. NKlfIIIBOBS«~Iola Oaisp No. S6.N. Royal Nalghbora. naeta a«e« ond and fourth Tuesdays of . aaeb mouth. Mra. F. A. Wafoar. oMitb Mra. Mary Hutton. 413 Wtst ItrlM. Recorder. i PBATEBNAL BBOTHBEHOOD^ Fraternal Brotberbood No.,MO tnaeta soGond- and fourth Thursday ol each month in A. 0. U. W. Hall. Visltliif members cordially invited. W. H..,Ai>* derson. president; Golda Slam, sacra- tary. . lOST—Pair of nose g^Iasses between Breckenridge and Douglass or North CtaestnuL Finder leav^ here. Liberal reward. ^ | fOR EXOHJUMC WEU>; IMPROVED SDCTY near good town In Vernon Cu., Mo., for exchange for Io!a propel ty- Grace E. .\tnoId, cild court house. QUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing th (se «la} .s. Se|»- tenibcr. you know, is the time to have the summei* dust cleaned out of carpets. : ' , but your order will and cariiful attention. We aro btisy receive prompt Phone us I today. lOLA RU6 FACTORY ,i npMSitj : I • Attomry Taylor Befurui4. .\ltornef J. S. Taylor j-efurned. from a two w(»ka visit at his old home north of [f>etrolt. .Mich. .Mr. Taylor went ott i»e G. A. Jt'cj^cursion. ^top> ping Off, Si short time at the national encampmisnt at Toledo. He had.not been bac&' to faia bid 1 ome for five years .and was ^rprlscd to see "so vuclLjmpsrofremelat therf COLONIST TO CALIFORNIA OLD MEXICO .'1 TJIB NORTHWEST AND BRITISH COLUHBIA VIA tJN»SAta: Sept. 1st to Oct. 3 ist i • . ; i' Ask for Full Inforatatloa.

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