Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 10, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1908
Page 1
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i ** The Re^lmter Hfm the Largmmt Gireuimtion iu Allen Couat^ of May Mewspmper Publlmhed Inihe Gouuty TOLCME X. MMBKU 271. SIX PAGES. lOLA, KANSAS, SEPTEMBER 10. l»0)!i.—TUlKSDA\' EVEMXj;. SIX P^GES. PBICB I i • -<1 WAS FALSE ALARM .irSTICE .lOIINSON IS BETTER. FEARED THAT KI'IIM-AIIC (IF «I.A\ DEBS WAS It.H.'IX; \K.Mt .IHHIA.N. HORSES WERE AFFECTED SEFMED TO BK SlFFKHINtJ FR«>.M . PEdi.ivK nist:vsi:. Slutr Vctcriiiiirhiii OriU-ml Qiianiiitiiit' If ^^>^^*^snrJ-Slu•rjlY iiiitl V«'(««riii- urian Go to Moniii to tu>«->(!trti(<\ i<ls.u He \Va>* Al»lc to Mft'l Frieujas at till* HosjiiCil. The Tii|ii>k;i Caiiital tays: Wi A. .li'hiiMitii. cliU'f .iu.<iitc ol lh4i Sii- lutiiio couri, \v^i<i was taken lo A .theory thai ati I'liidriin'c cf s-diuo daugerous and «-oiitai;i<)us liiM -aso. probably plandois. Iiad liroluMi oiii in a herd of valiiatiU- liorf-os bolniifiiu;.: to A. Weast. Ilim? nnari tM -s of a iiiilc south of Moran, was iirovcn crifjnoonH this mornlnK. wlion Dr. K. S. IJi-aitio. veterinarian, with Cliarles O. Ht)llin- jer. sheriff, invoslisatpd and c.vaiii- ned the affected animals; and declar- >d that the disease was nut f;laiulers md that no (inarantine was necessary. A few days a^o. Oiie of Ilie liorses ivas taken sick wiUi'wliat seemed to l)e fever.. Soon olliers were atfeeled land Mr. WeasI advised tlie state veier- Inary and asked for advice. The stale officer wrote tliat a competent veterinary should be called, the slieriff noli- i -ed and a <inarantine established if he disease seemed ciintaj;ions. Iii •ase this cojidition cxi.-ted. Ih<> state •eterinary said that he would come to Allen county and iiivosti.i:ate i>er.-;on- jilly. Mr. Weast: folbnied itislrnciions.and iisked the sherilT iaiid Dr. I '.i -aitie to 'isit his farm a'iid •exaniiin> the lioiscs. The doctor and the slitiitf drove to ihe Weast farm this imiriiiiij; aiullatrr. made the investisatiti'.i lindin.:r that there was nothiiii; in the disease to ^farraiit tliei alarni i>revaleiit it: tlie. iveast nei«hl)orlui()d. I>r, Hentlie reniained in .Moran to fiiK-d to Ills l)ed. b;it is said to bi iniiiieiliale iliinser. friends wit ited him yi .stt 'fday sa.\ he was ful iiiid aiMjartJitly in n<i luiin. .bliii-toii Iii snlTerlni; fimu I triiiilib" and is waitliiu for the rj of lil>-- iiliysleiiin. ('. A. MrCitli .Mitiillie Wi .s i '\|i (e !i'd It) 'I 'olii'Uii tii ^lil .III!:;! .Iiliii.-li'ii lias lia -t 'lloMs att.iiks sine- In- left l .ii wrvli. lit' is r and ialk<-d >':.t ton. .Mich., )a<i wi-ak. but rrail aiid took i:rt<at tnattcrs. litiii iiilete-i i!i |K >ijtiral NAMED FOR TEUDY Ui^: Kxeiusiou Steamer on Churaiio River to Bo fsed for iteiMililieiiii Bnllirs in Four Stales. <liie :>:4o. Sept. ]it._The Th l{(>o.<i'velt. a liuse excursion srei lefl the Cliica'^o river manned b>| pi'ibican speakiM 's and sotne four died memtieis of the Marcptette eltib. a IfeiiiiDlie .in orwuii/ation of this 'c I'oiir stall's will be tniK -hed. To )r proLTram called for a meetiiif: at iuan City. Iiid. Otiier meetings be held at Waiike.uaii. Ills.. .Ma woe. Wis.. • Mnskevron. Mich- Traverse fity. .Mich. Tt» Ol'KN 110! SE. i]Mliire tnier. lle- hiin- ;city. ay's Eviieb will liiio- iand Manager Faltys Secures a Spletjdid Company to Give Initial Per. formance in New Theatre. .less D. Kulton. owner of the Oli m- tislt the fair and, Ic obtained ifroni liin. ' However. NUv 'Veast said |to tin I!ei;ister over thij t?le|ihiiiie Ih|s aflefiiooii, that )>r. Heat le had diagnosedi (lie eases as feveil nd of a kiiid not tare and tliai there >jk'U8 no eunae for (ti>,^ fear wlnuevi>i, |iia Opera company, wnicii is lo i|lay the oiienitiK of the new Majestic Uie- on South sU-eet. arriverl to lay land is engaged with Manager .I ll.E. Kallys, in arranging for the open|itig production and a solid week of inirth- tiielody and comedy as well. Thi' new .Majestic, remodt-l.-d. jre- A HUGE SUCCESS FAIR AT MtfRAN WELL ATTE.NDED .\ND EXHIBITS ARE (.'(Mtl), BIG CROWD HEARD STUBBS 8 AN OLD FASHIONED FAIR WIfKRF FYFBYBODY HNtM^S EVERYBODY. THE WEATHER. ^ Fom-a.Nt for Kansas: Partly rloady tonislit anjl Friday; not innrli rbunise in temprrnturr. NAMES THE ISSUES KANSAS OFFICIAL EXPLAINS RE' PUBLICANS' ^ROIMISES. ' A l.'eti«nl of the Old Da.ts W\wn We Hud the t.'ood Old Coiintr} Fair. no stalenie:it eoiild fASSF|) UP PULITICS jut. PEOPLF SCOTT'S AT ADDKESS PLEASED t;A«!.A.Ml I'UMC. ili-eorali'd. enlargeil and oflierwisi> kin- niev .il. will be a dilightful surprise to lite p'ay goer who ninke.s Ills flfst visit to the tlieatre tiext week. Ihe house was l\irnie"ly known as lite Uaelii'lor. lull so iniiiiy eliaiiges for ihe lietM'r have been inieli" that the ptjii- ton will hardly icfoniii/'.' the hoitsi-i New Ilgllltig service, new lob jy, , now oreliestra pit. niid a do^cn ainl I o;ie other thlncs to iiiaKe the pay jhoKse a po|>nlar one have be«<n In- isialled. The box olll -e. with Its n'jie fitrnlshln-js. and eqiiitinteni for sejtv- iiitt tin- patrons w(tli dispafiMi Is a tils- tini-t iti 'iiroveniem of the old W!i> Ijof siMiiding outdoors in line wailing tor man In the nigeon bob' to poke a ticket, wit,, all of these |in- talkwl of American Ftirni Life--*)") •eople There—Biirnej Slieridan Sjiohe Also. tlie ont proventents. Manager Kaltvs has |in- auJurated strict house hitles wlijl'h will niaire the theatre one of refiiic- ment and whore the patron may |so wirli the as<:urance of courteous and fair treatment. The Olyinpia Opera cotiipany. with its east Af finishi'd artists, is s^iil to be one of the strongest organijia tiniis of its kind on the road tod .'standard and poimlar oi<eras. at po The Ft. Scott Ilepiiblicaii says in :)art of the Gariand picnic yesterday: Yesterday was admittedly tibota tiie biggest day. if not the biggest, that Jfar^and ever had. Tiie (jrsi atiiiiial .Voodman jiicnic was ,a liig 5-i;."cesi:. IVtirowd estimated at fioiii'iwa tiious- itid, to twenty five iiMiidred .'rnthererl !,•„ tlie where it hn:^ playod. thfy h oi !i ]i ;iy i)o certain of a very satisfacttry lar iiviees make up the coinpanrf's repertoire and if the company is up ito the comniendatory fxpreS-^ioru; seen hrstl he ng life. n the picnic crronnds at i lie .wut he little town and heard in ;iddition O tv,-o other spenkeis. the twi.'i c:indi- [lat« s for eengress freiii this district. But the crowd also visited with itself. a ball :Janie and tiinusrd it .^elf in anoiis other ways. * » :i It the afleriiooii .iii<iiJiii piogram n which there weie reei .aiions and iones between the speeches, was giv- ?n. D. .1. Sheridan^ of ranhi. Doido- iratic candidate for cuugrei-s. was ilie , speaker. .Mr. Sheridiiii devited jfore part or his iiddrcss to a picas talk iibout tlie beauties of f;(riii and the latter pari he gave over O ijolllics. He talked about the rule Jt)f t|he peiiple and <re(lai<d llittt \Vil- llaur .Iciititiigs Hr.vaii woiilil be the Heobie's choice. He .spent hi.s linnilong: tills line fort be most part and saw) chances of liepuiilican success diminished .'-e of the iiaiiic liiht >eaf. CpUKiesi'niati Charles I". Srott fol- !lo *'ed Sir. Sheridaif- .Mr. Seoii expressed hiini<elf as not dls- cusi politics at such II gitiliering be- cauiiU he thought lliere woiiiil be |de|i- ty of other chances for jieoiile to he.^i I M IIII CH I dlxcusxioiis this fall and .be­ came'he thought they eared tioihing uho It hetirliig polltii"< rt' rn»« Mine. He alluiled briefl.v. however, to the talk nbo It the piinic and contrasted the pan c or alleged iianie of last year and Its causes, to the luinlc from l.s:'."! to 18!»7. and Its causes. .^D. Scott passed from this to an inteichilnj,' discus litin of various phases of .\inerl- can Iffe. especially on the farm. The consrsssmun is chairman tif the etiin- mltLe ^Fon agriculture in the house, and his a ^rcas yesterday in reference to agri <;uitural affairs, was of special fmiortance because of this fact. Con gresBi ^an Scott 's address was enjoyed vaa :h :by his hearers. . .\ ' noticeable .Xaci was that when it became known tfaa: the address was not ijolitical, the ajbuf.'pt bis audience increased. The , were pleased lo have a Ulk thwt was not all iralitics, because- most s 'pefechfSB these days are poUtical. A Londaner Here. rWHiBiOt ^^XJondoo. SEoglaiid. bttrsdar in la^Ji'Mr;VEIlli8 li •^'iSv'-CK--^'' „ liUKine.-.s in this city. The engagement of the Comtiany beirins on in-xt night and continues for one Olynipia Mondlii.v v.eek. Listening to .lerry Botkin. I;iri:e nnifber of Iol:t Dptnoer il.- wen' to M<!ran today to bear .lerry Hotkin. caiididtiie for governor. sp<tik at the fair- there. .Mr. Itetkin pa.s^ed to throitgh .Mc.raii. It)!;i this moinini; enroutt ONE CLAUSE IS VO (O.M.MODITIES I'ICOViSION OF H HI lt\ ACT VNCONSTin TIO.\.\| DerMoii Itendiied in I'nitid SX^lvs t'ircull loitrt for Lii^leni reiiiisyhiinlii. D I'- IMilkideiphla. I'll. Sept, III -Thejei:- tlii .dllles claiiM- of the HeplKiiii t|(b- road iiei of .Inne V.m\. was loijluy •leelareil to be nn.'onslitmloiial by ijhe. I'liiteil .Stjite.s Cinn;' court for l ;iie I' iMerii dislrlet of I'eutisyh«iil ;i. The clause iiidvides that it shall be unlawful for any rtiilroad . cnnipaiiy {to tnuiKjiort from one state to anorii,er The .Moran AgriciiP.itra! Fair As- .sociatioti and the cili /.eiis of .Moran ami country siirronndin.t; have <>very reason to be (iroud of the show.i4ig tl ey made yesterday'at the first day of the fair. The exhibits in (-very department are tiway ahead of the, most sanguine o.xpoctatlons of the pro- teotei's—the live stock display being especially fine. In fact the displa.vs are just as good as those seen at the .-Mien county fair lield here last month and that is saying a great deal. The fact that tie exhibits are so com|)lete this' year means beyond a lonbl that the fair will lierome a permanent featiiri' at .Moran and I'v- ryone who was- then' yesterday will s-iy .Amen to the proposition. The ball was started rolling early. The lobi boosters were met at this rain by the E^lsiiiore Band which i.s furnishing inusie for the fair, and es- c<irferf lo !!:<• grov<> west of Ihe city. .\rrivii>-- there the crowd seatfori'd and sjienli the morninir Ifsteiiing lo music by the Klsmore and'lola bands and looking over the exhibits. Mr. Stiibbs was billed lo siieak at 1::!0 but on aee'oi nt of tin; lateni'ss of the train liere| (lid not arrive until after o'clock. The two bands however, with Ihe help of Ihe Boiisters kept things merry. Several parades were pnl'ed off and IVrcy Miirris was given a riile on a plank from wJiieh he calle.l nttenilon to the live stock ex- hlliils and the fad that tliiM 'e would he a ball game later on In the afternoon. In bidialf of The Ilooslers and on Invitation from C. C. Thomas. Mr. ("has \pt made a sliort address in which he called nttentlon to the objects and tnlsslpn of The lola Booster I'lub. and more es\ieciallv to l!'e feet thai there would be a Karmer's Institute oriranlzed here on the linh. Mr. .\|it exidaiiied al .sonie-Ienglh tile benelits which would arise frotii such nil orcani/.aii^ .•uid his talk was well receiveil. fbortly after .Mr. .\i)t closed bis re- niarkfj Mr. Slubbs arrived in Dr. .Mil- chellis automobile and was introducer] by^.Iiidge Oscar Fotist. .fudge Fotist also took ocwision to refer to the agricultural industries of the country and tl:e Importance of organization. .Mr. Slubbs iilso seemed to catch the :M;rIeultiiral trend and the .ijreat- er ii .trt of his stteeeb was devoted lo scientific agriciilliire. He fold of a recent visit to t!ie Slate .\grieiilttira' College where lie sjnv the mugninceiil work which is being donr; there bt )ih along praeti,cal and scientific lines and urgi.'d lhaf Ihe farnvrs of the stale devote more time lo lie study of soil and .soil conditions. In sneak- inc iiolitieallv .Mr. Slubbs called al- leiition lo the fireat w«irk of President Iloosevelf and ihfi able a.ssist- tince which hits b <.>eii rendered him by .Mr. Taft. He spoke of .Mr. Taft as the geniienian who had had twenty vejiis of practicnl ex|ierieiice along lines which will make blin a good president and contrasted it with the exiierieiice of .Mr. Pryati who is a good onilor. a fine '.'entleman and a iiropotiiider of tleories which have been proven fallacies as fast as any of them w(>re' |)iit into exofulion. Mr. «iubbs's talk from a poUil^al standpoint was one which was filled with good sound convincing logic and ho left the Impression with hlj In-arers that lie is intensely in <'arueKt and honest beyond all doubt in his theor- |i-s irf the rl-^bl \\:\y In wt leli the Jiate should be run. He says he will doubtless tjiake niistakes but t^ni ihev will be mistakes when he think.s Tells Reasons Why Voter Shogld Work for Entire Ticket in Spile of Other Parties' Promises. Top.-ka. Sept. '.I.— iSi)eeial.l -What i.s al slake in this camjiai.^n s.> iar as the slate ticket is concerned^ is a niiestiou asked by ti Central Kansas Tleiiiiblican in a letter to a state offi eial. The lelt«'r continued: "Both liarties have promised about the sam< things ill their stale (dalfornis. so no matter which wins we will get those things. Therefore why should the lilain eonimon voter work himself into a lather this year?" In his reiily the stat.- official Cijlkd attention to the difference betwrjen the two platforms. Hi> adinitled that on seven issues they ilecIarcMl for Iira?tically the same thin.c. but the I{<'publicans went the Democrats one better by promising more things. "On the btmk gujiranty proposition alone." said the official, "{ho people of Ihe stale would Iw jiislifieil In tin ing up for the Iteiuibllean st%te .ticket. The Democrats have declared fori a compiilsorv syst<'m. which if it is liot ileclared uiieonstiiiilional. will rliili half of tile tinancial insiiiiiiions of Uu- stale. Tile Uepiiblieans have de- clareil for a voluntary system wlii .'-h gives i-vevy institution a fair sitow. Tlieti again one nnisl jud .ce things by the |>as;. The D»'inocrals never Were known lo carry out their pledges, either national or. slate. The: Ue­ piiblieans htive always carried out their pledges. So if both had declared I 'or exacilv the same Issues and the iieoiilo believed In those is:;ueK it woii'd be lo their Iiilerests to elect the Uepiililicaii ticket. The Pntroraqe Question. •'Ilul tl-er>' are other things iiivolv- eil In the Vaiiipali :ii beslrb's the prln- clides as enuneialiMl in the nial- forips." wrote Ihe si .ite. oOIcial. "And one of liiein Is the iininiiage ipiestion. .\ uood loyal Kepiibll.-a 'i would lie doubt rathtM- see the pntdic salaries go to elllcleiit an 1 trustworthy Re- publicens than to Di-mocrals. To give the state over to the Demo- ctpts woiibl lake bread and biit 'er fi -oin the niouths of hundreds of Re- imbliear..'; and their famili'-s. For Instance, it would give |);e Democrats Ti in tl e governor's office, I in lieiiienant governor's otfice. s in the' sec-et;iry of sl.ite's. S in the auditor 's. 0 in the ire.isurer's. Ti In the attorney general's, t; in the insurance, "2 in suiior- diiiaie tdaces around the slati' house. Ct in the siiiicrinlendent of schools. Ill ill the bank conimissioners'.ri in the adjutant general's. 7 in the railroad comieissioiiers'. al le:isl •'. in Ihe su- lireme court, and in case of vacancy during the term of the uovernor, it would give III- court o\er lo :<Iie DenuH-rals will! ::s pbocs all tolil. I in the arehitect's. r. In the boar! of control, I:.' rodents (if lh<- three stjile e liie.itioiial institutions, lii7 in tlu- iieiiltentiary, 17 in the reformatory. 7<\i in Ihe stale grain inspection depart nienl. 2 in the (ish eduiinission. t in ibe sial>' accountant's oflBce. 7 in \\>- oi! insiK-clor's department, with about r.ii local inspeciors on fees. I in the medical resisirntion boanl. K in the si .aie board of (ylucalion, 7, in tiie live stock sanitary di -partment. '1 in the fore^-try depariment. •> at the I)<v<tge City Soldiers* home, " in the state lirinting tdant. 'Z in ilie dairy deiiart- ti'ent. I in the slate tax conimissimi and about 7 L * in the various .slate charitable ins'ituiions. Regarding Civil Service. •Tlvil service governs llie charil- iible instil tit ifyis. so fai* as subordin- .•iie emidovi's are .••onci-"lied. and t'<'* •.eiuhl not be molested. But the executive ofllcers of i-aeli iiislituti.'al would aive wav to Di>nioerats. If the )i 'M '<icrat* were p.irticiilarly liuncrv f<ir offices, and they usitaMv are. they colli I wipe out elvll service If they controlled the leif'sliiliire and mak • a TO THINK IT OVER (0.>I.MISSIO\EUS DID .Vtif DECIDE rOCKERILL S.nELTER 3I.VTTER. WAS HOTLY CONTESTED WOULD DISFRANCHISE THEM. Says as to the What John Atwood Negro Rice. The Topeka Capital} In i a signed letter City ! Post woo(^. of says: lo the Kikusas of Scjitem6er 7, .lohii At- l.eiivenworth. Democratic ATTOR.NEYS .HADK AltliLMEXTS TO Tll V. LKAB>KD BOARD TODAY. he Is doing right. Immediately after Mr. Slubbs cbised his remarks a riishlelei.n sweep of all oHlces in the slate was niadi' for the stand and he was kept biiKv for over hn 'f an 1 our shaking Ihe hands of Bepublleaiis and Democrats alike; .Mr. Slubbs is a gotul mixer nnil'has a good word for all a.inl all those who heard him and saw lilni yesterday wen' much ImpreHKcd. He did all of the hand shaking with his left hand as I e recently met with a alight ac- cbient in which, two of his fingers iwere injured on the riffht hand.~ If Slubbs could meet everj- voter in the Btatii peruoiially he would have a majority that would discourage the Dem rectly or indirectl.v except such j is may be necessary for its use in tie conduct cf its business as a commK'i carrier. The clause exempts timl] and its luauufactured products and aimed particularly at .railroads ow lug ;coal mines. or to jiny foreign country any ariiijle or commodity maniifacliired. mined jor piodiiced by it under its authority. ^(Ji- jocrais from ever putting up another man' against him. Fo'lowing M-. Stubbs's address the • frowd made for the ball ground where Klsmore defeated Moran In a nice clean game. Today Is Democratic day at tl:e fair and a good crowd went over from here lo hear .T. D. Botkin. To Correct OM Deed. A.deed was filed today showing tihe tranif^ of a lot in Humboldt frd m Irene keatb' to.Chaa He «3 of^Hiili- boldt. iThe deed - wu'inaae'merelyj ||to cornsct^^n -bid deed in whldi:|liere Fraternal Bunkenf TontgrbL Tlia Fraternal Bankers Reserve so- ciietjf wiil^hold; a meetins tonight at iwJllcb a number of candidates are to ln.-.'liiitlnn.< "Changes liave e -iaie freiiiiently on the supreme ejjiirt In recent years. If the Deniocreis elect three tnember's I'l< \ear and then tuie of the Repub^ llci .iiH should happen to resign or die. a IVmncralie coventor would fl'l Ihe vaean-y. This would turn .the court over lo ll-e Deiiinerats. and l>»m ocrats of th • most rndl<:al stripe, too. Tliev wo'ibl not only dislo'i." all the Reiittblicaiis in the c'erks olllce. state and traveling libraries and reporter's otTice. but might give a I^ryan twist to some decisions that would do Incalculable harm. "There are a few of the thlnc& that are at stake and It I.-5 certainly sufficient ground to cause ev^ry Re- ipnbllcan In the state to give his lov- snonnrt »nd vote to the Reiuihll- • I can state ticket in November." U. P. Tea Co. Official' Here. E. R. Cooftl of Cedar lUnids. Iowa, an auditor for the Union Pacific^ ^ea companr. is here. insi>ecting the com 'pany's business at this point. Viattlng In lola. , A. Xi. Dlx. of Giiwd. Ks.. Is a guleigt p( Mr.' »ad ^x^. tntea Brjkai. .Smeller WiuxU Oiitsjde Limits of <;a> —Bacli i\Xm\ in Ta.\es_.>lay Fay I p. The hearing of the eviilcace and the remarks ol the aitormys in the appli- catitui of the Cherokee Siueltcrs al f'.as City to the couuty rommissioiu-rs lo lie set outside the liiuils r»f the city weie cof.clttded slmrily before noon, but tlie hoard will not announce their decision until toward the close of the pre.veat ses.<ion. The application has taken up the time i\i the board for Ihe past two dtiys. The smeller is ciui- tetiding that its property should be set outside Ihe city limits for the reason that their land could never be r »i 'alled into lots because the fames from the smeller would make them uniiihabitab'e. and for the further reason thit no private ritihts woiid be injured. The citizens of who tire oppo.s-ing the application say that the liroperty should be kept in the city for the reason that the ciiy has a lK)nded indebtedness of $.;o .niiii re-uliing from tlie iiisiallaiioii of a sewer system, wliiidi' system is of great beneiit to the smelter: .\iso that the smelter pays a considerable pt.'riion of tiit; oi Cius City. Tlie citizens of (Jas who signed-the remonstrance were representerl by Sam Hard :iiid \V. D. Coiie. while Camp bell *i Coshorn appeared for Ihe smeller. 'The testimony jif a number of wit!ies.-es were takea ye.-teiday This morning the attorneys finished their arguments. After the arguments were concluded the commissioners aiiuoitnc ed thai Ihey would iioi decide the i |i:e-.iiiiti for several days .\et. Toiiior- iiiw thi-y will go out to Cbis and look over the i>i«nierl.\. Yesterday ther<> was >oiiie talk ol :i but It (iiutil not be ef- fecicil. There is a pu.ssibllliy that a conitiroinise will .\et be liiaib- but it is mil likely. The smeller .iiid Kas fi 'y «en- i ;i a legal controversy for r-everal years relative to taking in the siue.ter. 1:ie p'ant taken in by thi'ciiy because :t ;h" t :i \:!b'e pr!i|:e;ty i; furnished, .-'.ince iliai tin;.- the fe:.!:ia !iy has been tryiii.!; to ;;et outside the city liimls. The smelter reftisi d several years ::i;<) to pay the taxes on its real estate lui the grounds, thai it had never been le.itally taken into tin- city. The legality of the organi'.aiioii of the city was also attacked. The supreme court pa-ised on Ihe case deciding in favor of the ci'v but on technical grounds, liie legality of the orgaiiiza'ioii iio; lieing iiicliidn 'd ill Ibe decision - .Me;iii:vlii!e the taxes on lite ii'al e-- laie li:i\e been piiiii;: "ii. and ili*- prop eriy wil' "^'1 to deed" this fiill if not red 'ejiied.' One cf tlie (-"ii-.nii^'.-.ioiiers ,>a!d today 'ha' a r<}ii '-.-e :it;<iive nf tiie iilar 'i! ;--riie'l lhal the. .suir"-r exi^ecied to |ia> Ihe tax''; at once wbelljer they o. I 'be pie.^ent action before the bfiiiril or noi. .\nothi r coinnii.s.-iiaier said it was bis iinderitandbm that ihe .smeller wotilil |i;:.v the taxes at once if the board' d»cided: in liieir favor, ^'otrnty Trea.-urer Sickly said this moriiiiis that the unpaid luxes and ia- terest aiiioinited to -soiuethinp like $i :'.."i"i. In eas.e Ibe C(.ni|>aii> does not pay its .l;:>;e.-: this tall the coiiety will fall ti;e liroperty an-l ::o into the basiness. National Con>mitteei^aii from Kansas, ktys the Ignorant negro should be disfranchised, that tie ballot should be taken away from h in. In the light of the stand taken by Kansas negroes at the Ijist general eh ction this state nient from .Mr. Atwood has a peculiar sound and Topeka cdoreil men an taking; an Inierest In it. Some of the Topeka nogroi's had been casting eyes ill the Democrai ic nominee for the I'residency. but the .Mwooir let ter gave them a seth ick. FILE AN ANSWER ST.ODARD ANSWERS PETITHOIT FOR REH£A|R]>'6 FIXE CASE^ UPHOLD UTEST DECISiON (OINSEL I FOR DI|< COMPANY fA- YOR liROSStll^ REVEKSJLL.' MANY THERE TODAY rresident R<M»eie!t K Illnstrinus tMieM? liaj. iterlained .Hnnv at Oyster Oys'er Bay. Sep . I'i.—President Kooseveirs visilor.-i. to lay include .\t- torney Oeneral Bonap iite. F»:iul .Morton, president of the Kf|uilal:le l.ife Insurance society; iMelill .M<-<:'ormick. of the Chicago Trilpin-: Lawrence F. .\bholi, of the Outlook: .lohn itidgley Carter, secretary '>f H IP American Kin- bassv at Ixmdtm: Herl ert Knox Smith cfuninissioner of eori berl Parsons. York County Kepubli .\!l were quests al liinl oration.-: iler- pi-eside It of the New •an cot:iiiiiltee. clieon. SENT PARTY CANDIDATES. IVIr. Cuibertsoh Can i General Electioh Ballot. Coiilily Clerk Emine day received a letter secrettiry's office stat I An>ner DerlareM Rpfercnre to BniMh (oiiipiinirH I Is jimmalrrlal In Liindi»i' Decision. Nov/ Make Up Culbertson to- from the state ng the names of the; candidates on the party tickets which are entitled to jgo on the general <dection ballot thii; fall. Mr. Culbertson can now begini making up the ticket for the .November election. The letter sent Mr. Culbeiiison was signed by;.!. T. Botkin. issistaht seere- ary t>f state, who is a brother t)r .terry Itotkln. eandidatp. for uovernor on fhi* neniocratic ticket and who will siH-ak tonight in tola. STKu'tRT AVANTS t\ I I'LVKitT. Chicago. Sept !0,—^Thc counseljTor the Standard 0 1'company of Indiana in an answer f^Ied today to the petition of the government attorne|ys Tof^ a re-hearing of |the appeal from • Judge' Landis' judgment fining the company *2!>.240.000 for i violation of the anti- rebate laws, uphold the decision f of- .iudgesGrosscujp.:! Baker and Seaman of the United States Circuit Court of .Vppoals. reversing the Judgment and lifting the burden of the enormpns . fine, as the good law is amply jn^- fied by the record in the case, i !.• In the petition'for reviewing £be judges are charged with ^issumijng that Judge Landis attempted ito jry- and iiunish th^ Standard Oii crantiapy of New Jersey |in the original proceed- . ings which werje against the Standilrd Oil coni|>any of Indiana. On this-WMnt the answer dec ares it to lie a m itier of no consequence whether the trkal court referred l{o the New Jersey »fai- pan.V or Indiana company as | nbth a : "Virgin offendek". FITZdERALD FRtK Chinico Judse LBMntes Man AccaMd of Robbin$r United Statils Snb-i (reawnry. - Chicago. iSep . It).—Georgt W. ,?lb- gerald. accused by the slat s authorities of the theft of fine hundredj seven- i.v-ihree thorns: nd dollars trom the rniied Stages bib-treasury herer-itias freed by Jiidg«i CKetlain todayl ^Yrli KKnown llnmlMtjdf Mtin Before the rpninils«diia. r*. Cai.i.jln S J ."^lei^ari. iti- well known ^ Humboldt eitizk'ti. w;i- b.-fou the coijniv romnilsfiotieis this afternoon iit iH-half of u iieji.'ieti le: :i new culv.i t'evi-r :i sireiiul Iietween farni. south of llninbi|ld;. and lluni- loidl ci'iy. The preseri^t cu'yerr is not urge (jtifiiigh and wllen the water Jacks Till it tiveil'ows ibe road­ ie Smith of Humbo.'tb. »hn <liaws lie ji'alis for Ibe coir.ify I.ridui-.-^. w.i? with .Mr. Siewari. 1 COAL CARS WILL heir to smeiler FOR GOOD HEALTH HtlAltP O^' KIM t ATiON TKAtllKKS rn tlBSLirVKil ASkS i'lLS. Uiitjid i*re»«iit the Sprnii| of I'ou- t »::!iMi« DlM-a'.o—Fen C BM'> In Didei -lo t>rt Vent 111" hpiead of contagious dii -ciises atno:ig the pttpil.s who :it:eiid Ihe rit> selioo'.-'. Ihe iKiard of eilucaiion ha.s re (|iiesied every teach rr in ihe city to k« eii a cbise iiKikuut fill piitiils who .-ei m 'o be afTlicted ill the Slightest degree, with any Infectious or contagions di .>ease. Such puidls will be required to secure a eertil.caie frtmi some reputable physician, indlcatin.:; that their presence in the school r <Kmi will not be dangerous 4o the health of ihe other pupils. In this way the board hopes to prevent the spread of any cocjigious disease whatever by the pupils. The health conditions of the city are now good and this action on the part of the autlioriHes is simply a precau- thmary measure to prevent the spread of such diseases, as are common dnr- ing the fall and winter season. This movement is in harmony with the requirements of the state , board pf health along this line. It is hoped tb^t every parent.wUl assist the preservins tlie good health condlUcins that'BOveziic.V'^:- ' •• Pittsburg. Ka.<;.. Mines Will Work FiJII Tim^ From Now On. Pittsburg. Kas.. Sepi. 1>>.—The coal u'ines of I'ittsburg ilinrict will work full tiiiie from now o'l. statement made by a ii inent op'-rators. . Kitgl-ne Mc.-\uliffe. general a:;ent of the Rfick Island-Frls- o s- ..-teiti. and .V. O. / erintenileiit of t! " c, o'isiilfiiig with III" <•! his •Mstrict relalixo i p'y. From a sfatemer the local mine owner more serious than any age on; account of thrj for coal. The mark«'t promises to. that of late years The orders which u August; for coal to be| winter ; months, are i year, and if the to piie: up and are st^nt durin.' the rush I 'lonths. this will ;,'ers of the car shortij BE SCARCE. This is the ember of prom ;allantiiie. sup- r service, are Jal operators of coal car sii;>- given out by S. this will be previous short- great demand in this state ually arrive in pton.'d for the toining in late c are allowed Md to the dan ge, Th(> local iiave orders for shipments to Colora'lo, Iowa and .Mi] ping t: e trict."!. ; sourl, overlap- terriiorv of oilier mining ilis- Remiivid Judicial Riilie>. The Ciltrokee Sill"! haviimMieen dispo.-ed < e;il. t!i<- board of con SMined : re:;iilnr duties During' the bearing of the liot:rd sat as a ci he evidence and plejirj nevs it !h. y li-f d ex|ii e >.-iii :il 111 i h(!|in rr aptili faiioil r for the i>res- iiiissioners r.e- liis afternoon, he application iirt and heard of llie atlor- bo'li sides, llhis afternoon (ioir jiirllcial ifibes and b-arn be work of iillowing bills. Vl >itJi .lloraii Chaiies. K Wendorft went U> Moran this aft (he fair and hear .1. D. he Ihitiks B.>ikiti oiigb Kovcrnor of Kansas. For tite l4i}tvn .Mrs. Seevers was I administratrix of the e:W. H. Ijxyton. ' Story Writer Rad l'o.\. the Humb<j writer, is; in the city ness. Would Convert Anderson. County Commissionejrs Tom Anderson weni to the Morln fair today. "This is' Democi^atic day and the other members of the board. Paul Klein and George Reynolds, crat8; say they sent Mr. Anderson to Moran |to whethe Botkln's address might not \ convert nim, a4d thus make the board entirely and took lip Fair. cli> clerk, rtition to visit tut kin tell why to be elected E>tnle. !>day iipiioitiletl. rate of the late BETHUNi IN ^ESlr lOLA FLiH)DED YYITII bESCBIP- TIONS OE M^SSIM; NEW {k'^KKEB. • . ! ' ! !• • • 1 ''1. ! . BciicTed to Re Soffering From a Tea* pomry .Mental AbetTatioB-^Rewanl nf iLIM^ for Informatio^. - Tin in Buffalo looking aher some^ busfness. difar." Fanenil Dqnkin/Stein Bethune. a prominent corporation attorney said to his wife over tlie telephone in New York city on the even- in uof .\ugust 23. "I'll return soon.*^ But Bethune did not return nor has he been seen or heard from since. His • wife learned that he was npt In Baf- i falo but had been talking: to her from a local telephone! booth in New' York city. She beean ja seardi-^r him. employed detectlyes, search^^' the city of Xew York, j then Bnfbi^. then Chicago and other western clt ies. XoW she has turned the searcb-; ing i)arty westward andevery-dtrlol^ importance or size; is;'Hooded w^h descriptions of the missing dian. apd an offer of a reward of! $1,000 for fn-,,i formation as to bis wh^reabonts. To*"- da.v. a large' batch of - circnlars con- cernlng Bethunei were received- jfa ^re and in the corridor bf the hotiels'may.' he seen a picture of the nUssfiig at- - tomey. his' description and an otter of money if he can;be found and i** , turned to New York. . • [' ;^ Bethune. it is declared, left home while suffering froni mental deranfe- ' nient. due to overwork. No other son. it is doctarcd, can be ascfn>ed|^^ !:ls pecnilar actions. He was not.lja?,' anclally involved, he had no doi diaiculties and his health, except! a sign of weakness, thought to I>e y a stight exhaustion from too attjmtion to wor|t,.^waa good. .) Kvery* police departm^t and eveirr detccflvo agency! in' practlclaly vt^ ry town in the weirt. is looklni; forle- hiine and if he is allte, it in'pnh dieted that he wiR be fcjund iootui^fk. Hiith search was ever brganfied Ibr a missing inan and unlfn>tbe.'eiw has cngiilfed him. It se«BW that ' whereabouts of Attorney' should'-soon become known. I m iHere. Idt short story ^oday on busi- who are Dem«>- f-or TJot Jeniy CHOOSE THE CENTER DemorraLs WiU Make MI BM .Scene of StrcnnMs Weri; OwcteK . Caafiigi.' Chicago. ^pL'-fo ber..^> the pivotal state srbnnd -wh|ch[.'*pe:*.;_ Democratic campaljtjn .'Jn,ih»': west ls_ to swing :8 ,;';Allf'th«t; the national era '" will be brought j Ho<sfer statfefoMi ter the ^^—^^ Bryan, speak iuirTe 25th.^B^]u to-:"

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