The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on December 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 12, 1946
Page 7
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in event of a tuture surprise attack ~ against lt~ with maes destruction weapons. ' "But they CQUldn't knock us out," said the commander of the fourth Fleet and veteran of 63 landings in the Pacific/- ,aaa" within a matter ot hours our^reprisal attacks would be underway on a large scale." 10-Year Edge • Barbey believes America has at least a 10-year edge over other countries in the production of weapons of mass destruction. "They are a PERFECT HOUO^ But 'we must' .. , He'aaya-tfeJs'-TniUtary advantage is the strongest'^ehind-the-scenes argument for the success of the United Nations. * — If another war, does come, however, Barbey said, '"It would not be a duel between gentlemen, but ,a war for the survival of the masses of Civilization." He said he could- 'see no reason for emphasizing possible attacks over the north pole. He thought it more likely a foreign enemy would "send out a dozen or so submarines and atom-bomb our eastern coastal cities from scattered positions hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic." Rockets carrying atomic warheads could be fired even while the- submarines were submerged, he added. Swift Retaliation 'But our retaliation would be swift, unavoidably by the enemy, and more damaging — If we keep our strength, ' said Barbey, The admiral took issue with those who believe that, in the event o£ a war with Soviet Russia the Russians would move huge infantry masses into western Europe and seize such centers as Rome, Antwerp and Paris in the hope we would not atom-bomb these friendly capitals and so would again require a gigantic expeditionary force and years of fighting to drive out the invaders. Barbey, who feels United Nations progress makes such a war highly hypothetical, said even if such a situation came to pass no big land armies by America would be needed. "Nor would we find it necessary to bomb Paris, Antwerp or Rome," he continued. "By atom-bombing Leningrad, Moscow, Kiev, ^.Odessa, and other main communications centers we could isolate the Russian armies m western Europe from their supplies — and keep them isolated." "What would hapen then? "If the subjected peoples remained true to their political beliefs, they would soon rise and destroy these masses of Russian foot troops, cut off from ammunition, fuel and ideological support from their own country," DEHTAL PIATES Kt«nffe ends mttty, harmful brtuhing. Just pet soar plate or iridje in a ftus «r vattr, add a little Klcenile. Prttto! Statin, denture odor. dUcolo- rations disappear. Year l«tlh sparkle like new Ask lour <ragtK»t today for Kleenite. Get KI.EEXITE today at all good Bakersfleld DrngRlsts. Olldale Agent: Cooler's Drug Store and all good drue- Aratour BOM PtOTitie.) Divorce Basis Laijt Ml „ LQ3 Dafyna. old am, sister songrand ^lajicejteain, divorce^" *--— Concentration iaeag»|i^ri5^ oner, ariested for' sho^llfi^f ,-the IiiXTirieg she could not affarpuSanged herself 4 jn; §hame, .VetriaB^f-said a, feminine' ,.„. „. the frufeband, "becauiise "of-the housing shortage," shared a tied .with twij girl compaions. -- f The, blonde witness, Jtme Duininer "Warne, a bookkeeper, said that" she, Fraacis^and Bettylou McClain *were forced into the informal sleeping arrangements by Jack of'housing accommodations. -Dawna was absent on a U. S. O. tour at the time, the court was informed. ~ Miss -McClain, named as co-defendant in the suit, denied the allegation, and Francis' attorney called it a "frameup." de . (formerly West Star) ^Sati&t M1XID NUTS Kept GOO® and fRESH in Vacuum Tins .. rtxlra fancy Duality, every kernel i» flaver controlled toasted until it it 5 delkioujly crisp and delicately 'flavored. Then while they are (till ' aroma-fresh, de Martini Mixed Nuts • 'are i.otled. just so and vacuum' sealed*to retoln their rbaiter- triipneis and deep full flavor. Far 'parlicl, picnictj-and barbecues, for .-oiler dinner or a inect-at any time, > de Martini Mixed Nuft. AT YOUR GROCERS A&ffiS&RJGE KILLS SJ ' " ' " m'orfllng af t'e^Tjer-StiTfist. "I gfueiss ^she'ihcnght,j?he- had disgraced us," said" Sam Levitt/her brother-in-law, •ttrho TvJtli his wife •were" the refugee** only Jiving relatives. ' . ^ j^ . * ' , Sees Kin,DS4 Miss'Landau slaved f$j(f two years on Nazi camps at Belseakand Oscie- wicz ~ where-£he saw" ^her father, mother, brother a,nd a^sister die from .overwork and starvation. She was near death when^rescuefl by British troops. - "".' - She was se'nt toi Sweden to recuperate and regained het\ health. "Then she wrote' to her sister, and after several months obtained a visa to, the United States. . -a .. ' Arriving at" the~Ley!tt r s"home In nearby Arcadia last year, Mfe3« Landau worked as a waitress and made frf 61 " 18 of customers who helped her with her broken English.- Went Window Shopping On her days off'she went window- shopping through Pasadena's gaily- decorated department stores, but her eyes,were bigger than her paycheck. "She talked for hours after each trip of the wonderful things she saw, things she had been denied while she was imprisoned," Levitt said. During her last trip Monday she was arrested for allegedly stealing & purse, valued at $7.45, and a $1.95 bracelet. Her sister and brother-in-law hurried from Arcadia to see her but the next morning the matron found her hanging from strips of bedding. Four-Figyre Salary,. Requisitefor Cussing ,'LpS. AXQELES, Dec. 12. Federal court records indicated today that a four-figure weekly salary Is a qualification for the privilege of getting cussed out b'y your boss in a Hollywood film studio. Harry Cohn, top Columbia executive, was defending the studio Wednesday against Director Charles Vidor's suit to breach his contract. Vidor claims that Cohn's profane tirades unnerved and unsettled him, and he wants to wash out his agreement reputedly paying him $2000 a week — even while he's testifying against his boss. -"I never called Sir. Vidor a - - — - - — untiL he directed "Cover^C&rl 1 " (Vidor's big success) Cohn testified. "Before that he made cheap pictures." In those days, Vidor's salary was $250 a week t-lr Jlaker*£id& California!! Thursday, December 12, 1946 7 Your cakes.after baking, still have that delicious flavor- if you use Schilling pure Va- flilla. flavor won't bake out. FRISKIES BECEMSEB ISSUE • Holiday recipes' • Household hint* • New fiction • Popular features Cube or meal type dog food in Xmas package. 2-lb. bag, cube type, 26c. JUICE BLEND T, - -V I •>? ' . , I IS* COB. Orange and Grapefruit juice. Blend O'GoId brand; 46-'oz. can, 35c. /£;£ fftlit . Grapefruit Jliice Treesweet brand. 46-oz. con, 3tc. Grapefruit Juice 'J;"' I3 C Town House brond. RQnch ° d 15* 22 . 0n Tomato Soup White Corn Creamed, sweet corn. Chili Con Carne Denhison's brond. Baby Foods Gerber's brand, Pureed or chopped. Typical Safeway V«lue$ Large Walnuts '*-; 48- Diamond budded. Enriched Bread ,. fb . , oef J J Q Mrs Wright's White or wheat. ! '/ 2 -lb loaf, 16c Quaker Oats Quick2 ° 0 .S° 8r . 13 e 48-or. package, 29e. Velveeta Cheese Food I 13 v t?j. v «e iu 2 . lb brlek A • i« Kraft brand. ' — Calif, f runes 3 ; h ' 0bB .""y 59 e Long Spaghetti G t.b M Sg.l8 c 2-lb. package, 33c. Ritz'Crackers ^_ ,.,,,.^29* CTnrvr^l c Insecticide onaroi * i-u,.pk B . 2'/2-lb. package, 49c. Harvest Moon brorjd Preserves California Morning brand. Preserves ^ Blackberry * * COCA v co •* i .j^ j ar California Mornino brand. Preserves ; Bos TJ!S / , 43* Dude Ranch brond. " ' VALUES CHUCK Savory, tender beef roast. Seven bone or Round tione cuts. T-BONE STEAKS .Also Porterhouse or Club Steaks. Perfect eating guaranteed. BEEF RIB ROAST Succulent, flavorful Standing Rib. First 5 ribs cut 8 inches. SHORT OR BOILING BEEF Peanut Butter Cream style. 2-lb. jar, 59c. 8-oz. jar, 19c. Peanut Butter Re ° IRoa f.fb° Jnadr 25* Economical cuts from top-grade steer beef. Here's full-value. , 2-lb. jar, 49c. Cream style. Peanul Butter Howdy brand. Chunk style. J-lb. Jar Freshly ground from quality beef. Packed In sanitary Visking. Gloss Starch ^Jj 8* Purex Bleach 2 SL 25* Vj-gallon, 23c. Gallon, 39c. White Magic Bleach qt . 11* Vi-gallon, 20c. Bone in. Try one of these lean roasts next time you buy. I». CORNED BEEF Trimmed Brisket. Treat your family to Corned Beef with cabbage. lb. ROUND STEAK Order one cut, thick for Swiss Steak. U. S. Graded Steer Beef. lb> Black Tea Tenderleaf Tea TreeTea '/2-lb. pockofle, 51c. Acme Beer anety. Sweet and Winter Nelis v Canterbury brand Ag I %-oz. pkg. ® Pekoe and Orange Pekoe. '/Hb. pkg., 23c. V4-Ib. pkg., 43c. 1 -Ib. pkg., 85c. 4.o Z . Pkfl .24 c MJB brand x. pkcj. 32-01. battles ' .Cose of 12 bottles, 3.54 (plus cose and bottle deposit). Sales tax additional. Betrsqld only at Sofewoys licensed to sell beer. ~ > Savory beef roast. JJj t LAMB BREAST ,' Excellent to braise or bake. . '"• SIRLOIN STEAK , (Pinbone Sirloin, Ib., 67c). !»• SOLE FILLETS K White meat, boneless, pan-ready. "H f BILL OF RIGHTS WEEK December 15 marks the 155th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. Take time to re-read this important doeu- 'irhent of American liberty, e

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