Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on September 9, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1908
Page 6
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J •- r - OMJlHARi 4; WA5|CH WAS STOLEN FBOM T lATEM & DANFORTH. HIEF SAID TO BE A FARMER XABIE BUBLE WAS SEVERELY BI^RNEI YESTERDAY AFT E'R>OOX. Thrt Chfbittan! Endeavor of tlip PrM. ircut.liere yesterday on bn Iness. t' •^^i^i. F. McGill came in yestei^ s^l^&tom Ft Scott -whe e sbe - ^4 beenvisltng her parents. Judge and Mrs. J .-D. Hin. Cary Margin, of Bronsoiij, was llero yesterday on business. Walter Ricketts left yetiterday foh Xeodesha where he will b« tin bis du-1 ties as'chemist in the sme place. He has been here weeks' vacation, r. Dr. L. B. Woodard has two registered bull pups. AFTER THE REPORTERS. Bar Association Makes Rujlng Which May Limit Court Npws. byltTlijn Chnrrh Entertained tlio Other: I-;ntii!a%orers of the City. At the mcctlnB of the liter at that on *a two purchased kllen conn- Is J. V. hbrses li \g now i| The market nat been is ag^in. Baying Horses .\icain. I^oweil 'Of thlSjCity Is biiyins The load that he is buy |s the hrst for several months. has been oft and he has doing any buying. Talk of Pavlnp. I Yesterday on the streets there was k of siarting* a petition asking the /.council to!pave Main street, if «jj[fficient ] encoiiragement is received one iman iistated that he would the petition. Ulk pity. aiiffl aiid start Found: .A Hat. There is a ladles hat, at the IJowell livery bam which the owner may hive by calling f6r it. The hat was found In !a buggy which was left in the b^- -or the College Students. The BJpworth'League ^f the Method ; !Elplscopa1 cihurch will give a so- cl il ln[ the chuirch parlors this even In ; inhonor of the local young people w 10 leave! soon for college. apli Miss burned mi toes JfEW WALL TAPER. This keik, we! received 6,00 rolls of will paper direct from the factory. wUch ^^e can sell one-half of regulat; pr ce. Beautiful pstterns at o, 6. 7 anji 9 qentp. "liook 'em over." WATERS i& D.WFORTH Dirugs and Jewelry. ,ty Bar association yesterday an ,ac- 'tion was taken, which ma handicap the reporters'for the local paperstol I some extent In ;ietttng tl; e news in lilstrlct court. Heretofore when • a! case was filed In the oni|e of the clerk of the court, the repc rters were permitted to get the petition and make a news story from It. Octais- ionally an attorney would n jduest that the contents of the petitlo» be wlth- Iield which request was always grant- I od when good reason was given. Some I of the attorneys, however, pay when: 'the substance of the pctliion w'as; printed before service was s ecured on \ the parties who were dcfo Idants in 1 tl'o case, it was di cult to RCt ser-j vice at all. The matter wa^ brought | up by one of the attorneys xcsterdjiyj with the result that the cle^'k of the J oourt was instructed not to allow tho i reporters or anyone other {than tho attorneys or their apcnts tojhave .-ic- cess to tho petitions until after the service had been secured and the sheriff had made his return The action of the attorneys I so they, say. is based on one of the i ules gov- ] ernlng the court which prevents any-j one other than a resident at jomey or | some onfe acting as Ills agen }. to take, the flies from tlie office or tjike them into ctistody. kshed |w«» Severely Burned. Marl^' Ruble was severely yesterday while cannlnj;: to The boiling hot tom.itpos on her; face, burning it very pevfereU C. E. Entertains. The Christian Endeavor of "tjie Pre6byt4r !a|i church last evening en- tertatne I j the member^ of the Chris tian En lessor societies of the different! chut ches '° the city on the lawns of (^. F. Robin and Rev. J. H. Brighfs resldenc j. About fifty were present. A gjener J social •jevenlng was spent. Watch Was Stolen. A | watch jvalued at abotit $20 wa stolen'ft om the donnter and Waters & Daifortl's drugj store several days ago. Tl e thief who is isaid to be a yott ig m ui [living In the country "near LaCarpe Is', j known. However, if the watih is returned to the store within a ntasoiablje length of time no arrest I win be malde.' Otherwise legal step 3 tiiu be tak^n. • . ^rprlsedl Mrs. Patton. 1^ mda r rilght jabout thirty of the frieids of Sjlr. and Mrs. Morris Patton gath sredi at tlheir home. The occasion T*as leaving aoon their home.l atiJii, sev th« tap ierMy fd ther the •i it. £n d last t )wn bui Iness days] .and brought about by their for Enterprise. Kas., to A good tlmp is re- Perppnals. Mij.*!. P^ffy Jfal^om will '>e Inken to Kaiiias C its this jpvening for an oper S)e"iaR been ill for the past al •Rcel<j.^. B. lt)e"V7olfe who has been lllfor days was able to be yepteraay. . jHngh Johnson left yes r Itadlariapolls, Jnd.. where will spehdl i ;ue8t 3 the next several weeks ijelatlyes. • • Sari) rjetnriied yesterday front Oua.. Lwljiert! he has been on n ' * ' the past several ivlsit ifor fers returned ;yesterdny from New Look—Here. One of the finest modern 'nhi for sale at a sacrifice, 'lou.'se of ten rooms, two cr nwn. plenty shade, enst fri^nf "•am and cistern', on paved s ••>r line Tlii.' . jiroiiert.v TiOOO. We have the exclusiv his ii'acc. and will offer It 't'xt :!0 (Inys nt J.*! .'iHl. NVllIT.VKKU & nONbCKI.L. TO T.VKE IX KKJHTKKX. homes in brick tit OS. fine good reet ami s won il sale lif for tUi« Fraternal Bankers Hold Mee morrow Mght. R. A. Mo.ees. the president Fraternal Bankers Hesert^e feociety of the ^•ill be in lola tomorrow nigh to at- end the meeting of. the ordfi- here, ind gi\<c a talk on the princl iles of he organization. There w.i'l be i class if about eighteen to instruct in the nysterics of the order. The Ural or lanization is now very strong, having ibout ."seventy members, nlthoujth but iv weeks old. —We pay the highest pricp* and see us before you sell -in 'lunces to a pound, .lohii Doe KIKAL C.VKKIEItS MEEm Vbont :m Delegates in .Ittenda the Sulina Meeting. Salina, Kas., Sejit. .More 'm delegates attended flip first ueoiing of the Kansas Associat Rural Mail Carrier.", and niorc| .arriving on every train. The were disappointed . upon receiv tele.ijrani from W. R. SpiHiuan. of the bureau at Washington, s hat he could not be present. A letter was read by Paul L. cc at Never before in our history have we been able to offer for your selection at this time of the season such a large showing of WomJBn's Fall Skirts.; Choosing flrom a stock li^e ours is easy I -and pleas- a.nt. There are so many models, so many prices, and every one is a goo|d value at the price, too. A great variety of mater- iatls in plain and fancy Worsteds and Voiles. Styles, of course, Up-to-the-Miniite =ay. saying that theje were 40.00(i!car- :.ind- liers in the rnited.States, and o I '.iimber only twenty-five were rcnoved 1 the last year for dishonest:. al- hou^h jiroperty valued at $40.0i i.OOO •assed through theii- hands. It i was irought out today tliat the roadi' are leing imiiroved more rapidly for the rural carriers than for any «thriionp4 thing. Good roads is the siibjci'.' of discussion today. : this asas where he went sev- ^aJBO on!a business visit. |tmj|n. i)f La Crosse. Wis., aj:.-. there. Oklahoma Still Needs Teachers. Topek.i, Sept. !i.—William Str\jcer. cx-stato supi-rintendent of Ka istvs now editor of the Tulsa, (Ok.) Vi\ao crat, has vvritten to E. A. Faircjild, state superintondont, asking thai i\ny surplus lenchcrs in Kansas, be ffi-iit '»> OUInhnmti, as there Is a grout short- ivery Month i ^tesjllrs. E. Fournier of Lake Charles, La., "I nsed to suffer from headache, backache, side achel, l^ressmg-dpwn pains, and could hardly walk. At Vpst I took^Cardui, and now I feel good all the time. y kVE ARE IJAGEMrS | FOR THE ^DlEStlOMEjOURNAL PATTERNS ^^Qy MOMTHLY STYteiBOOK FBEC ^jl^ NEWS OF GAS CITY (i.VSillTY J|.VV li.WE .V>OTHtl{ LECTHJE V HUSE THIS WI.\TEI{. WAS ABANDONED LAST YEAR 1*. Jl HY IMS ITU("1IA?>EI» ill SI- NE.S.K Kri|.I>I\<.' ity .StllTII .M.VIN. biiiir; (.'nrl Mho llkiTenll} firmed Ont HiSl Funiilure Kii>ine>s Will Open jtnil .Market in >«ir Future. .-overal tinies e^eh which will he \\M >(i iiii'iii. i week on music in tho ent-itnln- TersonaN. .Mrs. Ktiitiia I! lik'-r caiiic in .v <:;;f .'i- day morning fro u I't. Siotf wliett; sli>: has been visitud fur the iM.-' sevtv;'.! days. .Mr.-. Kiidolph \Vi n /ilntTiriicd t roiii a visit Willi rflaiivr.-; in .\oii.-lin K.-i'I.-;. .Miss Zeila Pii^f vft,tfrday for Mineral. Kas... ("i- l-w days' vi.-ii with relatives, i .Mrs. .A. I). Slii'le i.>^ ie|ir>rte(l a.-* I M-- iixii Muiio seriouiily ill :ii her hmne in this city. Mr. and Mrs .la k Vim'.i are moving I'aek to thji eity Iroiii lluteliin- BOURBON TO TEST IT Slny lla^e teelnre ('our>e. .ViMilher effort :i lecture course t ........ , „«.-.. . ,„f i,"; beinp: made to havoi ^j ^j. s sj ^Riiii this winter. I'l'jj;_,",; c"it>' next Th they iiiiived ; last iiijiki' ilieir (iitiire son Kiis.. wilt 1 Marrii. Thfy w home here. K. O. Ilalita. i\( P .uvMei;. Has., was here yostonlay slinking hai-iis wnh »>itl It lends, lie fort] Mrs. Wiliiam for .Moniti wher* of relatives. Saiiford Vof.d will •j.u to Kan- irsday. Nc'Shbor County In Controversy Over the Barnes High School Law, Tco, Tlv^ Fort Set'!! Uoidiblieati Siiys; The de( i .sifMi of .liiilite i-"nusl in t |i*> Harnes law test ease in .Mien i -oiiniy was the sole topic of conversation yes- lenlay anions those who ,Trc interested in the seliool work, and oiiin- ions wi>re aliout eV'-nly di\i(;r'l . MS to the legality of the law. ami the ji:st- ness of I he decision ma.l" Iiy lii'.n. .Many eonteiid ti'.;it as long as tlie law rereived the vote of a majority of those voiini: f>n i:. • • :-kti'iii. i! T .-rs legjilly pass.-d. ui-i! ' taK>r a dilterent view or it. .Siii>erii)|end- eiit noweti. who has watrheil ile%-i-! T<> (H) IMO SHtlW IMSISKSS. r:. S. Hairis on a Heal Wifh Ft. Sr-Ai •>. IVoplc. The Ft. Scoi' Repirultrin .-.i'v-- .Ar lie r<.u;:;ar iiieein:; of th- .sd -.K.: : '.••i-rd .\fenday lilsl't. F. S H J-IMS ;. a. forniev Frisvo eiu-iepfv i>-- cenM.V lie<n (>pii mini: :.i luuviim |.ic- ' tiire (-I H.W ;ir Ml .lde 111 - |ili .>rd ai |iroi.(iMiiii:i tint it" ilu;. w«».il<I !e -i >e rutivoji'i-m li;i!l to hr.'.i tor tin- winter, he would pill in <.f ^llow^• very ; <iniilar to tho .-i- imw i i.tiiiini;; a;^ .\i!iloi)ie. av.d reii: would pay the' iioavd (>ne-haU of tlie n.^' i>roe«f"ds luri the <.f the lia.i. ije-.;i!!ar .«li<»w.s j were.tu he i-iit on in »<ii;!i;T:ioi! wisiii the n;i>\iiii; i>ie'.itn>. wliieh i-^ne.w ninniuu at lola. Afu-v ti'-iii.s eeiiriil- ered fur .siuiie lime iiy the Umrd t'lie pni'iof-nion was placed in the hands i>{ FOit E^IH.\|>GE. W'il'. improved loi acre farm •icari V.'estplains. !.Mo. Valtie $:-.-.fv). For we'll located 40-acTfe faira in 'Kansas. I (^{•fd .-Mill property property, lesi'.lp'nce and " acres land, in I liniji;: Value SfiOOlk. Fpr farm of enual value in Kins. prOkla.- A line dwelling aid acres i:i htsh eniiivtttioa. adjoining ;.u<«l; tewn in Missoi.tri. For n .•••riij! property in good size Cowuj ' J. r. MILES, IOI.V. KAS. KouniJU, Old lojurt Uonse. .Mr. and .Mrs. iamee .r. Williamson. "of Neosho Falls o last year for tl|c past several yoars Has Cjti' has had a lecture course and has pai«o<"t nicely l^st,year the idea ; l.^rc !a4t Tuesday. W .1S abandoned. If the present plans |ire carried out there will be an eisht- pumber.eourse this year, two of which will be inusieale.";. were the nmst* of o o oo'o o o o o o oo oo oao , o , ; • o opnients closely, yesterday .cited . T de. ;the hiiiidiiju and .izroiinds ce.mni j'te,^. Q II. C WEAK O Icisiau of iV.i' attorixy seiieval of the 'hey to report at » fnlnre ne.-in:,-. Q Mlchita, Kansas. O 1 . - O WESTERN LA.\1>S A. RA.VCHES O As It was the d".-^:r' of .dr. Hams Q g^I^ „r -j-rade. . O To be-^hi the work of preparing for the Q r^.j j^j, ,vcie. Up. P soon .'is pos.-iiile. if he is to Q • ' 0 receive ihe ha i a siieciaf meeting of o O O CiO O O O O O O O O O O O O the board was t alletl for last iiithi ; ' } • ; i and the offer wi«.> further considered. .".^J -•— '•' — . "r .\fier being geneiitl.Sy discussed it was i To Open Meat Harket. j Isaac Carl who recently clo.-ed ou' jils furniture business here will open a (neat market In his building on North Main street in the near future. Mr. uerly lived ben Kemp left :• ••s'""i'v j ^,j,„. .^^ving that under .^^imillar e.-ises she wi.l be the guest „,j^ ^„^„ i iierfectly Ie?al and the lax can bo collected. The board of county enniniissioners m'f yesterday for their repular monthly meeting, an.i it wa.^ feared by many that ihev would rescind their action making the h.i^h school levy, as, if was contended that it had been m:(de conditionally on the decision of] .III Ice Fonst. Memler.-s' of the board stated yesterday that Th'>y would '•heck the matter up to County Attorney .John Cafriweli for ! is decisioii ind would possibly be guided by itl Apparently equally pooil authority can be produced on both sides of the question, and it -will no doubt reach the .Vet at President Kooseielt—Loeb Ex plodes the Assni^slnatlon ThJHiry. is a. mediciiie that has Ijeeii found to aict tEW cause of most -women's pains, strengthen~^^e|! weakened womanly organs, ituit suffer be' prk is too-hard for them. , iifit a pain "k^ler," but a true female - epppqsed of purely vegetable ingredients, "ess and recommended for all sick wo- •ung. Try Cardui Women 's Udiet Oyster Bay, Sept. 0.—Sensational J reports of an attempt to shoot Presi- i:arl Is an experienced business nian i -'^fj,/l^^^^'f J';''^r,«,f '^^^^^^^^ »nd it Is predicted-he will make a sue-^ . . ess of the meat market i season has opened on Long Isl.inrl ana i supreme ponrt in tne iie;,r future, a.s " there is considerable shooting daily; in i ppopi,. of^Uen rounty are prepar- the outlying districts. Mr. f»eh. sec-jinj. take ir. there at once. Is Much Better. A, L. West who sustained the president. and dislocated shoulder last L .'t'urSay';^^'*^ '^T'^^^ ["J * while iworking In the yards at ihei'^at an^ne had tr:ed to Prime AVesfern Spelter company is r^. iKoose \eit. said today i moment | harm ^'r i In case the board should t|heir action makim; the levy rescind here. It :i!rain referred to the cotijniiiie- witii Instrm-n'ons .that|they draw :i|>;'a tract Tiviih Mjr. Harris. i The projiositjnn • as m.^cje j'y flarrisiis that lie will nianajge house and put On the shows, jp.iyir.::; l'"'-^-'''"the board <ine-haif of the|net proceed;;! I'hoiie OS. if there should ije a defkit it wiii l'< l)orne!l»y him auine. andjhe will havt exclusive charjreiof the^hearrei. Tiv .M.lfiA^IXES Xyn PEKIODKAL!^ • ' TO ; J. E. Headerson M I :'v!ir, d.>;il.^. with the publishers and j fiirnishi-s them at the lowest price 411 .V; Buckeye .1 contract to be drawn up will |i that the hai: shall be used for ;i ture course entertainments andj accessary imrposes. As no ent ments tire schedule*! feir th" (ii^rtedi as improving rapid'y.; He was able to be up town yesterd?..^:. mALLmUQ STOBES^ Bought Propert}-. i P. .tury yesterday purchased riropeiTty on South »Ma!n street occu-j nijed bj- the city poo! hall of G. P. Lani- ,b«rton. Mr. Jury purchased the jirop-' Jetty as an Investment. ^I""- J i^ thought an original man<lanius pro- J feeding would start- jtd In tho .supreme court to compel I'hem to inake the a .sses .sment. , "The Ipw provides, that the levy must be it'Ede in .\ugusi. which was done, the'Rewards' Offered in Melbournfor thej There is alsoa possibility of the levy THE FLEET LOST 221 MEN. 1/ Will OlTe/EntertainnifinL Apprehension of Stragglers. Melb(furn, Australia, Sept. 7.—As the,search of a patrol from the Amer- _lcan fleet for the men who failed io i go aboard their ships when the fleet The ^Gas Clt/Choral so<^lety will, left here Saturday for Albamy has ncii give an entertolniptent In the near fu-;met with much success, rewards haye ture. "the exact date has not yet been vbeen oHered for the apprehension itfj decided upon. The clab is iracUdos 221 strassters. j Jielng allowed to stand, but the collect on of a tax' being stopped by a »ax payer, any one of whom could bring ai injunction to prevent It. ;A committe consisting of Superintendent ,Bow0i, President Jarrett of t'le boaird /Of jfducation. and meml>ers Calhoun .And Spencer,, also of the b>ard. w^ bifbre the oommlssloners ^r^stetday to i^rotest for tbe levy. ! month it will be possibl^ for Ijiin to: ^ivc it a thorough test and see er or not it can be made a proposition. rovi'ie General Contradpr. M Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks andj Oilier rtain-! next i Curbing a Specialty. Oifice 115 iJast'Jackson Are. Phone 89L •jvhe;!.-; 'ayi:!S • FIRE AT LONGVyORTH'S. I The HAVE SECURED CHURCH- Congressman's Stable Burns,' Causing Loss of $30,000. inj Pres-i Cincinnati, Sept. ?.—Congressman I-ongw-orth"s two story brick stable at his Grandin road home was complete- Arrangements haye been co nplei- ly destroyed by fire early today, caused \flth. ithe. iJlrectolrs of tue Pj-esby- Ing a loss estimated at $30,000. "With "' " " • e use of that edl- the stable were burned five carriages district club >con- hut the horses and seihrahts who slept Club Convention Will Meet i byterian ichurch. terian ch'urch for tbl lice for the isecond vention The muslcale whioh OctolMF |wenty-fint en fh&re. hidi^eets har^ In October, in ^he stable got oiii(|Bafelr- is to'be giv4n oaj Mr. and Mrs. liai^ortli bad : will'also h^ giv7,'retumedi:froia a |>artjft when Ihe/ ijwas discoTered.

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