The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 13, 1971 · Page 21
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 21

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 13, 1971
Page 21
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Two Tipsters Win $10 First Prizes An elevator fire and an out-of-state lawsuit were dual first place winners in this week's tip contest. There were double prizes awarded in all three places this week, after a slow tip week last week led to a no-winner decision. Mrs. Gerald Warner, Box 4W, Liberal, and Mrs. Bea Rau, Elbo Inn, Lyons, both were awarded $10 top prizes. They tipped The News on the Liberal elevator fire and a $SOO ,000 lawsuit won by a Lyons man, respectively. Mrs. Clayton Radke, 43 Sunflower, and Mrs. C. H. Hartnett, Stafford, both collected $5 second prizes for their tips. Mrs. Radke told The News when an earthmover overturned on 17th and Mrs. Hartnett told of a hen that tried hatching tomatoes instead of eggs. Doug Green, 817 East Sherman, and Danny Michael, 509 Green Garden Drive, broke the women's winning streak, and each won $3 third prizes. Green told The News of an injury accident at K61 and 30th and Michael told of his sister's job at a local service station. Honorable Mentions Despite all the winners, there were still fewer honorable mentions that usual, as the August dog days appeared to carry over into early September. Honorable mentions did go to Mrs. Charles Ruble, RFD 4; Mrs. Kenneth Brubaker, 201 Norfh Cleveland; Donald Haynes, 307 West 5th; Mrs. Harold Graham, Lyons; C. C. Pierson, 734 Cole; Mrs. Stan Lyon, 73 Faircrest; Howard Strawn, ID West 18th; Robert Wilkin, 510 East 5th; Mrs. Archie Swanson, 3318 Farmington; Harold E. Brown, Kinsley; Mrs. Bob Watson, 11 South Severance; Mrs. L E. Zimmerman, 1 South Nelson; Mrs. Dorothy M. Wilson, Nickerson and Candy Teter, 413 West Sherman. The News tip contest is on again, and you couid win some of the $18 offered weekly in prizes. If you see or hear news happening, just call The News collect at 662-3311 or write to" The News, 300 West 2nd. Another Look At New Subs WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of the Navy John Chafee is taking another look at an expensive new class of nuclear- powered attack submarines, raising the possibility fewer may be built in the future. This is fresh evidence that Chafee, concerned about rocketing ship costs, is questioning the arguments of senior admirals for ever-faster, more complex war vessels. Last spring, Chafee recommended a cutback in plans for a new class of nuclear-powered frigates from five to three. Pentagon leaders followed that recommendation. It is known that Chafee, concerned about the $230-million price of new frigates, rejects the admirals' arguments that nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are unable to reach full potential for long-endurance operations unless all their escorts also run on nuclear engines. But while differing with some views of nuclear-Navy advocates, Chafee is urging Pentagon superiors to approve about $300 million in next year's budget toward construction of a new atomic-propelled carrier. Takes Cooperation To Transport Crops By RODERICK TURNBULL News Farm Analyst KANSAS CITY-The view at the Kansas City Board of Trade is tliat the transportation industry is better oriented this year than in recent times to move grain, but whether it will be able to handle this fall's huge crops without serious trouble remains to be seen. The situation for the fall is full of "ifs." Curiously, as the grain trade here sees it, the indicated improved ability of tlie railroads to move large quantities of grain is not because of the adding of needed equipment. The fact is, there are fewer boxcars available now than some years ago. These traditionally have been the workhorses of the grata movement. There are, bow- ever, more of the new big hopper cars, but it is not believed the new hopper cars are of sufficient number to replace all the older boxcars which have been abandoned as obsolete. Where the improvement lies ^Horse Editor' Fry Is Dead By EVELYN STEIMEL SPEARVILLE - Readers of the Spearville News Iiave ridden around with the "horse editor" for the last time. Horace L. Fry is dead. "I 'll conthiue writing my column as long as Lawrence will let me," Fry had said on k sunny day in April as he celebrated his 80th birthday at an open house in tlie office of the paper he edited for nearly 30 years. But it wasn't Lawrence Vicrthaler,, editor of The News that put the end to Fry's journalistic carreer, it was death. Although he had sold The News to Vierthaler in 1952, Fry had continued to write his column "Ridin Around With The Horse Editor," in which he provided comment on sporting events, gardenuig, worid affairs and women's clothing styles. The column ran for the last time Thursday. Fry died Sunday at Central Kansas Medical Center in Great Bend, after undergoing surgery earlier in the week. Final Column In his fhial column, the sprite- ly newspaper veteran whose host of invented characters entertained readers for 40 years, opined "ho hum, here we are still in the hospital." He then went on to comment on the Kansas City Chiefs football game and "a little garden poetry." Fry carried a notebook with him always, jotting down his thoughts or those of Wham Bigsby or Shakes Peer, batting them out each Monday on a vintage typewriter for a midweek deadline. Fry began his career as a newspaper carrier and then as an apprentice printer during his high school days ia Rich Field, Mo. Later he and a friend leased the Rich Field Review but after a brief but unsuccessful stmt as a publisher he went to Missouri University where he majored in journalism, working his way through school as a printer. After serving in the Navy during World War I, he came to Spearville in 1921 on a day that he recalled as "windy and dusty, after a late spring freeze had ruined the wheat crop. The largest store in town was in is in cooperation among t h e railroads, the trade (grain stiip- pers), and the Interstate Commerce Commission. In effect, this cooperation was forced by "boxcar shortages'' which had grown from sometliing regarded as chronic, to one of crises proportions. Roderick ing cars. Board of Trade officials compliment the railroads for trying to do a better job overall — and tliis is an innovation. Tl>e railroads reported that they were getting more power — bigger engines to pull longer trains. Legal Notices Legal Notices Hutchinson News Monday, Sept. 13, 1971 Page 9 receivership and another was closing." "I really thought I had made mistake in sinking my nest egg into the newspa|>er,'' he said. But he realized it wasn't, for lie "loved the town and my work. He served as a school board member and for a time as Spearville's mayor. "The newspaper business has treated me good," he said in April, and he didn't hesitate to advise young people to go into the field, if they didn't expect short hours. Fry, who has three daughters, all of whom helped in his shop as they grew up, saw one daughter follow him into journalism. Eleanor Fry, his oldest daughter, is area editor for a Colorado daily. A Sure Winner! @ ( RECLINA-ROCKERT Settle bock and Relax. Watch Your Favorite New Fall TV Program in a La-z-boy Reclina-Rocker starting at. . . $ URGE SELECTION FREE DELIVERY"CONVENIENT TERMS, •^awd FURNITllREH 13 South Main Hutchinson - Ph. 663-9071 "Where You Are Always Welcome" Tiirnbidl A few years ago, the Kansas City Board of Trade asked railroads to meet with grain men to see if something could be done. The meetings have continued twice a year since. Ownership Percentage At the start, the principal contention of the eastern railroads was that too many o[ their boxcars were being held by eastern and southern railways. Grain men began to learn what railroad men were talking about when they referred to "percentage of ownership" on their own luies. As an example, if a railroad owned 10,000 boxcars but had only 5,000 on its lines, regardless of which rail road ovnied the cars, it would then have equivalent to 5 percent of ownership on line. The western railroads complained that in the movement of commodities, boxcars hauled grain from the niiddle of the country (the main farm belt) to the east and south, and then these same cars were loaded with other freight for transportation throughout the industrial east. The western railroads had a bard time getting them back. On this problem, they asked for help. Meanwhile, grain transportation needs were being expanded. No. 1, the amount of grain bemg produced far exceeds the totals of some years ago. Not only that, more of it moves from the farms where it iy produced The hxige broiler plants and cattle feedlots require feed that once would have been utilized on farms. Ip addition, our exports are double what they were 15 or 20 years ago. So not only is more grain produced, but a greater proportion has to be shipped. The grain trade's side of the issue was much more simple and blunt. They just could not get the boxcars when they were needed. Appealed To ICC To get more of the boxcars back onto western lines when they were needed, the Board of Trade, farm organizations, farm belt members of Congress and others appealed to the Interstate Commerce Commission. The ICC has the authority to issue "service orders" which require railroads to return empty boxcars to the lines that own thean. The ICC would do this after proof that such action was necessai7. the grain trade at Kansas City was contending that by the time proof was established each year, a boxcar shortage crisis would have developed. At the most recent meeting of railroads and the grain trade in Kansas City, the Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Missouri Pacific, Rock Island and Santa Fe lines were represented, as well as the Interstate Commerce Conunission and the government's Commodity Credit Corporation. The subject was the movement of the fall harvest. It was agreed generally that some unprovcments seem apparent in the case of nearly ail past difficulties. These improvements were manifest in the movement of the 1970 harvest, which was accomplished with a minimum of difficulties. However, the transportation problem in 1970 got a big assist from smaller crops of corn and mllo. Tills year, exactly the opposite is true as record harvests arc promised not only on com and mil o, but also soybeans, and the nation harvested itn biggest wheat crop. But it was pointed out at the meethig that the ICC is much quicker to act now than previously. In fact, commented one railroad official, "They are asking us to warn them if trouble Ls approaching instead of insisting on proof of the fact." The result is, cars are ordered west earlier in anticipation of the harvest movement. The grain trade has been trying to do a better job of utiliz- NOTICE OF APPOINTENT NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, ADMINISTRATOR C.T.A. STATE OF KANSAS, Reno County, S5. In The Probate Court of said County, No. 7280 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF EMERSON B. BELDEN, DECEASED LATE OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO THE creditors, heirs, devisees, legatees and all others concorncd, that on the 20th day of August, 1971, the undersigned was, by tt\e Probate Court of Reno County, Kansas, duly appointed and quallllcd as Administrator C.T.A. of the estate of Emerson B. Belden, deceased late of Reno County, Kansas. All parties interested In said estate will take notice, and govern themjelves accordingly. All demands not exhibited within nine months from the date of the first publication of the above notice will be forever barred. GERALD NORMAN BELDEN, Administrator, C.T.A. of the Estate of Emerson B, Belden, Deceased. ATTEST: E. Victor Wilson, Probate Judge of Reno County, Kansas (Published in The Hutchinson News in Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, on August 30, 1971; September 4, 1971; and on September 13, 1971.) 8402 (First^ublished^ In The Hutchinson News August 30, 1971) STATE OF KANSAS ) ) SS; COUNTY OF RENO ) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTATE OF ) No, 7292 MARY McGHEE, DECEASED.) NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed In said Court by William Harold McGhee, son and one of the helrs- at-law of Mary McGhee, deceased, praying for the determination of the descent of certain personal property described In the Petition; and any and ail other property, real and personal, or interest therein, owned by the said Mary McGhee at the time of her death; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 22nd day of September, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock A.M., in said Court In the City of Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, at which time and .place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, ludgmont and decree will b« entered In due course upon said Petition. WILLIAM HAROLD McGHEE Petitioner WEINLOOD, COLE, OSWALT & SHAFFER Attorneys at Law 603-608 First National Bank BIdg. Hutchinson, Kansas. Attorneys for Petitioner 8406 (Flrsf'puBlfshacnnThe Hutchlnsoh'News September 6, 1971) STATE OF KANSAS, RENO COUNTY, SS: IN THE PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE IN THE AAATTER OF THE ) ESTATE OF HERBERT B. ) HOFFMAN, a /k/a HERBERT ) No, 7305 B. ..UFFMAN, DECEASED. ) NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL The State of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed In said Court by First National Bank as executor named in the Will of Herbert B. Hoffman, deceased, praying for the admission to probato of the Will of Herbert D. Hoffman (sometimes known as Herbert B. Huffman) dated January 9, 1969, which Is filed with said Pelilion, and for the appointment of the First National Bank of Hutchinson, Kansas, as executor of said Will, without bond, and you arc hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 29lh day of September, 1971, at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day. In said Court, In the City of Hutchinson, In Reno County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will bo heard. Should you fall therein, ludgment and decree will be entered In duo course upon said Petition. FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Hutchinson, Kansas, Pelllloner WEINLOOD, COLE, OSWALT t, SHAFFER 603-608 First National Bank BIdg. Hutchinson, Kansas 662-0221 Attorneys for Petitioner 0423 WtHe -OreTRTCT-COOftT OF— RENO COUNTY, KANSAS HAROLD E. COKER ) Plaintiff ) -vs- ) No. 18986 MARTHA J. COKER ) Defendant ) NOTICE OF SUIT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO: MARTHA J. COKER and all other persons who may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a Pelilion t \BS boen filed In the Reno County District Court by Harold E. Cokor, praying for an absolute divorce, care, custody and control of the minor child, and such other relief as he may be entlllod to, and you are hereby required to plead to said Petition on or before October 20, 1971, In said Court at Hutchlnr.on, Kansas. Should you fall therein, ludgment and decree will be entered In due course upon sold Petition. HAROLD E. COKER Plalnllll JOHN K. LEIGHNOR Attorney for Plaintiff 308 Wolcolt Building Hutchinson, Kansas 67501 8426 (prF»rRibllflhed 'ln The HuTchlnson'News; August 30, 1971) STATE OF KANSAS, RENO COUNTY, SS. IN THE PROBATE COURT OP SAID COUNTY AND STATE IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTATE OF I ANNA M. HANAN, ) No. 6999 DECEASED. ) NOTICE OP HEARING The State of Kansas to nil persons concerned: You ore hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in lald Court by Virginia Sullen and Cecil Sutton, co-executors of the Will of Anna M. Honan, deceased, praying for a final Betllomont of sold •italo, approval of their acts, proceedings and accounts a> co-executors, allov/- ance for altorneys' fees and expenses; and also praying that Ihe court dolcrmlno the heirs, devisees and legatees entitled to Ihe estate and the proportion or part thereof to which each Is entlllod and distribute and aisign the same to thenn In accordance with the Will of Anna M. Hanan, deceased; ancj you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 22nd day of September, 1971, at l6 ;00 o 'clock A.M., on said day. In oald Coorl, In Ihe C |l/ ot Hutchinson, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, ludgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said Petition. VIRGINIA SUTTON and CECIL SUTTON, Co-executors of the Will of Anna M. Hanan, deceased. WEINLOOD, COLE, OSWALT & SHAFFER 603-608 First National Bank BIdg. Hutchinson, Kansas 662-0321 Atlorne/* for Co-flXeculors, 8403 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTATE OF ) FLORENCE M. JONES, ) No. 7005 DECEASED. ) NOTICE OF HEARING The Slate of Kansas to all persons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed In said Court by William V. Jones, administrator of the estate of Florence M. Jones, deceased, praying for a final settlement of said estate, approval of his accounts as administrator, allowances for attorneys' fees and administrator's fees and expenses, also that the Court determine the heirs of said decea- ent and assign to them the real estate and personal property remaining In said estate; and you are tiereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5th day of October, 1971, at 10 o'clock a.m. of said day, In said Court, In the city of Hutchinson, at which time and place said cause will be heard Should you fall therein, (udgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. WILLIAM V. JONES, Administrator of the Estate of Florence M. Jones, Do- ceased. Petitioner LEHMBERG, BREMEYER, WISE, JONES 8, HOPP, CHARTERED Box 149, McPherson, Kansas Attorneys for Petitioner 8437 (First Published in ttie Hutclilnso'n view's, September 13, 1971) IN THE PROBATE COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTATE OF ) HENRY J, SICKMON, ) No. 7171 DECEASED. ) NOTICE OF HEARING THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed In said Court by Gene D. Sickmon and Francis H. Slckmon, Administrators of the above entitled estate, praying for an Order authorizing and directing Ihe sale of Ihe following described real estate belonging to said ostale, lo-wil: Lots 1, 7, 3, i and 5, Block 22, Empey & Durroli's Addition to Iho City of Arlington, Kansas; and ail the furniture and household goods contained therein, for the best Interest of said estate, and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 5fh day of October, 1971 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day In said Court In the City' of Hutchinson at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will bo entered In due course upon said petition. GENE D. SICKMON FRANCIS H. SICKMON Administrators and Petitioners PORTER K. BROWN Attorney tor Petitioners 8438 Want Ads The Hutchinson News LOCAL CALLS 662-3311 Long Distance (in state) 316-662-1215 collect Main Office and Plant, 300 W. 2nd, Hutchinson. 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Announcements IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF RENO COUNTY, KANSAS 15 Cemetery Lots—Marliers "M'EMORlAL'Art has '43~vcar5~'exper- lence In the monument service. We do our own engraving and designing and setting (where permitted) with professional care. Memorial Art Co., 1300 l^lckerson Blvd. MO 3-3161. Burial Lots Memorial Parle Cemetery One or More Spaces In Beautiful Sections At Lower Prlcesl Bolter buy before noodad. Call Mr. Brooks Day 663-1121 Eve. ««-,t818 ) No. 19023 ) 1 VAN D. STURGEON and ) JEAN STURGEON, ) PLAINTIFFS 1 VS. A. J. SMITH and LIBBIE SMITH his wife; W. C, EDWARDS and EDWARDS) his wife; TAYLOR FLICK and ) FLICK, his wife; and Ihe ) unknown heirs, executors, ad- ) minlslrators, devisees, trustees, ) creditors and assigns of the de- 1 fondants, either presently living) or deceased; the unknown ) spouses of the defendants; the ) unknown executors, actmlnl- ) sirators, devisees, trustees, ) creditors, . successors, oslgns, ) and guardians of such of the ) defendants as are minors or ) are in any wise under legal ) disability, ) DEFENDANTS ) NOTICE OF SUIT THE STATE OF KANSAS TO THE DEFENDANTS ABOVE NAMED AND DE SIGNATED, AND ALL OTHER PER SONS WHO ARE, OR MAY BE CON CERNED; You are hereby notified that a Petition has boon tiled In the District Court of Reno County, Kansas, by Van D Sturgeon and Joan Slorgeon praying for the quioling of llllo to Iho follow Ing described real oslntc iltualod In Reno County, Kansas, to-wll: Lot 6, and the East Half of Lot 7, Block 13, Miller and Smith's Addition to Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, And you ore tioreby required to plead to said Potlllon on or before Iho 26th da/ of October, 1971 In said court at Hutchinson, Kansas. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered in duo course upon sold Pelilion VAN STURGEON JEAN STURGEON Plaintiffs HODGE, REYNOLDS, SMITH, PEIRCE & FORKER 605 Wiley Building ~ P. O. Box 790 Hulchlnson, Kansas 67501 Attorneys for Plaintiffs 8,139 (First published In The 'Hulchlnson News on Ihe 6th day of September, 1971.) IN THE PROBATE COURT OP RENO COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF ) THE ESTATES OF ) CHARLES HIRTH and ) Case No. 730? MARTHA E. HIRTH, ) Boll) Deceased. ) NOTICE OF HEARINO THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PER SONS CONCERNED; You and each of you are hereby nollflod that a potlllon boon filed In the Probnie Court of uaW county and stale by Frances M. Cox and Dorothy J. Perkins, daughters and heirs at law of said docedonis, having an In lorest In Ihe property owned by said decedents nl Ihe time of their respec llvo deaths, asking (or a decree of sold Court determining the heirs at law of said doccdonir, and the doscont ol their rcspecllVB property, and ojslflnlnq It to the persons enlillod thereto ol Iho time of said docedonis' respective deaths, pursuant to the law of intestate succession then in force; and you oro hereby required to /Mo your wrillen defenses thereto on or beloro Iho 29 day of Soplember 1971, at IO:CO a.m. on said day In said Court In Iho City of Hulchlnson, Kan sas, at which lime and place sold cause will bo hoard, Should you (all therein, ludgment and decroo will bo entered In due course upon said petition. FRANCES M. COX and DOROTHY J, PERKINS, Potllloners E. VICTOR WILSON PROBATE JUDGE (Seal) DRANINI:, CMALPANT & IIYTER Attorneys for Pollllonurs No. M24 (First published In The Hulchlnson News Soplember 0, 1971) STATE OF KANSAS, COUNTY OF RENO, 5s; IN THE PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATE OF MARY C. ) No. 6804 GRABER, DECEASED ) NOTICE OP HEARINO THE STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You ore hereby notified that a petition has been (lied in snid Court by Sandra A. Molland, administrator ol Iho oslato of Mary C. Graber, deceased, praying for final urttiement of said estate, approval of hor BCCounl» on administrator, allowance (or her services, aflorney's feo« and cxpenios, also that the Court determine (ho heirs ot lald decedent and assign to. them the real ostalo and personal property remaining in said estate, and you are hereby required to file your written dHonsei thereto on or before Ihe 28th day of Seplemtxir, 1771, af 9:00 o'clock A.M. of »ald day, In said Coi/rt, In (bo Clly of llwlchlnion, nt which time and place said cause will be hotird. Should you (all therein, judgmont and decree v /lll bo entered In due course upon said petition. SANDRA A. MELLANO, Pelllloner, Administrator ATTEST: E. VICTOR WILSON, Probate Judge RAUH, THORNE & ROBINSON 315 West Isl Street Hulchlnson, Kansas, Attorneyi lor Admlnlilralor 8427 16 Special Notices "Krefire ~t6"c6NTRAcr6R^ The Board of Education of the Fort Larned School District No. m ore calling for bids for the construction o( a Vocational Education Building. These bids cover General, Mechanical, Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning. Plans may bo secured at tho District Olfico at 111 West 7th Streel, Lornod, Kansas. These plans may bo vlbwcd at tho Chamber of Commerce plan room In Hutchinson, Kansas. ~rnr -R-TTRTE s ——— Public, School or Private Send mo 50c toward Ad and Mnlling and receive a free copy of The Friendly Dragon, poetry for Kids, or High Plains ond Broad Prairies, History In Verso. At 84, It Is time to clear my warehouso shelves I Edw. E. Bill, Garden City, Kans. 67SU. 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SEVENTY • FIVE CENTS for eocli pat- torn — add U cents for each pollern for Air Mali and Special Handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, The Hutchlnion News, Neodlecralt Dept., 105, Box Ml, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N. Y. 10011. Print Pattern, Name, Address, Zip. 4545 SIZES 10 /2 -20 /2 The most fashionable .flare swings soft and low — Uie result of simple front pleqts. True autumn and winter flattery in crepe, flannel, wool. : Printed' Pattern 4645:' NEW Half Sizes 10'/,!, 14Wi ife^i." im, 20 '/i. Size 14V^ (biist 37) takes 2 yds. 54-in. fabric. SEVENTY . FIVE CENTS (or each pattern — add 2} cents for each psifsni for Air Mall and Special Handling, Send to Anne Adams, Care of The Hutchinson News, Pallern Dept., 312, 2« West 17th St., New York, N. Y. lOOH. Print NAME, AODRBSS With Vf. SIZE and STYLE NUMBER.

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